Know that satan literally counterfits all the demonic stuff and counterfits because he wants to look like a Creator!
So as last thing in cult of saturn part3 i showed and the things you do is to fight against egregore vampiric astral 4D realms of abyssal lords who received power from occultists,so they the dark forces have power only what you give them people,so do not,you see enemy is not such a baddass after all but but but but but do not underestimate power of the enemy!NEVER!NEVER!

The next part will be more but these 3 of 3,4,5 are the ones who construct all reality under its right place!

the last bottom is: to video of 13signsastrology

part4 is how to battle it!
and this one is to give yall of all that conclusions!
stay safe and empowered!