Words are spells that will cut you alive,use them wisley!

spelling grammar the grimoare of spells that is what is means,there was time Adam and Eve talket not like this but telephaticly original language since they sinned and touched the evil tree they got into this system of putting world under spells!

Language = Subliminal Symbolism mind control spells!

So language is just another form of mind control devised by a luciferian bloodline and their secret societies and archons the fallen ones, to keep us pure-awareness being imprisoned in this luciferian holographic counterfit synchrnisity counterfit matrix of illusionary lies of their projected fallen light via false matrix machines who manipulate reality with using sun also to do it.The thing is that these draconians the alpha draconians use this to orcestrate this false things the illusions for using false sectrums of tv and there are subminal things same patern and vibrations of people and voices and the low vibrational bombardments and these vampires the vampires of mind and these go and dewour and make people sleepy the psychic vampires this also takes away the melanin and damages pineal gland pulling people into lower etherical world!You must stop living their stuff that they want to to chace the things you do not need and materialism and degrees and the jobs that are extremly well paid and selling souls these things like trains that are builded and the vatican´s nex pope is the 76 years old when he was choosen that is 13 on the 13th march and in 1976,hmmmm wait 13 they use him because this is the divine universal energy i talked about so he is the carefully choosn sorcerer to take this pope francis your valuable pieces of the puzzle of truth,you not to find out the control your 13 chackras and they want to overcome and steal your mind and body and soul,he is that one to use your power and energy of 13 to torment them to steal their energy that comes from 13 havens of all 15 dimensions there are 2 hells one is hellish realm and one is cold abyssal pondemonium prison before hell and all other are so called havens with this 3D hell counted!In the 13th is the Creator/Source and we are all the not all but we supposed to be one and there is duality that is conjured before i get to this i will explain you this:THE ALL is MIND; The Universe is Mental,then

All is in THE ALL, and THE ALL is in All.”

“As above, so below; as below,as within so without”

Here is example you eat bad your body is tample of God you lower your vibration and you are less connected with Creator and the thing is that the demonic beings can attack you your pineal gland and your body is fasting so you at night must be safe and you pray before sleep but the thing is that the demonic beings are the ones who will come because your mind is not in power when you eat and bad food more ispecialy and then lower vibrations you attract the part of universe is in you and you see that but you can go and do astral projection that is also showing you if you learn from dream and come back into that lower state the lucid dream and you will like know that your part of the universe and so that you can project your dreams into reality project good dreams and manifest only good and do spiritual warfare and be healthy to be wealthy to rise up to wise up do not be in addictions of toxins intoxicants in toxic ants you bring the insects the bugs nano technology that attract with bad food magnets that come from chemtrails to block your mind these draconian saturnians and insectilian saturnian bavarians bring,so with their saturn cult illuminati askenazi khazar zionist cabal!Zeta raticulian nasa and area 51 o 5+1=6 insted you to rise 9 ether form they will block you at 6 the 666 mark of the beast!With jungles of buildings that suck energy they build and chess board of duality racism spells to time spells and chaos kingu spells and all these spells on tv then mind control spells of religion and all other duality bullcrap then you get all dammed up,brake em and come to nature accept YAHUSHUA as Mesiah,you will say o how are God ABBA YAHUVEH,MOMMA IMMAYAH,LORD YAHUSHUA  Creator and you say we part of universe and creato the tample our body and o no phanteism we are not literally but you are connected if you are right with Creator and Creation if you are one with yourself and know thyself and as above so below building your house in a rock which is written in the bible o yea then you can know all these ascention chambers that sirius b faction deception dracos bring is the deception just as i say to trap you when you come to atmosphere and moon your soul into pandoras box and this is the plan so any religious and anti religious title is religious title and you know not God you know not yourself and nothing for the first path to enlightement is path of knowing thyself and the key when you ascend to higher havens is 14:6 baby you can not pase from 10th realm higher and get more DNA for higher realm if YAHUSHUA is your messiah that is the way it is!You see yes we are subconscious of creator the creation but not all,because the thing is that the demonic beings who are in evil people who rape litlte babies is not god and we are not gods as new movement wants you to believe this is new age deception they are part of satan beast you see yes even satan is for balance he brings little bit more knowlage to vatican´s new age ecunental movement one world luciferian religion,but still there are lies mixed for he is father of lies and lilith mother of demons that run them but the thing is that little bit lies destroy the foundation of truth!

So this is why and how is the right way to debunk the phanteism they reveal that there is no reality in duality the good and bad are illusion but they will try to then unite good and bad still there is duality till 2030 till YAHUSHUA comes to judge,but the thing is that these demonic beings use this to bring you unde rjudement when evil and good unite there are chances that evil defiels good you see it is all for aout defielement!

There are 2 matrixes one of God original and another counterfit synchronisity of trains adn plains and polution and monsanto gmo foods and flouride water and monsanto junks and fast foods and tv and all unnatural sounds and all craps and junks and illusions make up and personality masks and expectaions and false knowlage which are illusions and lies all destroy mind body and spirit and soul and trap here and deactivate dna and energy and soul to take so nobody would be able to ascend out of here!

“Know Thyself well, and learn the things that are and all that is.”

Get back to nature be healthy to be wealthy to rise up to wise up and the demonic system dettack from it!

Tre was only oness adam and eve knew but by sorcery plant that satan put false info of good and evil they ate and connected pineal glands to him their strains of dna fell into 2 and all spliced humanity into suffering!

Tere was no good and evil that is being shock and trauma!

“God does not play dice with the Universe.” –Albert Einstein

So you know nothing if you know no tabout God you know about God you know God you must later know thyself and you know yourself and then you can knwo evrything go within yourself for anwswers not outside too much then you goona perish!

Be in nature to establish true connection to original synchronisity of creation that Creator give and feed of the prana the life force energy more!

Get your DNA lightcodes!

They ultimatly want you not to activate your codes and get mark of  beast 666 or have counterfit dna!

One of the starts of enlightement is knowing self and then 7 universal laws:


And then also this:

subconscious of Creator is creation the COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS:

“Know Thyself well….” SOUL of The Soul. The conscious “I,” the I AM, The HIGHER SELF,the higher self is in connectio to Creator,outweight the balance must be there that your good outweights your bad of lower self the connection to satan you must beat up and fight against it practice stronger will and pray and do spiritual warfare and meditate be spiritual and not religious,not at all do not be dogmatic and trapped in curch that steals money the moon ey moon energy currency parts of your soul and then egregores they create to use against you your pwer of 13 as i explained with pope francis he is all 13 so is the same with the dollar bill if you have evrything so not chace materialism more xpencive car and all that you may yose your soul do not gain world and loose your own soul,satan is ruller of this world stil!

The bad foods of monsanto and fast foods,sinful lifestayls,then materialism,tv,drugs,polluted megapolis and gigantic cities,all are bad counterfit artificial matrix awarness and self awarness destroying demonic things to destoy your life and body and soul and prevent you from activating your pineal gland and dna and merkaba light body ship and the mer and the ca and ba are mind and body and spirit when they work toggether evrything is possible if you are right and holy and clean and spiritual and ok with Creator then you can do stuff you are made in image of Creator which is both male and female so as evrything in universe!Satan/lucifer is separate from Creation and Creator!Thus he exposes halfly thrue lies of phanteism and videos like lucifer experiment which is video on spirit science channel on youtube which is not near good as i explained explained it is esotericly but zionist new age movement is that to confuse you here what i talk is real science the spirit science but the thing is this is the one who is meant to pull you away from the more truth a projectionist that is again another distraction so you are not focused!”I AM” IS POWERFULL MANTRA AND SO IS THE 13 WHEN YOU CHANT 13 TRUTH TO THIS REALITY WHEN YOU SAY AND IMAGINE AND TO CHANGE WORLD TO BETTER THIS IS REALLY REAL DEAL LAW OF ATTRACTION BUT USE FOR GOOD AND IF YOUR ARE SELFISH YOU WILL NOT BE OK AND THIS IS MANIPULATION OF MELANIN! The dark matter melanin!”I AM” IS NAME OF CREATOR THE AHAVA or YAH as i gave names of trinity which is family which is where is copied in creation from!Creator created evrything perfect but Lucifer wanted evrything without unity working up and to be higher then Creator and had pride and rebelled and refused to serve like to nurish humanity and that are one of the reasons why he got to be dammed and condemmed and sisconnected and all this evil in world we can not blame God and not devil / “lucifer” whatever because God gives free will and that is love we are not like roots we have chooice and God is love and love is powerfull but the thing is that Lucifer knows good and evil but prefers evil because hates good and God,and the thing is that both give you suggestion and you choose it is your chooice who you put your hands to who for your destiny so you are responcible for your actions so yes satan is responcible for this mess but not as much as you are humans and you can not blame God,God allows for this to be a leson and you get betterthen also if you want better to appriciate good you need to know evil,these are the ones who better do that then…. and if God cares not then there would be nothing and YAHUSHA would not claim those who he gave life for because if people accept satan who adam and eve gave dominion over this planet and fell into 3rd density because of it who let him to  conjure illusion as magican illusionist to create artificial matrix and craps here then the bad foods you eat then you make then God leave you and the demonic beings and spells the magican the magay the illusionist the jinn the religion relaying on a jinn the jinnie that is what that work means the jinnie is the favourist the fallen celestial astral etherical lightbeing with the luciferian experiment disconected from God/Creator/Source the source mind is Creator and is separate it is in 13th dimension ok but this is highest level controling evrything ok keeping in balance if there is no balance nothing would remain how satan wracks havoc and how God is love when sends to hell forever,the answer is God is love hates evil and loves good good is love hating evil is loving good which is love having love not allowing in haven evil come and destroy good that is love for love and hate for hate if you have no hate but only for good you have no love so love and hate in balance are good and is love,love is most powerfull thins ever we are created of love and demonic beings know this we are special and they hate us and this is they want to destroy us we all have a mission!So that is why God is good and not tyrant and that is satan,because uses some things as deception to destroy you,satan is tyrant,because he is for the deception,hmm that is his wepon that is the thing that he is the tricknology specialist!The timeless and deathless Cosmic Consciousness, unchanging and Eternal. we are and satan knows and wants to pull souls to be destroyed and on wrong place for eternity!  Explanation how creation is made all creation in image of Creator:The Great Spiritual
The Great Mental Plane
The Great Physical Plane
-then family father and mother and children,then trinity of mind is left brain male and then right brain female to all humanity no matter gender and middle pineal gland ,so this goes on and on this is TRINITY CODE DECODED AND EXPLAINED MADE IN IMAGE OF CREATOR!

Space, Time, Change, and the Astral Planes.This is quantum creational explanation!

There is 2 forms of time timless time or eternal and this linear here,the thing is that the linear time and time in general if you look right is illusion eternal is real deal eternal pure “just be” and pure awarness!

“The ALL is MIND, The Universe is Mental.” The enormous and inescapable presence of The INFINITE GOD.


The two Divine Paradoxical realities of Life.   That which is mortal and follows the natural Law of Decay, and that which is Immortal and follows the Higher Principles and Laws of SPIRIT and is therefore not subject to entropy –transcends space, time, and change. 

When you fallow the law of spirit the soul and of God as you set yourself to be spiritual and not religious and not materialistic and not all what satan wants you whicj is spell of aging and death and even soul dammnation!

Synchronicities or meaningful coincidences suddenly makes sense, and everything in reality would have to be seen as a metaphor. Even the most haphazard events would express some underlying symmetry.

coincidences there is no such thing as that then!

Politics means politly ticking your patience!

Then genuine word is politricks the politly tricking you with social withcraft the tricknology!

Religion is relaying on a jinn the jinnie the fallen celestial astral etherical lightebing the wish master the trickster the illusionist magican the magay the favourist the demigod the devil god counterfit one the demiurge,which is lower being which is the archdevil or devil!

The hystory is a lie and all reality they present is to project thrue your power of 13 and power of mind thrue tv the future of wars and fire and suffering thrue predictive programming go look ebola up in simpsons in 1997 type in google,this is for you to project this agenda 21 depopulation agenda so there would be less people they would eazy control this world!If they got you watch tv and some people see they use thrue television telling lies to your vision(that´s what means) that later projects this reality this is demonic reality they put in movies and tv series and thiese demonic realities they manifest thrue your power fox is 13 and msnbc and cnn are 13 these things are the 13 chackra energy sucking from you people and then they use this law of attraction sucking you you are sleepy very here as you wath tv which is portal of psychic vampires and there is seal magic this is how makes you create the demonic reality then you can make it very well satanic if you watch tv,what you before received from sniffing flowers and things like that and when you sleep you receive energy of 13 universal energy from nature and when you get it then you lose it thrue tv they the psychic vampires who are the ones stealing your power!

Ye are children of the most high!

You are made in image of Creator and the thing is that you are special person and you must and can be all you can be be more and do not be less life is not complicated people make it,only humans work to live no other creature on planet,they make it complicated!This is insane and sick reality the illusion satan created as humans accepted!By legal universal right of humanity´s sins by the universal law satan has right to wrack havoc here!You are dumb wake the hell up!And you accuse God for all suffering!Be the change you want to see!

Saturn is lord of karma and underworld and chaos!




What is sane is insane and the close to insanity is sane insanity or is it?!SATAN SPEAKS LIKE THIS AS AUTHOR OF CONFUSION!

The thing is that evrything is switched upside down and because of that false information and knowlage indoctrination and television telling lies to your vision is what means and that is for you by subminal programming to create satanic reality invoking thrue your power of 666 and 13 all channels when you calculate names have 13 and they use power of universe you get in your 13 chackras and manifest reality and then use against you they pollute nature and get your out of it and then get you sorcery/pharmakea that demons fake heeling by placebo temporary destroy your body and then you are worst then in begining and after that you wonder why you are sick because people get out of nature they live in it that is our original home but they get out of it and then then they wooooonder!The thing is that the people who are famous entertainers are the one who point their head their image projects triangles so you instead to have your picture your life they put idol worship spell that is pyramid why and then they get these things so you would keep listening to their music fr example and the thing is that they sing of how they are rich and stuff and the thing is they channel from draconians lyrics they sold soul to satan so in order to honor their contract they need to make people wile and beastly as they get their spells they project that they listen to this and this reality they demonicly sing they send by thinking and loving these idols and these idols got it by law of attraction and the thing is they have spell then more get corrupted by drugs and hate and kill and whatever and this kind of music today that proomotes crap and materialism and imorallity is the reality they project they would enjoy selling soul that they use mind of the people to make themselves rich and these souls sacraficed to satan in beastly form so they would by this like that honor their contract!Burn tv  set down!

There are a few more points that should be mentioned regarding this article. This is basically how things are. However, there isn’t a conclusion put forward in the article. Wisdom already knows what the conclusion is. Being that the individuals mentioned in the article are all highly intellectually indoctrinated, they have the hindrance of  control of themselves because they gave their souls to satan the beast and whole limiting their ability to simply know this is how things are completly they can not completly know how much they the music persons reveal certing things of illuminati agendas like Tila Teqiula,2pac,Jay Z,Lil Wayne,and many more i ain´t  gonna try to mention them all try to mention them all is not important, Michael Jackson,ect,ect,ect and the thing is all ones killed who talk about illuminati as a controlled opposition the thing is that they could not completly know things because they belong to satan.

Where the speed of light ‘kicks in”, this is the initial point, or the starting point of the 3D illusion. This is the beginning of the intellectual thought process, in all its forms, such as psudo science, religion, arts, business, … all things are mathematically arranged and initiate the thing we refer to as knowledge and the 3D illusion  they want thrue us against us to project what they will do is perert us and do all the shit thrue us and against us and use it all against us,satan is not stupied satan feeds on pain and suffering and pleasure,love me hurt evrybody else and takes credit for love of God did things and the thing is this is cancer separate duality creation he is now that it is the demonic maniulation comes from this cancer hive mind this is not part of nature and creaton and Creator,now these separate or evil the ones that rule the minions of satan use nowlage against you they use evrything against you but the thing is that even satan uses the bible to judge author of it the Creator,wake up people.

Knowledge is the dumbing down process, where time and space take on the illusion of some sort of reality. There is no time, and there is no space. Knowledge tells us there is. Knowledge is therefore, what we refer to as ignorance. Ignorance ignores wisdom, the all knowing state of perfection.There is true but then false one is put to holographicly project illusions of fake counterfit space and time and all other crap the demonic junk of satan! What we really are has nothing to do with the 3D physical illusion we appear to run around in all day. The timeless eternal state where no 3 dimensional thing appears is so inexplicably infinite in power, wisdom, freedom and liberty, that its virtually indescribable using only 3 dimensional language. Language, which can only communicate in terms relating to the speed of light.

We must reconnect to our original state that transcends the slowness of the speed of light, and in so doing we reconnect to the all knowing eternal state of wisdom, which is the Paradise State. For we are that Paradise State, the one perfect ultimate expression of being. The One that We All Are, already, is endowed with the infinite nothingness, (no 3D thing), which can be accessed by anyone, at anytime, by breaking out of the trance state.But it is bad we are not all one good is not evil since the good and evil is conjured by the first place that can not be one duality is conjured!

As we focus on what the article i wrote describes as the inter-connection of all things, we must understand that this is the deception and lie, the illusory creation conjured up by an illusory counterfit godthe demigod the demiurge the shapeshifting archon the jinn the religious one the religion relaying on a jinn the magican the magay the illusionist the tricknology specialist!This article is a piece to the puzzle, but it can be used to assist in establishing a deeper intellectual indoctrination, which is ignorance, or it can be used to break out of the trance state mind control spell and other spells of chaos the spell of kingu the spell of leviathan and the spell of space and the spell of time and the spell of counterfit matrix synchronisity, and recognize that intellectualism in its entierly dfferent , is a massive illusory hologram, which includes as well, the information within this article if you focus on exact way i explained things and do not explain in your own way. Its an extremely slippery slope, and of course, the luciferian thought process covers all the fallen angles and other races and types of fallen celestial astral etherical lightbeings who are assigned by satan to control and direct demons their children with the egregore tought forms of lies that they into minds of people induce and suggest and spray arround in air by chemtrails withspells and nanochip bugs bloking them from knowing this reality of truth i presented.O people wear evryware with ya magnets they can shut nanotec crap down!

This blog site post i write begins where the article leaves off. The information on the this site reveals an agenda of cult of saturn, and a pattern relating to the holographic consciousness. What is described as the thought process, and hypnotic subliminal manipulation, which uses the illusory body of all humanity to take control of the Paradise State, this article rightly refers to it as the place where consciousness is sorted out, divided up, chopped and diced into a myriad of illusions. The article can initiate the notion that things are not at at all what they appear to be, and in the process, this can assist some in breaking out of the spells put the demonic spells by demonic beast people of the cult that hijacked humanity. It lends credence to the possibility where consideration of a concept other than fake counterfit matrix reasoning induced by archons the mind police fallen celestial beings and their children demons, becomes a viable option in understanding what reality truly is.




history and psudo science are tooled used and religion let me explain them in real light!

The thing is that germanic cult of bavaria and the name of land is of insectilians the bavarians i am not mocking people but i tell how this got its name the thing is that germany got many sources how to get this i start of religion the relaying on a jinn it is not just that is is much more and bigger how that destroys morality all religions used the teachings of Messiah YAHUSHUA to point themselves their fingers and expose themselves and diety as a symbolism and for final entrapement people who are by the same group the cult of saturn indoctrinated by themselves left and right hand in christianity and satanism,both know occult sides of religions and  all forms of mind control there they created all religions to fail many times ahed knowing as they expose themselves via controlled oppositions and then they get this out and people say o we do not have to fallow any of that we do not have to be good it is all fraud which is deception and then this is new door for worldwide religion of satanism,for example old testament forbidden meat eating and sin and sacrafices were demanded came but new testament and YAHUSHUA have not abolished law still is that vampiric demonic canibalism banned but the torah is abolished by messiah on cross not it is not it is only new blood covinent,which means he became sacrafic so you do not have to sacrafice animals,only that is new evrything else is old and same, no meat eating and sabbath and commandements must be obeyed you can not live like a devil and expect that blood of YAHUSHUA TO save you and then this is mocking of the blood of messiah the thing is christianity is paganism of christmas and easter babylonian cult and islam is terroristic pedophilic like christianity cult that which black magic also as all other religions is used to do demonic magic and terrirism and all crap and justify it o no you murder somebody you must have punishment do not be deceived that you undergo under a religion and you are privilge to do evil you if not in this lifetime then for eternity in hell will be punished and  is not pleasure pain,pain is never pleasure there,it only can be here when is temporary to make you learn is here better live here harder and moraly and civilised it is not pain you will have opposition but that is confirmation sign that you are dooing something that you are turning tables as YAHUSHUA did and beaten up people he was put on cross because he was true whistleblower who was against religion and politics i exposed religion,psudo science as second religion after christianity islam and judaism as one religion of  patriarchy and third is new age movement and neo gnosticism and wicca this is matriarchy these 3 as one so the thing is the religion that destroys morals like o he died for me on cross now i can sin all i want it is all done away with the cross no this is satan they then sing songs of praise and say yeeeeey zeus or hay zeus that is why is translated name the thing is the name is of satan zeus is satan they call satan and satan bless them IN THAT WAY DAMMNING THEIR OWN SOULS because of their sinning you can not live like a devil and say who is your savior and then say no i am saved no you are not you are dammed more then others you God damn devil and one more thing you say god what god your god is satan because satan calls himself god also, that is title god is backwords dog it is just a title you are not serving AHAVA THE GRATE “I AM” the CREATOR, YAHUSHUA DID NOT DIE ON CROSS SO HIS BLOOD IS DEFIELED BY UNREPANTANT PEOPLE WHO REPENT AT CURCH AND CONTINUE WITH SAME SINS ALL OVER AGAIN THIS BABYLONIAN SHIT IS CRAP USING GRACE AS EXCUSE FOR SIN,HE DIED FOR THOSE WHO USE HIS BLOOD TO BE REDEEMED AND TO STOP SINNING,NO COMPASSION ALL GO TO HELL IF YOU ARE NOT IN THAT RELIGION AND ACCEPT THIS COUNTERFIT MESSIAH,THIS IS RADICAL FANATIC NONSANCE,THIS IS REIGIOUS SPELL OF MADNESS MIND CONTROLLED ZOMBIE STATE OF MIND!REPTILIAN PART OF BRAIN!AND NEW AGERS SAY NO WE ALL DO NOT HAVE THEY SAY WE DO REPTILIAN SIDE OF BRAIN HAVE ONLY THOSE WHO ACTIVATE BY FRIQUENCY OF LIFESTAYL OF MEAT EATING SIN LIFESTAYL RELIGIOUS PEOPLE WHO ARE UNDER RELIGIOUS SPELLS USED TO DESTROY THE MORALITY AND YOU BE A MATRIX HANDELER WHO IS THE DEMONICLY POSSESSED SO THE DRACONIANS CAN ENTER YOU WHILE YOU ARE DRUNK AND STUFF AND YOU DO CRIME AND NEXT MORNING YOU WAKE UP AND END UP IN JAIL NOT REMEMBERING…. O WHAT I DID,IT IS BECAUE YOU GOT ALL CRAZY ON MEAT EATING GOT DRUNK RAPED AND KILLED AND BECAUSE OF MEATS AND DRINKING BEEING DRUNK RELPTILIAN BRAIN ACTIVATED AND THEN DRACONIAN POSSESSED YOU AND THEN DONE EVIL THRUE YOU,THEY CREATED SYSTEM AND USE AGAINST YOU,THEY PERVERT YOU AND THEN DO ALL SHIT THRUE YOU AND BY YOU AND USE THIS THAT THEY DID THRUE YOU AND BY YOU USE IT AGAINST YOU,SATAN IS NOT STUPIED SATAN GROWS UPON EVRY SOUL THAT ABSORBS,THE MORE YOU FEAR US THE STRONGER WE GET!THAT IS WHAT MARLYN MANSON LYRICS REVEAL THEM WHO HE IS FOR EXAMPLE AND THEY HE IS ONE FALLEN ANGEL INCARNATE IN HUMAN FLASH BASICLY IF YOU BETTER OBRERVE,THIS IS NOT Y OBSERVATION BUT I TELL YOU THE TRUTH THIS IS NOT GESSING BUT I KNOW AND THEY USE FLOURUDE WATER SO YOUR PINEAL GLAND IS SHUT DOWN AND YOU MAY NOT SEE THINGS LIKE THAT AND THEY USE RELIGION TO DESTROY YOUR MORALITY AND HIDE THE TRUTHS FROM YOU AND STOP YOUR SPIRITUAL DISCERMENT!

The give in all religions parts of the truths but they are not revealing whole thing once you see their systems are scam they will try to bring you down the first thing right then and there will and must tell you that they then contradict evry single step ahead before you get more to expose them all they show their true colours so this is why i hate the most first religious devils of all forms!

The 3 main global religious systems i exposed with the biggest one domminant of all that tried of truth to create religion that religious system that uses MesSiah to mock and pervert and turn people against messiah he never had a name nor anything like that nor specific clothes nor specific ritual and stuff they do not chatolicism is pure satanism you should be able to see that and not nobody to tell you these saint icon worship is paganism,this is idol worship this is demonic,and then islam they mock chatolic pedophiles and mohhamad was a pedo of 54 years who raped aisha who was 9,hey where you cotradicting systems like religions go with your lies now!?

Another thing the christian bullcrap religion has many editions and many forms and types and sub types of cults and all are ofcourse “heretic” because religion is against morality for real and the bigger heathens then those with this title tells them o you chatolic shit,and they say no chatolicism is satanic cult is is not original christianity,they say that because evry religion basicly what has has minc control spell so they defend but they can because there is less bullshit in that religion so they can approve it to look better because they do not serve demonic icons and all crap as these their protestand and baptist and metodist and all other junks are based upon more truth but still mixed with lies and grace as excuse for sin,and there are the ones who are better but yet religion has not truth completly as i said the ones who expose illuminati and all that on religious level and get spiritual science as witchcraft and demonise chackras and all that stuff that new agers again another crazy system as their christian one these too much focus on that what close minded stupied perishing because lack of knowlage christian cults so these new agers talk too much on scientific level and then they mix and rail in mysticism and paganism and witchcraft for real so they would make the another cult ignorant and these new age cults just as christian cults perish because of gnorance and lack of knowlage but these main ones i expose now are the christian and new age cults that have more truths then any other,but still i told you if you are stuck in religion you can not have all truth becaude their personal agendas that satan´s grey alien and draconian factions of fallen celestial astral etherical lightbeings the archons the jinn these jinnies got yall messet up so they can harvest yall,these demonic lower beings control these systems they all made up these names of religions and religiout and anti religious which are i say again religious titles that these ones use,and they would send the handelers of you and say hay you say you have no religion,yes i ave no religion but i have spirituality,but what is that then,nothing i do not use no title ok,i know about both divine and demonic and i am for divine and i know more truth that you will never know if you are stuck in your matrixes created by  demonic beings,remember this war is spiritual not against flash and blood,the cults you are in may even tell you this but what you fail to realise is when they have no cards to use of theirs of their old cards like in new age movement o you have religious archons this thrue them the lightworkers say religious archons against christian ones as these mostly 2 fight and then the archons of these will say you must find hey zaus and these have satan under new form with their find game and these are like become again oness as new gers have this freak agenda one with evil which they do not know also as you say we are all one you say evil and all is one,which i am not not evrybody is still harvesting is you still can not be one because this crap is still here,all good and evil is illusion but duality is illusion,it is still here so good and evil are separate ok do you get this now?!These unity heads will say you are over heated cool down and sit down and meditate with us,as those then radicals say to them you hippies are not enlightened by opening your third eye which is satan and you are satan and your meditation and chachras are satan you will burn in hell damn you i hate you,get your ass back to hell maaaaaa …..yup they start yelling ending upc rying these religious demons are insanity putting,and zombieness in new age cult,the christian cult meaning=christianity christ – insanity ,they make christ look insane,o this are his fallowers insane,then he is not love hippie we tought and we are with hi,no stop lightworkers he is not love hippie on shrooms nor LSD,he is lion of the tribe of judah when he returns he will not play a gitar he will burn evrything with fire,and you christians,chackras are sences main ones are 7 we have 13,and third eye is not evil thrue that first of all for example you see when you sleep images you call dreams,the portal to spirit realm,or the receiving antena for intuition for what to pray,and much more it is spiritual sence,and you new agers fails to realise you do not fight completly illuminati by just opening it and less even when you activate temporarly by psychodelic drugs and herbs which is sorcery which is witchcraft which is divination you are in same vibration as in your eyes silly christians which are not silly oyu are and these christians are radical hatred terrorists just as islam people but on another level,and you people of chackra speaking ok there are i know this is another name for sences which are also energy and energy of that spirals so these spirals in the language what i can´t remember now means spirals chackras means spirals i know this,and yes illuminati use bad foods and meats and chemtrails and sodium flouride water to calcify/deactivate third eye pineal gland the 6th chackra/sence so we are not spiritualy aware,this is portal to most high and spiritual realm you fail to realise new agers and christians,you try to close it and loose all spiritual energy and information and you try without any real directed by prayer meditation new agers with birnual beats and whatever drugs and stuff so you really go to underworlds first and you christians also by completly closing it no you know not balance people one are far off and some are far wide open so evrything can give them information true and false mix together and they think they fight illuminati,this is illuminati´s controlled opposition use both of you christians and new age lightworkers to laugh at ya and make fun of ya when you are soo dumb to fallow them to be one with satan or to find satan!No you christians are under him and you new agers are on his level,you epople need to realise drop religious titles that lower your vibrtion and get you demons and psychic vampires under your aura that blok your sight not to see them and spiritual realm and block your ability to stop you from controling by God´s will on what level and vibration your pineal glands to be,and the thing is you should not be under satan nor at his level but above his level!You have that ability and power given from Divine Creator but you use it not and know not how to do it,because you are stuck under religious spells and magic and egregores of your own ignorance and demonic forms of worship the war ship that is synthetic merkaba of demonic beings grey aliens who have this vimana this spaceship who got near your building or near in nature and you see not you do not take attention on synhronisity and then you get from these ships energy sucked because you attracted them christians and new age lightworkers!

Your defending of your systems will not defend them but demons and devlis because they use these ancient scriptures to justify themselves they use this in perverted manner as it is not meant to be used at all like that!

The thing is that the religion is the relaying on a jinn the demiurge that plays god who they serve the demi god the favouritist the jelous ones!

O You say old testament is true why then as you defend and expose false new testament and say it is one and then say jelous ones yes jelousy is evil,and then they say so your God is evil,no you under and not inner and not overstand this God was there is you see hol and unholy jelousy holy and unholy hate holy hate is for evil and unholy hate is for good,and so there jelousy of Creator was holy because that how the satanic nephilim hybrids who killed humans the original creature can enjoy and all that who are worshipped as gods and not are even fallen celestial beings nor even holy ones who are councils and they say do not worship us and beings like that and they even in bible said we are mesengers we are like you servants and stuff like that and the thing is that the ones who are in religion have favouritism jelousy or religious political stuff so the social personality vandalism and religion and history his story the story of satan connected basicly mostly to past and is now but by false image they project by that they project false future because the past they attack name was loosing and slavery as it is now and the victim mentality they give us to play and blame others so we are not responcible about ourselves and sovrenty is abstract then and all this is social,which means oul is cal as calcified because they by illusions and spells deactivate your pineal gland so yall would not be able to get to higher self chackras more and then why i say vandalisng so because they tell you how to think and not instead to just think to expand and grow they do not want you that and no progress these are old people who destroyed the planet and their time is to go,they are the ones who created tricknlogy politricks politly tricking us thrue politics which means politly ticking our patience wich this system which is leading religion and bilogy religion of psudo science and psychology the psyche is on greek soul and logy is line in latin so the thing is that they want us to be round this is lie of flat earth they pulled before now they subminaly tell since they can not hide this and no in the bible is told that earth is round and not flat but the ones who run the vatican who still and who are this cult of saturn i talk about gave you burned bibles not original burned and edited and gave you shit you call bible which is edited not all word of God that you can eat meats and sin all you want and kill anybody because torah is not valid no more,this is all lied and not true do not fallow them you gonna perish their god is dog as the word tells from backwords it is baron rex mundini the ruller of this land the satan the deceptionist the illusionist the magican the majay the imagening one that imagins reality and tells you lie to project thru you as says lucofrage rfacale sataniel the rex mundini baron of earth he says history repeats itself and that is spell because he gave false story his – story the history that you listen and you manifest ok he gives half truths so with holocause travos martin ritual outside of law is true holocause but he hides that the one you are told about is a lie that will now generate true one that is happening as he have terrorist cia groups and viruses all the same things happen because you wake up not there was alqaida with swine and bird flu now ebola and isis the thing is ebola infected blood is sprayed over isis camps this is ok to kill these but this is workings for golem zombie magic this is not ok,you see there is balance and imbalance going all in one that satan plays your Creator but he is not the title god is used to be attached to Creator so you hate Creator and turn your back to and perish to hell with satan,the thing is that satan is the baron the ruller on the land thins that he isthe one and is and the thing is that these under him demonic ones have hatred jelousy but Creator had with right way that because suffered to see that humans the orginal, original creation are destroyed by nephilim hybrids and you say God of war the god of bible is evil it is not the thing is you have fake bibles where is hidden why Joshua and Moses killed soo many they killed giant hybrid hildren of sheytans and jinn who mixed before with humanity they killed abomanations of that alien hybrid mixtures they are if you have no cubits wide and long sacred geometry you have fake bibles if you have the best ones of fake translated bibles kjv you still have wrong bible which is only deed to the land that one is best translated but still is wrong and is many errors itself containing this one is accurate 89 % and i am not judging the word of God the thing is i judge not at all i expose the truths that the ones who did this sinned they removed words of Creator which is punishable which they could not remove from kjv also that verse about he crime what they did,an the thing is kjv only cult damn you folks you are radicals who call yourselves by religious titles i say damn you xtians and lightworkers all together with muslims and judaism talmud and also mesianic judaism you are all insane and sick hatefull people who lead your own people astray,i do not hate deceived people who claim that religion but the ones who make exposing satanic goverement and exposing illuminati pages agent cia agent people who expose not a God damn thing they expose only 5% of what really needs to be exposed!They expose little from their own controlled oposition goveremetal puppets and alex jones is vatican puppet,and many islamic puppets and mark dice is puppet you can not be really against the coruption and corrupt system if you have religion you re part of illuminati and all that you claim to expose they if you are new ager,christian,muslim,this and that you are not if you are lightworker you are not against illuminati they made these titles and you are spiritualy their slave they can cast spells that you can not remove because you have on internet you fallowed by them you are and they spiritualy as you put urse of the religious title they then do rituals to you they by crystal balls they use know and they use you and thrue you post the posts of internet exposing illuminati pages they have they lead people in certin direction they know a lot is not going to be waken up they use unwaken to mock you and then you pray for them with title they steal your prayers and meditations and evrything worship you do and they bring more ignorance to unawakened by eregores you created for their magic that they used to drive to you ones who they control more then they control you,the ones who are more ignorant then you to use them to watch more tv and as they project then on them stronger picture by your eggregores your energy of prayers then use you witht heir seremonial magic to bring esronger image thrue more ignorants you prayed for to make them watch tv more they have enrgy then for tv that they use to project reality into heads of these extra ignorants to thrue them manifest as channels via law of attraction the magic og egregore grimoare suggestion minc control spells put in subminal messages i told an then thrue them and their mind that subminaly put by spells also there then they project more bloodsheed and chaos as ritual and wars who are rituals who come from religions this way i told before religions are sources of all wars more before were because of jihads and inquisitions and now are by that and by this way of alternative and mainstream media the madia goddes of deception and trickery which is the demonic another mask for Lilith ho is vaticana who is rulling vatican,and then and others like via problem,solution and reaction thing the false solutions they give that halfly do something and it is getting worse your prayers are not above this atmossphere going noware you are brainwashed cats with the  religious hocus phocus magic nonsance as your religions preach the love there is no love this history aka divided true word says his story who his or him himiel is angel of death or his of like who pointing of satan,the father of all lies also as i exposed this this tells that not only contradictory they are and against the morality and demonic and witchcraft in many ways they are but the thing is these demonic systems of that are in work of the one psychology the psychology i told what it is bible told that earth is not flat but round 4 angels comming to erth to divide so this is like apple you by 2 opposing sides chop by knife and or a blade and there are 4 parts of it so does the 4 angels with earth this shows that earth is round in bible,so the thing is division does not mean these angels will destroy it like this but divide people as good one one side and bad one the other!But this in bible revealed that earth is round and not flat!But vatican used the demonic edited bibles they wrote and burned the original ones with people who preached and as bible apoke against the religion as it really speaks they burned these people and their books these enlightened ones the spiritual ones the saints and stuff and then these people were falsley by them the magicans the ocultists and wizards and witches who are vatican themselves they accused those who are not remember religious cult programming is they call those who are not heretic nor ocultists they say to those who are not what they the ocultists themselves are!

The thing is that the flat earth nd psychology is one and the same the lie they want you to be strait slave without mind obeying orders that make no sence that are meant to destoy you!

This is what i tell and then they got this system they call psychology if you are not obeying and you question and expose things and like that then they say o you need help and they are not helping you but kiling you legaly slowly is what they do under their juristiction,the stepping out of the line is not normal they say they say no it is beeing in liney inspite what they say,in realit it is not so i said up what is in counterfit matrix normal is not what is   their counterfit artificial reality matrix juristiction,it normal not is really normal and the thing is it is priviladge to be called insane and not to take pills and then get poisoned and then use this junk to conjure demons and your pineal gland get calcified/-shut down and you become zombie and your soul to to hell!This is why they do this they want you to be slave and play their game of death!The thing is that demonic beasts that are zombies and callthemselves humans will be destroyed and their souls eaten by devils they say no because they say no to normal i am you are not they lie because they live in lie and because they are liars bible says will be punished and they will be having hell here first before the original hell and they will  pay let thos who want to perish to perish you warn and leave and shake dust off your feet,and do not cast your pearls before swine!This is why and how and what they told you and how north pole is south  really and south is really north pole,but the flipped evrything opside down the magican the demonic fallen one the magican the illusionist the jinn the religion aka relaying on a jinn told you this the thing is they hate not religion they created it and will overthrow it and use it as they se fit in their ways and manners and kinds and forms and stayls in many ways and all these things i told you is the fake bilogy the psudo science of and or the psychlogy the religion against truth as the older and newer and the newest religion the esoteric lightworker /starseed network,the thing is that the demonic system of theirs have this psudo science or exoteric new age movement and psudo spiritual with counterfit spirituality esoteric new age movement the ecumental one world religious movement, is all just ways against truth and control systems and sorcery and ways against soul and people and against 9 ether form flippinng world upside down to 6 the beast!

Another thing is not just these systems are connected and rulled by politics which is plitricks and the fake policy and laws which are destruction and slavery of humanity and the thing is that this is tricknology but the thing is that this is the old control system expanding now as they se that their power come to end,this is satan´s kingdom!This is now why this new under old structure of babylon tower of babel complexIf you dumb ass with no sovrenty with religious and anti religious titles which are all religious protest in satan´s own kingdom for the justice and want justice basicly ultimatly from satan you are dumb you will be shut up and killed if you are black or white or religious titles or anti religious title person you are still religious all system is religion which is politics which is politricks which is tricknology satan can get you killed you re not even a 3/5 of a huand you are not considered as human because you are not human you give yourself a title you are nazi you are religious or anti religious still religious and colour person the colour you lock spells of death upon yourselves that they put on places they told you to come where these devils gather so they can suck your energy and send puppets called police the polity officers of their fake policy of anarchy they call laws to beat the crap out of ya so you by religious title you say you are this you put upon yourself a curse because that is curse all religious and anti religious titles still i say again relligious and the the thing is that you who are part of satan rebel against him via controlled opposition cults running like that that they prepared for you to get destroyed knowing and expecting you who are you they have planes,drones,microwave machines,robots,fire armed guns and wepons and tenks, granates,and who are ya,not saying sovrein human with God givesn right and you say religious title or colour person,then you are nothing universaly looking not just under constitutional law but you are then this is the thing you give up your wepons and then they create via cia terroristic groups to insteal fear gave them wepons and then they with fbi and interpol and un destroy cia created out of control group they reated they put out of control by witchcraft and psychometry 4th dimensional technologies them up and down as they see fit the people with religious titles like isis killing the ones who won´t accept islam but are with another religiosu title then they got vaccine propaganda of anotehr actor group that they are sick falsley these actors and then you get the vaccine with rfid chip that can control your brain and  you and also real virus there and that is how you get infectedand now they say that with religious people thrue them put thrue their anti illuminati and revolution and wake up or exposing this killuminati and all that stuf pages and reveal themselves there is brain eating bug robot,so they make you a zombie golem they insert demons and use you as wepon further this is the demonic systematic manipulation you accept this is your out of mind days you are already outside  of yourselves they by controlled opposition cults of activist cult mnts destroy you then they got you tv and football collage paaaaaaaarteeeeeeeeey then you know nothing even these and there are the ones they get there and then these are not even educated via controlled opposition info that ebola is hoax and in vacines is contained only,and the ones who are bigger heathens who they get vaccined and then they use these zombies as wepons against protesters later who they created who got them mad you see when you change yourself and do spiitual warfare you change be the change you want to see real warriors are not mad and you are not citisens and humans still and you have no rights you are next as animal they hate animals instead beeing shepards on land and living and learning from them and teaching them also yup both and beeing their friends their brothers and siw they got legalised animal killing and eating and animal sex and marriage and pedophilia and homosexuality legalised because they got religion that  destroys morality another things like that,they can shoot you and this is all because ignorance that satan uses and feds upon!Rmember i am like God looking as God looks these things i hate not homosexuals gays and lesbians i am aginst the sin but i love the sinner just as God is against the sin but loves the sinner,come on wake up people you need to wake up and realise the real lies and rise up to wise up to be healthy to be wealthy in order to to rise up to wise up,and then in right ways this war is spiritual then you can fight they violate second amandment to create terroristic groups and they your wepons they expose themselves and then use the zombies on other hand they create as wepon s one day just as they already tried in china and miamytacks and zombie movies are just warnings zombie invasions they got prepared and they get the zombie falsley so called moronic mindless self indolgance middle  is no such thing there is either poor or rich not by money but by soul,anyways you will see who is awake there is no racism nor discrimination here that i speak against anybody but they push also that to make brothers and sisters kill for no reason,so they will have land for themselves and feed off the suffering they are turned on war t is satanic ritual sacrafice there are necrofiliac people and all and leaders who are all possessed by draconians they love fear and war and death because it turnes them on because it turns on draconians who posmaterialistic terrestrial power they got possessed by these archons when they sold souls to satan for power and the got grimoare  boopells and they invoke these evil beings so they would have evil inteligence and to deceive and diide and concer and order out of chaos and fake oppositions to just more and more destroy they use many things the michael tsarian,alex jones,davic icke,mark dice,then pastors and preachers are all controlled opposition and many new age movement people and these are the ones like jordan maxwell who all they use to bring activist cults as annonymus and to make people go out and get burned up and beaten by cops and stuff so this is the plan by design so you fail and perish,fast foods and monsanto chemtrails this is all the ways of he satanic system,the witchcraft like tv and religion and social programming!

And the thing is that they use all things they got against you!

You can not seek justice from the source of injustice you can not solve the problem with the say way it is causetremember that!

The more anti this and that in system movements you have the more again these psyhic vampire archobeings get feed on of your energy that they get to bring into astral realm to build there their reality they got from creating matrix and summoning energy from the matrix you playehere,as i explained many times before these demonic beings will suck your soul if you play their game that is designed always that you loose always and they win!









This symbolism is not just in words, but in letters and numbers of all languages. Furthermore words can be cut up, mirrored, etc. An understanding of this symbolism, which is heavily rooted in astrotheology (as above so below), helps us to better deconstruct the lies permeating our life. Also if we are aware of the symbolism, its subliminal effect is completely lost and we are free from it.He claims that the only thing we need to do to wake up out of this is to reconnect our awareness and realize everything we experience here is a lie. The rapid solution to enlightenment? Or Psychosis? Also these new agers the ‘lightworkers’ are part of the luciferian agenda, to a great extent I can relate to this, there’s an amazing amount of bullshit in the new age. Note: The Pleiadians call themselves the Bringers of the Light, another Lucifer reference… The Subliminal Symbolism of the Alphabet
this is the illuminati counterfit matrix agenda the illusion and trickery!Another wepon is the language after subminal bombardment with law of attrction and deactivation of dna!
Here is a list of the alphabet,and & words with associations a lot of us haven’t thought of. This work is not to be considered  for week minded this blog post of mine, more synchronistic, it is just observing and relating. It is very incomplete, please do not see any of these explanations as definitions but as possible hints and possible meanings.
ps: this is a very incomplete, sloppy and sometimes just funny list, I just thought I’d share what I compiled on a whim so far some of my guardian angels suggested me and Elf Olein the 7th race of celestial beings that i before explained belongs to.

the 1st set of 13 letters dealt with establishing the genetic family link of the counterfit and not genuine triune godhead, the first set of letters is very concerned with the life side of this 3 dimensional realm.

A: pyramid with capstone, alpha, pyramid = peer, ability to see, in the mid/middle of the all seeing eye, atom symbol. 6 of the 7 continents start and end with an a – a pyramid letter. B: beta, fertility letter, breast, B 90 degrees to the right and female cleavage AB: say it out loud, what you really hear is abba, abba=father, abraham,allah is an another name for lucifer.-connectedness to commander of language….. AM:ANOTHER MORNING, i am that i am simply first and last letter of the first set of 13 letters which is name “I AM” . C: see sea sesame street, shape is eye observed from side with pupil opening to right, symbolizing light or knowledge of the world coming and going out D: death, the dessert of kings, the all seeing eye O cut in half, the destroyer, desolation, dog, god E: 3 horizontal lines connected by 1 vertical stroke, 4 next letters are a lie EFG: effigy(representation) fake F: faul, fecundate, fertilize, fornicate under the command of the king = f.u.c.k., father 3 letters in center that speak symbolically of father mother and son. G: God, generative, sex symbol, opening on right side with penatration of the stroke into the letter. circle = woman, stroke = man. H: the son, horus, hor-izon, rising son, 2 vertical strokes, man and woman, horizontal stroke the son/sun. h symbolizes trinity/family HIJK: hijack, youve been hijacked by language I: the one supreme being is the all seeing eye, eye= two e’s = father and y (sound of i), father e, mother 2nd e, and y son in th emiddle J: a hook, babylonian fish god = oannes. j=joannes. john – john the baptist, water fish god dagon K: kill, 11th letter, death, arrow shape is subliminal, suggesting attack by the a, father pyramid letter, or v virgin vixen victory letter L: Lucifer,Lust,lizard king M: mother, matriarch, maternal one, matrix, ma, ma ma, m is 2 pyramids joined together and a reverse pyramid coming from above, symbolizes the father, mother and son being produced by their union, m-erchandising, re-ligion-relaying on a jinn-religion-jinn is the wish master being the race of cherubim this being is high at least 5 meters….

this 2nd set of 13 letters is primarily concerned with the death aspects of this 3d experience. right from the 1st letter n to the last letter z we have death and war written all over this group of sigil magic forms.

N: connecting letter in its sigil magick strength Nazi, swastika originally a symbol for evil, vril magic of abyssal realms of pondemonium underworlds (a symbol for the sun god Lucofrage Rocafale Sataniel aka the fallen cherubim the jinn the magican the trickster the religious one relaying on a jinn the jester of tricknology the political one,the counterfit matrix creator and leader of illusions in world of illusion,the ANNUNAKI RACE FROM realms of agony and chaos they fell by their greed) and reversed for evil in nazi germany, n z overlaid eight pointed star No: n connecting to the o the all seeing eye O: the all seeying eye-circle for conjuring devils/grey aliens and alpha draconians P: prince, | is phallic symbol(penis) with the all seeying eye Q: queen, q – r – s – t equals qrst = christ = cursed not to get your 6th dimensional soul connection to your christ consciousness grid! QRST = christ = cursed not to attain enlightement of christ consciousness grid! R: destructive like k, ra, reptile, remember, rebel – resist – revenge – retreat – react – repetition – religion – reflex, repetition. REverse, rever-s, revere s, satan RItual, rich (ritual), right, rite, write, spell out the rite and cast the spell, right RI, ring (bell), enormous amount of ing sound in english, bell beelzebub, baal, bill (clinton and collector), school bell RO is the ancient word from which we get royal. we also have words like rope – robe – rock (as in ro-ckefell-er, one of the major royal bloodline families). we also have rode – rogue – role – roam – rome – roar – roast – rose (as in the or-d-er of the rose, the organization which takes its name from the petal appearance of the female genitalia). RU is the sound and shape associated with ruby – rude – rule – ruse – ruin – rub – run – rut – rum etc., and even names such as rudy – rudolph, etc. what should be evidenced as you read the r words, line after line, is a strong feeling of repression (repression – when broken down into sigil terms re-press-sun). the word repression is formed of the repeating pressure sound and shapes which are meant to st-re-ss your system. this r sound is a killer. it is used all throughout our language excessively. why? of course, the desire (desi-re) of the luciferian egregore, master hypnotist group is to manipulate you endlessly, through every waking moment of every day. RAil road – ra rose of death – the liar door S: serpent satan, scale, sacred, spell, 2 s’s are 8, caduceus, inifity, eyes of owl T: in the middle of second set, tammuz babylonian sun god T-er-ro-ris-m which is t the sun god and re the reptilian brained luciferian thinkers – ro the rose that – ri rises – m always refers to the matrix womb of gestation). this word alone is enough to show who really was behind the world trade centre attack. the sm at the end of words also alludes to sado masochism in acronym form TT=symbolic of intersecting death cross lines of zodiac light molecule or cross, root source of all religion. double cross, house of lorraine, main iluminati bloodline families of france. deceit or tricked. exxon. attack: atta (mohammed), as above so below, c to see, k to kill U: u does indeed stand for you. not just you however, it stands for the opposite of you – this is reverse imagery – as in the u-turn – this letter is again referring to the corrupt luciferian mind. the letter u refers to union and united. this is the act of joining things together, through a twist, or change of direction. as in the original 13 states of the american union. also, in the united nations. yet again in the united states, the european union, the african union and so on. the word ‘fun’ features 2 u’s if you turn the n upside down. UVWXYZ – you v-eye double you hex w-eye see, you (u) are the vessel (v) the winged (w) spirit will attempt to extinguish (x). U – you – u duality – do-el-eye-t shift V: v. this is letter is sort of like the thumbs down signal from the roman emporer, as he decided to have the loser killed, or spared, in the forum. v is venom – vegas – vengeance – venerate – veil – venus – vehement – virgin – vagina – vex and so on. it comes to us with a little shroud of secrecy, in that it can be pronounced vay, as in the letter w, (double u), which is a duble vey, or double v. the letter v is just another form of the letter y, with almost the same shape, only more attack and killing oriented, than the letter y. both of these letters have the eye sound subliminal, but one refers to the penta, 5 pointed institutions of death, and one refers to the outright attack manifested through the veil of sex, blood and war. sometimes referred to as love. W: double your pleasure, double your fun w, like the letter m, is 3 triangles interlocking. this is the mother, father and son trinity of religious thought. only now it is mirrored or inverted. 2 of the triangles are coming from above and one from below. when you combine the v, which is situated right next to the w – or double v – there is an area of the alphabet where the manipulation factor kicks into overdrive. Worshipful master as used in freemasonry. w from worshipful and m from master are mirror images of each other. when you hear these words together there is a sense of awe and wonder. X: x is made from the 2 intersecting lines of the zodiac circle that is symbolic of the 4 seasons. this is the shape within the light beam that really perpetuates in our thoughts, the passage of time. the seasons are passing. furthermore, this x shape is the hourglass, another simple form (another symbol of freemasonry), that instills within us the passage of time. from this shape we further get the term, the hourglass figure of a woman’s body. the term x rated is derived from these intersecting lines. try triple xxx. i wonder how that’s supposed to move us? all this is pleasurable and sensuous stuff, but i don’t appreciate the fact that the serpent mind is trying to manipulate me through this symbolism. this word intersecting is also the source of the word sex, as mentioned before, from the sound of intersection. broken down it looks like inter-sex-sun. all this sexual energy is amplified by having the vw (the destabilizing letters) placed immediately before the x in the order the alphabet is written. x – hehex – excite – exhilerate – expel – extreme and so on. a recent blockbuster tv show was called the x-files. this whole show was based on the story of the egyptian god isis and osiris, and the sun god horus. X – sex – vex – tex – mex Y: upside down three pronged beam of light, 3 primary colour pyramid Y – why – w-eye. y sounds like why, the word that asks a question. it is the hebrew yod – yowd – yode – yud letter. sometimes the hebrew letter for yod is placed within a triangle. . it is the 10th letter (the number of intensity and is synonamous with white light. Y: pentagram, the five pointed star, and flip it upside down, you have the strongest luciferian subliminal associated with this shape. the letter y is derived from the shape formed by the two points at the top meeting in the centre of the triangle and then forming a line to the lower third point of the triangle. this y is then joined from the top 2 points to the lower point. this forms a winged shaped triangle when combined with the letter y in the centre. this wing shaped triangle is then shortened to read as winged angle.the word angel or angle refers to a winged spirit. in this you have the connection to the eye, and the white light, or y-eye-t light). Z: z – the doze-iac – zodiac. z is a strange one. it refers to sleep (as in – i’m going to catch some z’s) and it refers to the first number zero, which is eros, or sex, (eros is also ros-e), in the number system. however, zero represents emptiness or nothing. the source of creation, the light beam, or something from nothing. Z is half of the nazi lightening bolt symbol. it is the sword fighter symbol as in the word zorro. notice that z-or-ro has a few royal and rose things going on with it as well. real strength in this letter however, is the z-ero connection from letters to numbers. they have to make them link. subliminal messaging must not have a weak spot, or break in the suggestion. the connection is again, sexual, as z-ero is the sound and shape of z-eros or eros, the greek word of sexual desire. from eros we get erotic – erosion which in turn is corruption. corruption is sin when done for the vages of sin is death, it just means that things die.

There are the magicans that do soul harvesting and demonic manipulations over masses that are conected to the demonic counterfit artifificial matrix,the thing is that the demonic manipulations they do this is that they have the legal right of people who accepted to be slaves of the systems to their fullest!These people are called the leaders of this world or the illuminati or the cult of saturn the saturnian brotherhood cult that run and operate matrix machines and thrue sun generate this holographic illusion into this world conjuring lies and harvesting souls,they when talk about hell they talk about their amneti omegan hells that they have prepared for week ones with masks with the social conditioning and lies so they later trap souls into that black saturnian cube pandora´s box with the beasts of the underworlds!


The Numb-er Cyst-em

0zero z last letter of the alphabet
3trinity son, father,mother
5five pointed star: pentagram, pentum=five, pentagon inside pentagram, sirius, venus, the microcosm,mossad
6six pointed star: sex pointed, regeneration, cycle completed and new life will spring forth. star of david, male and female, merkaba
666: mark of the beast, not
666 is a nr for the heart chakra, also called in other traditions the Christ consciousness center.
7seven: completion, seven rays of light, seven candles
7seven: mercury, saturn, jupiter, venus, mars, sun, moon = ancient gods of ancient world, seven lights in the heavens
7sevenpointed star: masonic, thumbs up = aleister crowley developped it, california highway patrol logo, seven days of week
8infinity, ouroboros, 1776/2=888, octagon = chaos, or according to bryan kemila total and complete control, the 8 sided freedom tower, the 8 sided islamic dome of the rock and the 135 degree angle of the octagon, all connect together with the fabricated war on terrorism and al gore’s pathetic scam of man-made global warming.
eight pointed star: eight, ate, 2 squares superimposed, double square of freemasonry, (fair and square according to secret societies), double square however: disorder: power over order and disorder, chaos and order, chevron logo= 2 squares (boxes on each other), double square on queen’s crown (veel variaties), knights of malta (pyramid from the top, and no capstone), chaos, chaos magick, discordianism, eris
9origin of time
12elite, holy, or main characters pay homage to the great god of hypnosis, and from that we derive the importance of the number 13. this is symbolized by the 6 pointed star, with all it’s points and intersections. the 12 elite gods of olympus, zeus being the main god who is Lucofrage Rofacale Sataniel the Saturn male-satan left brain and Venus-Lucifer/Lamia/LIlith/Lamashtu-Female right brain, plus cronus – father time-saturn. the 12 tribes of israel plus jupiter . the 12 apostles minus judas iscariot plus jesus- (ye-zeus) which is name and calling to satan/lucifer-zeus hey zeus calling of the name – the satanic masks in evry single religion not to know that they worship saturn all religions in their curches and tamples and places go in circle and have circle which is portal to underworld where the spiritual guru the draconian wish master the jinn the magican the illusionist the tricknology specialist the jester of tricknology the political religious ones the religion the relaying on a jinn the spell caster the religious ritual spell hypnotiser the soul reaper the j with the sickle grim reaper the o father sun aka sun god,aka the morning sun the cherubim annunaki race leader!
13:6+7 regeneration + completion, annuit coeptis, steps pyramid, stripes on eagle symbol, points: star of david, arrows, feathers,
‘unlucky to the masses’, because it’s sun god of the sun with his chosen 12 cherubim annunaki race leaders, divinely inspired jesus+12apostles, sun+12zodiacs+one sun,fake spiritual warriors showed the zeus and his 12 annunaki alpha draconian cherubim!

Word List

adam: atom – adom=cut off or divided from the higher realms-or the deactivation and mutation of DNA of humanity!

al gore: al gore, whose name really means – roy-al. again, there is no g sound in the old hebrew, just a yud sound. say gore backwards with a silent e and you have roy-al.would you believe a thing this all seeing eye guy says? what is going on here is nothing more than mass hypnosis, causing the world to stay focused on a particular topic, whereby the concentration of thought energy actually causes the acceleration of global melting of sanity of sheeple. exactly in the same way as holding a magnifying glass up to the sunlight, aiming at a piece of paper, will cause the paper to ignite. the concentration of energy, which is nothing more than thoughts, causes heat to be generated wherever the focus is directed. As mind magic they do with words as i noted up and letters and numbers like for words is mare magic initiating spells to even put more people in their magic systems of religion they have and this is kaballism, demonism, intellectualism,psudo science-which is religion, religion… you name it, this is how they’re making us do it to ourselves. they’re doing it deliberately, and methodically. this is setting up the human cull. check out this name al ( eli – ancient egyption deity) gore (think blood and guts all over the place).many millions and billions of people will be this massive environmental weapon they are creating, in our minds, that will be unleashed ever so soon. it can be stopped by becoming aware that we are in a state of hypnosis and everything in the world system has been herding us for 6,000 plus years to this final hypnotic state of total mind control spells. know what they’re trying to do, become aware of the duality nature of the luciferian mindset, that plays god and the devil at the same time, but do not react or accept this luciferian illusion by mind you will invoke it into manifestation. if we believe this sea level rising scam, guess what, the sea level will rise. the sea is the see, the all seeing eye, and the rise, is the rose, the  messiah concept who rose from the dead to establish his kingdom on earth. see how this hypnotic suggestion has been implanted mercilessly for thousands of years. we are fully indoctrinated and ripe for the picking. gaining this new perspective, and this alone, and realizing that it’s a complete sham, can prevent the devastation of the masses, and a return to our eternal state of awareness by immitating messiah by flooding with satanic doctrines and spiritualy blinding people.

amen: amon ra

angle: angles are angels – the sacred geometry of freemasonry

armageddon: armageddon – megiddo – mexico. is a play on words with megiddo, the valley where the lord’s vengeance will be poured out. george bush sr. also took the name magog as his nickname in the skull and bones society.this is the real battle of armageddon. this last battle is the struggle of connecting to our awareness versus being disconnected by their hypnosis. this battle is within us. however, the hypnotic suggestion that induces the trance state, unfolds in the actual physical valley of megiddo, which is located in the new world. the valley of megiddo is the valley of sacrifice and death. this battle is the day of the lord’s vengeance, where he , (the luciferian god), performs the cull of humanity. this entity will kill those who do not bow down and worship him,this antichrist dude will be leader of this new world order we already live in.

ark of the covenant: not the only one, the egyptians had loads of these things

arrowhead: arrowhead or spear. again notice, ar-ro-w-head and sp-ear. arrow-head is eros-head, or sexual love. this has the further sexual overtone of oral sex, and giving head. the word spear, in reverse, is raeps or rapes, and needs no further clarification.

arthur: arthur means ra-thur or ra-thor, the god of war

baal: bail you pay bail, ba’al, bill, ball, baal=phoenician god responsible for fertility of land and flocks as is volcanic lava

bank: bench (the judge is owned by the bank), vatican canon law = swiss guard guard the pope = switzerland=banking, pope = banking boss

battery cell: we’re batteries, energy stored and transmuted by sun, matrix, morpheus holds up a battery, battery farm of humans, alien ant farm, when you’re jailed you’re sent to a cell  the prison for mind and body and spirit and soul.The batteries for devil with occult power of soul itself.Devil does not have power much as told but the power people give hm by giving to his demonic fallen host army and then the thing is that about evry demonic manipulation happens with the people who are in system under juristiction they are in occult clour orb of satanic influence egregore battery sucker machine which is astral robot 4D emerald crystal robot that satan and his gangs of legions of crew the demonic ermies feed and feast upon

beehive: human society, pope has beehive shaped headdress, beeziness buzziness, buzzes busses-counterfit vibration and humming as people suppost to,they have fake syhchronisity matrix to blocked from original one so the buses and the original one so they will not be in tune with earth harmonics and not to know what is next…….the hive mind eye collective sleepers charger,and all words listed here are matrix machines that satan operates or computers of some sort that from sun generate reality……

beijing: begging, beginning for mark of the beast the negative curse putting of negative law of attraction for soul damning tehnology!

black color: saturn, judges, priesthoods of religions, school, don’t care about who wins as long as they get paid be blocked from original one so the buses and then and trains and cars and places just as that counterfit demonic synchronisity blocks original the thing is that they will use the demonic counterfiting of some stuff in ereas of the demonic magic systems,they will use some things to further like this spiritual enslavement now……

bread & circus: bread = bred = breed = sex. circus = circle = zodiac = doz-iac = doze-ac = sleep. bread and circus is sex and sleep. 2 potent characteristics of the trance state mind control spell,this is tv mind control spells and distractions there is gigantic in atlantis under water demonic tv set where they look all people arround tv where they have the wizards who are in hibernation their soul and body got possessed by demons and devils having occult powers and they watch people as people watch tv and they induce illusions more in them and control minds and cast spells and magic and hexes.

brit ish: brit contract or covenant, ish man, british the man of the covenant, man’s kingdom, the united kingdom of gay pedophiles,where is female,hmm,and why pedo,because bbc is pedo cult and the thing is that in vampirism is know o yea children not just that they are pure and innocent have the most life force and they steal years and this is how occutists live longer,this cult of saturn as i expose you more will get more crazier by moment!The thing is these demonicly possessed people are nothing but dammed of hell walking literally anything they do has reason and is calculated and lead by the dark forces.

captain: from the latin capitol, money, capitoline hill where caesar ruled rome from, capitol hill u.s.This is strongman or the cheaf archdemon of evry state or goverement they reated on planet with name that has meaning and the main city has the main archdemon and that name is most often invoked or it

christ: christened, oiled, oil, king’s anointed = big incantation ceremony-aka liturgy the pagan satanic ritual of going in circles and the smoke they have of incenst is the demonic spirits the fallen celestial beings the jinn as religion is relaying on a jinn,so evry other arround the world has circle ritual also and the forms of worship are demonic and totaly jinn magic.Of the counterfit one the demiurge the magican the magay the jester of tricknlogy the joker or top hat shadow spirit that controls religious demons the personal keeper of person for damnation and amneti hells of abyssal realms as they die the thing is that they use this one to be there and the bigger dogs of dark forces uses this fallen angel shadow top hat joker to control archdemons and demons and the first name in state written the strongman aka archdemon against person or the magican against soul,or the evil version of person with another personality that leads demons to work against that person!

church: “ the same as what i wrote up,but this is their egregore bank and moon energy bank moon ey energy the money bank and worship egregore grimoare jinn magic bank of jinn who from people´s seremonial devotion of sacraficial pagan rituals got power so they can use that magic to wrack havoc upon earth!

cross with a circle: the earth going around the sun in 4 seasons-celtic cross the sorcerer´s staff rod which he bewitches his fallowers as demi god who controls pineal glands and feeds off their energy!

crystal: this is crystal magic they sell crystals to new agers and then they use the spells put there to track and control them so these light workers would give them power!

comet: cometh, come t, welcome to the sun god, t cross sign-crossroad opened for synthetic merkaba starship of jinn

continents: notice anything peculiar about these names? of course you do. 6 of the 7 continents start and end with an a – a pyramid letter. these 6 also include an i – eye, within the body of the word. 5 of the 7 include an r – the sun god symbol for ra. there’s europe which has no a at either end, but does have an e at each end. this is symbolic of el, the father of all demon demi gods of first order in le grande grimoare,the archdemons of satan and lilith with sexual exploading  rituals they had. just as the number 15 and the triangle pyramid symbolized, ra, the sun god.europe does have an r and an ro – and ru in reverse – and the word rope as well and this is to hang people by deceptive covinants like in financial banks as they fool people with money thing the more currency of their soul they get the magic and the more of their soul they have!
cousins: at least 34 of the 43 presidents to date, (march 2007), can trace their lineage to charlemagne (800 ad). the bush family can even be traced to alexander the great, (325 bc – new england genealogical society and burke’s peerage). some suggest the bushes can be traced to the pharoahs of egypt. in other words, all the presidents of the united states are cousins.
day star shines: peter said: continue untill the day star rises in your heart: lucifer=venus and lilith

degree: masonic degrees, school degrees, given the third degree-degree is dissagreing with truth and deactivation of dna is spell cast as they pass all levels of indoctrination and mind control spells cast upon them

democracy: demons go crazy on latin,and on greek is demonic possession,as people protest and chat for this the mind control spell is put upon them so they seek to be more controlled by dark forces,so elites would more eazy rule them.

demonstration: demon-st-ray-sun.demons leading you astral in slow motion way…….

devil: the evil that deactivates your true nature and turns of your light!

dimensional: die in counterfit reality in this one with  sun that they use as reality generator for all in 3rd density to fool and deceive with tricknology

dna: tree of life, they use of evry one to disconnect them from with ouroboros, caduceus, collective unconscious,
akashing records they write agaist people what they plan because they have them under ther juristiction, the coiled serpent to unciol toward conscious locking of minds of b hive of people……..

dogma: amgod which a and m are short for anarchy master god the one who directs anarchy and promises to proect you if you,but honor  the belief & control systems engineered by under his command jinn magicans who control human merlin magicans the religious leaders religious opposing and atacking devils they have who really work hand in hand with eachother who run these systems of curches the demi gods the jinn,and if rituals obeyed and archon rulles of archons of the curch the secret societies, they consider their word to be law as they consider themselves as gods who will protect. The moral framework and belief & control systems are unconsciously worshipped by the domesticated primate. you from their pet demons and devils that attack you then you if you do rituals in his organisations and at home.The candle and inscenst burnings and stuff like that like praying to many icons and statues the idol worship in general which are the jinn.(falsly so called saints and whatever kind of things like angels and gods and martryrs and whatever)

dome: domesticated, domineering, dominican, presence of divine, female breast symbol

double cross: knights templar, eastern, russian orthodox, doublecrossing :p deceiving, exxon logo, v for vendetta party logo and all these satanic symbolism i have is doublbe crossing the crossroad of deception or portal with deception folling you arround joker spirits!

dragon: winged/feathered serpent, the combination of spiritual and physical love, quatzalcoatl, the kundalini-ultimatly satnic soilders of fallen cherubim dragons who are in service to spiritual satanism and moderate and self designed magic systems and magic and witchcrafts and wizardry and more and less of wicca religion and of the laveyan satanism and all forms of new forms of satanism as was for before for druidism and is now but more globaly works for hot headed heads of gamers the character they creat on game more better that goes online and mind they use to create in astral the figure stays as astral robot egregre that they possess to control the life of these gamers!

earth: three and land magic

egregore: what sets this thing, the egregore thought form, into motion is the gathering of like minded thinkers, who have a similar purpose or thought. this is referred to as the egregore. from this word, through sound and shape association, we get the words con-gregation and gregarious. the meaning of congregation is obvious, it is to con, or trick, the gregarious. these are people who delight in gathering together for ritualistic worship. this word egregore is a little understood concept, that represents a thought form or collective group mind. in actual practise it is witnessed when a church congregation joins together to worship. w-or-ship – also think war-ship. in the system they worship outside of themselves and they worship demons and devils and not God,the tample of God is body of humans,the thing is that then jinnies the religious devils missuse from bible we read that “wherever 2 or more are gathered there i am also.” this is  “I AM” THE NAME OF GOD it is good that people gather together and be a whole as a comunity ,but not in idol satanic organisation that gathers in their therei energy and directs ways of service service and worship they put is the luciferian  as one word and they send by your ignorance war shit against your soul the synthetic merkaba dematerialised grey alien that takes energy these groups of fallen angelic luciferian entities. again, the bible says “forsake not the gathering of yourselves together…” of course, this is so twisting they use these verses out of contest so they use the kaballistic magic that can be by mind control spell make it in their way so it can be performed. some call it miracles, some refer to it as signs and wonders. this is actually mind and light manipulation of physical matter in accordance with the kaballistic knowledge based on luciferian principles of creating an illusion.other satanic groups which use this knowledge for powerful effect are sex cults who form a circle, join hands, say a few phrases, get aroused and enjoy the orgasm as they invoked incubuses and succubusses the sexual vampires who create demons. all fine and dandy, but don’t manipulate me with the illusion of being in touch with reality or wisdom i am aware and i expose them i do not gather on such demon places where they send blockages . this egregore is also present at concerts, sporting events, and the like as they do this they put magic to the main teams they want to arange to win so they put these under control spell usless eater sheeple goyim for first times to pray with their own words their team wins and they then it is statium again a circle and they suck the energy of prayers and they give energy and orcestrate they win and by this matrix summoning they get the wish master full  magic what do you want my faitfull servant and they feed of wish energy sinful prayers for matrix matter they orcestrated not praying to true names of Creator and not to creator at all and not for sick and poor as they should or something important in world or against evil and for protection because they are protected from evil fake opposing side by evil that works with same evil playing god and devil there,the jinn works over time. the audience gathers around the stage or set (set or seth is one ancient egyptian name from which we also derive the term satan), and focus on the action occurring before them. the energy created at an event, in this way, is massive. the hypnotic trance mind control spell is cast eazy so it can be controlled more eazy so the can use this for good use and purpose of this is to make it usable by these codes and manipulation information in spells to direct spells of them to do what the magican jinn wants for his other own purposes to more eazy rule the world achieved is powerful.the resulting emotional crash after a sporting event, rock concert, etc., is also devastating, as the energy released at an event such as this,when jinn dissapoints them is because they have not tried religious magic to supress the lower self demons with higher self demons so then they had less to be in curches to attend events and gather information from this magic is very hard to recover from,and this suffering energy they again take to give to jinn to direct rule and control. quite often at a religious crusade the people will be asked to join hands. or similarly, a relatively new thing at sporting events is the wave, where people throw there hands up in sequence to create a wave affect around the arena or stadium. this is the undulating, hypnotic motion of the serpent, and the serpent mind. this is the pivotal sway of a mystery woman aka the mystery babylon kundalini magic energy sucking sex like ritual the ritual where this fake mary aka isis and dianna,samuramis the counterfit queen of haven so you worship her who is MADIA aka media goddess of deception and trickery spreading lies,this luciferin counterfit one they use Lilith to mock genuine queen in haven religious leaders so this counterfit one the trickster lady fallen seraphim venus aka Lilith or Aphrodite will gie in her matriarchy under patriarchy and in their other side patriarcy not just but also matriarchy the rule luciferian monarchy . the result is the same. an immense amount of energy is expended on behalf of this demonic group of entities. ancient rome was known for their bread and circuses which were provided for the common population, to keep them sedated and in a state of stupidity and hypnosis  the same is done before they arive these wizards who listen to these puppet masters grey zeta raticulians and insectilians they listen to orders of jinn the fallen cherubim who is main archon the ruler of them all by one ring to rule them and one to bind them this is why marriage in state and curch is satanic pare bonding is true marriage and certificate is akashic records kabbalistic manipulation for example the again use on people the rings of saturn the saturnian sorcery is used on coupples. today it is a perfected manipulation art form of magic.

eiffel tower: the eye full tower, just another pyramid, also symbol of beam of light

eight pointed star: eight, ate, 2 squares superimposed, double square of freemasonry, (fair and square according to secret societies), double square however: disorder: power over order and disorder, chaos and order, chevron logo= 2 squares (boxes on each other), double square on queen’s crown (veel variaties), knights of malta (pyramid from the top, and no capstone), chaos, chaos magick, discordianism, eris

ejaculation: jack off, jack in the box: jack is sexual symbol inside the box, which is slang for vagina.Which is connected to the pandora´s box when boyfriend does nt want baby and ask her with this word he connected with spell her vagina to box of incubus he next time and the more have like this sex ejeculating outside asking or not he got  incubus in him and then she suffers from his mind control spels and even if he leads her to hell she see him as he loves her having only lust the thing is that this is soul hex and she can not see because is under mind control spell of kundalini energy manipulation sexual energy addiction,lowering her energy,the basterd is sucking her energy,and sometimes makes this guy go crazy!

el: Saturn was known as El in the old phoenician language, the ‘wise’ were known as the elders, the elite, elevated, elevator, electricity,and this is the short for elohim / god  because saturn/satan wants to be one and god also on latin means ruller of the land and he is earth´s baron ruller of it……..

empire state building: the name alone should raise a few eyebrows-this means very few shall be only able to escape blockages who bring illusions,the ones who are not our falowers of matrix we create,,the majority are our harvesting feast!

entheogens & astrotheology: symbolism: basis of all religion

fascism: god’s law, law dictionary: fas= (latin) god’s law, the authorities consider themselves gods…

fish god: dagon fish god,leviathan´s patriarchy age of fish, vescica pisces

forbidden fruit: according to pharmacratic inquisition: the psychedelic experience, the snake is the kundalini representing human drive for truth
forbidden fruit: the energy of kundalini sex chi energy, which should be preserved and transmuted into spiritual energy, and shouldn’t be dissipated through ejaculation if one wants to use this energy purposefully when they do not want to have kids
forbidden fruit: the thing is that adam and eve who ate psychoconaticus divinorum which was forbidden fruit that made them conjure lucifer´s magic he prepared they after ate it they got their pineal gand third eye chackras connected to lucifer and they got fake reality of good and evil conjured and their dna burned they were not ready for that amount of energy and information they received and this is why humanity dies as i explained from 13 fel into the 2 strains of dna!And pin and tears and agony and suffering entered the world!

gangster: bankster :p

g: masonic symbol, geometry, generational principle,gesture of high level esoteric magican the high evel manifestation chaos magic mysticism,gangula,gaga as lady gaga agag aka magog magic man or magican the magay the rojectionist of fake reality the illusionist

genetic manipulation origins: “zeus gathered the gods in council to express his concern that these unusual creatures would one day challenge their hegemoney. he was loathe to exterminate them with his thunderbolts, though, because there would be no one to bring the gods offerings. he solved the problem by putting each creature into a trance and then splitting it down the middle. upon awakening, each half only dimly remembered what it had ben prior to being cleft in two. zeus explained to the assembled gods and goddesses the cleverness of his scheme. these creatures would no longer pose a threat to the gods, because they would dissipate their considerable energy by spending the rest of their days searching for their missing halves.” plato

This is what zeus/satan did,this is true infact,he chooped parts by the many organisations hospitals vacination shot,then tv,then gmo monsanto,chemtrails,distractions,ect,all thi is hypnotrance spells!

geneva robe of priests: 2000 dominated europe, vatican canon law, swiss guard guard the pope, switzerland=banking

god: good

gold: ye old

gospel = go – spell – in other words, go put the world in a spell through religion and psudo science aka again religion, the rebirth of thinking in wrong direction sleep mind control spells.

grail: liar, holy grail, hole liar,the tricknology specialist leading you astral to whole of abyss

grail: the holy grail, the amanita muscaria
ground zero: g-ro-un-d gro=roy-al or ro-se u-double cross, u-turn, double back n=eye-n to connect two opposing things together, as in the letter ‘n which is the word “and”. this is also the sound of the hebrew word ayin, which means something from nothing. the letter n in any word, is just reinforcing the thought that everything comes from nothing, or that everything is simply the eye of the light particle. d=death. zero = ero-z = eros the greek word meaning sexual love. the god of love. this corresponds with the roman god cupid, who shot his arrows at the intended victim. the 2 aircraft hitting the twin towers were the arrows, (the word arrows = eros) of cupid’s love. love, sex, blood and war, are always combined.

haarp: h.a.a.r.p. experiments. (high activity auroral research program – patent 4686685 license to control and alter the atmosphere). the purpose of this patent is to control life by controlling the climate. haarp also holds a patent to use large amounts of barium in the atmosphere. when sunlight hits this concentration, electron density increase dramatically. this can then be manipulated to perform the same function as a heath type nuclear device without a detonation. a heath weapon can lift the magnetic field of the earth itself without the expenditure of massive amounts of energy. communication and radar interference or enhancement as well as the ability to totally control the weather are the ambitions of the haarp agenda.keep in mind, this is the luciferian illuminati agenda. this is the agenda of our political leaders running the world today. this is a highly sophisticated electro-magnetic grid in the state of alaska. from this position, high altitude frequency signals are sent into the atmosphere and the resulting reflection back to earth, creates an immense amount of energy which penetrates deep into the earths core. one problem with this little trick, is that the frequency used to perform this deed, is that the same frequency is used by the human brain to function properly. imagine the interference when these little blasts go off.
muse their latest tour will be called the HAARP tour——–this also helps mind control spells to work better and mind manipulation is mintained

hale: hail, welcome, hale to be forced to go, eg haled before a judge, comet hale bopp?

hebrew: there is no hebrew language, what we call the hebrew language is a phoenician-cananite language spoken by hebrews. (like americans speak english and not american)

history: his story, the paternal fabrication of lies his story of who ofcourse of satan!

holy: whole, complete-they use this just to use mind control spell energy to falsley concive people what is good and bad but in false way!Not rrue info,deception folks again!

horus: horizon, rose, horse (for the ‘e’levated or mount(ain)ed ones), etc also coronzon the spirit of chaos 333 with his spell of kingu!he stle ofcourse

hours: 12 steps of horus blocking your 13 so you have time spells and have hardly to escpe matrix and activate all 13 chacra dna system and merkaba light body

human being: trigger word they use for demons who thrue humans did crimes to convice with mind control spells people to be monsters also,and not what they are!

hur: hebrew spelling of horus

ia: caninites/phoenician (hebrew) mountain of the moon god

ion: ion (the 3 letters, ion, at the end of these words) is an electrically charged atom, molecule or radical (ra-dical – a group of atoms behaving like a single atom).
imagination: i-magi-na-tion or image na-sun: images are magic tricks of the eye and of the sun, imagi-nation: nations aren’t there but put by visualisation, i-magi-nation: magi, magician the magay the ilusionist kabalah prist the cabalist the image creating of the false nation that is counterfit matrix the ilusionist magican the tricknology specialist the joker worker jinn that manifests illusions and traps in this nightmare dream deep whole ironicy caled reality!

isis: this is Lilith,queen of hell

israel: isis ra el, state of israel, the 51st state of the u.s. 5+1=6 the beast form and the thing is isis and ra the princ and princess of darkness lilith and lucifer and el as elohims

jaldaboath-jupiter or jove or job-just over broke another name for satan or jehovah false translated name of God

jehovah witnesses: york mason founded it, symbol of crown with cross through it and more on his worship of jupiter which is zeus which is lucifer which is also hey zeus or yeey zeus or je-sus

jehovah: jesus: jhvh, started with the name eove or eova, ancient egyptian priest, sound and word association developed into j which is sicke of grim reaper o father sun jupiter or saturn the same thing

jerusalem: killer of the prophets said jesus, the city is only ‘holy’ cause a lot of shit got started there by the elites :p

jesus: ye-zeus, susej, soothsayer, one who divines or predicts future events falsley who uses divination the zeus -satan/uifer,the projection illusionist liar magican trickster joker the triknology creator and runner specialist counterfit matri creator runner and controller and commander jinn
esi, same as hindu god

judgment= judg gduj men, duy men, die men-this is war mentality to speed up justice of true judement as chopping word so man would go to wars and prisons nd become gay and would be less and so many women be aloe and crying and they suck from both sides this energy and there would be lesbians and the energy of balance would dissapear and satan and lilith woud take control

juno moneta: money, where caesar coined his money-the place where spells under this moon energy is put for control of masses,money as i said is moon and ey as moon energy the currency that they play with your currency of soul calcifying your blood which is currency of soul which is manipulated by moon magic while full moon is to make you go crazy then

katrina: arrina female hittite sun god, superdome = arena, arena arrina-Lilith worship in stadiums when sports fans the fanatics the fan is the energy of circle of prayers who to win they take by fan they dry that and they then more eazy suck them as attic fan -atics fanatics for sports!Another masked gay parade of patriarchy domminance true name of peter was patar or patric put they use peter so they get jew fake askenazi the jey the j with sickle grim reaper o father sun-saturn satan the j as jupiter jew and peter as jupiter as zeus as lucifer/satan who they worship who said and put upon many jezabel complex by lilith manipulated women by man week man who accepted projectionist lie of myth of weeker sex the lie let me get this truth to you gays under spell even not knowing you are gays,the thing is that there is no suck thing this is sexist discrimination thing and is gay and curse to jezabels who are allowing this abusing domminance crap,ahab personality under andromedan asmodeus fallen cherubim annunaki is the satanic man who wants to control his wife and beat and rape and abuse her dommnance crap and jezabel the one who allows to suck his penis and cry and gets raped and beaten and submit tyrany and fachism of him or she to rue him and ahab is the one who wants to be rulled by her so either way jezabel over ahab and ahab over jezabel the thing is ahab and jezabel people are the ones who put male over female and female over male supremacy nonsance crap,equality with true marriage the pair bonding is originality these are not ahab and jezabel under spells of system with domminance!So weeker sex jezabels say for males and ahabs say weker sex for females there are cults of christianity the male supremacy and there are wicca system cults and feminist 8 march movements of it and Lilith worship and then Zeus worship so this satan and lilith male and female female and male domminance craps are made then!

kundalini: sex chi energy, dormant energy that can be awakened by tantra,
yoga, etc, the caduceus, the serpent power

law: there’s law of the land, and law of the water, money, maritime admiralty law of saturnian ring slavery,they use this word not to bring true laws but slavery,so the spell they give under that is of slavery to bring their abomanations

light: lie-ght, all seeing eye, lie
light: (sun) latin lucious lux luke skywalker walking across the sky
light bringer: lucifer/ jesus(same being), pleiades,……..zeus……..
light: thought is light. thought = words, words = sound, sound = vibrates, vibration = energy, energy = glowing, glowing = light, light = thought

the tought bombardments:”2 Corinthians 10:5 Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Mesiah” what also bible tells us is not all toughts are ours,they are manipulated and induced by dark forces!

lightning: arrow pak of magic and love arrow is the lust spell

love: evol, evil
bryan kemila’s view: love: love = loave = bread = bred = sex the bread of life. or love = e – vol = el father god and vol = the abbreviation of volume – volcano – and volt. love has a v so as not to miss the intentional penetration into your thought process and ulitmate manipulation and disconnection from awareness. the mispelled form of love is luv-lust under violation the rape aka the excuse of rapist why rped victim saying was madly in love the lust demonic lust madnes spell of rape the higher level lust spell. this is meant to be a sharper and deeper penetrating form. also, as mentioned above, the letter u is a subliminal that is filled with deceit and double cross. in the word luv, we have the symbolism of l – who is el, the father god, and u, the double cross, and v, the thumbs down pyramid.
I personally think it’s possible they just associated negative symbols with a positive emotion. Besides there is no good or bad, positive & negative are different, only duality, yin/yang.

lucifer: venus, lightbringer, priests would face the east early 4 o’clock in the morning and see venus rising, the sun is right behind it, announced the coming of the sun, day star, bringer of the dawn: light came into the world but world was not worthy: intellectual and spiritual enlightenment, when you ‘wake up’ when ‘asleep’ with bright light you’ll be upset/offended that now you’ll have to ‘think’
lucifer: gnostic christians beleive lucifer to be the bringer of light, because he is the last one bringing the false self the demon ( ego) that is faced, and then the cosmic christ energy is born within. in egypt seti being the opposition, evil, is eternal, but has to be cut into peices, or overcome.

manna: what is it? (hebrew), mana from heaven: small round waferlight sweet hard melted heaven, mushroom -> you can talk to god, cookshat,this word they use to chant the ones in atlntis under water who see the ones by remote view and monitors who monitor sorcery machine who is on muhrooms and the marijuana and stuff to bombard them more with false information even!

mayday: may 1st 1776 illuminati and us birth dates, means trouble-or the new word order that came in first level them and the spell of communism and stronger patriarchy and the magic of matriarchy that will be put in 2012 and matriarchy and the the thing is that al the demonic things of patriarchy will be in matriarchy false light transformed the wars wil be waged!

mona lisa: m..one, lisa=lease, one lease, one contract

moon: moongod caninites/phoenician (hebrew) name = sin

new age: of aquarius, the nazis taught the dawning of a new age, it’s possible that disinfo campaigns of today in new age forms could be mixing truth (a consciousness shift?) with i true and then manipulation comes with truth and lies mixed the lie that comes from (aliens, lizzies, planet x, nibiru, nwo, etc).how ever they want to tell!

new orleans: or = ro(yal) – lean, nael, nile, new nile

new man: “a race of people on the earth who have lost all identity with the old ways of caring about people, love and family etc and they are going to be totally robots, in our hands” paraphrased hitler quote, nothing with God and spirituality and love and true values, just an automaton, word controlled, this is what we are today these today ones are zombies the new man is spell for zombie army of dammed!

new world order: novos ordo seclorum: new order of the ages, new world order
jew askenazi khazar zionist world order, few world order, new WORD order, new world odor.

new york: york: scottisch (egyptian) and york rite (old york order, supposedly christian) masonry, new york, new world empire state 43ste minuut (maxwell basic slideshow) , york: malta, templar, red cross (!), royal arch mason, most excellent master

nova scotia: new scotland, from the scottish rite of masonry

novos ordo seclorum: new order of the ages, new world order

organisation: this is the origin, the genetic foundation, if you will, of the
number and language system. from this orig – gene – sound we get words like orga-niza-tion. this should actually be spelled org-a-nazi-sun. a form of total control derived from using the sun system of mind control.

orion: subaru = javog or yaldaboath  for orion, orion pictures, important to mystical judaism along with pleiades and sirius from where  zeus or jupiter or satan dictated talmud cabal religion kaballistic pedo ritual magick.

owl: dollar bill, bohemian society, sees in the dark, more brilliant than masses, molech

ouroboros symbol: cyclical nature of time, the stargate net that imprisons our planet

oz: osiris, zion, atlantis etc

passing: death, grandpa passed on, egyptians said when you die you left from one world and went into another, passed over into another world. in ancient world northern hemisphere celebration on dec25th: the celebration of nimrod and lucifer and apollyon the archdemon´s birthday when  that son of satan was born this false passings of birthday of hermes on 7 th january another antichrist being second son of satan worshiped as christ the birth of son of hell for ortodox russian and greek and serbian crap(not all these people are bad,there are ery few good who know this is crap) and the thing is that there are the ones who are the leaders they are devilish and the ignorants who not want to stop worshiping them the zionist vatican pagan puppet masters as gods,like i and my dear ones warn people the demonic beast people do not hear us the beast people we warn still worship the beast!

person: law dictionary james a vallentine, ‘inlcudes a natural person, firm, co-partnership, association, limited liability, company, or corporation-this is word for juristiction spells under names of color person or religious and anti religious person the deception of mind bombardments give them now and the thing is that is the ones who are giving them to acept these titles like the from the first name they use which is strongman or the archdemon the thing is that these demonic beings are there there puts religious and anti religious titles induces of titles in head that you call yourself like that the thinking entities,who are religious all and the color person the thing is tht these are the ones who are e to bring you religion the jinn to control you the relaying on a jinn the thing is you are property of vatican not human being you are 666 and the number they use like date of your birth like here where i am id of is called jmgb or bgmn and they use this to cast time spells to control you and use you for your own purposes and tell you what is “normal” and what is supposed to be done and done not and all other lies like that projectionists the zionists!Colour is another form of it and then racist crap and supremacy cults and all over again new duality new religion relaying on a jinn to create false reality!

phallic symbol: church towers, obelisks, scepters, crowns (with centerpiece), 2 phallic symbols on each side of door, beer bottles

photon: very similar to thoughts, photons and thought affect dna-they use this to conjure this thing to use as tricknology for mind magic

pleasure: sure to please satan-this they use for mindless self indolgance and make mind control spell it is sin not to sin subminal suggestion and this spell get people into anarchy and they then use this to be their demonic magical system th they use the calcified people to summon from their cra more energy for matrix they created again to make and manipulate reality in astral 4D and from there to multiply it and then from there to manipulate again reality  here to manifest for final entrapement the one word order!

political science: method to control people, not political leaders, but misleaders-the tricknology or the social magic,the enslavement maic of whole being!This system controlls all systems running in the system that runns tha certing land mass they parted to be one!

pope: banking boss, vatican canon law = swiss guard guard the pope = switzerland=banking, wears jewish yamaka jewish masonry, hinge of door, cardinal, door to god of sea mitre hat like fish (fish god)-dagon

potter: god of egyptians were potters of humans, the potter

priest robe: female because in ancient world only women were priests, this is they stole this from the pristesses of lemuria the matriarchs that atlantian gods aka igigi or fallen watchers of semyaza some even just had pacts and these produced genetic monsters that some who survived the flood of atlantis they got the very few hybrids sirvive who are also parts of the bloodlines who rule the world,not all of them……..

psychosis: psychoasis-this is nothing bad as the word would have just psy which is soul in greek and then sis is sister sea and star the thing is soul having connection that is good and the thing is that these things are good but o is stargate the stargate to abyssal parts of madnes entities to look upon people go insane cry and laugh and scream and all stuff at once as they see necronomicon race of lucusts and stuff and the basicly beings as many times i mentioned the transdemonic archdevilish beings as i mentioned in revelation 9 in the bible are mentioned!

pyramid: simbolizes the vanishing point of the eye, the illusion, five sides (counting the base), illuminati pyramid represents horus, the all seeing eye, the sun and sirius.

ra: ray, sun ray, amon ra (amen), hooray, radiant, radicals, cheer ra ra ra,

ram’s horn: moses blew the horn 2000 years of aries, moses comes down worshipping golden (sun) calf, taurus bull-astrological spell for air manipulation and earth magic

red and white: amanita muscaria-white is pale the death curse and then red is the enchanter for the seal for pineal gland that draconian necrobat necromantic astral sorcerers would summon as they kill person slowly with their generated matrix and curse they the humans say i am white,i am dead is really beeing said and black as bleek again pale,and the thing is the red they put as thed body to get the familliar to summon it and get the chi energy and prana the life force and with red seal is for pineal gland as they visualise so the pineal gland would be able to project physicly from hdead human body  by that energy sucking to enable the draconian to shapeshift then!

red shield: rothshild, symbol of fascism-blood sheed or the spilling of the blood of the innocent

red square: eg nazis with swastika in it, fascism symbol-swastika ritual sacrafice!



re-ptilian: in ra sun god – (c = all seeing eye) – nation.-nation observed by draconian hive mind thru tv


riverbank: directs the flow of the water, banks direct the flow of currency, merchant mer=sea, cashflow, the juice

rockefeller and rothschild: then we have rot (as in ro-thschild, yet another major illuminati family). is this a coincidence to have two of the major bloodline families with similar sigil symbols in their name? both names, rockefeller and rothschild, have the ro in their name. what this represents, in both cases, is the rose. rock, should actually be read as roce – k, or rose-k. rock is the killing rose. as you read through this blog post site blog, it will become extremely mind blowing this blog of just how much of a killing machine this rockefeller rose really is.As i explained that money is moon energy and that people get crazy and kill for money now you see this wizard is behind it,many more stuff is connected because of that!
the ro in rothschild, is symbolic of the rose, but this time representing the god of war, as in thor, which is an anagram of roth, written mainly in reverse form.thor was the scandanavian god of war. the rothschilds are german, very close cousin to the scandanavian families. roth also represents red, as in blood as blood sheed by wars as why mars is war planet because it is red,the thing is that when moon is rad it does nt nesseserly mean that there is bloody war but spiritual also in nature,watch out many fail,drunkards and stuff,get away from trouble,demons get crazy…. the main purpose of war is to spill the blood of the people as a ritual sacrifice to the luciferian gods. they tell you it’s for some other reason, but the primary reason is always blood sacrifice.
the salvation army and their red shield logo, is derived from this rothschild family name. this organization is a front for the real hypnotic enslavement of a portion of humanity. the salvation army was founded and funded through this family. roths-child = red-shield.
the rothschild wealth also funded the jehovah’s witness watchtower society and the church of jesus christ of latter day saints aka mormons, based in utah.
rose: this circle is the symbol of the rose – the compass rose – the symbol of the order of the rose – which you will see on this site follows a path around the earth to imprison and destroy humanity. the compass rose points to the north, east, west and south. symbolically included the whole world in its grip.
ro-tation: this should really be spelled ro-tate-the-sun. this is the clock we use with the hands rotating from the centre pivotal point.
royal: ro makes referrence to the royal bloodline and the g makes referrence to the genetics and sexual symbolism of the middle pivotal letter in the first half of the alphabet. both, the ro and the g, are symbolic subliminals referring to the sex rose demonstrated on this site as the light beam particle. to become royal, one must rise above all others. this is accomplished through genetic inbreeding and maintaining the lunacy of the luciferian thought form. to rise above all others, is to become the one who rose above all others, and is to become royal.

saturn: The inhibitor, the one who holds you back and restricts your movement. So the hebrews said then why do nothing on that day, satur(n)day became the sabbath  is the reason why God told people that sabbath must be day of rest,because satan can have then much energy and can take people in not very good experiences that day is day that is when satan rebeled more and satan had then less energy and this is reason for us to take uur spiritual battery fueled and with a lot of energy so we must take down demonic in right time when we must have the most energy so we be like not stoppable. Saturn was known as El in the old phoenician language, see el for more on that. Planet is lord of the rings, women had to obey their luciferian gods so they wore ear rings. Wed before your luciferian gods so you wear a wedding ring. black color: judges,wizards of priesthoods of religions, schools, don’t care about who wins as long as they get paid.

seasons: first day sun is highest, directly overhead northern hemisphere, each day of first day of summer moves one degree southward each day, when it hits halfway point, crosses over equator, then it falls, fall autumn, fall=spring in southern hemisphere, first day of winter lowest, autumn=scorpio=scorpio kiss of death  sun rises on lowest degree on 22nd, on 23rd sun rises same identical degree, on 24th rises still same =

see: sea-d, seed of satan

sex: intersection. this is the source for the word sex. therefore, the soul communication primarly but the thing is that the ones who have without love of lust are missing the whole enjoyment for real,the word lust is short for lucifers unholy sexual temptations therefore l.u.s.t. these things are nothing new the sex spells are the lust spells they bring packedw ithin ohter spells thru tv and movies onto some people they can eazy do this to they bring demons from lust union or if abortion aka worship to molec the fallen archangel goes then the demonic beings  they serve is the maniacs that are sentenced into the chaos spells of coronzon spirit of chaos then all crazy things start to happen because people put curses upon themselves by act of abortion these teen girls for exampe are destroying not just young babies but their souls bit by bit if they do not stop having many times mindless self indulgances and these sluts continue spreading legs and sheding innocent blood ritual worship of molec then that being can do whatever he wants when he gains energy of suffering of babies and lilith the energy of orgasm that soul parts are beeing then lost,orgasm aloud is demonic and kill both body and soul and the the mental and spiritual cosmic orgasm without aaa aah aaaahhhh  ooo oooooooo perversions is spiritual growth strenght ability anabeler more if you know how to do it,sex is sacred,but people are taking energy of eachother,and the thing is that much is then hurt done them beeing or not aware,it is what it is!

shell oil symbol: seven lines, rising sun

ship: all female, maritime admiralty law, cause they carry money, captain has to provide for the port authorities a certificate of manifest, the ship has manifested, shipping of goods-satanic manipulation of akashic records thrue the demonic patriarchy!

sin: moon: moongod caninites/phoenician (hebrew) name = sin

sinagoge: mountain (gog?) of the moon god

solomon: the sun, solo=latin sun, om=hindu sun, on=city of the sun in egypt: heliopolis.

sophistication: sophistry sophistry is often associated with rhetorical but flawed argument

spain: serpent pain, new spain=mexico

stargate: michael tsarion: energy structure that encapsulates our planet, a prison, see u.n. logo, ouroboros symbol

stargate: also a symbol for 2012, altered state of consciousness, enlightenment (also concentric circles or checkered floor), interdimensional travel, water gate, heaven’s gate, also see sun door

sun: all seeing eye,  nearly all major religions are sun-worship in disguised symbolism, maSON. sun is not the one worshipped in secret by the ones in the know,the truth is earth is not rotating around sun just going in its place as ball going in place not arround sun but arround in place as basketball player spins ball on his finger so the earth just like that spins but the idea why they put earth to be spinning like that is to make you by law of attraction before armageddon when the quarantine is lifted the demonic beings to be there to take it to level to be flat earth and many other lies so they would make their interdimensional war with lies they put sound true and manifest earth to be like this destroyed almost in 2027 and 8:


sun: light: latin lucious lux luke skywalker walking across the sky

sun door: holy door, heaven’s gate, immortality, monolithic gateway, sometimes winged

sunset: seth from egyptian mythology, darkness, darth vader :p

swastika: hindu sun symbol, arians clockwise to east – old arian ancient eastern occultism

tarot: bible based on torah, torah based on tarot, madonna original name taurt, taruth, truth = tarot, charoch, church, thought, toth

television: televi-telling lies to your vision by zion, sun worship again

terror: terra, earth, war on terror is war on earth
t-er-ro-ris-m which is t the sun god and re the reptilian brained luciferian thinkers – ro the rose that – ri rises – m always refers to the matrix womb of gestation). this word alone is enough to show who really was behind the world trade centre attack. the sm at the end of words also alludes to sado masochism in acronym form

they are terra forming earth to be ugly and destroyed!

testify: testicle, if you lied you losed your testicles in commerce in ancient
times :p

thief: breef getting away with crime!

third degree: they give you the third degree, masonic

thirteen: 6+7 regeneration + completion, annuit coeptis, steps pyramid, stripes on eagle symbol, points: star of david, arrows, feathers,
‘unlucky to the masses’, because it’s satan with his other 12 cherubim,divinely inspired Satan+12 annunaki, sun+12zodiacs,blocking the power of 12 apostoles the spiritual warriors to not see comming of 13th who is YAHUSHUA alpha and the omega!The 13th will destroy all evil and counterfit matrix!

thunder: voice (of god) in hebrew

trance-portation: another interesting event which took place immediately after 7/7/7 on 7/8/7 or july 8, 2007, was the unveiling of the new boeing jet, the 787. boeing is located in seattle, washington, usa. it employs 50,000 people. seattle is a freemason hotbed of activity. the symbolism of introducing a new jet on this day

tree of knowledge: the psychedelic experience, the mushroom, the amanita muscaria, soma, mana-psychoconaticus divinorum-the true plant that was ate and not apple they forbit you to eat apple because it has true information stored and they in psychoconaticus divinorum put false spirits and spiritual energy and information and the thing is these are under ocult fire the sorcery/pharmakea-divination!

tree of knowledge: also  sex, the sex energy of the kundalini, abstaining from orgasm and pleasures of the flesh, to feed the spirit with the energy instead and with the tantric sexual cultivated sexual spiritual energy of higher self controling lower kundalini sex chackra!

Altered States:Sorcery
Last Chance:repent or perish
Hand of time:Do what you think of time,hand your time to what you can do shortly long!
Guilty Pleasure:sin you hide
Extinction:matrix that destroys nature and you who live in it!
Forbidden Temple:evry curch literally because it is controled by Satan/Lucifer!
Legends:truths mixed with lies!
Paradise Lost:fallen angels and other celestial astral etherical lightbeings who listened to satan and the rebellious first crew other groups also lost their high places!
Rise of Avenger:destroyers want matrix to avenge their mystical blood!
Bring the Pain:you allow them!
Never Surrender:never stop fighting,then you are the winner!
Mystical €xperience:sorcery of physchoactive drink aywaska!
The Mystical woods:watch out where you go ispecialy at night!
Discovery:whatch out what you discover!
Tripping:discern what revelation you had!
Andromeda:the realm of Semyaza´s fallen angels THE ARYAN GRIGORI!
Endless seas:Evry experience and jurney you can expand!
Spawn:don´t be copy of spawns of the devil,but run what you know by discerment out!
The Calling:answer light,but right one and be done on right time on right line!
Judgement Day:Armaggedon the world domination!
No Man’s Land:deserts the places where civilisations once were there,but now world made desolate!
Timelapse:Who is aware of this is spiritualy awake!

tree of life: dna, kabbalistic system and map of consciousness, spirituality


twin towers: two towers (lotr), jachin (fleetness, strength – divine man) & boaz (founding – earthly man) mason pillars, a lot of churches have twin towers.
These two pillars respectively connote also the active and the passive expressions of Divine Energy, the Sun and the Moon, sulphur and salt, good and bad, light and darkness. Between them is the Sanctuary they are a reminder that Jehovah is both an androgynous and an anthropomorphic deity. As two parallel columns they denote the zodiacal signs of Cancer and Capricorn, which were formerly placed in the chamber of initiation to represent birth and death-the extremes of physical life. In the mysterious Sephirothic Tree of the Jews, these two pillars symbolize Mercy (Jachin) and Serverity (Boaz). These columns had the same symbolic import as the obelisks before the sanctuaries of Egypt. When interpreted Qabbalistically, the names of the two pillars mean ‘In strength shall My House be established.'”

2012: plane of solar system will line up with plane of our galaxy, the milkyway, took 26000 years to complete,
consciousness shift, stargate symbolism, mayan calender, timewave zero novelty theory, sunspot cycle, zion numerically equivalent

2012: tarot cards 2012: star (8 stars), moon, sun (16 rays), judgement



USA:vatican corporation

vegas: comes from the brightest star in the constellation lyra (think liar because that’s all it’s really meant to convey). the city las vegas is patterned after just that concept. the fastest growing city in america today and famous worldwide for its dazzling strip. coincidence? i think not. the name las vegas means city of the brightest star. the brightest star, is of course, the luciferian egregore thought form.nevada is actually navidad, the birthplace or nativity location of the so-called saviour of the world. even now, today, they are planning to build a 142 story hotel tower in las vegas. the number 142 coincides with the number 10, the number of intensity, on the 12th clockface demonstrated on this chart. this is a combination of the 10 and 12 times tables, the source of which goes back to the hebrew temple.this tower will be 1,888 feet high. remember, 8 is the number of total control. it will be a few hundred feet taller than the freedom tower. it is planned to be opened in 2012 if all goes well, and they actually need it as part of the necessary symbolism for that year. the name of this structure wil be the crown las vegas. this is symbolism for crowning the king.

venus: sun ev: evening sun, setting sun = satan-female version venus is female the Luciferian Lucifer-Lilith/LAMIA/-LAMASHTU!

victory sign: v peace sign, aleister crowley told churchill to use this symbol to intimidate the german occult elite

volcano: vulcan, vulcanus, velchanos, see hand blessing spock

wall: llaw, el law

water: your mothers water broke, birth certificate, you are now a maritime admiralty product, your mother delivered you, they ‘ship’ products, birth canal, birth & death certficiate by the ‘doc’ doctor, dock
word: words, sword, the sword of reason, reason cuts, we are ruled by (s)word

ynos and bocin: volcano mount sionai, pillar of cloud by day & pillar of fire by night

volcano, lightning arrow, thunder=voice (of god) in hebrew

yoda: yuda

yoga: union, link back, tie together, eight fold system of conscious enslavement

yoga: yogic systems probably date from the time of lemuria, may have been devised for the express purpose of combating the alien proclivities and for conditioning out the alien dna of draconians who want to take lemurian elves. basically yoga has to do with cleansing and hygiene-but in sexual magic

york: scottisch (egyptian) and york rite (old york order, supposedly christian) masonry, new york, new world empire state 43ste minuut (maxwell basic slideshow) , york: malta, templar, red cross (!), royal arch mason, most excellent master

z: nazi swastika, nazi thunderbolt, sigil magic & sound association to suggest sleep

zion: noize – sion – sun – atlantis – oz – tion-suffix
Z(2)I(1)O(0)N(2) backwards is 2012 Numerically

zionism: political movement out of france/switzerland, protocols of the elders of zion – supposedly a forgery – but a forgery has an original :p going back to the Priory Of Sion (= the holy house of sion). France & Switzerland both have a city called Sion. Is not “jewish” at all, but masonic. Has to do with gentile domination of the world (an ancient concept & ancient word).




Nature of the Egregore in Ritual Magick

In a recent previous article I mentioned the term “egregore”, which I defined as a group-mind or group spirit of an assembly of individuals. Specifically, the egregore is properly defined as “an autonomous psychic entity made up of, and influencing, the thoughts of a group of people,this is artificial astral being or astral robot that gives power to dark forces to take control of.” The word is derived from the Greek “egregoroi,” which means “watchers.” Scientific aspects of this phenomenon are found in the psychological studies of “group think” and the phenomenon of “risky shift”, where a group of people aremore prone to take risks when addressing them collectively than they would individually. From the perspective of scientific psychology, a group appears to influence the functioning of individuals who are a part of it, even if they are unaware of that influence. So there appears to be a scientific basis to the concept of the egregore.The term egregore is in general usage amongst occultists to describe the essential nature of groups or organizations, but has a very specific application in the practices of ritual magick. An egregore is related to a thought form, since they are basically derived from the same psychic material that forms the foundation of conscious sentience.This is one of the reasons why curches are used,the ocultists of devotion rituals this ocult energy gathering use this psychic power for further ritualistic ceremonial manipulations and building of astral realities in 4D to later from there with these astral bodies and realities manipulate here reality to have more pwoer and enjoy! Egregores differ from thought forms because they are generated from the dynamic and intense interactions of groups of people, and they are usually not deliberately created. Magicians sometimes confuse the two, thinking that one can conjure up an egregore in a similar manner that a thought form can be generated. Making contact with an egregore is a tricky and difficult task, especially if one is outside or not a member of the group. Yet there are tall tales of certain magicians conjuring corporate egregores and attempting to contact and manipulate them in order to manipulate the corporation itself in an indirect manner.
Whether one can actually manipulate a corporate egregore indirectly and from the outside is subject to debate. I am of the mind that while one may be able to contact such an entity, attempting to manipulate it without directly engaging the principle decision makers may accomplish nothing. From my perspective, one would be better served performing a spell against the CEO of some company rather attempting to control it through it’s egregore. Of course, putting a spell on the head of a corporation, especially if that person is a complete stranger, is probably futile as well as absurd.

Still, a corporate egregore would be identified by the corporate logo, motto, advertising slogans and other identifying qualities. Certainly, if one were going to attempt to psychically access a corporate egregore, all of the materials needed would be easily available, since corporate branding does unwittingly establish a kind of collective identity that a magician may access. Establishing magickal access to a corporate egregore would probably produce information of a questionable value and usefulness. I will leave the question of how useful such information would be to others. Though I can well imagine that secret manipulations, acquiring confidential information and determining future stock prices might be something that an enterprising magician with a business knack might consider doing once access to the egregore was established. However, I am deeply the o0ne who was iinvolved with this work before with egregores that anyone could obtain accurate and useful information by performing this kind of magick unless they were one of the principle decision makers already inside the company. Perhaps if this ever becomes a viable magickal methodology, there may yet be born a kind of corporate sorcery.

As absurd as the notion of accessing the corporate egregore seems to be, the idea itself is quite sound when used on occult organizations and groups practicing magick. One would assume that an occult organization, which collectively performs ceremonies and engages in meditation or magickal practices, would produce a powerful egregore that one could tap into and engage in a manner similar to performing an invocation. Whether this methodology could be used to steal the secret teachings and knowledge of an organization or manipulate that organization is debatable, probably for the same reasons sited above about corporate egregores.

However, it’s quite possible to obtain and acquire useful personal information or even full immersion by connecting to the egregore of an occult organization or group. This can be accomplished even if the group or organization is no longer active or functioning, and even if the one performing the magick is neither initiated nor affiliated with that group. Of course, the knowledge gained is very subjective and personal, which means that its over-all usefulness is determined by the effectiveness, intuition and insightfulness of the practitioner. It also helps if one extensively researches the target occult organization, building up a foundation of historical and practical information about that group.

As stated previously, a practitioner must possess a body of information to work with, such as the logo, motto, doctrines, beliefs, teachings, principle members and whatever else one might be able to find. Of course, the more knowledge that one has about a given group, the greater the clarity and accuracy of the derived egregore, once it’s invoked. Having less knowledge and information about a group will produce a very nebulous and insubstantial access to the egregore, so it’s important to do as much research and information gathering as possible before attempting to contact an egregore. This is perhaps why it would be quite difficult to obtain a substantive egregore access to an ancient organization, particularly if there is little information about that group and all practicing members are long dead. The Templars come to mind, as well as many of the mystery cults of antiquity, like Orphism, Pythagorianism, Rites of Eleusis or Mithraicism.

It’s also possible to reverse the process and generate an egregore of an only astral  organization. What is required is for the magician to produce the lore and other materials necessary, which would done exactly as if what was being researched was a physical in plan organization. With all of this fake lore being instilled with a serious “As If” approach by the magician, the fictional group would become “real” when he or she summoned and invoked the egregore of that group. In such a magickal process, reality becomes something that the magician subjectively experiences, even if the masters and secret chiefs are fictional (and they usually are).

A magician needs to use discretion and a certain amount of objectivity to retain a balanced perspective when performing any kind of egregore invocation, whether the organization is possible physicly to me summoned if have enough energy, legendary or completely made up they are in astral realm,because magicans have put them there and they made reality in 4D of such things,for example Gothic castles,Vlad Impaler Dracula made up his castle in spiritual realm in astral before manifesting into hill he had as his own then. This is because it is all too easy to become obsessed and paranoid with the notion of secret societies plotting against the world and oneself.

How does one contact an egregore? The mechanism that I use is the same one used to perform a simple invocation exercise. The key components consist of the following list.

Determining the symbolic logo,
Find a possible spirit name,
Draw a sigil and consecrate it,
Build up a descriptive imago,
Perform a simple invocation ritual with the above elements.
The simple invocation rite consists of the following steps:

1. Determine the quality of the base (an element, planet, zodiacal sign, sephirah, etc.) – set this to the four watchtowers. Derive a four letter formula that describes the base. Use this formula to qualify the four watchtowers. A description of that formula part may also be developed and used.

2. Draw the four watchtowers together into the center of the circle. Generate a vortex with a widdershins circuit of the circle – three times. Standing in the center of the circle, define the base formula as a word of power, and summon and invoke the egregore for the first time.

3. Establish a Western oriented gateway. Use Tarot trumps to qualify the three gate nodes. Charge the gate nodes with a trapezoidal cross and invoking spiral. Draw the three nodes together through the ultra-point, forming a tetrahedral gate structure. Perform the opening portal gesture facing the West and then intone the invocation of the egregore and summon it a second time.

4. Draw an internal circle and step into it, expanding it to the periphery of the magick circle. Place a charged sigil of the egregore in the center of the circle, draw an invoking spiral around it. Sit before the sigil and light an offering of incense. (An offering of consecrated bread and wine can also be given.) Intone the descriptive imago of the egregore, and then intone the third and final invocation. Call and summon the egregore to you again and again, then meditate deeply, assume a trance state and contact the egregore, note everything that is seen and heard.

5. Once the working is ended, perform the closing portal gesture to the West, and then a sealing spiral to the three gate nodes and the four watchtowers – the rite is ended.

If a magician uses the above simple rite of summoning to contact an egregore, and all of the required components are thoroughly developed, then I am certain that some kind of contact will be made. However, this is not a single action that is done just once (perhaps to test the hypothesis), it is done repeatedly over time, so that the contact is built up and matured until it is a tangible and reliable source of occult teachings and extended lore. Remember, the more information that one possesses about a given organization, the more detailed and defined the contact with the egregore will be. This is a critical point that the magician must carefully understand.

The kinds of occult organizations or egregores that the magician may tap is endless, yet I would be remiss if I didn’t identify a few for the sake of making some recommendations.

Possible Occult Egregores to Access:

The Secret and Invisible Rosicrucian Order of High Adepts

The Original Golden Dawn, circa 1890’s builded many.

Inner Esoteric Order of the Theosophical Society (including the Mahatmas), circa 1880’s builded luciferian utopia!

Pre-Crowley German Ordo Templi Orientis-builded theri astral civilisations!

Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor, circa 1870’s also

Grand Lodge of Egyptian Masonry, circa 1780’s also

Bavarian Brotherhood of Illuminati  builded image and civilisations of fema homeland security rockefeller factions builded by 911 more of that energy summoning for it!

Knights of the Holy Grail (Modern Adaption of the Templars)-builded all christian factions from vatican and made all islam factions also with judaism and messianic judaism all patriarchy religions!

Sacred High Order of Druid Masters

Elders of the Secret Society of Stregheria

Ascended Masters of the Western Mystery Tradition

Guild Masters of Goetic Magick


The list is only as infinite as the imagination.



Imagine inter magic or inner picture image is inner picture meaning imagening so magicans made many civlilisations these methods are not mind but universal mind connected also,as the thing is there is counterfit method,they can access to unverrsal level put from mind,and all comes from mind first inter magic image or inter magic and nation always internal magic image is making nation and can be notion,the thing which gives insight into info above which is your head to manifest into physical below ,as  i did while i was in occult i knew this is also important this and for anything,not just occult,and also now as i receive phrophetic insight and the thing is now i see them by lucid dreams and astral projection Elf Olein as i then in these states ask her gives me trip and protection and info about these places and i had and i saw demonic stuff and many things that i predicted and told also in my blogs before that you red from them!I seen egregores that magicans use astraly and i see them that they use them for false flag rituals like riots,of black friday,viruses like bird and swine and ebola and terrorist cia and mossad created alkaida nad isis,ect this is all false flag rituals and like 911!