when i said hybridisation and fairies i said that they are the 7th race of celestial beings the fallen ones thee who kill their hybrids just as archangels who get born in human form these get fallen angelic mother who is from Lilith reborn who is in angel race from her seraphim born so that could be angel seraphim to get more etherical dna so ther mus+tate thru kiling of some hybrd xhildren and choosing to rebirth themselves and the sucubi fallen angelic mother is mother of elf fae as in lost girl series tv series theygave info the demonic beasts of fallen celestial beings many races would choose from after beeing created by Creator the main parents,they choose their fallen celestial ones not just humans just as for example criss angel the fallen angel found to be incarnated in human form!The thing is the vampire xmplex is with more dna they can suck energy from matrix and then get it into astral 4th dimensional realm and create reality far grater and when 2020 passes to materialise i will explain and talk more after this reblogged thing i reblog why i wrote seraphim angel these are not one and the same race of celestial beings while seraphim gets to be just another thing then it gets more dna and mutates and procreates itself is is demonic maniulation stronger then and stuff and the thing is they will do this more and more now and beeing born the ordinary as all other human souls way from both hybrids and humans and celestial beings of all races all races will start more and more this to do!why i will explain more when the right season is right now i will just mention many notions of important matrix imprints that is the next blog!


Divinorum Psychonauticus the transyuggothian sorcery and alchemical transmutating,astral projection and lucid dreaming and remote view,13 gates of necronomicon,9 realms of shadows,7 kindgoms of hell,pondemonium realm and spiritual warfare and spiritual cities,read my first part of this blog i made to undersrtand.

Is there such a thing?Or,is it just another name for an ancient Order that ruled prior to the flood?Yes is the answer,it is the old order of Atlantis!Atlantis rebuild and rising is happening,and the thing is that you need to know is that what was it shall happen again.In 2012 31.october and 21.december were dates where even scientists found gates of hell on earth physical,and spiritual opened and all manner of evil spirits to the last got on earth now working to bring satanic world order and anarchy and illusions.Fallen angels of all kinds are here on earth now!
“The thing that hath been, it is that which…

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