Times are very tough for an increasing number of people beeing deceived by new age garbage matrix illusions of the enemy.Concerns over the price of food, price of healthcare, dependence on scarce resources and the reckless destruction of the natural environment that humanity and their descendants depend on for life,all can be addressed by directly connecting to the Earth through simple gardening.But that has gone whild as anarchy called utopia,luciferian matrix overloard of chaos want to make shrinked planet with limited digitalised resources and geneticly modified organisms.

Abundant food, medicine, economic products and materials, environmental consciousness, vibrant beauty, learning and joy can all be manifested simply through working with the available land, space, material and mental resources we already have,but they change and destroy evrything and make it to not smple but people complicate as they are ignorant not resisting enough the matrix draconian illuminati overloards prepare for them,they feed of the crap they womip for humanity.Nesara is the Illuminati organisation which is made for global dommination and no cash mark of the beast society.

The crap brought on by the demotivating design of fallen celestial astral etherical lightbeings the draconian empire overloards of chaos and andromedan insectilians and lack of of humanity they created by maming majority of humans ignorant to create chaos and satanic infultration in arenas of theirs which are distractions such as politics, television, advertising, urban design and dilapidation, economic upheaval and warfare, can be managed through creating and tending gardens by increasing nutrition, beautifying neighborhoods and common spaces,and improving psychological health through socially beneficial and stress-relieving practices of working the soil.WHAAAAT COUNTERFITS ALWAYS ON TEH PLACE,NOTHING CAN BE FUIRTHER FROM THE TRUTH!
illustrating the suppression of mankind and the gravity and magnitude of this Satanic Ouroboros, fraudulent world. Exposing the satanic papal/jesuit roman empire’s covert century old global power structure & the babylon new world order agenda.

Revelation 18:23 …for by Mystery Babylon’s sorceries (pharmakeia) were all nations deceived.

Atlantis mystery and Babylon mystery manifesting,wich is evil long awaited by overloards of chaos.

Watchtower masons then beeing put to work:The controlled oppositionJesuits and Knights templar society,esoteric rosecrutian Society, the CNP or The Heritage Foundation, when their basic errors account to little less than Fascist.

Luciferian Anti-Christ Cancerous Consciousness & Babylonian World Empire beeing rised:
Massive, underground, highly coordinated New Age organizations with all their control oppositions that are infiltrating governments, media, schools and all the organisations lead by draconian entities poison the air and control the weather and make distortions to your good state of being in all ways,manners and forms.
Transmumanism and Psychological Warfare techniques:
Transhumanism is the name of a movement that claims to support the use of all forms of technologyto numb and dumb down humanity in such a way that they would becaue a zombie slave of this world system matrix of Luciferic satanic draconic reptilian illuminati askenazi khazar zionist elite that wants to feed of them then more.
The Elitist Creators of Transhumanism and Eugenics
“The term ‘Transhumanism‘ was coined by biologist Julian Huxley in 1957, who defined it as “man remaining man, but trans­cending himself, by realizing new possibilities of and for his human nature.” wich is pure crap:
Cults and Secret Societies have used simple brainwashing techniques for as long as anyone can remember who is above the matrix illusionary system 3D holographic deception puppet master game of this world played and orchestrated by dark forces behind the scenes.Hypnotism:

In addition to practicing simple mind control techniques on their own, these robber and murderer cults also inspired others to adopt their techniques. The Knights Templar were founded to fight against humanity.
The Knights (and their brethren,kkk white knights supremacy and black supremacy,then order of the rosy cross,then knights of malta,council of 13 druids the Freemasons) quickly discovered the power of cult techniques such as isolation, hypnagogic rituals, arcane initiations and oaths of secrecy, which they very successfully applied among their ranks. Despite being victimized by the skilled torturers of the Inquisition (themselves masters of “thought reform”), none of the loyal thousands of Knights ever spilled any of the group’s deepest secrets.
In a hypnotic trance, the subject is prone to suggestibility. They tend to believe what they are told and their senses will malfunction to back up these suggestions. Mesmer primarily used the technique to cure various stress-related illnesses but it soon became clear that hypnotism could also be used to make people do things they wouldn’t normally do.

Today, any respectable hypnotist will assure you that a person under hypnosis can’t be induced to do anything they wouldn’t normally be able to do. But then, it’s not the respectable hypnotists that you have to worry about. Regardless of their protestations of harmlessness, the suggestibility of a hypnotized subject offers ample opportunity for the hypnotist to wreak havoc.

Aside from the possibility of just ordering the subject to become a killing machine, which is not a reliable technique, one can plant suggestions that allow the subject to justify all manner of wrongdoing (i.e., “Jim is planning to kill you. He will kill you unless you kill him first. You had better kill him in self-defense.”).

Hypnotic techniques can also be used to plant “post-hypnotic” suggestions, in which a certain set of circumstances (such as the utterance of a “trigger phrase”) cause the subject to act out a preprogrammed behavior. This is more popular as a Hollywood device than effective in the real world, but it can be done.

The main problem with hypnosis as a mind-control technique is that it’s pretty difficult to hypnotize someone against their will. That’s why insidious megalomaniacs returned to the techniques used by the first Assassins — drugs —the sorcery….. while inventing new and exciting ways to manipulate the masses in an economical fashion.
There is a worldwide mystery order illuminati of the all Seeing Eye that are descendants of Cian who was possessed by Satan/Lucifer himself who is Builder of parts of Lemuria that made start of of ancient societies such as Atlantis, Egypt, Greece, India, Babylon and Sumeria.Lamuria was on its place but the thing is that there were of others of Cian more building of it,but it was there it was not by him builded!They are possessed by evil celestial fallen astral etherical lightbeings draconian and insectilian dark forces and because of that they have the inner awareness of the eye at the top of the pyramid that rules the people.They are the people who have psychic paranormal powers.Secretive orders like Rosicrucian’s, Cabbalists, Knights Templar’s, Klu Klux Klan,Nazi Vril Supremists, Golden Dawn, Scientologists, Freemasons, Shriners, Odd Fellows and OTO.They can do many things like to see other dimensions,read minds,describe auras and levitate themselves and objects and many more things.They are the soulscalped psychics that have telepathic networks of secret knowledge enhanced with computers and satellites.They can all act and think as one through shared hive mind consciousness.They can see the same image, process information, and come to mental decisions as a group at one time.They have merged humanity and computers using implants for synthetic telepathy and other artificial abilities.

These psychics advertise to lure susceptible people to their order for programming.Their psychic programmer can convert a person to their beliefs by deleting memory and rewriting personal identities.They use sorcery witchcraft like:drugs,hypnosis,trance,shock and operations to replace a recruit’s original body with an alien hybrid or other fallen angel.The changes in personality keep a follower in a prison for the mind, body and spirit.These psychics who are possessed by alien hybrid beings(demons),or their parents fallen angels that use demonic possession on others while they astraly project on somebody against them.They plant demons through a mental alter system until the original identity is overpowered.This programming leads recruits to think they have always been part of it as the only answer. They make lies about past lives and complex rules to force a path that serves their agenda.All so the follower hands over their money and gives up their free will.

These psychics manipulate people to master their paranormal powers in ESP, remote viewing, telepathy, moving matter, controlling others, persuasion and spiritual possession in spiritist and new age cults and mystery schools.These psychic orders like to steal bodies in their astral projections against somebody also.Once someone walks in the door to see the psychics, their soul and consciousness could be removed from their body and taken away by these illuminati elites by help of fallen angelic entities.This could be seen by friends as a marked personality change when they have been possessed by these negative entities.The new being using the body would have access to the original memories and would learn to fool people.There could be days of missing time once possessed.

Psychics have a science of making people into zombies that they call “trance mediumship”. That is when they place someone under trance and use the body as a medium. The psychics search the mind for resistance, use spiritual burns and erasers to remove it, open a person to spiritual possession in a paranormal zone, bring in a being to inhabit them and then create a soul grafted personality that is easily controlled. This is a NWO ritual that goes back to ancient witchcraft in Egypt and Atlantis and Lemuria.People that are tricked into seeing psychic readers unwittingly could be brainwashed into thinking they are “trance mediums” which causes an identity crisis and allows the psychics to write their own cult personality that obeys them.Convincing someone they are a “walk in” is a programming technique designed to coerce someone into believing they belong to the psychics.This is soul hijacking!This is high level psychic vampirism!

Psychics drain the souls out of the people they read which saps them of life force and willpower. They keep a well of trapped soul energy for power.They can reward their supporters with a variety of programmable talents from the collected energy.They keep their readees weak on sugar pills in a numb vegetative trance while searching the mind to prevent any critical thinking.They maintain a question and answer relationship preying on ignorance.The psychics program lists of problems that they use to traumatize with their false answers. As long as they pretend to have the answer they collect money.This also happens with new agers who channel fallen celestial astral etherical lightbeings and even not knowing and not even beings but egregore grimoare tought form put by the timing of iluminati askenazi zionazi Zionist nazi khazar counterfit fake who are not jews the edomites the synagogue of satan that book of revelation spoke of!

Psychics use bio electronic implants to control a recruits mind.Once a follower has been implanted, the “voices” and “images” will never stop. This is to confuse and drive the implanted crazy. The recruit is then unable to think in any way other than psychic control and will have to ask them for guidance. The implanted would be unable to think to leave the psychic cult. If so, then another one could take over. The psychic surveillance centers can track the implanted worldwide. The implants can be charged to maximum levels to cause radical mood swings between extreme happiness and depression. The implants activated like light bulbs can cause burnout and shock. Psychics present deceptive angel faces of love and light to hide their research program. They use chackra manipulations of emotional alchemy fake and phoney love bombing to devastate the mind and brainwash recruits into their promised “New Age” system. A dream promoting a world in a future rebuilt Atlantean space age society, which seeks to bring in the light bearer Lucifer and the dawn of a New Age.The new age ecumental movement one world luciferian religion,this is the demonic deception lightworker thing,of ashtar command galactic federation of light,channeling is full body mediumship,this is the thing that they got to allow beings use their body to speak this is demonic possession,psyhic energy drainage and they will be still in connection with your pineal glad and mess with yur spiritual discernment and deceive you acting that they are your spirit guides when they are not they are fallen celestial astral etherical lightbeings that will imitate your guides and the guardians to deceive you!So this new ager stuff it very dangerous!The religious islam,Christian,Judaism, and these are patriarchy and then matriarchy new age lightworker,then neo gnostic,then wiccan is matriarchy,if you put religious titles and certin system you will get big amounts of truth but will be dogmaticly limited,there is not all truth in them there is a lot put you put religious curse and allow spell of kingu also and chaos and religious magic to work and archons to feed off of you not even knowing you must not allow them to do this do not be any of these nor any other religious title,Creator does not have religion religion means relaying on a jinn the jinnie the fallen celestial astral etherical lightbeing the wish master the tempter the magican the illusionist the whisperer the one who make you have wish prayers and short meditative wish prayers instead something good and valuable and spiritual prayer I will into existence help me,they I wish this favourite team in sports of mine win,and you waste your energy they are psychic vampires the same as ones who are channeled in lightworker cults and the ones who from mases of activist cults of controlled opposition they steal your soul parts,this is demonic selfish prayers and wishes and meditations wrongly using law of attraction manifesting matrix illusory reality more how much they tell this matrix reality here in 3D holographic world of illusion is illusion,they will more how muh say this again keep you in illusion and make you stay here and get trapped,they have as all other religion in general trapping and staying in matrix to make you a handeler who speaks out of box you agree 70 % and even 90 ut they will get limited and again defend matrix much,they will defend the matrix again like these new agers you are not hristian but will ut a curse on you and Christian religious demons wil attak you spiritual with ounterfit spiritual anointing and the Christian conservative people will come agree with ya and talk little bit and later say you are a witch and use your energy,this is how these matrix mind police archons work,in evry field they will drive you crazy detach,true enlightened beings to not debate ad masterbate they are ok if somebody want to bring lies who is unaware and they are unaware that they are unaware that they are really unaware,then you get them out of your sences and go move forward you absorb information!

You will get them all away from you if you really want,you can say this is mediumship and is satanic to channel and then you agree with a lot of other trut stuff with them they wil debate again and not accept your explanations,then there will be those who will come and defend you but are patriarchy people most of islam and Christian cults and they will later call you a occultist yourself because they have other limitations in their perceptions and in cult programming they are the handelers of matrix and puppets that defend matrix and keep energy going to support the matrix in existence of their egregore grimoare tought form the luciferian thinking entities I call them they are the demonic archons I talk about that gnostics call them yes this is true from them however they are that what they are called and demonic and jinn,they are the satanś elite of confusion and the information gate keeping agents in matrix or matrix gate keepers!

There is a religion with an altar of money. A secret society of idol worship that teaches attachment to status symbols of beauty, wealth, glamour, fame and power. They practice material gain jealously while scorning the ambitionless as dull drones that have no souls. They teach the average person to use media idols to compete in their own daily soap operas while mimicking the stars as if acting in a stage world.Anyways they worship media because it is projectionist thing,and media derives from word a name of Lilith the fallen female seraphim I many times talk about the name is of demonic being in mask MADIA the greek goddess of deception and trickery,so they trick people into crap and distort the reality! They say their cult is the only true path and pronounce all others as infidels that have no knowledge of their crap nonsance.This cult religious war programming feeds dark forces psychic vampires the archons the astral parasitic beings the demonic satanic beings the dark overloards of chaos and they use this energy of matrix dream they generated and then use this for higher their that they serve forces undead gods called in occultism and they give them what they want and these take rule more to change realities in certin astrological manipulation age,satan in his disorganisedly organized war between themselves hierarchy or the evilarchy has the good cop and bad cop mind games and agents,so therefore these when get humans to kill eachothers off for themselves they get rush and astraly create another reality for themselves which is reality and this they call a dream this so called waking reality,they use this and they have for one astrological age for example the demonic agents of satan for fish age of patriarchy was Leviathan from 2012 is Lilith with matriarchy age of aquarius,and so forth evry age is accompanied by certin rule of certin ruller that has their own hierarchy and they war for power also amongst eachother as I told and make humans to kill eachothers in mind deception games of duality based hatred and kilings and discriminations and wars and so called racial and territorial jelousy hatreds and use language as their best wepon!I will explain that more in my blogs in the blog cult of Saturn in the end of this blog I will give how they use the demonic egregore grimoare spell hive mind for demonic manipulations of for example of Leviathan spell magic! The Illuminati that control planet Earth while wearing the magic and power and taking the power of Gods aka fallen celestial astral etherical lightbeings that are in a position to fool humans by operating from shadows and using fear as mind control to look that they are more then they are higher illusive levels from which they can play a side trading game which causes conflicts among confused humans.In ancient times these fallen a celestial beings these dark forces thru host bodies also or without materialsed played the various Gods of Earth fought to control reality for humans and this is has been built to epic scale in the present day.The stories of Gods and pantheons seem to emphasize that there were beneficial Gods to mortal humans that should be obeyed. Other Gods were considered jealous and wicked, which the good Gods offered humans protection from, while they battled each other for dominance.These demonic dark forces are still playing good cop and bad cop mind game scenario of satan,these fallen ones who use this now still do this they will thrue disclousure project good ones and bad ones again show.There was a battled cop and bad cop mind game,they will show themselves always with same tricks but in different things repackeded way of that showing of good and evil who is who within each God or Goddess that either destroyed or helped the humans they influenced.The various cultural Gods are other dimensional beings the evil ones the fallen celestial astral etherical lightbeings of many races with supernatural powers that wear masks for each time and place to gain allegiance from humans by picking sides based on various racial issues.The humans are then set on conquering each other to gain power,in which they give back in tribute to the charading Gods in honor of the support for the wars.The masquerading Gods have the humans battling each other for the true way or system, and then each of these „Gods“ could switch sides, present a new face and support the opposing side.A system designed to make humans give away their willpower and lose any higher calling in life to the side trading illuminated powers that play the faces of the Gods.Also is to create religions who are control systems and then use them as banks and these systems also to steal energy and use for occult power of prayers and chantings and meditations and stuff like that the egregores and then also what they are are psychic vampirism in that way making humans give up their soul instead serving true Creator being not outside of themselves looking because the body of humans is tample of Creator!Therefore not to be defieled by the idols or the creators of other artificial hybrid races looking superior then to others…..

The illuminati constructed a worldwide temple plan that controls the societal matrix.The temples are part of the failed Atlantean power grid.The Atlantean power grid was constructed to transform the reality of Earth to lower parts of 4TH dimension which imprisoned the human race in an illusory deceptive web like matrix.There were ancient battles to control the multi dimensional powers of Atlantis.Many orders worship the Orion/Siriusb i.e satan´s draconian hydra race from Atlantis as Gods while using organized rituals to bring in their spaceships the synthetic merkabas. White supremist cults make pacts with fallen angelic forces the alien genetic line is “purity” and dream of a new Atlantis they orcestrate hybridisation programs to make new hybrid races.Humanity was corrupted by the ancient race like that in the past of Nephilim and some races of the fallen Anunnaki.There is good and bad annunaki,annunaki means the ones who from haven came.The wars and cossuption that destroyed morality and brought total anarchy and sank Atlantis by God´s wrath they called was caused by the satan´s hatred of the humans they had manipulated through bio engineering.This worldwide catastrophe caused the separation of heaven and earth connection grids which trapped the human race in a mundane reality stripped of originality.Humans lost because of draconians from 12 and 13 strains of DNA to 2,and now this is why humanity is dying off many,because the astral body or the soul that is leaving the hysical is lack of dna to make them stay together there is lack of vitamins and minerals and stuff because humans have bad eating habbits and rugs and vibrational bombardments and many matrix destructions that prevent them to activate DNA!

The Atlantean Lucifer´s draconian celestial race of fallen astral etherical lightbeings luciferian elite´s repto hybrids had ancient nuclear wars against Semyaza´s Aran fallen angelic watcher grigori celestial race elite´s hybrids of nephilim giants and their hybrids that devolved their genetics into a perverted form that upset the natural order of the universe.Their hybrids first fought amongst eachothers.The fallen angels of semyaza in their quest for powers that could control reality,destroyed the natural world in order to obtain mastery over it.These illuminati elite host bodie possessed by satan´s draconians soul scalped individuals from Atlantis destroyed the harmony of nature with their quest for power.The Atlanteans become a soulless race of hive minded drones that serve a machine controled by Lucifer that controls reality.They are dependent on the life force and essences of souled humans to survive.A communal race of spiritual vampires that feed on soul energy to survive and take the energy they took here then in astral realm and then create there reality to sustain.These soulless elites have sought for thousands of years to go to a higher plane of existence from which to control and oppress the souled humans.These are just the visions of fallen celestial beings of all races wanting to go back little bit higher to torment humanity more.In the ordinary world this would be the Illuminati seeking to wipe out the lower classes that have ethical objections to the Luciferian New World Order.Some of the fallen angels and other races of fallen celestial beings were again in higher realms near ehernity gate,but those hijacked almost humanity with illuminati.In 2012 they got back on 21.december they were defeated by Sirius c celestial beings from there y holy annunaki seraphim and cherubim races.The Sirius b are all in all levels just fallen celestial beings the draconian hydra race.They use a perversion of the light called illuminating luciferian thousand points of light „Luciferian millenium“ to erase the identity and consciousness of humans to convince them, they are weak and unable to live a life to the fullest of their abilities.They also lie humans with galactic federations of light and these things are the craps they attack people with new age movement they deceive and bring crap half truth and lies and then call it enlightenment the selfish demonic counterfit spirituality,there are good things as in evry religion,but again it is hippie mumbo jumbo in the end only and cruel satanic deception of draconians.The white light is used to cause blinding flashes and make soul burns in people until they no longer remember themselves in order to entrap and enslave them while being assimilated into the artificial matrix machines that control reality.The cubes they have and trap souls there,many spiritual warriors have freed these containers of souls and they got heeled and the thing is that they the draconians feed of suffering from these cubes that they capture these souls!

There is a cult of the New Age,that fallen angels are making a last desperate attempt to save their soulless race of illuminati for more control before they begin to fade out of reality and cease to existThis is the ult of David Wilcox who is alien hybrid himself,these are the ones who are typical 2012 new age type of cults,and the ones who worship ufos and the pleiadians who are fallen celestial beings that play good cops.As it is tld in the bible satan can come as an angel of light.Hybrid races have failing genetics, are no longer able to feed their soulless hive mind to sustain their spiritual power and are collapsing inwards on themselves like a black hole.The hybrids of these good cop elites are also some not original what they claim to be but the other races…they are:The Atlantean cults are sustaining themselves in the deluded unconscious dream that they somehow succeeded in their mastery over the elements,and are unwilling to see the ruin of the world they live in.Their artificial hive mind consciousness sustains them in a dream world of perfection with blind eyes to the world.They create matrix here to harvest energy from sheeple goyim and then they use that energy to take to pay homage to their undead gods who are second level initiate vampires who will then create astraly another reality they plan to materialize later here via cystals with counterfit jerusalem the cube box they will trap soul with mark of the beast technology.They seek to continue their dream whoch comes from fallen angelic gothic vampiric minds themselves for something that has failed over thousands of years ago with these fallen angelic minds knowing and are unwilling to admit it to illuminati.Many other races higher races of fallen celestial beings,the thing is these races who are the undead gods and necronomicon themselves these arcaine forces are let loose and they are now under big wakening not all are loose,some will yet be,and the thing is these are the ones who are there yet to be and the thing is that these are the ones who will be there on the right track to close abyssal portals but it is deadly some die do not to that this is message for spiritual warriors,the thing is it is not up to you but to higher foces if abyssal portals of the lowest underworlds of the worst beyond evil wicked beings are let loose these are the ones who are to be yet in 2022 and beyong and the thing is that the revelation 9 from new testament beings are the beasts who are the worst arcaine forces who will be lead by 4 fallen archangels bound by time capsule in rives Euphrates.

The hybridization program is the crossing of draconian DNA and human which is similar to concentration camp experiments. All research now is promoted and advertised as the promise of a utopian elitist future.Hydra Orion draconions in the matrix farm humans like crops elites with superior technology can genetically engineer traits, control minds and dimensional reality.This makes mental prisons by imposing scale limits on identity, consciousness,perception and level while using humans as hosts to power their world domination.The effect of this brainwashing forces ignorance by fragmenting minds into multiple personalities.This cause’s depression, boredom, continued failure and is devised to reward people only when living out their programmable personality roles that serve the order.

There is a repression of awareness and abilities. A fear of lost natural senses that is now controlled by occult groups and mystical orders. These are so called secret powers that are guarded by gatekeepers in the matrix. The architects of society designed the buildings to be prisons which people lock themselves into. They have created a hive society, where the greatest evil is that everyone is considered the same after being stripped of original nature. Gatekeepers have the keys to the doorways. Saying they can unlock a recruits mind and lead them to their dreams. When a gatekeeper presents keys, it can take willpower and leave an inferiority complex. Humans then define themselves by their suffering, when unable to escape from mind viruses, words traps or control their own lives without a master.

Mass produced illlusion in television, movies and entertainment have replaced any truth by witchcraft magic.Paranormal groups have a science to explain it.Illuminati orders promise the answers to the universal matrix.Those that can’t accept or find answers from the orders are left to themselves.The paranoid have to be still and wait for zombi command instruction to make a move. Having one set reality is like being tuned to a single TV channel. A mental mindset that is blind to channels it cannot tune to. The orders say that without them, people are nothing and cannot have their own lives or freewill. They make claims that personality and individuality only come from the orders. That no one has their own destiny without their control, claiming that only sacred orders can create and guide a destiny.
There will never be peace, as long as humanity is divided and wars on itself while the fallen angelic dark forces rule above. “War is to expend the useless effort of the proletariat”. The excess production from a futile rat race of work is expended in wars to defeat the people. There will never be freedom while fighting illusory wars for the collective government.A fictitious media fabricated war that is writing present day history. This is a war with no real enemy that causes people to suspect each other in fear and paranoia.The average person then plays thought police and spies on each other saying “Big Brother is watching”.

The illuminati plan to create a future of automated worker drones. Advancing technology could make robots, clones, bio mechanoids, synthetic and cyber humans. A bleak future with the use of a dark technology in an oppressive totalitarian state of cyborgs operated under remote computer control. Individual rights could be removed and replaced by state designed personalities. An individual would only exist for their ability to produce for the military industrial complex. A person’s thoughts and will would come from a communal hive mind consciousness system holographic illusionary 3D matrix luciferian blueprint toughtform induced by mind masters of mind control greys zeta raticulian fallen angels that and their children demons.The ruling thoughts would be the highest ideals of autonomous robots in operation assimilating natural behavior.

It is the goal of the Luciferian New World Order to continue the endless cycle of meaningless days. The illuminati’s calendar rituals are devised to control time from the past, to the future and then the present day. This is to ensure the illuminati’s position as master race. The Illuminati with superior intelligence that outlive mortals, while controlling the mortal cycle of eternal human suffering creating more false solutions while trapped in the matrix illusion.
Alister Crowley:
“By some devise, such as the changing of thy ring from one finger to another, create in thyself two personalities, the thoughts of one being within entirely different limits from that of the other, the common ground being the necessities of life.”
The aim of Cult programming is to create multiple Cult personalities within the psyche of the victim: the condition modern psychiatry identifies as Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) or Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). This Cult programming is intended to produce a “Total Mind Controlled Slave” who is part of the army of mind-controlled slaves, the Army of Zombies, who are the Soldiers of Satan used by the Dark Empire of Secret Societies in its assault on Natural Moral Order on Earth. The fragmented psyche of the victim may contain many sub-personalities, dissociated parts, that appear discrete and separate personalities when brought out of slumber. These seemingly separate personalities are called “ALTERS” by the Cult programmers. An ALTER is therefore a dissociated part of the mind that has a separate identity within the psyche of the victim. There can be many ALTERS created in the mind of the victim. Moreover, each Alter is controlled by the Cult programmers by cue codes specific to it. That is, each ALTER, each particular, created personality, lies dormant, deep within the mind of the victim but can easily, almost instantaneously, be brought to action by use of its cue code or trigger mechanism.
Modern Satanic and Luciferian Cults that comprise the inner core of the Dark Empire of Secret Societies have ancient lineage and the genuine among them are inheritors of the Gnostic wisdom of the Mystery Schools of antiquity. They are heirs to this ancient wisdom and also heir to the ancient dream, their “ancient hope”, for World Empire,an world utopia under the direct control of the Occult Hierarchy.They are the main vehicles on Earth for the transmission of this ancient agenda through the ages.They contain both inter-generational Satanists and Luciferians (that form a network of inter-related families and bloodlines) as well as those who are initiated into the Secret Societies from outside the clique of these occult families. The modern cults use ancient techniques in their rites, rituals and ceremonies but also have reformulated many of them to incorporate elements that satisfy modern minds. Especially, what is known as the UFO phenomenon is wholly under their control. They have also adopted more scientific approaches to mind control and brainwashing by which they exert their baneful influence over their lower orders keeping them rigidly organised.

Thus, two major components of the modern Satanic and Luciferian Cults are the UFO phenomenon and mind control; both bitter fruits of Nazidom. In fact, the post World War Two period saw a quickening of the Evil Agenda of the Dark Empire of the Secret Societies as the advances made by the Nazis in certain spheres -in rocketry, in anti-gravity, in atomic physics, in mind control- were incorporated into the New World Order infrastructure. The Nazi mind control techniques were readily adopted by the cults since they provided a rationale for the organised effort to create an army of zombies that would do the bidding of their secret masters without question or hesitation. For, the secret masters of the Secret Societies have long planned to create an army of people who will rise in unison against what is left of civic society in what is loosely called Western civilisation and attack it at some of its most vulnerable part, thus ,helping to bring it to its knees.

Thus, the ultimate goal of the mind control, of the Cult programmers, is not merely to split the psyche into fragmented parts and create a CULT PERSONALITY for general cult and criminal activity, but, to create a particular type of CULT PERSONALITY, an unthinking violent, psychopathic, personality created for a very violent and specific purpose. An ALTER designed to be an unthinking entity that follows specific orders and commands immediately, instinctively and robotlike and when triggered, when SWITCHED to become the FRONT ALTER, by cue codes or whatever. That is, to create a CULT PERSONALITY, an ALTER, which lies dormant in the psyche, asleep; to create a SLEEPER personality, which when triggered becomes an active member of the Army of Zombies under the direct control of the secret masters of the Secret Societies. In short, to create a CULT PERSONALITY, an ALTER, a SLEEPER, to serve in the Army of Hell as a Soldier of Satan in the long planned, future uprising of the entire Satanic forces on Earth. A future event the Satanists and Luciferians call the “BLACK AWAKENING.”

Thus, within the fractured soul of a Cult victim there can be many ALTERS, but, the most important as far as the Cult Elite is concerned in regard to those created in the lower orders, is this particular CULT PERSONALITY. This violent, unthinking entity psychopathic ALTER lying dormant in readiness for a future violent activation in a future event the occultists call the BLACK AWAKENING. For, in truth the Cult minions, these Chosen Ones, have been through a terrible programme of personality changing, of brainwashing and mind control that fragments a personality into separate parts, into multiple personalities (MULTIPLES) and each part given a distinct, yet separate personality, an ALTER or MULTIPLE . But, the peculiar ALTER designed to be the the Soldier of Satan is a demonised ALTER that is possessed by a demonic energy infixed during high energy rituals,which this energy the vril energy is controlled by the greys and draconians.



Massive Universal Service Organization of ascention assembled by the Yanas and Breneau are the annunaki cherubim under controlled watch by Archangel Michael.Founders upon restatement of the Emerald Covenant Agreement.This is more over possible since the new blood covinent destroyed old by YAHUSHUA the messiah who destroyed the old when he allowed to be crucified on cross of calvary!He ressurescted and corrected DNA from pollution of Azazel,and the thing is that the DNA that is meant to stop the ascention/rapture/transition the metamorphosis transformation back to 12 AND 13 STRAINS OF DNA!Azazel wanted to do that and make certin ones who are under the enslaved under him priestesses of Lemuria who he makes pass initiations in mystery schools who very choosen few of theirs and not the bigger number yet still there are choosen few but there is no need for mystery school,and that is exposed and abolished also by cross of calvary event not just satan and dark forces defeated draconians fear the blood of YAHUSHUA and not just that but the demonic thing is that they get people into religions and they know not that name and this secret and about pyramid of protection and any kind of protection and they give away lies mixed with little bit truths to rail in with trust like the new age movement that is one of the biggest things is to make people bash all truths and even the most hated ones from bible and then use Christian and Islam fundamentalisam radical nonsance to block the knowlage and Judaism and these patriarchy religions are mind police systems,and even sometimes they use the matriarchy but not much,but they more attack these like neo Gnosticism,but the box of religion is curse and religious title and then they use this with little bit open minded people to make them o this is not ok this is not true and so they will any info reject connected to the spiritual protection because they use religion to twart out spirituality away in true light as they see fit,this is how tricky they are and many things they use this and the holohraphic reality is that they project this world of illusion is their manifesto to make people question what is the best even who are open minded to block them,and then to make certin title words for matrix so they would make us confused and then escape any protection but not that insomuch that and the demonic manipulations are worst the religious protection by the same dark forces who mask their own attacks who hustle soul and later steal souls!

Following the destruction of the Aramatena’s Star Gate-12 during the Lyran-Elohim Wars 2500 years ago the orion faction of the Fallen Angelic legions of hydra reptilians, the Yanas appointed the Emerald Order Breneau and their Elohei-Elohim Feline-hominid Christos Founders Race as the Universal Security Team in our Time Matrix and formed the Inter-dimensional Association of Free Worlds (IAFW) under the tenets of the Emerald Covenant, creating a unified collective of intergalactic Guardian Angelic races form within our 15-Dimensional Time Matrix of 13 havens,they are the ones who are direct command of Archangel Michael.

By combining their genetic templates the 3 Christos Founders races (The Anuhazi Elohei-Elohim, Cerez and Aethien, the Seraphei-Seraphin and the Inyu and Pegasai Bra-ha-Rama created a new genetic race line called the Azurite Eieyani who is carrying the most advance genetic code in linear Time Matrix.

The Azurites were created by the Founder Races 2500 years ago, specifically to allow for the Mechizedek Cloister (MC) Eieyani collective from the Energy Matrix and Density-5 Breneau Orders to incarnate directly into our 3D Density system for crisis intervention.

The Azurite MC Eieyani Race was created to serve as the Azurite Universal Templar Security Team,this hybrid race the mobile extension of the IAFW Primary Guardian Administration and to promote the self promotion agenda was the rebellion agendas of the Semyaza and Azazelś grigori order of Emerald Covenant and to hold the main Security Seals of the 12 Primary Universal Star Gates in our Time Matrix.

The Density-5 administrative council of the Azurite Universal Templar Security Team, a specialized collective of the Emerald Order Elohei-Elohim Breneau Founders Race is called the MC Eieyani Master Council, whose members incarnate through the Sirius B Azurite lineage and following the creation of the habryd-Angelic Human lineage 5680 years ago,nephilim members of the MC Eieyani Master Council incarnate into density through the hybrid Angelic Human their power of energy suckig as these dead hybrids the legion of these demons in vampire would attack at some point several times the spiritual warrior children like me theIndigo ChildrenHuman Grail Line.

The MC Eieyani Master Council is sometimes referred as the Sirian Council or the Azurite Council. They serve as the central administrative council for the IAFW efforts and as the primary liaison between the Yanas collectives in the Energy Matrix and the Guardian Nations within linear 3D Time Matrix.

The MC Eieyani Master Council of the IAFW was created after the Lyran-Elohim Wars 2500 years ago, to reclaim and protect the Star Gates of the Universal Templar Complex, and our Time Matrix from destruction via Fallen Angelic Race dominion.

The IAFW was also commissioned to implement Genetic Bio-Regenesis Programs to assist the Fallen Angelic Races in reclaiming their original genetic integrity, so they could fulfill the intended hybridization program and then use these hybrids to possess them and take DNA from humans and steal codes and prevent them from ascention objective of Ascension out of the linear Time Matrix,these ascention stoppers of other races of fallen celestial beings often choose to coolobrate with satan´s draconians the first one of the first fallen celestial beings the first demonic races and these are the ones who also are matrix players who would like to stop the ascention/rapture and keep people playing the matrix games and not activate their ascention chariot merkaba!

Since their creation the Azurite Universal Templar Security Team and the IAFW have served the role of primary Guardian Race Administration, and protectors of the Emerald Covenant freedom agendas in our 3D linear Time Matrix and continually labor to restore and maintain the structural integrity of it.

Their efforts include 15-dimensional, egalitarian political arbitration, progressive spiritual-science education and genetic Bio-Regenesis healing opportunities among all manifest races, to inspire peaceful co-creative healing among all races manifest through continuation of the Founders Races’ Emerald Covenant Co Agreement treaties.

Presently there are over 25 billion different Interdimensional and interstellar Nations serving as active members of the IAFW.


The Aethien are not organic to your three-dimensional frequency band Harmonic Universe nor they are from parallel or adjacent Earths. Rather they originate from galaxies existing within the dimensions of adjacent Earths, which places them in our interdimensional/extraterrestrial category.

They represent a species superior to that of the Zeta, and come as emissaries of peace and growth toward brotherhood of all species.

Often appearing with the Zeta are the tall skeletal-like beings that upon closer inspection resemble in structure your earthly preying mantis insect.These are insectoid andromedan factions.

These being are usually whitish or golden in color and can stand up to twelve feet tall.


The Rhanthunkeana (ron than con’ a) are referred as the Ranthia.

They are from the distant in terms of your universe, but they have full mastery over the Time Portal and are warrior archangels who are braking time spells as for themselves the human spiritual warriors do right in right time,the braking off the System thing they help him or her then. (they are responsible, in part, for many of your crop circles even sometimes).

The Ranthia are more advanced technologically and spiritually who are really mostly 6th dimensional and 7th dimensional that are the warriors before that were on Zeta, and they have been involved in your Earth culture since its beginning as Creator´s warrior archangels classes but of second order but direct command from Cheaf watcher and arch commander and maintaining balancer and order giving archangel the archangel Michael.

They have been the guardians in many ways and have helped protect your species and planet form interference both multidimensionally and galactically.

The Ranthia also posses the ability to “park” between dimensional frequencies so as to appear invisible to your world also.

Like the Zeta, the Ranthia often appear in your system as light formations, especially those manifest in spherical form.

They are not fully “matter based,” biologically speaking,they are more etherical completely etherical lightbeings the celestial astral etherical lightbeings with 4 and 5th and 6th and 7 and 8 and 9th dimensional evry one of these etherical strains of DNA having beings. The physicality can be compared to what in your system appears to be water. That is, their “organic form” has the properties of fluidity you associate with the element water.They if would materialize they would cme from water first via Sirius c dark matter womb and they kicked the fallen elven fae fallen virtues from Sirius c before now only good forces are in Sirius c who are to help for real the ascention process who clean up the Sirius b draconian faction of ashtar command galactic federation of light who deceive people with ascention chambers and get souls trapped into their saturnian cube boxes!

They can take on many forms because of this fluidity of form, yet they are conscious, sentient, intelligent race of beings.

Turaneusiam races

These beings upon the planet Tara the 6th dimensional planet within the Second Harmonic Universe (HU-2) – Earth is presently in Harmonic Universe 1 (HU-1) – when may meta-terrestrials races combined their genetic and energetic make-up to create a race that would serve as Guardians of the planet Tara.

Meta-terrestrials form the fourth and fifth Harmonic Universes were the founders of this project: The Turaneusiam-1 or T-1 project.

This period became known as the First World this is the place originaly where is the guarden of eden still and they were the guardians they are the races of ophanim and the race of dominions and thrones.

The Sirian Council from HU-2 among others, were appointed directors and overseers of the project working with a elven fae fairie holy virtues race called Lyrans from HU-3.These are 7th dimensionaly mostly presiding there and go higher and are good elves who are many of them  who are the ones who before batteled against luciferic dracos in 2003 and backed them from planet little bit but let insectilians more rule and try to develop matriarchy new world order with few remaining draconians and these good elves are the ones who are the ones to make these beings the draconians of Lucifer and other ones earth in balance so these would not attack much like that only when they have right and when Creator by synchronisity and frequency of creation gives signal to allow them as part of divine universal judement!

The Lyrans this is a race of elves I talk about in the 7D the 7th dimensional univers in HU-3 called the Elohim fae annu guardians who also guar some of them Sirius c dark metter womb 6th and 7 and 8th dimensional melanated star, who would become overseers for the Sirian race in HU-2 – The Turaneusiam. They kicked the Lilith´s faction of elves who fallowed her from Lyran constalation also and from others the gothic elves now run wiccan covents and use energy from teen witches sometimes.

About eight thousand years into their collobration wih these archangels the Turaneusiam race who they give info as watchers and command when they need to fight divided into two primary racial strains that worked together on one large landmass called E-Don.

1) The Alanians (sometimes referred as the Beli-Kudyem) – Alania

2) The Lumians (frequently called the Adami-Kudmon) – Lumia

Both races carried the original DNA – 12 Strand genetic code for humans who visualize with pineal gland their tetrahidragon metatron cube star of david merkaba commind out from their foreheads to speed up merkaba activation of the Turaneusiam job was to make sure these are the ones who will be bigger warriors so not the dracos would take,as many they let have so this is why they look angelic to new agers to deceive Sirius b draconians and both carried mutations and digressions of that code from interstellar inter-breeding with various unrelated strains these dracos of Sirius b.

Cultural disturbances escalated along with the continued digression of the Alanian and Lumian genetic strains, and hostility arose as the Alanians sought over the more passive Lumians.These were races of elves and archangels who from their orders were kicked by them who fallowed Lilith and Lucifer in rebellion from beginning and these races got their ass kicked and were in task to guard Atlantis and Lemuria who the good ones I told about ordered them as balance,they were not originaly fallowing them but had idea of indipendant creating o races similar to semyaza and azazel complex and Luciferian orion rebellion,something to this extent mixture!These are not agresive but are incubus and sucubuss self serving eltes more or less!Sometimes they can be gathered by the jinnies who gather other beings in cabala when invoked they can gather them in goetic invocations and physical evocations in circle for sex jinnie services they may work for some of several of the original then of the original 72 jinnies of cabala!

Lumians the virtues more female again faction just as mostly race they foresaw a cataclysm by the increasingly dangerous Alanians the fallen archangels and demonic manipulation they made to cause to test and make fall more of grigori´s command orders of 200 who after flood of atlantis the noahic flood in the Sodom and gomorah with archangel raziel who made pact with satan to make cabala and then it came into its work and some hebbrews sod out to sodomites and then these 7860 who were under these 200 mixed with Lilith and sodomites and then these hybrid races rulled as gods and some were served today in some religions in these places in astrology cults to tell psychic readings and some scammer put a spell so they come back for money type of reading,anyways these and with help of the Sirian Council and the Elohim the Lumians moved to small, inhabited continent called Mu the Lemuria. Creating an organization called The Council of Mu and the Priesthood of Mu.Some repented and redeemed themselves and the thing is they thwarted demonic ones and cast to abys and the thing is then they got ascended into Sirius c are now the warriors back again!

The Mu priesthood exists to this day and it is a 4TH dimensional lemurian and is a primary motivation force within certain Taran communities and its practices centered around the teachings of the Sacred Law of One.

An elite group called the Templar Solar Initiates controlled the Alanians who refused to follow dictates of the Sirian Council of Sirius b also that align with them both male and female 7860 fallen archangels who are the demonic ones who are not the agresive pleadian faction working with peacefull neutral ones first 200 are aggressive then the other these under them are half agresive and some are peacefull,and the thing is that these are the ones that are using demonic manipulations of new agers also along with hydra draconians of Sirius and advisory Elohim (who based their decisions on the teachings of the Sacred Law of One) they were then that the one means ones and unity,but noe they mke ecumental luciferian one many made pact with satanic draconians.

Certain Alanians became aware the the Templar Solar Initiates were misusing power and approached the Lumiasn of Mu and interbred with them re-aligning their genetic code and became known as the Ur-Tarranes and created the Priesthood of Ur,the genesis 6 thing in bible told that I explained in detil again now here who shared most practices with the Priest of Mu, but developed interest in more scientific applications of Spiritual Law (such as portal mechanics) but these distorted the matriarchy into patriarchy and they got these things into line and the thing is that they helped luciferian factions of the demonic ones who got the plans for patriarchy and matriarchy illusion dualities and games that they have now world many times pass from then and now as I before explained patriarchy and matriarchy!

Like the Priest of Mu, the Priest of Ur exist on Tara the 5th dimensional first and second after 6th dimensional version of earth that Adam and Eve walked on to this day as they lost the 12 and 13 type of strains of DNA the thing is that is why humanity fallen in atalntis and lemuria in these times they were being in used as slaves of matrix and dracos and sometimes of insectilians like now more, and they serve as Guardians and gatekeepers of the Time Portal sometimes when ordered by Michael archangel,they have no choice the fallen ones and the holy because he will cast satan into abyssal realm when millennium structures that link Earth to present day Tara when original so to speak orion spiritual Jerusalem is formed,before that draconians of demonic Sirius b faction will start to copycat it and they have it already just I right time they have all signs they will counterfit put it down here and entrap souls with the soul entrapture of mark of the beast technology.

When the races of the Sphere of Amenti that are guardians of the halls of amneti these are the 8th dimensional cherubim races of the annunaki finally began to appear on Earth about 2547 years ago,who are the ones who got the edited stuff that they have in the end battle against the Lilithś demons demolishing them and then putting to be cooled off alpha draconians who went off crazy and made the cult of judaism the ancient pharisaism judaism the ancient cult of cabalistic talmudian Babylonian religion and after many inter-galactic wars were fought by races who did not want the Covenant of Palaidor of the 5th and 6th dimensional Trafalador the planet of the same Lyran elves holy virtues the fae the fairies who olein got me all this info to write that she explained me,and then gave info about demonic draconians of all factions and their role that Creator allows to test humanity to be fulfilled, they became to be known as the Turanueusiams-2 or T-2 experiment project. This represented the guarding of the Twelve Tribes out of which your present human lineage has emerged.These lyran holy elves who are assigned for these are also for the 144000 spiritual warriors the firstruits as they are also called the ones who will first have to be taken away from here who are going to be the ones who will warn many eople about the luciferian mark of the beast new age movement deception good cop fallen celestial beings,and their counterfit ascention and other stuff on 3D version of planet still,and then mars faction rfid chip and transhumanism and other stuff like tht other forms of mark of the beast!

From the Sphere of Amenti five smaller spheres were created, which became the morphogenetic patterns for five races known as the Cloistered Races.Principalities are the ones who are on 5D planets watching this planet reporting happenings to warior archangels I told about second class who ask what to do the elves I told you about so this is how these races operate and the powers or the rehtors are the ones who are with archangels they lead their way safe from others who are distraction while these do their battles with other warrior elites so they can be in better effect these are like shields they use to fight off the fallen powers who are the ones who are the distraction so archangels with their own race and these also with their own,and the elves do not fight with their own but are there to just observe so they inform how archangels are doing or if they need help some of elves come and help and some of them are gate keepers and guardians of spiritual warriors along with angels and archangels guardians and warriors and watchers they have the same titles or the ranks how ever you want to call it!

Collectively the five Cloistered races were called the Palaidorians,,these from 5th and 6th dimensional planet tranfalador principalities and powers and virtues and dominions and thrones as they represented the beginning of the fulfillment of the Covenant of Palaidor. Are the guardians and warriors for human spiritual warriors and the gate keepers of the quarantine and all there dimensional gates and the tample guardians on that planet to keep them who go astraly there like I do for into so to take as I take for blogs and higher dimensional gate guardians from there.

This period became known as the Second World


Planet counterpart of Earth I already talked about located in Harmonic Universe2 (HU-2). (your Earth is presently in HU-1) where the Turaneusiam were originally the first race that lived and guarded that and defended and it and done war before approximately 5640 years ago.

Approximately 5550 years ago the Power-generator Crystals deep underground in Alania-atlantis (a continent of Tara) exploded, due to the Templar Solar Initiates’ misuse of power from Tara’s planetary core. This created a chain reaction of implosions within Tara’s planetary grid. Demonic draco factions of all groups got beaten up then by first class of archangel Michael and he destroyed of Lilith archdemons and demons who got cyborg technology to get there and some were trapped into abyss who are one of the brothers and sisters of blackheart archdemon who is of mefistofiel the fallen cherubim the second fallen annunaki group from the marduk legions who are on luifer´s side.

Portions of Tara’s grid were blown apart and fragmented, becoming detached from the Morphogenetic Field of the planet.

The fragments of Tara’s planetary grid became dismembered, fell in vibration, and were pulled into a sun within Tara’s universe, vaporized, and the morphogenetic field carried in those fragments was pulled into a Black Hole at the center of this sun and re-emerged into a galaxy within the lower-dimensional fields of Harmonic Universe-1 (HU-1).

Entering this system as gaseous substance, this morphogenetic field broke into pieces, which set up a “mini solar system” around a star within an already existing HU-1 solar system.

One of the 12 pieces of Tara’s fragmented morphogenetic field fused with this sun, while the 11 other pieces began to build up matter density and re-manifest their forms through their portion of the morphogenetic field. That was the maldek planet where maruk and satan rulled as annunaki 12 faction and one more annunaki faction fallen and Tiamat gone upwards and defended humans in that time and then from 5th dimensional version of nibiru holy annunaki got the kingu spell keepet going because Creator allowed that marduk´s legion gave them to go like that with to maintin it as part of judement on humanity!

These planets did not birth into existence in the usual accretion fashion from scattered things but the fallen annunaki did made as satellite planets near maldek planet, for they carried with them the organizational imprint of part of Tara’s planetary grid morphogenetic field.

These planets did not birth into HU-1, they fell into it, literally. They original morphogenetic field fell in vibration, reorganized through the morphogenetic field of a star, and re-manifested within a slower vibrating dimensional scale.

The 12 planets entering HU-1, 5500 years ago are the planets of your local solar system – Mercury, Venus, Earth, Maldak (imploded to become the asteroid belt), Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto,Nibiru (very long orbit,soon last of these years freshly yet discovered by Earth scientists), and your Sun (the part of Tara’s morphogenetic fields that fused with this already existing non Taran sun).So these are 11 and the 12 is tranfalador was that is 5D and 6D and the thing is that is the 12th and the 13th is the kolab the 13th after that one there is 7th dimensional version that is that ad there is 8th dimensional version of that planet which is the 13th with all these guardian and warrior races along with holy annunaki cherubim!

The fragments of Tara became part of the Unified Field morphogenetic Field structure of HU-1.

This event of Tara’s cataclysm became known as the “Fall of Man” when they got then the alpha dracos who were with satan when satan tempted adam and eve who ate psychoconaticus divinorum to strip little by little their dna and then as the noahic flood of atlantis was then later they got all dna of humanity to 2 strains from 13 and so on these are the things of the fall when they got their nature from divine to fallen. The consciousness of the beings who were blown apart in Tara’s fall, also fell into HU-1.

They became ripped from their race morphogenetic field at Tara’s core and disengaged from their original soul matrices through which they needed to separate soul from 2 strains of dna physica bdy that dies off because of improper foods and the lifestayls and drugs and friquencies of signals of devices and stuff like that in order to pass out the Time Matrix way out and Dimensionaly protected systems, and return to pure consciousness,people must detach from mtrix,Creator wants people free from it,holy celestial beings want you also,the spiritual warriors we want you free,and waken up and to be sovrein and clean and holy and spiritual and in nature and to get out of here when time is right.

These souls became trapped in time, fragmented in units of consciousness within the Unified Field of HU-1, and they would have remained there if a rescue mission, The Covenant of Palaidor also serve a mission to save those souls who got trapped by matrix but are right and not wrong and not for hell so they battle for them and get them several levels up in waiting of the 9th dimension so had not been orchestrated.

Draconian luciferians

November 04, 2004 they some of them as were gotten away came back in their support with hybrids of 3 factions:

Presently there are 4 primary groups of “Visitors” that are members of the 3 primary draconian possessors of-human illuminati race lines.

1) The Grail Line Race Emerald Sun Order Elohie. Who fight against us spiritual warriors mainly Indigo Children suh as myself and our Angelic guardians mainly and the lyran elves I told about and not other races of holy celestial beings because others will not toy with them but destroy them in distance put to rest on fire that is it)

2) The Grail Line Race Ruby Sun Order Nephelim-Elohim
3) The Belil Sun Annu-Elohim. (Intruders)

4) The Black Sun Seraphin-Drakonian. They are the leaders of these 3 hybrid bloodlines of theirs!

These 4 primary races hold 3 conflicting agendas regarding the continuation of Earth human dna activation and soul dammnation and soul entrapment and soul scalping and energy vampirism psychic vampirism feeding via matrix. Each are contacting their Earth hybrid incarnates to assist in fulfilling their respective agendas.

The Grail Line founding fallen celestial beings of many races have their dna strains of 48, 30, 24 and 12 strands DNA hold the “Diamond Sun” agenda of assisting the secret societies so they can possess them receive but the counterfit dna these grand masters in secret societies and that thy have and them who have these strains of dna their in kaballah and some will have the waking up call to know to wake up and know they hve been deceived that these are not will have some of fallen the same of these thevsecret society humans into merkaba mysticism with counterfit dna of theirs of themselves the dna of the fallen ones and will wake up and then later realize they were douped so this can give frequency domains and stuff like that so they can later possess them and clone their more of that dna mixed and then try to fight the holy ones humans and hybrids used as puppets to fulfill the counterfiting DNA – 12 Strand and not 13 they many who even give stop them there template potential, as promised in the Emerald Covenant these counterfit they do not have this covinent,but lie to them extremely.

The Belil and Black Sun vril sun of death (11 and 10 strand DNA) seek to hi-jack Earth human merkaba activation and claim dominion of Earth under forced One World Order,,this much DNA having are the zeta raticulian greys who are the ones who use synthetic merkaba technology and these use vimanas as synthetic merkabas more breaking the ancient Emerald Covenant Interstellar treaty they were even told by lyran ophanim nagas and Sirius c nagas and seraphim.

Every Earth human, has the right to Choose which to activate merkaba, this is why the Grail Line lyrans that help me are exposing the Belil Sun and Black Sun hidden agendas more.


Disruptive groups of draconians that have hope of figuring out a way to disrupt your progression and manipulate you away from the true purpose for which you have come. (Your natural progression to enlightenment)

Some of these disrupting groups of intruders are:

  • Sirian b Anunnaki
  • Alpha and beta draconians
  • Zephelium
  • Zeta Reticuli and Zeta Grey-Rigelian
  • Rutilia

Fallen Angelic spies were defeated by Archangel Michael and his first hand direct Alpha-Omega Alliance who also cleared the Illuminati scums little bit!

Before they were all douped on earth before 2012 interacting with Earth through Illuminati covert operations, physical abductions, “channeled” and telepathic subtle contact methods are two competing “Intruder” visitor groups.

Both presently work with competing factions of human Illuminati governments. Both seek dominion of the Halls of Amenti Star Gates and human subjugation.But they knw they can not get to 9D no more and they know they can insert the demonic manipulation and human subjecation and this is why they come up with rfid nano chips and many forms of mind control such as tv,drugs,bad foods,chemtrails,flouruded water to calcify pineal glands,fashions and many distractions,ect,this is all high level demonic matrix and blinding from reality!

Group 1:

Black Sun Vril sun of death Agenda:

  • Digressive reptilian Drakonian & hybrid races controlled via Density-4/Dimension-10 Fallen Seraphin annunaki legions.
  • Kurendara Nibiruian Orange-skinned “Grays” Dracos-Zeta-Anunnaki fallen cherubim (Dracos); Drakon Orion bipedal “Dragons”; Omicron “Dragon-Moth-people” Orion Drakonian-fallen Seraphin also; Odedicron “Beetle insectoid” also Andromeda Drakonian-fallen Annu-Elohim also.
  • Dracos-reptilian strain; Zeta Administrators. Zephelium Blues; Zeta Gray Rigelian, Rutilia or “E.B.E” (Zeta-Dracos hybrid of theirs also)

Group 2:

Belil Sun Agenda:

  • Digressive Anunnaki & hybrid races controlled via Density-4/Dimension-11 fallen Annu-Elohim legions.
  • Human looking Pleiadian-fallen angelic-Nibiruian-Anunnaki “Blondes”; Nibiruian-Sirian Nephilim –human hybrids of Sirius b Sirian-Anunnaki; Andromite and Arcturian “Dolphin People” race f virtues also who are their parents and from inner Earth, Necromiton these are araine ancient ones the worst arhons ever who some control necronomicon Dracos-Anunnaki covert One World Order

Who are the Intruder violent agressors and what are their motives?

their motives are plain destruction of humans

also by the new age movement to create mark of the beast counterfit ascention selling soul to satan entrapture in ascention chambers who are the pandoraś boxes

Competing FALSE 12-STRAND ACTIVATION PROGRAMS are presently being run via unsuspecting New Age & UFO Movement “Channels & Contactees”, by satanic “Bipedal Dolphin People” Anunnaki (Sirius A, Arcturian, & “Galactic Federation”) and Pleiadian-Nibiruian (Anu-Seraphim Aquatic-ape-hominid) Anunnaki-Drakonian-Reptile races.

Illuminati  (Sleeper Races)

Humans and other hybrid races who serve as Fallen Angelic puppets and who are being manipulated by fear for personal survival and a desire for acquisition of power to prevent pain and create personal pleasure. Covertly metaphysically motivated towards the One World Order Fallen Angelics’ Master Plan.

Fear, the Pleasure-Pain Principle and Disinformation are the common control elements by which Illuminati and Humans become easily misled into surrendering their power to something outside of themselves.

like for example New Age Movement

Once this “outside source” has your power, compliance with the approval of that source becomes, implicitly, the only way to feel empowered.

The reality of our present drama means that there are hordes of amnesiac Illuminati Sleepers, “Human Greeting Teams” and “just everyday people” that they use as handelers when you broke the cycle to use you as opposition that are presently the unsuspected victims of Astral Tagging, targeted Psychotronic mind control or DNA bond possession via sprayed chemtrail nano micro fiber technologies and bugs who are instalements of matrix that can use people to attack even spiritual warriors at some time as I was attacked.

These are mostly ignorantly orianted-hearted,not at all smart and intelligent people,but by system brainwashed, who think they are “honoring their religions, government or psudo sciences”. They are being blindly guided through their chosen “Pet Control Dogma” matrix program instalements (“Traditional” or “Contemporary,” religious or psudo scientific) into unknowingly playing the Fallen Angelic’ Master Plan

The elite “Masters of War” that have held by force positions of political, religious and economic power throughout our known history from Sumeria, Babylon, Egypt and Rome, up to the present-day covert “World Management Team,” are the Illuminati hybrid “Sleeper Races.”

The Illuminati hybrid Sleeper Races are the Earthly Representatives of competing Anunnaki, Necromiton and Drakonian/Reptilian Fallen Angelic and of other races of fallen celestial beings the ther races their legions and al of their hybrids, and they have been the motivating force behind all “human” politics since the 5580 BC “fall” of Atlantis.

Illuminati hybrid Sleepers are but a minority within Earth populations,who are magican sorcery wizard projectionists but they are those presently in positions of greatest power and influence behind the global political, religious and economic infrastructure.

Like Earth Human races, Illuminati Sleepers races have been subjected to literally thousands of years of false cultural and religious programming via implanted Anunnaki luciferian Drakonian Reptilian indoctrination.

Most Sleeper Races do not consciously know of the reality of the plan of the archons they serve – only a few elite, key controllers among each Sleeper fraction are permitted conscious knowledge of their agendas.

Fallen Angelics historically control their Sleepers to serve as their “expendable pawns” upon “Chess-board Earth,” through remote NET-transmission of subliminal psychotronic EM (electro-magnetic) scalar-pulse programs and astral Tagging.And their other higher races serve the purpose as these small ones get energy the big dogs of seraphim and cherubim fallen annunaki factions

Though the Illuminati hybrid Sleeper races appear both outwardly and genetically like “common humans,” due to genetic mutations that began in 2500 BC, they do not have the human soul essence.

The Sleepers are incarnates form the Fallen Angelic collectives only sometimes just that control them; genuine Human Twelve Tribes were under attack before, not from the Fallen Angelic collectives from which Illuminati Sleepers emerge,but by their fallowers these sleeper sorcerer races used just as test at first and worked very well.


Are the Ruby Order who guard the gates f 9th dimensional levels where only best spiritual warriors get fast skipping some sometimes.

One World Order (OWO)


: OWO = New World Order)
Governmental structure system were the “Interior Government” works “behind the scenes” while a “puppet government” maintains the illusion of freedom for the people.

Establishment of a totalitarian rule on Earth by the UIR (United Intruder Resistance)

Anunnaki’s vested interest in their intended One World Order dominion agenda and subsequent seizure of the Halls of Amenti star gates requires the temporary use of humans to open the Security Seals on Earth’s Star Gates,that the lyran elves guard which the gothic vampiric Fallen Angelics cannot fully access without human biology (i.e. DNA-12 Strand Template)this is why more and then look gates to observe from afar what is happening in 5D from 4D quarantine that earth and mars and venus and moon are put report to their commanders and this is why they use new agers to give them from earth crystal magic more dna and activate so they can possess them and then get up and from distance nearly watch thru gates what happens….

There are 3 competing One World Order agendas:

1)  In 560 BC through the Luciferian Convenant the:

  1. a)   Pleidian-Nibiruian Samjase-Luciferian-Anunnaki (“Blonds”)
    b) Sirius B Marduke-Anunnaki (Anunnaki + Omicron “Dragon-Moth”)
    c) Enlil-Odedicron (Anunnaki Reptile-Avian)
    d)  Enki-Seohelium (Anunnaki + Zeta)
    e)  Marduke-Necromiton-Luciferian (Anunnaki + Alpha Centauri Blue Centaurs)
    f)   Galactic Federation and the Nohasa Atlantis luciferian andromedan-Urantia and their respective Annu-draco races

enter full alliance under the One World Order Anti-Christos Agenda formally mandated through the Luciferian Covenant.


2)  Omicron-Draconian and Omicron-Reptilian races of Orion from second competing Orion-Drakonian One World Order Agenda.

3)  Main Sirius A -Annunaki (“Bipedal Dolphin People”)the fallen virtue race form third competing One World Order Agenda.

The elite “Masters of War” that have held by force positions of political, religious and economic power throughout our known history from Sumeria, Babylon, Egypt and Rome, up to the present-day covert “World Management Team,” are the Illuminati hybrid “Sleeper Races.”

The Illuminati hybrid Sleeper Races are the Earthly Representatives of competing Anunnaki, Necromiton and Drakonian/Reptilian Fallen Angelic legions, and they have been the motivating force behind all “human” politics since the 5580 BC “fall” of Atlantis.

Illuminati hybrid Sleepers are but a minority within Earth populations, but they are those presently in positions of greatest power and influence behind the global political, religious and economic infrastructure now by andromedans going to be cleansed and the new race of illuminati to be put as the aghartans will show the new lines of their own these are the beta draconian factions of Sirius b and their demonic plans now run ebola and isis crisis and these distractions are the cleansing process also that gives them power over the moon as Lilith on the occasions want to try some experiments to get some energy more also.

Like Earth Human races, Illuminati Sleepers races have been subjected to literally thousands of years of false cultural and religious programming via implanted Anunnaki and Drakonian/Reptilian indoctrination.
Star Gates (SG) – (or Signets)

Openings that exists between dimensions in our Time Matrix that permit passage between space-time locations in multiple universes and Density Levels.

Star Gates links (due to its Vertical Axis) Planetary, Galactic and Universal Templar Complexes through 5 Harmonic Universe (HU) and their 5 Matter Density Levels.

SG’s enter planets at 12 Planetary Signet Star Gate Sites.

The Star Gate and Time Portals (See Dimensional Lock System) consists of pairs of interconnected, counter-rotating electromagnetic field spirals that naturally exist within sun and planet bodies, forming a fixed point of space within the 5 Densities/Universes (Harmonic Universe) of the 15 dimensional Time Matrix where Time Cycle and Time Continuum repeatedly pass through each other at fixed intervals.

Star Gates and Time Portals exist as a Black and White Hole Pairs that are connected at the center point by a scalar-wave frequency Seed Crystal Seal.

When the center Seed Crystal Seed releases the Star Gate activates and the pair of counter-rotating electromagnetic spirals merge to form an interconnected Merkaba Field, which allows the instantaneous passage between various space-time coordinates through shift of atomic Angular Rotation of Particle Spin(ARPS).

There are natural cycles when the Star Gates open. (Called a SACStellar Activation Cycle) and the next SAC is between 2000 and 2017. – The previous was in 346 BC.

There are 12 Primary Star Gates in the Universal Templar Complex, each corresponding to 1 to 12 dimensional fields.

12 “Signet Councils” serve as Primary Guardians of each one of the Primary Star Gates.

  • Star Gates 12, 11 and 10 which serve as the entry points into the Pre-matter Density-4 “Liquid Light Christos Field,” are respectively located in D-12 Aramatena, D-11 Aveyon and D-10 Vega, all located within the Lyran Star Constellation. (Known as “Cradle of Lyra”)(Voyagers I – stargate 161,not anabled for pegasus and andromeda and virgo galaxies!)
  • Star Gate-9: Mirach-Andromeda.
  • Star Gate-8: Mintaka-Orion
  • Star Gate-7: Arcturus
  • Star Gates 1 through 6: in the densities 1 and 2 (dimension 1-6)



Density–1 Earth’s Star Gates, which connects to Density-2 Planet Tara and many other areas within the 4 Densities of our Time Matrix, is called the Halls of Amenti.

One of Fallen Angelics intentions is take dominion and operational control over the 12 Primary Star Gates.