Demonic basterd Lilith i got your insectilian andromedans you and your faction of fallen Lilim legion elves who lead insectilian andromedan faction you loose the demonic basterds i got you you i told you astraly at night i had enough of you Lilith now even more now you crossed the lines that lines can not be crossed the infiltrators that try to take some spiritual warrior lodges are the ones who are trying to make the religious organisations into spiritual warrior lodges draconians and insectilians,this is to escape this crystal quarantine earth and moon and mars and venus are in and of all other in this galaxy planets their inner planet space is sealed from up and now the underworld and this here is only the fallen celestial beings have and the demonic beings who are the ones who are the ones that are dooing satanic infiltration they want to attack astraly spiritual warriors so they can go to 5D but can not they are mad that got some of the spiritua warriors of the blasting wars they got i told Lilith this night i told you shut the hell up with spiritual bot you use,and then i told i had enough of this Lilith mystery babylon,this babylonian ritual bohemian groove done on blood moon they try to steal to get this fire and brimstone magic of fire elementals to stop of the spiritual warfare i gave some humans do this and even some angels but when guardian ange thing goes they say our higher selves and they close eyes and are on several praces as God to get this more power to defeat satanic stuff,and then they got this then and they got them more up and down they got cleansed and the

Dragon Starseed – Tanaath of the Silver Legion

She was also before by Lilith attacked,but now she is now more open and she is on better track,she now knows stuff that will blow your mind,the thing is some radio shows are there to prevent some true informations,some are truth for real,not all originals there were satanic infultrators copy shows of old and connecting,but now all got fixed,many of the Lilith´s religious infiltratic factions of insectilians got to control the draco factions that got me to look in certin direction to then tell draconians to go away then their souls they traped dead alcoholic in underworld i did not want to save because he was still loving the illusion they there holographicly put as vine festival and his eyes were pare the blue pale and he was still looking there for alcoholic drinks!There are many who were by Lilith initiated infultrators basicly to prevent information from her!

The spiritual lodges there are many controlled oppositions who are against many other controlled oppositions and i got that Lilith is now focusing to bring this lightworker crap into the crystaline realms of the grimoare egregore hive mind spell bringings from their  into lucid hese dream realm for spiritual warriors in the 7th layer of earthś  atmosphare and then the demonic satanic defence is working,but the thing is cartoon like things helped me tonight and then i got them burned down elementals in severl places who are children of demons and then i got the things right on some places and the thing is i can not get the beings who are demonic distractions Lilith put me there by spambots who are the ones who are busted rosting satanic infultrators who are using to lift astral egregores i will explain that more


Here it is:

the cituation i had i wa bored by Lilith´s command insectilians they put egregore grimoare psychic spell that got my attention they knew they used this to put mind control spell to bring and put manifestation from earth´s atmosphere of Lemurian and atlantian subspaces where Lilith´s armies steal energy from and where she is using demonic magic energy of witches of illuminati order mothers of darknes who are now trying to get to moon because satan got little bit energy of virus ebola and Iis terorisstic organisation of cia and mossad isis is meaning israeli secret inteligence service and name of Lilith but Lilith had pat to say you have drao lead by my insectilian and these demonic mind attacking spells insectilians put is to try to get as i looked the intention they direct to me feel and imagine Lilith is up above my head so i was in luid dream and this is lucid astral spell they used demonic spell to get her but i broke it by filterign my mind keeping my toughts captive in spiritual warfare as i woke up and i had pissed in my pants and i ha the demonic attacks later and the thing is i ain t get into detail but they used to try to project if i did not by blood of YAHUSHUA rebuke these toughts and direcr completly against Lilith,but i have these who try to take the tought and many of spiritual warriors who have strong trained mind who obey as written in the bible they try who obey from bible the keeping toughts captive in obedience to God,but the demonic insectilians the fallen archangels mostly that race under mayan fae the virtues the fairies who are 7feet tall are the pirced nipple celestial beings who command these to make the wars as i told world war 3 is the satanic war sacrafice itself but as any other but the thing is that are the things that is war said to end all wars basicly really the war between patriarchy and matriarchy for this matriarhy age that is the thing satan got demonic children of Lilith and dracos to mars and moon and the box holds as i said the moon and mars and venus and earth in it and there is gate Michael Archangel guarded now he is watcher higher now here are archangel Paziel and Archangel Rabugiel and Archangel Uriel and she is watcher class now these are guarding with elves Roxiel and Casiela and Smagniela and Ariel and Runo,Balikiel,Sagan,and these are guarding for 144000 saints and other spiritual warriors and other people who need to activate merkaba and the thing is that the satanic infultrators want to be the ones of Lilith are jelous satan using matrix energy of isis and ebola to be on mars and Lilith so wants to slow by this new demonic magic i said to you Lilith stop this i had enough of you that is the seond time i told that!
The demonic beings simply i had that in myself but they wanted to take this in other direction i can explain better when i talk about the thing is that the war against andromedan insectilians they then use mind attacking demonic 0D magic they use is not the hellish magic but the direction attempt trying to attack these demonic rehtoric magical matrix vampire magic sucking from matrix generting to have energy to go up,so this is why they use of spiritual warriors energy like that such they know they will resist their tought bombardments and these things they have is the demonic magic they get thrue new agers who they use energy who they suck my channelings and group meditations and group meditations n prayers of vaticn and dali lamas meditation and prayer seasons and these things got them into the seasoning they harvest from this realm so they would slow down warriors who want to destroy magic of dracos they efend themselves and then defend the legions of lILITH DEFEND THEMSELVES AND ALL THE OTHER SATANIC ALIGANCES,but Lilith has in her deal to leave this still alone to let satan have the demonic own magic work in way so there are news isis defeting armies ok,but the thing is the draconians working their magic with greys and tall whites is another thing but the work is of that Lilith can not use the controlled opposition card knows that not not still yet while she can Lilith use satanic infultration of the controlled opposition who want to use comerce of some bigger controlled opposition,the demonic archons thrue radio can in texas only get together of satan´s draco legions of seraphim fallen seraphim annunaki legions and Lilith´s fallen virtue elven fae and andromedan insectilian factions mostly these 2 main cheaf commanding ones and these are the ones who are the arhons the greys tall orion greys want nazi magic of both vril and the demonic sturgenitics who are neo cabalistic spiritual warriors they want these to use against main matrix new age movement this is first controlled opposition who is warrior lodge of satan who is the lay line energy warriors who are against ecumental movement but these are the ones who are there to get energy and get armies of satan and lilith work together, but you this is warning to you holy spiritual warriors do not get then to fear for your mind directioning they try to manipulate in this dream state this so called awake state be always and then crefull but first my advice to you is when you get tierd and want to get this DNA do not get by sleep be awake more anyways how much it is hard and get DNA by this then,and later in day be more in the sun here it is the link:
Later anyways you must get the thing about is that you have draconian ships on moon that are put upon the andromedan insectilians,but the thing is they know that their demonic magic is much bigger now there are orion tall greys Lilith got under her control because satan has much of the pleadian draco factions and pleadian and many other demonic armies of others with arcturian several groups and sirius b mostly and sirius a with alex jones and jessies ventura controlled opposition faction,do not get there they are distraction only by in has more evil and stuff so you focus on what you need to to me ittuition some new stuff they will have and that is rare mostly is what matrix spills they will tell the obvious truths and nothing more the controlled oppositions,they are there just to keep matrix energy going but on little bit higher vibrational level but still slow so the psychic vampires to come and get the demonic beings to direct the new age magic into play nothing special to work and mostly they want more awarness to be so the vibrational level yes,but the thing is they want more the obvious to be there and not the important at the moment,this is why the demonic magic is then used to bring the change is sectors of vampire magic to still maintaining works now is critical that you lay off the laziness they ut,and focus on what you have in plans do not delay the things got speeded up so you must you must to this chanting warfare in so called awake state as i type this text and replanish your clear state like that in astral you can but cartoon like images will come in lucid dream state is because you can not grab things because the time spells insectilian andromedans with Lilith´s archdemons use so all the legions who are awailable for her are now working as one to bring much magic so you have no time for things evrything goes faster up,God has to allow the time to speed up it is judment time is now so the things you do hurry up before you brake into kingu spells satan and Lilith together do thru american and haitian voodoo factions now as the things go whild the demons and devils go also and you will see more crazy stuff this is nothing yet the stuff is about the hit the fan brimstone is about the fan to hit the cituations getting worse!So Satan exposed and explained will be type of blogs i got down satanś   utopia blog down because it ws not completly acurtly written and i will add more of info as i write about it and the thing is the demonic the demonic beings that want to use matrix harvesting energy these must be first ones used and the fisher attacks are the ones they try to do so they used that Lilith herself thrue legions used against me mind attck i turned against her and the things i will do is satan and lilith defending themselves know this what yet i will and have to remove here in my blogs and they are scared of stuff comming i gona reveal you stuff that will blow your mind,the satanic opposing source of demonic manipulation is using many tools,you must have spiritual discerment on what they have so you raise your frequency levels up and the thing is the attacks they have to attack me these days they have manipulations who will take energy for week links and then will try to use from the strong as they get this they know will lose from right good ones less but they will have to go higher on moon and they will from there try to stop ascention codes and then they will more use that demonci power to create more spells for coronzon spirit of haos to give that demonic one to pull the beins into menifestating chaos here and more wars and evil to harvest that energy to get to manifest the counterfit utopia of before the original that must come as YAHUSHUA after armageddon in 5D will so they mention 5D but the new agers will not get on armageddon sme will but YAHUSHUA´S holy celestial beings wil put them into abyss who are knowing they war for satan others will wait 1000 years for ressurection to choose good and bad side if they choose bad they will perish in hell with satan!
You must pass these dark moon lords and get your dna and ascend while you can i will give basic info about satanś counterfit utopia but the floating and swiming you and walking astraly you must learn the lucid dreams are basic training these are nights not meant for you to sleep because there are much manifesting reality and warfare jobs you must do not here manifesting reality in this hell but little bit bettering so you escape from here while you can,but the Lilith is the one who is on her rule this is here time she will try to  slow you down do not let her,if you have mision little bit to experience that wnd like i now write to warn,then that is diferent story i gone in demonic battle i seen that from afar and i saw how insectilians between themselves got stopped by dracos the thing is draos can and will get you to the chaos,focus not on them they are not a threat only to those who are in complete matrix fencers the ones who are mtv type of swag people who you get away from yourself then you are free from dracos,the thing is that dracos will only take these to meniulate them for food for astral low vibrational energy harvesting the thing is that the grasping that of a matrix why dracos give power to themselves from watching insectilians themselves with between themselves fight is because they can more dominate but remember only swaggsters and these ones are the ones who report thrue Lamias who report to fae fallen virtues the fairies the ones who report to Lilith directly the ones who are there to report it these are the ones who are the squadrens who are watchers and commanders for her as insetilians fight so dracos thrue lamias work then these are astral sorcerers now and working with ones the lamias they when you put your tetrahidragon from third eye as you visualise expant and put visualise yourself in it and have paramyd i will in next blogs giev and you cover that with blood of YAHUSHUA then you will have no trouble with these but i pissed in my licid dream this night and then i got somehow attacked by the Lilithś leading falen elves so what i need to do it get milk and will wait and milk yes can get them drunk in nature you wait with patience and pray to come to God so they will be curious they will have energy of deception you sleep you be relaxed they will not know do you sleep milk get attention do not torment them and be mad but with respect you ask info and demand truth in the name of YAHUSHUA say if they mess with you and laught and won´t,if they feel tormented be calm more and then say that you want not to torment them but check do they have that kind of attack and why they were sent,and that ask them to say that if you see they have redemption change you then talk more ahd change things,some do have some were like in group of ariel ariel is good now she changed and the thing is that that elf is now as i said guardian on gates and bridge builder and gate keeper also for ascention and going from this crystal quarantine to higher levels!
The more you know the more you are aware and secure,the more you are brave the more you are stronger with more power!
Now more and more info i will give and ispecialy of satan and lilith exposed and explained as big time news and what is with spiritual warrior aspect happening to me that that is what i meant this is important evrything here is speeding up!I learned to slow down time,brake time spells that is braking off also the chaos spells,because they are connected!