as terrorist and virus vards work worry not the bigger signs are when the bigger used not false flag card goes global then is the time of change that will not be yet that will be lter and that will be when that shows the signs of the later returned fallen ones from boxes and underworlds in 2013 got demonic maniulations tarting deactivating merkabas or slowing people down in activations the next ufo card will not be now but till one more virus and one more terrorist group goes afte that then goes the ufo card and there will be many as all ufo cards get there will be globl stealing of souls and elixir of life via mark of the beast and satanic counterfiting and mass contracts and the less ones remaining you must see that is time of special trouble but as you escape these cntrolled opposition reality news you must go up and more and mainstreamsrs then you will be able to go further then this and get info get rady be in nature more find safe place get your best people as comunity if not b their busy scedule physicly then astraly and think of them pray and spiritual warfare and meditatilvly meet them and get the demonic beast of some of their back and take care of them you will have help back be prepared and watch important signs by intuitive spiritual discerment stay healthy in nature and you will know these times come that will make harvest and if you still had no harvest who is who in your life you are slower but it is ok this is time and seasons that showes who of the people will stay with you and who will not!