The 2 insectilian groups have got in fights and they got the news that pegasusians will be the wraiths attacked by the andromedans beause andromedans rule luciferian dracos and the thing is the pegasusians want from tall white mamalians and others like that to keep and with asgardians some of them the races who will actualy fight for earth rule and parts who will even help those cross the gates and sacred sites so they will take this for them these know stuff and things better and do not digg their wholes as they know what is here and there they do not play with fire they are beeing more carefull,but on the other hand they use the machines of matrix to get the fallowing draco power that is bigger by chaos of virus and terrorist cards that when these all will get used the demonic stuff of these realities will be opened and closed but when the false flag card gets to be in power the card of the elixir of life taking from humans is mark of the beast or false flag invasion ufo card and this card with synthetic merkabas will be the false rapture scenario and false ascention scenario project blue beam before the mark of the beast dna counterfit dna is not given to certin demonic satanic warriors who will know in the end the secrets of counterfited rapture the ascention the counterfit merkaba activation and secrets behind the syntheti merkabas that are the tools for to fight against YAHUSHUA but what is funny here insectilian groups when fight they fight first territorialy and they use their agenda to further remove for real the biggest agressors to reduce them to faster their move so they can take some of their places so the will help strong and cust demonic ones and week away faster then the controlled oppositions draco work with like the pleadian factions work there as security officers who try to take the elixirs of satanists and give them back and use them as their pawns deceiving them that they again work for satanic factions while they are beeing dumped down as time get them used they will be nothing more but back as they need that to work their purpose,but the demonic ones that are main rullers of dracos insectilian faction is little bit weeker because wraiths worked first against Lilith´s child blackheart that is leader of many sub self working luciferian fallen anges who are element specialist for their own element they choosen and the will work that till the demonic stuff get them more from the arising army they build by attraction,these armies will be also guardians of the guardians of gate keepers o for example we have good ones defended by the fallen who will defend ones who want indipendently to work as they see the loss as the tetrahidragon goes down as i had the same experience i stop not but they fail to realise that this is just a beginning as the ones continue to give me info they will be more  obvious in the message they receive