And once agin here will this Elf Olein the virtue aka fairie how ever you want to call it dictate me about what happens there is news i will have explained and later these same things i by my own words type as i learn from her more about also demonic distraction manipulations as i know to connect with new stuff!



Hi i am holy virtue Olein comming in the name of YAHUSHUA in service to

MOST HIGH CREATOR GOD FATHER YAHUVEH,MOTHER IMMAYAH,LORD YAHUSHUA the MESSIAH to bring you news about the seasons and seals and grids!

The old order is failing, collapsing, disintegrating

Humanity’s awakening has been divinely promised and is at hand for the very choosen few wh are right because many will fall unto the grate demonic delusion that satan creates that matrix will not be bad thing for them they will not perceive the reality in any way nor manner nor kind nor form at all because they will never be on the way to salvation but to road to dammnation as they receive the mark of the beast those who do are really doomed and are just a hell roast so warn as many as possible bible is very extremly clear about it that nobody who is getting it and get it just like that make it they will erish with the beast.  Nothing can prevent it because not only is it God’s Will, which is always achieved, but it is now also humanity’s collective will, and because you were given free will your will is always honoredif you love evil you will predestined thing is true why then you think that thw written sentance in the bible means the ones who are not written in the book of life that means as God ordered to archangel Pravilu to write these souls as you must know befre birth all souls were created by God go dand bad just as celestial beings including satan,as satan and his crew rebeled then was war and what souls choosen then and that same side they will as they get born and get to know this world in physical form it is the same and some may say why is God if loves cruel and puts to hell,God is not God hates evil,in order to love good which is love to have love you must hate but only evil,so as God can hates then God hates wrong God hates sin but loves sinner but repobrates the calcified repobrates who have no chances these are evil extremly these are satan´s number one puppets and they will be in hell the word is clear and hell is evil and suffering so the thing is these who are evil choosen that that is their chooice because they are the ones who choose they have free will,the thing is why there is separate place is that because you are the good person for example you do not want to be bothered by demonic evil being and person right o yea right so God will protect you and ut separate place to make you safe that is love,so those knowing what love is will never over and inner and understand what that is and they are demonic they will never when you can recognise love in somebody that is right and hate that is wrong you recognise good and evil soul the soul with demons and the soul that hates demons and devils and the thing is that these things are basic things that mjority of humanity do not get and some say o why this duality thinking there will be still duality as there is evil to rape a baby is not evil,o you just by law attraction create a reality,o yea that is true but innicent baby have not created reality of rapist that is demonic being self and others destructive force that must be punished that is divine justice and will be punished sooner or later demonic must have once end and will have and demonic is running out of time and knows its short time and gets power now because dimensions are expanding and are beeing connected all 7 havens and galaxies and stars and planets and archangels and all 13 along with 13 cherubims 13 havens,ect,ou get it the whole picture 13 chackras,havens,cherubims and halaxies and stars and the thing is the 13 is universal friquency golden ratio of evry level so you must use its power before illuminati on the friday the 13th use against you and you brake their spells so they can not use it and you use it against them and put yourself in a pyramid and you will have soon dictated the commnds for many stuff by power of 13 but ou will know that God situated this life force also the prana against demonic beast also ispecialy as you say 13 pain to demonic beast it is special so that is why many now days messengers are sent to warn and there are new age movement ecumental crap of vatican but take heed let nobody deceive you in these hellenistic era of confusion of hell the age of aquarius is good age ny the way yes but the satanic counterfit of new haven and new earth will be here there will be no new first counterfit comes before genuine remember that demonic beings will immitate things and they will have enough for them in this harvest get yourself out of matrix while you still can bit by bit and  you will be okey .  Until quite recently individual wills, divided and confused as they were, had made humanity’s collective will very difficult to discern.  It was collectively unstable, changeable, confused, conflicted, and chaotic, but now it is coming beautifully into alignment and is determinedly seeking world peace, person by person.  Although, if you pay too much attention to the gloom and doom on the news media, you might well believe that nothing much has altered, and that humanity’s endless dance with conflict and betrayal continues unabated.Terroristic junk to virus epidemic junk to this war there and this conflict there children shooting children natural disasters and this and that these demonic beings manipulate and God warns also that something is not right what people do and what is happening and to change their ways many are called but few are hoosen and the demonic beast people many will get harvested and who know God and turth not and also reject demonic junk and satanic demonic junk and stuff and mark of the beast and will get after millenium ressurected but some will be just waiting now who activate merkaba armageddon on other planes and there will be more peace more truth and DNA they will receive and the thing is theat the 144000 will get more info and inform these then as these spiritual warriors battle the beast!

However, over the last several decades, with the vast increase in educational opportunities for large sections of humanity, much scientific study and research has been focused onprayers and meditation and  spiritual warfare and interciding on the effects it has on those who practice it.  That research shows that it is hugely beneficial to those who engage with it, and that when large numbers meditate as a group the effects are felt all around the world, and fear and anxiety decrease exponentially.  Consequently those who are spiritually gifted and guided among you have been spreading the word about its benefits and willingly teaching a variety of methods that assist people to access their deep inner space where peace is always to be found.

This why all those from the spiritual realms, who speak to you higher celestial beings who in dreams and lucid dreams and astral projection speak that they will get you to have phrophetic experiences and you will see and warn others and help self and others,but many will still fail even with that many will be also judas and stuff and try to profit who will be satan´s compromise fame and fortune demonic people and the same reword will share of punishment in the end after all prosperity while they madly are financialy rich and then poor die and they think they are something while they are scam artist frauds, keep stressing to you the importance of stealing your money many shall run from the wolves black sheep as they sing you arround your neck and send you to sleep in pullpit they are o there iis that word they are pulling you to the pit of satan and contimitate your children with disne crap and child pregnant with another child another lost soul in hospital shoot with rfid nano chip and then what you gonna do then,huh,no you must be carefull because if you underestimate enemy you are in danger right then and there you compromised satan like that eazy,that is first step.  There has been an enormous increase over the last ten or fifteen years in the numbers of people across the world engaging daily in spiritual activity of prayers and spiritual warfare interciding and  meditation.  The effects of that turn inwards, towards spirit (meditation always leads to spirit, even if the meditator does not g faster to spiritual awarness your spiritual jurney of your soul cleanse and prayers and all that is, and the peace found there is spiritual protection ,as you shield yourself you do a service not to self just but for others because you are able then to have much to help with that and it others like they are when they are on your place to you it is that simple) are clearly visible in the worldwide spiritual growth for true change.  Awareness has grown that life as it has been lived for eons on Earth, conflict after conflict with intensely self-centered agendas set by those who plan and commit to them, has to cease or you will destroy yourselves and cause horrendous damage to the plane and souls and evry living organismt.

So we celestial beings by telling to phrophets continue to remind you to be holy and spiritual and do your spiritual practices.  Your spiritual practice, as you have been told, has an enormous effect on the human collective causing an agitation in consciousness that leads even more to good change.  The vast numbers dooing regularly an spiritual practice are bringing about the changes that you have been hoping and praying for for a very long time.  Allow yourselves to believe the good news that your intuition brings to you when you allow and encourage your egoic minds to take a break from flooding you with disturbing distractions.

When you contact your intuition, your higher Self, your favorite time in nature by a tree then there an Archangel and other holy celestial beings and even animals,ect, the The Holy Father YAHUVEH Holy Mother the Holy SpiritIMMAYAH,Lord YAHUSHUA the Messiah what you “hear,” “sense,” “feel,” or even “see” is always wisdom of the highest order, wisdom that you can trust and depend upon.  Within the spiritual realms all are aware of and engaged with their Oneness in a cooperative and harmonious outpouring of Love to heal you all, but can and do still respond to you individually as the One you choose to address or call on.  The advice that you receive is always wise and loving, it never judges, blames, or condemns, and that is how you can be sure that it is truthful guidance that will assist you in the moment as you ask.But healthy critics to make you chnge to better is different thing and the thing is that when you embrace it the demonic beings will have no power over you but never let your guar down because they will return they never sleep evil never sleeps this is not a scare tactic but a pure of love warning message.

Keep on asking because you do need our support, and by asking for it you open yourselves to receive it.  As we keep telling you: All are One.But not now terrorists and murderers and drunkards and all that is not still yet one some will stop that some will be evil to the end nobody of humans is perfect all were sinners and many will be still,but only YAHUSHUA who is Godhead of Trinity incarnate came flash iin human form he was only perfect when in human form walked the earth only,nobody else was perfect that walked as ordinary human soul,there are celestial beings materialised as humans and stuff like that but here is talk about human souls yup nobody was of ordinary humans souls perfect.  Therefore what you do as One, by asking for and accepting assistance fromGod,you will receive and say cleanse us you will be when you say cleanse us, is to follow your chosen spiritual path, and that changes the world as you first do that for yourself because never forget be the change you want to see.  There are always, in every moment, many of you calling on change, and those calls are all constantly amalgamating into a most powerful request for assistance to which  are constantly and lovingly responding.  However, when you allow yourselves to be overwhelmed by the fears and worries of the illusion you drift off your path, your spiritual energy field then weakens and you become far less effective in the work that you  aka born to do, because you are effectively buying back into the illusion of separation.

This is not a judgment, it is just an observation, we do fully understand how difficult it is for you to maintain your focus in a world where conflict, competition, and disingenuous agendas appear to be the normal and necessary modes of behavior in order to survive.  You do get dragged down, your spiritual energy field does weaken, and it seems that you are alone and abandoned in a very unsafe and threatening environment.  And when you ask for help it maybe seems to you that you have not been heard or that there have no known at all not responded to your call signs,be patient therefore and do not be discouraged there is but even not when you think or not in ways you expect evrything is a lesson nothing a defeat.

The energy field of the illusion, the busy workaday world in which you have to operate, is very loud!  Consequently, unless you make a very determined effort to go within, to your quiet and holy inner sanctuary, it is extremely difficult for you hear even your inner voice, sense it, or intuit our presence and guidance from above to receive.  In fact it may well appear that the raucous noise of the world’s energy field has recently become even louder and more insistent that you attend to it, making it more difficult for you to access that place of inner peace and calm.

The old order is failing, collapsing, disintegrating, and in its final moments it is desperately clinging to its last vestiges of power and influence, so it does appear to be louder, noisier, and more overwhelming in its assault on your senses.  Remind yourselves frequently that it is in its last moments, that its grip on the engines of power is slipping, and that the noise that it is making is the sound of grinding and splintering gears that are broken and seizing as the fear and worries of humanity, that were its lubricating agent, are withdrawn.

Love is smoothing and calming the hearts of humanity all across the world as it flows relentlessly but gently into every nook and cranny, into every dark corner that would resist its warm and healing embrace, and even in the darkest of places Its powers of persuasion are proving irresistible.  Love’s endless willingness to hold all, without exception or conditions, to Its soft and tender bosom in a refreshing and reassuring hug that confirms unconditional acceptance of even those who feel the least worthy of entering into Its presence is bringing you all Home to Reality.  It is waking you up into the glorious brilliance of God’s utterly entrancing and unending day.

With so very much love,Olein,stay safe people.