ISIS aka israeli secret inteligence service or also another name of lilith they are supported and created by demonic cia organisation of satan,of death america with mossad the aekanazi khazar zionist zionazi nazi illuminati illuminazi vatican wh yea also vatican as i said yea vatican created islam which is international satanic lam aka samael yea his another name then l as lucifer then a as anarchist m as mammon they god of money the fallen archangel of money the fat diety the thing is all have meaning and the meanings are very important here as the thing goes global for news and it is more a fear mind control for you to attract that reality into your country like a virus so ebola virus also it is yes demonic and along the way to get them and the ebola virus when you are sheeple and not living healthy and wealthy and holy spiritualy then all these terrorists and viruses can come but if you are right nothing can hurt you these as i said are before i said they are 911 false flag operation itself and as i said religion the tool of satan is war machine founding thing that is ritual murder sacrafice the demonic illuminazi know what they do and how to give power to the beast!

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