Lilith now has as many get awakened controlled opposition as ashtar command and all these like that demonic satanic infultrators the traitors to divine councils of Alpha and the omega now as that also pushing counterfit ascention and stopping or slowing down and coming against those with original the demonic revivals got more now posing as good the seals say……..
We in Last Days on Planet (Khatim)Terminator Seal
“The Seven Plagues”
First Thunders: Much starvation, sickness, starving children, homelessness, and diseases. This already passed and continues.
Second Thunders: The sky becomes sick with holes in it, that look like sores, lung disease spreads, breathing problems occur, green mist coming from holes, polluting water, growing deformities, bacteria in the water (little devils), sea animals begin to die, fishes are trying to get out of the water, water becomes death to them. physical and spiritual illness, mutations in animals.
third Thunder: Many new species notations in animals, cross breeding in species, death of frogs, honey bees, turtles, deformed human multiply, genetic splicing, and cloning.
Fourth Thunder: Sign of twins, Yah and Weh, one guards that south pole, and the other guards the north pole. Havoc begins with these poles, structures break down, Religion goas upon people to enslave spiritualy, Moral and Financial. The Devil winds “El Nino” Takes over.
Fifth Thunder: 4 Great People will perish. Floods, lightning storms, tornadoes, land slides, hurricanes, hail in the summer, forest fires, children killing children, Children killing their parents rampant insanity and murders, and upsurge in drug addiction, and demonic revivals parading themselves as righteous(new age movement). El Nina, “Little Girl Will Come.”
Sixth Thunder: Changes Occur, The holy celestial astral etherical lightbeing warriors return. Signs in the skies, New Planets, new galaxies, Meteorite Storms, Climatic Alterations, global warming, Spiritual Revivals, presence Of Divine, Disregard and Respect for Present For World Governments, leadership, politics.
Seventh Thunder: The end of the world as you know it. The Year 2030 Gregorian Calendar

The thing is the stuff done there must be taken seriously and not likley because the demonic beast is rising it´s army the age of Aquarius is really age of posetive change but now what -“demonic revivals parading themselves as righteous(new age movement)”,the thing is that lightworkers and stuff has it counterfits the whole spirituality that gets all truths from all religions but imprints some stuff completly from them not evrything is true but most stuff is1
But not completly to the end as i explained realm of Lilith is more religion and politics of satan!
These are their tools and the demonic beast wants disclousure and when you see jet fighters chace lights faster then them these demonicly possessed pilots are demonicly lead by draconians the fallen ones rising against holy celestial astr etherical lightbeings,they are now getting more people deceived and they push disclousure project the ebola and isis terroristic groups are illuminazi creation to get you distracted with vatican 2 ecumental council that gets demonic help aka mark of the beast later removal of that,this is creatin chaos and removing it order out of chaos i talked many times in my blogs and that dictated me holy celestial beings!The revivals of Lilith get this the new age movement matriarch figure matronit of this age it will be good but satan and lilith goe before to counterfit before YAHUSHUA messiah returns and the demonic junks and crap and matrix and relaity manipulations are not destroyed,i am here to get certin few who are right and to wake up by my blogs many who want to get waken up,the ones who search truth,those who can not handle this here kick rocks and perish in hellpit with satan!
Iwrite some blogs long time that are draft just i have not posted many there will be many more but these little ones i post as i get spiritualy stronger i worm now on self mastary if i want to pull people out of matrix i must be more in nature and get demonic beast beings out of their reality of the ones i am close they are on my first place then you next ones in blogs it is not that i love you not Creator first loves you and hates demonic beast before beast is tared down help comes for you folks but remember enemy goes and counterfits this so called utopia creating false and fake reality of some kind of this chremtrailed haarped poisoned and destructed radiated planet to be haven,just to harvest,this is demonic beast system,the system is demonic and of the enemy run down here you must get right and get outta here,you must be rady to take all what you have good spiritualy speaking to better you who are right and you who are in the begginning hurry up but do not be too fast or slow because unbalanced thing is not working and will not i am not saying goo too fast and then crash,you know what i am saying,so you must take care of what you have manifest here what you need to go on get your golden ratio 13 pyramid of protection print and put on wall put copper pennies and get magnets and put your picture in visualise pyramid tetrahidron merkaba on your forhead that goes from that one big one you are in and cover with blood of YAHUSHUA that rotating merkaba with that you speed up your merkaba activation!

Hurry up not to crash but if you are too slow and do nothing do something in that way hurry!

This is just news i continue to write about Lilith´s main involvement till now and then i can not give more information because many of you are not rady!