the demonic bullcrap lies is demonic just the viruses all of them are draconian and man made and the thing is all viruses no matte which one in the world can get only people who re under God˙s curse and they are evil and or not just healthy to begin with the thing is our body is tample of God and if you are not keeping t healthy the satanic inteligence organism the demonic elemental spirits the tample recreation the wrecking of creation can bring their friends like weed smoking do not get emotional yes it is edicinl plant and can save the world but the demonic beast is pushing it to be smoked it is good to be eten and there is gmo good for nothing crap that it is why it is legalised so they can conjure demonc back on the planet nobody dooing work behind the scenes is naive s cesar said give them brad and games becuse something bigger is happening and they need the distractions and al the terrorist and virus news are demonic fer mind control technics to keep you distracted nd in fear so the low vibrational fear frequency feelings that archons feed they will have more to feast upon so be carefull not to feed the archons!

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