Hi we are Roxiel and Nikia Virtues of Tranfalador lyra spiritual jerusalem Alpha and the Omega YAHUSHUA´s demon stompers elite in YAHUSHUA´s name blessings to unfold to you if you obey and stay focused as you are message for extremly focused people and spiritual warriors and we GIVE YOU HENCE WHAT WILL BE AND BY INFO FIRST!
Hi me Nikia give you first the teachings and the thing is this will be openly connected to other blogs to person we dictate this will be good info that will connect with other blog post connecting dots info!




Nikia virtue messenger and heeler winter_fae__s_arrival_by_capergirl42-d4faogvNikia first




roxielRoxiel second!

Nikia:I tought this will be eazy for some was i knew for some was deliverance cleansing who broke their legs for those who tought they can go forward but got on ways not expected,the hypocrates then showed up,but many of you we will hount down and you will be mesmorised with fear because you wanted to go into satanism and be open about it like they did good,that diabolical acting will be punished if they read this and read not they will be hounted by us in dreams we will send other elves to hount them down we will command their guardian angels to leave them and even fallen angels counterfit guardian angels of religions who do religious magic blasphemy prayers and stuff for them and burning inscenst and they will suffer from the demonic attacks and they will not like their chooices about what they did,they closed pineal gland closed all doors to God just stopped ones who stopped to eat meat and continued and will die and their demons who tell them to do this and that who are attached to them will make them do many other things they will be deceived big time by Lilith more then enybody ever who was and will suffer more then those who were always in darkness for grater is judement on those who know what is good and what evil and inspite of all again call good evil and call evil good,wou be unto them for we holy elves will persecute them before Messiah does and they will have no peace,they were got by demonic beta draconis elite of vatican ecumental council 2 not knowing their spiritual cloud touched them and then they expect to be on good rise and horison to be somebody when they can not they want to be still something in satan´s system i talk about these i Nikia saw comminism supporting kid all this text is for one individual the most who got on person we dictate this text,very mad  emotional kid for satan´s created control systems who are designed to fail to be example and gathering elements of power of global Aquarius age rule of what was meant to be evry element of evry system we have created,so this basterd you can all call him that better more curses he gathered let him gather more little demonic kid who was allowing to be chipped into hostital and we told the one who was to care for the one we dictate our information to he got in pride and all crap,he was out of control of RFID chip because i Nikia got him with mind again i stopped for minute chip control of beta draconian psychic vampires and he saw and he listened to ones who telephaticly by knowing where he is to lie and he knew he was lying fully self aware and he did listen to dracos,because he by his actions dissobey God and is calcified can not get information nor discerment and is lukewarm game playing communist God hating fanatic image of God he creates will be only egregore grimoare astral robot that is rady to be possessed by evil spirits because ghe blocked this person we dictate this to and he is not receiving messages of what God wants him to know he got all communications cut he got into barbarism of before nad maybe returned old demonic games and demonic lifestayl and profanity and immorality and what ever source of foolishness of before and is worse like dog returning to his womit,and he is using demonic stuff like games and comminist stuff that got him emotionaly offended the spells of communist scumm that is frying in hell freemasonic shriner Josep Broz Tito who is Russel  Walter by genuine name but other name si code name for chaos the spirit of chaos 333 by numerology which is Coronzo or fallen cherubim Chronozon who is now working he made in Yugoslavia taring apart many riots and in Belgrade in Serbia who made economic inflations and kids the teens and lesser becoming degenerate gangsters dying yound the message of satan brought by demons the hive mind like in hollywood yolo-youth obeying lucifer´s orders what is known as primorial order of today life fast die young,pushing off the edge rave party and all stuff from west the drug CIA smuggling and spell in the drugs of such sayings,duugs/-sorcery the farmakea the chemical witchchraft is occult so the attitude of demons just got the demons power so many engage and the powers of the air got busy and today even worse off then in 20th entury in 21 now we got them saying o the 1990` s been returning,so the thing is that saying and stuff of vatican and nasa and traletiral commision and bilderbergs and CIA is working properly,satan´s land and expended rule got better in Matriarchy of Lilith after 2012 then better then Leviathan´s age of fish before 2012 the Leviathan´s patriarchy age!

So anyways the thing is that mystical orders of rosy cross are busy with rituals with nazi feminist movement to create their own controlled opposition telling lies and truth mixed with boards on internet of almost man looking teenage girls saying on paper i do not need feminism,first of all that is lie,second you need to have it because you are female,and other thigns like i respect man i need my other half and that is ok but to be just houswife is primitive demonic patriarchy male domminatn on other way crap,the thing is you both need job one time one parent with child to care and discipline and give good and after work of one is done then another comes that is patriarchy and matriarchy balanced as it should or other way there is not balance and kids will grow satanic as majority is!

If you think public education is just now getting bad because of common core, then you’ve been living under a rock for a while. Then truth is, the only reason most are even remotely aware of common core is because some neocon saw it as politically convenient to further the far right partisan political agenda. Had it not been for politics, nobody would really even know a difference. The schools have been lying to and indoctrinating kids with blatant stupidity for 40 years. None of this is new, it’s only now being sensationalized on a mass level.

Anyways ……

Any way now you turn you eyes too,there is corruption,be the change you want to see change yourself first the best and focus upmost on yourself and pray for others and then you will have posetive outcome on others as example and help others but do not brake yourself because betrayer and judas spirits and beeing raised all are of that free from abyss realms now here!

In Akkadian mysticismand Sumerian,Satan/Lucifer the lighbarer known as Anshar also Anshur, Ashur, Asshur is the sky god. He is the husband of his sister Kishar who is Lilith and they had sex many times producing many archdemons; they are the children of Lahmu and Lahamu,another names for Stan and Lilith and are the parents of Anu-or the spirit of antichrist. He is sometimes depicted as having Ninlil as a consort. As Anshar, he is progenitor of the Akkadian pantheon; as Ashur, he is the head of the Assyrian pantheon. Anshar led the iggigi (astronauts) in the war against Tiamat´s children,so Satan leading semyaza´s watcher elite astray got them to kill his own offspring and then bring others who he spared to mix to create puppet army for necronomicons who these puppet armies are some let lose to leat betraying and judas spirits to make people when their soul is week to give up,we aware and alert and awake!


The Vatican worse Satanic Mafia and warmongers in the world ,
Bloody Zion the Pope Zionist is loved because he supports immorality,Pope francis is satanic compromising scum more then last pedophile nazi scum,this one works for doubble sides btu anyways he is possessed by hermes who is second archdemon child of satan between satan fallen male cherub and his bride lilith female seraph who is vaticana the vatican the mystery babylon and the media the Madia the goddess of deception and trickery,anyways these names got venus energs rising,the venus is her anther name she is on venus and satan on mars now till 2015 come and before that on earth for 25 th december for birth of their archdemon child antichrist and anyways as earth and mars and venus and moon are in crystal box with door guarded by archangel michael and other holy archangels we also virtues the fairies the elves and other sub races of that 7th race of celestial astral etherical lithebeings are batteling for that door because the bridge to 5tgh dimensional planets are builded so the fallen ones would not escape and we such from up their energy so they would not at all be able to ascend back to higher realms!
The Satanic Vatican is Talmud ..students of antichrist!
The Evil Empire of the Vatican ,
“The Matrix of the Forces of Evil takes control of the Vatican”Alpha and beta draconians and arcturians!
As we weave and lok at their  symbolism around Occultic symbolism all the ancient orders of Lucifer worship in the age of antiquities are now being resurrected back on the stage of the Final Act of the Drama of the Ages; the redemption of the Lost Ten Tribes of the House of Israel and the Jews with the reunification of the Jews of the House of Judah. We are in the preparation stage of presenting the Grand Finale in the Great Controversy between HaShem’s Messiah and HaSatan. Will the prime actor who will mount upon the “seat of Satan” during the time of the end be known as Lucifer, Satan.“Modern Luciferism”
This is an interesting observation that the future anti-Messiah is expected by some to be revealed by ..a “wise magickian from Persia”, for we know that modern Sabbatean Jewish roots are an amalgamation of corrupted Jewish Satanic Talmud
for 1500 years , The Vatican is a Satanists , Money Laundering , Warmongers and Pedophile Organization , rulling over masses!

THIS Year was war WITH hardships against ORION EMPIRE!

The Archons of orion elite are currently trying to make Humanity fight against itself with Nation against Nation, the Middle East is the Hot Spot , what the Reptilian Beta Draonian media teh madia goddess of deception arcytype of Lilith her that form via greys and tall whites thru command of insectilian andromedan branch commanded thru sirius c elite then beta draconian Orion Empire wants is a Reduction of the Worlds Populations Via War, Vaccinations, and Fema Camps and other concentration camps annd telefision virus like football and many distractions while in news they hide gigantic stuff they censor on internet when posted.
I know this  makes any Government on this planet completly taken over by orions thru sirius c on top as Lilith´s matriarchy replaced Leviathan´s patriarchy are in on this because the Orions chair the United Nations and these Tall Greys dictate foreign Policy, yes the Global Governments that are Members of the United Nations work for the Orion Group,one of them is European Union who want poor parts of Romania and many lands like Serbia and cut off land of province like Kosovo to adapt slavery principles of the union so they will be by sirius b ashtar command of fallen seraphim and cherubim races be welcomed in 2020 in beginning of Lilith queenship open uin gigantic mark of the beast and other slavery works and these Archons want to destroy and Decimate Humanity. The Archon Question is the most important Question in the History of Humanity they ask many wrong questions and thru haarp and chips and their children dead hybrids the spirits of demons thru calcified trol drone people they llead sheeple goyim hypnotranced under mind contgrol spell,these fallen Creatures seek thru these zombies to get spells are very smart in this also as they lower down even their own controlled opposition more revealing of themselves stuff down the reptilian faction of mainstream will gain more power so the more wars happen the stronger later delusions as they reveal themselves will be, they are making Earth Governments wipe each other out so they can take over Earth and steal Precious Resources as in proccess as befoer never stopped stealing souls,but now in different stayl.

Humanity must wake up and study the stuff and get decalcified and spiritual and back to nature further for the sake of the Human Races, do not go to War for Religion , it is the oldest Galactic Trick in the Book of Cian the father of all wars that satan himself and Lilith trained very well,those Nations that go to War are the biggest Dummies they will fry first and the Archons will steal their Resources and souls in war say no to War and be weary of 2029 because these Creatures do have a deadline so defend Earth and defend Liberty and hey will little more now push this demonic demons go crazy short name for that in greek- Democracy,as they will then in that year be roasted by YAHUSHUA messiah then they will be more having of your gould also to put you on plate of roasting and list of judment and destruction if you obey them and go to wrong war with fire armed physical wepons and not spiritual as you should to raise energy friquency levels to burn them off and then do globally spiritual warfare!

If the NWO fails  more then they planned before time in their quest to Decimate the Planet of Humans through fabricated Wars and Vaccinations that bring viruses that they blab about the Orion Empire will come to less enslavement of Earth and Launch an Elaborate Hoax Involving Prophets and the Mind Controlled Masses might fall for the trap and get delivered to Motherships for Processing as Slaves and Food Source on moon, thinking they are getting Raptured and ascended when in fact are becoming Human Happy Meals and soul feast and meat and blood feast will be then best way off,it will happen,but the thign is that they will be more aware those who study and show themselves approved and raise energetic friquency levels by spreading this awarness so these beasts can be less in power they will  agressivly do with deceived these things,so you must wake the hell up and then descend into the truths from illusion and ascend into best awarness levels you need to be.

Humanity must wake up and cleanse themselves more transparency crap and spells put upon them from their Governments otherswise they will suffer more.


Also when last it passed through the equatorial plane of the center of the galaxy. I wondered why there wasn’t a transition to 4D at that time, or was there, but a 3D version is still here,well let me tell you if you wonder like that there is first apostolic group that has number of 482000 who ascended these have only 10 who are returning into physical regularly to like 13th sun to bring messages but others are working more on other places,but he as spiritual warrior is bringing more information to make others rady before 2 groups of 144000 ascend to make them rady for help of these 144000 spiritual phrophetic warriors so apostolics ascend before phrophetics,and this will be line between for the ones who bare doubble they will be taken by YAHUSHUA right on midle time of this but pre trubulation ascention the rapture that one is demonic that is project blue beam that happened where curches were preparing for false stted dates and still these date setting lukewarm religious phonies and counterfit ascentions with them fallowed by new agers fallow but these curch phones conservative demonic basterds are beeing taken to be eaten,and new agers are fooled in atlantis and lemurian in the air of planet astral crystal domes that they are in 5D when they are not! Then I got to wondering if by your count of 1892 previous tries to get Earth to 4D whether that meant each ~the millenium year cycle for satan when again let from abyss realms he will be then working as demonic leader of both azazel´s armies to bring it there as it is 4D earth completly then it will be war against between 4 and 5th density etherical warriors who will bring them down with those ressurected again who had chance and blowen it again,but those who got not wil also be put to realms of hell,but the thing is that they will be brought those who accept chance and salvation and redeeming they will be ascended automaticly from Lilith´s rule that holded them into pondemonium and they will be for a total of 1892 previous times that the Earth, Sun, and Galaxy Black Hole lined up, it was tried but prevented now ressurected into family ascended the raptured reedeemed people who will be in heeling process. That would be roughly 98,384,000 warriors be from begginning of time who ascended that it was first hand. So 2 parts to the question, 1) What happened ~4000 years ago to Earth when it passed this way, and why didn’t it go to 4D at that time, and,it was because only 250 warriors got into that single hand and it was their time and they are returning here in their merkaba lightship bodies many times to help!

As second order of approximately every group of fallen Reptoids destroy Earth´s magnetic field so those ascended are in war against second class who done that when they were realised and allowed. They tried in 2,000 and failed due to off world interference by them who were also some time 5th dimensional draconians!

After Earth´s magnetic fields most of them were destroyed before, “Humans were mutated and falsley recreated from laboratories on Reptoid draco ships.” I shuddered when I read that on 5th dimensional records on planet tranfalador the tamples were having this for major war many archangels waited in fear not to be deceived and to fall but many virtues got on war,but elf factions of warriors got tierd,after that all got in balance later on—it is not from my family race group I learned either of these facts.

Earth is headed for the pole shift while we’re passing through the galactic center, giving us a chance to get free the ones who got second chance after beeing ressurected they got chance to get free from demonic chains evry time and more over in evry shift ascention period.Your expression of “torpedoing the effort,” is accurate.

The off world effort to free this planet has now enough information to make a serious break through. It has taken this long to gather the facts and took several heartbreaking sacrifices of many of the “royal families,” not illuminati who are not royal but Heru YAZRALITE BLOODLINES OF 12 TRIBES and the thing is these hebbrew the Heru Isralites really Yazralites this is their true names to send their children here in hopes to get essential information back. With the black water (a substance which blocks the higher frequencies the Sun’s now emitting and would otherwise help uplift us) absorbing light, all those children were lost, and no one ever was able to “phone home.”


There are four main types of fallen celestial astral etherical lightebings caught here: 1) those who were dangerous because they were criminals in self serving way stealing codes that were to be realised or counterfiting them for their agendas and other systems trashed them here, 2) those whose worlds were destroyed because the Reptoids exploded them 3) those who thought they were shunned by their group and expelled, but it was only to plant them here 4) those who are the most dangerous enemies of the Reptoids in controlled opposition; the latest of soul transference of souls choosen them they got to brign rule of destruction by that, being in the wrong body would be a good example of that one.

This effort to infiltrate this place has taken generations to seed hybrid bloodlines of demonic beast souless people to get ready for this effort, and thus the Pole ships are here because of it. This is also why the reptiles ensure the memory is wiped out, and that happens through the water along with some other chemistry,as ressurection happens we have memory banks archangels and virtues for that we scaned and those who are redeemed we get that without any pain of before so they will just know how to battle against them in right ways with help ofcourse,so these ascended ressurected reedeemed humans now have priviledge because cross fo calvary by YAHUSHUA messiah got them no self sacraficing blood puring of sheep to mark doors and paying tamples to sacrafice animals to pour out down blood and take for marking on doors and ispecialy in passovers,because the ancestors gort special spiritual wars with archangels so to prepare Messiah comming in flash for work of barony of Ruller of this world to be defeated and with less power ascention is also made more eazy and blockages removed,but the matrix is still blockage the illusory crap that si not hard to be defeated if you try!

The word is that you are 3.93 km from your place closer to the 4th Dimension!You who are right,so that is why more this spiritual and astral spiritual wars are intense!

…”To get into a place where the Reptoids can be dealt with on a more even playing field, Earth must be in the fourth dimension. The third dimension is too dense.As all this is made as earth,mars and venus and moon are in crystal box repeatedly said and 4th dimension limited they in order to raise their power up is to dewaur souls via their illusions and to make people willingly accept them thru the ignorance and bord state or whatever they get people bord thrue psychic vampires to get them also to go to bars and demon places who are there to be done away with because they are demonic places giving power people who want to go there go to abyss,something worse attach and even worse so there are fights and stuff and trouble comes,that is it is wrong to go on such places and drink too much and that is getway sorcery getway for underworlds to rule off people!While your soul weight is 21 grams, our bodies weighs over 100 pounds because of density here but if you master all that and reject crap density worked out on right time when you need to ascend you will just never let all the distractions dracos make to pull you in their system and kingu spell of chaos of spirit of chaos 333.Be carefull when you are on that train not to be on counterfit ascention that new age groups and others like that from matrix still give because you will be still trapped! In other realities, both body and spirit together have nowhere near that kind of weight. I’m “hearing” something like three to five pounds nonsance from new agers,that is why they are trapped into crystal astral atlantis and lemuria civilisations in earth´s atmosphere little bit higher,because they are under spell mind control spell that keeps wrong info,they may not say that but certin wrong virus information got them. It makes it difficult for  us to to deal here to help some of you who need to get there on ascention programm genuine but not counterfit so demonic counterfit would catch you and you will be even for complete mark fo the beast be rady, as their bodies cannot adapt for a long time in this static environment,these new agers go to these places and even underworlds and then later suffer much. Reptoids have no problem in 3D.

There is also a problem of dimensional collapse, since many people on Earth are in duplicate forms to another version of themselves in another dimension,this is satanic robot they had all these egregore grimoare toughtforms they have collapsed here,but these satanic forms they formed are beeing now of this astral sorcery collapsed,as they see this and panic they have then many overview versions suggestions by fallen ones to create what they create only in underworlds they create.Both cannot occupy the same space in 3D without some strange complications.The will is weaker in the third dimension, as 3D was never designed for how it is used now,it is by this trapped box 4D and lower underworlds connected some parts of these both and it is chaos place completly. Thus meeting oneself in 3D causes a merging, and the kinds of bodies eople have cannot morph,but the thing is that they can only with counterfit programm eazy with new age groups but it is deadly trap.

3D is designed to learn via sequential unfolding, and is thus solid also they sometimes new agers know they cannot jump time,some of them and know that they are fooled as they got in half way on underworlds or astral crystal cities in atmosphare they fold time or skip around using time technology of greys and then correct that with original codes and got in contact with us in 5D the virtues first because we block demonic spies and are in agreenment to help these to fight bak and warn many of new agers how to ascape that and are in war for dooing this so!Further, many are the and were and still are in a prison, and any effort to do that would be killed, and these royal slaves will be sent to underworlds just like all the free energy efforts are ended quickly. The Reptoids are here to destroy you with ascention true one or counterfit or with already having counterfit when you serve not their agenda in any way no more so this is their week spot how to do it,week ones on attack and warriors that are info warriors, stamp out the light, and they do not care if they are destroyed in the process. It means nothing to them. This fact about the fallen Reptoids carries into all dimensions info we put so other races of holy celestial astral etherical lightbeings against these demonic fallen ones so many good ones will be able to slow down this counterfit ones and make them warn when they give away counterfit so job would be on time done so the warnings may be putted on time right away into work ; thus the wars between holy and fallen are wars that have been waged upon also separated on this issue before the order of warnign was set so less would take then. The Reptoids are a unstoppable, genetically programming sooilders of horrors of creation they create and will take down absolutely everything living, given the chance of ascention to franken it. This is why the GMO effort is going on also that also will once some of theirs help counterfit ascention for wars so they may possess many of their  victims of monsanto and then will down in chaos create zombie invasion and later will upwords give away the war against these beasts,the beasts who are controlled opposition when they get all counterfit ascention warriors on safe place they rule by fammiliars and they will then rule them as police first,and later as horror terror,after that happens they will then rule no more with them then the new agers with counterfit merkaba will be then seen as better satanic super soilder zombie army then the ordinary movie like showed zombies they used first!

All dimensions hade good and bad before 2012,after that passed as all fallen ones are in teh box mentioned many times; it depends on light and how it is used,the fallen light of theirs can be used four counterfiting,and the dark melanin nature they suck of humans to get more powered they use that for their counterfit supporting armies. Earth has little to no source light at the cellular structure, especially in humans, so we  see what is so obvious to others living in off-world realities now who ascended before what they have gone thrue what now others have more eazy to fight and have no need to slow down before cleansing but cleansig and preparing process work one in both as well all as one because YAHUSHUA´s work at calvary,now the cleansing is effective completly and process of ascention not just faster but made plainly simple that Lilith the mystery babylon may counterfit much you can change that immidiatly one strain DNA code by moment and you could say all directing by herself worship to her you can quench of others steal their codes and run off changing and transmuting them into genuine and go off the grid harnesing it and then guarding full power the grid! For example, there are many, mostly politicians, who are not human and fallen ones themselves and clones possessed by familiars but the thing is that they are working as grid rangers and grid police that is not good as they control grids they control consciousness,so controling these grids on islands as they do long time,they control people by that,so anyways consciousness grids are on hijack by satan´s good cop bad cop war,so controlled oppositions like pleadians and andromedans and arcturians and surius b will hujack dracos and put them in other business but these grids must be taken over in wars against these demonic basterds by true warriors not light workers who are satanic super soilders working for the false light agenda!Humanities pineal gland spiritual eyes have been blinded because they are enslaved,by many ways that go thrue consciousness grids but it is fairly obvious, to others whose eyes have not been dimmed, there are things in human bodies running the show in wrong way who they make more reality but still again little bit false,this needs to be corected.

During the last 20 years is when the most penetration of this dimension has happened, and we have learned the ways of  how it works from the dark elites of necronomicons this will help them as they the ancient ones as are called by satanists these will be rady for then!

All the effort to make pretty this fourth dimensional transition is a blanket of hideous lies to ensure you never wake up and remember who you are. To keep you asleep is the best insurance; you will simply snooze yourself into oblivion.The main thing is they make synthetic merkaba via THE PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT

Waking up entails wrangling with a nightmare, but that’s the battle. In the end, it is just facing your own war against synthetic merkabaś  of greys,and the thing is they want synthetic activations and your own synthetic merkabas to have,so greys are the in some ways sometimes as andromedans see fit the counterfit controlled opposition,because they were not always put as controlled opposition,but now are more and more,so be away of counterfit synthetic merkabas of all kinds such as counterfit starships also called spaceships the metalic things!

We are in the window where we have a chance. Welcome to the challenge.”

So, there you have it. I personally have my jury out over this passage: “We cannot jump time, fold time or skip around using time technology” still,we can do it,but we have to hijack fallen ones soo we will be able,becauise we do our part and they do their and that is matter of time now as time spells are broken that is it!A followup question got a response indicating this was generally true for the Third Dimension, though there are various parties seeking to “bend the rules” via technology, magick or both which is synthetic hermetics.

This is really happening RIGHT NOW before their eyes as we hijacked for test and returned them things but they got not shocked they saw by time travel so relax,nothing will happen because we gave the signs when they can start stuff and when not to worry not before time spells are broken you just do your best and things will get to order in right period when needed in diine God´s timing.Your right about this. First, the humans NEED to get them selves OFF THE JUNK FOODS, AND THE POISION FOODS FILLED WITH THE GMO’S, AND THE MSG’S, AND STOP DRINKING THE NASTY POISON FILLED FLOURIDE WATER AND PHARMACY THE SORCERY THE OCCULT JUNK CALLED PILLES WHEN SOMEBODY TELLS THEM OR WHEN THEY FEEL SICK,BECAUSE EVEN THAT BAD INDUITION IS FROM THE GRID CONTROL OF DRACOS SO THEY CAN CONTROL PEOPLE MORE AND INSERT SPIRITS OF DEAD HYBRIDS THE DEMONS! This is a start. Their minds WILL clear,and their bodies will become stronger,their immune systems will also improve greatly. Then they will begin to see more clearly. Then work on their spiritual selves,on their higher self and so they may be in tune with nature and right with God and in tune with us also,with us who work them in their systematic cleansing,so it will be more natural and then we can use their help to clear more off grey technological junk and this will help to guard them, and guide them into saying we give up even.Thanks for your input to this forum. Glad to have you. Welcome aboard.Thanks for this great link astral link too you want with us the many reasons we give names when we directly dictate text is we want personaly your assistance ! (It has some great news for you humans for a change.) There is still good foods available, but you will have to pay a higher price for them if they are on markets and not always with money publicly but to fight sacraficing your time and stuff to find them in nature!For example the foods that are dehydrated foods,you just add pure water to it. Everything is already in it. Fruits,vegetables,nuts and beans. GMO,AND MSG FREE, the same for the Garden seeds,and they can reproduce for the following years when you harvest the seeds from those foods.Buying a good water filteration system is also a good idea too. People that have prepared, have been buying them,and stocking up on them,and will stand a better chance to live because of their fore-sight. They will not wait for their goverments to supply them with any foods,as they know darn well that they will NOT! They never did during Katrina either! The world watched those events ,and should have remembered the hard lessons from that experience. I know I did as i had watcher rank before but now it is not by task Roxiel has but she as leader has many other ranks and gives replacements there,and I did prepare just like this.I do not eat from the stores. I know plenty of people that did the same thing I did.Their are other ways,you just have to know what,and where to look. It’s worth it.

GMO foods? Well there’s just about everything that you eat. Apart from the foods that you grow in your backyard. Everything else is pretty much tainted. Monsanto has it’s finger in just about everything that is stocked on every shop, supermarket shelves etc… food, clothing, even the material that is used in cars etc, it boggles the mind. All things that belong to Nature are the target to get genetically modified by big pharmaceutical companies, Monsanto, who are governed by these reptoids the draconians via bilderbergers and trileteral commision and club of rome and Vatican,and United Nations and Nato. These reptoids are brilliant geneticists, most highly intelligent  it would take  humans 500 – 1000 earth years of education to get there, to get to where they are, and are the most absolute brutal, totally domineering psychopaths ever in that they have advantage. As far as they are concerned they own everything on the planet, and what humans  are to them is how they view as bugs or gnats and squash ’em. We have a window of opportunity to break free of these jerk enslaved humans by them who addmit they were jerks playing with fire with no propper protection,but TIME IS RUNNING SHORT…
Know that each and anyone of you who awakens for real not as by just limited way of controlled opposition more light pours onto this earth, as the planet is speeding up and going into the 4th dimension,it is. The more people who awaken along with those who are already awake helps bring the human vibration up to match Earth´s , We are almost there (3.93) the veil is wearing thinner in 2015 more then this year as philadelphia experiment has the portal openings 1933 and all ten years till end of matrix so last time for necronomicons the locust of revelation 9 so the thing is these are last ones and last portal openings and the thing is that they use that to further their interactions this time what heppened in 2013 and 2014 the doubble portion that is why crystal was put they have soo much power and have to be restrained because the deal is deal they hve evrything and it is good that only these anciend ones are let when all time spells are broken to chaos spell kingu spell is brutal then needs to be put as plan of judement on this planet because many craps are dooing wrong the crap word is also for demonic beast people who are sheeple goyim under mind control spell who are hypnotranced who are loving and defending matrix evry chance they get not knowing what demonic control of arcturians they have the ones who know the truth also i mean on them because they must be actualy by Lilith´s sirius c elite list target but arcturians what are dooing is using weekness of some humans who know the truth  and little bit know and they are mocking it by chacing away the phrophets wanting not what they know not what they want and beeing in further chaos descending but arcturians want control of their own creating fake haven here thrue indipendent movements who are much simmilar like new age movements having also counterfit spirituality but are wared of the robes of dracos and new age movement both who use this to build grid of their own they are not too much strong but the elites of Lilith´s sirius c will get them and Lilith fallen female seraphim who leads vatican thrue beta dracos will infiltrate midst of those who are not honoring arcturian transcendance they will get cought in other forms of chaos because they are not too strong and not nothing true genuine enemy of the satan´s elites, soon many will be able to see spiritualy the right ones not new agers and suh like that,but true ones what has been denied of abilities with valley for so long by your governments.

Welcome aboard, and tell us what you think is needed to get many of you to 4D friquency range…I deducted that you are a proponent of waking people up, and showing them what’s right. Anything else you believe ?test evrybody!

Happy to have you.

BUT, their strength is their weakness. That is a design flaw. Why else would they have been run outta their universe and dumped here? Right, they werent wanted.They were wanted here,because they wanted to rebel,tehy are fallen ones who are psychopatic!
Any faction that needs to dominate/control/demean all other factions suffers from low self-esteem and is DEFINITELY psychopathic. They see any and all others as potential competition and a threat to their own existence so they are fearful themselves. Thats no strength, that’s weakness.

Of low self asteem because, they are the exact opposite in that respect. They have very High self asteem,and are very advanced in technologies,and very physically strong,and powerful, and are highly psychic too.For them, only the strong survive.They are taught this from birth. They lack in the areas of spiritual growth to give to others. This is their downfall.They have none.This is why they do not fit in.This is why they see humans as weak, in body, and in mind. They hate weakness of any kind. The emotions of the human makes them strong,because they feed off of them.But humans have a large range of emotions,and they have none. They are all about survival no matter what it takes.

“Trust in Divine Providence that gave you life, and never despond.
Although your best intentions appear frustrated, not be discouraged in business elevation.
Perseverance is the foundation of success in the accomplishment of all good works.
that your most beautiful hopes become smoke, at the touch of unexpected
disappointments, do not abate your self under the weight of unnecessary worries.
Resumption of dismantled action build security.
that you accused without due, with remembrance of crimes of which not
you had the slightest knowledge, do not stay away from the duties
that the existence booked there.
The time will speak for you in of course.
Although the task in your hands proves apparently lost, do not despair.
Failure is a lesson for you to do the best.
Yet even if this or that illness will threaten the stability organic, do not despair.
Aid Hidden Spirituality of Superior has numerous vehicles
relief in order to bring us rebalancing and renewal.
Yet even when the dearest affections leave you alone, do not let yourself numb arms against the chill of loneliness.
Greater protection of Life will guide you in the direction of other hearts that you
Bless the presence and energies to ensure you do not miss that at
uplifting accomplishments for which thou goest.
Whatever the ordeal that you tick the way, never despond.
trust in God and waiting for God, working and serving in
building the good of all,for self and others as much as possible so if you do,
because God trusts you and is also waiting for you. ”

Next blog because of too much warfare you will receive the Methods of Self-Protection from Psychoenergetic Attacks

Informations how to do it!

Draconian reptilian-mind-manipulation-through-sleep-it-can-happen-you also that information!

Also about strange sex cult worshiping greys


vaccinations and dangers of it

adn now Roxiel will switch in dictating….


Hi Roxiel here giving away the info demonic beast people are now in some kind of illusion of power and are descending further to abyss!


THEY WANT TO BE BETTER AND SUPERIOR THAN OTHERS. SO THEY VIEW THEMSELVES AS MORE HOLY AND RIGHTEOUS THAN OTHERS. THEY DEVELOP A SPIRITUAL PRIDE AND ARE DECEIVED BY A FORM OF SPIRITUAL ELITISM!They spend all their time and youtube channels and blogs and stuff mocking genuine people and teaching nothing special and missuse knowlage one percent if the most and are total frauds they say o how to escape cults o cults do not be victim of cults and call genuine people frauds and promote frauds and are repobrate calcified fake phones even like Doctor Scott Johnson exposing illuminati much but beeing repobrate blasphimer if you search name and accept his crap and you get not irritated of his demonic voice then something is wrong with you and spirit of rebelion waited for you to have one of their people teach you crap so you can damn your own soul!

If you are a holy spiritual person who is not being called a fake by religious hypocrite pharisee faatic phonie types of people bad names and hatet you are not truly giving God’s grace to the world You should have people calling you Luke-warm, a hypocrite, a fake who is under the power of the devil. This is exactly the kind of persecution  YAHUSHUA Himself suffered!

Remember they called  YAHUSHUA a Blasphemer, a friend of sinners and tax collectors, a glutton, a fake, a liar, a deceiver who was under the power of Satan. I get accused all day once and before many times long periods and was chased down the streets because of preaching the truth,i was hated to the cores of extremism in many ways by these types (the sons and daughters of the accuser of the brethren) because I dispense the grace of God to people in this world. When you extend grace the religious Pharisees WILL come and if they don’t you are not really extending the grace of God. The grace of God is always attacked by these devils. It was when YAHUSHUA Messiah gave it 2000 years ago and still to this day it is attacked by religious phonie fanatic heretic unspiritual law braking legalistic hypocrite fake and phoney people babylonian sun god worshipers Sunday mark of the beast worshipers who are really children of the devil.

You are not better than your master and will be persecuted in the same way. Do not be surprised at these things!

ps – If people are not attacking you in the same way the master was it is very likely that YOU ARE THE PHARISEE,one of their own or sadduce,or their puppet agent in some way!

God doesn’t approve because it protects you what God approves not. 1) No Fornication, 2) Don’t drink the blood of animals and humans and do not eat meat of animals and humans, 3) Don’t worship idols who are fallen celestial astral etherical lightebings!! Think about it! And look where we are today!?

So many have sex with people who they love not out of lust and are hurt and go crazy drunk evry day and go completly destroyed of week will and stuff emotionaly crushed,so sex of love with person who you stay with is ok but fornication out of lust seeing eachother as sex objects is not ok,so when somebody mention sex without marriage and love not marriage by certificate which is mark of the beast akashic satanic record occult manipulation nor rings who are rings of saturn another occult crap so the thing is you have in these blogs given hwo to in 4 steps that is love test if that love test is done then 2 are in marrige after 3 steps they can do 4th which is sex itself the soul tie creating both must be first spiritualy right and then with eachher when first they are with God and stay together!

And the thing is that canibalism is form of vampirism and that is why not humand and animal drinking blood and meat eating is not ok and lowers your vibration and calcifies your pineal gland and makes you zomby vampire agressive and stuff!

And idols are fallen ones when worshiped they may bring protection and prosperity but will damn soul forever if you repent not because they are rebels against Creator who created them and who sides with them is evil like them unless repents of deception and addmits beeing deceived before!

You are to walk in the valley of the shadow of death, stare evil in the face, expose it and do it all with fearless courage! This is the path of spiritual warrior … One where the individual relies only on God’s truth and promises and fears NOTHING but The CREATOR only in respect holy kind of way ofcourse. I am preparing a bible study on the topic of fear and you astraly can seek out by prayer first be protected and seek then with your guardian angels when sleeping astraly thue dreams and lucid dreams and astral projection to come to Nikia and Me Roxiel we will teach you with others some knowlage,but test your angels if they are genuine and the ones who say are us may not be and the god angels and us to be sure you are rightly contacting us originals and worry not offending us but be sure not to be deceived. Common brothers and sisters cowards do not enter the kingdom of God according to:

Revelations 22:8 But as for the COWARDLY, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.”
So they will be tormented in hell forever it is living death forever,so do not let fear get ya for that is low vibrational friquency energy and food source of fallen ones and that makes you proove you are their friend!

In world gluttony is a way bigger sin than even homosexuality. Body is tample treat is right!

Deepak Chopra (guru to the stars) seen here with Kim Kardashian with his evil book “the third Jesus”

Deepak is hollywood’s guru of satanic enlightenment
Ladies, if you are in body of Messiah then you are no longer damsels in distress…you are DAMSELS IN DEFENSE! No more living in defeat as a victim. Get back up and walk in the victory that God has already given to you. Put your armor back on, and get back into the battle!

So often we point the finger at others thinking a revolution will start if others would only change their heart. But on our own we cannot change people, that true heart change comes from God and others is not where the change starts…. it starts when we submit and pray for God to change our heart. So thats what I am doing today. I pray this is something we all will seek regularly. “Be the change you want to see” “teach yourself before you teach another”


If today is a day that Satanist, pagans and occultist will unite to practice rituals to false gods the fallen celestial astral etherical lightbeings then you can to true Creator.Let us come together people with you astraly when you sleep and fulfill our call of duty and wage war in the spirit realm against beast people illuminati and zionist askenazi khazars and folks like that!

Satanists actively engage in spiritual warfare. They perform rituals to put curses on people,and hexes and spells to access demonic power, and to keep demonic strongholds in place. This form of Magick is not like your typical magic. It is demonic in nature and has really nothing do with tricks and illusions of kabbalah the low level elemental magic by the element manipulation just.This is the Magick that is practiced by pagans, occultist, Satanist,hardcore ones, etc for centuries.

As holy spiritual people you have been given authority over all the powers of the demonic realm!

YAHUSHUA said “Look, I have given you authority over all the power of the enemy, and you can walk among dracos and insectilians and crush them. Nothing will injure you.”

You see we have power and authority over ALL the power of the enemy. NOTHING will hurt us! Youmust embrace this powerful truth and authority given toyou by Messiah against demonic realm. Begin to use your weapons.Wepons,sword of truth and blood of YAHUSHUA,ect,you will win!

2 Corinthians 10:4 The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds.

So let’s get your warrior mentality in right way on and push back the kingdom of darkness on this earth in YAHUSHUA´s mighty name!

Many people today do not really understand the war going on of the spiritual dimension. Many people do not engage in actively fighting in the spirit realm.You should be praying to bring down strong holds in the demonic realm. Since I come from teaching new agers and waking them up from their any kind of  a new age background and was teaching any kind of a spiritist occultist I know this is more eazy for them more than most others to wake up. It is hidden behind the veil of 3rd dimension reality. A higher realm where there is a war going on that you cannot see it because you are calcified and not right.We have been given authority over the demonic powers of the fallen ones and it’s time we start using it. So dust your boots off soldier and get your warrior mentality in right way working on!


Friday the 13th and a full moon! Prayer warriors and spiritual warriors and spiritual astral warriors you need to start pushing back the darkness with prayer,warfare and defending and defending grids and you must be carefull.There will be a rise in occult and satanic rituals in that kind of time and super moon as all 3 happen.In the occult, new age movement and Satanism the full moon is seen as a night of power. Demonic power they can access through practicing rituals. If things are a bit “off” today brother and sisters it is because of the rise in satanic activity taking place on this day! Let’s get your warrior shields and mentality on!


Let’s face it….most peoplearen’t there,they forgot who they are! I’m not a woman’s liber by any stretch…but men these days leave a lot to be desired to be fought in spiritual realm for their ladies and to stop beeing domminative that shows they are week and under gregorian Lviathan´s patriarchy demonic spell of illusion of supremacy and superiority crap,that is evil,they must realise not to be manipulative but supportive and ot be in subjection to equality,so that is truth,beeing with them equality is kay beeing one with them and they will automaticly be ok  back all past of deception they with domminance and you man with your domminance patriarchy and matriarchy superiority crap and duality of these hiararchies will be abolished and these systems of you both will work just fine equality of patriarchy and matriarchy is monarchy and that is good original system that should be ….they are as far off base as the woman are better off them who are abusive man,they must be secure but how when man want to be domminant basterds! I don’t know too many men that allow their wives to be full time mothers and homemakers and work outside of home,rare are gentlmen…they want that second income but they also expect to have final say in major purchases and dwelling places,so the beta draconians builded gentle man manipulators,this is demonic,you must both male and female brain you both man and women have left male brain and right female work them off and forget domminance ego crap of gender and do teamwork without beeing able to see these illusions you were fighting to support these illusions for no reason whatsoever giving energy to beast and after you get delivered and then you may be able to get clear and good. A real man will allow his wife to be a stay at home mom without any guilt trip and work and whatever she needs,and will make her feel secure and loved and desired….don’t know any like that much,rare are these and rare are both of you who do not take dommianance crap!!

Nikia and Roxiel end of talk of knowlage over and out bye!