if you want to be the change change yourself and then become spiritual warrior:
Spiritual Warriorship
Spiritual Warrior Lodge
Abode of the Lion
includes physical disciplines, emotional disciplines, mental disciplines, the mastery of the astral and etherical and melanin-Power, the techniques of Sacred Space, and the Art of Etheric Travel in the Luminous Body.

spiritual warfare here and there and also by astral projection and remote view……
This is the truth:
Only dead fish swim with the storm
What kind of world is this
Where only the outside counts
You are judged by how you look
Without being able to show the fruits of your soul
You go through the world, are discriminated against
You are all copies
Learning by rote, which shouldn’t be so
Or which I didn’t want to hold as true!
Am I perverse because I like other things
And I don’t see the world with your eyes?
You pretend to be something which you are not
So that you can blur amongst the masses
Your souls are too weak to escape them
Your being could go so far
Accept me as I am
And take me as I Am
I am who I am and won’t change myself for anyone
You can’t ever stop it
I pursue my own targets
Even if it were to make you happy
I am not your puppet
I am not one of your sick games
Be open and stand looking at satan and his crew one day saying that truth and satan will leave you but be carefull always returns with something!

On a high pulse rate of 90-130 Hz

paradoxical proverbs:

No pain, no gain
You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs
No larder without its mice
Every cloud has a silver lining
Without darkness there is no light
Roses have thorns
Every path has its puddle

Seed of Life
* Egg of Life
* Fruit of Life
* Vesica Pisces

Illuminati Knows YHVH Tetragrammaton Is also Formula For DNA And Keep It Secret From You

say these words and numbers of God and God´s creation ratio to

Fibonacci Sequence – 1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89

Saturn Adam Geb EL – The SAGE of 666 Paths Ptah now this is liek they use the 666 version to manipulate with counterfit diamonde power you give them by your 13 chackra power eating in fast food restorants,watching tv,eating meats,beeing in controlled opposition forums debating and protesting activism and stuff like that,archons feed off you and give you counterfit calcified DNA!

The Carbon Atom has 3 particles. Saturn had 3 sons. Adam had 3 sons. Adam fell becoming Atum and Atomb. The sin of becoming like god lie accepting of Saturn Rofacale and eve of Lilith Venus they got linked with their seeds and Cian is draco half human half draconian because Adam and Eve were possessed by Satan and Lilith having reptile seed and CIAN´S bloodlines were illuminati families. Cain and Abel were sons of ADAM AND EVE, but Seth is the setting of the sun,that is name of satan another egyptian name of saturn-devil,the thing is his name is sarial,the son of ADAM AND EVE,vatican changed name. Horus was originally the brother of Osiris. The word coin is based on Cain suggesting two sides of the same person. The bloodlines of Cain and Horus and Osiris look very similar. YAHUSHUA did say to the Pharisees that they were of their father Satan who was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth.

Star Wars happened in the past. Hebrew is the language of Light and Enoch was the last of the HIGH LEVEL SPIRITUAL WARRIOR APOSTOLIC PHROPHET of Jews who ascended with activated merkaba.

Just after the Deluge, at the dawn of the present time cycle, an era the Egyptians called ZEP TEPI, “The First Times”, a mysterious group of “gods” appeared the female parted leaders of semyaza´s archangels their 7860 archangels under leading of 200 male these other under them were male and female, to initiate the survivors-nephilim hybrid race in the rudiments of civilisation. From Thoth-fallen archangel Metatron and Osiris in Egypt, to Quetzacoatal-Satan and Viracocha in the Americas, traditions worldwide subscribe the origins of contemporary civilisation to this sophisticated group*.

Despite the misleading popularity of Von Danikan journalism, evidence from around the world, indicates these people were the hi-tech survivors of the previous civilisations of ATLANTIS AND LEMURIA. Like the nuclear survival bunkers and secret research facilities of our civilisation, there were those who arose from the underground “cities of the Gods”, after the dust settled. They were the “prediluvian patriarchs of atlantis “,and matriarcs of lemuria like Enoch he was on God´s side and they stolen knowlage and books from that man when he ascended to havens, the “giants and heroes of old”,stolen that,the ones mentioned in Genesis.

The enigmatic gods ancient Summer, Egypt and India, all hail from the fabulous times before the Flood. Since the declassification of the new ground-penetrating radar 2000 years ago, the most staggering data has emerged of complex and labyrinthine underground systems in various parts of the world. At places like Guatemala in the South Americas, tunnels have been mapped under the Mayan pyramid complex at Tikal, which extend a full 800 kilometres to the opposite side of the country. Investigators remarked, it was possible to understand how half a million Mayan Indians escaped the decimation of their culture.

In similar fashion, the SIRA radar was deployed in Egypt as early as 1978, mapping an extraordinary subterranean complex beneath the Egyptian pyramids. Arrangements made with President Sadat of Egypt, resulted in three decades of top secret excavations to penetrate the system. At a recent meeting in Australia, one of the key scientists on the Giza project, Dr. Jim Hurtak, showed film footage of work in progress called, CHAMBERS OF THE DEEP, due to be released at the end of the century. The film reveals the discovery of a vast megalithic metropolis, 1500 years old, reaching several levels below the Giza plateau.

While the rest of the New-Age occult one world ecmulental movment speculates about a hidden chamber under the left paw of the Sphinx, the legendary “City Of The Gods”, lays sprawled beneath.

it is better do disslike somebody and be silent then to hate and degradate and hurt that person,because one day that person may change your way and view of lok at them!

Message from roxiel the holy virtue:Hi here is Roxiel in Yahshua´s name reporting….The largest full moon of 2013, a so-called “supermoon,” will light up the night sky this weekend, but there’s more to this lunar delight than meets the eye. On Sunday, June 23, at 7 a.m. EDT, the moon will arrive at perigee — the point in its orbit its orbit bringing it closest to Earth), a distance of 221,824 miles. Now the moon typically reaches perigee once each month (and on some occasions twice), with their respective distances to Earth varying by 3 percent. But Sunday’s lunar perigee will be the moon’s closest to Earth of 2013. And 32 minutes later, the moon will officially turn full. The close timing of the moon’s perigee and its full phase are what will bring about the biggest full moon of the year, a celestial event popularly defined by some as a “supermoon.” While the exact time of the full moon theoretically lasts just a moment, that moment is imperceptible to casual observers. The moon will appear full a couple of days before and after the actual full moo most will speak of seeing the nearly full moon as “full”: the shaded strip is so narrow, and changing in apparent width so slowly, that it is hard for the naked eye to tell in a casual glance whether it’s present or on which side it is. During Sunday’s supermoon, the moon will appear about 12.2 percent larger than it will look on Jan. 16, 2014, when it will be farthest from the Earth during its apogee.

In addition, the near coincidence of Sunday’s full moon with perigee will result in a dramatically large range of high and low ocean tides. The highest tides will not, however, coincide with the perigee moon but will actually lag by up to a couple of days depending on the specific coastal location. When the perigee moon lies close to the horizon it can appear absolutely enormous. That is when the famous “moon illusion” combines with reality to produce a truly stunning view. For reasons not fully understood by astronomers or psychologists, a low-hanging moon looks incredibly large when hovering near to trees, buildings and other foreground objects.This will give away too much negative enegy that ill be more powered by satanic rituals worldwide by also satanic supersoilders! The fact that the moon will be much closer than usual this weekend will only serve to amplify this strange effect to many crimes violence and chaos. So a perigee moon, either rising in the east at sunset or dropping down in the west at sunrise might seem to make the moon appear so close that it almost appears that you could touch it. –but these are the most dangerous times now stay at home or be on edges of towns and cities or at home with your soulmates this is such a dangerous times go noware near centers or on dangerous spots and places and neighbourhoods and get spiritualy protected!

Bad Moon Rising?Yes exactly…. John Fogerty another spiritual warrior reportedly wrote note about “Bad Moon Rising” in 1969 after watching The Devil and Daniel Webster and what happened with moon then. Inspired by a scene in the film involving a hurricane, Fogerty claims the song is about “the apocalypse that was going to be visited upon us.” –end times in this age of aquarius the Matriarchy of Lilith!

Yahshua’s Cleansing Reigns are commign after armageddon to twort to the realms of abyss all satanic garbage! With this event we can expect a HUGE amount of Satanic rituals to be performed. We, as the body of Yah on Earth have a responsibility to perform the tasks we have been left with by Yahshua. To be HIS eyes, ears, Spirit and love for the world…THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD, THE SALT OF THE EARTH! Please remember thi and today and on the 23th and lift up your prayers with all you have to pray against these dark forces, to pray for the release of the victims (human or animal) of ritualistic blood sacrifices, to place stumbling blocks in their path, to make the spirits of demons and devils the spirits of fallen celestial lightbeings small and weak and cause infighting amongst themselves, to bind these forces in Yahshua’s Holy name until this moon phase passes! Please call for the Blood of Yahshua to be placed over every potential victim to make them spoiled for their purposes!


Please do not assume that Yah being all powerful and omnipotent does not use our works here on Earth! IF that were truly the case then we would NOT have been left with THE GREAT COMMISSION! That is laziness and a cop out at best and a door that allows Satan free reign at worst. We have our part to do while we remain here…do NOT be deceived.
Over and out Roxiel!
One result of my information gathering from holy virtue elf Olein,she gave me info that a subtle thread linking most religion traditions together like tightly strung beads on a resplendent necklace. It’s actually amazing how many races and cultures religious systems correlate to the same beings and constellations,the same fallen celestial astral etherical lightbeings who are in rank of jinn the jinnies becauseas i beofre explained in my blogs they what religions are and what religion mean relaying on a jinn the jinnei wish master fallen celestial being who plays god who is created by true Creator Most High,source of evrything,infinite consciousness,all knowing. The united thread I refer to is the masters and adepts of many of the world’s spiritual traditions. Traditionally these diverse masters are ultimately connected to the snake, serpent, or dragon races,many of them are that and are referred to by regional names denoting “serpent”-(reptilian).Collectively they have been called the “Serpents of Wisdom” and associated with a worldwide network of spiritual adepts known as the Solar or Great White Brotherhood of Lucofrage Rofacale Sataniel. They initially manifested upon dual “Motherlands,” (Atlantis & Lemuria)-Lemuria-Matriarchy,Atlantis-Patriarchy,two large continents which existed in the Atlantis and Pacific Oceans which are only mostly 4th dimensional in nature-astral-etherical-spiritual-energetic, where they began the dissemination of sacred teachings which would assist humanity in its quest to achieve spiritual enlightenment-most of the truth they had,most was lost now not all the truth but more they were giving truths then today majority was hidden from their knowlage.Their Motherlands eventually collapsed and began to sink to the bottom of the sea. With this they migrated to various parts of the globe. They have built many colossal pyramids, and other structures. The disappearing acts they contrive are only temporary due to their ulterior motives and agenda as to preserve their ancient knowledge,they are all bak after earth is put in 2012 in crystal box all of the fallen celestial beings are here in 2012 from 21 the december!They resurface as the Islamic Sufis and their heirs, the Templars, Freemasons and Rosicrucians, who have secretly kept their wisdom of these adepts while organizing revolutions and perpetrating wars and other atrocious campaigns,they lead patriarchy domminant religions to lead wars the 3 major patriarchy religions most agressive of all times chriastianity and islam and judaism,and there are matriarchy soft ofcourse they are:wica,new age movement and neo gnosticism. The story of these Serpents of Wisdom is now coming full circle as the New Age of Wisdom has commenced,so this matriarchy age of aquarius of Lilith. This New Age of Aquarius and Golden Age has heralded a global return of them on this planet now. And so once again we have the dynamic spiritual leaders. With the prophesied return of these Serpents, who have been called many things in the past such as the Nagas-the race of ophanims (snakes) in India, Djedhi (snakes) in Egypt, the Quetzlcoatls (plumed serpents) in Mexico, the Adders (snakes) in Britain, and the Lung (dragons) in China, only to name a few.There are 10 races of celestial beings: ANGELS
From all there are good and there are bad we are in duality and satan is still free,and there is always balance keep these things in mind!
Albert Einstein — ‘The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything’
The initiations of their wisdom throughout the past is of importance but I will only speak of the present tense unless a necessity requires otherwise. Enlightenment is spoken of in many religions, but it definitely needs to be noted that their hand in hand spiritual transformations is obvious in many religions. The Kundalini method is one which is said to involve a serpent coiling itself around the spine and awakening the consciousness in the brain when reached,that is counterfit annointing spiritual power that is astral parasite,the tru connection with wisdom and enlightment is more then kundalini and it is also direct connection with higher states of consciousness and Creator and higher leves of creation and higher enlightened holy beings there on these planes. But the main faction of which I will speak of involves the “I AM” spiritual adepts.“I AM“ is the name of God.This is a counterfeit of GOD’s Holy Word if you use to take out of contest and say humns are gods! The symbolic terms speak of their wisdom as the One. This is a matter of great importance consi higher states of consciousness dering that GOD’s Son, Yahsua told of Himself as being the “I AM”,but he is which is “I am everything” and “I and my Father are one” continually resounds within their teachings. These as fallen celestial beings the puppet masters manifest and materialize any physical object or body they do it at will as holy ones but the fallen ones as give information they give not all and mix with lies or give some other informations not meant to e brought that is what they did!They dwell within physical bodies which can survive for hundreds of years, perhaps thousands, although they experience the world primarily out of an immortal, fourth dimensional “Dragon Body,” an etheric sheath which surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body. Contained within this body is the senses of clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy, omniscience, and omnipresence, which allow them to remain in continual communication with other realms in the physical plane also. They can and do extricate their Dragon Body and travel to distant locations throughout the universe. At death they disembody and relocate to one of the many realms of the immortals. Whenever and where they do manifest, they have been worshipped as prophets, healers, gurus, spiritual teachers, magicians and ones who speak with the gods as their equals and beeing gods themselves,there are tru phrophets and spiritual teachers,but many there are false religious ones,religion is one of stan´s best wepons against humanity. Their road to liberated state of enlightenment seems to be one the collective global organizations have participated in through various means and groups,but that is not the case,the truth is not completly there… must be directly tought by higher beings of higher states of consciousness and Creator and nature and lessons in life,ect,whih is truth better then with the crap and matrix illusions people blindly are called to call “reality” merly 2% of what they say is true,other is just pure junk or counterfit or edited in the way that suits them-(matrix-illusion creators and leaders) and they to feed of fear and hate and duality mindsets like raism,ect, and that kind of low vibrational frequancy energy things the astral parasite vampires the archons the jinns the demonic negative fallen celestial astral etherical lightbeings who possess them,the little number of hidden hand-the puppet masters if you will,nazi,zionist askenazi khazars,illuminati,masons,templars,vatican,mossad,kgb,cia,mi5 and 6,ect…………….. yea these possessed parasitic beast people who send others to war kids o yea and so brothers and sisters would kill eachothers off and then these from top laugh and feed off that.The main objective here is to broach the subject of their evil and their followers. Following the adepts are various celestial races of Angels and other beings. At the head of them is the Sacred Seven, the seven Archangels or seven Sons and daughters of the Creator. They are assistance of the creation of the cosmos and rule over the seven principles (seven colors, seven sounds, etc). Next in line after the rule of race of Archangels are the race of Seraphim who are 12 guardians of stargates and cheaf musican beings, which in their hierarchy are flaming serpents, and progeny of the Primal Fire Serpent. While working in tandem with their felows the race of Cheribum. Some maintain the Cherubs are guardians od the passages of light which connect the physical worlds with the governments of the Mid-Heavens. And in doing so help the disembodies souls safely pass into the upper heavenly realms of the universes. Under the Seraphim and Cherubim are multitudes of races, which are completly 10 in number.Many of these aces are the ones who then the most of the holy did travel galaxies and solar systems in order to help the stages of growth. Many of the evil fallen ones who travel in spacecraft-synthetic merkaba ships wear the emblem of the winged serpent upon their lapels. During their visitations they have established intergalactic and interstellar bases and built pyramidal structures on many planets to keep the balance of energies on the planets and consciousness grids.. When speaking of cycles of evolvement, the adepts tell of the physical realm year cycles broken in 26,000 years, the length of one Precession of the Equinoxes, the number of years required by the Solar System to move backwards through the twelve signs of the Zodiac. The Zodiac is another form of tainted processes in which they have consumed and transformed. They come speaking of our planet being caught in the middle of these processes and trapped into a cycle which will effect the Earth as a whole with their claims of being our saviors,which is nonsance,they are not,they are just servants of good or evil just as humans. Known historically as Atlantis and Lemuria, these two continents existed at opposite ends of the planet in what is now the Atlantis and Pacific Oceans. The land of Lemuria is also known as Mu (pronounced Moo), a name which appears to be related to the Polynesian name for dragon, “Mo,o.” These Polynesian tribes have legends of the sunken land. According to the natives of Easter Island, their island was once part of a much larger Pacific continent known as Hiva, the motherland, the greater portion of which sank to the bottom of the ocean during a planetary cataclysmof Noahic flood that creator sent out of love to kill off the hybrids and lower radiation of atomic wars they encouraged to fight for pagan systems they created then for them and their hybrids and these hybrids and humans waged wars destroying Nevada rainforest and sahara who are now just deserts. The Polynesians of Hawaii echo this truth also and tha also many other like that and assert that their island home was also part of a great motherland whihc is the truth. They speak of a lost continent known as “Havaii-ti-Hava ii,” meaning the land where life sprang into existence. Nevertheless, these celestial beings first as Lucifer before that and his crew fallen and they were sent to civilise and enlighten people and landed on Lemuria in order to serve mankind as teachers and priests,but many of them were tricked and went astray leading humans also astray but not as many as in times of Noah´s youth on Atlantis. All the while manifesting the concepts of the “Serpent on the Tree” in the Pacific “Garden of Eden.” All of these arriving were hemaphrodit androgynous,as all celestial beings are being identified as either gender.But thou they have 2 brains as we and them have no matte r the gender the left male and right side of brain female they had the bigger one of brains because they had 2 and what was bigger the more they to that gender materialised and represented male or female energy and the ones who drinked blood gained sexual organ for sexual reproduction and they can self fretialise and make birth,they sin when they do all that,they are not meant to procreate they are the first ones created beings highest in creation and are biggest in number more then humanity and animal kingdoms and ten times you can tripple the number! According to Plato, the Babylonian Berossus, and Edgar Cayce, these beings reflected their inner androgyny by being outwardly bisexual and possessing both generative organs which is the truth. They spoke of the gods being threatened by their existence and therefore divided them into male and female forms in causing them to fall they who spoke were first fallen ones of satan and then later many others fallen also by creating new civilisations and hybrid races mixing with animals and humans causing wars also and many chaos calling forth global flood and cataclisms.Also splitting the soul and thus began the search of subsequent lifetimes of each half seeking to find and reunite with his or her other half or “soul mate.”-they have soulmates,but as it is written in scriptures of Keys of Enoch they do not merry they unite mentaly and spiritualy and not sexualy,but those who do sexualy if are not rebeling against God big time to do what others did and of Lucifer´s elites or siding with him,if they do not do more then that they still have redemption by killing hybrids and beeing born with already activated lightbody merkaba never shut down in human form and later as they do their tasks good they have allowance to ascend.Ophanim and seraphim and cherubim were also known as Els or Elder Race, they are known as naga Serpents-ophanim, who landed on Earth in lightships after colonizing other galaxies building pyramids and such things for balance. Cyclopeans are another branch of these beings which are possess one eye in the middle their foreheads which allowed them to communicate inter-dimensionally. Some possessed two eyes some 3 some just one. They have also been known as Meropes, the Merus, the Murus, the A-ar-mas (meaning first androgynies or first serpents), the Aramus and the Amarus. Said to possess golden skin who came in flying machine and built pyramids. The Kumaras delegation of Mu were from Venus the fallen elite of Lucifer. They came as a “Brotherhood” of the Sons and daughters of GOD with the mission of assisting the spiritual awakening of humanity,after them Pleadian Sons of God(gen.6.) who spawned hybrid giant race of nephilim the incubus 200 in group first just all male and later under them 7860 both male and female. Bringing with them the unconditional lust within the kundalini sexual chakra. One such Venusian Master would be just the one who brought them into lust encouraging them and saying secret how drink blood to grow sexual organ, Sanat Kumara-Satan/-Lucifer was the one who gave also suggestions ofcourse, sat upon the dragon throne of Lemuria for hundreds or even thousands of years besides Lilith who was higher who rulled that matriarchy land. Working in unison with his administration were his compatriots from Venus, the Hathors. The Hathors served as teachers and rulers upon Lemuria as well as within the later spiritual civilization of Egypt matriarchy again. The Land of the Kumaras were also known as the land of the Immortal Serpents. The Lumerian Fellowship, an organization which is one of the authorities on Mukulia (a synthesis of Mu, Kumari, and Lemuris) was to create Masters or Saviors. In order to produce these Masters, the school was divided into thirteen schools, each progressively more advanced in esoteric curriculums for each chackra school was! Those who graduated through the ranks became one of the immortals comprising the Thirteenth School (the number of resurrection) received ordination as a Kumara and authorization to teach within the Order of Serpents. Then, as fully enlightened spiritual masters, these Lemurians completed their earthly incarnations as teachers, spiritual masters and priest wariors and rulling priestess queens upon their beloved Mu beeing in charge. The definitive emblem of Mu was a version of the solar disc. It represented not the physical Sun but its essence, the transcendental Spirit. These members were of the Intic Churincuna or Solar Brotherhood and Sisterhood and Aramu Muru which was a high ranking member of the elite organization that many moors lead. Considering it consisted of male and females it was actually a people hood that most of the 12 tribes of Heru Yazralites(Hebbrew Isralites so called are today) lead. The Solar Brotherhood is another name for Kumara Brotherhood with its pride possession of the golden sun disc. The characteristics of this disc was said to possess inter-dimensional communication and travel skills and even cause earthquakes and could even change the rotation of the Earth. Some of their temples were said to possess energy conductive temples and pyramids which facilitated a smooth transition for entities traveling between dimensions. Similar to its twin on the Pacific, Atlantis, the Dragon Land of the Atlantic, and its legends of the land of the immortals where the Dragon Ladon, the “Serpent on the Tree,” once guarded the golden fruits of wisdom. The Greeks alluded to the Atlantic motherland as the land of Poseid ot Poseidon-(Leviathan fallen cherubim is poseidon), a name for Neptune. H.P. Blavatsky maintains that Neptune was both a manifestation of the Primal Dragon as well the symbol of Atlantean magic. Some of the Interstellar hybrids from Serpents came their own hybrid children on Atlantis came form the Celestial races of naga Serpent, the Pleiades later and these second ones later created nephilim.According to the records of the Cherokees or Tslagis (their ancient name) these androgynous Serpents were known as the “Sacred Seven,” and said to have traveled from the “seat of the Divine Mind,”and the the Pleiades, in order to install within humanity the spark of the individuated mind,these are many of them having sacred seven are the order that belong to main 7. Once on Earth the Pleiadian missionaries(first just male) mated with humanity(female humans) and their progeny spread throughout Atlantis as nephilim hybrids giants,as atlantida was female both equaly patriarchy and matriarcchy untouched by satan´s crew and elites of fallen ones that he caused later and others,the beings leading it were the ones who also fallen but still had redemption.The ancient Pleiadian-Atlantean union alluded to by the Cherokees was major cooperation of Semyaza and his Soulmate female archangel Alcyone who had sex with him and then the seven Pleiadian sisters, Celoene and Alcyone, had intercourse with the king of Atlantis, Poseidon-Leviathan and the offspring of the union eventually populated Atlantis.Pleiadian sisters “laid with the most renowned heroes and gods-(Luciferian elite of fallen celestial beings) and thus became the first ancestors of the larger portion of the race of hybrid beings in sodom and gomorah where they from mars later put these beings who they protected who continued with matriarchy and from venus they got them and more children of Lilith! 200 male youths regretfully returned to their homeland within the Seven Sisters and 7860 both male and female fallen archangels and angels and ophanim races of beings known as grigori or watchers,there are holy ones but these grigori elite are fallen. Some Interstellar Serpents also arrived in the Atlantic motherland from thehaniela’s sister,haniela is one fallen archangel warrior from there commanding all other warrior classes, Sirius a and b but these were Little bit connected with sirius c, and brought to the Atlanteans the wisdom of awakening the serpent through alchemy. Leading up to their arrival, the Sirians had became galactic guardians of the secrets of uniting the polarity. They were adept alchemists who sought to seed their alchemical wisdom to humanity. Their symbol, comprised of three straight lines which together formed a triangle-sometimes with an all-seeing eye in the center. The triangle symbolized that the polarity (the two corners at the base) emanates from, and reunites into, the androgynous Spirit. Another Sirian symbol was called the, “Chintamani,” which consisted of three circles, which represented the three stars of the trinary Sirian group. According to legend, when the Sirians arrived they oversaw the creation and expansion of the Atlantean arm of the Great White Brotherhood. They taught secrets of alchemy to their brethren and gifted them with a timeless symbol of polarity union, a stone brought from Sirius cut in the shape of a heart. This “Chintamani Stone” was originally given to the Emperor Tazlavoo of Atlantis and later became the possession of the Dalai Lama of Tibet. At one point it was borrowed by the newly formed League of Nations before being returned east by the famous Russian painter Nicholas Roerich. Sirius, known as the Great White Lodge of our galaxy, established secret schools and lodges on Atlantis for the dissemination of alchemy. When Atlantis was later destroyed, their secrets and triangular emblem traveled to Egypt where they served as the foundation for new lodges in North Africa. The Sirian symbol was later passed down within the European lodges of Freemasonry, such as the Illuminati, and later incorporated into the Seal of the United States of America. The Sirian missionaries are remembered among the Dogon people of Africa as serpent-featured missionaries who visited their tribe and taught them both astronomical and mystical wisdom. The Freemasons remember their alchemical forefathers as the precursors of the Biblical Sons of Lemech, anti-diluvian workers of fire. Hebrew story talks and refers to semyaza and his crew and their hybrid blodlines of the Nephilim and the “People of the Shem,” also these are mentioned in prapayrous,schrools,books of enoh and keys of enoch books and many old ancient wisdom,and “People of the Rocketships”,ect… Sumerian texts mention the periodic visits of wise Serpents called Annunaki, some of whom may have come from Sirius-a deduction convincingly reached by Robert Temple in The Sirius Mystery. Temple reveals that the Sumerian Annunaki were often referred to as the “Sons of Anu” and contends that Anu may be the star Sirius. The symbol of Anu, the king of heaven in the Sumerian pantheon of gods, was a jackal, an esteemed animal image worshipped in Egypt as Anubis, symbol of the Dog Star Sirius. On Atlantis, especially during the earlier periods, the enlightened Kaberoi adepts served their brethren as teachers, priests kings and as the chief hierophants of the sacred mysteries. These masters were descendants of Pleiadian and Sirian missionaries, Cayce’s “Sons of the Law of One,” and early members of the Great White Brotherhood. With the demise of Atlantis, some missionaries of the Kaberoi Brotherhood traveled to Egypt and Phoenicia and, as the Kaberoi or “Seven Sons of Sydyk” (Sydyk or Zedek is Melchizedek, an archangel governing the GWB), they were instrumental in establishing mystery school traditions in those countries. Their Egyptian and Phoenician descendants later made commemorative images of the Kaberoi and worshiped them in the form of two, three, four, or seven eternally young, twin boys. The Grandmaster of the Order of the Kaberoi was the dominant priest king of Atlantis (there were ten reigning kings). With this succession to the dragon throne of Atlantis, this emperor inherited all the power of his distinguished predecessors and was henceforth recognized to be a lineal descendant of Neptune and his son, Atlas, the first supreme king of the motherland. The symbol of the emperor’s lineage and authority was Neptune’s three-pronged trident, a powerful object which had been passed down a long line of monarchs and served as the ruler’s scepter and principal ceremonial instrument. As a wielder of the serpent fire, the Atlantean priest king was also recognized to be a representative of Volcan, the underground fire serpent. Neptune was a Primal Serpent’s manifestation within the sea and Volcan was its manifestation under the surface of the Earth and within the volcan-oes. The weapon and symbol of both was a three-pronged trident. In order to designate themselves representatives of Volcan, one dynasty of Atlantean kings, called Voltans, ceremoniously wore a volcano shaped crown with 13 points (number of the fire serpent). Attached to the crown were two stars of 24 feathers (13+13), both of which symbolized the Atlantean Voltan kings to be androgynous embodiments of the polarity united, as well as manifestations of the bisexual Primal Serpent. According to the esoteric traditions of certain Native American tribes, the dynasty of Voltan kings, known as the House of Votan, endured right down until the legendary continent’s final hours. Upon migrating to other sea coast lines nearby, they integrated into races known as the Phoenicians, Basques and Tuaregs. The Tuaregs located themselves to the northern parts of Africa calling themselves, “blue vengeance”. It is substantially outlined in Irish myth in the wars of the Fomorians with the Tuatha de Danaan, in Britain by the exploits of Arthur and his knights (each of whom can be referred to a place in the Celtic pantheon) with the British giants. In the history of Atlantis, we have no doubt that the Atlanteans, the tall Aurignacians, were almost certainly “giants,” and the Azilians, their successors, the giant-worshippers, who invaded Europe at widely different periods, and left behind many stories of tall, skin-clad, club-wielding men, who for generations put up a stern fight against newer races until they were killed out or absorbed. The Serpent Tuaregs were an important branch of the mercantile Atlanteans who transitioned to North Africa. One island of the sea was chosen because the mountains formed a trident, the classic symbol of the Atlantic motherland. They hollowed out these mountains and constructed galleries and temples. Explorers would return home with astonishing tales of underground tunnels covered with murals of the Taureg ancestors, the Serpent Tauraks, who were depicted wielding swords with snakes inscribed upon their blades and/or daggers embossed with tridents. Many visitors were given a performance of their spectacular “Crown dance,” a sacred ritual which was performed on Atlantis in honor of Volcan, a fire serpent. During the time of the Tauregs, other branches established colonies. One being the Tyrrhenians, named for the Tyrrhenian sea. They eventually split in half to become the Estrucans and the Carians ot Phoenicians, a tribe which migrated to Canaan (pronounced Ka-nan, with the K sound of the serpents), a land in Asia Minor which is translated, “Land of the Fire serpent.” Can is another name for fire serpent! They sailed throughout the Mediterranean in ships with “Pataci,” images of Volcan as the fire god Ptah, attached to their prows. This designating themselves as the “Serpent sea people of the Fire God.” Other branches are known to the Egyptians, with discarded remains which may be the Ibex (a kind of mountain goat) heads found buried in the Egyptian desert. Apparently once attached to the prows of the ships, these carves goat heads were presumably representations of Pan, the goat god of the Atlanteans, which was a version of Volcan, the mighty fire god. Historically known as Thoth-Hermes Serpent Masters, these were a leading lineage known to the first Egyptians. Referred to as the god Thoth or Djehuty, and the Djedhi, titles which contained the prefix “Dj,” meaning Serpent. The Egyptian Priests fed the sacred serpents in the temple at Thebes. The Phoenicians called the serpent Agathodemon (the good spirit); and Kneph was the Serpent-god. They presented the serpent with the head of a hawk, on account of the swift flight of that bird: and the chief Hierophant, the sacred interpreter, gave mysterious explanations of this symbol; saying that it was a very divine creature, and that, opening his eyes, he lighted with their rays the whole of first-born space: when he closes them, it is darkness again. In reality, the hawk-headed serpent, genius of light, was the symbol of the Sun. In hieroglyphic characters, a snake was the letter T or DJ. It occurs many times on the Rosetta Stone. According to Eusebius, the Egyptians represented the world by a blue circle, sprinkled with flames, within which extended a serpent with the head of a hawk. HAWKS & OWLS in the Bible-GOD warned that these fallen celestial beigns in egypt pagan gods are unclean! Job 30: 29 I have become a brother of jackals, a companion of owls. King James Version (KJV) Job 30:29. I am a brother to dragons, and a companion to owls. NIV Isaiah 13:21 But desert creatures will lie there, jackals will fill her houses; there the owls will dwell, and there the wild goats will leap about. 22. Hyenas will inhabit her strongholds, jackals her luxurious palaces. Her time is at hand, and her days will not be prolonged. KJV Isaiah 13:21 But wild beasts of the desert shall lie there; and their houses shall be full of doleful creatures; and owls shall dwell there, and satyrs shall dance there. 22. And the wild beasts of the islands shall cry in their desolate houses, and dragons in their pleasant palaces: and her time is near to come, and her days shall not be prolonged. NIV Isaiah 14:23 “I will turn her into a place for owls and into swampland; KJV Isaiah 14:23 I will also make it a possession for the bittern, and pools of water: and I will sweep it with the besom of destruction, saith the LORD of hosts. To bring this to its conclusion; I would like to add a few thoughts; Various religions world-round are inter-linked although unknown to the people and very much realized by the originators. This New Age Aquarius/Golden Age is not new at all, it is an ancient worship of the Serpent god which is Satan. These characters described above are descended from the fallen angels and other races of fallen celestial lightbeings,many ancient scriptures are before bible of like phrophet enoch talking about them and all the ancient scriptures are hated by religions and they steal little bit wisdom to put for themselves and then they they take credit to limit perception to people! They brought forth a system in a box called religion in order to furnish Satan with his 5 “I Wills’. They will accomplish this task, sadly. But, it is part of the master plan of GOD. They have worked thousands of years to culminate a Dragon Empire. From the Great Deluge to present times we have the insurgence of them deceptive mas of the Ascended Masters portraying themselves as gods and what else. Everything is being done through our children, and has been for over 60 years. Thus, the first generation to be so conditioned are now having children, who are also being conditioned. What is the purpose? Remember that the Movie and TV industries are openly hostile to truth and are very obviously for illusion. They call themselves many things, Hosts of God, Ascended Masters, Teachers, etc…but the main objective is to deceive and confuse you into a state of hypnotic euphoria. They speak of integrity, morals, love and truth but they know nothing of these things. They come as “brothers and sisters,” but all worldly governments, military, and intelligence community witnesses have testified to their direct, personal, first-hand experience with UFOs,USOs, technology, and the cover-up that keeps this information secret and a mass hallucination. Their ships bring bright colors that hypnotically blink bringing you into submission. Many don’t want to see what’s right before their eyes. Many see, and laugh it off due to Satan’s brilliant plan of cover-up which leads to shame if you try to reveal it. So we have a decisively intelligent group of beings who plan a massive “World Evacuation”. This false rapture they plan includes characters which look and act like the chosen ones of GOD. This envelopes a masterful plan that will being millions, perhaps billions of souls into their grasp. They will entice the world who will think it is the real ascention/rapture/ressurection, to the New Age group, thinking it is “salvation” or ascension! Information from this study were taken from various books; Mark Amaru Pinkham-“The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom.” Albert Pike-Morals and dogma of the ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry
GOD ADONAI ELOHIM 13Ahava 13Hashem 13Love 13Amore TETRAGRAMMATON 72 Father YAHOVAH SABAOTH 26,MOMMA IMMAYAH MOMMA ShekinYah Momma Ruach ha Kodesh Momma Wisdom,YAHSHUA THE MESSIAH / Yahushua ha Mashiach Alpha and the Omega Kinsman redeemer! YAHUVEH,YAHUSHUA,IMMAYAH will judge beast and beast´s fallowers who accept the mark of the beast!