The Rise of the Matriarchy:Elenin is a Comet near moon,and the thing is i repeat again as before in my blogs the thing is that it is luminari spaceship of Nera and Asket and Electra who are the matriarchy fallen female archangels who are behind this age of matriarchy as Dagon fallen male cherub,Samael also,Matatron fallen archangel of age before 21.december of 2012,and the thing is then when Lucifer returned to earth and all the fallen celestial astral etherical lightbeings and the ones who were trapped in pandora´s boxes who were let now rule and the earth is in box and mars and venus now and moon and now sun is closer so the glass effect keeps earth warmeer as they want 2014 passing into 2015 to make cold winter they will try thru the chemtrails thru military planes they fly all across the world saying it is transport plane there are no passengers and these are all demonic planes who are half holographic and some are vimana technology,and the thing is that they are gaining power and work in cold have power and do not want to have tthe escape of the power and fight back,so Lilith as leader of matriarchy age is now putting that comet to absorb negative energy turning it into freeze by mentalism, meaning that unlike the average one comet per year which is barely visible, Elenin will be particularly bright. It will be visible in October 2011. The tail of this comet is nearly 1 month to have tru cold winter.It is expected that it’s trajectory will be unstable, being altered by the gravity of the inner planets but they all ascended into 5th dimension and not saturn who is in mars by spirit but asteroids are here in the crystal box (1). This is because is will pass between Earth and the Sun. This highly eliptical and very long orbit is also why many are calling Elenin Planet X or starship sent from Niburu wher efrom also fallen ones came, The Planet Crosser is the planetoid smaller little bit then moon gave more power to fallen ones.
The last time Elenin visited us was about 9800BC as Lilith used it, the beginning of the Neolithic Age. This was when we started farming and cultivating crops and domesticating animals. It was an an leap away from animal gathering, animals begin together in small villages and built mud-brick, one-room round houses the elves made for them.Holy elves the virtues were still using stone tools and had not yet wanting to scare animals but later they used more of natural tools,till they got them to used to see it. This was also when before humans were made by God first built temples for worship made by elves and archangels and seraphim and cherubims. Global sea levels were rising dramatically following the end of the age to come.
Throughout the history of creation of Adam and Eve, the appearance of comets was a sign of upheaval for humanity, effecting agriculture and the weather. Comets were also seen as heralding the rise to power of an ‘agent’, a military or religious leader, or a reformer,they are these comets the jinies the wish master fallen celestial lightbeings and the elves who were most in charge of nature and all other virtues like their sub race s as i told elves,fairies,pixies,trolls and gnomes and mermaids and creatures such as that i ain´t gonna tell them all who these celestial astral etherical lightbeings are the sub races of the virtue race like unicorns ,there are a lo tof these. ‘When the place of perihelion is transited by Mars or the Sun, effects begin in earnest, the decree is implemented and arrangements made radically’ (2) (correlates with the Occupy Movement we are seeing already).
The perihelion is the the point when the comet is nearest to the Sun, the comet is current at 01″24 Libra. So Elenin is square Mars by less than half a degree, we won’t find that interpretation in a text book, so I guess it means that this comet will give us an uncomfortable adrenalin rush. Mars is conjunct with a star cluster in the arrow head of Sagittarius. This cluster is called Spiculum, Latin for spear. The Spiculum was used by Roman Infantrymen as their main throwing javelin from 250AD. Elenin square Mars in the tip of the spear – that sounds dangerous.
The Sun Square energy was summoned by Lilith – seems to create an incredibly strong-willed, feisty individuals who takes it upon themselves to become a spokespeople for the disadvantaged or for gritty, dark issues that are disturbing for the public in some way,then sexual perversions in 21th century arose more then before in last 2000 years in the Leviathan´s patriarchy age of fish!. Mercury conjunct Pluto, reinforces the darker side of the message, a deep mystery to be solved, intense scrutiny and even a pathological compulsion to understand. We are drawn to it with Mercury and Pluto conjunct the North Node, and Mars in the stellium makes this all the more alluring.These astral energies got satan to with lilith get more bloodsheed and misery in all ways!
The rise to power of an ‘agent’ could well be military with that stellium, but also a religious or spiritual messenger with the North Node on another fixed star in the Bow of the Archer called Polism which ‘shows’ up in a horoscope with almost regal qualities of mighty Regulus. Only this star, Polis will indicate more of the high office in spiritual life, Pope, Iman, Archbishop etc (4).This is the leader possessed by archdemon hermes second child of satan,by that spirit this new pope Francis who rules Vatican unites all religions into one with eumental movement in one global one world religion and goverement! Pluto in there does make any ‘agent’ sound like a reformer, strong message Mars Mercury. Also indicated by a similar them with the Jupiter with Saturn Opposition at the end of March, ‘we could see the emergence of a voice which unifies the popular need for freedoms and change,while fake freedom and change take place as Lilith does a counterfiting of soem stuff promised iven in the bible with a spiritual message that sounds appealing, but which may have dangerous consequences,as the world war 3 is here the spaceships will the merkabas and synthetic lightbody merkabas will materialise and arcturians will mess arround with people while many catastrophical events and extreme weather and natural disasters will happen in 2015 and beyond! Perhaps even a female voice with Venus, Ceres and Lilith in on the action,the Lemurian things won´t again happen but sexuality in many ways will explode but lesbianism will be more in the world legalised and will be a sign of some things about to represent happening and the energy in the world!
Mercury and Pluto are on the June 2010 Lunar Eclipse degree, still in effect when Elenin was so called discovered,really announced by illuminati publicly by thru new age movement ecumental movement of vatican the unated nations and european union and nasa and nesara galactic white knights of asthar command Lilith´s Luciferian federation. This was written about this eclipse in ‘Praying to andromedans. In the Elenin discovery chart, Mercury, Pluto, and the Lunar Eclipse are all on a fixed star in the Bow of Sagittarius called Kaus Australis, ‘Associated with the Goddess Istar (Ishtar, Inanna)’ (5).-Lilith!
Inanna was the Sumerian Goddess of sexual lustfulselfish fake love, fertility and sexual counterfit kundalini magic warfare. This comet may well have the feminine energy of Inanna, Venus is rising and sextile in that stellium. The rising star of Syrma in the Virgin, relating to the ‘heavy personal responsibility which is implicit in the occult questing and acquisition of spiritual power for nesara female side of illuminati to take spiritual enslavement in controlled opposition spiritual advancing and someware in the world even martial law and all thins that bring last fachist euphoria and utopia fake this and that well destruction of old system and turning into new, the ‘secret of life’ (reached through) a transcendtal state of consciousness’ (5). There is definately the dark goddess feel to this story, the rise of the Matriarchy, the Warrior Priestess (Lilith Revolution).
Now some important dates ‘The comet came to opposition at 178 degrees from the Sun on March 14 and will come to opposition again on November 22 at 175 degrees from the Sun’ (1) That first opposition was just a few days after the Japan Earthquake, so late November is worth keeping an eye on what happened then. In the chart for that earthquake, Elenin was 27*38′ Virgo, opposite Uranus and Lilith, and making a grand square with the Lunar Nodes. On September 10 2011, Elenin will make its perihelion, it’s closest approach to the Sun. ‘When the place of perihelion is transited by Mars or the Sun, effects begin in earnest, the decree is implemented and arrangements change radically’ (2). The place of the perihelion is 14*25 Libra.
The Sun was there on October 8 2010, Mars on August 22 2010. Saturn is also retrograding over this degree, the dates being November 29 2010, March 28 and August 24 2011. March 28 is also the date of the Jupiter Saturn opposition, a major turning point. At 14 Libra is the fixed star Algorab in the Crow. The April 3 New Moon is opposite this degree. On October 8, Elenin will makes its closest apparent pass to another comet called 45P/Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusakova.
On October 16 2011, Elenin will makes its closest pass to our planet in its 12000 year orbit.
The Dark Moon is a mystical hypothetical planet, the existence of which has been veiled by secrets for the last 400 years, although there is considerable physical evidence for it. Its history commenced in the 17th century when it was first spotted by Giovanni Riccioli, the Jesuit astronomer who charted the Moon. It appeared to be a second satellite of the Earth, a second Moon, which was clearly visible yet cloudlike. After years of observation he named it Dark Moon Lilith, created a glyph, delineated it, and even calculated an ephemeris. Three centuries later, the Cabbalist and English Grand Master of the Knights Templar, Sir Robert Amberlain, found the ephemeris in the attic of a house in Paris. He recalculated the ephemeris for his own time, and quite surprisingly he managed to find the Dark Moon where it was supposed to be, so he continued to observe it. According to his findings, it is some sort of dust cloud, without a real body, which can be detected as a shadow crossing over the Sun every 6 months. The Dark Moon could have remained on the level of hypothesis in our age – except for the fact that whoever has been willing to make the effort to observe it has invariably been rewarded with the proof that it, in fact, does exist. The Russians (former Soviets) have been observing it in the 20th century, and as a result there are numerous publications which claim that the Dark Moon is a second satellite of the Earth, orbiting three times farther than the Moon. According to some occultists, it is a dust cloud without mass, existing on the astral plane, which makes it the only known astrological body of the fourth dimension.

The Dark Moon Lilith depicts the time spent in exile after Lilith has dismissed God’s messengers. Her boiling impotent rage is kept inside, her humiliation could not be greater; she is brooding over dark plans in her gloomy solitude. It depicts the energy of frustrated, hidden, disowned rage and guilty conscience. Lilith has chosen complete isolation and solitude in order to save her integrity. She has chosen to become the mother ofmany demons and does not yet know what to do with her creative feminine energies but many times most of all to give birth to demons. She does not back off, she does not stop. In the meantime, however, she suffers horribly. The position of the Dark Moon in the natal chart indicates where we experience frustration, rage, and are tormented by guilty conscience for decisions associated with the desire to keep our integrity. The deadly brew keeps festering in the psyche until all of a sudden (usually triggered by somebody else in synastry or an outer planet transit) it erupts with enormous force, which may take two courses. It can have a total cleansing effect and destroy everything we no longer need (very similar to a Pluto transit, although the Dark Moon is an entirely feminine energy); conversely, it may become self-destructive and take a form of serious self-hatred. Since the Liliths are strongly connected to sexuality it should be remembered that at this phase (the second phase of the Dark Goddess) sexual energy is not allowed to flow freely; as a result, it can cause frigidity, infertility (in both sexes), impotence, emotional coldness, or perversion. Self-destructive manifestations are quite common. When disowned and projected, it can take the form of love triangles, cheating, manipulation, and betrayal.Batrayl not just in love repationchips of coupples but all forms of betrayl when from persons who you have not expected at all!

The Dark Moon’s position in the chart shows where we plan revenge, how we want to strike back violently for being hurt – and, at the same time, where we utterly despise ourselves for those feelings. It shows us a mirror and tells us where we wish to be isolated, left alone, where we long for revenge, and hate our own selves and perverse uncontrolled and sexualy addictive destructive demonic sexuality rises with incubuses and succubussess. But it can also function as a channel where we can let go of our rage and pain when being cheated or betrayed. The Dark Moon can also remain a blind spot in the place of something some cituation, especially when it is not conjunct a natal planet or an angle, but when activated by progressions or transits it can have a spectacular impact. It erupts with elemental destructive force, which feels completely strange to us and we are wondering in awe where it has come from. The position of the Dark Moon can be found in the computer program Astrocalc (look for Sepharial’s Lilith).

Thus Black Moon Lilith is the astrological shadow of both the Moon and the Earth, representing the suppressed feminine consciousness.
Its astronomical parameters are quite revealing, too. It returns to the natal position every 9 years (in numerology, 9 is the number of wisdom, the manifestation of the highest vibration, which contains all the numbers and yet disappears when added to another). It is strongly connected to the Nodal axis, the axis of evry 6 years, Black Moon that Lilith controls is conjunct the South Node; in the 20th century the conjunctions always took place in the month of September, and the trend will continue for a while in the 21st. If we look at the sign placements we can see an interesting pattern3.
When unaspected by a personal planet, the Black Moon usually behaves like a blind spot in the natal chart. When conscious, however, it indicates where we need to get rid of our illusions, role play, and pretenses. It shows us the way how we can express our own true identity,so we can escape manipulations of Lilith that gives power to creating of illusions atan works so the illusions come from that dark energy of moon she only with her creative energy of her own being gives as her sirius c elite gives to alpha and beta draconians and andromedans who command them with those greys and tall whites who control groups like CIA created groups like islamic terroristic group Isis who is destroying many innocent people and sending them into deaths and rulling the lands they clean off people. There are two infamous trees in the Garden of Eden, the Tree of Knowledge, and the Tree of Eternal Life. The first tree is ruled by Mercury because it represents the notion of good or bad, something we learn in the phase of Gemini. People are sadly born today without the ability to judge moral issues,all this twisted morals got into our ways what is right or wrong needs to be adapted. After eating from its fruit Adam and Eve covered themselves with fig leaves. According to the that they realized their nakedness and felt ashamed.We chose not to eat the fruits of the second tree because we didn’t want to be in the same body forever. To my mind, however, after receiving the cosmic knowledge provided by the first tree, we realized that we don’t need it at all. Spiritual life is eternal in itself. The secret of eternal physical life stems in carnal knowledge: procreation – our offspring – is the very tool for achieving continuity here on Earth. Biological life is but a manifestation of energy in a physical shape or form.Lilith pevrerts physical body of many teen girls of today even those who think o Lilith won´t mine i do this sex of love then girl does but later betrays somebody and even more so she cares not for soul of her soulmate and enjoys only sexual pleasure is such a ituation comes known or unknown trauma. The human soul is a multi-dimensional being, and the body provides ample learning processes through pain and pleasure. Without pain there is no progress, and without pleasure human life on Earth would be unbearable. Black Moon Lilith shows what kind of cosmic knowledge we possess (by house and sign). However, being refused in the house of the Black Moon by the family we reject our cosmic knowledge. We tend to overdo that area of life as if we knew nothing about it. For example, a 9th house Black Moon Lilith buys books, attends courses, studies all through life, seeking a higher knowledge that is already hers,but she is just a rebel. After decades spent in searching for higher wisdom she may finally realize that she needs to teach pervertedly and give parts of knowlage – to disseminate the knowledge amassed over the course of nature to bring imbalance little bit!

And yet, when triggered, they may cause the biggest eruptions and transformations of the soul for both sexes. The soul, after all, does not have a sex when people are having sexual encounters but is beeing energeticly connected it can be without sexual intercourse if people have patience and can have soo much intense lve that they may transcend all this and go to higher levels of evrything to atain what they need!