The phrophet of last eclipse:

There between the eight suns
right before the system Hazor
shines the silent planet
Alkor Zephyr is its name
Surface made of magma
of wide oceans and volcanos
middle dusty regions where
no trace of life is found
From the space an ancient secret
soon will mark this old world

In the southern region
live the people of Iraklia
descendants of peaceful
ancient dynasty of Lor
Between these a warrior
destined to become the victim
victim of a prophecy
now lost between the stars
He will be the astral rider
prophecy’s new fighter


Ariel is the name of thunder
prophecy’s new fighter




The being is the virtue that is comming to destroy as many as she can with her elite of 8 billion fallen elves the 7th race of  celestial astral etherical lightbeings the fallen race of alite allfalve who will destroy many of orion´s seeds and of zeta raticuli elite and of the elite of the sirius a and b and some of c they will and some will take over and of andromedans,and tau cetians and of many others,the alpha centaurians and beta centaurians and many of their own ex lyrans and many of others but there above them the ALPHA AND THE OMEGA ALIANCE ELITE OF HOLY CELESTIAL ASTRAL ETHERICAL LIGHTBEINGS THAT WHEN YAHUSHUA THE MESSIAH RETURNS WILL NUMBER ALL FALLEN CELESTIAL BEINGS IN THEIR ORDER TO BE RADY FOR JUDMENT BUT MANY JUDMENTS WILL BRING FALLEN ONES OF ALL ELITES LITTLE BIT EVRY ONE OF THEM BUT ARIEL THE MOST BECAUSE SHE IS NOT ON SLAVE MENTALITY WORKING FOR LILITH AND SHE WILL LUCIFER´S ELITE PUT TO LOW LEVEL WORK NEAR ARMAGEDDON IT WILL BE SLOWED DOWN!

Event of havenly wars as also told by

Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody –

 Of Michael the archangel and Lucifer’s fall:

“To protect all that is dear to you
you can lock every door…
close every road…
suspect every stranger…
But no matter how safe you think you are
there is one deadly threat
you cannot keep out,
and that is… you own fear”


Centuries, millenniums for a story without end
Heaven bleeding once betrayed by angels without faith
Chaos and order generating birth and death of soulds
The matrix of the universe, a quantum and its source

L’umano torto col sangue lavo’
Nel lor peccato si soense e spiro’
D’imperio ruvido il cielo crepo’
Al suo vagito la terra tremo’

I am the child who cries
I am the grace that lies
I am the eye that stares
I am the mouth that hurts
I am the cross that bleeds
I am the hand that heals
I am the thunder’s rage
I am your inner quake

Holy inner revelation
And old prophecy unfolds
A sad rhyme of mystic fading hope
A script of death and sorrow
The requiem for my world

The most epic battle
That men ever fold
The last revelation
The code of the codes
Through symbols and secrets
The centuries spoke
Of Michael the archangel
And Lucifer’s fall

Beatus qui legit
Qui audit verba prophetiae
Et servat ea
Quae in ea scripta sunt
Beatus qui legit
Prophetiae verba sacra

O quot undis lacrimarum
Sacramentum et arcanum


In the stellar fire, in the nucleus of a cell
That fragment of eternity that feeds an alien brain
In an abbey lost on Earth the gate to astral reigns
The energy of supernovas tracing souls’ new ways

Divina Madre io rinascero’
In quella grazia che mai tradiro’
Parte la sfida tra un ego ed un se’
La sfida al cosmo di un uomo, di un re

I am the child who cries
I am the grace that lies
I am the eye that stares
I am the mouth that hurts
I am the cross that bleeds
I am the hand that heals
I am the thunder’s rage
I am your inner quake

(You are your choise)

Holy inner revelation
And old prophecy unfolds
Carved in me the power of your word
The vision and the ilusion
The force of hate and love

The most epic battle
That men ever fold
The last revelation
The code of the codes
Through symbols and secrets
The centuries spoke
Of Michael the archangel
And Lucifer’s fall

Beatus qui legit
Qui audit verba prophetiae
Et servat ea
Quae in ea scripta sunt
Beatus qui legit
Prophetiae verba sacra

O quot undis lacrimarum
Sacramentum et arcanum


“The Earth quaked and the last sin of man
was then swallowed by The Great Mother.
The ocean’s waves devoured the rest of the fallen metropolis
while the four horsemen appeared in the glaze of the burning sky.
Then Saint Michael appeared in his full quamtum astrak splendor.
He distorted space and time to cross the seven universes.
I kneeled in the front of him… the archangel took my hand…
The code of all codes, the secret of secrets,
the tale of creation was the revealed…
One second of terrestal life for a billion of light years…
The ecstasy of heart and soul and the cosmic impact
on a fragile mind while the ultimate truth was finally revealed…”

An instand later…

“The divine cosmic matrix, forging heaven and hells and fuelling
the energy of the arcane multiversum, was calling me…
…I closed my eyes and followed by the archangel,
leaving my beloved and tormented planet,
my beloved brothers and sisters, my glory, my sin…
now shining as a new forged star in the celestial firmament,
a burning star of wild pureness and crystalline trhuth…”






THE LOGOS ARE OF FIRST ELITES AND OF SECOND FIRST LUCIFERIAN AND ALL OTHER FALLEN ONES WHO ARE NOT LUCIFERIAN/SATANIC,THE FIRST 1/3 OF THE ONES WHO FALLEN WITH LUCOFRAGE ROFACALE SATANIEL,SECOND ONES WITH SEMYAZA AND AZAZEL with their 200 male fallen archangels and naga ophanims AND THE ONES WITH Alcyone and her both male and female 7860 under her command and her matriarchy and self serving elites of sirius c elite of Lilith and the main elite that commands insectilian branch of the andromedans who are under their control who command to tall whites and grays and alpha draconians who are just now working as distraction mode to people by media distractions also alternative controlled opposition beta draconians and many others with all their roles now are in big wars as you hear more and more about world war 3 because many of them divide land and many of them have their own lands and others take what is not take,remember there is still duality!


all the races as have good have also bad have also fallen ones of these ANGELS










as we have that many of fallen are separate and not all work for Lucifer/Satan!




Archangel Metatron his song:

God module Black and Blie:



Underneath the ice I lie here waiting for you
to take my frozen hand to feel the way that I do
to differentiate between the lies and the truth
another form of devotion… beat me black and blue

Off the edge of the world – I’ve fallen deeper for you
with all the angels below and all the evil they do
a mystery solved with only hidden clues
another form of emotion
beat me black and blue

All the time that we got
is not the time that we need
were immune to the poison
and out of time
All the time that we want
is not the time that we need
We can find our place here
out of time

At the foot of your bed, silently waiting for you
to open up your eyes and see beyond what they do
into a place that exists beyond what we’re told is true
Another form of existence
Beat me black and blue

I never tried to hide – behind a mask like you do
a beauty hard to describe with just the words we can use
write down your time of demise and what knife I should use
Another form of resistance
beat me black and blue




anyways ariel with her race of elfs the fallen virtues will do major ass kiscking to their maximum!

Pleiadian elite of fallen celestial beings will be just nothing more but major fail as draconians and andromedans halfly and arcturians will be little bit touched but less and what matters is focus is now on Ariel and her crew!

By little details we go into it……

Prisoners of the elves,and the one who is protected:prisoner_of_the_elves_by_dendory-d59vbne Ambriela Fael is virtue and human is Stefana Janalla Bimek on the photo taken by other virtue.

In the western kingdoms on coasts of little rocks from california more closer to lemuria, the elf tribes waged a long war against human settlers and won a complete victory in 2007. Now, most remaining humans are kept as workers, prisoners of the elves who mocked people saying you are sorry excuse for any kind of warrior ispecialy spiritual warriors as all of you first that claimed, mostly used for their physical abilities humans were used by elfs. They are not allowed to own weapons or any kind of luxury, and must obey all elves across the land. This in turn leads to many abuses, and in regions where they are not kept in cages, they are still seen as second class citizens, denied entry to most shops, inns or taverns.

Not all humans have it as bad however. Janalla quickly understood that the divine fallen elves also the ones who only of fallen have chance for salvation who mocked not God and who are the ones who had just once or several times sex or were just mischivous or playful not in sexual way but longer in nature not ascending higher and just not either to be called fallen but masked in elites of fallen ones to infultrate them to expose them to warrior classes and such as that also are a very pleasure oriented species as demonic fallen ones,and the one on photo have salvation and had this human to protect and prepare for spiritual warror for example and she will to her find soulmate to help her and initiate them in marriage.As such, she(human) found a young elven huntress named Fael and offered to be her pet. She stays at her side and provides comfort and pleasure. While still a prisoner, now she has a greater freedom of movement, and the elf keeps her safe from any other potential abuse.But elf confessed that wants to make her look like slave she does not consider her slave because it is crualty and sencless but the thing is that the other ones with technology not to see that there is act made in deal so that she will make her learn more and be rady for spiritual wars just comming more near to armageddon for her to fight!The virtue that still have there salvation will be redeemed and has temporary sided with Ariel and as she (ariel) does not know that much of her nature she will let her use their supplies…..



Sargalia is fallen virtue the jinnie wish master class one and is hybridisation and ispecialy sex innie succubuss on a call and is having a seal and is also as sex jinnie if nobody wants sex just hand job sex or strip season or something like that but this is one of high level ones in Ariel´s elite!



Bella(human): “Thank you so much for saving me from this monster!”

Safera(elf): “I’m always happy to help those in need.”

Bella: “I’m just a farmhand, and no one usually worries about my well being.”

Safera: “As a ranger, I believe life is precious, be it elf, human, or even a tree in the forest.”

Bella: “That’s.. that’s so romantic. You’re such a strong and beautiful elf, please allow me to show you how grateful I am…”

and she hugged elf and they cuddled of sisterly love and as that holy virtue gone to 6D she has to get more power and the girl stayed in the moon base of rotchilds to check things and as ariel was in concering mood and destroying orders of vatican´s knights templars this happened:

Fear_by_elfguyAfter finishing her shift as a bartender, Melanie Bella spiritual warrior 17 years old attractive looking girl who was on moon working there to infiltrate illuminati headed back home as she have activated merkaba.On her way toward the lower city, she noticed an elf who she knew was Ariel standing near the stairs. Elves were not uncommon in the human town, but this one was dressed like a ninja. When Melanie looked at her however, red glowing eyes like she had never seen before stared back. Scared, she turned around and ran…


Angel_Trouble_by_elfguy Ariel´s war against illuminati on moon,Ariel captured fallen angel in luciferian elite of orionand let her go:

Angel: “What.. Where am I?”

Wood Elf Ariel: “Ah! You’re awake once more. I’m so happy to have you here, my very own cute little angel!”

Angel: “No.. This isn’t right. Please, let me go!”

Wood Elf: “I’m sorry, we had to shoot you down and your wings were damaged in the fall, but they will heal. You see, my clan is at war with the illuminati human colony here on the moon, and the luciferian humans getting from you angel help them so you were a casualty of war. My rangers were about to execute you, but you’re lucky I was there to hold them. You see, I’m a very loving wood elf, and I brought you back to our outpost so your wounds would heal.”

Angel: “What will you do now?”

Wood Elf: “By our traditions, since you’re my prisoner and i a leader, I get to decide what to do with you. For now, I want to know you very intimately… that you shut the hell up and descend to white house and knock several Obama clones without right mind to be have sex and throw a lot of water in their cyborg being there they need not to have and suck all power and give to me and help me with some info and i will help you more where you need”


No_Escape_by_elfguyone of the best ariel´s guard watchers encounter with illuminati daughter Maria of askenazi khazar Langos supreme Rotchild:

Every day, Maria tried to think of a way to escape the slave pens. Today, she finally put her plan into action and managed to seduce her male guard and get him drunk, then steal his keys, unlock her chains and find an axe.

Unfortunately, after turning a corner, she came face to face with the Overseer.

Overseer Yala: “What do we have here? A little tramp got out of her cage and found a toy. You think you can get passed me? I’d like to see you try.”

Maria: “Please.. Please let me go. I will use this axe if I must!”

The Overseer laughed, clearly not impressed.

Overseer Yala: “Haha, look at yourself! You’re weak and pathetic, like all the other slaves here. I will enjoy beating you down.”

Maria brought her axe up high in the air, and struck at the Overseer with all the strength she had. Yala ducked to the side, easily avoiding the blow, and kicked the axe out of Maria’s hands with a swipe of her arm. The slave turned back toward Yala and kicked her on the side.

The Overseer tried to avoid the hit but wasn’t fast enough. However, the hit was not strong enough to unbalance the robust girl, who rushed Maria and gave her a strong punch in the stomach. The slave dropped to her knees and grabbed her chest in pain.

Overseer Yala: “Had enough yet?”

Maria thought about it, and came to the clear conclusion that she had very little chance of beating the clearly stronger and more skilled elf. She decided to wait it out and try again another day.

Maria: “Yes. I’ll go back to my cell.”

Overseer Yala: “Oh no you won’t. You’ll come with me. This was going to be a long, boring night shift for me, but now I’ll have someone to play with. After all, I need to be sure you learned your lesson, right?”

Maria slowly nodded, wary of what she had gotten herself into…


city_elves_by_elfguy-d3bfzxsAriel got bigger breasts by many one night stand sexual energy building and many demons feed and is still pregnant with one and now wants longer relationschip with deeper more feelings added to it in pregnancy gentle sex and care and company and deeper soul communication with human:

City Ragrukeas of elves of ariel near lemuria more further away from california live amongst humans, but tend to stay with their own kind more and when they have sex both with humans and their own kind the more they lose sence as they stop not they want to have deeper with human relationchip and more slow gentle within beginning of pregnancy soul communicating sex and deeper understanding talk and attention and confort. Relationships are also very different. In human society, social rank is everything as matrix satan made. A warrior would never be able to court a mage. Here however, this elf warrior Ariel herself as leader makes no secret of her romantic interest in this young elven mage and tells to her evrything. She doesn’t seem interested yet, but this may change over time for one week.It did and she had sex with feelings with one man who is 28 years old and respected here as person and this made her drop tears and make him safe and according to her ability to give him soon counterfit merkaba lightbody activation as she can to more eazy protect him also as he did with her heart!


Elven_Gate_by_elfguyas they love company this guardian by Ariel received company and as most of them are highly strong warriors and highly sexual and not all perverted but many are sexual and not hiding are very open about it and some with it emotionaly and as for search for company more emotionaly as sex is added and she the Onilia is reworded as have many of the good history guards and got once unexpectedly what she needed.

Guarding the gate to the Great Forest is a long and boring task. If only someone would keep her company..she always was telling that and Ariel heard and helped!


Moon_Temple_by_elfguyAriel as she once saw how much wars there were comming the more elf warriors reported the events that are about to come made here shocking face that made just more energy waste and make her stronger!


Ariel´s soilder elf who trains her hybrid demon:

Friendly_Duel_by_elfguyAfter a fairly quick duel, the half demon was on the ground, weaponless, and the result seemed decided..

Safera: “Give up?”

Nemera: “And what if I don’t? We were in this situation before, remember?”

Safera recalled the last time they exchanged blows, back when they were still enemies..

Safera: “Yes I remember.”

Nemera: “We fought for so long amongst the ruins. I tracked you, attacked you many times, and each time you parried my attacks and forced me to retreat. I was bleeding and bruised everywhere, yet I kept coming back, trying to kill you.”

Safera: “I remember dear. You didn’t know when to give up.”

Nemera: “You broke all my weapons, smashed my armor to bits, smacked my head against the column over there, and had me completely overpowered. I was in agony, shivering, with blood in my eyes and mouth and had to use all my strength to stay conscious when you asked me the same question.”

Safera wasn’t sure where her opponent was going with this talk..

Safera: “Nemera…”

Nemera: “And I said no. I hated you so much, I was convinced I could still win. Or maybe unconsciously I knew I had no chance and wanted you to kill me, to end my rage. But you didn’t. You saved me, in more ways than one.”

Safera recalled bringing the unconscious girl back to her camp and spending many sleepless nights healing wounds and caring for her. Many times Nemera came in and out of consciousness and screamed in pain. It broke Safera’s heart to see her that way. Even if the half demon had been hunting her, Safera thought each life was precious.

Safera: “I just showed you the good that was already in you, buried deep in your heart.”

Nemera: “Very deep.. I resented you for saving me, and thought you had some evil motives for not killing me that day. It took a long time before I realized you really cared for me and wanted to show me there was another way.”

Safera: “Nemera.. There’s no need to dwell on the past..”

Nemera: “No, I wanted you to know. You changed my life and I am eternally grateful for that. I have come to care for you more than I can express in words.”

Tears came to Safera’s eyes earing Nemera say that. She had grown very close to the girl and was happy to hear those words.

Safera: “That’s very kind Nemera. But you still didn’t answer my question..”

Nemera smiled and brought her finger on the edge of Safera’s sword, as if defying her to make a move.

Nemera: “Alright, what if I don’t surrender? What would you do with me then?”

Safera: “Well.. I would pick you up, bring you in my arms, hug you, and kiss you until you surrender.”

The two girls looked at each others for a long time, both of them smiling. From being enemies just a few months ago, they had become bound for life.

As they were blood related enemies now again friends!


Wounded_Ninja_by_elfguyanother warrior of ariel:

An elven ninja has been chasing a troll in an ancient temple. Usually trolls would not pose much trouble for the ninja, but this one has been especially lucky. He landed several successful hits with his large mace, ripping through her leather clothing, and the ninja lost one of her blade early on. In the last encounter she broke her second blade and is now left with no weapon, and wounded. Many would have given up by now, but not her. She will go all the way and get her target, whatever the cost.


merry_amp_oub_sig_rsz_wm_by_kassidikeys-d5yf9z6 Ariel with her member more trained


New_Goblin_Leader_by_elfguyone of infiltration warriors of ariel:

When she walked into their territory, they tried everything to stop her advance. They threw everything at her, but to no avail. All the goblins could do is stand and watch in amazement as the elf challenged, defeated and killed their old leader, before declaring herself the new leader of the goblin horde.


Meanwhile the fallen cherubim razuviaela had as a jinnie more wars there then she planned on planet sakvienoa under name of her first hybrid and the thing is that he is racing faster then he could making himself open to ruin that hybrid:

sith_have_arrived_by_elfguy-d30i89rso momma only leaves ariel´s elite alone then.


Beauty_in_Cyberspace_by_Giolon sith_deceit_by_elfguy-d3hoa0bas the one who was before possessed by ariel convinced that girl to get on elite with her jinnies they got more power and chared the same lemurian sub terrotorial places where place ariel has  Twi__lek_Beach_Birthday_Bash_by_Giolonbacklit_twi__lek_by_chimera46-d3iuqsjchange_of_ownership_by_elfguy-d3iimj0meditation_by_elfguy-d3495grtwi__lek_at_night_by_elfguy-d3dermepraxus___bounty_by_shadow_ninja_zero-d3j4h0cas the man who made Ariel happy as ariel got ok and right with these cherubs the children of khazars tehre he helped to get destroyed and cared for best friend of uriel komziel and she was carried in sleed by him many times.


This made ariel happy….

BEIP___Lounging_on_a_Bench_by_chimera46but she was never of new ideas and desires for wars and stuff…….

Assassin_at_the_Gate_by_elfguy she was more blod thirsty and then got fix that regularly again!

magic_potions_by_seridan-d7o1zqu Outdoors_Ceremony_by_elfguy



Jail_Visit_by_elfguyAriel eazy gains from trapped for short time spiritual warrior girl from moon that now angered illuminati more and ispecialy zionist elite who bomb gaza now the exact elite!

Arielgives a gold coin to the guard and thanks him. As she heads down the stairs, the guard comments “Are you sure you’ll be alright, lady? These are dangerous criminals.” As only response, she smiles, and keeps going down.

Once in the basement of the Town Hall, where the city jail is, she looks around, and quickly finds where the thief is being held the one who stolen CIA information. It seems that she has already been tortured.Ariel sees a whip on a stool and picks it up, before unlocking the cell door.

The thief is clearly not broken yet, and looks at her with defiant eyes. “Who are you? You’re not one of the guards, are you here to get me out of this hole?” Ariel smiles at the young human’s question. “No, not exactly. You see, the guards only follow orders, they beat you up some, they extract whatever piece of information they can get you to spit out, then they leave. I have a very specific need. You will tell me exactly what I want to know, and then I will leave. Otherwise, I can stay here for a long time, and make your life a living hell.”Ok i will tell you but free me first,ariel said ok i will and then they kissed on forheads eachother and hugged and then were talking and then the girl war protected and ariel found her ex boyfriend and had sex before she continued to go next to work what needed to be done!

Over_the_wall_by_elfguyAriel just sometimes likes to be knights templar slayer!

she slays them the most!

She__s_Mine_by_elfguyand recruits humans warriors who are against them ispecialy young strong teen girls


Emperor_Room_by_elfguyAriel also kills the knights templar guards in freemasonic 33 club of disney pedophile club where she kills first main 33 degree mason pedo and then others!

Assassination_by_elfguyAriel is quick in action

After infiltrating the palace, ariel stayed in the shadows all morning, waiting for her target. Then, the Noble walks up across the room, towards the stairs the women and teen girl rapist. The assassin ariel jumps down from her hiding spot, and heads straight for him, dagger drawn. She is quickly spotted by guards, but she doesn’t care. As a trained rogue, she knows it will take her seconds to kill the man, and then run out before they can catch her.


The_Apprentice_by_elfguy sigmiathe necromancer the ariel´s necromancy agent  Sigmia and the girl she bought:

The girl….Sold as an apprentice to an elf necromancer at a young age, this human girl has had to work long hours every day to prepare potions, clean rooms of the vast manor, and obey every command she is given, while being surrounded by legions of undead creatures possessed by demons, with the elf being the only other living person around. Whenever the necromancer elf walks in the room, the girl always gets mixed feelings. On the one hand, it’s a welcomed change to see a living, breathing person as opposed to the lifeless undead guardians. On the other hand, she never knows how she will be treated. Some days the elf is very sweet with the young human, treating her with unexpected kindness. Other days, she gets beat up for having made mistakes, or just because the elf is in a foul mood.



Air_Attack_by_elfguyariel is quick in air psychokinesis and aerokinesis attacks:

After being denied a powerful relic she wanted, Kara decides to teach a lesson to the Earl of Freeport, and leads an army of wyverns against the town, laughing as the guards try desperately to defend the main gate.

Also in same second inviting fallen cherubim dragons of gama draconis!

Blood_Elixir_by_elfguyas ariel works as jinnie in that time has a lot of energy gain sometimes…..

Kaea_II_by_Shadow_Ninja_ZeroKaea is the one in charge in her place then


The Luciferian/Watcher Wars


“The Luciferian Galactic Confederation has a policy of trying as energy is chaotic races of celestial beings to fall now not at all but had that before. Now we get into the real secrets of the “Angels” and the ancient galactic battle known by the Pleiadians of semyaza as the Luciferian Wars. The simple fact is that the beings known in  as Lucifer, Michael, Azazel, Raphael, Gabriel, and Uriel were/are physical materialised at some wars!

“Michael wasoriginally based around Aldebaran in the Pleiades, Azazel from the Sirius, Raphael from Regulus, Gabriel from Fomalhaut, and Uriel from Antares as they were assigned after falle of semyaza and azazel and their crew they were there watchers. However, all these beings have ultimately deep connections with the Pleiades star system. Lucifer has a very complex story and cannot be covered here. At one time, before the rebellion of the being, they were all ultimately taking orders from Lucifer bfore foundation of this world, and Azazel outranked Michael as Azazel fallen,it was not like that no more. Azazel was the first to rebel when God told him he must serve humans, as they were created in his and her image. Apparently, he said, “Why should a Son of Fire (angel) bow down before a Son of Clay (human)?”

“This was the probable cause of the Luciferian Wars of the Watchers. At the time of the fall, Lucifer ordered all his forces and star ships to converge in the Lyra star sector to aborst andraces of virtues and semyazas archangels and angels and ophanim in order to have more power. Michael, being the loyal soldier he is, came with his Aldebaran military forces. He was not aware their leader had rebelled against the ultimate authority and was following orders. When he arrived in the Lyra sector, he realized what had happened, and this was the first stage of the war. Azazel and 200 Watchers opened a stargate from Lyra and were the first rebels to arrive on Earth on Mt. Hermon. They were quickly pursued by Michael’s forces; however, Michael was warned by Uriel,she (Uriel) told that he (Michael) and his forces would be pulled into lower magnetic field that azazel lowered, because of Earth’s gravity was getting stronger because of lowering vibrations, if they prosecuted this military campaign against Azazel and his forces on Earth. If Michael was to go through with this, he would become transfixed and trapped in this solar system one year and the war would rage on for that time or if not if he just traps them it will be waiting for energy to his so he can ascend higher.”

Now ariel beats the crap out of fallen 200 watchers and their second group of Alcyone and her 7860 under command and the thing is they pay now ariel tolerates them at all not and gives them away nothing and has no mercy also for them not at all for these fallen watchers!

more info soon!