“Natural cleaning treatment for OUR DIVINE BODY by walking “Naked FEET “-and completly naked when you can,many want their merkaba opened and to be ok with Creator but they realise not again that our body is a tample and treat it not right!

“THE Aboriginal Tribes & POOR “{We say them with Ego & Pride UNCIVILIZED, UNREFINED”}” always walking “Naked FEET” out side the Home & In side the Home and when they can privetly naked and on thunderstorm rain.”

“COSMIC SYSTEM of Natural Healing & health care of LIFE of Living Beings with Divine Five  Elements (Earth, Air, Water, Fire (Sun) & Ether. “

” So they always received the Divine Energy of Lord YAHSHUA THE MESSIAH,FATHER YAHOVAH SABAOTH,MOMMA IMMAYAH ShekinYah Mother,and of holy angels and virtues(elves and fairies) that are nature guardians of Earth.”

“The Divine Saints Always walked in Wooden Slipper i.e. KHADAUN.”

*NOTHING WILL BENEFIT HUMAN HEART and increase Chances for SURVIVAL of LIFE on EARTH as Much as the healthy biblican feasting and biblical VEGETARIAN DIET”* The thing is when you mock this you mock original bible even vatican tempered versions with male gay  and nazi feminist lesbian movements of  ahab and jezabel male over female and female over male domminance and supremist ninsance edited versions of bibles even were never edited to say o you can be vampire canibal to eat meat when is said in this verse this was featuring and saying those saying to you that you must eat meat not dissing but approving of such people are good because the first number one cancer giver is meat eating the canibalistic vampiric meat eating,you instead to be friend with our fellow animals living beings you kill both and humans in wars and animals as you are falsley superior you basterds are not superior to animals that is a God damn lie you lostg dominion over planet to satan by sin,and the thing is if you had still command on animals you would not eat them still that is evil to kill and eat somebody how do you feel that somebody kill and eat you,that is the same,and there is no proteins in meat illuminati told you too much shit and you have too much shit in your system and it is hard for you because of these demons in your DNA for you to find out the truth and housband is not head over wife nor wife head over housband i have made the blog with true biblical verses and i gave the explanations away you wifes and housbands are not one over another you have one over another equal mutual physical-carnal-sexual and also spiritual and emotional and mental authority over eachother,love is not domminance domminance verses are not from genuine bible!-here is verse that i talked about that meat is forbidden to be eaten:True now version unedited by Vatican they forbidden to mary those who eat not meat so to bring sexual power and imorallity,but commanding to marry is in original verse i give truth,original verse:”1 Timothy 4:3

Commanding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received cmpanionship creatures and not to be dewoured.”

This one was edited too

what was written in genesis 9:3 means that not evrything that moves is mocving on legs it is what is meant that what is alive animal that is killed is dead and trauma is there and it lowers your vibration,and it has parasites it is not to be eaten plant is not dying off and turning immidiatly in yellow and some not even at all,why fruits are good for eating,because of nectar and are moving in sence they are alive they are good and pleasurable and healthy and have nutrins and proteins and healthy juice,ect,the thing is what is alive is to be eaten that does not mean beings with legs and tales and that can bark of whatever,not animals and humans,but humans missuse that and then they eat junk and get sick and are dying off!

Moses explaining as archangels told him what God gave as food we have and we were promised that if beast attacks us 7 grater punishment beast will receive that is for animals ,yes we are made in image of God but God has no favourites and the thing is that when this cannibalistic vampirism became norm then the demonic vampiric norm gives God right to allow draconians to feed off humans in wars they use dead bodies sometimes not just as hosts but to eat it,so they may eat humans in abduscions and stuff just because they eat meat and live unholy!

“Genesis 1:29
Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.”

So you see now God told us that plants are for us to be eaten as food unedited verses i gave vatican tempers with bible a lot and king james you are fanatical about is 85% true so others are lot more edited by vatican king james version is still but less then others

INCREASE YOUR TRUE & PURE HOLY BIBLICAL UNEDITED BY VATICAN DOMMINANCE AND CANNIBALISM HOLY NATURE AND DIVINE UNIVERSAL LAWS AND TORAH LAWS KNOWLEDGE & DESTROY MISCONCEPTION OF NATUROPATHY, VEGETARIANISM, CONSCIOUSNESS of LORD YAHUSHUA which you blasphemously call new age mumbo jumbo,so you want no christ consciousness and get reconnected to GOD & Destroy ILLUSION to over come the hoaxes as *GLOBAL WARMING*,and that chemtrails are good whent hey are not and there is no global warming made by elite but that they by chemtrails of demonic military and these are not transport civilian planes they put by these evil ones these chemicals to make cold and make it good for fallen celestial etherical astral lightbeings .

christ consciousness is mindset of enlightened annointed person christ means annointed one YAHUSHUA is but he is mesiah christ beings are people who are annointed by power and the spirit and the annointing of God Lord YAHSHUA THE MESSIAH,FATHER YAHOVAH SABAOTH,MOMMA IMMAYAH ShekinYah Mother,the bride of YAHUSHUA-holy people,so there is new age movement counterfit annointing and term they use but do not blasphime because of that their one is counterfit but there is original one and do not get confused with this also!

“THINK GLOBALLY to change things by beeing example changing yourself, ACT HOMELY, SOCIALLY, & SPIRITUALLY,against religion and politics-politricks and relaying on a jinn-religion,and other crap that you may just about escape and transcend and rise above the matrix.”


“RIGHTEOUS CONDUCT & ACT for Welfare for Living & Non-violence attacking not those who have not attacked you Is Only true spirituality as bible told.”

2.”50% of WHAT YOU EAT NOURISHES YOU; the Remaining 50% NOURISHES your DOCTORS.”


“All wisdom and knowlage from bible Lead to the salsvation, then why this Mutual Animosity and Arguments?.”Because religion the satanś  jinnie counterfit spirituality and spiritual enslavement is the thing that destroys soul!

“Ecologically , we are concerned about Air & Water pollution in our Biosphere, because it affects all Living being i.E. Animal , Plant Kingdom,all Living,including us.”

“We ought to Feel equally concerned about the Pollution of our Physical Self, “THIS is TEMPLE of CREATOR (GOD), which we defile all our Lives.”

“We know well about certain Substances being Pollutants of our Bloodstream.We know that Cigarette smoked, pollutes our lungs and thereby the blood; it also pollutes any nearby non-smokers’s lung, because , unfortunately, that person becomes a passive smoker.”

“Every sip of alcohol pollutes the Liver and thereby other organs.If one become alcoholic, the functions of BRAIN are Affected negaticly.”

“Coffee’s Caffeine , Tea’s the in, Coca’s The obromine, are also types of ALKALOIDS harmful to Human Subtle System.”

“Caffeine is contained not only in coffee, but also in COKE-TYPE Fuzzy Drinks and energy drinks.”

“The Harms of Flesh are not as well-known as they should be.All Types of Flesh, whether of Chiken, Mutton, Beef, of Fish , are HIGH in URIC ACID, or saturated Fatty Acids.”

“All of them Lack Roughage, whereas Human Being’s Diet Needs to be Full of Roughage, which is contained almost exclusively in the Fibres of Plant Kingdom.”


“Some places, cattle are Fed Sheep and Goat offal(slaughter -huse by products); this is suspected to cause an Encephalopathy in the Cattle, known as “MAD- COW DESEASE”.”

“Our Poultry Forms raise Chiken Artificially, and not Naturally.The Drugged Flesh or Meat or Eggs or Milk, when Consumed by us, leads to HEALTH PROBLEMS in Our BODY.”

“Even where the Animals has not been Drugged, and raised Naturally and then Slaughtered for FOOD, the Meat obtained is Intrinsically Health- Hazardous for US, as proven by bible scientificly by just saying it because look at the analisings of what documentary says one that where is no religion again the psudo science the scientology religion,but non vatican banned ones that meat has blood and blood drinked brings dissiases meat contains blood blood foods polute you should not eat blood that is in the bible ,why,because bacteria and demons are there so the thing is meat eating is havy shit!”

“Right type of Food is “SATTWIC FOOD” (Harmonious Quality) is consits of Vegetables and Fruits taken in Abundance, say, to the Extent of two-third of total INTAKE. In the remaining one- thirds grains, cereals, legumes and and nuts cab be included,Legumes, seeds and nuts are better taken sprouted and uncooked.”

“Where necessary , cooking shoulf be mineral, and confined to CONSERVATIVE METHODS, such as BOILING, BACKING or STEAMING.”

The PURE KNOWLEDGE of Bible and nature”

“Truth is still Truth, even if no ONE looks at it. A LIE is still Lie , even if everyone live and accepts  it due to the Illusion & Ego.”


“Divine Creator,then angelic Reformers and Teacher, Prophets of God; The Divine holy phrophet and spiritual warrior spiritual Women that people hate and even ispecialy more sex magick kundalini pristesses,because the holy spiritual women have with soulmate and with their soulmate out of love evry day sex and are holy and have salvation while those are repobrate and have no enjoyment in sexual intercourse because are dead because of sexual dissiases and have succubuss in them the prostitutes,they and others who hate creator and angelic guides and phrophets of God.”


“The Social Conduct, Spirituality can be attained very easily on this EARTH,under this SKY,breathing the same air of UNIVERSE.”

“The TEN Sounds of “ANHAD NAAD 7th dimensional instrument” (Divine Melody of Sound manifest In Ultimate – mesimo holy hemaphrodite virtue ).”

” The “HANSOPINISHED” (VEDA) makes mention of Ten Types of “DIVINE SOUND” manifest by ‘ANAHAD”.”

“The First one is ” CHHINI”,
“The Second is “CHHICHHINI”,
“The Third sound is “BELL”,
“The Fourth sound of CONCHSHELL”,
“The Fifth sound of  LUTE ( TANTRI),
“The sixth sound of “DRUM”,
“The seventh sound of “FLUTE “,
“The Eight sound of “TABOR” ( MRIDANGA)”,
“The ninth sound of “KETTLEDRUM” (BHERI) and,
“The last one is the sound of “THUNDER CLOUDS.”

“COMPETENCE means the ABILITY of human beings of universe to swim across the RIVER of LIFE and reach to SHORE of LORD YAHUSHUA’S CONSCIOUSNESS.” WHEN YAHUSHUA activates global set of ascention into 5D after armageddon then you will be having that!

“According to MANTRA -SHASTRA, the science of MATRA, all SIDDHIS (Acquire divine power) are the ENERGY of a MANTRA-chanting of 13 and can be AWAKENED through Chanting of Mantras & “13 love,13 wisdom and knowlage and respect” in all parts of the world.”

“Therefore to attain expertise in any field (Ayurveda (science of Longevity), Music ), one has to serve the Creator-, control the Body, Senses, MIND and & Chitta (mind stuff, psyche) perform “universal energy”(according own faithfulnes and obedience, Emotion & Feeling) and Spiritual Practices.”


“Using Subtle Sound (Frequency, Vibration & Energies ) of Divine MANTRAS to Heal Naturally our body, mind & Chitta (mind stuff, psyche ) & Surrounding.”

“In Prayer,, Subtle Sound is used to vitalize the body, mind & chitta & surrounding.”


“To Pray and Chant daily and to practice our own Mantra with Faithfulnes and obedience and holiness, Emotion & Feeling to the best of Life fulfillment for welfare of Living & Non living..”

Ascention/-rapture-/ressurection will happen to those who are not fanatics about it!