The Satanists in charge the elitists tell people that God is punishing us for wanting KNOWLEDGE directly and indirectly even thru religion thru demonic cults of christianity,islam and judaism the most of all because they are demonic patriarchy major world rulling cults.

And Satan is the “good guy” for giving us the knowledge of good & evil. (Judgment)No he is not but the thing is that the one who offered us thru the tree of death he offered us roaming thru 9 underworlds thru plant that God created for satan himself and his first 1/3 of fallen host to get their place on till the day of judement and the thing is that the tree was corrupted and was made astral sorcery and they made the tree the fallen ones that they can pass thru chaos and Adam and Eve by Satan and Lilith tempted to take fruits of tree of death counterfit tree of knowlage of life false counterfit tree of life was having good and idea of evil was put,it was all good and harmony and unity and satan put duality and evil to now unite good and evil and create chaos and out of chaos to create his own order that is seremonial astral sorcery what sata does,Lucofrage Rofacale Sataniel does this to test souls of humanity as God allows because all beings are made with free will-period!

Was “original sin” just a warning about judgment and not a test or punishment.

Why are we being taught that God is evil and Satan is good?Yes hypnoticly directly and indirectly we are feed day by day lies by illuminati hive mind duality illusion sorcery spells!

We are fragments of Cosmic Consciousness that have been separated from the unity consciousness to experience life to fullest and our abilites blocked and merkaba standard DNA 12 helios blueprint deactivated and 13 so that is becau8se OUR GRAND GRAND 100 X GRANDPARENTS ADAM AND EVE DISSOBEYED GOD WHO WARNED OUT OF LOVE THAT THEY TOUCH NOT TREE THAT SATAN TEMPERED WITH AND CREATED 9 UNDERWORLDS AND GOD SAW WHAT DEMONIC FALLEN ONES DID AND TOLD EAT NOT FROM THERE OR YOU WILL SUFFER MUCH AND THEY DISSOBEYED AND FALLEN INTO THIS CHAOS PASSING THRU 9 UNDERWORLDS.

It would seem that we are here to learn compassion through suffering,because we are descendants of these 2,we bare their sinful CHAOTIC DEACTIVATED DNA OPEN TO DEMONIC MANIPULATIONS.

Else there would be no rational reason for us to experience all this suffering.

(satanists as satan see fit here to misuse this and say lies that God is a sadistic psychopath. Best guess what satan is the heartless/compassionless and his fallen ones are the psychos who are the ones telling us what to believe here and leading us astray.)

Imagine a super-computer in the vast emptiness of space that needed to separate it’s consciousness to experience everything from NOTHING.It is harder for humans,but still if were not compassion of God there would not be still balance in this chaos and hellish crap down here!

In a higher realm we have the ability to manifest instantly. But we need compassion and patience first.Many people aren’t ready yet.

because satanism andthe worship of Bael-wicca and Molech-abortion clinics came before Christianity,Islam and Judaism,they were systems of matriarchy which was actually created to make apermanent slave caste.. it worked.. But today we have 3 matriarchy and patriarchy systems,wicca,new age movement and neo gnostic movement these are matriarchy,then we have the Chriasianity,Islam and Judaism who are patriarchy,so this is duality based mindset and the patriarchy religions are the most agressive and ignorant and the most lukewarm are matriarchy,no balance in none of them they all have too much grate knowlage some have too much judement and some have too much absence of judement but all of these 6 have grate knowlage and are big time monopoly religions of all times!

But it doesn’t change the FACT that 2 words (good & evil) were VERY INTENTIONALLY dropped from the main center base of Christian belief that created genuine in healthy way FEAR OF GOD,and brought fanaticism,and absence of judment totaly in matriarchy religions and terrorism in islam and antichrist system of ignorance in judaism.

And it doesn’t change the thing that we are created in God’s image (Consciousness fragments) and us beeing male and female because divine prime universal creator most high is male and female.

You don’t need to know the sequence of the creation of religions of different control systems of limiting perceptions but the basic theory still is very of them all message of love which all they lack in absence of balance,too much or no judement at all since duality system of matrix was by tree of death made!

That we are made in image of God bust be connected with God,but we are not.

The order that religious systems came into being doesn’t seem all that important.Religion is relaying on a jinn the wish master fallen celestial astral etherical lightbeing that plays god these fallen ones play gods and these gods will be judged for leading others astray!

The bio tch That is like saying our consciousness is our body, that is main deception made to trap mind robbed by demons of flash and remove consciousness with consciousness of demonic hive mind or all seeing eye that clacifies pineal gland that creates eazy gain for satan to control people thru pieal gland!

Before patriarchy of atlantis matriarchy in lemuria was teaching more balanced things but this is satan´s and lilith´s way to from more almost balance bring imbalance there is nothing more that this to do which is very eazy,before a full time priesthoods,in hyperborea together patriarchy and matriarchy worked together before lemuriamore balance was the prevailing teaching of truth then on planet earth. Then came the patriarchs.We from harmony came to survival mode!

During the CRUSADES they killed off everyone and burned all knowledge holy people had from higher levels of 5th and higher dimensional earth and then falsley accused thhem of witchcraft which is false because templars used that negativly for kaballah.
Then the Incas… Aztecs and Native Americans.

They needed a FEAR-BASED Belief-System to put on them and there came Vatican beast with their craps and they killed saints who told them to wash themselves it was against chriastianity the insanity curchianity to wash and there rats came because cats were killed europians were demonic savages and barbarians because of KKK vatican templar and knights of malta and columbus and all these knights the basterds who burned all what is worth and evrybody down all people with knowlage and wanted to enslave the world,these same people now want almost same stuff,the thing is that pleaging dissiases they deserved and was curse from God they deserved because they fallowed pagan cult of christianity of constantin babylonian sun god worship who worship false sabbath and messiag and pagan holidays and the thing is they do all against unversal laws and are not spiritual and are barbaric and were always knowlage itself is not evil unless is turned to be by free will,it is like fire and electricity and sex and atomic energy,go figure it is responcability.

So it is Godś care setting limitations in satanś power over this see it is that THE MATRIX somehow prevented them from changing the TEXT in the Bible completly,but they did for sexist patriarchy crap domminance which is evil and lie it is equality and head of house and marriage is YAHUSHUA not housband and not wife,they have equality equal spiritual and physical the carnal authority over themselves.This what God put that it was somehow protected by God (The Quantum Physics SUPER -Computer outside of Space/Time set by God).
That has NO LIMITATIONS like we do.

‘Really would explain a LOT…!
Wouldn’t it…?Yup sure will!

There’s lots of easy to understand and fun Quantum Physics visual imagery type of explanations to be told.

Pretty much explains what God with with the The MATRIX done might be next is explained in bible evrything is set.

By beeing holy and spiritual healthy to be wealthy we can shut down hell for ourselves.
And rescue other all of them who accept to a Lucid Dream-Like place.

Most of the time there is a “bullies” the demonic spirits the legions of them keeping the souls from speaking (and probably from thinking freely) – It could be an different aspects of a single personality (soul) too.
It is free will f souls that let the tormentors to take control over them!

All they are they are half of building all tared down is what they are in an Astral dream-like state of 4D. Earthbound out-of-body seeing them they are crap.

I wonder if FEAR OF GOD & JUDGMENT is keeping them from ascending…?

Adam and Eve were in 4D the YEESOD before ” physical creation” and were SEPARATED and needed to develop Compassion from Suffering.
Note: Greys, Reptilians and Illuminati who are possessed by them all lack Compassion.
The Pleiadians and others still in 4D from before the fall are half compassionate of their own kind and are the ones who are controlled opposition in all duality game of satan.

Did they mix Animals / Human DNA because Animals have a “Hive Mind”, flock, pack, or high sensitivity to spirits (like cats do)…Yup they did so they create demonic counterfit hive mind of super hybrids that would help!
because animals are Easier to Possess?Yes!

Why does our “governments” allow the Greys to experiment on our DNA”

Are WE the “experiment” in the simulation?Some are the ones who choose side of satan before the foundation of world and satan has most right to play with them!

How many of us are REAL?The ones who do not give up soul for worldly matrix 3D crap

Many souls share a single unconsensus matrix artificial reality!

Higher Astral planes are even MORE REAL FEELING then 3D.

But saturn illuminati cult that hijacked humanity did create demonic distractions and satanic false reality to prevent us from ascending to higher levels!