Prayer to remove Demonic Entities,beings,spirits,energies and inteligences,egregores and grimoares:
In the name of Yahushua Ha Mashiach by His blood, I declare His dominion over all base entities dictated to terrorise me and oppose my life and affirmation for the Lord Yahushua Ha Mashiach. I glorify and adore the Maker of Heaven and Earth, Yahushua Ha Mashiach. I humbly request that you appoint sacred angels to keep me from any tactics of the adversary created to oppose this petition for release.

I ask you to order all those demons and diabolical fallen celestial lightbeings appointed in opposition to me to remain whole. Please do not allow them to divide, reform, and increase any entities employed to slave against me.

Dear Father Mother YAHOVAH SABAOT,MOMMA IMMAYAH HOLY SPIRIT,LORD YAHUSHUA God, I request that you erect a prohibition to all loitering spirits to end their duties and be banished. Please also bind all substitute demons and diabolical sub commanded spirits who have been commanded to recreate banished embankments. I pray you do not let them do that, please!
I attest Yahushua Ha Mashiach in the heavens far above all principalities and all demonic forces of darknes of desolation. Please Lord YAHUSHUA force the powers of darkness having assignment against me to hear and obey you who are the Conqueror.

Yahushua Ha Mashiach, I pray you to command the principalities of darkness committed to torture me to leave me alone. Banish them where they cannot vex me. I submit to all of the plans you have in this spiritual warfare I am surrounded by.

Through Yahushua Ha Mashiach I pray, who was crucified for us so that we may have an opportunity to live. Amen.I rebuke and bind you evil spirits in the name of YAHUSHUA!