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you removed my message to you you do it once more i will expose you as jesuit illuminati goverement agents i see no admin options and abilities:my message you mistakenly or purposly because satan said so removed,here it is remove it once more i expose you and pray wrath of God upon you controlled opposition i will see if you are that i will,you may not even know it because you want to be corporate slave and i explained that and then you remove only would demonic goverement agent do that you are spiritualy by illuminati controlled if you can not put me as ADMIN HEARING GOD THAT THAT IS MISSION TO BE DONE YOU REJECTED AND DEUTORONOMY 28 CURSES FALLOW YOU IF YOU DO THE SATANIC ILLUMINATI CRAP ACT YOU ALREADY DID:HERE IS MY MESSAGE THAT WILL GIVE YOU ONE MORE SCANCE FOR SALVATION NOW IT COMES DOWN TO YOU ON THAT ADMINS:”you expose a lot of good things but where are trust laws and true matrix exposing i know more if you would put me as admin i would give more truth then ever with my blogs and knowlage on this page you might lose zombie fallowers but you will see things that will blow your mind you will see that you know not nothing about this:stop with this religious stupied christian crap,God does not want your religious crap i told you what is religion relaying on a jinn the jinnie the fallen celestial lightbeing the wishmaster the trickster the jester of tricknology the tricknology specialist the being that plays God which not God at all you call your self black or white or christian or muslim or judaism,or what kind of religious sickism,spanish,japanese,whatever,that is juristiction of laws and there is no law against killing you for example that is why soo many get unpunished because you put juristiction curse and spell that demons have right to come upon your life the thing is that demonic spirits under religious curses of titles of both religious and anti religious titles well these like spiritual guru new age mumbo jumbos also and the ones who are secular astrology readers and those who think they are gods anybody who is against God they also have religion knowing it not anyways the thing is when they if are not right with God and against that also gives away they have religion anyways these titles and political party and sports team fallowing and any matrix crap and saying i am white that is pale zomby demons kill slowly life and put repobrate mindset like just as somebody call themselves yellow and black black is death they do then drugs and soo much crime dying off and police beat and kill them and nobody care because christian and other religious person or colour person is non existant not counted as human that is the moorish law go for clarification God personaly to tell you that,yes and no religious person religiously titled and others i explained who say are not in religion and are yet again they are yet all in hell,this is not my view and not my opinion evry opinion is a lie and that is word of matrix of insecurity that is another curse people who are so called martyrs and have religious titles will burn in hell forever because of that title they were killed because of the title and have curse and spell on them and you must know that when you call yourself that you put curse of religious demons that are assigned from satan to block your spiritual growth,how do you like that to know the truth about universal truths you can not say nothing against because as 2+2=4 for evrything as that there is absolute truth and is absolutley and what i said is as defaultly 2+2=4 so this all what i said is like that you can not say i do not fallow YAHUSHUA the messiah because he said not fallow this and that religion by this and that name but said that he is the salvation way in John 14:6 go lok it up in your bible!Also in the bible is soo much talked against religion that i need not to get into,more soon i will inform you like this if you do not put me as admin i will put some mind blowing true exposure of satan´s magical box of rule in this box where we are at now his entire worldly empire and how it works and connected and it is more then illuminati and all what controlled oppositions of illuminati told and any juristiction deceived puppet person who is controlled opposition fallower sheeple goyim hypnotranced zombie under mind control spell of alex jones and mark dice and dr. sccot johnson the blasphimer of the first order and pastorgeorgec with nehemiah sin center cult universalist urantia unity gathering ecumental warefolf vampire cult along with their another freemasonic jesuit puppet pastor mike hoggard another fat blasphimer who knows not bible at all who is lying heretical blasphemous peace of shit,and i swear not be not deceived here i tell the truth and i give it to you blood raw and the thing is if you listen to their videos and wath you will damn your soul and they are o i am not going to as i tought to get into all exposure now of them and evrything else i wanted but i want to make you to know for you to keep in mind that you are beeing with lack of exposure and lak of knowlage here,if you let me for admin you do good thing,it is not about likes and i am not lifless souless person about that but for real to reach souls!O let religious fanatics unlike page less religious demons to be spiritual warfare done against!” THAT IS MY MESSAGE AND HERE IT IS ANOTHER BLOG BACKUP AND I WILL MAKE FACEBOOK PAGE:” FRAUD PAGES OF ILLUMINATI KILLERS AND ANTI ILLUMINATI DEPARTMENT AND EXPOSING SATANIC GOVEREMENT-CONTROLLED OPPOSITION” SO YOU CHOOSE,YOU ARE DEMONIC IF YOU REMOVE THIS AND DO NOT AS GOD INTENDED YOU TO DO TO PUT ME AS ADMIN I DO THAT FOR A REASON WHAT I WRITE AND YOU WHO REMOVE YOU,YOU ARE CONTROLLED BY PSY OPS HERMETICAL MYSTICAL ORDERS OF CIA! my backup blog that i will use if you proove who i said you are again dooing stupied illuminati act you did if you do it again and then if you do that again then you will be exposed and i will send fireballs on your ass and i will hount you in dreams stalk you astraly astro project on against you and pray judment on you because you are not exposing nothing new just giving controlled opposition videos and texts and religious bullcrap!

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you expose a lot of good things but where are trust laws and true matrix exposing i know more if you would put me as admin i would give more truth then ever with my blogs and knowlage on this…
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