QUEEN ELIZABETH AND THE DEMONIC SPIRITS OF DJINN fallen celestial lightbeings OF ISRAEL´s kaballistic magic: The system known as Freemasonry is summoning forces from the lower astral planes here evry day. The major character in Freemasonry is the ancient KING SOLOMON of Israel who employed the Chaldean Judaic priests to bring all the demonic spirits of these beings these jinn under his command. Queen Elizabeth is the Grand Mattronness of International World Freemasonry and is the boss of her own Masonic cult called the ORDER OF THE GARTER which meets at St George’s Chapel on the estate of WINDSOR CASTLE. The Order of the Garter wear a snake-shaped green garter clip on their stockings with a solid gold clasp. On the roof of the chapel there are statues of beasts – including Amdicias [the unicorn] and the YALE [a strange composite creature which resembles a goat and horse with round nodules on its skin].

Amongst its highest ranks Freemasonry has many aristocratic and royal splinter groups such as the ORDER OF THE SERAPHIM [Swedish Royal Family](fallen seraphim beings where actualy fallen seraphim choose the fate of world), the ROYAL ALPHA LODGE [convened at Kensington Palace]( alpha draconians -fallen celestial lightbeings), the ORDO TEMPLI ORIENTIS [whose British HQ is in Brighton] and in the USA, there are off-shoot cults such as the SKULL AND BONES who meet inside custom-built marble mausoleums and are based on the masonic rituals of the BAVARIAN ILLUMINATI. A much less known American cult is the BOOK AND SNAKE – their members include former President George Bush. ‘BUSH’ is an ancient Hebrew family name which is listed in the Jewish Encyclopedia as being part of the ‘lost tribes’ who made their exodus from the Holy Lands and travelled into Europe.

Freemasonry is just one of many different secret societies in which magical rituals summon the demonic spirits of the fallen celestial beings the elite of jinn spirits. When Queen Elizabeth was crowned, the Arch-Bishop invoked the name of KING SOLOMON and his priest ZADOK, and hymns evoking the greatness of ISRAEL were sung as the crown was placed on her head. The entire Coronation Ritual is actually based on an ancient magical ceremony. The British crown is kept in a special room called the JERUSALEM CHAMBER the night before it is placed on the Monarch’s head. In the Jewish ancient texts, King Solomon is described as having influence and power over hundreds of demonic spirits of fallen celestial lightbeings cof the elite of jinn. King Solomon is the monarch which all the European kings and queens claim they are descended from.

These aristocratic royal families use symbols of unicorns, griffins, lions and dragons on their shields to represent the demonic spirits of fallen celestial lightbeings which King Solomon summoned.

In africa that kabbalistic Magical Ritual is the most ancient witchcraft occult activity – and this isand there are more than 13,000 ritual artefacts buried at the back of a cave.

In Australia, the aboriginal people have been painting the faces of these beings on rocks for thousands of years – they call them the WANDJINNA – and the middle part of the word ‘Wandjinna’ spells the same word Jinn. JINN is the wish master type of fallen celestial lightbeing.

Shortly after being crowned, Queen Elizabeth joined the ANCIENT ORDER OF DRUIDS and was initiated as a BARD-MAGICIAN. To the Masonic network of secret societies, she is fulfilling the role of the SKY GODDESS who is painted on the cave walls of Africa and who inspired the notion of NUIT or NUT – the over-arching Sky Goddess of ancient Egypt-another name of Lilith because she is possessed by her fallen female seraphim the mystery babylon in book of revelation which is portraited as.

There is the royal emblem of these spirits – especially AMDUCIAS [the unicorn] frolicking with MARBAS [the Lion headed fallen seraphim demonic spirit] pictured alongside the Queen. We are all walking around each day with images of these beings in our pockets; the Royal Mint and Royal Mail use the symbols of these these jinn on coins, stamps and bank notes. The ‘Yale’ spirit is featured on the QUEENS BEASTS stamp collection.

At KEW GARDENS, there are many statues of these jinn. And at HAMPTON COURT PALACE there is a collinaded walkway featuring many of the djinn from ancient Israeli texts – they are known as the QUEEN’S BEASTS.