WINSTON CHURCHILL and the QUEEN OF ENGLAND is initiated into a brotherhood of DRUIDS and BAARDS! What are they doing dressed in robes alongside Freemasons?!They are bringing forth apocalypse! Why do the British Royals and aristocrats join these magical brotherhoods?!They were founder they join not they own! Why does the Queen put her name to emblems featuring lion-headed humans which are emblazoned on medals, stamps and coins?These beasts worn are fallen seraphim!

She wears them to summon their power


Through many years of globe-trekking in Egypt, all over Europe, stomping up and down the stairways of ruined castles, filming snake-charmers, psychics and fortune tellers in the Atlas Mountains of Africa, teaching the HOPI PROPHECIES, being initiated by Native American Indians, and even filming a lady who voluntarily allows her own body to be possessed by a spirit which causes the colour of her eyes to change and for her face to change, Since then, camera technology has improved and we now have footage filmed from inside a magic circle whilst a Voodoo ceremony is taking place…

dozens of Exorcisms from Korea, the USA, London, Iran and Saudi Arabia. We also see the dangerous side of spirit possession with Voodoo rituals and also Ouija Board seances which go horribly wrong……….

Gradually, we are seeing what the secret WORK OF AGES is… This is a ghastly master-plan followed by the Satanic brotherhoods who worship Lucifer/-Satan the beast!..some of these Brotherhoods are working towards complete ecological melt-down… They are dedicating themselves to calling forth demonic spirits of fallen celestial lightbeings who want to see our wonderful planet burned to a cinder in a race war designed to place the Chosen Few on the “Throne of Jerusalem” – this is acient phrophecy beeing fulfilled Their plan differs from one mad cult to the next – but nearly always includes death, war, destruction and chaos as part of global satanic ritualistic sacrafice for their selfish greedy buts!

this WORK OF AGES what we see unfolding before our very eyes ! One of the most heinous and horrible categories of weapons used by the British-USA-Israeli-Pentagon axis is a collection of ‘Plague Bombs’ and poison gasses which contain dangerous bacterias. There can be no denial of the fact that Israel, India, Russia, Pakistan, UK, USA and France have enough nuclear and biological bombs to murder and extinguish all living creatures on planet earth.

Her Majesty’s government have been exposed selling deadly bio-chemical weapons – for example, Her Majesty’s Department of Trade and Industry just gave a nod of approval for FLOURIDE-BASED CHEMICAL WEAPONS to be manufactured in the UK and shipped to SYRIA! The Fluoride-based Chemical Weapons were actually shipped to groups of FAKE TERRORISTS on the MI6 payroll… When I and other journalists exposed this fact a few months ago, the British-made chemical weapons were apparently gathered together and then ‘Destroyed at Sea’ – which means that off the coast of Syria a poisoned cloud of chemicals wiped out the fishing grounds…

it is a giant war declared AGAINST THE PLANET, and AGAINST NATURE ITSELF… …. …. ..

This is part of a plan of SPIRITUAL WARFARE against the indigenous people who use sacred power of God´s help to bring knowlage like indigos and crystal and rainbow children and indigo moors c5 blue ray indigos and the thing is the elite hates these phrophetic bloodlines of also heru/hebbrew Yazralites(isralites/YAHzralites).