that is homosexual,vatican´s agent pre tribulation apture is satan´s doctrine to lead many astray all rapture fanatics will not live it at all,the spirit of religion is in them religion is relaying on a jinn the jinnie fallen celestial lightbeing the wishmaster,who grant wishes and give worldly material flashly lusts and wealth and takes soul for eternity…..” Mark 8:36 For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” he is satan´s agent he wears expšencive clothes and is preaching also gender domminance and gender submission and myth of weeker vessel which is all gay bullcrap and not in original bible and edited vatican´s gay bible chrstianity is satanic cult it is religion and religion is created by devil to lead peope astray and have pagan holidays like christmas and easter,christ beings(christ means annointed one,the savior also title of savior is messiah he is annointed one) but why i say christ beings annointed ones by God people who obey the torah law who keep rosh ha shana,pentecost,passover and feast of tebernacles,sukkot,ect,these are original holidays biblical ones and easter let me expose is pagan fretility worship and santa claus is satan´s claws of wickedness and wicked screatch of materialism on the soul,there you go and easter bunny is satan,satan transformed on that event week or 2 later after passover once to gigantic bunny to make another religion such as christianity to promote idiotism and stupedity and insanity,christianity is anti christ,people should not have religion if they want to be with God but spiritual connection and obedient repentent relationship and be obidient keeping commandments and grace they use as excuse for sin and law is done away with lie when they indirectly call YAHUSHUA the messiah liar the,because this is his word:”Matthew 5:17 Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil.” so there you go by YAHUSHUA´S own words YAHUSHUA calls christians liars because they call him by religion itself insane and liar christianity=christ with insanity that is what it means so never never tell me to be christian i will not be christians go to hell,the thing is never start lies to talk o real have nothing to,whaaat,say what stop with insanity always and you re against knowlage and perishing for the lack of knowlage and close minded people you better wake up we are made in image of God,God is mael and female both therefore so make not mistake in speaking blasphimies against God and these truths and calling me this and that if you do i am persecuted for God´s sake and i love it ok God will judge you and that basterd up is strait from the pits of hell,gender dominnance is myth and noware in real genuine bible it is in new nersions from 1480´s till the 2006 all the new bibles are corrupt!read ancient scolls more then 66 books they rejected enoch and call it satanic christians and walking blasphemy who are repobrate for accepting and spreading these lies ignorant monsters with lack of knowlage conservative wisdom hating spirit of wisdom blasphiming mocking gay manipulative basterds like islam rapists and women who let their housbands abuse them and be manipulative ahab jezabels they also become jezabels for submmiting they should not housbands should to their vives and they equaly to their housbands that is in the bible but romans in vatican edited the true equality and put male gay shit,don´t you ever come with ignorance to me heathens even will agree and know the truthafter what i write but you who profess to know God and come with religious bullcrap because religion is satan´s playground you come with religious title i will put you in prayer of MESSIAH´S WRATH AS HE RETURNS TO THIS EARTH TO JUDGE SO HE MAY BURN YOU WITH FIRE!!!!!!! HERE IS TRUTH: Holy Trinity:Abba YAHUVEH(FATHER),YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH(SON-CHRIST-MESSIAH),RUACH ha KODESH/IMMAYAH(HOLY SPIRIT-MOTHER)! letter j was not his name never j is a sickle of grim reaper and it is original name that sound yeezus which means hey zeus and zeus is another name of satan it is calling upon the name of satan,and pagan name of father yaldaboath/- and or jehovah are names of satan again and of momma wisdom is removed total mockery and repobrae army made who is religious fanatic religious spirit is not spirit of God spirit of God is the one who recognise this what all i wrote as truth and wake up call to come out of her!Come out of her my children! God said that!Who her,curch,she preashes religion that is gagina of Lilith fallen female seraphim,the thing is that her another name is vaticana so vatican is that mystery babylon,there you have it you have all explained now!