Angels ad all other races of Celestial astral lightbeings:

Here is list of races or types of celestial beings:





Virtues-also called and known as fairies







Title/Alias Celestials
Occupation Various
Affiliation: Host of Heaven (formerly-and yet still ones)
Various angelic and other celestial beings factions (also formerly)
Castiel‘s faction (currently; presumably)
Family directly in haven they have with eachother and with their Creator God (Creator/Father YAHUVEH,Mother IMMAYAH,Lord YAHUSHUA)
Portrayed by: Various factions of celestial lightbeings


Pre-trib rapture is one of the biggest lies the church believes in. People need to read their bibles!

fallen ones create that lie for their advantage!

Yes you are right they created pre tribulation rapture is demonic counterfit and is project blue beam i made blogs about that pre tribulation rapture is demonic satan´s illuminati cabal agenda! There is No Need to Fear Project Blue Beam:pandora´s box is open,hell is empty,all devils are here.Project Blue Beam is an enterprise of the military-industrial complex capable of throwing more or less realistic holographic images onto the sky, which can be used to project an image of Jesus or Mary or an image of an attacking alien spacecraft or, for that matter, a war between alien spacecraft and terrestrial planes or craft which the terrestrials are portrayed as winning – or losing.
Some years ago I described it this way:
“Project Bluebeam is a top-secret American project which uses holographic and other technologies to project images onto the sodium level of the Earth’s atmosphere of spaceships or religious figures. It will be used to manipulate the followers of various religions and sell them a new New Age religion, one designed to suit the Illuminati’s purposes.” (1)
We may discover that one reason the cabal is busily spraying chemtrails everywhere is to provide a layer of reflective material on which to stage Project Blue Beam.
The angelic beings explained to me and tell me that all such attempts to delude us will be foiled who is right with God and has spiritual discerment.They tell us to relax on the score of Project Blue Beam.Many will be deceived that is falling away….and God gave me of that understanding:”2 Thessalonians 2:3Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition” “Daniel 8:25
He will cause deceit to prosper, and he will consider himself superior. When they feel secure, he will destroy many and take his stand against the Prince of princes. Yet he will be destroyed, but not by human power.” so before YAHUSHUA returns the counterfit one will immitate him and the thing is that falling away happens first that verse kills demonic lie of pre tribulation rapture! here is my blog for more info about it it is soo connected with that verse to kill any claim for pre tribulation rapture,here is my blog:…/about-ascention…/

Anyways it is from this continuance this blog:

this is the thing that fallen ones have is they are all as you see explanations in survival mode for real!

as this one tells also


Angels and other races of celestial beings

A Glimpse of an Angels wings
Most powerful by number celestial beings 4,5,6,7,8
First Appearance energetic or light or fire their original form
Last Appearance – physical on earth and non physical or in astraly in dreams of people helping them in spiritual realm
Appearances in war original
Race direct Children of God; Celestials
Powers 15 astrometaphysical and metaphysical first ones of the list humans have with activated merkaba and then all many others and all have 36000 powers



Sometime after God created world before chaos and Death come into existence,God created the Earth and the Leviathans – i.e the flaming shining serpants the celestial beings to guard and roam it, eating and devouring everything after they rebelled with prince of darkness the ex light barer in race of cherubims being Lucifrage Rofacale Sataniel.God was worried for the sake of the planet so God locked them in Purgatory.

Later, God creates more of the race of archangels those main are like (Michael, Uriel, Raphael and Gabriel who are the first type of Celestials who are warriors and messangers from the beginning. Metatron, the fifth of the archangels and scribe was created at an unknown time to Lucifer´s knowlage. Soon after this, God makes the Seraphim race more,and race of angels and virtues. At first, the angels weren’t allowed to be on Earth or possess a vessel till Adam And Eve came.

Lucifer/-Satan was originally God’s favourite creation, but he was replaced with humanity, this infuriates Lucifer. He attempts to tell God about their flawed nature, but God doesn’t listen in ways that being expected and thinks God hates Lucifer.Lucifer then goes to Michael, but Michael won’t disobey God.Michael rebuked Lucifer and told infinite love is the only truth and evrything else is an illusion.Then Lucifer furious comes to God and tells “How dare you put before us creatures of fire this week creature before us”and God told repent you foolish rebelious creature and satan/lucifer cursed out God and war broke in haven and the thing is that later were many more wars!War goes on!Gabriel can’t stand the arguments also of Lucifer so she leaves to Earth and materialises and later helps Adam and Eve.Lucifer goes to earth and corrupts a human soul and creates the first demon with his fallen female seraphim lover celestial sister which is his bride Lilith,the demon cian,thru body of adam and eve they possessed in their aura and sexual kundalini sysem. This angers God, who orders Michaels to send Lucifer to Hyperborea layer of earth.

Castiel male archangel and Casiela  female virtue races of celestial beings and Garrisonel hemaphrodit archangel watch the first animals “heave” themselves onto a beach, and the first humans build on hyperborea after they got by archagnel michael from cian saved the half human half draconian demon child and his demon children. Castiel‘s immediate war with help Garrisonel and legions of holy female queen archangels Annaliea, Uriel, Hester, Balthazarmalia and Inias are stationed to watch Earth and protect it from moon.

In the beginning of death of adam and eve and beginning of lemuria, the Angels on lucifer´s side secretly arrange for fallen virtues and to fall in love with echother and grigori order of archangels semyaza and azazel and conceive 4 groups of hybrid demon children; hades,nauginis/-naginis,nephilim,nigh hogs.

Season for cleansing

In atlantis Castiel is sent to rescue Deanael fallen archangel´s hybrid children from Hell and he leads a siege against Hell, which Uriel was a part of who ordered him to save children to give them report what the grigori order did on earth. Castiel saves Deanel´s hybrids, but not in time to stop him from breaking the first of the 66 Seals needed to break Lucifer free from agrarta hallow earth who were seals of goetic spirits of 72 spirits that are now summoned in kaballah the jinne race the jinn/djinn race of fallen celestial beings.On Earth, angels try to stop Lilith from bringing the Rising of the Witnesses of war for lucifer´s informations in his advantige, but they fail and that breaks another seal. Two witches of lemuria prepare to summon the demonic fallen one of these 72 nammed Samhain which will cause the breaking of another seal, Castiel and Uriel are sent to destroy the whole town groups in lemuria to stop the seal from breaking. The Winchesters´s hybrids won’t allow them to kill the entire town and set out on their own to stop the summoning,and Michael the archangel kills hybrids to give them more time to do what they need. They fail to prevent the summoning, and although they defeat Samhain the seal has already been broken.

A Fallen Angel by the name of granilia is on Earth, after she “cut” out her Grace (which the angelic energy source that supports their powers) and is in a ward because she can hear Angels of lucifer plan something, she later escapes. After searching, Alastair, a demonic fallen one who is commander of 322 jinnie race of fallen celestial beings of race of virtues with Phobos find hers and has two demonic legions additionaly brutes with him. Castiel and Uriel arrive, and they fight. Uriel easily overpowers both of Alastair’s brutes-hybrids, but Castiel is overpowered and apprehended by Alastair the fallen one.Annaliea saves one that fallen granalia who had sex with several warriors from lemuria she was to save to find out her info to win the war and she repented before God then regains her Grace, and re-becomes a full-blown Angel.

The Angels also manage to save a seal the holy ones from command of archangel Michael, which was the attempted killings of two Reapers the angels of death the gorstacs the fallen ones and the thing is these phantoms are the ones thrown into pondemonium their own created land by Michael, but tricking Samuel fallen cherubim and Deanel into investigating a town where no-one can die. They also capture Alastairiel. Seven Angels from Castiel’s Garrison are confused around this time and the first suspect is Lilith,and she is the one who lied them!

Uriel and Castiel have Deanel, who was Alastairiel’s former apprentice during his stay in shambala, torture Alastairiel in order to find out how Lilith is killing the hybrids of Angels. Alastairiel breaks free, beats up Deanel and almost exorcises Castiel when Samael appears, and after he finds out that Lilith is not behind the murders of all of the hybrids of the Angels, kills more hybrids to make it look like it Alastairiel. Castiel later discovers that Uriel is that true murderer and is an warrior against Azazel another new agent of Lucifer.Uriel tries to persuade Castiel to help her to free Lucifer and put him with Michael to shambala and pondemonium, but Castiel refuses to and fights Lucifer. Uriel gets the upper hand in the fight, but Michael appears and kills CIAN with an Angel Blade of rimona former female guardian angel of Abel.

Soon afterwards, Castiel learns something important and tries to warn Deanel, but he is captured by holy Angels and taken to Heaven, where he is tortured back into obeying in 8 D he is taken. It is revealed by Zachariel, that “Senior Management” intended on the 66 Seals breaking so Lucifer can become free from agharta, and have Michael in his true vessel, destroy Lucifer´s first legions of demon hybrids and bring everlasting paradise on Earth.

Season of braking more of seals

As it was planned, Lilith was killing hybrids of hers also and that caused the last of the 66 Seals to be broken, and Lucifer is freed. Deanel says no to being ordered by physical Michaels vessel, which makes Lucifer unstoppable for the remainder of Season of killing of demonic hybrids he may ascend to 7D completly and that was not good. For the most of the season, Zachariel tries to get Deanel to say yes, and he even sends him forward in time, to Heaven and tortures him and Samael, but Deanel continues to refuse and ends up killing Zachariel´s hybrids himself.

Miguela the fallen female archangel attempts to the the Apocalypse of Sodom and Gomorrah after global Noahic flood of atlantis and lemuria by herself by going back in time and killing Jogiel and Marolin´s  archdemon hybrids . She fails this and is by psychokinesis by Roxiel Holy virtue with protection of her beloved close one archangel Michael putting her into pandora´s box not to escape for some time. Gabriel tries to help the watcher´s grigori´s kill Lucifer´s demon hybrids to ascend to 5D where Michael ad others will imprison them in one layer. Throughout the season, Castiel who is now a warrior against one of the most powerfull Fallen Angels like joker spirits and Xaphan who was one of the first of celestial beings in first race the angels,one of and the first fallen angel who rebelled with Satan. works with the semyaza´s watchers also to try and stop the Apocalypse of their own to create fals and fake and phoney utopia.

Michael who is using Samael and Deanel to confuse fallen ones because they go with him to make lucifer confused also confronts Lucifer who is using Samael´s look as a  physical vessel to confuse the Sumerian people also. Eventually, Samael by Michael´s restructions regains control of his body and throws himself and Michael allows this into Lucifers Cage, ending the Apocalypse of Sumeria and then he himself destroys half of it!Castiel, who was killing hybrids earlier by killing hybrid races of Lucifer for throwing a molotov of holy fire at them, is brought back to  physical life as an even more powerful archangel, and brings clean land. He then heals Deanel and heads back to  near Heaven  in 8D also in an attempt to restore order.

Season of reasorations:

After Micheal’s imprisonment of some of the grigori order of archangels and God´s orders for the ones who for lust of human flash abandoned Heaven, the angels and archangels and ophanim races under command of semyaza all fall into disarray. They don’t know what to do or who to take orders from. Castiel who had originally batteled ones who first rebelled from Heaven to help the watchers go to 5D, preaches the idea of “Free Will” to the angels and archangels and ophanim under command of semyaza´s 200 the 7860 under their command. Many of them can’t grasp the idea and the only remaining Archangel Raphael confronts Castiel and demands that he repents his rebellion. He repents of promoting sex with themselves and humans also then release Lucifer by help of Michael from the cage and restart the Apocalypse of another land Babylon creating destruction of tower of babel with fallowed disasters that God brought. Castiel refuses too much to destroy all pagan buildings to go along with this plan and Raphael threatens to destroy him and all his followers unless they obey.

Reluctantly, Castiel ends up repenting again and hugging Casiela his virtue holy virtue the holy soulmate of his they marry not but remember they have soulmates they have not sex holy ones and fallen ones yes but he hugged her and cried God made me like this did God made me like this? She removed his tears and kissed him on forehead and telling you got this right it is good you obeyed come on relax.Satan making a pact with Azazel is not your fault either you were not soo strong that littel pointy ears virtue with rainbow wings hugged him and spoke gently encouraging words,the new King of Hell azazel laughed at this sight. They both go to Hell semyaza and azazel and they plot to open up Purgatory where they are at then and absorb the souls of all the deceased monsters inside of it they before created. In order to initiate a war against Raphael,azazel tempted and gives Castiel 50,000 fallen archangels of lucifer fallen ones and the holy one of God still loyal refuses azazel´s offer of command chain. In the process Castiel also pulls Samael and also oversoul of saturn planet and Lucifer´s oversoul from Lucifers Cage, but forgets his soul the soul of Samael complete parts.

Even though with the help of azazel Lucifer had desire of  gaining control of Heaven’s Weapons, Castiels war doesn’t go to plan, and goes quite badly and he becomes more desperate to find Purgatory to close it.

The watchers find out about what Castiel has been doing, they confront him and he tries unsuccessfully to convince them that he has to do this.Then Michael fix the things in order and he is to care for holy children humans in Israel who wondered in wilderness and killed hybrids with leader phrophet Moses and phrophet Joshua Casiel with them was killing demonic hybrid children of fallen ones

Later, Castiel opens Purgatory successfully after going back on his recovery recreation and takes in all of the souls needed to be there and closes it. Unknown to him he also takes in the Leviathan who was served as poseidon atlas in atlantis as pagan sea merman god fish god along with anoher fallen cherubim Dagon. He then obliterates Raphael.And Raphael is for heeling then and works with heeling elites of angels and virtues of Lyra!

Season of victory

Castiel goes to Heaven and smites every single surviving hybrid of fallen angels and archangels and ophanim of the second in order of command under grigori 7860 fallen ones their hybrids in sodom and gomora as they ere killed  who ever help Raphael and he tells the rest of the angels that he is their commander for heeling then and now and that if they do not obey that they must suffer the consequences. He returns to Earth and destroys everything he perceives to be evil. He eventually realizes the error of many people and returns to haven till they pray to God to get heeled. With their help he sends all the souls of fallen ones all groups from second group back to Purgatory, except for the Leviathan he is put to bermubda triangle on gates of moon.

The Leviathan takes over his domain and rests in his domain. They then leave and disperse into the water supply and leaves Castiel and his virtue Casiela and they get to work with phrophets only the ones who are like going to many parts to bring the messages in time in rule of Levitical pristhood of old testament.

However, he is in his astral quantum fire body again and has no want or need to work soo much as before.


Archangels under archangel Michael are the eldest and most powerful of the army who have the best angels under command.They are imbued with unimaginable power and authority and are some of the strongest beings in all of Creation. The first four of the archangels were created in this order: Michael,Uriel, Raphael and Gabriel. Only two are extremly active now, and they are Michael and Uriel but they are trapping demons forever sealed away in Lucifer’s Cage first worst ones.

Seraphim race

Seraphs are a whole different kind of celestial being and they race higher than regular races and this is highest. For a long time, Bayiel gorg or Seraphis Bay was the only known  commanding Seraph, but after Castiel archangel  was promoted as this seraphim´s fall. Like the Archangels their powers are also imbued inside them and if they Fall or become cut off from Heaven, their powers remain but are not good as before fall.

Angels race

These are just normal and common angels. Although they are nowhere near as powerful as Archangels or races of Seraphim, they can still destroy demons and monsters with relative ease. They are grouped into Garrisons and are commanded by Seraphim  race also. None of them have ever actually killed too many hybrids the demons while alive and they all carry Angel Blades. Three standard Angels area nilia,gafiel,sorona

Virtues the elf races they are called the most

They are at the very bottom of the Celestial chain of command and are 7th race of celestial beings. They follow Heaven’s orders and fallen ones of their race they are responsible for jinnie sexual and war for pristesses of lemuria by atlantian hybrids also the manipulation affection.

Fallen Angels and other races of fallen celestial beings

Fallen ones are ones who either left Heaven voluntarily or were banished from Heaven. They look just like normal holy ones some of them but their abilities can be affected depending on their rank. Known banished ones are fallowers Lucifer and Lilith, both of which fell on their own accord.

Powers and Abilities and what they can do all races of celestial beings

Powers that all angels and other celestial beings possess

  • DEMONIC Possession of body for fallen ones – Like Demons their dead hybrids, fallen ones hen don´t want to materialise need a vessel while on Earth, but they must have the vessel’s permission before they can take control.
  • Astral Projection just as humans and animals have – celestial beings can project their wings onto surfaces. If one is fallen they mostly use this to create their own quantum matrix with when manipulate matrix they create here,so to speak for astral fuel!
  • Chronokinesis – celestials can travel through time in any direction and can bring others with them, this is easier to do when connected to Heaven.
  • Dream Walking as humans who are trained can – celestials can appear in peoples dreams when they cannot find the person they are looking for or want to speak privately.
  • Electronic Manipulation – They can manipulate electrical appliances.
  • Immortality – celestials do not age, nor can they be killed by diseases or Earthly weapons.
  • Regeneration – In the case of an celestial being´s vessel being damaged, it heals itself almost instantly.
  • ‘Sedation’ – they can make humans unconscious with just a touch.
  • Superhuman Stamina – Angels and other celestial beings do not require food, water, oxygen or sleep to sustain themselves also while in physical form also assuming human form either.
  • Supernatural Perception – Angels and other celestial beings can see all supernatural activity around them. They can sense any location, being or object not protected by Enochian symbols
  • Telekinesis – they can move objects and beings purely with their mind not touching but with look help of it and pointing directions.
  • Teleportation – Angels and other celestial beings can travel instantly from one place to another and also can summon or send other beings


They are very difficult to kill in physical form and if are so they appear soon again recovered fast, and the ways to kill or hurt them is hard and ispecialy with fire wepons have no affect on them at all.

Harming and trapping

  • Holy Fire – If encased in flames made from Holy Oil, the angel and other celestial beings of other races is trapped but can still use their powers to aid their escape. If they touch the flame, both the physical vessel of theirs will temporary and the human near with the seal die.They always if harder task call Michael for battle however, only banish thiem the fallen.
  • Enochian Sigils – When Enochian sigils are placed on a humans ribcage it prevents any angel or archangel and any other celestial being from finding them. Painting these sigils on a building’s walls will prevent them from entering.
  • Hex Bags – Can be used to prevent angels and other celestials from finding them or detection them.

Banishing or Destroying

  • Blood Seal – If a person places their hand on a blood seal then all fallen angels and other fallen celestials in the immediate are will be banished, a fellow holy angels and other celestials can also active the seal this way and will not be banished. However, if the seal is placed upon an angels and other celestials body by means of carving and they then activate it, it will banish that being as well.
  • Exorcism Chant – There is a chant that can be used to exorcise fallen angels from human vessels, it doesn’t seem to be well known as it has only been used by archangels only and holy angels and other races of selestial beings.
  • Angelic Blade – An fallen angel can be killed by an angelic blade as long as their are stabbed in a vital area of the human body they possess.

Known Angels


  • Lam-Samael of fallen ones


  • Castiel (promoted)
  • Uriel
  • Annalia
  • Jofiel
  • Balgrimel
  • Virgil
  • Rachel
  • Hester
  • Inias
  • Samandriel
  • Naomi


  • sagziel
  • zuumagiela

cheaf rulling Archangels

  • Michael
  • Uriel
  • Raphael
  • Gabriel
  • of fallen are
  • Metatron and Ragiel,Raziel,Molec,Azazel,Semyaza,Nera,Asket,Elektra,Mia,Merope,Azaela

Angels and other celestial beings are beings created by God first before any other creatures. They are winged spirits that are native to Heaven. Although both celestial beings and humans were created by God, angels  and other celestials are different to humans. Their true form can be called a holy righteous beast, ranging from having two to six feathered wings, four animalistic heads and can be tall as skyscrapers he gingantic buildings!

Angels  and other celestials beings are winged  beings created by God to serve as attendants and messengers mostly, but also as soldiers in  war against Lucifer and fallen ones. They are native to Heaven and are imbued with both holy white light as well as considerable power. Their true form is nothing less of holy righteous beings which are beautiful as well as hazardous, overwhelming, and terrifying all at the same time; ranging from two to six and much more large feathered and other types of wings the transparent wings also on their backs and other parts of their body, four animalistic heads with halos of light around them, and heights as tall as skyscrapers.

Angels are one of the most powerful entities in the demon slaying needed at least because they are first race and other beings are hybrids and it is nothing to them, generally outclassing all demons, monsters, and other supernatural hybrid creatures with the exception of the most powerfull archdemons they need help of others!

Angels and other races of celestial beings are capable of reproducing with humans while in a vessel, creating a nephilim. Unless they do not have their Grace, then the resulting offspring will be human hybrid more human looking when they have grace,they can be forgiven if they are good and not abusive and demonic and globaly manipulative just having sex. They cannot reproduce in their natural form, and it is archdemons what is born when two angels and other races of celestial beings within vessels reproduce.

You, celestial being, have been created to be an direct servant of God”
—The inner “programming” of an celestial being!

God creates Heaven.God later creates the first beasts, the seraphs and let  some of them roam the Earth, eating and devouring everything in their path when they rebelled with Lucifer.

Metatron eventually comes to Castiel for help who refused to help after falling from the original state from Heaven and about to be locked for a while. Matatron laterbeeing in a civil war with many factions warring for control. While Nagas the elder ophanim race of gruziel had been on her side to defeat fallen nagas she is merely one of the many faction leaders. Metatron has decided to seal up 5D Heavenly earth to prevent the war from spilling onto 3D Earth and to force the angels to sit down and hash out their problems fallen ones with him. Castiel and Metatron start the trials to seal up Heaven by killing a Nephilim, the child of an angel and a human they then go on each side and were there relaxing.


Angels being cast out of Heaven.



Metatron later revealed to Castiel that the second trial is to retrieve the bow of a seraphim. Metatron was captured by Naomiela holy naga ophanim and a host of angels. Castiel pursued the second trial and managed to convince another that holy naga to give up her bow, thus completing the second trial of tasks he needs to do from God. Meanwhile, Naomi attempted to uncover Metatron’s knowledge of the tablets, but discovered that Metatron was actually planning revenge to all the archangels in heaven who cast him out. The trials Metatron revealed to Castiel were not in fact the trials on the angel tablet to close heaven but a spell to expel all holy ones who were against him from heaven. Naomiela rushes to warn Castiel and Dean. The revelation causes Naomiela to regret her actions and those of all angels with her command, telling Castiel and ramaela that angels are supposed to protect humanity and lost sight of that somewhere along the way.

Trying to discover the truth for himself, Castiel travelled to Heaven, only to find Naomiela  talking to Uriel about war he have rest in 7D then. Metatron confirmed Naomiela’s revelations and took energy patterns God put on records about Castiel’s grace, completing the third part of the spell. This turned out not to work as Michael stopped metatron!

An angel falling down to earth after being locked out of heaven by Metatron’s spell is enough that he dragiela who had sex killed hybrid and ascended to 5D raphael and uriel helped and mantained grace of her to pull her to 7D with Casiel to rest there before another war.




Powers & Abilities second set of it of 3 levels not including too many sub powers and ablities of these abilities and powers from celestial beings:

Low-tier powers

Common powers granted to all angels and other celestials with varying levels of effectiveness.

  • Electronic Manipulation – They can manipulate electrical appliances. Castiel caused a dozen car alarms to stop by raising his hand.
  • Holy White Light – A particularly lethal power, they can unleash a highly concentrated blast of pure energy from their palms to incinerate or destroy targets. The level of destruction can be controlled, ranging from obliterating an entire building to killing a room full of monsters.
  • Immortality – They do not age and cannot be killed by diseases or Earthly weapons.
  • Invulnerability – To date, the only things capable of killing angels and other celestials are Angel and other Blades, Holy Fire, a stronger angel and other celestial beings,God, and it is physical death the imprisonment into abyss form of thing. Archangels have even fewer weaknesses, as Michael wasn’t killed by the Holy Fire, and they can only be killed conventionally by Archangel Blades, though it is not able to be killed by Angel Blades.
  • Regeneration – If an angel’s vessel is damaged, it will repair itself nearly instantly unless the wound was caused by angelic weaponry .
  • Sedation – Angels and other celestials are able to render humans unconscious with a touch.
  • Smiting – Perhaps their most versatile and terrifying weapon, smiting (sometimes known as the Killing Touch) allows the angel to kill any demon, monster and even humans with a touch. Smiting is often exhibited when angels place their hands or palms on their adversaries’ face, forehead, or mouth.
  • Super Stamina – they never tire, and they do not require food, water, oxygen, or sleep to sustain themselves.
  • Super Strength – Once possessing a vessel, they use their power to dramatically increase the physical strength threshold of their hosts. All  are endowed with seemingly limitless strength that surpasses that of demons, monsters, and other supernatural beings, however, their strength varies from ne to another, depending on their position within the celestial hierarchy; lesser ranked beings like there is meseenger there is heeler and there is warrior,ect are still incredibly powerful and are able to destroy most monsters and regular to mid-level demons, able to press at least 2 tons (4,000 lbs), while seraphs and cherubs race of beings, mid-level angels, can destroy all monsters and mid to high-level demons and virtually all lesser angels to abyss to put. Archangels are the most powerful class of warrior race of beings looking with warrior rank of all, and one of the most powerful beings in Creation. As such, they easily outclass most other supernatural beings with God  being their only confirmed superiors.
  • Super Senses – All angels and other celestial beings materialised inhuman form enhance their vessels senses to superhuman level.They possess an acute sense of smell. Their sense of smell is heightened to the point where they can identify people by smelling their body, bone or by their blood.They can also identify people by sniffing their genes and hormones as well.  Because they operate on a different vibrational level and are higher beings ofcourse, they can see atoms and ions which are impossible for humans to see by physical eyes.They can hear a humans conversations miles away from them, and they are somehow able to locate any human on the planet and find them, but they can’t locate people if they are protected by an Enochian charm or symbol or in any other way they reach them astraly thrue dreams.They also have an amazing sense of taste and are able to taste every molecule in a piece of food.
  • Telekinesis – They are able to telekinetically move beings and objects with their mind. They are able to use this power in a more aggressive manner like fallen ones, but are often not often doing so.
  • Telepathy – They can read the minds of other celestial beings and of humans with ease, higher races can more eazy.
  • Voice Mimicry – They can perfectly mimic the voice of mortals.
  • Protective Charm – They can protect an individual (commonly their future vessels) from most forms of physical damage. This degree of protection is linked to their power power. Castiel was able to prevent his vessel  from burning his hand on a pot of boiling water as a sign of faithfulness to God,then receiving more strenght . Raphael was capable of making himself immune to  angelic killing touch.
  • Flight – All angels and other celestial beings are able to fly, though it’s only been shown when not in a vessel. It may be linked to their teleportation due to the sound of wings flapping when they teleport.
  • Pyrokinesis – Castiel displays the ability to burn through ropes holding him, even before he becomes pure fire being again!

Powers accessed through connection to Heaven!

To lower-level races of celestial beings, certain powers are granted and maintained as long as they stay connected and loyal to God and Heavenly councils of rulling celestial beings and its rulers of gates. Should they rebel and fall, those powers will wane and eventually vanish in time, and after that all of their powers will eventually vanish, rendering them less powerfull.

  • Enhanced Chronokinesis – They have the ability to bend time is easier if the angel is connected to Heaven.
  • Healing – They  can cause the wounds, diseases, and toxins of another being to heal instantaneously.
  • Smiting – They are able to destroy low to mid-level demons with a simple touch, however the demon has to be in a host body, as this doesn’t work on their energy form they can not in second send them to abyss. However, they can grip a demon’s form form and force it back into a host body to smite the demon. They can also use it to kill monsters and humans. Seraphim and Archangels can kill any demon, monster, or supernatural creature with this power, since they are immeasurably more powerful than the listed entities.
  • Resurrection – Angels and other celestials can bring the dead back to life. However, they must know where all the pieces of the original body are, and they must have the soul of the subject.

Mid-tier powers

Abilities more commonly used by higher races of celestial beings as the Seraphim and the cherubim, although it is possible that these powers can also be used by low level races like angels but not to much.

  • Biokinesis – They are able to manipulate the biology of other to make  hemorrhage while torturing  into saying yes …
  • Advanced Vessel Locking – Powerful angels can hold a demon in smoke form as if it was tangible and force the demon to return to its vessel. This was demonstrated by Castiel on Ellsworth.
  • Memory Manipulation – Powerful angels are able to erase, restore, alter, and fabricate memories in the minds of humans.
  • Advanced Pyrokinesis – Powerful angels can generate and manipulate fire. Michael archangel was proficient enough to send to abyss entire nations of fallen celestial beings!
  • Soul Reading – Angels are able to read the souls of humans, however it is a painful experience for the human. They can also use the soul as a source of energy, but the pain is even greater for the human, and there is the risk of an explosion if the angel is not careful.
  • Reality Warping – Powerful angels and other races of celestial beings can bend reality to their will. The most notable example is Gabriel, who lived on Earth to help Adam and Eve. Other angels and races of celestial beings, also possess this ability but on a smaller scale. Examples include breaking and repair objects by pointing, removing a persons lungs with no incisions or assembling a board game by shaking the box. Even low level angels cut off from Heaven have this ability as they are able to carve the enochian sigil into chest simply by touching them.
  • Power Removal – Powerful  Seraphs are capable of removing psychic powers from human beings. However, the process is very painful and can leave the person mentally-damaged and even to die.
  • Holy White Light – High ranking Cherubims can unleash a concentrated blast of pure light energy from their palms and control its destructiveness, ranging from incinerating a room full of monsters to obliterating entire buildings.Kulomuniragela seraphim demonstrated the sheer lethality and power of this ability by killing an entire room of Jefferson Starships on mars base with one blast.
  • Invisibility in astral form to all races of celestial beings – Archangels, Seraphs and some Angels can become invisible to all races of faleln celestial beings.

High-tier high tec powers that only archangelic race possess

Extremely powerful abilities, used only by Heaven’s most powerful denizens, the Archangels, but Metatron also shares a few of these powers.

  • Cosmic Awareness – All archangels and Metatron have a superhuman knowledge of the universe while in human form materialised also.
  • Thermokinesis – Ragiel demonstrated the ability to freeze a pane of glass with his breath. His presence can cause an entire town to drop in temperature. Michael could do the opposite and caused a door handle to heat up intensely.
  • Electrokinesis – Raphael could produce powerful arcs of electricity that appeared from his back.
  • Advanced Smiting – A more powerful version of a lower angel’s smiting. This could obliterate powerful beings such as archangels themselves. This caused Castiel to explode by snapping his fingers in material form, and Castiel, while powered with the souls from Purgatory, also demonstrated the same ability to Raphael.
  • Shapeshifting – Gabriel was able to take multiple forms while not in a vessel also, and while in vessel, Gabriel could also do this;After season of victory she taken of angels took the form of their grace.
  • Weather Manipulation – Raphael was able to generate storms that caused blackouts over the entire Eastern Seaboard. Then unleashed incredibly fierce winds with his release.
  • Terrakinesis – Archangels are able to create severe quakes.
  • Mental Manipulation – Metatron was able to implant Castiel’s mind every book, movie and tv show he had encountered with a touch.
  • Nigh-Omnipotence – Archangels have a vast supply of power and can change reality, being able to do and create things out of thin air such as illusions, fantasy, portals, beings etc. Having great power and dexterity, archangels can easily overpower humans, angels, pagan gods form of fallen celestial beings who are most powerfull astral sorcerer magicans illusionists of cherubims and seraphims,archdemons and demons and archalementals and elementals and lab mutant monsters.
  • Immunity – Michael has displayed a limited immunity to holy fire as it only hurts him rather than being fatal. Metatron has demonstrated the ability to erase enochian warding and blow out holy fire.Raziel has displayed immunity to the colt, however it did cause him temporary pain.


  • Matchmaking – Certain types of angels in the guarding marriages use a special sigil called a Cupid’s Bow to bring couples together after fight into hugging,crying and sexual pleasure. Couples touched by a cupid have their hearts marked with an enochian sigil and are attacked by negative fallen one´s seal before that to enter a fight at all.Negative cupids are lust spirits!
  • Empathy – Angels in the Rit Zien class can sense another beings emotions and experiences related to pain.
  • Unique Smiting – The Rit Zien have a unique method of smiting their victims by vapourising them completely.