The New Revelation of I The ARCHANGEL MICHAEL who come in the name of Creator YAH and what I know and by communication with the Prime Creator of all and everybody that i Michael gained knowlage from the Creator of the unverse GOD ADONAI ELOHIM 13Ahava 13Hashem 13Love 13Amore TETRAGRAMMATON 72 Father YAHOVAH SABAOTH 26,MOMMA IMMAYAH  MOMMA ShekinYah Momma Ruach ha Kodesh Momma Wisdom,YAHSHUA THE MESSIAH / Yahushua ha Mashiach Alpha and the Omega Kinsman redeemer!




The COMMUNICATION is limited as it is displayed in the scheme above. Planet Earth is the only place in Creation that can serve as an information source for all beings of Creation, except of very inhabitants of planet Earth until recently. Because of this peculiar arrangement from the works of the fallen ones,the legions of beliel also, so many peculiar organizations and religions and their limited perception dominate here that, for an ordinary human, this state is an utter chaos and disinformation and perversion of everything possible. Thanks to this arrangement,Holy celestial lightbeings the beings of pure Light as well as of darkness can clearly and transparently recognize what NOT to CHOOSE, i.e. to unchoose the creation of the creator on their own without our beloved Creator´s universal laws. The very human society is so strange and peculiar that it has no analogy or equivalent anywhere in Creation in terms of limitations and impossibility of such existence of human beings.



The Lord YAHSHUA accomplished a deed of redemption in such a way that theAbsolute Consciousness, through the physical – by the physical realm here for spiritual entered not only the planet Earth, where provided information about Truth, Love, but after ending its life on Earth, this body was used for gradual penetration to all 12 negative degrees of the zone of displacement (gradually from -1 down to -12), and so it gave all their inhabitants the information about Truth, Love, which they hadn’t had ever before and couldn’t have had the fallen cherubs and seraphs pervert and contaminate every true information with their control programs. Thus Creator  gives all beings of the zone of displacement and of planet Earth a choice for turning back to the Creator. In this fabricated physical body, the Absolute Consciousness returns from -12th degree back to -1st degree and finally back to planet Zero (planet Earth) = 2ndcoming of The Lord YAHSHUA, where  will complete this development phase of Creation, resulting in ending and eternal elimination of the negative state.In the ascention process the higher places will here change frequency


Beings of the negative state do not perceive their position to be negative, for they have had no chance till this time to know and experience the nature of the positive state, for they except fallen celestial beings are missing such information. In addition, beings of darkness presume under the control programs of the satan/Lucifer-Lucofrage Rofacale Sataniel´s rule they can never get back to the Creator that He/She condemned/damned them forever.Just the opposite is true.Thus, everything is a relative knowledge of every sentient fallen being,which means half truth,truth is absolute,but the thing is that only spoken here true.


Complete information about activation of the negative state many thousands of years ago is known only to The Lord YAHUSHUA, the Creator, and the holy celestial being. The fallen celestial beings are the ones who are the activators of the negative state in Creation this occurred on planet Earth hundreds of years ago and, at the same time, the “chief managers” controlling the entire negative state and planet Zero.


The fallen celestial lightbeings have fabricated not only earthly humans – which is 7 thousand years of a line of  human ancestors and 4 thousand years of human history full of evil and killing 95% of human structure is of animalistic beastly and worse nature, 5% is a stolen original pure Divine being– but also the entire change, nature of planet Earth for hundreds of years via travelling thousands of years back in time, the fallen celestial beings visited Earth and introduced there their own pseudo-creation from first living creatures up to today’s ones, including  monsters and moskitos and bats and pigs and dinosaurus so that today’s scientists could find no traces of the Creator’s pure creation and his pure loving beings of the positive state. 

Originally, there was only one continent on Earth that was energy structure for others the one earth grid the chackra, which had pleasant climate, but since the time of pseudo-creation, via directed impacts of astral pollution of psychokonaticus divinorum of dragon zen mechanic fruit of knowlage of good and evil but counterfit one, it has been split into today’s many more ones with also strongest ones who have on these places pyramids.The fallen celestial beings used this fallen nature-impact technique often to eliminate their own imperfect and mutilated fallen nature ispecially the saurians – reptilian draconians until they gradually worked out modern so called modern time today to make dehumanization for today´s GMO modified human. They fabricated original man in the course of several phases some 100 of years together with his ancestors in many ways. In the first place, they divided ONE original sentient  mind of a pure spiritual being created by the Creator into THREE separate minds by genetic manipulations of physical body the biggest changes were in brain, nervous system and the area of sexuality, bypseudo-spiritual manipulations various control programs and other methods incomprehensible for majority beyond your space and time in order to control such divided minds. 95% of an average Earth human’s mind is under their control and as little as 5% is the original Divine creativity – Love (and they even strive to maximize the control of human mind, will and emotions by reducing those 5% down to 0.01% via RFID-microchipping of human bodies – see the petition against microchip totality and the petition “We will not be chipped” these who say that if they cought will die but reach haven,those chipped will go to hell for eternity! 

One of the results is that a human has no knowledge and clue whatsoever where he really comes from; that is, from the pure love of our loved Creator. The fallen ones would 100% divide the minds if they could, but they don’t have Love = life energy, and so their fabrications would die immediately. Therefore they left a little opening for supplying the pseudo edited being (puppet) with life energy from the Creator.You can visualize this in such a way that an original pure being from the Creator with unlimited creativity and communication with all beings of Creation of the positive state in 100% condition  was divided into 3 minds – much like 3 eggs with shells nested inside one another – where the draconians had to leave infinitesimally small, minimal opening for flowing of minimum life energy from the Prime Creator of all and everybody. However, they set 3 negative beings shadows on every such opening at each of the three levels which makes total of 3 x 3 = 9 shadows for every average human. The shadows are responsible for the control and perversion of whatever pure information from the Creator that is coming to the opening.


In the Spiritual Path, this base phase is termed the initial point – the sleeping phase, and holy celestial lightbeings beings wait many thousands years until some minimum cracks appear in those shells, through which Light – the true information from the Creator and from the beings of love – may flow. Further on the spiritual path, the shells – barriers are gradually eliminated until, eventually, one pure consciousness is restored that is in communication with all, with the Creator and with the beings of Light. The being is thus becoming multidimensional. The process of re-transforming the fabricated body is called divinization.


The state of demons, which is installed here on Earth, has a major function in the control of the three separated minds – the most within mind (intuition), the interior mind, the external mind (intellect). The control is exerted in thousands of ways;from the entire state establishment for example, the Ministry of Culture permits and supervises the operation of media, and is fully responsible for 90% of negative energies that the media produce. Everywhere you look you can find the control programs of the luciferians who are the “top managers” – demonic entities fallen celestial lightbeings in these people hosting their bodies of the highest evil in Creation. Therefore, you don’t have to search the control programs they are simply almost  everywhere, but, on the contrary, you can search the pure information of love and good. There are as little as 5% of such pure information in organized societies, and that they are available at all is thanks to incarnations of beings of Light into the fabricated human bodies there is no other way who then work in such hard, unfavorable conditions,they materialse the holy unes under my command of me archangel Michael themselves materialized in human bodies and to help and do what they need more and faster.The exact percentage corresponds also to the degree of perversion of earthly human, his and her body and his and her mind by the demonic beings.


THE THREE SEPARATED MINDS OR CONSCIOUSNESSES OF A HUMAN BEING fabricated by the fallen angels and other races of fallen celestial lightbeings the archons and jinns and self serving and neutral ones and  there is as little as 5% of communication with the Creator and  original human beings of true nature, 95% of information is controlled – perverted by the Darkness, directed in the same manner the managers direct a firm. This is how 90% 6,000,000,000 of people are controlled, 7% controlled partially, 1.2% in this 9 % of people controlled minimally or almost uncontrolled are controlled by counterfit merkaba they give the neutral fallen celestial lightbeings who are almost vampiric but not like demonic ones the first ones who are all groups luciferian:




Through realization and actualization of the Spiritual Path, every Earth man and women can achieve the following structure of mind without any limitations or bindings.


THE TRUE SENTIENT MIND created by pure true creation of the Creator without pseudo-creation of fallen ones or intervention mutation, the communication with the Creator and all other sentient beings is unlimited and unrestricted no one interferes, perverts or controls it.




The fallen celestial beings meticulously removed all traces of the civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria and today’s scientists successfully continue in that – the Academy of Sciences. All today’s negative life manifestations are their pseudo-creation, e.g. stinging insects, dangerous animals, vicious bacteria and germs,and viruses insects and pigs and dinosauruses and chimeras and things of that nature,etc.


The information presented here are especially valuable for so-called “educated” people who are Jesuits and the puppets who go to collage the sheeple goyim, for their education is actually a control program – a fabrication, and these information can help them leave behind what they were taught in schools and replace that with the truth of reality.Religion is crap and the most aggressive ones are Christianity of Orthodoxy which is first and most aggressive crap after Catholicism yup that and Protestantism,and Baptist moderate,and Islam moderate Orthodox ahmadian mysticism and sufi and jihad terroristic death cult,and Judaism of Kaballah and then the rabbinical tokanote and hashidic, and astrology,these are 4 the most evil ones ever!


These information may not be that worth for uneducated people depending on their degree of “education”-the brainwash, for their mind is not perverted to such an extent as it is in so-called “educated” people.


These information are of help also to the agents of the negative state they can convert to the positive state, who were and are the active tools and means of the Forces of darkness. I will quote here some of the names mostly from Czech Republic who did a lot of work in the area of perverting and controlling of human consciousness: Jiri Grygar, the Institute of Physics The universe is cold, dead, lifeless, Vaclav Klaus, who introduced and run financial control systems after 1989 which significantly bind minds of people, Zdenek Vojtisek – the Association for study of sects and religion trends, he manipulates many journalists and teachers all over the Czech Republic, and perverts information about the fallen celestial beings of their group of beta centauri running “a dangerous sect”, all under Czech Republic government, journalists from the People’s Newspaper what a perfect camouflage – the name of the newspaper,Karel Pacner – the author of book “Searching for cosmic civilizations”, 1976, who have been for many years very actively working for the Darkness in the area of controlling intelligent educated people, now working as the editor of MF DNES newspaper, further some people of UFO groups and their magazines (Magazine 2000, Ufomagazine, Fantastic Facts, X-Facts), from abroad – Michael Hesemann,who propagate negative fallen celestial beings and interpose to people perverted information about human history and position of humans in Creation. All this with consent of the Czech Republic government led by the President Vaclav Havel.


These are not blaming or accusatory, but exposing and disclosing, information. AndI feel to be obligated to inform people of that, as no one else has done this so far. It is important that people be VIGILANT and be able to learn. Every agent of the negative state can convert to the positive state, it depends on his/her free will. No one is doomed; everyone has the chance and opportunity to turn to the Creator. This is also why the Creator permitted the fallen ones to do their creation – so that EVERY SENTIENT BEING IN THE CREATION CAN LEARN AND KNOW WHAT NOT TO CHOOSE. Should the Creator not allow the fallen celestial being´s creation creation without Creator, without LOVE, He/She would violate His/Her own law of free will, and beings in all universes would not have a chance to know the fullness of the negative state.


“There are factually 3 structural components in the Creation. Every one of these components consists of its own discrete Universe, i.e. its own multiple Universes, which we can summarily call the MULTI-UNIVERSE. So, there is


THE SPIRITUAL MULTI-UNIVERSE with its own structure, dynamics and specific laws;


THE INTERMEDIATE MULTI-UNIVERSE with its own structure, dynamics and specific laws; and


THE PHYSICAL or NATURAL MULTI-UNIVERSE with its own structure, dynamics and specific laws.


Every multi-universe is in itself composed of its own twelve specific dimensions, by and through which it constantly and continually realizes and actualizes its being and place.


THE ZONE OF DISPLACEMENT was not created by the Creator, but by ideas of fallen celestial beings the demonic entities. For that reason, once such ideas are eliminated and cease to exist, the entire zone of displacement will cease to exist, too.


“Planet Earth, or planet Zero, is the only place in the Creation where the negative and the positive state are in touch and contact with one another, where the agents of the negative and the positive state are incarnated and information is available here for both sides. And this is where the fullness of the negative state will be manifested. The negative state was activated on planet Earth hundreds of millions of years ago, and, after achieving its maximum fullness, will also be eliminated on planet Earth by The Lord YAHUSHUA the messiah. The final encounter of The Lord YAHSUUHUA will be with the fallen celestial beings themselves. It is also a personal, private and intimate matter between The Lord  YAHUSHUA and the fallen ones to get judged. However, this encounter could not take place until the physical body of YAHUSHUA was fused into and to end the hybridized creatun of satan with the totality of The Most High’s Nature and The Most High became the fullness of The Lord YAHSHUA. Understand please, the Absolute consciousness of the Most High cannot come into direct contact with the negative state, for the negative state would be immediately totally annihilated, and thus the fullness of the negative state could not be manifested. Now there is a means by which that encounter can be realized.


Chapter 7. The Concept of Antichrist – I’m citing chapters mostly from book “The New Revelation of The Lord YAHUSHUA”:


“In the process of this hybridization and fusion, satan have been kept locked up in total isolation from the rest of Creation and the Zone of Displacement so as to not interfere with this process and to give an opportunity to the negative state to exist by choice and not by an imposed necessity. The fallen celestial beings, that have, have the means to impose the negative state on people against their free choice and will. Because this was not permissible any longer after YAHSHUA’s presence on planet Zero, they had to be locked up.”


“However, remember please, the fallen celestial beings were the activators of the negative state. Because of that position, the negative state cannot be abolished without them personally and directly participating in that process.


“Thus, at one point in time, when everything is prepared for that time and all measures of the negative state are fulfilled, the pseudocreators will be released once more and for the last time. Their release will be confined to the Zone of Displacement and particularly to the planet Zero — your planet — where they started, and where they have to be finished and finally defeated. The coming back of the satan is planning with his child, in actuality, what is meant by the concept of Antichrist or the beast from the sea.”


“In preparation for their return, some specially endowed by and appointed agents of The Lord YAHSHUA were recently sent on a special mission to the Hells of  satan to perform secret work there. In the process of that mission, certain limitations and restrictions were put on him, in the sense of making him unable to enter any regions of the true Creation any longer and unable to impose upon people anything contrary to their free will and choice, even within their domain. The knowledge of time travel was taken from fallen celestial beings now in 2012 by The Lord YAHUSHUA and they were thrown into this timeline to this planet and mars and venus and moon who were put into crystal box they can and will not be able never to escape and go to hell from here right away. However, otherwise, they will be able to appear in their full ‘power’ and ‘glory’ and to present themselves to their own fabrication to deceive humanity and by holographic technology of satan — humankind on your planet and to all creatures of the Hells and other regions of the Zone of Displacement of 9 pondemonium realms of chaos and agony whom they produced before their lockup.”


The purpose of allowing the pseudo-creators’ return is in the fact that it is impossible to fully expose the total nature of the negative state without direct participation of those who activated it and put it in dominance. Their future participation in this act is based on an entirely different condition.”


“As you remember, in the past, when the satan and fallen ones were in full charge of the Zone of Displacement, they ruled by force and imposition, giving no choices to their fabrications. After all, satan  fabricated their hybrid and mutant creatures in such a manner as to give them no other desire but to be negative. If I have no interest in anything else, I have no choice but to be the way I was set up to be. The only choice in any initial stage of development and fabrication was the choice to be or not to be. But in the moment the choice is made for being, it automatically presupposes to be only in one certain way — to be negative. No other motivation exists.”


“Another condition of these creatures, at that time, was their deprivation of any knowledge of their true origin, assuming that they either came into their being and existence by some kind of chance through the negatively natural causes or by the will of God, being a creation edited.”


“If you assume this to be true, then there is no need to change your negative way. First of all, you do not know or even consider the fact that your way is an evil, negative way. And secondly, if you are the creation of God, it is obvious that God created you the way you are, and therefore, you are exactly the way you are supposed to be.”O I am not happy it is not my way wow you have forced way what is falsely god for you and ego of fake and phoney false happy,you are in spiritual war battle your forced on you negative will,there is archdemon of evil personality that wants to make you be this and like that,hey there is not kind of evil will that can defeat you because if you want to be on God´s side you will win!


“On the other hand, if you came here by some kind of chance, without any creative effort on someone’s part, then it does not make any difference what kind of a person you are. Who cares!“

Evil self will of humans is ego personality the demonic flashly without self control and spiritual power anointing of the spirit of God!


“Now, this kind of attitude the ego personality with archdemon evil version that cares was genetically encoded in most creatures fabricated by the fallen celestial lightbeings.”


“With humans on your planet, they went even further. In accordance with their plan,satan made like that ionformation hiding also for that that humans were never to learn who their fabricators were. Instead, they were to assume to be either the creation of God, the nature of whom was carefully defined by satanś  demonic host in distorted and falsified terms, or the hybridisation from mutation and toher way arround, so conveniently fabricated by them for that purpose and put in proximity to cave humans,or big foot.”


“Thus, no one on your planet knows for sure how sentient life was also that much edited there. However, be advised that the full exposure and subsequent elimination of the negative state is impossible without having such knowledge. And not only that, but the full learning about the true nature of the negative state is impossible until all creatures and humans fabricated by the fallen ones choose by their free will and choice. Such a choice cannot be made as long as they are locked up and no one knows, or only very few people know.

“The point here is to realize, as already mentioned before, that the negative state cannot be eliminated until it fully comes by your throat, on a temporary basis, on your planet. Only then can the full learning about its true nature be acquired and placed forever in the Universality-Of-It-All for eternal learning and illustration of what NEVER TO CHOOSE evil!”


“The reason why it has to happen physically on your planet is obvious: The position of your planet is the only contact point of the positive and negative state, respectively. However, your planet represents the fullness of concretization and actualization of the most external natural degree of the Zone of Displacement.Whatever happens in the positive or negative sense can have its consequences and outcomes only in the degree where tangibility, concretization and exemplification by the external events is the very nature of that degree.”


“From the position of the negative state of the Hells and other regions of the Zone of Displacement, no such fullness is feasible because they lack this negatively natural degree. They are in a different state, condition and degree. Such is the arrangement of Creation and the Zone of Displacement.“


“Remember, please, it was emphasized before that the true learning about anything can occur only from the consequences, outcomes and results of any occurring idea but not from the idea itself.”


“Unless an idea proceeds toward its becoming or actualization and realization in the form of its consequences, outcomes and results, it remains only an empty notion without any tangibility. An empty notion does not provide any learning or base for growth. This is the reason why the negative state must fully win on your planet first before it can be permanently abolished.”


“As long as on your planet there is a presence of some agents of the positive state and some grains of truth scattered throughout various teachings, the full exposure of the true ugly nature of the negative state cannot take place. Their presence makes it impossible for this to happen. It is blocked by their presence.”


“For that reason, the satan´s demonic host will be released from moon the ones who are there and mars and venus and will take over your planet 150% for a very brief period of time, sufficiently brief to wipe out and totally remove any grains of truth and good still present on your planet and put an end to the presence of the agents of the positive state there as much as they can as God´s allows the ones who last get saved and find out truth and start spreading before satan´s feet,these will get killed.”


“As you remember, this situation was already foretold in Prophet Daniel, Chapter 7, verse 25 and in The Revelation of YAHUSHUA, Chapter 13, verse 7.”


“‘YAHUSHUA shall speak pompous words against the Most High, shall persecute the saints of the Most High, and shall intend to change times and law. Then the saints shall be given into his hand for a time and times and half time.’ (Daniel 7:25).”


“‘And it was granted to him to make war with the saints and to overcome them. And authority was given him over every tribe, tongue, and nation.’ (Revelation 13:7).”


“The entire process and outcome of the  fallen ones and of ones who return is described in the internal sense of Chapter 13 of The Revelation of YAHSHUA in The Holy Bible. That the negative state will fully win for a brief period of time is obvious from the words of Messiah recorded in Matthew 24, verse 21 and in Mark 13, verse 19. There you can read,“


“‘For then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been since the beginning of the world until this time, no, nor ever shall be.’ (Matthew 24:21).”


“‘For in those days there will be tribulation, such as has not been from the beginning of creation which God created until this time, nor ever shall be.’ (Mark 13:19).”


“‘For in those days’ indicates return of the the most demonic ones. ‘There will be tribulation’ signifies complete victory of the negative state.”


“The rest of the verse indicates that such a situation has never been before since God created His/Her Creation and never will be again.”


“Once the concrete illustration of life in the fullness of the negative state takes place, and everyone in Creation has a chance to observe, to learn and to record for eternity the facts of life without the presence of anything positive in the most concrete natural degree, in the only place where it can have any sense at all, such a situation will never need to occur again to eternity.”

Michael goes now,over and out,shalom!