Since this and that happened this and that happened!

Yes in matriarchial open paganism was castrating of penis,in catholic masked paganism patriarchy of breasts cutting,and we move on but look at this:

ok those who have not red,now move on!

If patriarchy is bad and abusive and domminant and full of wars and cuts breasts and have slavery in marriage male over female,then the answer is not matriarchy either because demanding and wanting crystals and diamonds and castrating penis and amazons complex and then demons create duality when,genders fight,then,hmmm no duality must be,in order to stop mindless sencless fights,there is balance and compromise!The answer is equality!

There are many reasons why and why and

Why Patriarchy and Matriarchy are Satanic!

Taken out of rib there is in paganism only that masked or open one ove another o crap that is insane!




o let us see paganism masked brings male open paganism brings female,paganism is like main trinity and all other sub guds under them,what God told in bible i share glory with nobody and i am a jelous God and lukewarm people are dissed and the ones who bring good for evil and evil for good and the ones who serve lilith(matriarchy)-in jeremiah phrophet exposed and myster babylon rev17,and the ones who bring sorcery poison the chemical thro up of rev18:23 (patriarchy)

This is satan and lilith´s kingdom,fake monarchy,till YAHSHUA destroys this world matrix this age of aquarius will bring Lilith´s matriarchy once again as in the days of Lemirua so shall be again and the thing is that mystery babylon has fallen she is fallen satan won´t let here ride no more he will run to save his sorry dragon reptile ass from Michael the archangel,that means,no support of fallen celestial beings who run under one over another to create gender wars and many problems with it!


Man and Woman (matriarchy vs. patriarchy), 

I like to imagine the inmate here becoming enraged by Langdon’s condescending tone and putting a sharp piece of metal between his ribs, but we don’t always get what we want.rib left is male right female the aspects of what God took gave to adam is female and to eve male YAHUVEH,IMMAYAH=MALE AND FEMALE,DEMONS WANT ABUSE,DOMMINANCE AND FIGHT OF GENDERS AND GOD WANTS EQUALITY,SATAN AND LILITH ARE AGAINST GOD!


“By lowering the countryside on the left, Da Vinci made Mona Lisa look much larger from the left side than from the right side. A little Da Vinci inside joke. Historically, the concepts of male and female have assigned sides—left is  male,and right female, and right is supressed it was joke why,because he was featuring patriarchy!Because Da Vinci was a big fan of feminine principles before lemurian amazon pristess with activated merkaba came and he tempted by her beauty fell in love and she with him but he was not gentle and he hurt her vagina because with too much lust and not love having pristess saw and cut his penis and put in his own mouth, he made Mona Lisa look more majestic from the left than the right then.”


“It was Isis,” . “So we have the male god, Amon.” He wrote it down. “And the female goddess, Isis, whose ancient pictogram was once called L’ISA.” Langdon finished writing and stepped back from the projector.

“Ring any bells?” he asked.
“Mona Lisa…
Langdon nodded. “Gentlemen, not only does the face of Mona Lisa look androgynous, but her name is an anagram of the divine union of male and female. And that, my friends, is Da Vinci’s little secret, and the reason for Mona Lisa’s knowing smile.”


AS I SAID YAHUSHUA TALKED AGAINST THE TRADITION…..”the Priory’s tradition of perpetuating goddess worship is based on a belief that powerful men in the early Christian church ‘conned’ the world by propagating lies that devalued the female and tipped the scales in favor of the masculine.” 

“The scamster of Lucifer believes,known as maximus pontifus-which means high prist of lucifer- Constantine and his male successors successfully converted the world from matriarchal paganism to patriarchal paganism repacked as Christianity by waging a campaign of propaganda that demonized the sacred feminine, obliterating the goddess from godhead.”

Both have all male and all female trinity,all these are false,the wiccan and lemurian matriarchy religion religion means relaying on a jinn the jinnie fallen celestial lightbeing,the thing is that God does not have one as i said gazillion times!

The thing is that religion male based masked paganism with saint worship and statue idol worship and the ones who openly all beings who are fallen astral beings called gods/godessess are just plain games of atlantis and lemuria/-agharta and shambala!



Men should  FIGHT for WOMEN, NOT FOR MEN – Another insight into the gender war.

Consider war.  What is war?  Men fighting for other men, for profit, so the RICH CAN MAKE MORE MONEY.  It is the poor who lie on the battlefields, mutilated, broken, some beyond repair, while the rich sit in offices, on thrones, reaping the harvest.  The alpha (top dogs) men receive bushels of money – the betas (their subjects) have to fight whether or not they want to (they go to jail for two years if they don’t.) in other words do their jerking of penis and blowjob and even die for it bathing in own blood symbolising drinking their sperm semen!The rest are brainwashed they are COWARDS unless they sign up  (sixteen year old boys who haven’t a clue to what they are doing sign up and get mutilated or killed.)  Social pressure is extremely effective; the government spent fortunes in PR work prior to WWI, pressuring the citizenry to approve participation.)  How do the powerful ones convince boys that war is GLORY?  They play upon their natural instincts for victory – vanquishing an evil enemy – your enemy are not humans but fallen celestial beings!wake up you moronic basterds!brothers and sisters love eachother and respect!being admired by females for it for killing another brother,what?!.  What lies! There is no glory in war.  Think of the innocent dead, the blinded, the limbs cut off, the injuries that never go away, the mental, emotional damage,spiritual,ect on both sides of the poor men fighting for the rich.

He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword, he who wishes death on Nature will bring death upon himself.  It is happening - the extinction of men, their karma.

*** Studying wars:  Conquest, Empire, Colonization, Invasion, Aggression, premeditated wars which go to steal, kill and destroy.  They made the Incas and Aztecs cultures extinct, Aborigines, Hawaiians, American Indians, Indigenous peoples, cut down to a fraction, people enslaved, exploited and murdered, their possessions and properties stolen.  WAR IS SIN, WAR IS EVIL, IT IS DEMONIC. ***


So you see warcraft is witchcraft there are occult partiarchy and matriarchy wars and that is demonic and that is up zombies and down archangel and virtue race of archangels are the more male race of beings and virtues more female!anyways they have also occult religious wars and ages of rule,they fight now they make people fight!

The many faces of war, all evil.  "Satan rules the world, and he works through men," and their stock in trade is war.  Patriarchy is not constructive or creative, as is Matriarchy, it is destructive, murderous, there is nothing good in it, an invention of demons, and this demonic ideology is refreshed each generation by the old men indoctrinating the young.










Please consider that men once FOUGHT FOR WOMEN.  It was not MORTAL COMBAT for PROFIT.  If another man threatened the security of his family or community, or if a dangerous animal tried to attack, the male was first in line for defense.  That is TOTALLY DIFFERENT than FIGHTING UNJUST WARS FOR PROFIT, and ALL WARS ARE UNJUST.  The only type of fight that is righteous is when one defends against an enemy, that is what men once did.

One of the most famous and influential paintings ever made on war, Picasso's Guernica.  It was sent on tour and moved people against war - "My whole life as an artist has been nothing more than a continuous struggle against reaction and the death of art. In the picture I am painting — which I shall call Guernica — I am expressing my horror of the military caste which is now plundering Spain into an ocean of misery and death." Pablo Picasso -Another word for "military caste" is the "military-industrial complex" which or own General President Eisenhower warned against - that is the military machinery of Patriarchy, the death, exploitation machine.

Why did men fight for women?  Because they loved women, they obeyed them more and were not domminante and abusing, and they would defend all that women were in charge of, which would be children and property.  This was NOT WITH WEAPONS SUCH AS SWORDS.  This would be with crude implements that were used in agriculture or hunting – no atom bombs, no guided missiles, no guns with bullets, just plain, simple tools that would stop an enemy, or physical strength.  By studying SKELETONS before Patriarchy, there were NO WEAPON INJURIES, and observing graves, NO WEAPONS OF WAR – like swords, up until the time of male invasion.  (

It was when SWORDS WERE INVENTED that war started, primitive but brutal at first when cain slew abel,then hyberborea had first technology……, becoming more and more technological all the way to atom bomb, and now, a great refinement of damage and death by inoculation – biowarfare – where MILLIONS are killed by injection of man-made diseases like AIDS (created to kill  people, millions injected under the smallpox vaccine, so they could get rid of the people without damage to infrastructure.  Now they are gobbling up their land.)  It went from harsh brutality to refined torture and death – all under the jurisdiction of men.after flood of atlantis-patriarchy and lemuria-matriarchy domminante rule again came ages of partiarchy and matriarchy the age of fish till 2012 was male patriarchy now female of lilith matriarchy comes!

How did it change from PROTECTION OF WOMEN to brutalization of women?  How did we go from men loving women to hating them, and hating children, and other men, – “by their acts you will know them!” And the fruit of their acts is DEATH and SUICIDE, because men, while killing others in droves, by their very acts, are killing themselves.  Does not pollution, radiation, global war (if any), invented diseases, bad food (GMO’s, nasty ingredients in processed foods), also affect men?

the violence of men has been exacerbated so much that they lose all sense of who they are killing.  Within a war machinery, they are induced to become lower than animals - subhuman.  Even the most violent animals have reservations - men don't - once they are brainwashed into violence.  And these are the creatures that are telling women what to do with children and ruling our world.

And what about the Y chromosome, now discovered to be severely damaged, and getting worse all the way to EXTINCTION FOR MEN.  What is the reason for this?  How did it come about?  A natural occurrence, a one ordained by God? npe,God allowed free will and humans unresisted temptation of satan and lilith  MADE IT HAPPEN!

My point of departure here is why are men fighting under the dominance of men instead of women, why do they OBEY MEN? – Why are they DESTROYING families instead of protecting them, why has their violence gone OUT OF CONTROL?  Do they even REALIZE what they are doing, how EVIL it is?  Is it a trance, is it brainwash, indoctrination?  Are they in control of their minds?no!

they crucify the innocent with this war machine, right through their Sacred Hearts

You realising or not braking women´s heart is like a braking your own remember polarity and left is male brain right is female,all people have it man and women both!


Without a doubt, there is a groundswell and a counter-revolution against Patriarchy, people everywhere are asking questions they rarely asked before, Goddess worshipers are popping up like gophers, the time has come.  What time?  Time to end Patriarchy, RESUME Matriarchy (it always existed as long as it did!)Lilith comes again,but it is the thing till one ove another is there is not going to be peace i am not favour of none of them but matriarchy was always more with peace,but since we know bible phrophecy tells end is bloody,both of these systems gonna crack!

The questions men must be asking themselves, at the grass roots level, are,

***“Why am I fighting under the bequest of men?

***Why am I obeying other men in their definition of who I am?

***Am I happy with the culture men have given me?

***Am I satisfied with what is going on here on earth?

***What is my role in life?  Is being a macho, mean, tough violent man, take-no-prisoners type making me happy?

***I there another way?

***Do I have any side besides the one men have told me I have?

***Can I be tender and loving to women, could that somehow make me happy?  Can I be compassionate, kind and good besides being violent when necessary?  Or am I just a machine, as the present world tells me I am?  A killing, killing machine?

***Who am I?

***Do women have the answers?  After all, I came out of the womb of a woman.  I nursed in her lap.  She gave me LIFE, can she give me the MEANING OF IT?”

Do what you need to do - fall into her lap and cry

When these questions are pondered (they did not even occur to men before, they were not allowed to think!), men will seek the Truth as it is presented here on this site and elsewhere.

I ask this and say to end illusion of partiarchy and defend little bit here females because yet all came from mother´s womb,yes father gave sperm,but mother sekret another fluid,but gives birth,demons hate you asking these questions fanatic religious basterds,wake up!

On the other side of the gender war, women must realize THEY ARE THE POWER.  The men NEVER HAD inner strength, authority, spiritual dominance, THEY HAD SWORDS, they have bombs and needles, they REBELLED against women and IT IS TIME TO COME HOME.

man and women you must wake up and come home master yourselves in polarity and be eaqual to eachother and love one another as you are loved by God!







IT HAS just female based!

no true balance!

potions of poison,hounts three times back!

Why I Hate Christianity?

The same is from above,kissing of icons is braking first and second commandment remember and it is male based!

There are many reasons why I hate Christianity–and yes, I do hate Christianity more then wicca. Why?–because of the negative doctrines it promotes, and the resulting “moral laxity”–which the contradictions arise more then ever!
The following would be a “life situation” for many, and is analyzed from a Christian perspective:

Christians believe they are better because being in that box so, and cannot help but to do bad things because they a Christian man who says he loves his wife still beats her because she doesn’t do as she is told. She forgives him for hurting her every time, because that is what her religion tells her to do. The man beats her because the same religion tells him he has authority over her which is a lie which is not in original bible but in vatican´s crap, and he cannot help but to do bad things, so he does them thinking he can’t help himself–but it’s ok, because his god will forgive him. Until one fateful day when a beating ends in death, and he kills his wife with his bare hands.

THIS IS WHY I HATE CHRISTIANITY/patriarchy more!I hate the fact that this religion tells people they are EXPECTED to behave badly.  I hate the fact that there are NO CONSEQUENCES for their bad behavior in this life or the next for eternity as long as they sincerely say “sorry”  and continue in sin.  What about the victims??  What compensation do they get under the Christian system?  None.  There is no justice for victims of Christian crime–unless it is through true God´s universal laws.  Therefore, Christianity in and of itself is IMMORAL and UNJUST.  This is the biggest reason why I HATE Christianity more then wicca,it has more balance but i do not support witchraft and religion which it is one and the same thing!religion-witchcraft-counterfit spirituality!

If people believed they could do the right thing the first time, and took responsibility for their own actions instead of having creator do that for them, the world would be a much better place to live in.grace asexcuse for sin huh?!

You are quite mistaken, as you can accomplish a great deal through hate–hating evil,those hating evil love God psalm 97 tells that dummies learn bible!if you are hating the right things you accomplish good. Think of what could have happened if the world had not “hated Hitler for instance. If more women “hated” their abusive husbands, maybe so many of them would not have had to die at their hands.

And I have studied the religion EXTENSIVELY–I have been tought by God directly and by angels at university wisdom ORION ASTRAL JERUSALEM SPIRITUAL ALPHA AND OMEGA level. The core of your philosophy is a convoluted version of “love” as illustrated above, and “forgiveness” for any heinous deed–which, as –leads to moral laxity. The proof is in the pudding so to speak, where we have a disproportionate amount of Christians in the penal system. You know, men who beat their wives to death–that actually get punished that would be good,but instead of being let off the hook.

While the religious have been telling their victims to suffer gladly, the advances of human innovation have given us the means to have easier lives. The biblical world was a pestilence ridden, famine deprived, fetid cesspool of wretched struggle for most. Ours is not, at least for the western, christian-occupied areas. Or there wouldn’t be if christians didn’t work so hard to define who should suffer more.

When suffering is a default, the reason to struggle for better is quashed, and the desire to help quelled.

Well said. I also imagine many do not realize the the revered Mother Teresa also believed suffering brought one “closer to god” and she did little to relieve the suffering of those under her care. In fact, most of the funds donated to her “cause” went back to the church. so much for “Christian charity.”

Christianity is all about controlling and manipulating others–and the “false hope” that Christianity offers was a great hook for the suffering–but it’s time to realize there are better ways to remedy suffering.

The woman is going to get beaten whether she does the dishes or not also that got to point,the gay knowing or not mindset came. There will always be a reason for the violence. The only realistic solution is to leave the source of the violence and abuse, be it a spouse who promised to love and cherish until deat or an all-loving God who promised even more,if you accept God and love you won´t have it,accepting religion is rejecting God and love and there is no in relgion equality never!

So, you are saying that beating a woman for not doing the dishes is justified because she is going to get beaten whether she does the dishes or not. Thank you for pointing out another “beef” I have with Christianity gays the basterd cowards who dare after that to call themselves man–that being women are treated as second class citizens, and even worse, they are treated as chattel–because that is how the fake Vatican´s  Bible depicts women–as possessions. To people that follow the Bible, women are chattel–they were not even worth counting as “citizens” in the census taken by Moses in Numbers.

And without Augustine’s “original sin” there would be NO NEED for YAHUSHUA´s death and ressurection either.Yes we are all sinners,but avoid sinnign and repent and do evil no more,you do it again and say you are sorry and again you are liar and there is no truth in you you serve father of all lies satan with all that is in you!And without the “sin” there would be NO NEED for women to be beaten by men who believe they are “sinners”,but not enough as their wives are,we are equal all,we are all equaly wise and foolish in God´s eyes! Therefore, we are better off without the original sin, as we have no need to be redeemed from it making new ones–leaving no excuse for “being bad” other than our own choices.Blaming on demons and devils,o you and i am all are created with free will,demons and devils can´t  make you do bad as angels can´t make you do good,as cartoons gave that answer to that there is of us angelic and demonic version they give suggestions it is us only who choose to listen to what side!!!!!  If you choose to beat someone to death it will then all be on you–and you must take the consequences.O yea right devils will be punished but for rebellion in haven just not for your action,that is anther issue,we are in spiritual war spiritual warfare is happening now as you read this!

History proves this, as literally millions of women have been abused and murdered by men “who believe in God”

Women are property in the bible. Moses does not even bother to include them in his census in Numbers. They are offered up for raping by their fathers because they were property–not people. The “token” women such as Deborah do not represent the majority of repressed and abused women.

Men have used the Bible to justify MANY heinous deeds–from the Crusades and Inquisitions; to the extermination of the Jews in WWII.

Christianity is responsible for many heinous practices–and it needs to be stopped.

Furthermore, if the exegesis of the text is incorrect, not only does that illustrate that your god “revealed” a text that is difficult to understand, and therefore difficult to interpret, but this would mean he is also responsible for the misinterpretation of the text. He is responsible for the misinterpretation because he “revealed” it in such a way as he KNEW it would be misinterpreted (he is “all-knowing” after all) and also because “…EVERY decision is from the Lord” Proverbs 16:33.

Hey vatican edit and temper with bible!

Get original,burn the edited crap down!

Pray if nothing found pray for truth!



“A religion thus interlarded with quibble, subterfuge, and pun has a tendency to instruct its professors in the practice of these arts. They acquire the habit without being aware of the cause.” –Thomas Paine

You were never in religion never,never,never,never taught me what real love looks like, or real morality. It was all about selfishness of trying to get to heaven in the easiest way possible (just pray this prayer and all your sins will be forgiven), there was no help or justice for victims. The very foundation of Christianity is that the innocent must suffer on behalf of the guilty. That the bloodshed of the innocent is used to let the guilty go free. The system is completely immoral and disgusting and anyone with any real morality can see that.

To suffer by unjust you just for good cause is different protesting against flouride water and you get killed,is different story,do not attack me you fanatic agents of jesuit mason knights templar orders!

This post concerns the story of Adam and Eve also, and I will argue that the story of Adam and Eve represents the transition from a innocence to matriarchy of Lilith first.Then after lemurian matriarchal society to a patriarchal society of Atlantis comes, and that the serpent had too much in mind!And as the “Fall of Man” and is  to be the reason why humans are “born sinners” and as it says in Romans, “the wages of that sin, is death.”–but below you will find out how religion uses that knowlage to justify their sins and drown themselves in hell deeper.
For those unfamiliar with the story, according to the bible, Yahweh,ImmaYah,Yahshua created the universe, the world, all the animals and plants, and Adam and Eve –the first two human beings–wandering naked in a garden.God is purported to be a God who is all knowing, all good, and all powerful by the way that is true, but this was religious people who got people away from God.Before Christianity, it was more like the god of the Greeks– Zeus–a storm/war god which of that religion is that God,who is satan and not creaor creator have not religion,satan does!So this all knowing God then put a forbidden tree in the middle of the garden where Adam and Eve were living, knowing what was going to happen to them when  did.No religion lie because satan modified that plant satan can´t  create and God knew and God allowed satan because we have free will if you evil,go do it,you get sooner/later punished!The thing is God warned eat not,but vatican edits to pull people away from God and the thing is that they accuse o God this and that this is subminal programming,the thing is that God.why all creatures created with free will,there is balance,and the robot mentality is not love!God told Adam and Eve they could have the fruit of any tree they chose except that one, for if they ate from the fruit of that tree, they would “die on the day they ate of it.” Satan’s such a manipulative trickster that wants to justify himself thru religion an mock God! As Adam and Eve had no knowledge, they were literally as innocent as babes in the woods, and yet they had of good and of evil not but were on twisted things in twisted way of good and evil getting info of satan thru third eye connected by plant to satan and lilith!
So Eve went to the tree, and was met by a mysterious talking serpent. Eve told him that God said they would die on the day they ate the fruit from this tree, but the serpent lied and made liers. The serpent said to her that she would not die on the day she ate that fruit, but would instead gain the knowledge of good and evil, and would therefore, be able to find the Tree of Life and become gods. So she decided to eat the fruit, and offered it to Adam, who also decided to eat the fruit–this is the evil/- “sin”!Adam and Eve then gained the knowledge the serpent told them they would,but twisted. They also noticed they were naked, felt ashamed, and immediately went out and “sewed” some leaves together to cover themselves.

The thing is they say religion says that and they wages of sin is death sin not to obey gay pedophile prist,and yet they contradict themselves!
O HERE IS IT:Matthew 7:22Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast outdevils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?
Matthew 7:23And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that worker of iniquity.

Polarized Thinking of “Sudden or Gradual”

I occasionally go and ask God for some balance knowlage and to my Higher Self,i receive info in type of “What do I need to be aware of right now?” After asking I’m usually impulsed to go to some sleep— even one that I may not know  yet am quickly and easily led to it. I do this when I sense and feel Ascension-related energy building in many people out there. To help me find and connect with what I’m feeling, I ask God and to my Higher Self chackra crown chackra i receive the spiritual info to led me to whatever information it is at whatever  that I need to be aware of in that moment to not only aid me with what I’m feeling, but to hopefully help other people as well.

I did this the other day only because I’m feeling escalating concerns and questions (plus plenty of other things like fear, guilt, anger, resentment, doubts, confusion etc.) building energetically in the fields throughout 2012 they started. What my Higher Self immediately led me to was some information talking about what evidently has been termed “sudden or gradual” by I don’t know  all, nor is it important where I was led also astraly to find this. My article about this “sudden or gradual” question is NOT an attack or insult directed at anyone, any group, or any web site or blog site,movment or cult or organisation. Years ago I had these same questions myself about how in the world of 5D ascention/rapture/ressurection of messianic kingdom of YAHSHUA the Ascension Process would unfold, how humanity and Earth would transition through the pain the remanent few, what will happen all pondered and questioned this plus many other Ascension-related hurdles we’ve had and still have to clear over the past thirteen years or so.

I didn’t read much of this information that I was led to by my Higher Self information God gave me, I really just needed to see those words – “sudden or gradual” — to understand some of what I’ve felt in the field energetically so I could write this article about it…from my current level of awareness of course.

I thought how typically they show Duality/Polarity thinking and awareness. I certainly understand why many people perceive things this way because they’re still using the old familiar duality tools of awareness where everything is wholly one polarized way or the other polarized way — either/or, black/white, sooner/later,“sudden/gradual”. Confusions (and wars etc.) arise with this tool of awareness because much more is always going on than what polarized thinking can perceive.

The answer to this important question is really so easy, simple, normal and natural if you can function from Unity Consciousness instead of Polarized Duality Consciousness. That is not me bragging but sharing how easy this is once you’re able to, even just a bit, elevate (ascend) your awareness out of the lower frequency Duality range and up into higher Unity, or as I’ve called it, the frequency range of High Heart consciousness.Dominance and abuse of sexes and gender wars also is duality!No ascention for you who are in it also!From that higher level of frequency the entire either/or, black/white, sooner/later, “sudden/gradual” polarized duality issues and consciousness are easily seen to BOTH happen! Yes, BOTH “sudden” and “gradual” are how this Ascension business is going to happen…as I’m currently able of perceiving of course.

You see, the Ascension Process has been happening for the remanent few!Wave after energy Wave, transmuting and integrating density and duality within themselves for humanity, Earth and many other-dimensional Beings as well. Stair Steps remember? These Stair Steps have been absolutely necessary even for the remanents to wake up. First Wavers, Second Wavers, Third Wavers etc. are Stair Steps themselves. This Ascension Process HAS been happening gradually”from our perspectives on Earth in physical bodies down in the difficult Ascension trenches, but it’s been happening amazingly quickly from higher dimensional levels and perspectives outside of linear time.When is right time merkaba actiovation for remenant,not majority and not religious duality based people!


So when and how does the “sudden” part of this come into play? It comes into play fully once humanity and Earth transition through the two remaining energy portals in  the triple as in beyond duality  of the 12-13-14 portal through the end of the 12-21-11-9-9-99 portal. I sense the period from 19-124-12 through 12-31-92 is actually one extended portal of completion, exit, and Shift Ascension point for all of humanity (meaning the humans that are ready and willing to change and repent and get raptured/ascend/ressurect now) out of the old  Cycle and its lower frequency range of life, reality and consciousness within greater Density and Duality. Simultaneously it is the “sudden”Shift Ascension point for everyone out of the past  Cycles and systems, grids, magnetic field energies, human and planetary energetic blueprints, Collective etc., and total entrance into a higher frequency world, reality and consciousness within Light and Unity in a higher frequency dimension, in a different timeline that begins within a very different  Cycle.

Once humanity has traveled through the trials and tribulations ending and completion of the old Energy Cycles within Duality Density and physically entered the new Cycles and matching Earth world in a frequency range of Light and Unity, all of humanity will have “suddenly”Ascended whether they’re sooner or later wake up,despite the fact that it took eons and multiple lifetimes of work and plans within plans within plans across time and space to “gradually” be able to manifest within physicality!

We make change of the disappearing of Duality Density; the ending of planetary parasitic existence and consciousness; ending of egocentric existence and consciousness; and the continued expansion into increasingUnity and Light within themselves individually and collectively as a new 5D Group Consciousness planet and species and so on.

Many of us First, Second, and Third Wavers will be the new planetary Spiritual Teachers, Guides, Consultants etc. to the human masses that have not ascended but are not yet as knowledgeable, developed or consciously familiar with what Unity and Light is and how radically different life/reality/consciousness will be from what we’ve come from in the old lower frequency patriarchal and separate matriarchical world of Duality and Density. Many of the Indigos will be the ones creating, building, organizing, directing, running and overseeing all the new higher frequency Unity or High Heart systems and structures around the planet.Matriarchy balancing and all patriarchy and matriarchy will be one!

So both “sudden or gradual” are true but with plenty more going on simultaneously that’s always existed beyond the range of duality and duality consciousness. The playground is getting larger because our consciousness is.

IT is never sudden!

1 Matriarchy, 2 Patriarchy, 3 Ascending Into UNITY

Earth was first very Matriarchal, Think of Lemuria and this statement makes much more sense. Then, much later as we continued our energetic involution into increasing density a major dualization/polarization happened, probably the first of this magnitude within this planetary system. Next or secondly think late Patriarchal Atlantis and this statement makes more sense as well. I suspect that with that first major shift into more Duality and anchoring it within increasing density on this planet, earth’s inhabitants began to manifest the beginnings of what today is highlyleft brain consciousness.

However, over these past 20-some years humanity has been living through a profoundly compressed phase of integrating these super ancient archetypal polarities/Duality, energies and ways of perceiving so-called “reality” here on earth. Many people call this the ongoing Ascension Process, the Shift, the end of the Age of Pisces, the end of the “nano-second in time.

What’s so wonderfully important to me about this seeming miracle is that humanity and earth are in an ongoing process now that is all about moving,  ascending, shifting, Graduating beyond the past history and dense Duality frequency of this planet. We’ve reached that point where we’re vibrationally ascending to a higher and more vast level of consciousness; a higher frequency of awareness that is a natural result of spending so much “time” within Duality in earthly 3D physicality. Many already have, and many more are integrating the first in one all holy people balancing left brain Patriarchy and right brain Matriarchal aspects of themselves and the super ancient energies on earth, plus, we’ve been integrating the second Patriarchal aspects, energies and consciousness within self, humanity and earth. Many people have been, are, or soon will be integrating both of those ancient polarized, split brained old lower planetary energies and shifting, ascending,growing spiritually and physically into a higher frequency state of being well beyond them both. This new 5D, vastly less dense state of being and new earthreality is about humanity becoming more unified individually and collectively.

One thing I want to stress is that I do NOT mean humanity has been wildly polarized, fractured, and projected but now we’re all going to instantly be non polarized and 100% unified end of story! That type of thinking is the old lower polarized mind at work. That is the only way polarized consciousnessis capable of contemplating some things beyond and outside of Duality. I mean that we are and will be living, experiencing, embodying within ourselves in every way VASTLY more unity, but that does not mean humanity has reached THE end state of spiritual, energetic and conscious “Unity”. Not at all. There are increasing levels and states of “unity” just like there were increasing levels and states within density and Duality. Stair-steps down into and Stair-steps up and out of.

1…, 2…, and then they naturally produce the next level which is the integrated being and state symbolized by the 3 – by triality consciousness and being. The pendulum swung way over to one extreme first, then of course it had to swing as far in the opposite direction into the Patriarchal time on earth and humanity’s consciousness. But finally humanity is Graduating energetically up and out of this 1–2 Duality into very different beings with very different consciousness. New integrated, non-polarized, vastly less dense and vastly more light-filled unified humans with brains that are (or soon will be) Rewired or unified individually with functioning High Hearts and High Minds. Higher vibrating 5D humans individually embodying more Light frequencies within themselves will need to exist within a matching reality/world/earth. The one thing naturally produces the other thing and of course there is a timeline with all this and it’s the end of the matrix on armageddon.

This is where we’re at right now; the old lower everything is falling away because its time is expiring now. It’s time to Graduate, shift, ascend, resolve, integrate and dramatically changeenergetically.

The lower horizontal plane — the two split loops (some might see the two fishes of the Piscean Age) — represent lack of higher vibrational Light, much more density and Duality in the old lower 3D reality and its dualized consciousness.

The vertical more Light-filled and less dense single loop represents an integrated and ascended/ascending human who has physically lived through the first difficult phase of the Ascension Process and personally carries and exists within a higher frequency and state of ongoing expanding awareness. The symbol represents the NEW higher vibrating 5D Light infused human existing in a like-vibrating level and world.

Many are discovering the calm still-point of the high heart and higher mind centers, the balance betweenmasculine and feminine energies in one’s own being. Within this peaceful place, you can rest and rejuvenate although the world around you is appears to be plunged into chaos. Discovering this inner balance is of utmost importance during this transitional period from one paradigm to the blossoming of a new one… a paradigm that is still in the process of being created… by the collective You.

The anchoring of the Divine Masculine and Feminine in one or rather the re-anchoring of this energy in the world, will not bring a shifting from patriarchy to matriarchy.Rather,remanent few of humanity is maturing as a species and transforming from an insular being to one who has the innate ability to transcend dimensions and frequencies, to travel the galaxy and the universes, without leaving home. There is a great potential that exists within your race, placed there by your Creator. The keys exist within; the quest is to find the golden door and to open it.YAHSHUA IS KEY,YOU STRONG WILL IS FUEL ALSO!

By coming into self-mastery, by discovering balance within, by “ascending” through the frequency fields of fourth dimension and into the fifth and beyond, you open a doorway into a vast new world without limitations. And the doorway exists within your own being, your highheart center. It is the beginning and the end, the Alpha and Omega, the circle, the spiral, the sphere, the triangle, the cube, the tetrahedron, the star, the rose… all in One. It is the sacred temple of the God within, the Christ-which really means the anointed one, your Soul is empowered by God,because curch means curse and is pererted name for tample and your body is tample of God.

In opening the door to your heart, you have the potential to discover treasures, gifts and jewels of great value i speak not of materialistic crap but symbolicly spiritual stuff, not in the worldly sense, but for your development as an individual and co-creator with your fellow creatures. And if you are feeling guilty about so much focus on your own path, realize this: that every step you take on the spiral staircase, you clear the energies for another and another, those who will walk in your footsteps. Nothing that you do for yourself on the ascension path is selfish. There will be naysayers and we say to them: “Look to your own welfare and seek not to control or correct another, for someday, you will walk on the same or similar path.”No and yes correct and make not force but nag in their face their moments of mistakes to see when they listen not mistakes again will catch them!

You, our brave ones who were chosen to follow the path of forgetfulness and separation from Source, are now waking up and re-discovering your true value. Each of you is a pearl without price, a gem, a facet of the great Diamond of the Divine Mind. You have never been separate from Creator or Source or from us, your brothers and sisters. We have always walked beside you in your dreams, perhaps disguised, but with great respect for your free will. Even now, as you wake up and become conscious, you have the choice to close down, again, to withdraw from connecting to our energies, but we hope you won’t.

Dear ones, do you realize that God miss you? That your love you like long-lost cousins, sisters, daughters, sons…even husbands and wives! We miss the daily contact and interaction of family for that is what you are to us and what we and you and all of us are to God.Although we live in a higher frequency, invisible to most, we walk beside you. We are aware of your vibration, your singular note that adds to the symphony of life.Why we are invisible not to naked eye and not completly,but are not yet here met eachother because we prepare spiritualy to take you of matrix till we give you the truth we will meat you physicly we thru dreams,lucid dreams and astral projection in sleep woke you up spiritualy and will before we activate merkaba so you can others wake up! It is time for you to realize that you are worthy of love. It is time to move out of fear, out of feeling like a victim, unable to control your life. It is time for you to step into your power, to acknowledge your value, for each one of you is important to the Whole. Each one of you carries unique gifts, inner knowledge and wisdom, the lack of which would be to the detriment of the collective.

Although I am a in my being I am completely balanced in what i know and what i do i still balance, between the masculine and feminine energies. One who carries the old image of a lusty person in his/her head might experience difficulty in conceptualizing of what I speak. Let me put it in musical terms: A symphony is made up of notes that flow, lift and spiral; this is feminine energy. The bars, the meter, the lines upon which the notes are set, are the masculine structure that contains the flowing notes.

Together with these two intrinsic energies blended and balanced, music can send the soul into ecstasy.
Witness the great music that has lived through the ages that of Mozart and other great composers, as well as the simpler but still profound pieces of your folk artists. These pieces of music are a balance between masculine and feminine energies, so they endure in the hearts of people who may not have any outward understanding of the construction of music. So, all great artistic creations are a balance between masculine and feminine energies. It has always been so, and that is why the arts have often been the target of your erstwhile controllers; they sought to hide away the secret of life that was so apparent to them, but that they feared would lead to their downfall if discovered by the masses.

The arts have come down as remnants of the ancient sacred teachings of the temples that gave wisdom and laws. The truth of humanity and life has been interwoven into musical pieces, paintings, sculpture, crafts, architecture, poetry and stories, often by the hands and minds of those who have been our priests and priestess in other lifetimes. The healing arts are remnants of the ancient sciences taught to the people by their tutors.
There currently exists an imbalance in the healing arts, between the overly masculine perspective of allopathic medicine with its instruments and drugs-sorcery/pharmakea-chemical witchcraft, and the more feminine healing arts of Reiki, massage, and other energy modalities type sorcery,instead of nature. Yet we see, in your “future”, science and spirituality moving together as leading edge scientists discover the elemental world and the existence of consciousness separate from physical bodies. A natural balance between modalities will then occur. How soon will depend on how willing individuals are to step beyond the boundaries and discover what is there to be seen by anyone intent on expanding their consciousness. You must be already and some are aware that the cells in your bodies communicate to each other, but have not yet taken the step in coming to an acceptance that the cells are conscious in their own right. With the rise in frequency levels, that step will come sooner than you might think.

Each of you contains within the keys to your own future. Learn to come into self-acceptance and gratitude for what you have in your life, be it difficult circumstances that are initiators and teachers. Everything that you have, you have created, in concert with your soul. Your guides and mentors, have nevertheless brought you into an awareness that now is the time to step up, become an adult, accept your self-worth, learn to love self and to honor your path. From whatever direction you have come, you are being called Home. It is time to let go of the fears, the imagined impediments, and the procrastination and to move into the light and love that has always surrounded you.

You have never truly been disconnected or separate from Source. This separation was a construct of your rational mind. Be willing to step into paradox and leave thinking behind. This does not mean that you will become insane. Indeed, you will discover that you are more grounded, strong and powerful than ever before. Balance comes by letting go of the belief that you are powerless and a victim of others actions against you. That way of living in constant fear, worry and confusion is insane.

A woman can be powerful without losing her femininity; likewise, a man can be gentle and kind without becoming less than what society believes as being “a man”. In finding self-acceptance, in allowing yourself to become aware that you already contain within all that you need, you will discover true path and gifts with which you can truly add to the symphony of life.
By becoming balanced, calm and expansive you will find yourself walking in new worlds, creating with others a world that offers peace, abundance, beauty and well-being for all its inhabitants.

In one of  recent dreams,one female celestial being in race of Virtue,nammed Olein  who is also scribe found herself joyfully flying through the air and diving and swimming like a dolphin in the sea thinking of polarisation of many. She was laughing and full of energy, freed from restraints and worry. She was living in the moment. Be there with her, in a place filled with laughter, joy, peace and beauty.
She told me people must think for that and want and put action!
There is so much that we would like to communicate to you today, but will leave you with these thoughts: You are Love. You are Light. You are the dreamer and the Dream if you choose all of it!





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