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The Power of the Jezebel Spirit-Lilith:


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The age of Aquarius the matriarchy of Lilith the age of ounterfit spirituality but yet good new end of materialism,but in some parts of the world carnal spirituality which is not good,but anyways start of the demonic counterfited miracles of the direct rule of fallen celestial lightbeings the archons the jinns

“Lilith resonates with other so called dark and light both types of archytype goddesses or witches of mystery and power and magic and occult and trance occultic sexuality of succubuss sexual vampire energy. Clearly associated with magic, she ultimately regenerates us through direct experiences of sacrifice, surrender, sexuality and mysticism. Consider her themes of autonomy, exile, extremism, denial, and the clouds of regret and betrayal.”

“Our task is to unwrap the dark veils that mask the light of the soul. This is Lilith’s strategy, to uncover — to reveal the bare, naked Truth. How daunting and threatening this prospect can seem. The very alchemical process Lilith beckons us into is indelibly transformaitonal and can become the hallmark of our lives.”

“As we consider Lilith in the signs, we can ask, ‘What would be the impact of the ‘uninvited’ in each zodiac placement? This leads us to consider the difficult, challenging, darker territory of each sign, the shadow side. As these dimensions are worked through, the creative promise comes alive.”
~ these are counterfiting,astrological manipulation is feminen venus energy in this age of aquarius,where she degradates women and girl image where she lies and speaks crap thru media the madia greek godess of deception,hmm this is another mask of lilith and the thing is the demons of her are now feauturing prostitution,the girls like geek gamer girls online are also high level pristess,and other high level pristesses kundalini sex vampire pristesses like Nikolićka are now in run in dark moon magic of full moon and drinking menstrual blood,genuine gentlemen they despised and girls and women images who are holy ones,they those who have soulmates who are married have sex out of love and all that they hate because they are dead and have succubuss vampire fallen celestial lightbeing in themselves and are dead of how many dissiases they have prostitutes and sex magic pristesses,damned repobrates without chance of salvation,they are dead walking dead,they are alive and walking because of draconian draculas as i said in their bodies,they are canibals,they drink sperm and sekret,that is blood also they are canibals!

Lilith in the Age of Aquarius:

“Over the last decade,you must have to come to have realized that the device’s many gears could track the movements of the known moon phrases and Solar Eclipses. The most mysterious gear was only recently discovered to be a calculation of the Moon’s apogee, which astrologers now refer to as Black Moon Lilith.They got the name right alright!
The emergence from the sea of this mysterious archetype parallels the shift from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. This dark feminine goddess archytype the fallen female seraphim is primarily concerned about blod,sexual abuse, and aims to contrast ego-driven illusions with our collective to get here and there in different paths and masked and slown down, transpersonal connections. Lilith is especially interested in women’s degradation, but also represents the rebellion against subservience and oppression wherever they may occur,plays both sides and ontrolled opposition.” NAZI FEMINIST MOVMENT IS TO GET WOMEN SICK,THE MOVMENT PUTS ON THEM SPELLS,IT IS LILITH HERSELF!




media or medias is madia godess of deception now you knwo from where media comes from ……. https://ultimatetruths.wordpress.com/2013/12/07/satanic-tool-known-as-media-expanding/







These are blogs that keep you connected to what spirit of Lilith fallen female seraphim does and how powerfull it is never underestimate the power of enemy but more even so not at all of God!God is more powerfull then any of problems and evil and bigger and will end it all once one day!Know that!

As I have been taught by guardian angels that the Jezebel spirit isn’t a only succubuss spirit of Lilith-based spirit that only operates in overly sexual women who try to entice other man into perverted and evil activities of lustul orgies and oral sex and spermbath and other porn alike crap and perversions ispecialy sex without marriage/love,ect.Jezebel is the matriarchy queen that was described in    the Bible married kind Ahab who allowed her to pretty much dominatecontrol, and destroy the people of God which are the characteristics of this spirit in a person,Liliht then put Asmodeus fallen male cherubim in him so these are also 2 spirits behind marriage brekeups.The Jezebel spirit works heavy in churches and ministries because it wants to be the one in authority and hates any spiritual authority figures who are really of God,curches have spirit of religion and not of God https://ultimatetruths.wordpress.com/2013/08/12/introduction-to-the-truth/. He or she who has this spirit will do the utmost best to try to control every person they come in contact with especially men and women of God who have good knowlage. Those who walk in the Power and Authority of God will come against this powerful demons in males and females controlled by Lilith and Asmodeus under Lilith.I had the wonderful experience of coming head on with this spirit who was challenging every word that was uttered out of my  mouth and continuing to govern the entire meeting with the pope and his speak going with everything the person was asking me sounded doubbled once.You have probably encountered someone like this who seem to speak with a underlying bitterness or evilness in the tones of their speech even when it was friendly and kind in nature.A guardian angel of mine calls these kind of people nice-nasties.People that act nice but their expression and speech reveals their nasty and unfriendly disposition.I could see the Jezebel spirit trying to rise up and come against everything I was saying in the meeting not because I was special or anything but demons do recognize those who have the authority to pray, rebuke, or cast them out of people.Demons also recognize people who don’t have any authority and power from God so the Jezebel spirit has a field day dominating churches and the men and women of God in danger of zomby curch people who rebuke their dieties like mammon and Lilith and Asmodeus,Belial,Apollyon and others who are fallen celestial lithgbeings.Jezebel spirit is one of the most destructive and powerful fallen celestial beings in the Body of Mesiah because it lays dormant in people until it is threatened, challenged, or rebuked by someone in spiritual authority. The spirit then rises up and lashes out at people for the purpose of taking control and do things how they want it to be done. The Jezebel spirit also works in witchcraft, rebellion, and perversion because it brings with it familiar spirits to help take complete control over the person. The sole purpose of the Jezebel spirit is to destroy people and spiritual authority figures so that people won’t receive the Word of God and deliverance from sin, bondages, strongholds, and curses. God operates in the earth and heaven in divine order but the Jezebel spirit seeks to destroy order in people, homes, and anywhere else to breed chaos, confusion, and strife.The only way to deal with the Jezebel spirit is through fasting and intense spiritual warfare and prayer meaing you will have to rebuke, bind, and cast out the works of the Jezebel spirit. It is a takeover spirit that wants to rule everyone and everything that crosses its path.When the prophet Elijah had killed Jezebel’s prophets, Jezebel sent a order to have Elijah killed causing him to flee into a cave.The queen Jezebel had manage to obtain an aresenal of false prophets to do her bidding and tell her what she wanted to hear.She was by Lilith herself possessed!The spirit wants to kill anyone that challenges their ability to dominate and overthrow people especially those in spiritual authority sometimes.




I unplugged the line between the lies and the truth exposing the scam of religion that it is in general and this has not from the church matrix and i only share truth.Christians are Baal worshipers and are caught in a dillusion.

Jesus can’t be the name of the messiah because the letter J is only 200 years old. So you can’t say that J.C. is the name. lord means Baal.Lord is only a title!The fathers name is Yahuah not lord (baal) the Babylonian god. Do your research and don’t listen to a blind pastor.Read the whole logs I explain everything.Its shocking but true.And I’m not at all wrong and stop worshiping satan if you want salvation.Its a hard thing to deal with when you find out you’ve been decieved. I was angry at first.YAHUSHUA is my king .I will tell everybody the truth. The truth is my ammunition and the foundation of their deceptions will crumble.

All churches are prostitute daughters of the catholic church: Mystery babylon

Revelations 17 discussion and interpretation. Jesus; Iesus, Iesous are false translations to mislead you-HEY ZEUS/-ZEUS IS TTHE NAME OF SATAN. Yahushua is the name ha mashiach ( the messiah)!

The true name of the messiah: Mystery Babylon exposed; Pastors=liars:

Mystery Babylon, The Messiahs name Yahushua and the satan´s plan to hide the name of the names of trinity ispecialy messiah. When you call Elohim by another name it is blaspemous.

Decoding of the Tetragrammaton & Consciousness Ascension is by fallowing the truth comes!