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before you read this blog read this one of before dooing warfare spiritual warfare to protect yourself because satan will try to attack you from in as well as outside protect your life first!

pray from heart for God´s will if you are not rady yet spiritualy for such spiritual food yet then do not choke on it wait and save this link of blog!

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Spiritual Realms Category is not a game not to play to with oulja boards and stuff like that not at all it is dangerous for this world and you and those arround you,watch out!

Witchcraft is evil and deceptive and not to bo messed with and used!Something that gives you sence of power and control really controling you!

There are 9 pondemonium realms of the underworld or 9 empires of shadows satan´s realms,and they are Evil Dimensions and spiritual lower astral realms of 4th dimension and sub worlds here connected with 4th dimensional world astral and etherical!

Elysium Dimension: God’s Heavenly Realms,the place also where satan and his fallen demonic host once dwellet and they are now not anymore nor will be!

Melioch Realms: The Chaos War realm

The Dimensions of Melioch Realms

When God gave me this name for the spiritual realms, I wonder what it truly meant and everytime I tell people the name of the realms of chaos and other ones that has the name of the realms, I get this blank expression. Many of my writings on these blogs come from the dreams and visions that God gives me so I keep a journal near the bed astraly in my dreamscape i learned on astral space in my lucid dreams and dreams and astral projection to write down on blogs later what i know.This has been happening to me since I was a little kid before I was truly find out the more truth. I was initially receiving dreams from another demonic source not from God first,i had attacks as a child and wonder why I had such a fascination with horror films and books.Come to find out that Satan was grooming me to become a horror writer of sorts and a powerfull sorcerer and occultist wizard and i was and I began to have dreams and visions of his 4th dimensional spiritual realms and the demonic wicked forces that are part of that region.I even dreamt of the creatures that inspired H.P. Lovecraft’s writing as I was growing up and desiring to make my name famous with the other great horror writers and occultists like Clive Barker and Stephen  King and occultists who are controlled opposition like David Icke he is shaman he tried aywaska and he is new age guru that is occult. Not until I got filled with the SPIRIT OF GOD WITH TRUTH AND LOVE from God did my writing change in a right way. I used to have a ego and stuff like that but when God writes for me in my heart,i was changed.IElysium was another word God gave me to name the part of the spiritual realms where God is and holy celestial astral lightbeings are,and those who went to heaven dwell. In Melioch Realms, these are the dimensions and realms that houses many spirits of old, old demonic fallen celestial astral lightbeings the archons and jinns,and Satan’s kingdom.When Satan and the third of the celestial beings were kicked out of the heavenly realms, they were thrown into the other parts of the spirit realms the lower astral realms including the physical realms here also.Now they are all here as i explained the box thing!They has lost all access and divine rights to God’s Kingdom meaning the dry places could they roam around only.In Melioch Realms: The Chaos War, I name a city that has been with me even when I was a child and didn’t realize what it meant until now. The city I call Nomad City in 4th dimensional place of lemuria represents the gates between the spirit world and the physical world meaning spirits whether good or evil come traveling through these spiritual channels to operate around or in humans.Many things that are manifesting in the physical world were originated first in the spirit world.When people begin to fully understand that what they are doing spiritually or what’s been done to them spiritually whether good or bad will manifest in their lives.People need to also know that spirits do transfer by touch, tv, music, and movies so it is critical that one be careful about what they want to go and see at the latest cinema. There is so much that is demonically inspired and influenced that it manifests in all of these ghost, psychics, and demonic shows. The new show Grimm is about a man who can see demonic spirits but he tries to fight them with his flesh which is not biblically correct  and not a way at all to do it and can cause people to get killed by these beings thinking they can fight them with guns and human weapons which are toys for them.Even the writing of books and novels are influenced by the demonic areas of the spiritual realms which is why you see such a wave of it in the earthly realms. We are in spiritual warfare constantly and don’t even know it  sometimes blinded by satan´s matrix distractions and illusions and its not strange that you see people dropping dead, remember whatever is happening in the spirit realm will manifest into the physical world.If you are not guarding your spirit and soul from being taken by Satan or from bondages in your life, then your very life can be at stake spiritually as well as physicly.My blogs really delves into the warfare that humans are in with demonic spirits and the angels that are fighting for the souls of humans.The question is, which side are you on?

You choose…….—————————————




(occult spirits)

Spiritual Voyeurs:

There are people that have what they call a spectating spirit in which they purposefully watch other people especially in high level worshiping of God,all spiritual services they do and activities they participate in praise and worship or other activities occurring in the high spiritual power.A spiritual spectator is a person that watches other people or events occurring without being involved nor participating in the activity.They watch other people praising and shouting unto to God while they just look around to see what is going on. Now in a spiritual standpoint, the spectating spirit dwells among carnal acting people who don’t have a true spiritual mindset when it comes to the things of God and don’t’ really get involved in spirituality especially during praise and worship times.They are what I call spiritual voyeurs what my guardian angels told me who take pleasure in watching other people enjoy the Lord YAHUSHUA but don’t try to get involved themselves. Voyeurism doesn’t always mean a person who likes to watch other people do certain things in the secular world but in the spiritual world it is the spark that can produce a spirit of carnality, lusts, perversion and witchcraft.The purpose of the spectating spirit is to keep people from receiving the Word of God and get their spiritual breakthroughs from God through signs, wonders, and miracles. It is a cold, calculating and menacing spirit that flows through people who aren’t true for themselves and see little bits of truths but are not on spiritual fire and still walk in fleshly desires and lusts.The eyes are truly a window to the soul and if a person is watching you in a most unnatural or unnerving way, that is the spirit of spectating.It dwells in the mind and directs the person to look at what they desire or enjoy whether it be at group of people or a particular person.They don’t participate but just watch and see.Spiritual voyeurs also like to look at other people in an intense manner especially if they like or hate the person therefore making him or her feel uncomfortable at being stared at all the time. That’s what happens to King David when he kept looking at Bathsheba to the point that he developed a lustful desire towards her that became so strong that he had her husband killed in order to possess her. From my own personal experience guardian angels explained to me I have had explanations of persons who keep looking at others in many places and I see the spirit behind their eyes because there’s a difference when someone likes you or lusts after you.Many people have fallen prey to spiritual voyeurs because they thought they were staring because they were showing how much they liked them but only how much they want to possess them spiritually and naturally in a more demonic manner.The way to handle a person who has a spectating spirit is to pray and fast to stay focused and not deceived by their hard stares.That staring and looking can become a form of witchcraft if this person stares and wants you so bad that they start praying to have you no matter what. It is important to guard your heart, mind, and eyes because spirits can transfer through the eyes. It is important not to become swayed or seduced by spiritual voyeurs.The eyes of a person can reveal the true spirit of a person whether good or evil.

Some are high level occultists possessed by evil spiritual forces who feed off fear and curiosity or whatever they create by stearing!

Satan Unleashed: Demonic invasion:(transference spirits)

A new age of aquarius has begun and finally I receive more then ever revelations and i can start the year off with more revelatory blogs about spirits and how to not be possessed, oppressed, or obsessed attacked,manipulated and deceived by them. Last year was definitely a time where more demonic forces are taking root all over the world with innocent blood being shed and people dying unexpectedly from young to old.Now is the time to truly know your place spiritually and whether you are on God’s side or Satan’s side. The time has come where more demonic spirits, entities and beings and energies and inteligences  all of them are realised here and will be invading the earthly realms more like never before and those who don’t have a discernful eye will perish from the spiritual warfare that has intensified greatly. Gone are the days where you could live a cavalier and sinful life doing what you want to do for 20 years or so until death ended your carnal existence. From church people to drunken people, hell has no respecter of persons and death has increased its morbid selection. The need for God is prevalent that every before and not knowing God can be detrimental to your body, mind, spirit, and soul.Dettach from matrix,get close to God,loved ones God gave you who ever that may be,then get back to nature and throw tv out which is demonic portal and beast synthetic vampire pulling you in lower etherical astral realms and sucking you dry,then get yourselv cleansed and right.My last blog I delved into the demonic spiritual forces too much many times which represented in the movie Prometheus  now and how demonic spirits seduce humans into thinking they are gods to be worshiped and do their evil bidding. The Incas and Aztecs didn’t mysteriously disappear or got up leaving their advanced civilization but were eventually taken back to the dark abyss of the spiritual realms by powers of these evil beings by counterfit merkaba activation in merkaba mysticism where demonic fallen celestial lightbeings roam seeking rest but finding none.The blood sacrifices, rituals, and paganism were inspired by these beings coming upon these tribes and wooing them into believing they were divinity that deserved to be worshipped and pleased even through death.Their abductions do happen and occur while the person is in a trance-like state while asleep. These beings begin to put visions and images of spaceships and otherworldly creatures to take that person into another spiritual realm to be tortured and driven to madness. The people that are most susceptible to seduction are those who need to seetorment to get smart and open their mind and cleanse from demonic attacks.These people always want to see something happen in their life and desire to experience a less than ordinary life on earth. They even think that incidents like Roswell and Area 51 are just something to be dissmised but they mistake there it is to be considered. Not once in the bible do you read that God made Adam, Eve, animals, and celestial lightbeings.But Roswell and Area 51 are more than just some other beings allow you to see the monstrous nature of fallen ones when truly evil.What these men and women found and hid in those known satanic cases were the remains of humans who became possessed, transformed and mutated into demonic looking creatures through total demonic possession. People don’t’ seem to realize that when a person continuously stays demonically possessed,and for thousands of years and then they can eventually take on the form and likeness of the fallen celestial lightbeing who can materialise and after takes too much of them materialise and leave them but their body transmutate to that being that is controlling them.Just like the holy people  can take on the likeness of God and the image of God in that image we are made but the thing is that they are,that does not mean to look like God but to be in our original form,and also so can people taken over by demonic hosts. Yes, they found something alright and they looked so malformed and terrifying that they hid their bodies to be hidden. Movies like the Tommyknockers and The Invasion of the Body Snatchers show the true nature of these beings and how they slowly want to take over your mind, body, soul, and spirit until you are an empty shell housing a beast. I recently watched the remake of The Thing and that really exposes the true nature of them and how they live to mimic and take over a person making you think that person is normal. I even once had a vision of a red looking fallen celestial being that was evil looking and trying to throw some red fiery darts at my heart until some shiny light came upon it and obliterate it. Come to find out that it represented the motives and heart of a person I knew and was a warning on not to get close to that person. That spirit that was in my dream did not want to phone home but attack my heart and soul for evil not for good. Those beings had humans moving big rocks calling it Stonehenge or drawing big signs in the ground for the purpose of keeping contact with them and place for the humans to worship them.Next part of this blog will be about breaking the spirit of perversion out of one’s life due to a state we are inglobaly.Along with that, more will be explained about incubus and succubus and other stuff and how these prevent you to find soulmate!

Dealing with Religious Spirits:

As I go  downtown the highways and notice all of these multiple churches all over the town,I wonder are they truly living up to their name on the sign and is God’s presence dwelling in the place?Not at all i know now before i wondered just.The world has so many religions and doctrines that people can choose to be a Buddhistor a Mormon if one likes. Since before The Flood and afterwards, the religious spirit has been a culprit of the many religions and cults that we see today that has many names for God but are they actually serving The True Living God icreator of all?!not at all ver few just! Religious spirits tend to be well-educated or well-experienced in knowing how to live holy, be holy, and speak holy but something is missing spiritually in their lives. You could have been saved at the age of 2, baptized at 5 and began preaching at 10 years old but still don’t have a true relationship with God on a personal level. These kinds of spirits love to go to seminary schools and actually maybe teaching these classes to instruct people on how to be knowledgeable in the things of the Lord YAHUSHUA but have no revelation and visions and true spiritual experiences that are outside the box on what God is really saying to People.The Pharisees and Sadducees represent the people who had religious spirits, were well-known in the community for their religious stance, and knew the laws of God but their walk with God was superficial in nature and synthetic completly.They continuously would challenge YAHUSHUA on His Actions who would always rebuke them with the Word of God.YAHUSHUA knew these people possess religious spirits and believed in that practicing the art of serving God through visible prayers,servitude and looking holy was enough to say they were truly holy people because they kept all of God’s commandments.They did not!Religious spirits especially in the Body of YAHSUHUA love to be judgmental and critical of other people who they think is not holy enough, know enough scripture, or have enough spiritual experiences.A person who has a religious spirit will always see an opportunity to show off their biblical and scriptural knowledge including any religious education they may have taken to improve their ability to preach sermon in churches and make people to to their curches and tell reasons even sue scriptures to back up while failing to realise that we are tample of God while curches the buildings are empty of God´s presence and are sata´s playground!The problem with this spirit is that it doesn’t welcome change or other people who may not believe or act the way they do. If you go to some churches and they have been doing the same routine for the past 45 years, then you may have a multitude of religious spirits at work who aren’t allowing God to dwell freely  in the church-human body.God doesn’t dwell in churches that keep God in a box of tradition nor in chaos either.A religious spirit goal is to stifle, dry and deaden every church that may have had God’s Spirit and Presence reigning in the sanctuary.The Enemy sends religious spirits into churches to begin the process of hindering and blocking God’s Presence from healing, delivering, restoring, yoke destroying and breaking bondages or strongholds off of people’s lives. Once this process is complete, the church becomes just a building that we go to to without feeling the presence of God and not getting any spiritual breakthroughs in our lives. The spiritual atmosphere becomes dry as powder and you have probably felt a coldness in certain churches. On top of that, the religious spirit strives to challenge and oppose everyone who doesn’t have the same biblical and scriptural pedigree as they do because they believe they have the right education to be an authority figure in the body of messiah and to preach the gospel. Religious spirits love to condemn others who have sinned or made a mistake.  They don’t believe they shouldn’t be accountable to anyone but themselves unless you have a familiar spirit.  These are the people that make church services boring and a chore because they are doing good works as a routine rather than a way of life.  Also, they don’t walk nor operate in the love of God which is one of the greatest commandments in the book that they are supposed to be following to the last scripture in the Bible. Religious spirits make people not want to come to church and know about God people who spiritualy see and are almost connected to God because of these so-called holier than you and you and you people.What do you do when you come across people with religious spirits besides not to run from them and to shout at them how annoying they are and demonic?To pray to change those changing not are repobrate already!Only God can deliver a person from a religious spirits but what you do in the meantime is not let them vex or bother you to the point to acting like a devil.Just pray for them and hope that they allow God to change their erroneous craps on what and how to live holy for God.When you truly have a personal relationship with God meaning you do more than just serve God but surrender your entire life to God, you can no longer have a religious mindset with God nor think you have all figured all out.That’s the ultimate crux of a person with a religious spirit, they profess to know all about God, but don’t truly know God. Selah.



The Spirit of False Burdens and Hindrances:

Not all spirits from satanic realms are blatant and obvious in their evil purposes and plans to steal the spirit and souls of God’s People. Some spirits come upon us when we begin to allow our feelings, emotions, and guilt to make us think we need to always help people in need or in a crisis.That it is our job to make provisions and ensure every need in their life is met financially, physically and spiritually. Satan’s plan and goal is to provide as much hindrances, oppositions, and discouraging situations to make us give up on us holding to that of our prosperity and abundance life that YAHSUHUA provided when he died and rose from the dead for ( KJV John 10:10). He will use people, circumstances and situations to get us distracted and drained in doing what God has called us to do and to live our own lives. We can be so boggled down with the cares of this world and the cares of other people that our spirits become burdened and encumbered with many things.The problem with this is that some people create situations that can cause the Spirit of False Burden to enter the lives of other people. Some people do not take responsibility for their actions or roles and may lay that burden on someone who isn’t even been called to carry out that responsibility. When we are helping people, the spirit of false burdens will begin to attack your mind and tell you that you must help them because of your loyalty, love, and feelings of inferiority on deserving to live your own life. People who are selfish minded and immature will make you think that you are suppose to help them because they helped you or that you are their friend in the Messiah.That false burden spirit will use other people to make you think that you are suppose to carry someone else’s load and responsibility because you don’t want to see them suffer or be in lack in any every of their life. This is where the story of Atlas carrying the whole world on his shoulders originates from,we tend to carry the burdens of other people on our shoulders until it ways you down. The purpose and goal of the false burden spirit is to wear you out and keep you from living out the Plan of God in your life to its fullest potential. Satan knows that if he can burden you down with the troubles of others and yours included, then you won’t have the strength to fight back nor take what is rightfully yours spirituallly and naturally. This hindering spirit will rob you of your joy and peace because you feel like you are spiritually being made to help other people out to the point you are losing out on helping yourself out. You are dealing with other people’s issues and can’t focus on your own issues which can sap the joy out of you. You can’t truly enjoy your life because you feel like that person or persons is going to have something come up that you have to bail them out of. The problem is those who are causing you to take upon these false burdens don’t want to own up or take responsibilities for their problems and troubles because of spiritual slothfulness and slackness. Hindering spirits cause the people of God to not walk in total victory and total deliverance. When you are delivered from false burden, it is a fight to not take it back and you must preserve what God has delivered you from or what God has for will be hindered by these satanic attacks.

These spirits are attacking like never before to get people to be so heavy and weary in their spirit that they lose hope, and want no more God’s promises for a prosperous and abandent spiritual life. The spirit of heaviness comes in with the spirit of false burdens to weigh a person’s soul and spirit down in that they become joyless, sad, non-praising, and defeated in their walk with God. From personal experience, to overcome these hindering spirits, you going have to let go of the people that you carry burdens for out of you heart, mind, soul, and spirit. This can be extremely hard if its a person(s) that you care about and have their best interest at heart but God doesn’t want us to help someone be accountable of their actions. We are to be accountable to our own actions and allow God to help us deal with our own issues and flaws. People that invoke hindering spirits are in bondage to other spirits and want you to partake of their bondage and what they don’t want to let go to God to be truly delivered and set free. Once you let these people go and not take anymore false burdens they indirectly or directly try to put upon you, God can truly begin to manifest and release what has been held up in your life. False burdens hinder God bringing forth the blessings and prayer manifestations which is what they are evilly designed to do. People must be free to live their lives and enjoy this temporary existence on earth without worrying about somebody else’s bills, finances, lack, and problems. Once you are free from these burdensome stones, continue to pray and allow God to tell you what to do in that situation. You can’t live your life as the bail-out saviour of other people’s mess and miss out on what God has for you. Be free to enjoy your life and leave everybody else’s problem at the altar when you pray before you start dooing anything.

The Power of the Jezebel Spirit-Lilith:


Before reading it read this:

The age of Aquarius the matriarchy of Lilith the age of ounterfit spirituality but yet good new end of materialism,but in some parts of the world carnal spirituality which is not good,but anyways start of the demonic counterfited miracles of the direct rule of fallen celestial lightbeings the archons the jinns

“Lilith resonates with other so called dark and light both types of archytype goddesses or witches of mystery and power and magic and occult and trance occultic sexuality of succubuss sexual vampire energy. Clearly associated with magic, she ultimately regenerates us through direct experiences of sacrifice, surrender, sexuality and mysticism. Consider her themes of autonomy, exile, extremism, denial, and the clouds of regret and betrayal.”

“Our task is to unwrap the dark veils that mask the light of the soul. This is Lilith’s strategy, to uncover — to reveal the bare, naked Truth. How daunting and threatening this prospect can seem. The very alchemical process Lilith beckons us into is indelibly transformaitonal and can become the hallmark of our lives.”

“As we consider Lilith in the signs, we can ask, ‘What would be the impact of the ‘uninvited’ in each zodiac placement? This leads us to consider the difficult, challenging, darker territory of each sign, the shadow side. As these dimensions are worked through, the creative promise comes alive.”
~ these are counterfiting,astrological manipulation is feminen venus energy in this age of aquarius,where she degradates women and girl image where she lies and speaks crap thru media the madia greek godess of deception,hmm this is another mask of lilith and the thing is the demons of her are now feauturing prostitution,the girls like Anđela Nikolić,Barbara Bekić,Tamara Bošković,Valentina Stančulj,Teodora Janković,Goksi Brajenović high level pristess,and other high level pristesses kundalini sex vampire pristesses like Nikolićka are now in run in dark moon magic of full moon and drinking menstrual blood,genuine gentlemen they despised and girls and women images who are holy ones,they those who have soulmates who are married have sex out of love and all that they hate because they are dead and have succubuss vampire fallen celestial lightbeing in themselves and are dead of how many dissiases they have prostitutes and sex magic pristesses,damned repobrates without chance of salvation,they are dead walking dead,they are alive and walking because of draconian draculas as i said in their bodies,they are canibals,they drink sperm and sekret,that is blood also they are canibals!

Lilith in the Age of Aquarius:

“Over the last decade,you must have to come to have realized that the device’s many gears could track the movements of the known moon phrases and Solar Eclipses. The most mysterious gear was only recently discovered to be a calculation of the Moon’s apogee, which astrologers now refer to as Black Moon Lilith.They got the name right alright!
The emergence from the sea of this mysterious archetype parallels the shift from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. This dark feminine goddess archytype the fallen female seraphim is primarily concerned about blod,sexual abuse, and aims to contrast ego-driven illusions with our collective to get here and there in different paths and masked and slown down, transpersonal connections. Lilith is especially interested in women’s degradation, but also represents the rebellion against subservience and oppression wherever they may occur,plays both sides and ontrolled opposition.” NAZI FEMINIST MOVMENT IS TO GET WOMEN SICK,THE MOVMENT PUTS ON THEM SPELLS,IT IS LILITH HERSELF!


media or medias is madia godess of deception now you knwo from where media comes from …….

These are blogs that keep you connected to what spirit of Lilith fallen female seraphim does and how powerfull it is never underestimate the power of enemy but more even so not at all of God!God is more powerfull then any of problems and evil and bigger and will end it all once one day!Know that!

As I have been taught by guardian angels that the Jezebel spirit isn’t a only succubuss spirit of Lilith-based spirit that only operates in overly sexual women who try to entice other man into perverted and evil activities of lustul orgies and oral sex and spermbath and other porn alike crap and perversions ispecialy sex without marriage/love,ect.Jezebel is the matriarchy queen that was described in    the Bible married kind Ahab who allowed her to pretty much dominatecontrol, and destroy the people of God which are the characteristics of this spirit in a person,Liliht then put Asmodeus fallen male cherubim in him so these are also 2 spirits behind marriage brekeups.The Jezebel spirit works heavy in churches and ministries because it wants to be the one in authority and hates any spiritual authority figures who are really of God,curches have spirit of religion and not of God He or she who has this spirit will do the utmost best to try to control every person they come in contact with especially men and women of God who have good knowlage. Those who walk in the Power and Authority of God will come against this powerful demons in males and females controlled by Lilith and Asmodeus under Lilith.I had the wonderful experience of coming head on with this spirit who was challenging every word that was uttered out of my  mouth and continuing to govern the entire meeting with the pope and his speak going with everything the person was asking me sounded doubbled once.You have probably encountered someone like this who seem to speak with a underlying bitterness or evilness in the tones of their speech even when it was friendly and kind in nature.A guardian angel of mine calls these kind of people nice-nasties.People that act nice but their expression and speech reveals their nasty and unfriendly disposition.I could see the Jezebel spirit trying to rise up and come against everything I was saying in the meeting not because I was special or anything but demons do recognize those who have the authority to pray, rebuke, or cast them out of people.Demons also recognize people who don’t have any authority and power from God so the Jezebel spirit has a field day dominating churches and the men and women of God in danger of zomby curch people who rebuke their dieties like mammon and Lilith and Asmodeus,Belial,Apollyon and others who are fallen celestial lithgbeings.Jezebel spirit is one of the most destructive and powerful fallen celestial beings in the Body of Mesiah because it lays dormant in people until it is threatened, challenged, or rebuked by someone in spiritual authority. The spirit then rises up and lashes out at people for the purpose of taking control and do things how they want it to be done. The Jezebel spirit also works in witchcraft, rebellion, and perversion because it brings with it familiar spirits to help take complete control over the person. The sole purpose of the Jezebel spirit is to destroy people and spiritual authority figures so that people won’t receive the Word of God and deliverance from sin, bondages, strongholds, and curses. God operates in the earth and heaven in divine order but the Jezebel spirit seeks to destroy order in people, homes, and anywhere else to breed chaos, confusion, and strife.The only way to deal with the Jezebel spirit is through fasting and intense spiritual warfare and prayer meaing you will have to rebuke, bind, and cast out the works of the Jezebel spirit. It is a takeover spirit that wants to rule everyone and everything that crosses its path.When the prophet Elijah had killed Jezebel’s prophets, Jezebel sent a order to have Elijah killed causing him to flee into a cave.The queen Jezebel had manage to obtain an aresenal of false prophets to do her bidding and tell her what she wanted to hear.She was by Lilith herself possessed!The spirit wants to kill anyone that challenges their ability to dominate and overthrow people especially those in spiritual authority sometimes.

Spirit of Error:

This spirit operates in a special manner in that it will cause a person to be deceived by their own actions and beliefs thinking what they are doing or saying is right.Even people who have the POWER AND THE SPIRIT AND THE ANNOINTING OF GOD YAHUVEH,IMMAYAH,YAHUSHUA can have the spirit of error because it dwells in the mental thoughts of a person.For example, a man/women who is trying to be a pastor but God actually called him/her to be a teacher and youth pastor but he/she believes because he/she has the gift of gab, he/she should have a congregation.The spirit of error got him/her thinking that he/she is called to lead God´s people because of his/her religous education and delusion of grandeur that he knows God´s Word better than people like myself who have no public religious crap but learned directly from God and know better because religion puts into box and limits perspective and knowlage who are just students in the things of God,these are only that always if they are in religion,they might have conection to God at some point as i said but in their aura error spirit got them driving crazy and slowing down in their walk with God.This spirit will cause you to be frustrated, tired and confused on why things are’nt going the way they should go in your life.It will have you doing things out of your character and what God called you to do.There are so many people walking in spiritual error and not truly listening to God.There’s people like this to be apostle who does supermodel, Victoria Secret seductive poses on her facebook but God called her to be an Apostle.Spirit of error will have you walking in the wrong vocation and you wonder why demons are constantly attacking cause they even know you are not in your designated holy lane.I try to stay right where God called me to be but the prestige and allure of being on that place drow people away the spirits from satan because they are such powerful callings but in every calling,the evil spirits drow people from it there are some demons assigned to it as well.Not only does the spirit of error produce a spirit of deception but then puts you in a spiritual catatonic state where you aren’t growing spiritually in God because of your love for another person who is not your soulmate and you live a fairy tale existence hoping this person will love you back.The way to deal with spiritual errors is by reading God’s Word and being true to yourself.Admit your faults and mistakes to God and yourself because denial breeds the power of the spirit of error. Its very important to pray and listen to God talked fully to you and reveal truths about yourself and your destiny.You need to be able to discern God’s Voice,your voice and The Enemy to not make erroneous decisions.God will never tell you anything that is contrary to God´s Word.God is not the author of confusion or error,satan is!


Defeating the Spirit of Leviathan:

In this day in time, many things are beginning to surface at a more rapid pace in terms of the spiritual environment that has begun to reveal the true corruption of mankind especially those who have been called to minister the gospel of YAHUSHUA the messiah.There is such a spirit of error and carnality among the Body of Messiah that you can’t even go to work with them nor have any dealings with them spiritually truly naturally spiritualy as they should.Even in workplaces in which Messiah is acknowledged and governs even how we do business, this can be invaded by religous-minded people who say they know YAHSUHUA and scriptures but don’t know God on a personal level. I witnessed today that if people do not begin to pray to God and obtain a gift of discernment, even the very elect can be deceived by the words of a person who proclaims they are one of God’s people. What people have to protect and guard their spirits from is not necessarily wicked, sinful people but super-religous, pseudo-spiritual,spiritualy enslaved by religion who can spew scriptures front and backwards but have no understanding of the mysteries of the Kingdom nor the deep revelations from God through the true holy divine manifested presence of God-ShekinYah Glory.These people come in like wolves in sheep clothing proclaiming that they love God and know His/Her Word until you tell them something that goes against their erroneous,demonic and counterfit spirited- mind.People who spout out biblical and worldly knowledge mixing with their own philosophies are the false prophets they talk about in the end of times. They are the false messiahs that speak profound errors of God’s Word and their purpose is to plant seeds of rebellion and disobedience in God’s people. These people are arrogant, prideful and think they know everything there is about God and the Bible just to make you begin to question what you truly know about God.These are satan´s puppets used by his agent also in the race of cherubim fallen cherubim Leviathan!This is the spirit of leviathan or the spirit of pride.

The leviathan spirit is haughty, proud, and seeks to destroy the true principles and divine order of God in the earthly realms. It is described in the Bible as a crocodile that destroys in massive way which is how the leviathan spirit comes at a person with its destructive words of deception, flattery, and error. As the return of YAHSHUA comes near, more of these old demonic spirits have been unleashed into the earth to deceive and destroy fallowers of Messiah.This demonic entity exists in people connected thrue their third eye who think more highly than themselves and believe they are the most wise in knowing the doctrines of the world including the Bible. I got to witness firsthand a man try to convince and tell me that every false word that he uttered was scripturally- based,he had too much spiritual knowlage from bible and verses but is in religion and was thretning me and was saying me about pride indirectly that i have but i really don´t not because i say so but he bragged that how much years i have that much he studied and served God and the thing is he is then . A person who has the leviathan spirit in them operate also in witchcraft and perversion. Anybody that you meet that speaks about God and thinks they have the grand authority of the Bible and the nature of God but you are stupid because you cannot quote every scripture they got some demons in them and you can’t be afraid to take authority of the spirits that are operating in the individual. The way to defeat the spirit of leviathan is through spiritual warfare and prayer.

Spiritual warfare prayer is more than just saying your grace and repeating the Lord YAHUSHUA’s prayer but a prayer that wars in the spirit realm using the Word of God in terms of attacking the spirits that have come to attack you through a person or a situation. These kinds of prayers require you to have thethe spiritual power and annointing ad strong connection to God with spiritual gift the ability to discern the spirits and lies and truth and interpretation that you need to pray against and to protect your spirit and soul. If you don’t know what spirit is operating behind that person, then you begin to rebuke, bind, and cast out every spirit that is not like God.Don’t try to guess the spirit and rebuke it otherwise it may come to manifest and attack you.This is very important to watch and pray because the Enemy is seeking whom he may devour and destroy sending out his helpers to do his evil bidding in the earth.