do not be deceived by saturn cult and pray for evrything the spiritual truth and spiritual discerment and wisdom and knowlage!

Image,the grim reapers of saturn seek to dewour souls to make you look in certin direction and then cut off your link with the Most High!

ImageImageImageImageImageImagethe things is that spirituality does not lead to supressing of body that is not true!! As with Divine Openings,
there are no austere practices that
take a long time to master,
or exercises that require discipline.
It’s play and enjoyment.

this does not mean at all the supression of sex celbacy is mutual masterbution of soulmates that they have not direct contact but they masterbuit in the same time of eachother,supressing of sex is not way to glorify got and it is not at all gorifiying and it is disshonoring it brings nurvosness,you must serve with soulmate in life different sex gender and homosexuality and bi sexuality is sin and not natural and evil! A healthy spiritual life does not ask us to renounce your bodies, but to recognize them as the vehicle through which we experience the celestial, the terrestrial and the spiritual in self control and balanced ways.This means that you can as i said in my blogs do spiritual warfare in sex sexual spiritual warfare that is explained in my blogs sex is spiritual thing,so the ones who said they go on sainthood they have pride lucifer fallen because of pride,so the ones became gays and lesbians not beeing with their soulmates the celbacy is not absence of sex but partial sex for more spiritual power the balance not having evry day if they lower they might have mutual masterbution which is ok,i explained that sex is spiritual and that it is part of our nature so demonic beast people who make sexual sins they talk the ones same vatican pedophiles who rape children they are the ones who speak against sex and the ones in entertainmant industry promote mindless emotional alchemy sex for money and without love with lust sex evry time with different person,sex is to be done whole life with one person only soulmate different sex gender and out of love in balanced ways without degradation like in pornography which happens today!More about it:

intimacy is holy and sacredImageImageImageImageImage



If you supress sexuality to much and get your self away from your spiritual nature partialy soulmate and spiritual sex out of love is part of sexuality,so supressing it may lead into sexual sins and to extremes,accept not satan´s crap!

flee from sexual imorality and have balance and do not do it with just anybody there is a special person with who!


you hate me for speaking the truth,o go ahead continue   |ImageImageall wars are ritual satanic sacrafice where innocent are killed offered to satan and the thing is the abortion is murder of innocent life Molec worship!This gives power to that fallen being!Imagethere is difference between the psychic and phrophet:

saturnian cult destroying kidsfirst and the rest of the world,get informed:

The Saturn-Archon madness illuminati and nesara Connection: Ringmakers/Hypercube/CERN/LHC/Illuminati/Demons and devils/Planet X/ect…
Spell Of Empathic Gifts they put opened is pandora´s black cube demonic box- Read and See Any Stored Spiritual Energy From fallen Angelic Vampire Djinns. Spell Of Empathic Gifts – Read and See Any Stored Spiritual -this is trap if you see the read and see any store spiritual energy,this is red alert do not do it!
saturnian cult does chaos magic these days too much and creates storms with storm magic!

ImageImageImageImageImagehealthy foods for pineal gland!Imagewith this crap children are tought to loose their souls!ImageImage 
here is example recorded movie on true stories and phropecies as an example:



do not supress your body,you will fall into sexual temptation,do not do imoral sexual things you will fall down spiritualy get hurt and your vibrational level will fall down from third eye and crowh chackra higher self and connection to God will lower to kundalini ckackra sex is spiritual and you will make the wrong one who is not spiritual itself sex it is but there is sexual sins!remember that balance is important!


who is her lord,it is not YAHUSHUA if she comes to soulmate to then do degradating things there is limit to sex when is spiritual when is beastly and not approved and not legal!

only when oral is done it is for mutual masterbution and 2 sexual organs connecting it is not for oral mouth licking and blowjob it is for soul connecting she is now dooing wrong her prayers again won´t be answered till she repent!

How in the world this is ok,when this never can be!pissing on eachother,or man sperm shooting on his women / girl,this is not ok,sexual contact down is ok only,sex on face but licking not ok these things,homosexuality gays and lesbian bi sexuality pan sexuality,orgy,sex with animals,all these things wrong,only sexual organs penis and vagina connecting so that kundalini chackra wit all others with to higher chackra connecting is only then ok ok anal only when woman has stomac problems for heeling but that rare,these are demonic ones outside of this all and marriage/love/spirituality,sex/marriage/spiritual sex/ is spiritual partnership for soul communication and reading and speeding up of spiritual growth and raising vibrational energy levels up for bettering the mood and emotional uplift and happines so that spiritual truth hunger can be backed and maintained,so that prayer/spiritual warfare/growth/learning of knowlage/wisdom,ect……… can be backed that is important as i said this one has messed up for too much supressing and now falling into degradating sinful poisoning unhealthy oral sex:Image——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–

23 – RCMP Royal Canaanite Mountain Pole Ice – Buffaloed & Double Crossed – The Bear Stock Market – The Roaring 20′s – FAST FOOD SUBLIMINALS – Pope Santa – 7 Hills of Rome – Worship of Isis – Worship of Mother of DEMONS LILITH MYSTERY BABYLON – Nut Knut NEWet Nuit Inuit

RCMP – Royal Canadian Mounted Police – Royal Canaanite Mountain Pole Ice

The RCMP are the national police force in Canada. Just like the Manitoba Legislative Buildings,they are anarchy possessed by evil spirits police state martial law coldhearted beast, this organization attempts to put forth a pretty face. Like everything else revealed on this site blog i told before exposing others this is wolves in sheep´s clothing organisation, only the elite movers and shakers are behind the symbolism connected to sun god worship and human sacrifice. Individual members of the RCMP are simply manipulated through subliminal signals to carry out their duties, completely unaware of the overall agenda and under magical mind control spells!

The Taser – The Laser – Legal Murder

This Royal Canadian Mounted Police uses the same sun god symbolism as the Manitoba Legislative Buildings, and the history of this organization is riddled with Freemasonic blood. The RCMP has established a reputation throughout the world with their motto, “They Always Get Their Man“. For decades, they’ve been looked upon with respect. That respect has dwindled to virtually zero in the last few months and years. People around the world were treated to the killing of an extremely disoriented Polish visitor to Canada in December 2007, who wastasered to death for doing nothing more than being upset and confused. After hours of this visitor trying to get his bearings in the Vancouver Airport, 4 RCMP officers surrounded him, tazored him, knocking him down, then knelt on his throat till he died. There were other tazor deaths in Canada in 2007 as well, committed by the RCMP.

Here’s why?


Separation of Church and State – The State Is The Church Of ISIS-Lilith!O yea and the thing separation was not at all as they speak their vatican runs the state but separation of souls from our body and fallen celestial beings possessing it body is tample/curch as told in the bible God does not have religion religion is evil and initiates all wars for blood sacrafice known as war o yea evry single one of them!


To think that there is no inter-connection between religion and politics, is like trying to explain how water is not wet!Religion is relaying on the jinn the jinnie the fallen celestial lightbeing served as god and the thing is that politics is politly ticking your patience that is politricks politly tricking souls into religion the relaying on jinn to take your souls,goverement goverening on ments ment is on latin soul they are governing souls to put to pandora´s box illuminati cult that hijacked humanity is the saturn cult that puts into saturn´s black demonic pandora´s box thru television networks of network-netuim spirits television is spy portal for demons and devils and vampires television telling lies to your vision to calcify the pineal gland to make you wish and by stuff by religion/politics which is one and the same thing get you to school to limit your perception of reality give half truths with lies little knowlage and lack and then vaccinate get you to vote spied and spell cast beaten up frozen pineal gland with flouride tooth paste and demonic flouride water gmo foods and chemtrails and vaccination shoots and religion in hospital you get grades and degrees in school and work for slavery and get cashed in and die as a slave insted going back to nature and detoxing and beeing holy and spiritual rising up vibrations and ascending out of here! The 2 are synonamous these religion/politics!Where the confusion lies, is when the politicians tell us that politics and religion are separate entities. Politicians don’t lie, right?They do evry time they just open their mouth!The reality is, politics are the smokescreen to cover the luciferian agenda of manipulation. With one grandiose,supposedly elected body, governing the population and manipulating them to die in satanic ritual sacrifice in one way or another is effortless. All governments of the world are decoys for sun god worship and are instituted to destroy and imprison humanity,they are illuminati saturn cult sun god worship cult of ra and tample of set masonic cult institution vatican askenazi khazar and bavarian moriah opus dei rockefeller jinn organisations and corporation slavetrade. The government of Canada is no different. The RCMP was established as a Temple Guard to prepare the Last Supper in the Large Upper Room for the luciferian god’s day of vengeance on the world counterfit judment of true God!Lucifer´s attampt to be god!

The RCMP are used as a subliminal message representing Egyptian sun god worship. Their Crest, or Shield, uses the same symbolism represented in the Manitoba Legislative Buildings. The face of the Bison is encircled with a cluster ofMaple Leaves. The Bison is an apotropaic pagan symbol to ward off evil spirits,which in reality attacts evil spirits who attracts controlled opposition false light right winged demonic fallen celestial lightbeings the arcons and jinns of demoni satanic luciferic Ashtar comand galactic federation of fallen light star command confederation/s  much the same as a Crucifix is looked upon as having magical qualities,the federation of solar cross.This Bison symbol is not there to symbolically protect the Canadian population from evil, it’s there to protect the force from the Canadian population fighting against it spiritualy to calcify their pineal gland!The subliminal suggestion is obvious, yet undetected.

The RCMP and the Colour WHITE – The Colour of ION – Orion

The colours of the RCMP are yellow, blue and red. These are the 3 primary colours of a beam of light. Sandwiched in between the 3 primary colours, is the most dominant colour of all, which is white. White is the bright glowing colour of the constellation ORION, and the RCMP have adopted white as their dominant colour, suggesting to a gullible public, that it is more society friendly. The opposite is true. This colour is simply seducing the population so they see none of the lunacy in the coming devastation. This use of these colours is a very subtle way of displaying the All Seeing Eye throughout the force without giving rise to suspicion, that it’s a Freemasonic organization. One of the most famous members of this police force was Sam Steele. Sam Steele was part of the force when it was still called the North West Mounted Police. Sam Steele is a Freemason.

Pollice – Police – Pole Ice – Polar Ice – To Kill

More symbolic sigil magic markers used by the RCMP include the Red Surge. This is the symbol and colour of blood. The yellow stripe down the side of the trousers is a beam of light. YELLOW = YELLOH = HOLLEY = HOLY———–not really holy form of Godliness but not having it within!Their dress hat has a large round brim with a 4 cornered pyramid, much like the State Trooper hats of American State police forces. When viewed from above, this hat forms a cross in a circle. Similar to the NATO logo, which is a simple Zodiac symbol. However, the most telling symbol is their name. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is simple suggestive sound and shape association which should really read as Royal Canaanite Mountain Pole Ice. Royal refers to the Egyptian sun goddess Isis, not just the British Royal family.Canadian is symbolic of Canaan and the human sacrifice deity of that time and place. Mounted speaks of the Rock, Mountain or Mount, that has been traced from Mount of the Rock in Jerusalem, to the Rockefeller Plaza in Manhattan, to the Rockie Mountains of the western United States, and now to the Large Upper Room and the Shield Rock in Manitoba.

However, it’s this word POLICE, that comes from an old Latin word POLLICE. The phrase Pollice Verso means “with the turned thumb”. This comes from the days of the gladiator fights in the Colesseum.


Buffaloed By The Police

The Vestal Virgins, and the crowd in general, would indicate to the Emporer if the fallen gladiator should live or die. They would indicate either, ‘thumbs up’, or ‘thumbs down’. The words Pollice Verso, literally means To Kill or To Live. Whatever the final choice of the Emporer was, one thing remained constant. The Emporer and the powers that be, were in total control of the masses. The freedom of humanity, and connection to awareness, was killed with either choice. This is what the RCMP and every Police Force in the world is really all about. Taking total control of the whole of humanity on behalf of the luciferian master hypnotist magican the magay the illusionist imagening the sorcerer the wizard shamanistic necronomicon nazi cabalistic druid.

POLLICE = POL-ICE = POLE ICE = POLAR ICE = icing the planet with chemtrails!

Nanotech, BioAPI, Chemtrails and Mind-Control:

posits that nano-bots are being sprayed on us all to install BioAPIs (Biometric Application Programming Interfaces), which basically allow for the mental and emotional remote control of humanity. These nano-fibers, which have already been found in several chemtrail samples and linked to Morgellon’s disease, work by attaching themselves to neurons or synapses and self-replicating until they have artificially encapsulated and rewired your brain.

I must say the Nanotech/BioAPI agenda is for the oneswho eat not healthy can be applied and it is god for you to wear magnets with you and it can blow nano technology of fallen celestial lightbeings satan´s orion technology!

Nanoparticles might better be called Nastyparticles because they make a beeline for the brain as soon as they are inhaled.  Too big to pass back through the blood-brain barrier, they become trapped there.” – keep your toughts captive bible said so!

evil spirits and nano technology hey wear magnets and rebuke not your toughts and resist the devil and devil will flee!

Once nano-particulates have sufficient control over a host body, they can then be remotely controlled to work as GPS tracking devices, to inflict physical pain and disease, to influence emotional states, to cause memory lapses, to read brain patterns, and even to remotely influence thoughts.

Scientists working at the University of Southern California have created an artificial memory system that allows thoughts, memories and learned behavior to be transferred from one brain to another.  Using nanoparticles and a magnetic field, University of Buffalo scientists have been able to make worms move in any direction they dictated simply by heating clusters of nanoparticles inside them.  And here you can see video of an amateur techie remotely controlling a toy car to start and stop just by thinking it so!  This means the technology already exists to remotely hijack and control another’smind and body functions.  The only question is, how far have the psychopathic powers that be secretly advanced this technology, and is it being used on us?o yea,yup it is!

We ALL may well be implanted with tracking & mind control nanotechnology via chemtrails spraying, food, air, water, even products we buy. Welcome to the New World Order!

IMHO, we ALL may well be implanted with tracking & mind control nanotechnology via chemtrails spraying, food, air, water, even products we buy. Welcome to the new world order… | Tortured, Drugged & Bugged! Targeting, Gang-Stalking, Morgellons and Mind Control in America and the World. LIGHTING UP the Dark Side !

Using some variation on self-replicating carbon nano-tubules.

These amazing nano size tubes, among other things, can be an insolator, a conductor, a semi-conductor, and a super conductor. When stimulated with electrical energy, carbon nano tubules react by emitting high current density streams of electrons ( like the electron beam gun in a CRT monitor).

once inside you they replicate ( grow) throughout the bloodstream and through the blood/brain barrier ( they are very small) and then throughout every blood vessel/capillary in the brain where they can be excited via brainwave energy.

They can also be “lit up” externally from radiation like microwave “radar” beamed via satellite or phone system transponders, from HARP and GWEN like installations, or even from background radiation (elf rf through to microwaves).

Several radio signals are beamed across the country (Gwen / harp / CDMA/tdma gsm cell phone system) and their interferance pattern combines with the brainwaves.

To create a signal that is the result of brainwave patterns combined with the other signals.

This interference signal is then received and decoded via supercomputers and artificial intelligence.

Signals are sent to, received by, and transmited continually by the brain. Emotions are stimulated, but scarier still is that the system can decode and “read” your inner thoughts.

Your inner dialog is received and decoded and acted upon faster than the brains Speed, allowing a Response to be sent before one realizes one had a thought.

Even scarier still is that this system can put thoughts INTO your brain in several ways, one of which is to insert the thoughts and dialog into your mind in your own inner voice, thus you will believe the thought is your own, with little clue that the thought originated from outside of the self.

Thoughts may be implanted via electronic telepathy in any other voice as well, claiming to be God, Satan, dead lived ones or even bozo the clown,when this is satan and other fallen celestial lightbeings controling thru the air o satan is in the bible called prince of the air and the thing is telephones tele telling alkatel for example phone provider lkatel el is last el as elohim Michael Lucifroge Rofacale Sataniel is full name of devil so the el is there the fallen celestial lightbeings control minds or attack them just if somebody warfare against their attacks and know bible about captivity of mind and that the toughts not all are yours but induced.

This is a dynamic tracking system as well with the capability to lock on to your DNA resonated via microwave transponder system for identification & tracking.Also that creates zomby or creates counterfit merkaba activation depends on what technology is used and what connection to what type of spirits is astral energy grid bridge connected to as hermeticism hermetics is technology and magic together!

The implants are “smart” nano particles and other nano machines in the air food water via chemtrail air sprying and even in products we buy.


 Spread the truth.

Awaken from forced ignorance and face the evil truth we are being lied to experimented on and murdered by our own shadow governments/military industrial complex corporate slave corporations.

The new world order is and was and here now.

May God have mercy on our souls and wake many up from slumber.


 All in preparation of the Great Day of the luciferian slaughter.

This is and includes the majority of the population of the world.

The luciferian inspired new world order and new age movment says something to the effects that all are gods but all are slaves and even more who accept that ruish,they can not people o yea can not even espace slavery come on create a planet with life on it and put balance and universal laws and protection sheilds arround it and go there,but they can´t do even eazy things,hh this is rubbish nobody is god nor will be of humans and any created beings by Creator,this is luciferian gnostic doctrines from garden of eden ye shall be as gods what devil lied many eons ago! “Broad is the way, and narrow is the gate, and few there be that enter in“this means many will be killed in the bible this is warning not just killed but to end up in hell their souls tormented fore eternity. This is subliminal bullshit bombarding on tv this and that, the luciferian elites are going to kill off humanity, through hypnotically creating the reality that it wants the population to experience. That reality includes almost utter and total destruction. After this hoped-for cataclysm, this group entity or hive mind  is hoping to be worshipped as the great supreme god once and for all, by anyone left alive. In this way, gaining total control of the eternal state which is right here, and is right now. they beeing trapped into pandora´s box forever!The eternal state of awareness and wisdom is not some far off distant heaven separated by some illusory great wide gulf. All that keeps us from living in our eternal state of power and strength right now, is in how our minds have been manipulated to follow the luciferian hypnotic suggestion and laws and magical mind control spells. The interesting thing is, you have to break luciferian laws and spells to reconnect to wisdom,knowlage,health,God,nature and yourself.You just stop beeing slave and accepting the bullshit that takes place in the world,realize that everything is a lie and illusion, and the power and wisdom of the awareness state is yours divine right from God and comes from God to you.You reclaim your power and strength and original state RIGHT NOW. You go from a 3 dimensional, hypnotic trance state, to the non-dimensional eternal state of wisdom and awareness. Even while existing in the 3 dimensional physical body. The 3 dimensional world simply becomes very irrelavent. You still take care of the physical body, and in fact, you take care of your physical body much better when you’re reconnected to wisdom, but the importance of physical wealth and pleasure vanishes at a fantastic rate,no gluttony and mindless stuf as pleasures and addictions dissapear and only pleasures are spiritual remember sex is also spiritual,but with one person you will have and with love as then real deal and pleasure is,so you are spirtiual being if you get to that state on your higher self vibrational level working connected to Most High,you will make it.


Sexual machines – Roman Catholic Nuns

The Vestal Virgins are symbolized in todays Nuns (also connected to Noon of ancient mysticism when at noon sex was the best for sex magic), of the Roman Catholic Church. The Emporer Caesar symbolizes the son prince of god,but antichrist not son of GOD but devil,the  position akin to the Pope of Catholicism same spiritual counterfit power. Together they form the symbolic mother and son incestual marriage and decide who lives or dies as they pour out unjust judgment. This is all subliminal hypnotic trance stuff.

See the stuff goes sexual imorality and sense the bloodlust of Rome the vatican is the vampire cult which is very much alive in Roman Catholicism and all of Christianity today.Not just that radical christial religion but Islam is second vatican created it who cuts heads off who accept not satan as their god allah is halalel in bible which is lucifer/satan!


Chemtrails, nanotech, mind control. How it all comes together to make people to be slaves of vatican!

Monsanto and all hmmm,more then monsanto!

The gratest obsticle to discovery is not ignorance but the illusion of knowlage!

People perish for the lack of knowlage and the thing is elites give too much mindless and counterfit half truth knowlage just because of that!

10 – Alphabet A to M – Symbolism – The Rockefeller Dome Of The Rockie Mountains –satan’s satan claus – 6 Pointed SNOWFLAKES – Jack Off In The Box – Jehovah’s Witnesses – EYEFULL Tower – KLM Not The Airline – Angels / Demons Hypnotic Suggestion!


The luciferian elites of saturnian cult and cult of isis and atlantis and lemuria pristhoods and mystery schools and egyptian freemasonery,these are:

911:Black nobility 

“Give me the power of the money and it will not matter any more who is commanding” – Mayer Amschel Rothschild(Vatican treasury banker)
“A man is rich in proportion to the time he can devote to other things than money” – Henry David Thoreau
arcana arcanorum rite of atlantis 13 families jesuit order families are true  elites:

As you all know from Venetian history, they had the secret ‘counsil of ten’, who throughout the history of Venice were always the UNKNOWN oligarchs. Somehow funds and projects would start appearing out of the blue around Rialto in the 400’s, yet no one had a clue who was granting it. Was it the Byzantines, the Pope, or the Franks? Mysterous money flowing into a doomed project, we knew as Venice. The Jesuit Counsil also has ten people as heads, this is because of the Sephirot and Kabbalah.

These rites you speak of are all services, some are elite (Arcana Arcanorum,) but others anyone can join, such as The Ancient & Primitive Memphis Mizraim Rite & Rosy Cross. The Arcana Arcanorum is a Rite that goes back to Atlantis. It is the highest of rites and its purpose is to give offspring to the ‘superhumans’. You must possess a special DNA to be allowed to have the ritual orgy.

Within a Church in Rome, where at day people pray to Jesus Christ-fake one-satan himself,not YAHUSHUA mesiah,not most hight GOD father/mother,YAHUVEH,IMMAYAH,NOT MESSIAH YAHSHUA but to fake virgin mary rosary pagan prayer to ISIS-Lilith bride of satan-fallen female seraphim,mystery babylon, and at night elites have an extravagant orgy which can involve children. It happens in the Spring after the ‘rite of Spring’, during which time a virgin is sacrificed and her blood is drunk on a Christian altar, and then the orgy begins. The child must be born after the Winter Solstice,birthday of apollyon antichrist child of satan and lilith fallen  male cherubim and female seraphim-baphomet consciousness.

“The Council of 7” The 7 fallen celestial beings under lucifer directly who control the 9 unknown man who are possesed each by 4 fallen archangels who secretly control the world thru THE ARCANA ARCANORUM RITE OF ATLANTIS.The highest level of the conspiracy is the Arcana Arcanorum Rite of Atlantis. This is made up of the Societe de Iesus (Superior Inconnu) who are from the five most powerful sacred unholy Roman Empire bloodlines. These being what you’d term the gray Society of Jesus due to their being its hidden hieracy. Study Alessandro Farnese for instance. The bloodlines are Orsini, Farnese, Somaglia, Breakspeare & Aldobrandini. The later openly boasts of being the Nephilim amongst Nobles. These are the Papal Nobility of which there are twelve most powerful sacred Roman Empire bloodlines in total. The ones listed above are the most powerful. 

You then start to go down the power scale to the likes of the Rite of Mizraim, Rite of Memphis, Martinists and Rosicrucians etc. The headquarters of the Knights of Malta, Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre and many more are based within the Curia Generalizia controlled, missile defense defended, command center and sovereign area known as Borgo Santo Spirito in Rome. This includes the Jesuit created Scottish Rite of Freemasonry European Headquarters too. 

Always keep an eye on the Franco-Neapolitan Constantine Order and the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem. Both very high in the Roman Empire containing 30 and 17 Cardinal memberships respectively. The Constantine Order tying closely with the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.

The Council of Seven fallen celestial lightbeings the archons control the 7 organisations who control 4 of Builderburg’s Member Advisory Groups,first 7 organisations are:

USA: David Rockafeller
Great Brittain: Eric Roll
Canada: Anthony Griffin
Germany: Otto Wolff Von Amerongen
Netherlands: Ernst H. van der Beugel
Italy: Giovanni Agnelli
International: Max Kohnstamm

The Builderburgs oversee several groups in attempt to create a New World Order which goes against the humanity´s souls,here are sub 4:

Council of Foriegn Relations (controls world government)
NATO-unated nations and europian union (controls world military)
Federal Reserve (controls world economy)
Bohemian Club (controls world media)
Freemasons (controls religion globaly-all religions as one)

In the high occult circles, it is known that Alessandro Farnese held the ‘Philosopher’s Stone’ . His personality is worshipped within the Cult of August and the great Arcanum rite of Atlantis. Most of us didn’t even hear of him before initiation. The strange thing is that he invented the Jesuit order. The Jesuit order is the ultimate power on Earth, so I can only imagine that Farnese must have been very powerful. Higher sages within the Arcanum even go to the extent of claiming that Alessandro is still alive, therefore the Jesuits have remained powerful. Most of the other older have lost their edge , but the Jesuits are as powerful as when they first appeared. Venice which was the most anti-Jesuit city is now trapped by Jesuits everywhere. We have to find these Farnese’s and torture them to death.
The council is quite small. Ten people, none of whom, are known by name. We have our own hunches of who is on the council. They take the rite seriously. As I said before, someone gets pregnant, and they are nurtured by members of the order. Other nobles are invited in if they possess 7 generations of VALID nobilty. Once you become a member the dues are very expensive and its not worth it in the end. Power isn’t an free as one can falsely imagine. It’s called Pornocracy!
Porn slavery vatican leads and controls worldś  pornography!

Arcana Arcanorum Rite of Atlantis


Arcana Arcanorum Rite of Atlantis is the group of 13 Italian noble families who control both the white and black popes. That means they are the ones who control the Jesuits who are generally acknowpedged to be in control of the Vatican. Alternative names for this group are Brotherhood of the SnakeCult of the Serpent, the Saturnalian Brotherhood, the Papal Nobility as well as the Ptolemaic Overlords.

Arcana Arcanorum – 13 True Papal Illuminist Gray Master Luciferian Bloodlines:

The Arcana Arcanorum is a elite Rite that goes back to Atlantis. 
Brotherhood of the Snake (Cult of the Serpent”, “Dragon Society”) 
Otherwise known as Black Nobility. 13 Real Illuminist Gray Masters bloodlines:

who created the public controling bloodlines:

The Public’s puppet master controlers who are under the ones up these Illuminati Bloodline are:
Van Duyn

so the 


13 Illuminist Gray Masters bloodlines are bloodlines of cian mermaid bloodlines who
created new illuminati bloodlines who are ritualistic in nature also more sometimes.They must have rituals, and symbolism attached to these rituals. These rituals and symbolisms act as sigil magic manipulation tools with also called hypnotic suggestion the spells,that these elite members of society use to control the masses. Their luciferian reptilian based nature shows up throughout the world. This nature is seen in the systems they’ve created to manipulate and disconnect us from reality. Their nature also shows up in their physical appearance, which we have become so accustomed to, that we now just take it for granted. Their incredible arrogance and their ease at uttering lies is dominating.All this, coupled with how they talk down to the masses with their patronizing attitude and religious/political/intellectual double-speak, is directly implanted as part of their character by the luciferian egregore group of Thinking entities.

Have a look at one of their elite, one of their highly venerated elect, who has since passed on. This is John D. Rockefeller, the family patriach, who whose family inspired the building of the World Trade Center plaza, and the family who the Rockefeller Plaza, to the north of the WTC, was named after. (Not to mention, the beloved John Deere tractor, with its reindeer logo and yellow and green colours. The colours of a new world order, regeneration, and the environmental GREEN movement).


 This Rock is being used to bring in the New World Order, the so-called Messianic Kingdom and the Age of Aquarius this is counterfit copy cat of original one. All under the guise of things such as the Environmental Green Movement.

Now have a look at the chap so adored by many in the land of the free, J.D.Rockefeller.


spells – Luciferian Thought Forms and egregores and energy patterns,will and demonic spiritual informations-and demonic energy and spirits and beings and entities and inteligences working with one circle pack box of energy and will of sender and creator of it,that is what the spell is!

Now check out a distant cousin of Mr. Rockefeller. Notice the family characteristics. These spells, as they’re apt to be called, are just a as Mr. Rockefeller created if you destroy not and resist not it will hound down. This is also which corresponds to the Sacred Geometry of Secret Societies.

For instance, from the name Horus – we derive the word horizon – or rising son. This is where the name for the state of Arizona comes from. The sun is rising – as is the light of lucifer (which represents christianity throughout the ages), to continue eternal life torment gatgering of souls by archons and jinns the soul assasins. Horus was the keeper of the 12 hours of daytime. Horus, Horizon, Arizona, all refer to the constellation Orion. This will also be revealed in detail further into the site.

The name Satan comes from the word – Set – which was the name given to the brother of Horus, in ancient Egypt, the keeper of the 12 hours of darkness. From Set we get Setting Sun – or SA-TAN – an abbreviated form of setting son – the satanic god sinking into darkness. Set is also symbolized as the father god, and is in his setting years, or the retiring sun. Horus, the son, is youthful and rising, while the father/brother Set, is old and dieing. Together, these 2 brothers, or the father and the son, form one complete 24 hour day. From this symbolism, we arrive at the word Deity, the 24 hours of the Deity.

Don’t be thrown by the thought that the brother is the father and is the son. This is a simple curve thrown many times, in many ways, to attempt to keep anyone searching from finding out what’s really going on.

And but every society in every corner of the world is inundated with this hideous luciferian propaganda.

The 6 Pointed Star of Subliminal Sex – The Snowflake vatican porn!

ImageImageImageChurch raises money to move into abandoned Bronx strip club

vatican mafia porn killing padophile cult!



The main purpose of displaying this 6 pointed star at this time, is to show how the luciferian mind thinks when it comes to forming their symbols. When they are dealing with the number 7 the 6 points of the star plus the 1 centre of the hexagon satisfies their ritualistic need as far as establishing a number 7. To obtain a number 13 they then add a star to each corner of the hexagon, along with the 6 points of the star and the 1 centre, for a total of 13. Notice that one star (or the suggestion of a star, if no star is actually used) is placed at the centre of the 7 or 13. In the case of 7, the star at the centre would represent 4, which is the number of sides to a square as seen in previous diagrams, and is synonamous with the woman. When drawing intersecting lines from each corner of the woman square, they cross in the centre of the hexagon. This represents the point of  pedophilic sexual union.

The number 7 would then be at the centre of the star when symbolizing the number 13. When comparing this to the English language, there are 2 sets of 13 letters. The centre in the first half of the alphabet is G and the centre of the second half is T. These are both sex ritual symbols standing on their own, but are further strengthened with the sex ritual overtone by being placed in the centre of each of the 2 sets of 13 letters of the alphabet. Alpha-bet is a word meaning beginning and fertility.

The number 13 is highly sexual in symbolism with them they use 13 power for oral sex so the sperm nuns drink to use in their 13 draconian sperm seed to make them occult pristesses of Lemuria demonic blasters of snakes kundalini sex magic snakes so they can do law of attaactioon to attract money and control it,money and sex are all kundalini sex chackra energy macin manipulation money moon ey energy moon energy,and people are energy also so control of solar soul moon energy of melanin they use their melanin and their pineal glands are poor of it and that is why nuns wear black not because they don´t have sex they do but they oral one drink draconian blood sperm and they use too much melanin for magic the kundalini serpant demonic child in them and their chackra system they have sex with dragons the alpha draconians. It is the source of luciferian thought for the anthchrist the counterfit Christ and the counterfit 12 disciple families of arcana, the 12 counterfit tribes of Israel,or King Arthur and the 12 Knights of the Round Table! The number 7 is the number associated with completion, and the 6 pointed star (sex pointed star) extends the subliminal that regeneration has taken place, the cycle is completed and new life will spring forth,the hybrid reptilian hybrid demon life form.Vatican vaticana or cult of isis,come out of her is written in the bible,come out of vatican´s / Lilith´s vagina-whole-doorway and kiss not statue of mary for that is not mary but Lilith and worshiping outside of trinity and kissing of statues is braking of 1st and 2nd commandments of the torah law-10 commandments!SUNDAY IS SUN-DAY SUN GOD WORSHIP BRAKING OF 4TH COMMANDMENT,SATURDAY MEANS SABBABTH DAY WHICH IS DAY OF REST!

 MATRIX of deceit had been firmly established.

It should be pointed out that when the basic block style letter was first introduced just a few centuries ago, the people were disgusted with the look. There were no serifs on the letters as they were accustomed to. The classic Roman letters with the little points on the corners were simply cut off and the strokes, both vertical and horizontal, were basically the same thickness. This style of writing became known as Grotesque design. It may be grotesque to look at, but this alphabet would take the world to the next levels of the manipulation. So let’s take a look at the alphabet symbols and the placing of the vowels and consonants.

Something to be aware of, regarding vowels, they can be used in substitution, one for the other, as you never have to close your mouth or touch your teeth or tongue together, to pronounce them. Try saying the letter A and then proceed without stopping, to say E, then I, then O and finally U. What you will hear are different frequencies that form a simple incantation. Do it again, and you’ll experience a strange revelation, something akin to repeating a magical incantation.Don´t do it it is satanic gregorian chants and spells! In a manner of speaking, that’s exactly what took place, but without a definite thought focus, it just basically drifted off without any noticeable manipulation. This is what magic of counterfit spirituality really  vatican is using. There’s nothing good and spiritual about it,it is evil and satanic in nature!It’s just the way the energy of the 3 dimensional world was intentionally designed and the common man isn’t supposed to find out how it works.Creating spells the illusory thought forms, with no basis in reality, this realization sets us free from the prison of the 3D life experience and the pressure to.All of which are illusory hypnotic suggestion.

Caution: Sharp words,ideas and commentary on life politics, family and overall preparedness:

It’s Coming

With the runway debt of america, the illegal basterd in the White House, the massive purging of the leadership in the military and the looming collapse of the economy how can this country not break out in a civil war!
What is going on today in America is all about choosing sides. There are clear lines being formed in the United States. The recruiting pool consists of the Department of Homeland Security, the American military, local law enforcement, the Russian troops pouring into the United States, the trickle of Chinese troops coming into the country through Hawaii and, of course, the poor, the middle class and elite. This is the recruiting pool which will form the chess pieces of the coming American Civil War.” 
pagan sun god amon ra-Lucifer woprship drinking sperm on penis of draconians sucking by succubusses invoked and summoned in their bodies the fallen virtues in nuns and in prists draconian fallen cherubims the dragons who create kundalini with kundalini sex magic they on sunday orgies by tought forms form cituations of war and chaos sending information to political leaders,these orgies are commanded by grey arcana atlantis and lemuria order of rule to rule the world by grerorian chants and spells by also homosexual rituals of chaos magic of grand orient freemasonery and vatican secret chamber secret mass of orgies bi sexual orgy also and strait and gay and lesbian also who direct more magic and financial magic!

It’s Sunday

It IS Sunday after all.

Prists of atlantis have sex with these pristesses of lemuria who have activated merkaba drinking sperm to form kundalini serpant in them for magic!
Observe closely, the nucleus forms a hexagon in this satanic demonstration. The hexagon is the form of 2 overlapping triangles, which have been created by the electrons orbiting the proton and neutron. This hexagon is the HEX placed on humanity through the adoration of the motherof demons Lilith in vatican. This has been implanted through the thought process of this unseen group of thinkers!
arcana,pristesses of lemuria with prists of atlantis sexual magic do!
alpha draconians and virtues of lyra sex magic!
they are in human host bodies!