Ecclesiastes 7:9 “Do not be quick in spirit to be angry or vexed, for anger and vexation lodge in the bosom of fools.”

There is a specific evil spirit a demon called “hidden anger” was cast out of people when they needed deliverance from high blood pressure. Their blood pressure lowered!

Anyone that has seen anger in others or has experienced a bad temper themselves know what a vicious demon anger can be. There are lots of scriptures that talk about anger and how fierce it can be. The doctors call high blood pressure “hypertension” and says that it can be inherited.Thus,we know that it can be a bloodline curse and must be broken.

Ephesians 4:31 “Let all bitterness and indignation and wrath (passion, rage, bad temper) and resentment (anger, animosity) and quarreling (brawling, clamor, contention) and slander (evil-speaking, abusive or blasphemous language) be banished from you,with all malice (spite, ill will, or baseness of any kind).”

James 1:19 -21 “Understand [this], my beloved brethren. Let every man be quick to hear [a ready listener], slow to speak, slow to take offense and to get angry. For person’s anger does not promote the righteousness God [wishes and requires]. So get rid of all uncleanness and the rampant outgrowth of wickedness, and in a humble (gentle, modest) spirit receive and welcome the Word which implanted and rooted [in your hearts] contains the power to save your souls.”

Sometimes a person can seem to be so sweet and nice, but when someone crosses them you can see the demon of anger and rage manifest through them. This can also be part of a schizophrenic demon.(The means of that word means split personality,the thing is that personality of the evil form of evil personality that is another evil version of that person that is also joker spirit controlled faction of demons the joker spirit is a fallen angel of fear paranoia and when person is suddenly delivered from something and or partialy and later the test from God comes and that one sends demons and tries to attack with mind attacking,pride,fake deliverance from addiction,habbit sinful way or something and also is preventer of deliverance holding energy vampires and vampires of consciousness  (psychic vampires), limited/lower consciousness, feelings of beeing constantly tierd parasomnia the non stop urge to sleep,and somewho may drow spirits to make more sins person to commit and to be 7 times worse bringing 7 times more dark demons and devils then themselves another dark forces,anyways here are more details:

What Are Dark Forces?

Dark Forces are non-human dark energy beings and spirits and entities and energies and inteligences which are sent to earth with the intention of causing of harm, misery, pain, and disorder and imbalance and even to trap and torment and destroy souls among the human race. They are also here as part of a power and control battle over humans that has been going on since the beginning of human existence.They run world rulling illuminati elites and freemasonery and satanic cults sects and religious movments and religion in general because God does not have one,they are enslavers of spiritual life also by religion and religion means relaying on a jinn the jinne to grant a wish.They are only allowed in humans that in some way have made an agreement with them in some type of conscious way or by not resisting their temptation of fleshly lust.This agreement that is made by humans is in essence an agreement to give up personal power through fear, anger, or other lower frequency vibrational energy based emotions.All fear and anger based emotions open energetic openings in the energy field (aura) and chackras/sences and it is these emotions which allow the entry of dark and lower level beings and spirits and entities and energies and inteligences and spells and curses and magic.Whenever a human has chosen to operate in fear or anger,that person has chosen to give up a part of its power.Solar energy-soul is located light energy in stomac chackra and is very important part connected thru heart chackra to third eye pineal gland 6th ckackra/sence the spiritual sight and hearing the seat of the soul the divine connection to spirit world and to God the Most High CREATOR YAHUVEH FATHER,IMMAYAH HOLY SPIRIT MOTHER,LORD YAHSHUA THE MESSIAH KINSMAN REDEEMER!

It is this form of consciousness which is the main reason why people have dark force attachments.

Another reason people pick up dark forces is called Soul Loss.

Soul Loss is the loss of personal power and energy from trauma. Whenever we have an emotional or physical trauma, a part of our soul leaves the body to survive the experience. When soul loss occurs it causes permanent holes and openings in the energy field which allow the entry of dark forces and spirit attachments.

There are five types of demonic  dark forces.

Shapeshifting Giant Demons-Archdemons-they are children of 2 fallen celestial beings who had sex the celestial beings are not supposed to only fallen does,.and product is them these who die who are stronger enough can cause people in many anger and rage and lust and demonism and evil personality types and forms many of them have many psychic powers even!

Lesser Demons-these are demons who are hybrid mixture of fallen lightbeings and humans or animals who when dead are the ones controlled by higher ranked like archdemons and fallen celestial lightbeings archons adn jinns and these are demonic spirits of lusts,addictions imorality spirits who can make tought implants and stuff and things of that nature!

Dark satanic super soilder fallen celestial lightbeings-extremly wicked necronomicon and the false light controlled opposition in ocult hiararchy ashtar command glalactic federation of light right winged new age movment false light beings!

Fallen Angels and other races of fallen celestial beings not so negative that much but self serving and mostly their own groups of incubus-male and succubus-female these are sexual vampires spirit housbands and wifes

Sorcerer Spirit Entities or Negative Spirit Entities-these are elementals and archdelementals,or some are archdemons also but these are demon witch/wizard or sorcerer entity that just causes random nightmares or false phrophecies or astral stalking entities and beings and spirits and enegries and inteligences,there are many other types in this group.

Shapeshifting Giant Demons

Shape shifting giant demons are the most highly advanced type of demons as explained.They are whole non-human dark energy beings with an extremely high intelligence and ego. There are able to move in and around the energy body (aura) and thephysical body. They are able to jump in and out of this realm and into their realms opf abyss. They can be seen as balls of black energy in the energy field by those that have spiritual gifts of vision and sight from God or some by counterfit spiritual annointing by witchcraft counterfit or religious spirit )only high level). They are the major threat in the battle over humanity. They were never angels or light beings or came from the light,but fom fallen lightbeings 2 fallen celestial astral lightbeings,they were all born out of dark energy and dark consciousness. They are the most elusive and hardest to remove because they are able to shield themselves from the vision and detection of most healers and spiritual warriors.They are the most common and can be found on most people who have attachments. The only way they can escape and strenghten themselves and hide presence by fake heeling of sorcery-pharmakea-witchcraft-herbs and drugs and medicines,they will be hardly detected then sometimes.Shapeshifters have been on earth since the beginning of time but more recently they have gained strenght in these times in the ways they function with humans.

Lesser demons

Lesser demons are the lower form of demon. They are not as advanced in the way they work as the shapeshifters but they still possess and a dark and negative power they have from higher ones ispecialy.Lesser demons are a weaker and less powerful form of demon but hey are still a threat at some level.

Dark fallen celestial beings high level:

Dark ones as explained the high level dark forces are also controlled opposition gigantic federations and illuminati commanding overloards and religious figures. They work together with the lesser ones not all but lesser beings of the dark side also.There more advanced then the lesser fallen celestial lightbeings of all races who are more self serving and their children demons of the dark forces and they control and are leaders of many demons.These command many draconian reptilians in illuminati host bodies and are on a much higher level of power than the demons and therefore retain a higher intelligence because of the higher level ones who give them energy and power the demons who work in their witchcrafts.These are harder to remove because of there level of intelligence and power.These work on a much deeper level within humans to separate them from there higher soul or higher level of power the higher self and God and their connection to God and to put humanity in spiritual sleep and duality mode because united we stand divided we fall they initiate wars,religious and racial wars and many of that crazy junk media deceptions madia is the original name of the godess of decit and falsehoods another name of Lilith and the thing is there is where comes from and the netuim spirits are the ones who first come from portals of lower etherical world from tv which is demonic portal that lowers the vibration of humans and makes them spiritualy and energyticly and physicly week and creates the house of rage and spiritual blindness spirits gets there.These also in new age movments and illuminati also steal the astral body or spirit body of many humans while they sleep and dream and have dreams and lucid dreams and astral projection.They have also created a conflict with the laws of the universe by interfering with the freewill of the human population.By too much temptations and manipulations!

Fallen Angels and other races of fallen celestial lightbeings who are self serving more!

These are as said self serving of their own fallen astral light beings. Fallen pmes who were once holy light beings as extremly evil ones mentioned up before but over time they chose to have power over and control the human race. They chose the darkside and were separated from the otner who remained holy beings of the light.These are who are completly self serving rare they are extremely rare and have been found to only possess those who want that.They are not a major threat in the battle of power over the human race.

Sorcerer spirit entities 

Negative sorcerer spirit entities are also mostly immitators in necromancy witchcraft the immitators of human souls who at the time of death did not choose to accept YAHUSHUA as messiah. But they are much different then other immitators the familiar spirits of human souls that are holy and in haven and not in hell by making right choice of good holy spiritual life on earth.They in some way have chosen to help and aid the other dark forces sometimes in their work to have power over humans.They work alongside the dark forces to share in the manipulation and energy stealing from humans to immitat them later these are psychic vampires and energy vampires.

Sorcerer Spirit Entities these are a special group of negative spirits that have chosen a much darker path then the ordinary negative spirit entities.These work along all sides of beings of darkness by stealing soul pieces and personal power from the people they possess.They work together with demons to have more power over the person they possess.These are archdemons as i said but these sorcerer spirit entities as ones mentioned up without word negative these are evil this means insidious these are much wors type of archdemons.Many of these possessed the pharmacists the sorcerers.Sorcerers were people that worked with the power of the darkside to have power over other people. Many sorcerers were from the medieval ages alchemists but still Sorcerers can be found in all walks of life in modern times from the energy thief that wastes your time and steals your energy to the rapist who steals the power of the women he rapes and many stuff like that.These steal and hold parts of personal power from the people they possess and when they are removed they must give up the parts of power they have stolen.

Watcher Demons

Watcher demons are demons that are waiting around you for a dor to open so they can attach to you.These are spy demons who tell observations to other negative beings and are slaves and are not dangerous as only in spy work and work in writing of akashic records the astrology junk! Watcher demons can only hang around you and wait for a door to open so they can attach to you. Watcher demons are potential threats so they must also be removed.They are demonic curiosity blocks if you are without sin and anything they will try to watch and pull you from the edge when you at least expect and make other spirits pull you in certin direction to make you a trap!

What they do to you:

Dark forces have a variety of symptoms they cause humans to have. The most common are:

emotional pain, depression, low energy levels (tiredness), constant fatigue,suicidal thoughts and/or attempts, drug and/or alcohol addictions-or high level knowing by action sorcery/pharmakea-witchcraft, unhealthy addictions, over eating, hearing voices in the mind that are demonic unwanted or strange, strange or weird thoughts that don’t seem your own that are induced that attack you you literally feel that way, being directed by an demonic rough inner voice,all mental illness, mental or emotional instability, poor concentration, mood swings, multiple personalities, confusion, deep anger/aggressiveness, nightmares or any negative/terrifying dreams and also day dreams, sleep paralysis, anxiety, paranoia,anger,wrath and rage resistment,bitternes,slander,deception,pasivity,pride false humility,partial deliverance from all this stuff,constant negative or fear based thoughts and/or emotions, waking up tired after a full night’s rest, criminal and/or violent behaviors, sexual abuse, mental noise (unclear thinking), dark thoughts and/or impulses, unexplained physical pain or problems without any known cause, constantly sabotaging yourself or others, negative beliefs, religious fanaticism, abusing or attacking others either emotionally, physically,spiritualy,emotionaly,financialy,sexualy,astometaphysicly,metaphysicly,astraly,ethericly,multidimensionaly,multyhyperdimensionaly etc., energy stealing among people (psychic vampires), limited/lower consciousness, feelings of giving everything up, feeling your life is being controlled by something outside of yourself-this is higher klevel by knowing completly something letting you know that to make you down,constantly trying to control or have power over others, loss of your purpose/path in life, loss of your power/soul and much much more.


 James 1:8 “[For being as he is] a man of two minds (hesitating, dubious, irresolute), [he/she is] unstable and unreliable and uncertain about everything [he thinks, feels, decides].”

Now is the time to be set free of this tormenting demon and its family. Colossians 3:8 “But now put away and rid yourselves [completely] of all these things: anger, rage, bad feeling toward others, curses and slander, and foulmouthed abuse and shameful utterances from your lips!”

SAMPLE PRAYER: “FATHER YAHUVEH,MOTHER IMMAYAH,LORD YAHUSHUA THE MESSIAH,In YAHUSHUA´S name I ask that you forgive me of all my sins – known and unknown. I confess and repent of all sins and iniquities of my ACESTORS and my own sins and iniquities. I break the bloodline curse of anger and rage going back 10 generations through my bloodline or more and if so back to ADAM AND EVE FROM BOTH LINES OF MY BIOLOGICAL PARENTS.I forgive anyone who has ever caused me to get angry,in the name of YAHUSHUA i bind spirits who by sins of myself and my ancestors brought curses and destroy those curses put by myself and ancestors on my life and future generations and i rebuke spirits and bind them who control them and send them to abyss and chain them to abyss till the day of judment and proclaim 7 times grater judment upon them and destroy their works against me in YAHUSHUA´S HOLY AND MIGHTY NAME AND PLACE AND robes of righteousness BY THE POWER AND SPIRIT AND THE ANNOINTING OF GOD YAHUVEH,IMMAYAH,YAHUSHUA.

SOME DEMONS TO CAST OUT:In the name of YAHUSHUA i cast from my aura and house or arround me evil spirits of:

Hidden anger, anger, rage,slandering language, poison, indignation, pride, rejection, hurt feelings, burning with anger, bitterness, wrath, resentment, bad temper, unrighteousness and uncleanes, evil speaking, slander, contention, heaviness, fury, fire kindled in anger, quarreling, brawling, clamor, animosity, abusive, blasphemous language, ill will, malice, spite, and all hidden anger and rage, hypertension, high cholesterol, obesity, stress, addiction to caffeine, arteriosclerosis, hate, unforgiveness, violence and destructive and self destrucive behavior and i cleanse myself.

 Cast out all symptoms.


FROM ARCHANGEL LOKI information learned…..

Combating the Lance of the Basilisk

21 Prophetic Proclamations For safty, United Intercessory Prayer intersiding confession warfare against The “Basilisk”, which is a high level demonic spirit.Its primary purpose is to bring death and destruction, sometimes by plagues and other sicknesses, sometimes by natural disasters such as strong winds and floods, and sometimes by murders or wars taking place.This one controls people who have haarp machine the illuminati agenda 21 faction deppulation agenda people who have control from and commands from SKULL AND BONES DEATH CULT!

Every year, the “Basilisk” seeks to destroy all of God’s people someware ispecialy, but especially in Israel, primarily during a 21-day period of time on the Hebrew calendar (from the 17th of the monthTammuz to the 9th of the month Av, a day known as Tish B’Av).

The thing is that this spirit created agenda 21 this fallen cherubim!

The following 21 Prophetic Proclamations may be used as a united, corporate declaration during this season [and daily] of demonic destruction in order to lessen the tribulation on all peoples ispecialy holy spiritual ones,and especially Israel, and in order to hide ourselves in the body of Messiah by the collective authority given to the united Body of YAHSHUA the Messiah:In the name of YAHUSHUA I LOSE MORE POWER AND SPIRIT AND THE ANNOINTING OF GOD YAHUVEH,IMMAYAH,YAHUSHUA in me and i rebuke and bind you Basilisk and Satan and Lilith and Apollyon in the name of YAHUSHUA by the blood of YAHUSHUA!

1. Let there be the protection of all God’s people, both those Jews who fall under the classification of “all Israel will be saved” (Ro. 11:26) and those holy people who love and obey the Lord YAHUSHUA, and let each one “dwell in the shelter of the Most High” and “abide in the shadow of the Almighty” (Ps.91:1).

2. Let there be the spiritual “refuge” and “fortress’ of the Lord YAHUSHUA God Himself surrounding all who place their trust in Him (Ps. 91:2).

3. Let there be a mighty deliverance by the Lord YAHUSHUA from “the snare of the trapper”, Basilisk, and from the “deadly pestilence” that he would attempt to bring against God’s people at this time (Ps.91:3).

4. Let there be a hiding place under the wings of the Lord YAHUSHUA for all God’s people and their possessions while wrath and indignation take its course, and let there be the seeking of righteousness and humility from the Lord YAHUSHUA Himself during this season of hidden prayer and fasting (Ps. 91:4).

5. Let there be the manifestation of the faithfulness more of holy people to obey God more as a shield and bulwark for all His/Her people who are being targeted by the Basilisk (Ps. 91:4).

6. Let there be a courageous people of God coming forth at this time who are free from “the terror by night” as well as “the arrow that flies by day” (Ps.91:5).

7. Let there be freedom from “the pestilence that stalks in darkness” and “the destruction that lays waste at noon,” especially between 12:00 noon and 3:00 P.M., which is a time of extreme activity for this evil spirit (Ps. 91:6).(that is caused by destructive spirits of wasting spirit or boogie or bogiel the fallen cherubim another one under command of that one and fallen power demos and fallen archangel netuim spirit of tv and lower etherical worlds,ect)

8. Let there be protection for all God’s people, though “a thousand” are slain nearby us, or “ten thousand” are slain right next to us. Let the destruction “not approach” us (Ps. 91:8).

9. Let there be found among God’s people the looking on with their eyes of the righteous wrath of God poured out upon the wicked, and let us intercede for mercy for them (Ps. 91:8).

10. Let there be the righteous who are finding the Lord YAHUSHUA Most High as their refuge and dwelling place (Ps. 91:9).

11. Let there be no evil befalling the righteous and no evil coming near where we dwell (Ps. 91:10).

12. Let there be the dispatching of God’s angels to oversee us and “guard us in all our ways” (Ps. 91:11), and let them protect us from even “striking our foot against a stone” (Ps. 91:12).

13. Let there be the righteous who collectively and unitedly “tread upon the lion and cobra” and “trample down the young lion and the serpent”, Basilisk (Ps.91:14).

14. Let there be a people who “love the Lord YAHUSHUA and His name”, who are mightily “delivered” from Basilisk and “are set securely on high” (Ps. 91:14).

15. Let there be the coming forth of the “honored” righteous who “call upon the Lord YAHUSHUA” and who are “rescued from the trouble” produced by Basilisk (Ps. 91:15).

16. Let there be “long life and salvation” coming to those who collectively stand in unity against Basilisk (Ps. 91:16).

17. Let there be the deliverance of all who apply the blood of YAHUSHUA to their lives and walk-out in faithfulness and obedience the words of Ps. 91.

18. Let there be mercy shown to our region, the Region of Refuge, so that all God’s prophetic promises to us will come to pass because of our prayerful repentance.

19. Let there be the joy, gladness and cheerful feasting spoken of in Zech.8:19, coming to the House of Judah.

20. Let there be truth and peace in the streets of Jerusalem during this season.

21. Let there be the lessening of the destruction upon Israel because God’s people everywhere choose to fast and pray on Tish B’Av (the evening of July 31 until the evening of August 1).





ALTERS is a name PERSONALITY DISSORDER DEMONS. They the ALTERS – alternate personalities are sometimes archdemons who control legions of demons for one alter only.

They even make sometimes the human is THE HOST completly for them in MKU ultra CIA monarchy program of high level mind control satanic super souilder zomby slave warrior program,even mtv sex slaves.That’s exactly what a human body is to a demon – THE HOST.YAHUSHUA said the demons call the human body their HOUSE.






I Sam. 1:16 – Hannah’s bitter provocation (childlessness).

I Sam. 2:33 – Grief over children.

Psalm 6:7 – Eyes consumed because of grief.

Psalm 31:9 – Eyes, inner self ” body weakened from grief.

Psalm 31:10 – Life spent with grief.

Psalm 78:40 – God’s grief over our rebellion.

Prov. 17:25 – Foolish son is grief to father.

Is. 17:11 – Griefs due to worshipping Adonis.

Is. 53:3 – YAHUHSHUA acquainted with grief.

Is. 53:4 ” 10 – YAHUSHUA bore our griefs.

Jer. 6:7 – Jeremiah’s grief over Jerusalem’s wickedness.

Jer. 45:3 – Lord YAHUSHUA added grief to sorrow.

II Cor. 2:5 – Grief caused by incest.

Eph. 4:30 – Grieve not the Holy Spirit IMMAYAH.

II Cor. 1:3 – God comforts and consoles us in all our troubles.

II Cor. 1:4 – So that we may comfort others in their trouble.

I Pet. 5:6- – Knowing the same sufferings are appointed to your brethren in

11 – the world. God will complete, settle, secure and establish you.

GENERAL – I learned about grief when i saw it in visions what happens in the world.

This saved our lives but did not remove grief from us.This and that changes things…..But we must stay strong demonic spirits want to waste us!We followed the usual pattern for those who grieve.Satan by that wants to waste whole humanity this is insane we were programmed by demonic spirits and some are of that connected to blasphemous rebelious demonic spirits of all kinds and we must rebuke them and their crap in the name of YAHUSHUA!We used grief and self-pity to manipulate others and disobey God. No one of us was aware of these actions at the time personality this and that they want to create,yet we became expert at using them bla bla hmmmm o that personality comes.These demons having become experts at using people for thousands of years to mess up because of that crap,have us doing their bidding very well, very quickly.

FAMILY REACTIONS – As we were unable to meet somebody’s needs,or by sincire approaching they also felt rejected and went into rebellion and bitterness.They would rebel just for the sake of rebelling,they were not aware and self aware.They didn’t know it at the time, neither did we even before that we the spiritual warriors,but these actions were the result of distrust because we let things go unfixed before the time.Parents are to protect children.The demons told people by flash that wars against soul this and that all that crap but they were not completly conscious of agreeing with them.Clever aren’t they?hm,nope,it is our will that must work little better to fight them off often more!

Gene withdrew from the family, and neglected family problems and needs to minister to others.

Some young pre teen girls even also and teen girls already became dominating, a Jezebel personality(Lilith),trying to fix everything for everybody except myself o from self starts be the change you want to see.This dominating tended to emphasize everyone’s troubles, even creating more troubles.They can fix it of evrybody if first themselves they clean up!This is for evrybody evry age and gender and whatever,but this is self realisation and knowing thyself firsrt!!Get back to nature also to get recovered!

We would be established, secure, settled and strengthened I had been taught about good confessions.O yea when we take care of ourselves first we are good!I confessed, until I was worn out, that the problems would be taken care of by God. Things got worse rather than better if we were not sincire.I did not take scriptural care of my part of the problem personality may start.I was ignorant of the Bible’s instruction so God could not act personality and type of problem may appear.I did not qualify due to ignorance and disobedience (Hosea 4:6). I began to say to God, “If I must go through this, please teach me all that I need to learn.I don’t want to go through this over and over.” This starts to happen kind of thing!

Grief is a normal reaction to loss or pain . It is not normal grief when two, five or ten years later, it is as great or greater then when it happened. Grief becomes rebellion when it controls our action to the point we do not obey God.

In John 10:10 we find out who wants to kill, steal and destroy us. The Devil never lets up when you have trouble; that’s when he pounces the hardest through his demons and devils.


What is grief? Grief is sorrow, heavy, grievous, sad; intense suffering caused by emotions due to loss, misfortune, injury, evil, regret or suffering; to be morbid, to suffer calamity, failure, distress or lament.

Emotions – Grief causes a breakdown in emotional control. Emotions will fluctuate wildly.

Will – You are unable to do what you see you should do or need to do.

Body – Doctors tell us, after many years of study, those who are bitter, in grief or unforgiving create a climate in the body where cancer, arthritis and ulcers thrive.Our body chemistryand functions are out of order due to the stress created by grief, bitterness and unforgiveness.

Mind – The mind should be under control by the person’s spirit which should be under the direction of the power and spirit and the annointing of God YAHUVEH FATHER,IMMAYAH Holy Spirit MOTHER,Lord YAHSHUA the Messiah.We tend to think of our mind as the supreme part of us but it is not. We are a spirit that has a soul and lives in a body.

INSTRUCTIONS – Just as we do not let our hands or feet do their own thing, neither do we let our mind accept every thought coming into it. A mind can receive more than one thought at a time from more than one source. We hear from God and Satan at the same time. We should examine every thought that comes into our minds. If it does not pass a Biblical inspection, we should reject it. If it lines up with the Bible, we pray for wisdom and act on the wisdom God gives. Many thoughts coming through our minds are not our own but are sent out by evil spirits to snag us. If we accept them and think back with them, we can be led into depression , sins, etc.

Many thoughts coming into your mind are not your own but are sent to entice you.If we accept them and act on them, we can be led into sins in mind or body.

Many people and ispecialy those who watch tv low vibrational energy frequency comes and manipulates their mind with that mind control thing with netuim spirit controling it,tv is television telling lies to your vision,hmm nicly said what is tv!They did not sort out the good from the evil and made the wrong choice. Rom. 6:16-17 tells us that to whomever we yield ourselves servants to obey, that’s whose slave we become; if to unrighteousness – death and if to righteousness – life in God.

John 10:10 says YAHSHUA comes to give life abundantly. My cry was “Lord YAHUSHUA how do I get life abundantly?” I learned a new song (Is. 60:1), “Arise, shine for your light has come.” I tried but I didn’t know how to arise or shine. In  Bible I found the complete directions.

Is. 60:1 – Arise (from the depression and prostration in which circumstances have kept you; rise to a new life). Shine (be radiant with the glory of the Lord YAHUSHUA; for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord YAHUSHUA has risen upon you).

Now I knew what I was to arise from – depression and prostration. Each time I tried to arise, a ton of weight held me down.

Is. 61:1-4: YAHUSHUA came to preach the gospel, bind and heal the broken hearted, proclaim liberty to the physical and spiritual captives, and opening of the prisons and eyes of the blind. To proclaim the year of favor, to grant consolation and joy to those that mourn, to give beauty for ashes, praise for failing spirit and build oaks of righteousness that the Lord YAHUSHUA be glorified.

Grief does not bring glory to the Lord YAHSUHUA but joy, praise and righteousness do. Verse 4 says after all this is done, they (the people) will rebuild their ruined lives and cities.This has begun to come true in the lives of our family members.

I realized I was asking God to fix the circumstances around me that I should have been at work on.I was continually asking how? Right off I saw more scripture after I saw the scripture about forgiveness.

Mark 11:22-26 and Matt. 18:21-35 instructed me to forgive everyone who had ever wronged me in anyway, including myself.What was in the past o let it all go and new good life will flow stay i saw that when i let past go and live in now for the future evrything is goint to be alright!

Forgiveness doesn’t mean forgetting. It means let it drop, leave it and let it go (Matt.6:6-15). Count the offense unimportant compared to what YAHUSHUA did for me, (Matt. 18:34-35). As I came to forgive, much of the ton of weight fell off of me. I must forgive to be forgiven. If I regard iniquity in my heart, God will not hear me. Unforgiveness is sin (Ps. 66:18). Many of my prayers were not answered because of unforgiveness, grief or bitterness.

We grieve over many things: our sins, the results of our sins, rejections, worries, neglect, divorce, abuse, death, failure, children’s failures, etc.

A spirit of grief is bitter. This bitterness reaches everybody and everything around us (Heb. 12:14-16).

Our grief kept us so tied up in it that we neglected each other and our daughter. She took the neglect to mean rejection and she began to reject herself; after rejection, entered rebellion.

HOW DID WE GET OUT OF THIS MESS? – After two years of fasting, Bible study and prayer, God suggested that I ask Gene to pray deliverance for me. We had never heard of prayers for deliverance; neither did we know what it was or how to do it. Gene suggested we go into our room and ask God to help us. The Bible says that if we are not aligned by God´s spirit that is in us we are not taping into the true power to overcome it we must do it or we will not make it!


The basis for deliverance is Mark 16:16-20 and YAHUSHUA’s examples in the Gospels.

As you called out unforgiveness, the faces of people and circumstances will be flashed before you, and I forgave them.Then hmmm,then proceeded to rejection, bitterness (of which grief is a part) and rebellion.

WHAT TO DO IF YOU ARE CAUGHT IN THE GRIP OF GRIEF AND BITTERNESS Forgiveness (Mark 11:25) – People have no choice but to forgive. Matt. 18:34-35: God will send tormentors on you if you don’t forgive!Let past go!

Submit To God (John 4:23-24) – Face up to the facts; do not use grief as an excuse to disobey God, for bad behavior or to neglect duties. Fantasy is deadly. Obey – To establish basis for deliverance, you must obey appropriate scriptures. Honesty -If you love me, you will keep my commandments. God hates lies and lying. Bind up the evil forces working against you. Loose yourself from them and ask God to send holy archangel warriors to move evil spirits away to aid in your release more eazy after spiritual warfare: wisdom,spiritual discerment,knowlage,intuition,power and might (seven-fold Spirit of God).

Call Out All Evil Spirits From Yourself And Other Family Members

To Stay Free After Deliverance – Control your thought life (II Cor. 10:5). I got very holy asking God to control my thoughts to guard them against unholy ones that evil spirits want to force upon. After weeks of doing this, I heard “Stupid! What is the understood subject of that sentence?” I had my answer; I was to bring every thought into subjection to YAHUSHUA.He quoted Isa. 55 to me. Phil. 4:8 gives a list of things you should think on – things worthy of reverence, just, honorable, seemly, pure, lovely, lovable, kind, winsome, gracious; if there be any good thing, excellence or anything worthy of praise, think on, weigh, and take account of these things. Fix your mind on them. This is a commandment! Resist Satan – I never in my wildest imagination could have known how Satan would fight against my desire to obey. I got a lot of experience in forgiving and in thought control right off. People began to say and do things that hurt badly. I used to retaliate ten times for one hurt. But God says vengeance is mine, I will repay.

As I forgave and just simply counted the offense as worthless, a wholesome, clean feeling came to me. I liked it.

I made a list of things God allows me to think on and put it behind the cabinet door in the kitchen. When I got off track, I’d read the list. If what I was thinking about wasn’t on the list, I’d stop those thoughts, reject and throw them out.

Continue To Break Old Habits And Obey God – If lazy – Prov. 6:6, ” 9; 10:26; 13:4; 20:4; 26:16. If disobedient – I Sam. 15:23; Ez. 20:38; Is. 30:1. If lying – Prov. 6:17; Rev. 21:8. Whatever your problem, find the instructions for the solution in the Bible and follow them. If you fail, get up and try again: II Cor. 4:7-9, Book of James, I Cor. 10, etc.

RESULTS – God has shown me that we would still be tested. We avoided people with problems. We had always taken care of our problems as they arose.This is how you should do it!We had everything: positions, houses, cars, boats, etc.But in trials and trubulations we ask why,instead i want to know the knowlage behind such hard esperiences thank you God for testing me and please give me strenght and power to bare this life thank you – what this world says is success is not really in God´ eyes. We were wretched and poor in God’s eyes. Now each time God uses us to help someone, I see it as a result of God’s help, our obedience to God, and evrything better.Much good has come out of problems for many families, children and individuals. Without deliverance from demon bondage, we’d probably all be dead now some of us!


Repent – The first thing we need to do is repent for being ignorant of the Bible which contains God’s advice and for not following that which we do know; for wanting to or for living in fantasy; for blaming others when it’s your problem too; for not trusting God and going on but living in the past; for the unkindness you have done to others; for not believing that this terrible thing that has happened can work together for good and be useful to you, others and

God’s plan; for not accepting God’s right to use you seeing you were bought with a great and precious price; for not being willing to be hurt as others are; for refusing to be grateful to God in all things; for listening to and following the advice of demons; for failing to consider the others who have also been grieved by this thing which has happened; for holding resentments against yourself, others and God; and for allowing my grief to become excessive type of personality you must fight.

Forgive – Ask God to remind you of all those against whom you hold unforgiveness. Forgive all ( yourself – everyone). Forgive those causing your grief.Forgiving yourself and not demons!

Break Curses – Rebellion, divorce, death, occult involvement, inherited curses, domination and bitterness. i  REBUKE AND BIND AND DESTROY these curses of these things and i rebuke and bind those evil spirits and you satan in the name of YAHUSHUA!

Pray any other prayer that will establish the basis for deliverance from grief and bitterness.

Ask God:YAHUVEH,IMMAYAH,YAHUSHUA IN THE NAME OF YAHUSHUA i ask you to give me wisdom and knowlage and insuiion in correcting my thought patterns, ways of treating others, purpose of my life, the things that have hurt ,e so much; to help me understand how the other members of my family have suffered; to help me let you use this thing for my good, the good of others and God’s plan,thank you,amen.

LIST OF DEMONS TO CAST OUT: IN THE NAME OF YAHUSHUA i rebuke and bind and cast out the spirits of:





(Abused child)


Subconscious – n. that portion of mental activity of which the individual has little or no conscious perception.

Subconscious – a. occurring without conscious perception, or with only slight perception on the part of the individual – said of mental processes of reactions.

Abuse – n. to use ill; to maltreat; to misuse, to use with bad motives or wrong purposes; to violate; to defile; to deceive, to impose on; to treat harshly; to use insulting, coarse, or bad language about or to; to revile.

Rejection is the basic cause of abuse. All types of rejection work to destroy the mental and emotional health of an individual.

Read II Tim. 3:1-6 and watch for these characteristics in my life.

I had often wondered about certain problems I had: (1) an inordinate desire to please, (2) inability to say no to things I didn’t want to do, (3) always setting goals, working hard to accomplish them and then stopping short of success, (4) always feeling I had to do things better than anyone else and (5) trying to make everything around me and about me look better than I thought it was.

Neither of us knew about deliverance from demons, so God had to teach us. After a long time of praying one night,this began to call out Rejection, Rebellion, Bitterness, etc. I was very different after this. I had to learn how to stay free by studying the Bible.Lack of knowlage is danger,so we had to rely on God and God´s Word.

I was doing very well until the scene passed before my eyes and I learned of my early life. Immediately, I began to have times of panic for no apparent reason. I was hostile. I noticed a panic when those who had authority over me were present mentality could happen to us.I would become fearful if a policeman came near me, and when the sherif came into my room personality kind of type. I felt I had to challenge somebody’s decisions and not mine personality satan would come up with.

We prayed and felt that I needed more deliverance.O yea we need it!We was led to call out the same things as before. We realized at this point that we were working on my subconscious mind.


As you can see, abuse (whether verbal, physical, mental or sexual) has a deep and lasting effect on a person. It affects all their relationships and all they do. This includes neglect!

II Tim. 3:2 says that in the end times people will be lovers of self, utterly self-centered. Most child abuse comes from selfish parents. When a child is neglected or rejected, damage is done to them emotionally, mentally and physically.

Emotionally these children are unsure of themselves, and everyone or almost everyone around them. Often they are unable to be still or concentrate.

Emotions are always at an extreme pitch.

Mentally they cannot trust others or themselves.They have difficulty learning due mainly to being emotionally unsound. Some become so fearful they are always watching everyone around them.Some are pressured so by rejection,they go to unnatural or extreme means to succeed. Lying does not seem so bad if it will stop the abuse.

Many become schizophrenic , paranoid and psychotic. Schizophrenics are double or many minded, and unable to cope with reality (James 1:4-6). Some become catatonic either rejecting any activity or extremely active and talkative, and have hallucinations induced from demons and devils (II Tim. 3:3). The paranoid mind has delusions of grandeur and persecution. Psychotics simply refuse to acknowledge reality (II Tim. 3:4): the town bum, drunks, sexual perverts, etc. Many that we call hypocrites are in this group (II Tim. 3:5).

Many times an abused child will mildly or completely neglect themselves to convey the idea to others that they are worthless or at fault. By their attitudes they invite sickness, etc. Or, they go to the other extreme – they must always look beautiful to hide their real selves.Low self esteem!

If a child is beaten, it will when it becomes an adult tend to do the same thing to its children.I know that God helped people in this area. As a small child coming home from school one day after a particularly hard time, a voice told me “You don’t have to be like your people, you have the ability to choose which way you will go”. With my children, I would never touch to punish when I was really mad or upset.

Since these senseless beatings have no reason, the child becomes confused and frustrated. Many work extremely hard to prove themselves.Demons and devils constantly work with this to destroy the world!

In mental abuse, children follow pretty much the same pattern as physical abuse. Eventually they accept or partially accept the verbal abuse as true.

Dishonest dealing with children makes them fearful of trusting. Hence they have trouble trusting God because parents who are authority figures have not been trustworthy. They always have nervous problems.

Sexually abused children have all the above problems. Hate figures in all abuse, but is extreme in a sexually abused child. The abused child may take up homosexuality, sadism, etc., and become frigid or bi sexuality or orgy bi sexuality swing,ect,prostitution…… Any form of abuse can lead to mental illness even!

First, the child who has been abused must learn to forgive. When tempted to hate again, the child must not let it rule him or her.

Come to understand that the parent or abuser has had much trouble in his or her life. If the person is young, you should seek help and protection from this abuser.

If you have had unexplained nervousness, fears lying, inability to trust, always having to prove yourself in dead-heat competition, hate and hatefulness, strong leaning to sexual perversions, hypocritical, fantasy, inability to cope with life or people, extreme self-centeredness, extreme emotions, bad temper, depression, confusion, frustrations, being victimized or unable to control your actions, then you probably need deliverance in your subconscious mind as well as conscious mind.

After deliverance, you will need to learn what the Bible says about each area of deliverance and teach yourself to obey. Without the demons inside, you should be able to obey God’s instructions. Ask God for understanding of yourself. Learn to think differently than before.

For example: Most abused people have a problem feeling gratitude because they have been victimized repeatedly. They cannot be glad or grateful when something good happens because they fear it has a price to be paid. Learn Deut. 28:47 – to serve the Lord YAHUSHUA in gratitude of heart and mind for all that he has blessed you with (an example of what parents’ attitudes should be).

Remember YAHSHUHA died for you before you were ever born. Forgive everyone to the degree that you can truly pray for them to be saved and receive blessings of God whoare in need who are there for you but wanted your good and overreacted they who still have chance they may be just like you in same problems.Realize that their troubles are probably as great or greater than yours by number of them.

Realize it is not entirely or maybe not at all your fault.


Break all inheritance from ancestors’ sins that would give you demons in the subconscious mind.These include idol worship (Masons, occult, cults, Catholic,religion in general because God does not have one and witchcraft and neo paganism,paganism,etc.), sexual sins (bastards, incest, adultery, homosexuality,lust/-fornication etc.) and ungodly attitudes of the parents.

Start with basic deliverance in subconscious mind and conscious mind (Rejection, Bitterness and Rebellion). Then call for demon spirits that went in from the abuser (Spirits of Abuse). Call out the Victim Spirit (advertises to be victimized).




































HARASSMENT, SKEPTICISM, LUST and masterbution and stimulation fantasy lust!

Sex :Prayers to overcome masturbation, porn, and sexual lusts:










Sexual sin opens the door for all kinds of evil spirits to enter.


  • Who would like to be delivered from the spiritual contamination resulting from past sexual sins
  • Who would like to be delivered from their present sexual lusts, enticement, and other sexual sins.
  • Who would like to expel sexual deposits acquired by sleeping with demonised who has been a commercial sex worker in the past people.
  • Who frequently dream of having sex and not their soulmate but other person and you know not who your soulmate is?
  • Don’t despair if the enemy has subjected you to such a depth of immoral degradation. You would be lifted up to the height of purity which God has purposed for you as you call upon God´s help to help you.

Rom. 1:22; “professing themselves to be wise, they became fools”.

Are you surprise at the things you’ve just read? Indeed there is nothing new under the sun’ (Ecclesiastes 1:9) basically the laws of God concerning sexual pervasion as stated in Leviticus 18 can be divided into 5 groups.

They are laws against-

  • Adultery (vs. 20) idolatry i.e. offering child sacrifices (vs. 21)
  • Homosexuality-gay and lesbianism,Bi sexuality, masturbation,prostitution etc (vs.22)
  • Bestiality (having sex with animals(Vs 23)

Are you caught in the bondage of any of these? indeed the chains of habit (perversion) are too weak

to be felt till they ate too strong to be broken. All kinds of sexual bondage can be broken through the power of the blood of YAHUSHUA.

As you pray sincerely with a contrite / repentant heart (Psalm 51:17) God will set you free from chains of sexual perversion.



Gal 5:24: and they that are YAHSHUA’s have crucified the flesh with the affection and lusts.



  1.   Thank you God YAHUVEH,IMMAYAH,YAHUSHUA for power to deliver from every bondage.
  2. I break myself from every spirit of sexual perversion, in the name of YAHUSHUA.
  3. I release myself from every spiritual pollution emanating from my past sin of fornication and sexual immorality and sins in the name of YAHUSHUA.
  4. I release myself from every ancestral pollution, I the name of YAHUSHUA.
  5. I release myself from every dream pollution, in the name of YAHUSHUA.
  6.  I command every evil plantation of sexual perversion in my life to come out with all its root,  in the name of YAHUSHUA
  7. Every spirit of sexual perversion working against my life, be paralyzed and get out of my life in the name of YAHUSHUA.
  8. Every demon of sexual perversion assigned to my life, be bound, in the name of YAHUSHUA.
  9.  Lord YAHSHUA, let the power of sexual perversion oppressing my life receive the fire of God and be roasted, in the name of YAHUSHUA i bind you satan.
  10. Every inherited demon of sexual perversion in my life, receive the arrows of fire and remain permanently bound, in the name of YAHUSHUA.

YAHUSHUA made this clear that he is the onl way,he is the one who can free you from the bondage!

Here is more about sex:




More about things why this is like that and this and that:


Morning WARFARE against Satanic attack:


I tear down the stronghold of Satan against my life, in the name YAHUSHUA

I smash every plan of Satan formed against me this year in the name of YAHUSHUA

I confound every stubborn pursuer this year, in the name of YAHUSHUA

I bind every power cursing my destiny effectiveness, in the name of YAHUSHUA

I strike with chaos and confusion every power that will siphon my blessings this year, in the name of YAHUSHUA

I turn the evil devices of household witchcraft up side down and destroyed in the name of YAHUSHUA 

I render every local satanic weapon against my life this year harmless, in the name of YAHUSHUA

I receive deliverance from the spirit of anxiety in the name of YAHUSHUA!

Morning prayers against evil attacks







I bind all evil spirits  attacking me in the name of YAHUSHUA!

I receive the mouth and the wisdom which my adversaries are not able to resist in YAHUSHUA´s name.

I stand against every satanic operation that would hinder my prayer this year, in the name of YAHUSHUA

Satan, I refuse your involvement in my prayer life this year in the name of YAHUSHUA

I claim the victory of the cross for my life this year, in the name of YAHUSHUA

Every satanic foothold in my life, be dismantled by fire in the name of YAHUSHUA!


Energy Vampires


Energy Vampires, things that suck and drain energy out of you and their role is to help you find always escapism in the matrix,but there are ways by spiritual warfare ways to restore that energy within yourself. It is with energy that you will be able to move forward to achieve the desires you wish.

Energy Vampires can be in the form of lack of sleep, poor eating habits, Starbucks coffee and coffeine products in general, drugs and excessive alcohol, lack conditioning, media negativity,wrong peer group and much more. Make a list of what energy vampires are currently in your life, and work to get rid of them one by one. You’ll feel much more energetic, I guarantee that.

Things such as giving up Starbucks coffee, poor eating habitsdrugs and alcohol and TV are more easier than dealing with your peer group.Many of us have friends and family who are negative and depressed.We feel obliged to stick with them through their “tough” times,not consciously knowing the effect it has on us.And we don’t just want to leave them in the lurch too,we want to help them also.

It is important that when you are surrounded by such negative people, or people who just bring you down, you stay positive. It is no use if you are negative too. And it is also no use if you can’t stay strong and positive. The ultimate result is that you’ll also be drained, tired and stressed if you can’t handle it. As a positive person, you’re radiating energy and will give the other person an emotional lift from their negativity. This is you facing your energy vampires right in the face.

Other things I’d recommend you are do: exercise for a few moments each day, surround yourself with people who are going in the same direction as you are. A good peer group will get you on the road to success automatically. Eat healthily. Give people gifts. Give up the coffee, and try some green tea.Focus on inspiration, motivation and personal development first and then help others fight against satan´s hordes of hell.


Prayers/warfare against Satanic barricades:

Revelation 12 vs 11:

And they overcame him by the blood of the lamb, and the word of their testimony, and they not their lives unto the death

I sprinkle the blood of YAHUSHUA against every satanic power blocking my progess.

I pull down every satanic blockage against my moving forward in YAHUSHUA´s name

Evil powers standing as a Goliath before my breakthroughs, hear the word of God, be paralysed in YAHUSHUA´s name

abba Yahweh,Momma Shekhinah and Lord Yahshua the messiah please invoke the Hosts of heaven the holy celestial astral etherical lightbeing warriors,annunaki and alves and angels and devas in my protection, clear away every evil blockade on the path of my breakthroughs in  YAHUSHUA´s  name!

Satanic hindrance to my progress, be removed by the word of God and the blood of  YAHUSHUA in  YAHUSHUA´s  name!


Prayers/warfare: Power over household witchcraft

Psalm 18

Occultic powers calling my name for evil die in the name of  YAHUSHUA

Every witchcraft coven entertaining my case, I set you ablaze by the power and the spirit and the annointing of God YAHUVEH FATHER,MOTHER IMMAYAH Holy Spirit,Lord YAHUSHUA the Messiah

Where is the God of Elijah, arise, kill every satanic prophet assigned against my life

Inherited battles hear the word of the Lord YAHUSHUA, die in the name of  YAHUSHUA

Arrow of affliction fired against me,  I bury them today, in the name of  YAHUSHUA


 Deliverance from bewitchment:

  1. Any power that want me perish, blood of  YAHUSHUA  arrest it in name of  YAHUSHUA
  2. My father YAHUVEH,mother IMMAYAH,Lord YAHUSHUA the messiah, I am travelling on the wrong road, deliver me, in the name of  YAHUSHUA i pray!
  3. Every bewitchment upon my destiny die in the name of YAHUSHUA
  4. O God, arise and separate my portion from my friend who want to lead me astray, in the name of YAHUSHUA
  5. Any sin in my life, blood of YAHUSHUA kill them, in the name of YAHUSHUA
  6. Thou power of night working against my destiny I bury you, in the name of YAHUSHUA
  7. Any power reciting evil against me, die in YAHUSHUA´s name


War against and over witchcraft: I subjugate power of witches in YAHUSHUA´s name


Confession Col. 2:14-15: Blotting out the handwriting of ordinances that was against us, which was contrary to us, and took it out of the way nailing it to his cross; and having spoiled principalities and powers, he made a shew of them openly, triumphing over them it in.



  • 1. I break witchcraft poison in my life, in the name of Jesus
  • 2. Every power, that has formed an evil cloud over my head scatter in the name of YAHUSHUA
  • 3. Every will partition, between me and my breakthrough break in the name of YAHUSHUA
  • 4. Every evil mystery, over my life, be destroyed, in the name of YAHUSHUA
  • 5. Every medicine-SORCERY, poured on the ground to subdue my life, be destroyed, in the name of YAHUSHUA
  • 6. I destroy, the hand of every witch doctor, over the affairs of my life, in the name of YAHUSHUA
  • 7. I quench, every anger energized through this land against me in the name of YAHUSHUA
  • 8. I subjugate, the power of witches, in the name of YAHUSHUA
  • 9. Every biting demon, be silenced, in the name of YAHUSHUA
  • 10. You lost oil in my life , be returned, in the name of YAHUSHUA



Deliverance against water MERMAID spirits

Confession: Colossians 2 vs 14; Gal. 3 vs 13 and 14; 2 Cor. 6 vs 14-18; Gal. 6 vs 17; 2 Cor. 5 vs 17

1. I break every evil covenant with water spirits and the yokes attached to it in YAHUSHUA´s name
2. I break and cancel every convent with Idols and the yokes attached to IT IN YAHUSHUA´s name
3. I beak and cancel any evil covenant entered into by my parents on my behalf and all yokes attached to it in YAHUSHUA´s name
4. I command the fire of God to roast the forces of hindrance and obstacles and paralyze the power in YAHUSHUA´s name
5. Lord  YAHUSHUA let the archangel warrior elites of celestial beings effect immediate breakthrough in every areas of my life in your holy and mighty name i pray,amen!


Deliverances against unbroken curses, yokes, evil convenants:

Confession: Colossians 2 vs 14; Gal. 3 vs 13 and 14; 2 Cor. 6 vs 14-18; Gal. 6 vs 17; 2 Cor. 5 vs 17

1. I break and cancel every inherited curses in YAHUSHUA´s name
2. Lord YAHUSHUA, remove from me all the curses placed upon my ancestral families as a result of their involvement in evil associations,amen!
3. I break and cancel every curse placed upon me by my parents, in YAHUSHUA´s name
4. I cancel every curse, spell, jinx, enchantment, bewitchment, incantations placed upon me by any power in YAHUSHUA´s name
5. I break and revoke every soul tie and blood covenants and yokes attached to them in YAHUSHUA´s name
6. I purge myself of all the evil food eaten in the evil world with the blood of YAHUSHUA´s and purify myself with the fire of the power and spirit and annointing of God Father YAHUVEH,Mother IMMAYAH Holy Spirit,Lord YAHUSHUA the Messiah!
7. All demonic spirits attached to all these covenants and curses be roasted with the fire of God in YAHUSHUA´s name
8. I declare my body, soul and spirit a no go area for all evil spirits in YAHUSHUA´S name!


Deliverance from incubi/sucubi spirit husband and wife

1. Lord YAHUSHUA send firery archangels to cleanse my root and kundalini and heart and third eye chackras and burn out all unclean things deposited in it by any spirit husband or wife in YAHUSHUA´s name
2. I break the head of snake deposited by any spirit husband or wife to do me harms and command you to come out in YAHUSHUA´s name
3. I purge out with the blood of YAHUSHUA´s, every evil material deposited in my womb to prevent me from having children on earth
4. Lord YAHUSHUA, repair and restore everything done to any part of my body and earthly marriage by any spirit husband or wife,amen
5. I reject and cancel every curse, every enchantment, spell, jinx, and incantations placed upon me by any spirit husband or wife in YAHUSHUA´s name
Confession: Colossians 2 vs 14; Gal. 3 vs 13 and 14; 2 Cor. 6 vs 14-18; Gal. 6 vs 17; 2 Cor. 5 vs 17


Deliverance from demons (Pamphlet)

Our body is intended to be the temple of the MOST HIGH CREATOR GOD FATHER YAHUVEH,MOTHER IMMAYAH Holy Spirit,LORD YAHUSHUA the Messiah,but Satan seeks to work against this,thru sin,lowering ov vibration by sorcery-drugs and herbs and alcohool and coffe and tv,and by depopulation agenda 21 of illuminati the monsanto geneticly modified food and flouride water and chemtrails in the air by ariplanes and homosexuality,ect.
In my spiritual awakening jurney my spirit guides archangels Loki,Paziel,Rubiel,Holy Virtues Oleina,Oleyn,Roxiel,Kasiela,they give me explainings how demons can manifest in various ways including through strong men-archdemons who command them such as the spirit of Jezebel the spirit under the command of Lilith the fallen female seraphim who controls the spirit who was behind the jezabel witch talked about in the bible.
Through identifying how demons act and how they affect us we can have deliverance from them in the Name of YAHUSHUA.




(1 Corinthians 3:16,17; 1 Corinthians 6:19, 20)

Plan of Satan to defile temple, e.g. sexual SINS AND intercourse: outside of marriage-which means without love not certificate i gave blog about that read not to get confused then perverted sex poses like pose 69 genital oral sex in the same time flip upside down and oriental by switch oral sex that is unmoral sex oral sex is perverted sex sex is meant for down only sexual organs and not other parts of body only upside down ok anal but rare not too much only in marriage out of love when wife of housband have stomac problems and that is ok but not as much as vagina and penis evry day sex which is holy and sacred out of love with soulmate only one person God meant for you, smoking addiction,alcohol addiction-sorcery.These 2 things most common sorcery-chemical magic and kundalini sex chackra magic these are 2 things!




person to gain legal right


Correct terminology:

(a) Nothing in original Greek to justify putting the word “possessed” alongside the word “demons”. The correct translation is to have an unclean, evil spirit. (Matthew 11:18)

(b) A holy person which means who try they best and who accepted YAHSHUA as messiah cannot be possessed by demons but can be under the influence of or have an evil spirit in their aura or near to attack their toughts or give them pain and stuff like that.These are fallen archangels who are assigned from satan to battle against them Ananias and Sapphira. (Acts 5:3) Example. (Proverbs 20:27; Proverbs 20:30)


(2) Satan is an intelligence who wants to stop us being a Clean person being an effective person and truth spreaders and satanic infultration destroyers! (Romans 6:6; Romans 6:11)

(3) Satan has descending orders of authority in the heavens. (Ephesians 6:12)



(Colossians 2:15)

Note Daniel 10:13.



4. THE archdemons under command of ASMODEUS AND LILITH(Matthew 12:29)

(1) Spirit of Jezebel-Lilith which works with the spirit of Ahab-Asmodeus in men also with that another one with sexual lust towards somebody. (1 Kings 16:29-33)

Isaiah 47:8-10,12; Revelation 2:20-21 False prophets, sexual immorality. Things offered to idols.

Origin: Disobedience to the commandment not to worship idols.

(Exodus 20:1-5;

Deuteronomy 6:5)

(a) She established idolatry (1 Kings 16:30-33; 1 Kings 21:26) Spirit of Jezebel-ilith ALSO REPRESENTS mother-child religion.-THIS IS CHRISTIANITY SATANIC CULT ALSO AND EGYPTIAN FREEMASONERY LILITH AND APOLLYON!

Double-mindedness (James 1:8) schizophrenia. Ahab-Asmodeus because of too much lust personality dissorder also in illuminati CIA MkUltra monarchy sex slave!

was weak-minded (1 Kings 21:4), was the tool of his wife, Jezebel (1 Kings 21:7&25). Isaiah 47 – Senility (verse 6), drug abuse (verse 9), occult worship and witchcraft (verse 9), illicit sexual sins (verse 8), terror verse 12, astrology (verse 13), Queen of kingdoms -Lilith (Revelation 17:1-6; Revelation 17:15).

(b) Fruits of Jezebel-Lilith: Radical feminism (e.g. worship of Wicca dieties), homosexuality-gayism and lesbianism, the occult.

Sickness (Revelation 2:22-23). Strike her children dead.

Divorce. (Revelation 2:20)

(c) Children of Jezebel Child’s name “Terror”. Apollyon personality chidren!

Nimrod si Apollyon/Abbadon archdemon son of satan adn lilith -Another names of Lilith: Semerimus – Astaroth. Mother-child pattern – demonic counterfit Queen of Heaven, Venus, Diana, Astaroth.

Masculine characteristics-woman with penis personality type is from Lilith. Example of woman of 50 years of age who raised her skirts like a child of 5 as the demon of rebellion manifested in that way wow what you gonna say about that!?

Spirits under the control of Jezebel Children

(Isaiah 47:8) Addictions, adultery, arrogance, broken marriages, charms, deception, divination, domination, drugs, fear,

radical feminism, filthiness (of the spirit and the flesh), fornication, free fake love orgy with evrybody sex the emotional elchemy, frigidity, hatred, harlotry, heresies, homosexuality, idolatry, incest and indecency (comes as result of a curse from a previous generation involved in idolatry), jealousy, lasciviousness, lust, unclean thoughts, masturbation, occultic things, perverted sexual acts of pissing on eachother penis stucking in eyes and face shooting spermbath and penis going between brests and pose 69 in the same time flup upside down oral sex and ordinary oral sex and drinking of sperm and sekret and piss and blood and bi sexual swing orgy and homosexuality-gays and lesbians and hoosexual orgies and sodomisations rape and necrofilia and pedophilia,spirit of religion because God does not have one and that spirit is the spirit of occult counterfit witchcraft spiritual annointing and counterfit gifts and extra additional from fallen celestial lightbeings the jinns and  their religious heresies (Hinduism,Buddhism,Christianity:ortodoxy,chatolicism,protestantism,baptist,nazarines,pentecostal,Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Children of God and all literaly all christian mumbo jumbo they may get close to bible but well religion is satanic,that all then is satanic all religious titles is religion and anti religious titles as long as you are not right with the Creator,the also many more and many other religions all religions all literally,then religious pride and sorcery with mk ultra stayl schizophrenia fallowed by spiritism with spiritual blindness ispecialy like Freemasonry and Mormonism; spirit of religion is satanic in all ways the pure masked or unmasked witchcraft with domination fallowed by lying stayl blasphemy heretical insanity covetousness and lustful flashly humanism in all ways.

The ruling spirit under Jezebel is DECEPTION.

Note: Four downward steps: pride, rebellion, deception, perversion. (Cut cords into heavenlies)

Note that Jezebel – Lilith often lurks in the background, waiting to send its demonic power into a young child, either in the womb or after birth. The Lilith´s  chain has often been established through the generations and the spirit is a familiar spirit, following the generations, but waiting for its chance to strike, e.g. at a time of trauma or shock or anger, rejection etc, it then enters the child and from then on the child will begin to exhibit Jezebelic tendencies. (Uncover her.)

(2) Anti-Christ-APOLLYON ARCHDEMON (1 John 2:18; 2 Thessalonians 2:3-8)

Groupings of spirits (Galatians 5:20-21; Ephesians 5:4) THESE ARE:

Spirits of abortion(MURDER OF INNOCENT LIFE-worship of Molec the fallen celestial being as pagan idol god),anger, bitterness, blasphemy, corrupt communications, curses, dissension, drunkenness, envy or hatred, fear, filthy language, frigidity, lack of faithfulness and obedience, lying, malice, murder, nightmares, outbursts of wrath, poverty, rebellion, spirits of wretchedness, rejection, selfish ambitions, stealing, strife, torment, unbelief, unforgiveness.

Manifestations: Sleepiness, yawning, various kinds of infirmity that respond slowly to prayer.

(3) Death and Hell (Revelation 20:13-14)

Spirit of Death and Hell:

Groupings of spirits: Curses such as frequent accidents, succession of deaths in families. Remember to reverse the curse, “Bless those who curse you, bless and curse not.” (Matthew 5:44)

Sickness, pain, plagues on people, breathing problems, guilt, condemnation (e.g. Luke 13:11 – also ispecialy woman bound by spirit of infirmity).


(a) Guilt (b) Torment of hell

(c) Prison (d) Physical infirmities

(e) Spirit of stupor (f) Lung difficulties

(g) Fear of death. (h) Sorrow, regrets, hopelessness, loneliness, darkness, depression and fear.

(4) Unholy TrinityCast out spirits of Jezebel Lilith, then Antichrist-spirits under control of Apollyon, then Death and Hell-the spirits of control under satan directly who are.Satan,Lilith,Apollyon! (Revelation 18:7&8; 19:20; 20:14)

(5) Control Spirit: Many people have a control spirit which will deny the truth. The devil can bring peace as well as turmoil. Control spirits act to control the person and prevent deliverance.

The function of the control spirit is two-fold:

(a) To shield the human spirit from hurt.

(b) To bring calmness.

This demon frequently comes in during childhood as a result of a trauma, e.g. one day a child’s father says, “I am going away and will not come back.” Youngster may well take on the demon which eases the pain.



YAHUSHUA always commissioned His disciples to both preach the gospel and cast out demons.

(Matthew 10:1; Mark 3:14-15; Mark 16:15-18)



Demons are spirits without bodies dead hybrids as i explained.Angels have bodies and they can materialise also fallen ones but fallen ones can also possess people and much stronger.Demons have personalities,they are itself like anger lust,jelousy,insanity,ect.

(1) They have a WILL (Matthew 12:44)

(2) They have EMOTIONS (James 2:19)

(3) They have KNOWLEDGE (Mark 1:23, 24)

(4) They have SELF-AWARENESS (Mark 5:9)

Their names are as angerhate,envy, jealousy and fear.

(5) They have a CONSCIENCE too seared to respond (1 Timothy 4:2)

(6) They have an ABILITY TO SPEAK (Mark 1:24)




(1) They ENTICE (James 1:14)

(2) They DECEIVE – e.g. heresies. (Timothy 4:1&2)

(3) They ENSLAVE (Romans 8:15)

e.g. compulsive talkingeatingaddictions to alcoholsmokingmasturbation.

(4) They TORMENT and oppress (2 Timothy 1:7)

Fear, condemnation, doubt.


(5) They DRIVE AND COMPEL (Luke 8:29)

e.g. lust, murder assault.

(6) They DEFILE (Titus 1:15) e.g. rock festivals.

(7) Their function is to HARASS.

(8) They often work in groups, e.g. anger, fear, violence, defiling, rejection etc.



(1) Against our PERSONAL HARMONY

(2) Against our PEACE OF MIND


(4) They cause disruption with other people, especially those close to us.



Demons drive, compel, torment and harass. Fight against inner harmony and cause disruption in relationships.

Gifts of spiritual discerment put into pineal gland (1 Corinthians 12:10). This is a intuitive sence,vision and just knowing of what is what or impression,given by God, which makes us realise that wrong spiritual forces can be effecting a person or even ourselves.


(1) From OUTSIDE the body. (2) From WITHIN the body. If they are outside, we must resist them. (James 4:7) If they are within the body, we must expel them. (Mark 1:39)



(1) Our emotions, attitudes, relationships, e.g. they cause resentment, hatred, fear or rebellion. Persistent, compulsive, bring fear.

(2) The thoughts of the mind, e.g. doubt, unbelief, indecision, procrastination, compromise.Swearing and junk toughts and voices of people who are demonised.

(3) In the tongue, e.g. lying, cursing, gossip, blasphemy.

Psychiatrists claim that people tell up to 200 lies a day without knowing it. Spirit of lying can rest on our tongue like a spirit of unclean talk and blasphemy.

(4) In the sexual area: perversion, homosexuality and masturbation.

(5) In addiction – alcohol, nicotine, gluttony, anorexia – food (root is often frustration).

Following true repentance I place my hand on their nose and ask them to breathe in and out.

(6) Physical infirmities (Luke 13:12-13) e.g. tumours, heart attacks, cancer, arthritis, allergies, cramps, asthma.



(1) Psychological areas, e.g. if we have recurrent evil and disruptive emotional attitudes which dominate us against our will, e.g. resentment, hatred, fear, envy, jealousy, pride.

(2) We have moods which are unreasonable and extreme, e.g. we can become very talkative or we can change to taciturn depression.

(3) Physical: There can be unnatural restlessness and talkativenessEnslaving habits, e.g. gluttony, alcohol, nicotine, drugs, sexual immorality, perversion of all kinds, uncontrollable, unclean thoughts or looks, blasphemy, mockery, unclean language.

(4) Persistent or violent opposition to the truth of Scripture and the work of the Holy Spirit.

(5) doctrines of devils or prohibitions, unnatural asceticism counterfit merkaba activation,demonic and satanic observances (charms, fortune-telling, astrology, mediums).

Note: One of the foregoing symptoms alone would not necessarily be conclusive indication of demon present, but where several symptoms are found together, the probability of demon activity is extremely high.



(1) Through our own sin, e.g. idolatry, rebellion.

(1 Samuel 15:23; Romans 6:6; Galatians 5:16-21)


(2) Through the sin of our ancestors, e.g. idolatry.

(Exodus 20:5)

Examples: Rejectionspirits of griefspirit of memories.

Effect of hereditary bondages:

I prayed for a boy who was born totally deaf. The word of knowledge was that it was the result of the mother’s extensive

involvement in fortune telling. She repented and the boy was healed.

(3) Domination of one person by another like the controling spirit is obadiel vapula,lencer spirit of Lilith also.

(4) Through our mind – through our thought life.

(5) Touching dead bodies. (Numbers 19:11)

(6) Shock (particularly at times of accident)

(7) Grief

(8) Accidents

(9) Marriage breakdowns

(10) Habits, e.g. masturbation, smoking, oral sex, bestiality.

(11) Soul ties

(12) Transference:

(a) Moving with people who are infested too much.

(b) Movies, television, music, magazines.

(c) Alcoholism.

(d) Transference of spirits in a demonised place.

(e) Scattered souls. (Proverbs 6:27)

(f) Homosexual Sexual intercourse-gays and lesbians, child molestation.

(g) Satanically inspired music, e.g. some forms of rock music and dancing.

(13) Entry of witchcraft through feet and womb.

(14) Unforgiveness. (Matthew 18:34-35)

(15) Rejection. Can occur at conception, in mother’s womb, baby not bonded, adopted child, hereditary rejection, practices in the family home, caused by peers, self-rejection. This causes problems in later life.

(16) Spirits of tradition, pride and prejudice and religion.-Lilith

Encumbrances of tradition.

Doctrinal obsessions, legalism, personal prejudices.-Dagon

(17) Occult. (Deuteronomy 18:9-12)

Familiar spirits affecting families.

Influences of witchcraft: Abnormal fears, especially in the dark, disturbing dreams, hatred of being left alone, spirits of Antichrist.

Results of involvement in the occult:

Depression, suicidal thoughts, no desire for prayer and Bible study, inner resistance to the Word of God, no word of prayer coming to one’s lips, visions of ghostly forms, fear, blasphemous thoughts against God,manic fits,visions of people in past generations who hount you in dreams,religious delusions and fanaticism, inability to make decisions, feelings of anxiety, gripping feeling about the throat, voices that you cannot get rid of no matter how much you fight, fits of rage, melancholia, schizophrenia.

(18) Ethnic traditions, culture and environment, Japanese ancestor worship, religious spirits.

(19)  Teachings which deny John 10:9.

(20) Heresies (1 Timothy 4:1-2) e.g. Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, Freemasonry. Note curses pamphlet.

(21) Curses: Self-imposed, relational,by witchdoctors etc, by unscriptural covenants. Example of man who saw father try to throttle his mother when he was 5. Hated his father. Was told for years later, “You are just like your father.” This became a spirit.

(22) Watching people die, especially after nursing them.

(23) Fire-walking, e.g. Fiji and India.

(24) Charms and fetishes in our homes. (Deut. 7:25-26)

(25) Yoga and martial arts Kung Fu, Aikido, Tae Kwon Do, Karate,

Tai Chi, Judo (rooted in Taoism and Buddhism).

(26) Transcendental Meditation,Hypnosis.

(27) Piercing the flesh (Leviticus 19:28, Leviticus 21:5, Deuteronomy 14:1, 1 Kings 18:28, Mark 5:5)



(1) Humble ourselves.

(2) Be completely honest.

(3) Confess our sins. (James 5:14-16) Examples of healings in meetings where people have confessed their sins.

(4) Repent.

(5) Forgive.

(6) Call on the Name of the Lord YAHSHUA. Acts 2:21.


15. MANIFESTATIONS of high level fallen celestial astral lilhtbeings the archons and jiins and satanic saints also type of beings!

Hissing (tongue goes in and out like a snake’s tongue), spitting, wriggling, sighing, coughing and gasping (smoking devils),

shouting, lying down as though dead (spirit of coma, hypnosis), mucus (spirits of sexual uncleanness – white foam), animal noises, yawning, sobbing, roaring (hate demonic devilish spirits), screaming, eyes roll back and flutter – only white part visible – or operate independently, nostrils flare, lips purse, foul smelling fluids, twisting figures – often masturbation, blood from mouth, smell like sulphur. Sometimes nothing. Example of manifestation: Acts 8:7. Housekeeper – dog in house – boy on church floor barking like a dog at the moon – man and woman rushing forward on his and her hands and knees, baring thirs teeth as made their way towards the city – the spirit of lion has come out on a lion head manifestation of the high level demonic possessions!


(1) They do not repent. Note difference between repentance and remorse. (Matthew 27:3)

(2) They fail to repent of their sins, especially adultery and abortion. (James 5:6)

(3) They fail to forgive (Mark 11:25-26)

(4) They fail to break with the occult (Acts 19:19)

(5) They fail to resist the devil (James 4:7)

(6) Failure to repent from pride.

Note: Four downward steps: pride, rebellion, deception, perversion.



(1) Listen carefully to what the person says and how and how may look like the aura of person and energy and moves and eyes as they are windows to the soul

(2) As you minister in deliverance, work with others.

(3) Take rest periods during deliverance.

(4) The goal of deliverance is to try not to manifest growling and stuff but to cast out without a single scretch and stuff without holding person and without even beeing tied to anything!




(1) Total forgiveness required.

(2) Honour and forgive yourself also.

(3) Renounce any curse.

(4) Renounce all forms of idolatry and religions-in general religion is of satan.

(5) Confess all sin and unholybehaviors and adictions and lusts and all the stuff to God.

(6) Renounce sins of ancestors Galatians 3:13&14.

(7) Take off any charms or demonic jewellery.

(8) Cleanse house from idols, carvings etc.

(9) Confess blood Scriptures (Ephesians 1:7; 1 John 1:7; Romans 5:9; Hebrews 13:12.)


(11) Must have absolute faithfulness and obedience to God with desire to get delivered of evrything you need to be delivered!

(12) Total humility required – turning from all pride, rebellion, deception and perversion and in the name of YAHUSHUA binding and rebuking these spirits and destroying their works against your life.

(13) Sometimes fasting is required.

(14) Call on the name of YAHUSHUA and in that name above all names cast out evil spirits and rebuke and bind satan.

(15) Person must assert will and resist devil. (1 John 4:4)

(16) Use prayer cloth (1 Chronicles 13:14)

(17) Praise God (many times).



(1) Remember your authority in YAHUSHUA. (Mat. 28:18)

(2) Know the power and the spirit and the anointing of the Most High Prime Universal Creator God Father YAHUVEH,Mother IMMAYAH Holy Spirit,Lord YAHUSHUA the Messiah.

(3) Use your prayer language and others you know and even pray that God unlocks you praying in other tounges that you know not which is one of 9 main spiritual gifts God can give you the languages of holy celestial lightbeings.

(4) Command the person to look at you and tell demons to go in the name of YAHUSHUA not in your name because you are sinner and in your name you have no authority.

(5) You should be baptised in the spirit not by water is not nessesery but spiritualy as YAHUSHUA said you should be born again not in reincarnation sence that is lie in the sence of spiritual rebirth you must pass spiritual awakening process and in your whole being to receive because your body is tample of God to receive the power and the spirit and the annointing of the Most High Prime Universal Creator God Father YAHUVEH,Mother IMMAYAH Holy Spirit,Lord YAHUSHUA the Messiah.

(6) You should use the gift the spiritual gift of spiritual discerment you gained in your third eye pineal gland6th chackra/sece -spiritual sence from the spirit of God and word of knowledge as you minister to others.

(7) We can agree and bind evil spirits and loose the spirit of God in us and others more or first time in others as they are delivered.

(Matthew 18:18-19)

(8) Allow others in group to bring forward any words of discernment or knowledge.

(9) Don’t let the candidate use the name of YAHUSHUA till they learn how and what and when or speak in tongues while deliverance is taking place.

(10) Cut cords of Jezebel-LILITH, Antichrist-APOLLYON/ABBADON, Death and Hell-LUCIFER/SATAN and any other spiritual powers from person’s forehead,why forehead,because that is third eye pass right there between the left and right brain hemisphere and remember you must if the person drinked water and watched tv take them thru decalfification process of pineal gland third eye chackra/sence-spiritual sence to be able to receive power and the spirit and the annointing of God in them,cut all unholy spiritual links and astral bridges that might be from fallen celestial lightbeings and their children demons connected to the person thru third eye chackra.

(11) Be aware of the children of Jezebel-Lilith,child of Terror-Apollyon personality-anarhist the antichrist demonic beast children.

(12) Find master(fallen celestial lightbeing who controls demon/demons in aura of that person or body or third eye) of demon/s and cast out all demons and rebuke and bind the master and the demons under his/her/its command.

(13) Cut ungodly soul-ties.

(14) Remember as the agent of deliverance is the repentance and your cleansing first and spiritual state important also!

(15) Listen to what the  Most High Prime Universal Creator God Father YAHUVEH,Mother IMMAYAH Holy Spirit,Lord YAHUSHUA the Messiah are saying as to how you should pray and pray in that way and do spiritual warfare,all comes from heart chackra that info that kind of info do not cut your hair well if you have extremly long to can´s see cut little but but don´t be bold hairless person this is commandment for both man and women because demons can take your crown chackra who has also power as signal antenas for third eye that sends signals to heart chackra you will know for what to pray.

(16) Be persistent and by the word of knowledge follow through the network of demons and devils to the cheaf archdemon.

(17) Fix your mind on YAHUSHUA the messiah.

(18) Have absolute obedience and love for the the power of the Word of God and use the Word of God. (1 Corinthians 6:9)

Example at rock festival.-demons and devils there are on evry cm and milimetar!

(19) Anoint with oil your forehead(third eye chackra) if after the concerts and festivals somebody shake hands with you.

(20) Consecrate various parts of the body. (Romans 12:1-2).

(20) Putting water on the person’s forehead(third eyechackra) as a reminder of their baptism and cutting off from the power of sin.

(21) Laying on of hands on head.

Ministering angels surround us also who give us spiritual information to our hear chackra be brave!Fear activates enemy,and love activates power of God,so fear not!

Hebrews 1:14: “Are they not all ministering spirits sent forth to minister for those who will inherit salvation?”   answer,yes they are!

always have others present to help you.

Ensure that the groups have pleaded the blood of YAHUSHUA before they commence practising deliverance.

No certificates issued after deliverance.You have them in haven from God if you are holy and love and obey the word of God!



(1) Totally yield to YAHUSHUA the messiah in every area of our life, making Him Lord of every area.

(2) Be always filled with the power and the spirit and the annointing of the Most High Prime Universal Creator God Father YAHUVEH,Mother IMMAYAH Holy Spirit,Lord YAHUSHUA the Messiah,by beeing spiritualy hungry for truth and saying i increase power and the spirit and the annointing of GOD YAHUVEH,IMMAYAH,YAHUSHUA IN ME AND IN YOU CAN SAY YOUR SOULMATE IN ME AND IN MY SOULMATE AND NAME YOU SAY IN THE NAME OF YAHUSHUA! (Ephesians 5:18)

(3) Obey and live by the Word of God. (Matthew 4:4)

(4) Put on the full armour of God. (Ephesians 6:14-18)

(5) Stay with the right people and receive ongoing counsel from holy celestial lightbeings who come in the name of YAHUSHUA if not here then astraly if they come in your sleep in your dreams,lucid dreams and astral projection God gives to to give you more knowlage and understanding and wisdom and discerment,ect,phrophetic insight,spiritual growth and warning,ect,ect…….

(6) Have the right relationships with people,and love relationchip with the person you want to witness if that person is holy and you are not with that person no more stay friends and minister from time to time if it is your soulmate get married not with certificates i will give you links to know why and how and have sex with that person then is out of love and holy and sacred and blessed and santified and then you can in same time of intercourse kiss and send information to third eye chackra of that person by yourself and before that say i increase power and the spirit and the annointing of God YAHUVEH,IMMAYAH,YAHUSHUA,here is explanations why and how and what to know more info about marriage and how to get married:

Here is also blog if you have dificulty finding soulmate here is deliverance that can help you remove that problem which comes from satan! Here it is:

(7) Make YAHUSHUA the centre of every part of our lives. We must die daily to our old self and reassert our position daily in YAHUSHUA the messiah.

(8) Possess the landDeliverance can be progressive – many holy people must get involved for spiritual territorial warfare

should be told to go away, read the Word, get on their knees before God, confess their sins and come into true repentance and be baptised with the power and the spirit and the annointing of God YAHUVEH,IMMAYAH,YAHUSHUA.(Exodus 23:28-33)



(Matthew 18:18-20) Example of person in prayer meeting causing difficulty. Parents who have prayed for children who have disappeared – not heard from for a long time. Bound demon power affecting those children, prayed in spirit and been full reconciliation.



Heavy oppression, suffocation, pain or sickness.


Possible Demonic Entry Points:

[ ] Abstract art (under

hallucinogenic stimulus)sorcery-divination-counterfit mind opening to other dimensions-witchcraft…

[ ] Acupuncture

[ ] Amulets (tiger’s claw, shark’s tooth, horseshoe over door, mascots, talisman (magic picture)

[ ] Ankh (a cross with a ring top used in satanic rites)

[ ] Apparitions – occultic

[ ] Astromepahysical and metaphysical magic high level seremonial magic

[ ] Astrology-horoscopes12 signs  cabala

[ ] Augury (interpreting pagan omens)

[ ] Automatic writing

[ ] Birth signs

[ ] Black arts

[ ] Black magic (involving hidden powers for bad ends)

[ ] Black mass

[ ] Blood subscriptions (pacts)

[ ] Cartomancy (using playing cards)

[ ] Chain letters

[ ] Charming or enchanting

(attempts to use spirit power)

[ ] Charms and charming for wart removal

[ ] Chinese astrology

[ ] the demonic additional powers

to be those of dead people,who are familiar spirits

(giving advice or warnings i give to you folks these are not dead people the souls of dead are in haven or hell what comes is demonic spirits immitating them have nothing to do with dead or death or celebratingor even going to cemetary or to ceremony celebrations and memorials and nothing because it is all demonic and tied to necromancy the death magic which is witchcraft and we are warned in ancient scriptures of the holy croles of Holy Bible to stay away from that stuff because it is dangerous and sin and diabolical and deceptive and extreme)

[ ] walking on walls before merkaba is activated

[ ] the divination or sorcery and simillar stuff like that witchcrafts and other related occult

[ ] Colour therapy under yoga kundalini sex magic orgies

[ ] Concept therapy by sex yoga magic kundalini meditation

[ ] Conjuration (summoning up a spirit by incantation)

[ ] Coven involvment (a community of


[ ] Crystal ball gazing

[ ] Crystals

[ ] Death magic (where the name of the sickness plus a written spell is cast into coffin or grave)

[ ] Demon  and devil worship of demons and devils openly evil dieties the beings of darkness

[ ] Disembodied nephilim spirits worship in religions(worship of demons)

[ ] Divining rod or twig or

pendulum (Hosea 4:12)

[ ] Dowsing or witching for water, minerals, under-ground cables, finding out the sex of unborn

child using divining rod,

pendulum, twig or planchette

[ ] Dream spells

[ ] Dungeons and dragons playing games,and minecraft an worcraft and lol and many craft and games like that and paganism games and templars and video games in general but ispecialy like these witchfraft the craft games!This create powerfull by mind concentration egregores that are astral robots possessed by true dark forces that control you that is why is not good to play these games!

[ ] Eastern meditation/ religious – Gurus, Mantras, Yoga, Temples etc

[ ] Ectoplasm (unknown

substance from body of a


[ ] Enchanting

[ ] E.S.P. (extra sensory

perception)-well this is not bad if it is from spirit of God by the gift of spiritual discerment comming to your third eye but if it is counterfit spiritual power from dark side!only then is bad and by your discerment you can see if a person is having that genuine gift or the demonic counterfit copy cat!

[ ] Findhorn Community

[ ] Floating trumpets

[ ] Fortune telling

[ ] Gothic rock music

[ ] Gurus

[ ] Gypsy curses

[ ] Hallucinogenic drugs (cocaine, heroin, marijuana, sniffing glue)-sorcery/harmakea-chemical magic/witchcraft that is chategory of that sin also known as divination or chemical chemistry or chemical phrophecy magic inducement and or synthetic not by help of God but by help of demons and devils counterfit astral projection which is counterfit it is not from God and is the demonic copy cat artificialy put to work,ect…..-divination-shamanism,astral magic

[ ] Handwriting analysis (for fortune telling)

[ ] Hard rock music – Kiss, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones

[ ] Heavy metal music – AC/DC, Guns and Roses (all heavy rock)

[ ] Hepatoscopy (examination of

liver for interpretation)

[ ] Hex signs magic (hexagrams-star of David the tetrahidragon when put in circle only then is satanic-represents 6 elements,they are:earth,fire,water,air,ether/melanin/-spirit,and magic/-black sun vril force)

[ ] Horoscopes-astrology-kaballah

[ ] Hydromancy (divination by viewing images in water)

[ ] Hypnosis

[ ] Idols-idol worship

[ ] Incantations of pagam mantras like hare chrishna

[ ] Iridology (eye diagnosis not by spiritual discerment from God but from other source then is counterfit demonic)

[ ] Japanese flower arranging (sun worship)

[ ] Jonathan Livingston Seagull (Reincarnation, Hinduism)

[ ] Kabbala (Occult 72 spirits of Goetia summoning)

[ ] Karma-counterfit action and reaction curses putting-not true one but by offending somebody´s of them mystical religions the karma magic rituals of offended hindu magicans hindu spells..

[ ] Levitation-by counterfit merkaba not from God,but counterfit one by the help of fallen celestial lightbeings the archons and jinns

[ ] Lucky charms or signs of the Zodiac or birthstones

[ ] Magic-occult power the counterfit spiritual annointing and counterfiting miracles or ceremonial magic and beeing involved with religion,because God does not have one religion means relaying on a jin which is archon the demiurge the demigod the favouritist which is satan,which is jinn magic which is wish master magic which unholy prayers for sex for lust are answered nd no pregnancy and endless abortions blessings for more sexual insanity worse then porn perversions mindless indolgances today and heeling from aids..fame and fortune gaining fast (not by the power of God but by the power devil,knowing it or not)



[ ] Pagan occult Mantras

[ ] Martial arts (Aikido, Judo, Karate, Kung fu, Tae Kwan Do etc)

[ ] Matthew Manning

[ ] Mediums

[ ] Mental suggestion by gurus

[ ] Mental telepathy-before beeing really mastered

[ ] Mental therapy-by counterfit ways and by sorcery

[ ] Mesmerism

[ ] Metaphysics and Astrometaphysics in counterfit ways by ceremonial and hermetic magic

[ ] Mind control

[ ] Mind dynamics

[ ] Mind mediumship

[ ] Mind reading-by counterfit power

[ ] Moonmancy

[ ] Motorskopua (mechanical

pendulum for diagnosing


[ ] Mysticism

[ ] Necromancy (conjuring up spirits of the dead)really frendly demonic spirits of fallen celestial beings the jinn who immitate the souls of dead,while souls are in haven and hell..

[ ] Numerical symbolism

[ ] Numerology

[ ] Occultic games

[ ] Occult letters of protection

[ ] Occult literature, e.g. The Greater World, The 6th & 7th Book of Moses, The Other Side, The Book of Venus, Pseudo-Christian works of Jacob Lorber, works by Edgar Cayce, Aleister Crowley, Jean Dixon, Levi Dowling, Arthur Ford (The Overt Worship of Spirit Beings), Johann Greber, Andrew Jackson Davis, Anton Le Vay, Ruth Montgomery, John Newborough, Eric Von Daniken, Dennis Wheatley……… and many more like that and URANTIA BOOK OF NEW AGERS!

* Such books should be burned, regardless of cost.

[ ] Omens

[ ] Ouija boards

[ ] Pagan fetishes

[ ] Pagan religious objects, artifacts and relics-and of religion in general that is from satan,religion evil creation!

[ ] Pagan rites (Voodo, Sing sings, Corroborees, Fire walking, Umbahda, Macumba)

[ ] Palmistry

[ ] PK (parakinesis – control of objects by the power of the mind and will)-before having merkaba activated

[ ] Parapsychology (PS) – especially study of demonic activity-not by the word of God but by new age movment satanic doctrines and mystical ways of cover up and not genuine deliverance!

[ ] Pendulum diagnosis

[ ] Phrenology (divining/analysis from the skull)

[ ] Planchette (divining)

[ ] Precognition (foreknowledge of the occurrence of events)

[ ] Psychic healing

[ ] Psychic sight

[ ] Psychography (use of heart shaped board)

[ ] Psychometry (telling fortunes by lifting or holding object belonging to the enquirer)-also quantum reality changing the starcraft and sirius star magic and ceremonial storm magic,ect..

[ ] Punk rock music

[ ] Pyramidology (mystic powers associated with models of pyramids-stargate magic and abyss magic of pyramids of high level necromancy powers-ressurection necromancy magic)

[ ] Rebirthing demons and archdemons thrue elements as elementals..

[ ] Reincarnation of demons the nephilim magic the necronomicon saturnian sorcery magic

[ ] Rhabdomancy (casting sticks into the air for interpreting omens)

[ ] Satanism

[ ] Seances

[ ] Self hypnosis

[ ] Significant pagan days worship

[ ] Silva Mind Control (SMC Psychorientology)

[ ] Sorcery

[ ] Spells

[ ] Spirit knockings or rappings

[ ] Star signs magic or elemental ceremonial starcraft magic

[ ] Stichomancy (fortune telling from random reference to books)

[ ] Stigmata – the high level demonic possession dances and music occultic types.

[ ] Superstrenght by sorcery pills

[ ] Table tipping

[ ] Tarot cards (22 picture cards for fortune telling)

[ ] Tea-leaf reading

[ ] Thought transference before you master it counterfit way

[ ] TK (telekinesis – objects move around room, instruments play, engines start…)

[ ] TM (Transcendental Meditation

[ ] Trances

[ ] Transmigration

[ ] Transplatation of organs to you or you give to others

[ ] UFO fixation

[ ] Uri Geller

[ ] White magic (invoking hidden powers for ‘good ends’)

[ ] Witchcraft

[ ] Yoga (involves Eastern demonic worship of hindu gods worship)

[ ] Zodiac charms, birthdates

[ ] Zodiac signs

* Acts 19:19: “Also, many of those who had practiced magic brought their books together and burned them in the sight of all. And they counted up the value of them, and it totaled fifty thousand pieces of silver.”

* Deuteronomy 7:25&26: “You shall burn the carved images of their gods with fire; you shall not covet the silver or gold that is on them, nor take it for yourselves, lest you be snared by it; for it is an abomination to God.

Nor shall you bring an abomination into your house, lest you be doomed to destruction like it; but you shall utterly detest it and utterly abhor it, for it is an accursed thing.”


APPENDIX 2: RELIGIONS AND CULTS in general are all evry single one of them from satan!

1 Timothy 4:1says: “Now the Spirit of God says expresslythat in latter times some will depart from the faithfulness and obedience running to rebelious systems, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of devils”

Ananda Marga Yoga Society, Anthroposophical Society (Eurythmy, Rudolf Steiner, Waldorf Schools); Astara, Bubba Free John; BahaiBuddhism;

Children of God (Family of Love)pedopfile cult,orgy and bi sexuality cult; Christadelphians; Christian Science; Church of the Living Word (John Robert Stevens “The Walk”); Church Universal and Triumphant (Elizabeth Clare Prophet); Confucianism; Divine Light Mission (Guru Maharaj Ji); Druids Lodge; Eckankar (Paul Twitchell); Enlightment (heightened awareness, nirvana, satori, transcendental bliss, god-realisation, expanded consciousness by LSD AND OTHER RELATED HALLUCINOGENS, altered perception of reality by sorcery cults, cosmic consciousness is not demonic also like the thing of before but counterfiting there is the counterfit of that by sorcery is demonic there are cults of that; Esalen Institute (Michael Murphy); E.S.T. (Erhard Seminar Training); Foundation faith of the Millenium (Robert de Grimston); Foundation of Human Understanding (Roy Masters),Freemasonry,Gurdjieff/Subud/Renaissance,Esoteric Christianity and chrsitianity in general, Hare Krishna cultsHinduism(Karma, reincarnation, avatars, Bhagavad-Gita, YogaT.M.); Holy Order of MANS; Inner Peace Movement; International Community of the Christ/The Jamilans; Jehovah’s Witnesses (Dawn Bible Students); Krisnamurti Foundation of America; Meher Baba (Sufism Reorientated Inc); Mind Sciences; Mormons (Church of the Latter Day Saints); Mukatananda Paramahansa (Siddha Yoga Dham Centres); Neo-Gnosticism;gnosticism, New Age Movement; Nichiren Shoshu/Soka Gakkai (NSA Lotus Sutra); Rastafarianism; Ratanaism; Religious Science; Rev Ike (Frederick Eikeren Koetter); Rev Sun Myung Moon (Moonies, Unification Church); Rosecruicianism (AMORC); Sathya Sai Baba;Scientology (L. Ron Hubbard Dianetics); Self Realisation Fellowship is holy but there are cults that have that by sorcery these are dangerous this is counterfit evry singol religion has counterfiting and enslaving of the spirituality like that; Sharmanism; Shintoism; Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship;Spiritism; Sri Chimnoy; Swami Kriyananda; Swami Rami; Swami Vivekananda (Vedanta Society); Swedenborgianism; Taoism; Theosophy; Urantia; Unity School of Christianity (Charles Myrtle and Lowell Fillmore); Yogi Bhajan (Sikh Foundation/ 3HO Foundation); Zen.


Spiritual Warfare – Strongholds


In this article, I am dealing with a subject that is so personal and so private that those who have it don’t like to talk about it. I’m talking about the issue of women, and many times men, who experience sexual relationships in their sleep astraly in their dreams and lucid dreams abnd astral projection hacing unwanted sex and feeling they cheated their housband/wife soulmate!

There are three people affected by this. Those who have this relationship on a constant, ongoing basis; those that have this relationship on and off, and those who have this relationship but don’t know they do because immediately after, it is wiped off their memory by demonic manipulation.

In my own opinion, the third group is the worst group to belong. Since they cannot remember the dream, they will not be able to do something about it.

If you have the problem of sexual encounters in your sleep, the first thing I have to say to you is, relax. Just relax, don’t be tensed up. Why? You are not alone. Statistics have shown that seven out of ten women experience this problem.

There is anonymous statistics on women and men that have this problem, and it turned out to be the same for the men as it was for the women- seven out of ten constantly or occasionally, have immoral relationships with men or women in their dreams.

These spirits have so mastered the art of deception that they will use the faces of people you are familiar with when they visit you at night.

There are women who have told us they see their dad coming to sleep with them in their dreams. We know that is the spirit husband using the face of the father. Your dad has nothing to do with this night encounter having sex with you or even your dead relative or whoever dead having sex with you is immitating fallen celestial lightbeing who immitates the person you see.

Sometimes they may even bring the face of your friend, who fasts and prays for you. This is another manipulation in itself to make you look down on your friend distrust him/her.Trust me, it was not your friend coming to sleep with you to have sex or not in dream astraly but by rape paralising sex in bad night terror it was demonic being.

At other times, they’ll bring the face of your husband/wife but they will be demonic you will see that. It’s not in dreams that you’re supposed to meet with your husband this way they looking strange you can have astral sex as well as physical with your housband/wife but you will se the difference with immitating force of evil difference.

They can also come with the face of your brother or sister, your boss and people around you. It’s no other one but the spirit husband/wife-succubi incubi masquerading himself/herself in these false disguises.

These night-time [sometimes day-time] experiences are called encounters with spirit husbands and spirit wives.

In West Africa they call these dream visitors; ‘night husbands and night wives.’

The Latin people of those days called it the ‘encounter with incubi and succubi.’

If you look in the Webster’s dictionary, Incubi is described as a spirit being that comes to have intimate relationships with women why they are asleep while Succubi is described as a spirit being that comes to have relationships with men in their sleep.This is true i have blog about that:

In Matthew 13:25, the Bible says; “But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way.”

The most dangerous part of your day is really not when you’re driving on the highway, operating a machinery in a factory or doing construction work on a high rise building.

The most dangerous part of anybody’s day is when you lay down to sleep. That is when the enemy does the most damage to the majority of people.

I will be deceiving myself to tell you that I know not everything that needs to be known about this subject,i know evrything about it, tiny experience I’ve had over the years in studying, coupled with counseling and praying for people, I can say without any shadow of doubt that the problem of incubi and succubi is a very common problem that you cannot just dismiss with a wave of the hand.God gave me knowlage of it!

What is so troubling is that many peoples who are saved, sanctified and filled with the spirit of God are also afflicted and affected by this problem. Out of ignorance and sometimes out of pride, these dear saints keep this problem to themselves rather that cry out for help.

 I have personally taken both men and women through deliverance, where the witch or warlock has actually, through the use of astral travel in counterfit way of using sorcery magic type of thing by divination magic by drugs and herbs and potions and stuff like that, seduced them, having sexual relations with them as they slept, with them thinking it was only a dream. This having been done through the utilization of “Familiar” spirits that these spirits helped them rape people.

In some instances, I have found that those spirits have entered in through masturbation and fantasy lust. If the individuals renounce the fantasy lust and stopped masturbating, they were delivered. I have taken several individuals through deliverance from those demons of lust who then welcome their parents devils who rape people and I’ve found that people have been violated (raped) by the evil spirits who done sexual sins of homosexuality,abortion,bi sexuality,transsexuality,orgy,gay and lesbian and bi sexual sswing orgy,pornography,occult yoga sex,mustual masterbution with unholy person and not soulmate but the person is extremly evil and deceptive not holy at all then is sin,then sex without love,ect,not actually wanting to believe it or not understanding what happened to them until deliverance revealed it. But they know that they had experienced something painful and undesirable.

I have taken individuals through deliverance, that have felt the bed moving, felt their bodies responding uncontrollably, yet it were even worse scenes. These demonic spirits that function in this sexually perverse way must be renounced and cast out, in the Name of the Lord YAHUSHUA.Essentially, the incubus is a lewd demonic spirit of fallen astral celestial lightbeing which seeks sexual intercourse with women. It is also termed follet (French), alp (German), duende (Spanish) and folletto (Italian). The corresponding demonic spirit who appears to men is the succubus. When associated with one particular witch or sorcerer, both incubus and succubus are known as magistellus, or “familiar”. Inasmuch as the nightmare dream is sexual in latent content, incubus is often used interchangeably working with The Mare Demon witches and wizards the archdemons the kids they have between themselves to help them in dreams and lucid dreams and astral projection with the person they have sex with; in fact, the Latin word for nightmare is incubo (to lie upon). The incubus can assume either a male  shape because it is male a succubuss can female shape because it is female spiritual being.Sometimes he appears as a full-grown person. Sometimes as a satyr or in the form of a demonic being, and if it is a woman who has been received as a witch, the incubus generally assumes the form of an animal.

Succubus is a demonic spirit as i said in female form, specialized in seducing men. Although feminine in meaning, in form this you have, or are having dreams or nightmares of a sexual nature that you know are as life here and not just astral life, dreams where you cannot exactly distinguish sometimes astral and world here then by their help of mare mara, please seek deliverance. Don’t allow Satan and his demonic hosts to degrade your body which is the Temple of God.”

God will not hold it against you.Seek deliverance and protection from God against these demonic spirits and beings,entities,energies,inteligencess!


How does the presence of counterfit spirit husband or wife -incubi/sucubi affect a person? I know of at least three ways that I would like to discuss.

1. Difficulty getting married.
2. Difficulty staying married.
3. Difficulty having children.

Firstly, those who experience sexual encounters in their dreams will have difficulty getting married and if they make attempts to get married, all their attempts will be met with one frustration or another.

Here is blog fore deliverance:Here is also blog if you have dificulty finding soulmate here is deliverance that can help you remove that problem which comes from satan! Here it is: