To say first some things what is important to know what i learned and how i am spiritual and i have spiritual understanding of things in title i just nammed,here is introduction in basics about these things here:


w h a t   i s   spiritual sex ?

Sex out of love true and good healthy,holy sacred and legal sex without negative effects!

Spiritual sex is a spiritual path for integrating body, mind and soul. It differs from other paths in its honoring of the body, using the senses, sexuality, and feelings to help you grow and heel and recover spiritually and even do spiritual warfare then at that moment and makes more calls for spiritual warfare.Spiritual sex assists you in realizing your full potential as a human being. If you choose to live from the Spiritual sex perspective, you will transform your life. You will discover bliss. You may apply Spiritual sex practices and principles to many areas of life – to relationship and sexual loving, spiritual practice and lifestyle, physical and emotional well-being.

The benefits of Spiritual sex practice include:

* Transcendent sexuality
* Deepened marriage betterment
Emotional freedom
* Expanded intuitive abilities
* Sustained health and vitality
* Boundless love
* and Playful, ecstatic awareness

As you explore further in this website blog of mine, you will discover much more about Spiritual sex. Please read on!

 a b o u t  Spiritual sex. . . f r o m   t h e   h e a r t chackra

At the Heart of Spiritual sex is Love.

The practices of  Spiritual sex, both spiritual and sexual chackras, work to create the conditions necessary for love to flourish and endure. When we achieve states of presence, energy flow, relaxation, harmony, and connection, love emerges and opens the heart. To bring about the conditions that generate and sustain love, we can learn to rely upon Spiritual sex practices to create more of these positive energy states.Spiritual sex, therefore, is not just something to do in our bedrooms, but rather a complete way of life.

As a Spiritual sex supporter and practitioner,you must follow regular practices to quiet your mind, open your awareness to sensation, raise your energy vibration, and cultivate a sacred attitude towards yourself, others, and events in life. As part of practice, each day that create a time to connect with  body and spirit of beloved.This use the heart chackra to attune to my inherent Bliss vibration: awaken  body, still and calm mind, arouse shakti/kundalini sex energy, draw that orgasmic lifeforce into higher self spiritual chakras, and enjoy a meditative state where you connect with your partner what is present and what you want to create in your life mentalistic meditative manifestation bringing force in life of both of soulmates.By the end of your practice your body is buzzing with blissful vibration. I feel spacious, centered, grounded, and ready to bring my vibrant energy with me out into my day,that mentality kind of thing is with you that needs to be that is heeling method of life waste of matrix that satan creates and this is to bring you back to life the ressurection so to speak it is god as much as you can to have sex in marriage because it not just regenerates life but brings evrything good and connected restored on a place miracles happen kind of way.

Cultivating states of presence, energy flow, relaxation, harmony, and connection to beloved  is not always the same but just better and better. A lifetime of hurts and other negative experiences have gradually limited our ability to be present and to express the essence of who we really are, fully and freely. We slowly become cut off from our feelings and the ability to express and experience who we really are and there comes in marriage  our sexual creative energy in a connected, joyful, loving way that fixes that.

In a subtle, gentle, yet powerful way,Spiritual sex sexual loving is the loving that brings healing. It breaks up and washes away residues of our past that hold us back from limitless ultimate love by that intimacy.Tantra teaches us not only how to be great lovers, but how to be great healers for one another as well and for others in spiritual sexual warfare and mentalism when rady.

This represents a unique paradigm for conscious living and loving. It offers a passionate and expansive way of life for those seeking to connect with their sexuality in a positive, heart-centered way, a way that celebrates freedom of spirit and body alike.

  m o r e   a b o u t   spiritual sex

Origins of it

Tantra is a set of spiritual teachings and a unique paradigm for relating to one’s self and the universe that originated in the times of Adam and Eve who had then wanted to reactivate merkaba who turned down by eating psychoconaticus divinorum read my blogs of before to understand those who have not to know what i am saying here the first sin the sorcery the plant edited by devil who modified God´s creation……. well over 2000 years ago YAHUSHUA talked about people having lust just is not love and that spiritual love and carnal love both are divine love which is true love when 2 have that and are spiritualy rady for eachother completly then marriage starts of tests,first one,second prayer or fasting and third is initiation without ceremony and all mumbo jumbo as that is done today no certificates not to be cought to akashic records and no all that,and then 4th is sex which is out of love soul tie is created by sexual contact sexual relationchip is then completly out of love expressing love to person you love your soulmate completly body and soul connection carnal love and spiritual love completly manifested and all barriers removed so love then is completly freely. It is stilldone today but less today as hollywood makes big deal and all the matrix perverting it and porn and all perverted junk and is too much supressed or welcomed in wrong way not balance with it.

The essence of spirituality with sexuality has taken many forms of expression and appears in virtually every culture in history where there are holy people normaly mostly now in Chinese mountin places, Native American Quodoshka.

Spiritual sex is a timeless phenomenon as well as a global one. Even today in the WORLD it satisfies many most essential needs: love, connection, intimacy, play, harmony and balance, inspiration, relaxation, celebration, physical and emotional well-being, sexual and spiritual fulfillment spiritual sex has.

The Working use of spiritual sex

It comes from the ancient Sanskrit works of spiritual balancing of spirituality of both partners with body well being to manifest then in spirit the intercounectedness and team work with mentalism heeling in intimacy and removing of depression and sadness and nervousness and stuff like that by joy in physical pleasure transfering into spiritual connecting and feeling love without words in way to then put more love energy to by love in that way heel the DNA and that body is more healthy then is spirit,which means “to expand” and  which means “liberation” fropm illusions of matrix and separation and the creating colabration of team work to make marriage closer and better. This implies that you can be liberated by expanding your consciousness also.

Another definition of the spiritual sex is “web” or “to weave.”That is an interweaving of the energies of many levels of consciousness from the mundane, to the most erotic, to the most profound experiences the marriage can have.

Spiritual sex also signifies scripture in third eye chackra that contains body intuitive spiritual teachings how to expand spirtuality after more sexual contacts and relationships and intercourses and frendchips.

Like other sexual stuff,this is holy and true sacred approved with one person only and one only out of love which is the real purpose of sex that uses the tools of meditative states to expand heeling sometimes more, conscious breathing betterments in sports like jogging and marathon running, physical gestures to trick the enemy, sacred sounds for love to better spirituality, sacred geometry (yantra), body positions for excercises and physical expanding and flexibility, muscular contractions (bandhas) to achieve self-transformation, conscious awakening, and spiritual growth.

spiritual sex is generally divided into two main streams: Red sex and White sex.

White sex or sex of the Right Hand masterbution in mutual masterbution of penis and vagina (Dakshina Marga) involves the meditative techniques of sex and is essentailly a celibate self control mutual body respect and care and heeling medicine ,ascetic path to mutualy prepare body for light body activation merkaba activation the self controlled sustained celibate monk type sex i can call it like that the best to describe it.

Red sex or sex of the Left Hand (Vama Marga) involves the use of elements that were considered taboo, such as the ritual of sexual union (maithuna),not the ritual as this and that but the gesture and love bettering of 2 intuitivly and spontainiously have by actions and not by words saying o let´s have sex but not saying it aloud as a means of attaining liberation from matrix come on let´s escape all that and enter into soul communication opening by carnal pleasure that will expand body into meditative spiritual communication to let us focus on good this stayl gives heeling. Here, sexual union is used as means for going beyond into transcendent states of consciousness.

My private sessions and classes include verbal instruction only in the practices of Red sex mentality to one another you say this kind of mentality give to your beloved you start normaly to talk audiobly and or telephaticly both sometimes.

“Pink” sex strikes the middle ground between the two paths, harmoniously joining the practical and esoteric elements of both cpupples.The instruction and training I offer falls into this category of let´s remove pain let´s gove massage and be on the sun and talk about like let´s escape all this and be there just 2 of us mentality so this is call for manifesting reality of mentalism kiind of sex later when do all that and then after that intercourse. My focus is on the heart energy using sexual techniques for attaining self-knowledge, spiritual growth, and self-realization. The work has incredible value for married people and couples just married also alike.

The interrelated notions of the God´s image represented by and with, Kundalini, the Subtle Body, and the Chakra System are central to sex and its aims.

The God´s image of male and female energy balancing of sexual mating and playing.

The image is represented in holy way then!

In ancient times, The God as the embodiment of life and the source of all creation.So evry man and every woman was seen as spiritual did many times in ancient times sex 150 times a day with prayer and spiritual talk – The God´s power manifested in some of them more. Each married lovers made archetype,both divine masculine and of the divine feminine energies balanced and changed weather and many stuff.Evrything way possible for them!

Sexual polarity balancing also refers to a particular quality of energy that is masculine and feminine and rises upwards in the body another energy of the beloved makes excange and brain polarities are balanced then more, such as earth energy or sexual energy. It is primal energy that created the baby if beloveds allow fluids to go and let them not out of them someware else,but they if not allowing it use just for all other things and sometimes some use to have too many children to have help in spiritual warfare,the spiritual warfare sex, or sexual energy busting of energy, is creative life-force energy not just for procreation to have children but in astral cities to create your own astral civilisations.

Re-awakening the power is central to sex. Although both the masculine and the feminine energies are equally important, the extra focus on the feminine and masculine in one place when you have sex is necessary in order to counterbalance the imbalance,but anyways people must be holy and spiritual and first spiritualy from mind to start and 4 steps to be done and then have sex and enjoy to balance energies and to bring more posetivity to bring more life like energy of life and later for procreation to bring souls here the children and all good stuff like that. Daily life in this busy world does not encourage women or men to recognize or acknowledge the love between themselves, but rekindling a man and a woman’s sexual energy brings forth their true holy nature in sexual way of expressing love and spirituality and spiritual growth and warfare.These practices allow the God´s power more in every man and woman to emerge. Both the man and woman and their benefit and of others. The free flow of a man and woman’s sexual energy activates their shakti sex chackra kundalini energy, creating an atmosphere for spiritual enlightenment.Their pleasure and desire for lovemaking will increase and may surpass the potential to grow for evrything in life and sexual desire will bring them closer in all aspects.

In that, reverently  female loving the penis and mastering ejaculation are ways to honor the partner when she masterbuits gently she makes him stronger to have more by time gentlier and slower and more time to last. I enjoy teaching these techniques and initiating those new masterings into the art of honoring the divine nature of this mentality she must put to make her partner stronger and gentle more and sensetive and more patient.


The main purpose of the sexual path is to activate Kundalini energy in the body. Those who achieve this awakening live in an ongoing state of bliss.

Kundalini is the most powerful and refined energetic force available to us as human beings.

When awakened, it begins to uncoil as it climbs up through the chakras to the crown. For thousands of years, the sexual spiritual warfare and growth has been used in many cultures to symbolize rising consciousness which that really is.

A minimal flow of Kundalini exists in everyone already. It is the energy that animates the body and the physical senses and provides a base level of consciousness. As the flow increases, we begin to access higher realms of consciousness into the spiritual dimensions those who are spiritual and really have love.

Kundalini is activated by the energy of Sexual functions and benefits, or sexual energy.Kundalini is generated through conscious lovemaking or specific slow gentle techniques designed to activate this energy. The sexual path sees sexual energy as an important expression of Kundalini.

A full Kundalini awakening occurs only when a perfect balance of masculine and feminine exists in the body. Maintaining a balance between these energies is the essence of sexual practice.

The Subtle Body

The Subtle Body

Since sexual practices directly influence the energy of the subtle body, a basic understanding of estatic anatomy is useful.

The system of sex encompasses systems of the body that we can see: the skeletal system, muscular system, nervous system,which is conected with spirituasl system!

The most important aspect of the subtle body is the system of energy centers, known as chakras which are sences.The subtle body also contains several hundred thousand energy channels, called nadis. There are three principle subtle channels, the sushumna (central), the ida (left channel) and pingala (right channel). The subtle body is also called the energy body.

If you have ever had marriage and done sex or received sexual pleasure, you have already experienced the awakening of your subtle body.Only in marriage that is possible bev+cause sex of love fixes DNA as i said!

As kundalini awakens, it rises up through the sushumna, moving through the main chakras of the subtle body. If there are energy blocks along this central energy “highway” the kundalini will not ascend through all of the chakras first will unblock them and then will go there and they the lovers will be heeled by blockages beeing unblocked.

A heightened awareness of your energy body translates to intensified levels of sensation and pleasure. When your energy body is awake, even the slightest touch may arouse great bliss. I can teach you how to awaken the energy body of you beloved by saying this to your lovly soulmate, inspiring in him or her unknown delights!This is the gentle talk by action you do!

The Chakra System

The chakras are concentrated vortices of energy within the subtle body, centers of consciousness and sences.They are way-stations along the upward path of the Kundalini. Our bodies actually have many chakras, both big (e.g. at the crown of the head) and small (e.g. at the pads of our fingers). “The chakras” refer to the seven main chakras “situated” along the axis of the spine. All the chakras have the potential to become powerful erogenous zones!

English and Sanskrit Name


Color Symbol

Central Issue


Intuitive Abilities

Crown ChakraSahasrara

Top of head

white basket


Wisdom, knowledge, consciousness, spiritual connection


Sixth Chakra Ajna

Center of head

silver claster

Imagination, intuition

Clear seeing, non-judgment, accurate interpretation

Clairvoyance, the ability to see spiritual energetic stuff

Fifth ChakraVissudha



Communication, creative expression

Clear, authentic communication and creativity

Clairaudience, the ability to hear spirit

Fourth ChakraAnahata



Love, self-affinity

Compassion, tranquility, self-acceptance, good relationships

Connectedness to one’s truth or soul purpose

Third ChakraManipura

Solar plexus


Power, will

Vitality, spontaneity, strength of will, purpose, self-esteem


Second ChakraSvadhisthana

Low belly, genitals

Orange and red


Feeling, fluidity, pleasure, healthy sexuality

Clairsentience, the ability to feel energy, emotions

Root ChakraMuladhara

Base of spine



Stability, grounding, physical health, prosperity, trust


Although we cannot see or feel the chakras with our physical senses, they are evident in the shape of our physical bodies and in the way we think, feel, and handle life’s situations.

Sometimes these energy centers become clogged or blocked due to negative experiences, physical pain, emotional traumas, social programming, cultural conditioning, limiting belief systems created by satan, or adverse life conditions. Blocks result in an incomplete or unbalanced experience of life and limit the expression of our own true life force energy. If you have ever experienced a “knot in your throat,” for example, due to holding back tearful emotional expression, then you have experienced a block in the 5th chakra. This block acts as a limit, restricting the full expression of your inner world to the outer. Can you recall a time when you have experienced a “heavy heart,” a block in the 4th chakra? Grief, resulting from hurts to the heart, blocks the heart’s natural lightness and expansiveness; the heart becomes heavy and closed. A heavy heart prevents us from engaging in nourishing, loving relationships, and our life may feel incomplete as a result.This blockages and all that cab be fixed by team work connection of energy by energy cloning-sexual contact of the ones in love!

Awakening and opening all of our chakras allow us to express ourselves as unique, whole, and fully-realized individuals.

Spiritual sex practice provides means to fully awaken and open the chakras, with particular emphasis on the second, fourth chakras and sixth chakras (sex, heart, and spirit), integral to our experience as expansive, joyful beings.

  i p s a l u   sex

Ipsalua is a unique approach within the variety of sexual contacts. Faithful to ancient sex’s original purposes and researched techniques, it is an adapted system to meet the interests of people in the  world you contacted as coupples astraly after having sex when you sleep side by side at the present spiritual growth level. Ipsalu sex is a profound and playful way for learning to live in bliss. What distinguishes Ipsalu is the focus on realizing your true Self, attention to emotional flow, and the skillfully designed sets of love protection energy shielding mode techniques for safely activating your kundalini (most powerful and creative) energy to make your energetic and spiritual shields and to conect astraly more and with other people also to do spiritual warfare with them and astral sex spiritual sexual warfare later.

“Ipsalu” in Sanskrit means “transcending illusions of world” and removing not just the sence of separatnesses and protecting yourselves in times of demonic rituals and satanic ritualistic magic energy constructs in the world demonic beast possessed by evil spirits people do creating chaos.By freeing and integrating ego desires, you realize your bliss body. Frustration, separation, boredom and fear melt away for they are simply clouds over the magnificence that is present inside you. The union of sex, love and pure awareness within your body, with a beloved, in each moment, with energy of protection creating of it you do then, with all of existence is indescribable joy. It is the essence of your nature to feel loved and safe and secure and with company that is full nature potential living God created you.


The Quest for Spiritual Orgasm


another solar orb

Sexual love can be one of the most powerful human experiences. Over the past two thousand years, certain spiritual warrior coupples sought to tap the power of sexuality to cultivate elevated spiritual states of awareness and achieve immortality by creating opening of light body merkaba and to more eazy do spiritual warfare then later and to with full power do that and they can then be stronger and more have chance to win.These practices appear to have and share similar microcosmic-macrocosmic theories of the human body as an inner mirror of outer Nature. The body-centered cosmology of each has led to a spectrum of sexual practices that range from ritualized physical sexual intercourse to celibacy type of sex like mutual masterbution accompanied by conscious subtle-body love making. 

Both posit a multi-dimensional universe governed by divine, all pervading polar energies identified in  forces of Heaven and Earth. These polar forces arise from a mysterious non-dual unity, whose dance within the physical plane follows a five-fold pattern of harmony governed by five families of  five phase principles. Both offer alchemical maps, often hidden within mandalas interiorized within the body – yantras in bodyand I Ching (Yijing) patterns in kundalini – that can be fully understood only by the initiated adept. These subtle body maps allow the adept to navigate the apparent chaos of conflicting physical and sexual desires to find the way to the true self at the still center of the drama of creation by sexual warfare of feeling secure in hard times sexual energy chaces chaos when is out of love the soulmates the married coupples.Despite these underlying similarities in their cosmology of hird eye, the intuitive and spontainious warfare of sexual cultivation against demonic stuff in the world, both physical and subtle body, are radically different.

Sexual medicine

In general, I found more detailed medical and internal sexual practices available in the lovers as Roxiel the virtue explained to me, described in a concluding overview. This paper is titled The Quest for Spiritual Orgasm because in the course of teaching sexual practices to one another by just speaking about it and evrythign and speaking when having it,that i select between understanding their sexuality, improved sexual performance, better love relationship in marriage, and having a spiritual orgasm, about eighty percent choose spiritual orgasm.
Subtle body sex removes this problem, since by definition the  the body-as-divine-cosmos-copulating-within-itself is personal in nature. In the spirit of creating a new openness about delicate sexual-spiritual issues, and to vivify the coupples’s senses, I often shift to a first personal narrative of beloved kind of mentality. I accept (on behalf of my  informant soulmate) full responsibility for any inaccuracies in my brief footnote to this chapter of life kind of mentality.



As with Divine Openings,
there are no austere practices that
take a long time to master,
or exercises that require discipline.
It’s play and enjoyment.

Tantric Online Course for Spiritual Enlightenment

The moment you register,the moment you do 4th thing the sexualy connect to create a gstrong soul tie to complete marriage you step into a powerful field of Trance resonance that attunes you to the frequency of Trance sexual bliss and love. It does a lot of the “work” for you. If you’ve experienced Divine Openings by first 3 ways to open yourself up to 4th, you’re already familiar with the transformations that occur just from being in the energy on this site.


Women, your man will have little or no resistance to a Tantric course like this, even if you couldn’t drag him to any other seminar before! Let him know you want to experience Tantra with him to have more juicy fun together (that you’re not trying to fix him, which you shouldn’t be doing anyway!) The privacy of enjoying this Tantric online course in your own home is a big plus. No embarrassing public nudity, revealing private information, no weirdos or weirdness.


Some of what’s ahead for you as you simply enjoy this time when you have heeling intercourse:

  • A whole new level of initiation into total spiritual awakening and spiritual sexual enjoyment.
  • How to communicate with your partner, in and out of the bedroom, in a way that enhances your practical daily life and your love and spirual life.
  • Prepare yourself to attract that Divine strenght.
  • Become aware of dynamics that are either juicing up or damping your life.
  • Sex and money and how they’re related.
  • Experience Heaven on Earth through  sexual union.
  • Sexual ecstasy becomes easy and effortless through Divine Grace.
  • Remove the limits you’ve placed on how much pleasure you are allowed to experience.
  • Intimacy; transcend the limiting boundaries of your skin.
  • Applying Law of Attraction to your love life.
  • Masculine and feminine dynamics, and how to play in them without being stuck in either one exclusively.
  • Classic elements of masculine and feminine and how to use them to heighten your  love experience.
  • Cosmic  sex, achieving mindless states and oneness.
  • Types of orgasms,spiritual orgasm, and beyond orgasm,the cosmic one,spiritual of third eye chackra and the cosmic is the one that is crown chackra.
  • Ways for men to control and extend their orgasm without drugs.
  • Multi- spiritual Orgasms for women.
  • Female water flow, amrita, the waterfall, or “dolphin water”.
  • Extending pleasure both before and after orgasms by mutual masterbution water of women and sperm of man too much ejeculated so they can have more pleasure in sexual experiences later after mutual masterbution respect establishments.
  • Spiritual extended orgasm for both men and women.
  • Feel your body more, and intensify your sensations and of the beloved.
  • How to tune into your lover very quickly and easily.
  • How to communicate your desires and dislikes also.
  • How to let go matrix and ride spiritual sex energy waves.
  • Erotic spiritual massage for men and women you excange carnal likes and what you love the most in sexual life by third eye not knowing sometimes.
  • Cleansing yourselves from sexual matrix….-How the way you learned about sexuality (porn, peers, parents, media) might have conditioned you in ways that limit you, and what to do and how to and when and all that stuff.
  • Moving into being itself rather than doing in lovemaking.
  • Shifting from goal of desire to experience.
  • How to choose from a wide range of lovemaking roles.
  • How to lose yourself in lovemaking and then find your center again so you don’t become too enmeshed or dependent.
  • The difference between force and power in sex play.
  • How to use role play, costumes, love names and identities, and other dramatic elements deliberately and without embarrassment.
  • Spiritual sex as meditative, spiritual awakening, exploration, celebration, theatre, and even dance if you like. There are no rules and musts. You’ll create your own gentle intimate pleasures to stay connected spirtiualy more to indistance have soul communication to feel love energy that warms up.
  • Sex talk that really enhances your Tantric lovemaking.
  • Learning to feel more deeply for more pleasure.
  • How  can get over performance pressure, pride, and “I already know all about this,” and begin to be present in the moment, a prime element of spiritual sex.
  • Ways all sexes can move beyond issues like unworthiness, numbness, and inhibitions, and open the heart, for greater ability to give and receive.
  • Developing a Feedback Loop to be a spectacular lover.
  • Techniques you might discover you love.
  • Use of music in third eye you have then to deepen your ecstasy.
  • The beauty of love and how to make love at any age you imagine yourself to be–as well as your age right now.
  • The power and importance of self-love and how to gain it by intercourse then by loving other you love yourself also more.
  • The art of self-pleasuring and of your beloved–for its own sake and as a means to enhance spiritual sex lovemaking with your Beloved.
  • Tantra as a sexual feast–approached with relaxed and open joy.
  • How to intentionally tgain more spiritual urges into Divine spiritual communion.
  • How to be sexily self powered for mentalism.
  • Lubrication, and what it indicates.The water of sweat that is from both sexual organes tha evry single time 2 spiritual persons who love eachother connect and have same blood then,for the ones who want details concact me astraly i will tell you all about it those who know me personaly i will tell you it is complex and yet simple thing!
  • Using lubrication, natural and otherwise the sensetivity you let then makes this sweat water more that connects partialy blood and excanges the energy of blood.
  • Knowing God through spiritual sex.
  • Sexual communion as spiritual balancing.
  • Setting the scene for strenght spiritualy and physicly.
  • Adoring eachother in any way.
  • Adoring the God in the gift you have to enjoy.
  • Spiritual orgasmic stillness, bliss without doing fast but gentle.
  • Connecting sexually with only energy and intention, even at long distances.
  • Ebb and flow of sexual desire, and how to roll with it.
  • Dealing with “issues” that do come up.
  • How to be done with “issues” so your sex life becomes pure play, pleasure, connection, and Tantric creative self expression.
  • Reigniting sexuality and rejuvenating a marriage.
  • Opening the heart for deeper communion.
  • Realizing there’s no right or wrong way; it’s about your enjoyment and creativity.
  • We continually add things to the course.
  • Difference between clitoral and vaginal orgasm


There are many factors that contribute to how an orgasm feels. One variable is the type of physical stimulation, and to what body parts. A “vaginal orgasm” is the notion that women can have an orgasm through stimulation during intercourse or other vaginal penetration, entirely without clitoral stimulation. However, the vagina has few nerve endings, and therefore cannot create an orgasm on its own. Instead of thinking of the vagina and clitoris as separate entities, try thinking about them as a network of nerves and muscles.This is what holy virtue roxiel explained to me.

In reality, total separation between the vagina and clitoris is mostly artificial, and often based on a misunderstanding of what, where, and how big the clitoris really is. The clitoral organ system actually surrounds the vagina, urethra and anus. Rather than thinking of an orgasm as “vaginal” or “clitoral”, it makes more sense to think of orgasm in terms of the feelings that came along with it. In the end, an orgasm is an orgasm is an orgasm!

Here’s a little bit of history for you: Roxiel made a pronouncement that the “mature” woman has orgasms only when her vagina, but not her clitoris, is stimulated — this is commonly referred to as the “vaginal orgasm”. The emphasis on stimulation from penetration made the man’s penis central to a woman’s sexual satisfaction it is stronger sometimes going to piss canal then to birth canal. It is important to emphasize that roxiel did not base her explanation upon a study of woman’s anatomy, but rather upon her teching of other spiritual mother of 24 children.

Back to the basics, stimulating the clitoris and for some women pressure in or around the vagina can cause pelvic fullness and body tension to build up to a peak,so men be gentle and in a way you have instructions from wife you must be there to be gentle and not y your will you will enjoy it also because the way you obey instructions you masterbuit or intercourse with your wife you will feel their joy which will hook you into joy more so to speak and that si spiritual unselfish sex which is love.During sexual excitement, the clitoris swells and changes position. The blood vessels through the whole pelvic area also swell, causing engorgement and a feeling of fullness and sexual sensitivity.This when shut up goes to pineal gland third eye chackra orgasm spiritual one that expands spiritual potential.The inner vaginal lips swell and change shape, and the vagina balloons upward, causing the uterus to shift position. Orgasm is the point at which all the tension is suddenly released in a series of involuntary and pleasurable muscular contractions in the vagina, uterus, and/or rectum.Be also gentle with your wife with their but whole and don´t do it much as with vaginal sex because if they have stomac problems then do the anal sex and be gentle there also bliss is arround the corner if you are!

Your partner can stimulate your clitoris in a number of different waysin masterbution and intercourse — by rubbing,pulling on many sides, body pressure,  or using a vibrator type speed of fingers and penis. Although some women tell their houdmands to touch the glans of the clitoris to become aroused, for others it can be so sensitive that direct touching hurts, even with lubrication sweats in the beginign give pain also and too much pissing.Also, focusing directly on the clitoris for a long time may cause the pleasurable sensations to disappear. Your clitoris can also be stimulated during sexual intercourse, most often with the woman on top — this happens when the clitoris is rubbed against the man’s pubic bone. It can also be achieved when the man is on top if the man positions himself high enough so that his pubic bone presses against his partner’s clitoral area. You or your partner can also stimulate your clitoris with fingers during intercourse to help bring you to orgasm,and then shut up don´t say oooohhh but tranfmer to mind and pull info to his third eye he will have more spiritual growth desire and you will have then more speed to run run he when pulls out his penis will because of this ensetive energy ejeculate tons of sperm.

Aside from clitoral stimulation, it is important to remember another major organ involved with orgasm — the brain! Emotions, perceptions, memories, and senses determine how we experience sex, rather than past experiences or physical appearance alone. Mental (cortical) stimulation, where the imagination stimulates the brain, can actually help set off an orgasm. Relaxing and concentrating on sensations (rather than worrying about how you’re doing) can help your brain process your pleasure.

Overall, orgasms are a very individualistic thing — there is no one correct pattern of sexual response. Whatever works, feels good, and makes you feel more alive and connected with your body (and partner if you have one) are what count!

In its genuine and originally intended form,spiritual sex practice is a profound, deep and lifelong commitment. Along the way of practicing these techniques under the tutelage of an feasible goal by itself.

love Tantric Sexuality   Clearing Up The Myths

Profound and plenary love-making that is based on transfiguration and sexual continence will be realized with the BELOVED BEING seeking also to experience in unison in an ineffable and delightful way the state of MYSTERY which characterises the ETERNAL MASCULINE AND FEMININE that is present (in a dormant state) in every MAN AND WOMAN. This will be produced due to gradual awaking and activation of an intense state of adoration which will be induced and sustained from the distance by Grieg through a mysterious SUBTLE, BENEFICIAL FIELD OF FORCE which will be manifested by putting and maintaining his inner universe in a constant state of  RESONANCE with the enigmatic sphere of force of the GREAT COSMIC POWER DHUMAVATI.

(We specify that this amorous game will be realized by every couple (who engage in this exemplification) in the complete intimacy of their private place.) The couples who are open to realize, between them, amorous games with transfiguration and sexual continence can also participate in this amorous game with strong impulse.

healthy spiritual life does not ask us to renounce our bodies, but to recognize them as the vehicle through which we experience the celestial, the terrestrial and the spiritual in self control and balanced ways.

How to Use Chi Energy? what is chi energy-that is mentalism sex energy


There are many names for chi energy. Some people call it life energy, cosmic,or given by God or universal energy. It is the energy that gives us life because it fuels every single process in our bodies.

If you do  5 times 5 sex involved spiritually in marriage that means, it is likely that you are not aware of this energy and how it operates inside you. However when you advance spiritually you can feel the movements of this life giving energy.

How To Direct Chi Energy:

When you become aware of the movements of the chi energy in some particular area of your body (read about that further on in the article), you should just focus on that area and then in your mind’s eye(third eye chackra) imagine the energy going into some other area. The energy will go where you direct it to go.

So you should see this energy focused in the area where you sense it to be, and then see it flowing to another area. You can imagine this process as though a semi-transparent white current is flowing into some area in your body, or you can direct this invisible energy into some part of your body without seeing any current. It does not make any difference how you visualise, your intention itself does the trick.Do this while you have sex with your soulmate!

How To Use Chi Energy To Push Objects

You will not be able to push objects with chi at once. You will need to learn to concentrate your chi energy and direct it into the objects which may take a long time while you have many times sex it won´t maybe work or the first time when you in sexual intercourse try to move objects how many times you had sex it matters not.You can push the objects using chi with your intention in sexual intercourse. There shouldn’t be any stray thoughts in your mind except that of your intention to push the object. You should be completely focused on the object and direct your energy to the object until it moves. When it starts moving, direct its movement with your mind.

How To Use Chi Energy To Manifest Desires

The same energy that pushes objects can be used (and is used) to manifest your desires. However it’s much easier to use chi to manifest desires than to push objects. You simply have to solely focus on your goal and have faith that it will manifest. You need to expect that this manifestation will materialize and be open to any inspiration or ideas. Once you get inspired to do something, do it at once as this may result in quicker manifestation of your desire.



Prayers and spiritual warfare to overcome sexual problems:









          1.  Rom. 1:22; “professing themselves to be wise, they became fools”.

  1. I command every power of sexual perversion to come against itself in the name of YAHUSHUA
  2. Father YAHUVEH,Mother IMMAYAH,Lord YAHSHUA the Mesiah, let every demonic strong hold built in my life by the spirit of sexual perversion be pulled down, in the name of YAHUSHUA i pray.
  3. Let every power of sexual perversion that has consumed my life be shattered to pieces, in the name of YAHUSHUA
  4. Let my soul be delivered from the forces of sexual perversion, in the name of YAHUSHUA
  5. Let theGod Elijah, arise with strong hand against every spirit wife / husband (incubi/succubi-sexual astral vampire)and all the powers of sexual perversion in the name of YAHUSHUA
  6. I break the hold of any evil power over my life in YAHUSHUA’s name. I nullify every effect of the bite of sexual perversion upon my life, in the name of YAHUSHUA
  7. I nullify every effect of the bite of sexual perversion upon my life in the name of YAHUSHUA
  8. God´s HOLY fire, purge my life completely, in the name of YAHUSHUA
  9. Every evil stranger and all satanic deposits in my life, i command you to be paralyzed and to get out of my life, in the name of YAHUSHUA!


Deliverance  from sexual problems










Glorify God In Your Body
For a holy person the bottom line is this: “glorify God in your body” 1 Cor 6:20. Adultery and fornication do not glorify God. Instead they are a reproach to his/her names. For holy people it is inconsistent to be united with Messiah in spirit, but then to be united with a harlot in flesh.

Uniting with a harlot breaks spiritual fellowship with God. Again, we cannot lose our salvation but our fellowship can be impaired by indulging the flesh.It can slow down spiritualy it is good to be spiritualy in love with person who is your soulmate and get in marriage and have how much sex you want then with just anybody you are then with loved person having sex advancing and not defielment to yourself and to God bringing but glory to God and heeling to you even!

People should see their spiritual intimacy with God as being vastly superior to any physical intimacy they might have with a harlot. “But he and she that is joined to love by love and by God in holy way is one spirit and right with God”.

Just as a man and wife “become one flesh”, those who are Messiah’s “become one spirit” with him you holy coupples are the one with him. It’s not a good bargain to trade in spiritual oneness with God for a harlot. It is much more excellent to be joined to God with holy person in love and not lust.

These are classical fools kowing nothing:

Romans. 1:22; “professing themselves to be wise, they became fools”.


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