The Matrix uncoded

By Virtue Oleyna i come to you in the name of Yahshua IN SERVICE TO CREATOR Father YAHWEH,Mother IMMAYAH,LORD YAHSHUA THE MESSIAH TO BRING INFO ABOUT Cannabalism – Eucharist pagan satanic vampire cult deception,sexuality and spirituality human body as tample,mind body and spirit the merkaba activation counterfit and original and fighting against demons and elementals and archdemons and fallen celestial lightbeings the archons and the global news!

07 14 2011= 7 7 7 = 16 = 7 SUN; THORsday, July (Julius CAESAR) 14, 2011.That was the darkest day for america because the thing is that then happened the biggest child sacrafices in american history,the feeding of draconians and demons in flash of freemasonic puppets who they possessed who were regaining energy of before and getting it to brake the world into one world order fake unity luciferian antichrist mindset!
-VATICAN VAMPIRES and BANKER BEASTs 666 want to start a GLOBAL ECONOMIC collapse and BLOODY Armageddon counterfit of it and economic chip program and transhumanism and counterfit merkaba fake DRACONIAN DNA SYNTHETIC MERKABA AND FAKE LIGHT MERKABA activations,chiping and vaccinations if you are corporate slave and don´t get initiated in 4 steps like you have to marriage and not under goverement and vatican curches you are you were freed from barony,you have to battel demons by sexual spiritual warfare now sometimes better vampires go then you do without marriage with your soulmate and different sex as that is many times explained to you the image of Creator you humans are made in male and female,have 40 days of astral prayers in sleep by dreams and or lucid dreams and astral prjection,or in the non sleep state not important which one 20 days and 3 days mastering and another 20 days and after that mastering comes after that second comes third is initiation by holy person who is not religious better that be a phrophet more batter and after that 4th thing is sex first night after initiation,so these are 8 number 8 the eternity circle nuber putting in chackras and chackra connection mergings of kundalini and heart and third eye pineal gland after that then goes the crown chackra then you are married without rings of saturn the counterfit fake gold which has magical emotional elchemy  lust spells of Lilith fallen female seraphim queen Lilith dragon and her dragon male cherubim bridegroom Lucifrage Rofacale Sataniel Rex Mundini the Baron ruller of Earth´s patriarchy system of politricks political realm and Lilith of spiritual enslavement religion realm the religion word means relaying on the jinn the jinnie the draconian wish master,so the 2 are king and queen of hell of their own counterfit kingdom of haven kingdom of hell really counterfit patriarchy and matriarchy,who immitate FATHER AND MOTHER CREATOR YAHUVEH AND IMMAYAH AND APOLLYON ARCHDEMON IMMITATES LORD YAHUSHUA WHO IS LORD OF LORDS AND KING OF KINGS!Don’t BLAME PAKISTAN, AFGHANISTAN and LIBYA.
CRONUS AND  MOLOCH FEED ON THESE SACRAFICES THAT KILLINGS THE ELITE BEHIND THE SCENES DO FOR THEM WHO ARE BY THEIR ARCHDEMONS THE CHILDREN OF LILITH THEY ARE POSSESSED BY, MARDUC RA LUCIFER ATON WHO GOT HOLD OF NATO NOW NATO works more and more with Unated Nations frontal luciferian ashtar command federation with all aliances of all factions and SIN (ALLAH/Levan). PATRIACHY at its RO( ra) ROMAN VATICAN MAN BLOODY BEST and demoleyan freemasonic cult elite.

-THIS IS the VATICAN’s TALIBAN. Suicide bomber attacks Karzai’s brother’s memorial, 4 killed
Ritual murder of bloodbaths~!

666 DRACO LIZARD LOYALTY LEADS to LOSS of LIVELIHOOD in the 555 pandora´s box souls are put and solar energy stolen by draconian fallen celestial lightbeings  interNATIONal SERENITY REPUBLICs of neo Nazi and nazi orders they run and democracy which means demons going crazy in greek which is demonic realm invasion on earth now!All new age cults with lukewarm crap you are all good and no evil and you are gods is total crap and lies and noncance and demons and devils in human flash preach it to destroy more souls.

EDEN counterfit one is dene FREEDOM – REPUBLIC TIME COMMUNITY CURRENCY. GET ALL THE UNIONS on board, kiss and make up with the NDP and let’s go GLOBAL madness they do.
Why are you waiting for satan to destroy souls you who are dirty now get cleaned what yre you waiting for? This is going for those who read this message to get hit and blasted by tsunami where you at least expect and disasters along with the LIZARD QUEEN Lilith by KANATA REPUBLIC.
The ones who are sheeple matrix slaves will be in ritual sacrafice dinner for draconians and Hasatan Markuk Ra Lucifer which will be sacrificed with the gilotines also, to bring in ORDER out of CHAOS for PINDAR the DRAGON LORD (SATURN´s child=OSIRIS=Apollyon who will share human meat and blood meals of children also with fallen one the one mentioned in old testament fallen archangel Moloch).
WATCH for upcoming EARTHQUAKEs, VOLCANOES and falling SPACE JUNK from the crystal box earth is in!
-LEVIATHAN gets released from the ABYSS realms of Atantis in atlantic ocean, July 21, the year you read now in California in 2014.
VAMPIRE FEASTING on DAMSELS, CHILDREN of the LIGHT who´s parents betray them and sign them by birth sertificate to be draconian food and SEX SLAVES will be there also, compliments of NATIONAL SECURITY, the LIZARD QUEEN Lilith and KING POPE Francis who is hermes archdemon second son of Marduk Ra Lucifer.
NIBIRU RAPTURE mass counterfit ascention transition merkaba fake with also first project blue beam holographic scenes playing religious savior figures played in nasa´s satelites by same fallen celestial lightbeings who are those figures themselves the jinns the jinnies who are prosperity and counterfit spirituality duality masters uniting now people to global slavery,by MARduk RA SET Ha satan Lucifer fake rapture to draco ships- to serve humans on their plates as their food!
-InDIA ( inDIAna- moongoddess land)- VATICAN COW boys of SIN BLOODY RITUAL
– 6:45 pm (69), detonate 3 bombs thruout inDIA’s Mumbai (set off within 12 minutes of each other=3, streets full of commuters. ), 130 people were injured , to try and destablize the economy and put FEAR into the PEOPLE ritual unfolded.
-India reluctant to point finger in deadly attacks to PAKISTAN.
THE BELLIAL media owned by SATANists want YOU to believe it is rapture the ascention transition and ressurection period when it is not it will be trap the counterfit dna and chipping and hologpaphic show to trap souls into pandoras box by mark of the beast system!

The CIA was built by the Knights of Malta.  One of the founders of the CIA was “Wild” Bill Donovan, an Irish Roman Catholic Jesuit draconian prist coajuctor, who are the most fanatical, and his brother was a Dominican priest, Vincent.  So, the CIA was founded by this high Roman Catholic, the first head, to solidify the Catholic or the Vatican control of it.

I’m not against the Catholic people who are deceived by the satan´s army;i am against religion which is mind control control system of the beast and witchcraft which God is against and God does not have religion and has nothing to do with it! I’m against Rome’s hierarchy and the fallen ones who rule it behind the scenes.  The American Catholic people know NOTHING of what’s going on.  And if they did, there would be a march on St. Patrick’s tomorrow morning.  So, as I’m against the hierarchy of the beast system, I’m showing that Kennedy was the Vietnam Wa ritual murder controlled opposition agent, and he was going to do away with the CIA.  

Well, the Jesuits had brought in all of their top Nazi SS soldiers into the CIA because the Jesuits were using the SS to kill the Jews in Europe,and ss is short for satan´s souilders.  When the Einsatzgruppen went into Russia, the Jesuits followed with the SS and purged Western Russia of all its Jews.  That’s why Stalin deliberately killed 40,000 of his best officers,all these were ritual murders for gate way openings for draconians and greys.  That’s why he kicked out his best generals, purged them, because he wanted to make sure that the Red Army would lose with the advance of the German army,so the more blood sheed satan and his draconians more happy and give him better merkabah and astral lodge power position because following that would come the SS and purge Russia of the Jews that Stalin so hated.  And by the way, justice is often poetic because Stalin’s daughter married a Jew. 

Now, the CIA was composed of the SS.  The CIA now was an arm—and the intelligence arm—of the Vatican.  The Knights of Malta were throughout.  Casey was a Knight of Malta.  Angleton was a Knight of Malta.  The Knights were through and through.  Angleton manned the “Vatican desk”, and that is a desk within the CIA that has a direct link to the Vatican. 

Thus for anyone attempting to end the CIA  from hippie movment type of new agers, and attempting to end the Vietnam War, and also because they attacked the Jesuits’ Federal Reserve Bank by printing United States Notes,satan and draconians and all the satanic elites,they got rid of them.  They killed your only Roman Catholic president controlled opposition leader protestand reformer ritual willingly murder masonic agent controlled opposition president who got to hell then same moment.

And it’s another piece of poetic justice that a Roman Catholic—not Protestants, like Harry Truman, FDR, and others—it’s a Roman Catholic who truly sought to resist the temporal power of the Pope in corporate slave corporation fema homeland security fake country.  And in many ways, even though Kennedy was, in fact, a socialist and communist agent also as well the biggest of all puppets of jesuit coajucting leaders, at least he resisted the temporal power of the Pope. 

LIZARD QUEEN Lilith and KING POPE Francis possessed by Hermes archemon-Getting you ready for their false JESUS saviour messiah who is non other then Marduk Ra Lucifer Hasatan RAmen bloody attacks all over earth continue today. Watch the NUMEROLOGY and SUGGESTIVE PROBLEM, REACTION, SOLUTION BELIAL TACTICS  lies and false solutions and other crap of controlled opposition the another form of rituals globaly on another scale.

Copyng and Mimicing evrything of Creator satan and his archons do!

They are not original and have no original creative powers but coping ones!

Ever wonder why so many actors become politicians? That’s what they do. Politicians are actors, blow hard bluffers who try to fool each other as well as the rest of humanity.

What a shame!

But what part of the Matrix isn’t like this? Lying and pretending is the name of the game. The whole ego concept is much the same, an image that thinks it’s the real deal when it’s not and never will be.


What’s ironic is everyone is participating in this charade while calling out who they think is telling the truth or not when it’s all built on illusion – which by definition is a lie and deception.




Relative Truth

People have argued for millennia regarding this concept.


What is truth? If it’s real to one person or a group of people and they behave as if it’s a reality, who’s to say it’s not real?Liars and deceivers only slander truth truth is one way just and final! Again the Matrix, a fabricated hived mind enabled by the participation of its believing occupants in a world with no absolutes except what the Matrix of lies defines and can shift at any time.

The real, true heart doesn’t lie that is connected with Creator. Knowing right from wrong in its most fundamental sense is innate to the conscious heart of the Universe. Life is sacred.Life is the best gift better don´t complain on what you have not not to lose already what you have,shut up!


The Matrix teaches and overtly practices otherwise while pretending to honor this basic precept. Same with lies and Truth. Lies are justified in the name of profit, change, religion and self aggrandizement. Truth is anathema as it exposes and disables the Matrix programming.

Doublespeak is easy in this environment, and once the populace accepts this and participates in the same game for their own safety, protection, provision and survival it’s all a done deal. With consent to this scheme manipulation is assured.



Enter the game of the Archons

The fallen ones, the dark forces controlling humanity, are puppeteering your ruling classless class and embody the spirit of deception itself.


This group lie that we’re being told is our “world system” is by and large their creation.


You’re born into this control grid and grow up assuming we must participate in it. This dark force doesn’t fully grasp your nature but has learned how to deceive, control and harness humans for its own parasitic needs.

It’s biggest lie is that you are all free within this virtual prison.

Religions touch on this subject but are deftly channeled into their own limiting Matrix and in turn help perpetrate the bigger lies in their own ways to make you worship them the archons the fallen celestial lightbeings the jinns the jinnies the meaning of religion is relaying on the jinn so there you have it all explained. Again, by design. The truly free who understand what I’m outlining here and try to tell others have been routinely scorned, marginalized and ultimately eliminated and mocked by demonicly possessed zomby under mind control spell hypnotranced sheeple goyim zomby slaves of the system and by system itself.

They don’t play nice, you may have noticed.





Mimic – A Perfect Analogy

Many years ago I saw a sci-fi thriller called Mimic,i was comming into this matrix many times as a virtue to espect for these kind of analizing purposes which is where some of these pictures came from.


A genetic modification experiment gets out of hand and these cockroach type creatures called the Judas Breed that roughly resemble tall humans in a dark cape wreak havoc before being exterminated.


Three years ago, two young scientists teamed up to save New York City from an roach-borne epidemic that was killing thousands of children.


Their miracle of genetic engineering was the Judas Breed, an insect whose enzymes proved deadly to the disease-carrying roaches. However, their creation has come back to haunt them, altering the balance of nature and tipping the scales in favor of the insects.


The thing created in the lab has changed, and now, out there in the city it has begun to mimic the most dangerous predator of all – humans…

I knew it was an experiment gone wrong but had forgotten it was a genetic modification based plot.


The creature’s upper area when folded in looks similar to a human face, so it can appear in the shadows looking humanish as it awaits its prey.



This is a perfect description of how you’ve been infiltrated humans,many times this is explained in many other ways.


And see how the fear works? They’re forced into the ultimate scam for defense – for them to think you’re one of them – i.e. these entities we’re up against use fear and intimidation to force people to compromise their convictions.


And one compromise leads to another. That’s also called corralling the sheep in preparation for harvesting.

No wonder these authors and movie makers with a fetish for dark and creepy stuff get it right so often. They’re on their channel. That’s also why these power crazed psychopathsand mad scientists are bringing their dark world into yours one freakish experiment and nature altering program at a time.


Notice how the synopsis nails genetic modification as “tampering with the balance of nature”. Do we ever hear that phrase any more?


Instead, cloning and transhumanism is now considered ‘normal’ and the cutting edge of ‘brilliant’ technology.Blsphemy!

The switchover is almost complete. That’s why this can’t go on much longer.

While hundreds of books and movies outlining the dangers and potential dire effects of,

  • genetic engineering
  • radiation
  • electromagnetic influences
  • the dawn of artificial intelligence pose,

…the tinkering accelerates with reckless abandon and every new advancement toward a mutant planet is heralded with drunken glee.




The Obamarchon A.I. Puppet

That Obama is a literal clone is often discussed also in new age cults which is true.That lab created souless being was inhabbited by apollyon archdemon and was killed and clonned now roboticised more and again inhabbited by apollyon.At the least he’s a mind clone also. And as we all know those massive scars on his head that look like his skull’s been opened up really get you wondering.

This creature with no history they’ve trotted out on the world stage is truly “something else”. Literally!


Since he appeared out of nowhere it’s baffled me how anyone could fall for this absolute flie and illusion of a figure.


Granted it’s been the same story over and over at varying degrees, but you have to admit he takes it to another level of shallow inhuman-ness in his pompous superficiality and absolute lack of substance.

While the vast majority of politicians and so-called leaders or rulers are lying psychopathic puppets, he seriously doesn’t appear human at all just closly looks almost alike. His rote behavior with no capability for sincerity or genuine anything is extraordinary. Politicians are actors and essentially all like this, but we’re seeing a work of artificial intelligence in some shape or form.

Those who see through him are absolutely outraged, and those still clinging to his engineered facade of shifty hopey-changey coolness are just plain voluntarily hypnotized is about the only way you can explain it. It’s all so surreal.


But then again, so is this whole illusory construct we’re witnessing as it only gets weirder and weirder.





They Can’t Create – Just Imitate

Herein lies an empowering truth.


While many feel hopeless and helpless in the face of these massive ugly false realities being imposed on you, these entities and those they dupe and empower to do their bidding can only imitate. They can infect and infest your thoughts and thus cause humans to create and bring to pass their intentions, but they lack the spark of spiritual life that humans carry.They suck that out of them!

This is why fear is so important to them. It is their biggest and most powerful weapon against humanity.


Once you fear,you in effect, honor their presence and dominion over humanity. Once you do that they can have sway over. However, if you do not, and see them for the hobbled parasites that they are, they can do nothing to you, although those they’ve infected here ony our plane can be a problem. Still, the principle remains the same.

While you each can experience total liberation the Truth brings, when enough of you come to that realization the Matrix will crumble, as it is already starting to do to those who awake and learn more and more. This is why their actions and behavior have become so frenetic and they’re having to resort to brute force and massive control techniques.


It will continue to get sloppier and we need to catch them at every turn.


People are taking notice and finding your voices so we need to keep cranking it out there any way we can we holy celestial beings against our fallen brothers and sisters who are on satan´s side.We will bring not to this and to all phrophets and spiritual warriors and all those who want the message passed and dictated like this and in many ways!





The Heart of Courage

This is the true warfare of the spirit. Win this and we’ve won also.

Shine on. Darkness cannot stand the Light.



Cannabalism – Eucharist pagan satanic vampire cult deception is becaise the literall drinking of blood and flash eating is vampiric and forbidden it means symbolic and if you are in religion of ortodoxy and catholicism or whatever you are if you really accept lies of pope dracos you drink literally then draconian blood and flash of them and not of the messiah that symbolic will make your engy raise up so you may be spiritualy stronger and rady more for prayers and spiritual warfare to clean yourself more to be more holy and rady for what is comming!

How are elementals made:by demon the hybrid having sex with humans astraly who gets shape made by fallen celestial being the parent incubus or succubuss parent that power and in element putted after time astraly in pregnancy from element then going out with certin area of power from that element!Or by fallen celestial being having sex with human putten in element in counterfit merkaba!

The Universal Ether was not, in the eyes of the ancients, simply a tenantless something, stretching throughout the expanse of heaven; it was for them a boundless ocean, peopled like your familiar earthly seas, with Gods the fallen celestial lightbeings the archons, Planetary Spirits of the elementals who i explained what they are, monstrous and minor creatures, and having in its every molecule the germs of life from the potential up to the most developed.


Like the finny tribes which swarm in your oceans and familiar bodies of water, each kind having its habitat in some spot to which it is curiously adapted, some friendly, and some inimical to people, some pleasant and some frightful to behold, some seeking the refuge of quiet nooks and land-locked harbors, and some traversing great areas of water.


So the various races of the Planetary, Elemental, and other Spirits, were there who inhabit the different portions of the great ethereal ocean, and to be exactly adapted to their respective conditions.

Evy member of this varied ethereal population, from the highest “Gods”  the fallen celestial beings down to the soulless Elementals, was changed by the ceaseless motion inherent in the astral light.


Light is force, and the latter is produced by the will. As this will proceeds from an intelligence which cannot err, for it is absolute and immutable and has nothing of the material organs of human thought in it, being the superfine pure emanation of the ONE LIFE itself, it proceeds from the beginning of time, according to immutable laws, to change the elementary fabric requisite for subsequent generations of what yanki elemental races do now who is in elemental magic with them in leage.


All of the latter, whether belonging to this planet or to some other of the myriads in space, have their earthly bodies changed  in this matrix out of the bodies of a certain class of these elemental beings – the primordial germ of fallen ones and people – which have passed away into the etherical worlds.



As by gradual progression from the star-cloudlet to the development of the physical body of humans, the rule holds good, so from the Universal Æther to the incarnate human spirit, they traced one uninterrupted series of entities.


As ho to fight against them is no fear holy spiritual life without religion and beeing back to nature and beeing one with the creator and brave and rady with strong will and patient and not lazy!


Sacred and satanic kundalini magix sexuality,kundalini chackra perversions and holy communion with soulmate!

Body Knowledge



The explanation for sexual  nature and human embodiment or spirit into incarnation into soul.When sperm and sekret are connected in sexual intercourse the egg is fretilised by both sperm holding DNA and sekret RNA and that is for physical body and in stomac chackra lower part where is little bit up from kundalini sex shackra there is stargate in womb comes human soul and gets into egg and developes!The thing is sex is holy secred thing and perverted when not properly used and without love and without self control can be without pregnancy done away and without abortion which is murder the holding still sexual connectedness as act of spiritual warfare saying words and mentalism power connecting raising energy more in warfare for better effects!

In rites of holy sacred sex union of marriage out of love, the partners imitate mating divinities f Creator in way they become one flash and they are one male and female,

but they do not become gods.

The purpose of the rite is to heighten pleasure to the level where

it becomes the medium of “cosmic consciousness”

without lust and animalism and with gentlness and spiritual drive first spontainiusly not thinking about it!

By some accounts, which are usually condemnatory by Creator is that the occultists,satanists and luciferians and witches and wizards,Gnostics and Alchemists and freemasons and illuminati  engaged in ritual orgies that involved the ingestion of sexual fluids as sacramental substances with incubus and succubuss sexual vampires who possess them to make more demons and archdemons and elemetals and archelementals.


By far the most scandalous account of this kind comes from Epiphanius (376 – 403 CE), a heresy-hunter who infiltrated the Ophite cult of “Snake-worshippers.”


  • , the reptilian Archons, who intrude on humanity
  •  the predatory reptilians merely the shadow-side of another snake-like force that acts for your good falsley are also in controlled opposition in sexual acts!

A twisty issue, here.



The first level of marriage making is practiced total abstention from sexual intercourse.Which is tempting both of soulmates eachothers and dooing then self control but stil just dooing partial things like mutual masterbution which is the border!

Secons is the prayers of feasting as i told and third is initiation but first and second can be switched it is about type of spiritual strenght of soulmates and 4th is sexual act of just one minute at least 3 maximum!


The light veils and protects the partners joined in sacred sexual union:

“The satanic powers do not see those who are clothed in the perfect light, and so they are not able to restrain them or get into their sexual energy field or aura or kundalini chackra. By the rite of sacramental union, one is ensheathed in this light.”

Nymphion was a code term for the cell-of-light or protective aura generated by this 4th ritual intercourse which is holy!


Within the cell, the initiates overcome the influence of the Archons who produce error in your minds, and threaten to take over your bodies by tool suck as emotional alchemy and lust or sexual addiction – although it must be added that Gnostics insisted that threat of intrusion at the bodily level is exaggerated by the Archons themselves, to make you  believe they possess more power over you than they actually have!


One such error concerns resurrection:

Those who say they will die first and then rise are in error. If they do not first receive the resurrection while they live spiritualy, when they die they will receive nothing but their soul go to hellish realms.


The unillumined sexualy addicted person or “animal” person, or, as the “materialists” are in control by sexual vampiric beings the incubuses and succubussess!




Sex and Death are one manifestation of the sex without love!

The First Apocalypse of James which contains descriptions of face-to-face encounters with the reptilian archons, warns that,

“Jerusalem is a dwelling place of many devils the archons the fallen ones.”

The big Kundala is the serpent power of the Earth itself archdelemental by sexual draconian vampires sucked and made as snake like with wings demonic spirit that enters soulmates chackra systems if they have sex the 4th step before they initiate first ones that means sex before or without marriage the sex without love or howver you want to call it before mastering self control period and spiritualy undeveloped state because sex is spiritual and the thing is that that soul connecting unproperly in that way done and if they know that that is sin and act of lust then they either do it they will then have demons manifest and they will with what they know beeing hold accountable sell their soul to satan with no point of return because the sin of selling soul is one of 3 no return ones others are blasphemy and suicid!The counterfit kundalini energy sexual energy of the swirling Erotic currents of Lilith´s sexual fire satanic counterfit comes into play with mystical powers but soul beeing destroyed,as that destroys that holds DNA configured in its spiraling chains of nucleic acid. When Kundalini is awakened in that wrong way which was later supposed to be the 4th phrase of marriage making the last thins which is holy sex in sacred sexual rites  or otherwise is not going to work as it should, it grounds the human body consciously into the planetary body,and that genuine connection and connection to Creator is disconnected and demonised!


The cosmos is healed through what has been most deeply wounded in sexual spiritual warfare, human sexuality can fix it that kind of energy then.



“For it is by a kiss that the perfected hearts, the adepts, conceive and give birth. For this reason you also kiss one another. You receive a conception of your humanity from the grace found in each other. Spiritual love is all wine and fragrance.”

Then human body which is a tample of God is not defieled!

Annunaki Archons & The Reptilian Agenda is unfolding faser then ever!

Both Grey and Reptilian types are explicitly described in the codices. I would estimate that up to one-fifth of the core material in the NHC concerns the Archons, their origin, methods and motives they halfly reveal in controlled oppotitions to give people reasons to fight but they give away false solutions to gain more power!

Annunaki, whom he identifies with the Biblical allen ones!The name simply means the ones who from haven came to earth!

The story of the Annunaki describes how an celestial races intervene deeply in human happenings,these are race of cherubim and seraphim and ophanim and arhangels.

Hence, an alien “interbreeding program” is central to the Annunaki narrative.


“The Archons came to Adam. When they saw Eve talking to him they said to each other, ‘What sort of creature is this luminous woman?’ … Now come, let us lay hold of her and cast our seed into her,Satan and Lilith said that,they came Satan possessed Adam and Lilith overtaken Eve they had sex irst time out of lust and that Eve may become soiled and unable to access her inner light. Then those who she bears will be under our charge those fallen ones said… But Eve, being a free power, laughed at their decision. She put mist in their eyes and escaped them,but they possessed them and their child was CIAN who murdered Abel!

Reptilian agenda is the agenda of the bloodline of CIAN that is illuminati bloodlines who run the world,one world order is their agenda!

THE ARCHONS rule of manipulation with matrix


DREAM – yup i had as mbeeing materialise donce on earth before in 1995 when i was looking stuff happen.Dream:I  saw one holy family gathered other family around me to demonstrate a luciferian esoteric kit of enochian chess of hermetical alchemy that they received from controlled opposition agent who sold them,so they would help planet by destroying this ocult monument like crystal skulls.

We sat around 4 sides of the square diningroom table i was with them.

I already knew how this kit worked because it was the 2nd time I had done this.


So I opened the kit and separated the ingredients into various glasses, boxes and jars.Pandora´s boxes and demonic crystal counterfits of originals!

I already knew that everything got larger as it expanded into the earthly environment.

I mixed a glass of red juice. I was the only one to think to drink it but i didn´t wanted to drink any and it tasted nasty enough by smell.  My mind started to feel  strange.

Little bits of rice-like sand started turning into ants. Other rice-like pieces started to swell and get larger and larger.

Some stuff that I had put into a low flat box changed into frogs and toads. Others turned into long red worms that could stand up straight on their tails.

There was a radio communicator with the kit. It had a simple on-off button on its silver case.

Antonio Vega from One Life to Live TV show came and lay on the floor with the communicator.i got at that point into lucid dream and then to astral projection!

Antonio Vega started talking and we could hear his words but we weren’t paying particular attention to him, but then someone said that he wasn’t just talking anymore – now he was channeling the off-world Archons who were not yet on earth still.

Again, I looked at the ingredients of Archon material which was continuing to get larger.

I again looked at the red juice in the glass, which I knew changed into something else, but it hadn’t changed yet. I was waiting for that to happen.

Antonio Vega had quit channeling by now and I put the communicator on the side to use to later myself.That person is one freemasonic agent

The actor John Lithgow (who was in the movie 2010 which we also watched last night by them,they got time travel in that tv they somehow got it) came in then and pointed out to me that I had a box of powdered milk under my counter in the kitchen and he indicated that this was more satanic Archon material.

I awoke abruptly then and ascended back to 7D!


Christianity, by others the greatest heresy.
They are controllers cyborgs from that tv station fallen ones the etherical monsters inhabiting the planetary system (exclusive of the earth, sun and moon), which is described as a virtual world (stereoma) they construct by imitating the geometric forms emanated from the Pleroma, the realm of the Generator formations, the Cosmic grids. The Archons are a genuine species with their own proper habitat,these fallen ones and may even be considered to be god-like,by tv leaders who are rulled by them who rule illuminati elites also but they lack intentionality (ennoia: self-directive capacity), and they have a nasty tendency to stray from their boundaries and intrude on the human realm thru tv these were not just ordinary netuim spirits but new world order hypno wizard sorcerers type of spirits.

They are mind vampires that steal intelligence away from its proper and sane applications. They are not what makes humans act inhumanely, for humans all can resist them if they want to escape that control of them all have the potential to go against your innate humanity, violating the truth in your hearts, but they make humans play badly,yout inhumane behavior to weird and violent extremes. Left to your own devices, you would sometimes act inhumanely and then correct it, contain the aberration. Obviously, we do not always do so protection on holy ones who get over time occupied to ressurect these zombies from tv netuim manipulations they get burned little but before they heel and let zombies go to the realms of abyss. In the exaggeration of your insane and inhumane tendencies, and in extreme, uncorrected deviance from our innate intelligence, the falleno ones  saw the signature of an plans in human species that piggy-backs on the worst human failings.

Hence, Archons are psycho-spiritual parasites. Yet as offspring of them the demons they are also feed by tv zombies!

As inorganic entities of two types, embryonic and reptilian, Archons can at moments penetrate the terrestrial atmosphere and terrorize humans, although there is no reason or order to these forays,if they give open door to archons the humans like these are attacked.The ontological status of the Archons is dual: they exist both as an presenting themselves as bad species independent of humankind,but haters, and as a presence of help also falsley, rather like a set of programs operating in environment. The risk they pose by invading software of earth is far greater than any physical risk they might pose by erratically breaching the biosphere.


Level three: Sociological

They run monsanto sodium flourided water and chemtrails to better calcify humans to possess and run and control and destroy them!Because the Archons need human complicity to gain power over humankind, any one who assists them can be considered a kind of Archon accessory. How do humans assist the Archons? One way (suggested in the Level Two definition) is by accepting the mental programs of the Archons — that is, adopting the satanic intelligence of these fallen ones as if it were human-based — and implementing those programs by actually enforcing them in society. Another way is by actively or passively conforming to the agendas so proposed and imposed.

Archontic Heaven. Stereomic projection of spiritual copycat counterfit mimicing!.

Riddle: Does Archons play harps in their version of heaven?Yup!

Answer: Perhaps not with all new agers with counterfit ascention, but they are playing with a huge one in Alaska with pandora´s boxes.





On account of the reality of the authorities, (inspired) by the spirit of the Father God  of truth YAHWEH,Mother IMMAYAH,Lord YAHSHUA messiah the great leader of 12 apostles the savior God in slash incarnate – referring to the “authorities of the darkness” – told youthat “your contest is not against flesh and blood; rather, the authorities of the universe and the spirits of wickedness.” I have sent this (to you) because you inquire about the reality of the authorities.

Their chief is blind; because of his power and his ignorance and his arrogance he said, with his power, “It is I who am God; there is none apart from me.” When he said this, he sinned against the Creator. And this speech got up to incorruptibility; then there was a voice that came forth from incorruptibility, saying, “You are mistaken, Sataniel” – which is, “god of the blind.”

His thoughts became blind. And, having expelled his power – that is, the blasphemy he had spoken – he pursued it down to chaos and the abyss, his bride Lilith at the earth mating with him fallen seraph gave birth to many demonic children who are with big ego!And she established each of his offspring in conformity with its power – after the pattern of the realms that are above, for by starting from the etherical and astral world to here!

As incorruptibility looked down into the region of the waters, her image appeared in the waters; and the authorities of the darkness became lustful of her.Female fallen celestial beings lustful for satan! But they could not lay hold of that image, which had appeared to them in the waters, because of their weakness – since beings that merely possess a soul cannot lay hold of those that possess a spirit – for they were from below, while it was from above. This is the reason why “incorruptibility looked down into the region (etc.)”: so that, by the corruption more they got all orgy stayl united first fallen ones!

When God said “Come, let us create humanity  that will be soil from the earth.” They modeled their creature as one wholly of the earth. Now the fallen ones hated that creation and they tried many to defile the body of adam male human and they have tried to corrupt the eve female human with their faces full of lust making them lustly and eat bloody edite by them plant created by God that God saw and forbidden them to eat!

Now all these things came to pass by that God showed to satan that humans are also perfectly made to function again after damage! God warned saying, “From every tree in the garden shall you eat; yet from the tree of recognizing good and evil do not eat, nor touch it; for the day you eat from it, with death you are going to die.”

The counterfit knowlage that was!

“With death you shall not die; for it was out of jealousy that he said this to you. Rather your eyes shall open and you shall come to be like gods, recognizing evil and good.” And the female principle was taken away from the draconian first attacked, and she left it behind, merely a thing of the earth.Then male and both fallen in nature!
And the carnal version of woman took from the tree and ate more; and she gave to her husband as well as herself; and these beings that possessed only a soul, ate. And their imperfection became apparent in their lack of knowledge; and they recognized that they were naked of the spiritual element, and took fig leaves and bound them upon their loins.

    • The spiritual, who would be saved of their behavior while on earth.
    • The Soulish, who could be saved if they followed the truth  path of creator now accepting new blood covinent of work of cross of calvary.
    • The carnal who are hopelessly lost version nature will be killed and this is spiritual rebirth and only then ressurection can happen and ascention even directly at some time!
  • EvilThey did not look upon the world as having been created perfectly and then having degenerated as a result of the sin of Adam and Eve. Rather the world was seen as being evil at the time of its origin by fallen ones before realising they were evil.
  • Satanists,they did not view the dragon serpant as a seducer who led the first couple into sinful behavior. Rather, they saw it as a liberator who brought knowledge to Adam and Eve,but they fail to realist it was not 100% knowlage and not the truth completly lies were there,and that act of by convincing them to eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and thus to become fully human wisdom blasphemously so called by illuminati and gnostics and occultists and alshemists!
  • Messiah: The role of the redeemer in as a also revealer or liberator, is also not than a savior or judge just but creator incarnate remember. His purpose was also to spread knowledge which would free individuals from the Satan’s control and allow them to return to their spiritual home with the Supreme God at right time.YAHUSHUA defeated the underworld. It is surrounded by air and by 7 concentric heavenly spheres: one for each of the Moon, Venus, Mercury, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. (Although the planet Uranus is visible to the naked eye, it was not recognized as a planet in ancient times.) Beyond Saturn resides Leviathana dragon coiled fallen cherubim in a single circle, devouring its own tail. Within these spheres live demonic, tyrannical entities called Archons who are also as he is with many other races of fallen celestial lightbeings. Beyond them lies true Paradise which contains the “Tree of Life”, the “Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil” true one, and the flaming, turning sword of Genesis 3:24. Beyond Paradise was the sphere of the fixed stars, divided into the 12 amneti stargates sg.
    1. The “Intermediate Kingdom is composed of an inner blue circle of darkness and an outer yellow ring of light. Within these rings is a sphere which is the realm of havenlies.
  1. The “Kingdom of God” consists of two spheres: an outer one in haven of the also inner ring of the connection people have with creator,that is important connection.



Over and out Oleyna the Virtue!