I am Holy Virtue Olein comming in the name of YAHUSHUA and i am here to talk aboutbout the age of aquarius what you need to know!

God wants you to know that

big decisions need time and space.

To make a big decision, give yourself time and space away from the mundane so that the sacred holy communion can emerge.

Bible verses:

„Proverbs 1:7


The fear of God is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction. „




„Proverbs 8:13


The fear of God is hatred of evil. Pride and arrogance and the way of evil and perverted speech I hate.“




„Matthew 10:28


And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell.“




„Ecclesiastes 12:13


The end of the matter; all has been heard. Fear God and keep God´s commandments, for this is the whole duty of humans.“


„Proverbs 14:26


In the fear of God one has strong confidence,and God´ children will have a refuge.“




„Psalm 33:8


Let all the earth fear God; let all the inhabitants of the world stand in awe of Ggodś  glory!“




„Job 28:28


And he said to man, ‘Behold, the fear of God, that is wisdom, and to turn away from evil is understanding.’”“




„Proverbs 14:27

The fear of God is a fountain of life, that one may turn away from the snares of death.“




„Deuteronomy 10:12

“And now, Israel, what God require of you, but to fear the your God, to walk in all God´s ways, to love God, to serve God with all your heart and with all your soul!“

Wisdom quotes:

„You must demolish my bridges behind  yourself,then there is no choice but to move forward!“

“When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this – you haven’t,it is satan who wants to make people think they have.”

“The wise are not wise because they make no mistakes. They are wise because they correct their mistakes as soon as they recognize them.”

“Healing is more about accepting the pain and finding a way to peacefully co-exist with it. In the sea of life, pain is a tide that will ebb and weave, continually.We need to learn how to let it wash over us, without drowning in it. Our life doesn’t have to end where the pain begins, but rather, it is where we start to mend.”

“Frustration is the result of failed expectations,to prevent it,expect not too much,but be rady unexpecdedly for both good and evil,and remember that polarity is not duality but balance,and balance is important and that is to expect unexpectedly,and that is polarity and when you have polarity you have balance and you are against duality and living in tru reality.”

“We can only be enlightened to the meaning of wise words

only and only if life have put and made us requiring them.”

“If you don learn from others then others will learn from you.”

“Don’t think or judge, just listen first till you do it,till then when you are microwawe lightning train baby you will cry till you learn to that nonsance to say bye bye that you must take your plae back again that high to be and you make time die without cause and work over time and you must be slow not to slow down,that is like if you want to defeat the enemy you must make enemy deceived you are peaceful and then when enemy expects not you strike.”

“To those who are given much, much is expected.”


These are main things after that you must know that only the day the enemy steps the magical pandora´s box full power you must be prepared with all knowlage and wisdom as part of your spiritual wepons in arsenal that must be rady!

There will be a natural spiritual selection. When you all  enter fully, most individuals will receive the full effects. Great enlightment of consciousness will occur. And conversely great new ideas. A period of spiritual  awakening. The stellar activity will help you to see who you are. It will remove some of the barriers around cells and DNA making them more reactive or responsive to new energies.A consciousness, which has a ‘personality’ for change and action.People will feel the need to transform,the holy ones only also new agers before that because satan counterfits evrything.Evry holy person will be accelerated into a higher state of consciousness.

As these advancements happen there will be more strategies of satan to bring the good ones down be carefull. Where there is too much to handle it will cause illness, depressions, disease and death to those who awakened in the last moment.




The transformation of people, will be by the stellar alignments and the light transformation and purificationThe event is supposed to be the true nature of the ascension the  rapture and ressurection the transition, well known in the prophecies of the bible.

A brief, brief summary of some big, big events. More to come..


1. The Original new world agenda has started just now and the tribulation



2. The Lyrian Wars that happened were there to make many other wars of celestial beings near and that was to brake hybridisation to the fullest!



3. Struggle for Planet Earth

This planet is seeded by the reptilians. Resource or gold wars breakout between various humanoid and reptilian civilizations for resources and for souls.


4. Dinosaurs are Extinct

Not all….. the fallen ones create these same beasts again!


5. Maldek is destroyed

The planet Maldek is destroyed and the remains form the asteroid belt.


6 It is spiritual awakening time now get enlightened that will help you more,God wants you educated!



7. Lucifer enters

Garden of Eden wasn’t moving fast enough so Yahweh,ImmaYah,Yahshua invites Adam and Eve to new place Eden,they can walk to that 5th dimensional plane to 8th from 3rd,and later Lucifer came for dinner,and get them by dissobidience to lose that ability and other holy celestial lightbeings guarded the Eden world. They have an argument. Lucifer asks Eve, “What do you want?”


8. Garden of Eden or Lemuria sinks

Many different genetic experiments underway in Hawaii thanks to…


9. Atlantis sinks in the Bermuda Triangle when global flood was



10. Fleeing Atlantians colonize most of the World

Pyramids with crystals are popular.



11. Death rituals globaly on halloween were done in 2011

Annunaki cooperate with the Galactic Federation.


12. Return of the Galactic Federation and all other groups of fallen celestial lightbeings the archons the jinns happened in – 2012

Somebody jacks up the synchronicity meter. Be careful what you wish for.Do not wish at all because wishing is witchcraft and there are draconian wish masters waiting for you to wish to dewour your soul!



Manifestations of Three of creation:

Continuing on…
Now, Newton’s Tablets are said to be constructed of crystal, a substance known to carry light energies, which contains not only the information on the practice of alchemy, but also the secrets of the universe,but counterfited.
Supposedly contained on these tablets,o there are original also left by archangels that leaft info that i get to reveal to many in their sleep astraly in lucid dreams and dreams and astral projection,and the thing is that more the people learn and gain knowlage and souls get saved,satan and his demonic powers and satanic powers of illuminati are weeker!And there are the ancient wisdom of transformation informations,with it the secrets of the cosmos. There remains mysteries surrounding the Great Pyramids of Giza as they were said to contain the tablets thousands of years ago,and these are old ones these are old from the beginning of time there are informations left by seraphim and cherubim holy celestial lightbeings ordered by God most high to leave the info because demonic fallen ones wants no info so bible is also left there,and the thing is that they use against demonic spirits the original crystals the holy celestial lightbeings and against demonic fallen ones they fight and get true lightcodes from sun to slay the fallen demonic ones,they bust them completly.


Three is the great mystery,who is going to be soon here and where that comes from “The Great One”-YAHUSHUA the messiah,listen to your heart from God info that comes and be patient where to go,YAHUVEH FATHER,IMMAYAH MOTHER,LORD YAHUSHUA will give you protection,don´t go to hidding places yet there is counterfits now and do not get info panic satan will gain power against you,remember satan has no powers against you unless you give him. This is a mysterious quote from the tablets that gives away this just what i said but it is also in the bible written:. Three is the great power of the universe, the power which if two substances were added another, something ‘magical’ would come from this. Would two of these be indigenous of Earth, while the third would be something additional? Would or could this possibly be a crystal or something more?All these God made for use not evry being knows why but will one day,patience and intuitive spiritual discerment are important and respect toward creator!
And a being possessing this knowledge would become a MASTERED BEING of life.This must be for the holy bengs only! This strikes a bell! Would this be likened to the self mastery and first of the knowlage of self the astro consciousness before the consciousness of wisdom ?Yes is the answer! A supernatural being who could do anything at will!So 144000 saints will unlock their 10 astrometaphysical and metaphysical powers Adam and Eve had before the fall!Astral celestial lightbeings have 360000 of  astrometaphysical and metaphysical powers and over 80000 celestial powers,so they yet are not and never will be like God nor 144000 saints,it is all that power that is by God given,even satan,he has how much God gave him,nobody no creation can be more powerfull then creator,it is not about power but about love and balance there is power,but knowlage is power and information is wepon also,and beeing on side of God is true and the biggest power then having true original knowlage,power,wisdom and intuition and light and information and protection and evrything original and the best!
Does this remind you of the  of Transhumanism who wants to play gods ye shall be as gods from garden of eden,you are gods in new age movment,then counterfit merkaba activaton with the counterfit lightcodes and counterfit ascention/rapture/transition/ressurection,and the what like satan counterfits?Yes exactly!
Were early alchemists like Newton, seeking satan´s counterfit kaballistic Knowledge’?Yes!I the virtue Olein speaking on people asking me who is GOD? Also speaking on people who claiming to be GODS but can’t create nothing no planets and stars and being and stuf and nothing on the planet & still talking about the past and somebody holding them down. OH!

These are basterds under God´s  wrath!

They will perish,to be God o enter new age movement and do this and that and buy this and that,bull crap,bullcrap alert!!!!!

Yes i ordered this many ! symbols to show how they are evil and dumb!

Here is some wisdom that must hit the wise ones to become wiser let Almighty deal with those who falsley claim to be creators but can´t  create a single tree to grow out of nothing,now that is creator,but you will never be one not single being there is only one creator and always will be,and these who claim to be creators are demons and fallen celestial lightbeings the archons and jinns!

Here is goes for you humans only,for fallen celestial lightbeings who want to mock,go someware else and kick rocks if you have host bodies of humans o go away in the name of YAHUSHUA I COMMAND YOU:

“If you dwell in truth of the spirit of God and our Soul controlled by creator in right original way,you are living in happiness, for Soul is a happy then only and when it is in nature. It is seldom anything else. When the mind presses in on it too strongly, however, it withdraws and leaves the body under the tyranny of mind.”

“You recognise that Soul is eternal; It has no beginning or ending,because it is energy and energy can not be destroyed. Therefore, when a person leaves his or her physical body, he or she continues to go from one place to another, usually on a higher plane of consciousness if they choose the enlightement path of the creator only,if not they get into pondemonium where demons and devils are at and get tormented if they tormented innocent and were not right with themselves and others and the creator in the first place.”

“Each of you is here to discover our true Self
that essentially we are spiritual beings
who have taken manifestation in physical form
that you‘re not human beings that have occasional spiritual experiences
that you’re spiritual beings that have occasional human experiences.”


“As you sincerely go for deeper levels of love, the results you’ll have in well-being and increased quality of life will motivate you, leading you to a wider dimensional awareness. The results are so rewarding you can easily develop a passion for self-management.”


“Blessed are those who can laugh at themselves, for they shall never cease to be amused.” 

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.”  

“Wisdom tends to grow in proportion to one’s awareness of one’s ignorance.” 


“You are here to enable the divine purpose of the universe to unfold. That is how important you are!”  

“Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead. The consciousness of loving and being loved brings a warmth and richness to life that nothing else can bring.”
 Oscar Wilde 

“Hell is a place,an anotgher universe and also  a time, a consciousness, in which there is no love.”

So you see demons and devils if you had attacks see that you have a divine purpose and mission that only you can and will fulfill!


Hermes archdemon is an Olympian god, son of Zeus-Satan and the Pleiad Maia-Lilith. The Pleiades were the seven fallen female archangels are the astral sea-nymphs commanded by princess fallen female archangel Pleione. After Atlasel fallen female seraphim was forced to carry the blasts of sea storms, Orion elites of the fallen ones began to pursue all of the Pleiades elites of semyaza, and Satan transformed them first into not any more warriors but the workers of cleaning the ruins of ancient civilisations they builded, and then into the stars to comfort their new astral homes. The constellation of Orion is said to still pursue them across the night sky.As there is crystal box in what box is earth and mars and venus put the fallen celestial lightbeings who are trapped here all of them are but holy ones thru gate 9-9 that holy archangel michael guards is now fuller more of holy ones giving info to phrophets and they do more wars here before hell unfolds!


“Hermes Trismegistus” or “Hermes the Thrice Greatest.” If we follow the strict genealogical order in the Egyptian texts, we find that Hermes is the son of devil and.Hermes had a son himself, Tat, which as mundane as it sounds, could very well be the triple progression of descendancy. Reinforcement of the Fallen archangel Metatron is the ruller with Akhenaten as the somalian King.


Apollo…Greek-Apollyon = Abaddon! An archdemon called Abaddon is shown as the king of an army of LOCUSTS! His name first transcribed in Greek (Revelation 9:11-whose name in Hebrew Abaddon, the (Ἀβαδδὼν)), and then translated (“which in Greek means the Destroyer” (Ἀπολλύων, Apollyon)).

The Latin Vulgate, as well as the Douay Rheims Bible, has an additional note (not present in the Greek text), “in Latin Exterminans”, exterminans being the Latin word for “destroyer”.
According to the Brown Driver Briggs lexicon, the Hebrew abaddon (Hebrew: אבדון; avadon) is an intensive form of the Semitic root and verb stem abad (אָבַד) “perish” (transitive “destroy”), which occurs 184 times in the Hebrew Bible, The Septuagint, an early Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible, renders “abaddon” as “ἀπώλεια,” while the Greek Apollyon comes from ‘apollumi (ἀπόλλυμι) “to destroy.”

In Revelation 9:11, Abaddon is described as “The Destroyer”, the archdemon of the pondemonium realms of abyss, and as the king of a plague of locusts resembling horses with crowned human faces, women’s hair, lions’ teeth, wings, iron breast-plates, and a tail with a scorpion’s stinger that torments for five months anyone who does not have the seal of God on their foreheads.Evryone who is calcified and not connected to God creator with their pineal glands and who are repobrate and sold out to satan and with mark of the beast!

Hermes Trismegistus was thus a central figure in the magical, occult and alchemical works archdemon to be invoked of the Middle Ages. He is the master of secret symbols and codes, of secrecy in general. He is mercurial and elusive, mysterious and clandestine to those seekers of the sacred gnosis.
He was also known as the psychopompos-the conductor of souls-whose task is to lead the shades of the dead through the underworld. He is depicted as wearing winged-sandals and a broad-brimmed traveler’s hat. He carries a herald’s staff intertwined with serpents of wisdom. His Roman name is Mercury.He is now in body of pope francis!

Solomon was often said to be the real, human Hermes Trismegistus, and the same was said of Pythagoras.

The term ‘hermetically sealed’, meaning that something has been sealed airtight, is metaphorically derived from the impenetrable secrecy of Hermeticism,hermeticism is technology and astral workings and magic working together and also the idea that Hermeticists could magically seal things in ways unimaginable to conventional science,this is true this is astrometaphysical and metaphysical and astral etherical science but by the ways of demonic occult satanic powers of darkness. Hermes himself was said to have invented a seal that kept the contents of vessels airtight, a vital quality in alchemy given its preoccupation with precicly true gemometrical codings.


As the Greeks, and Romans moved into Egypt, the three correlate the knowledge.

Hermes was heard to have descended from the skies,and fallen archangel metatron as he created the mask and new name  Thoth, is the same geometrical being but direct creation of God rebel against God,but this one was working the same things also. And the combination of their mystical workings turn out to be along the same, hermetic madness!

Three Jewels
Also called the Three Treasures, Three Refuges, Precious Triad, or mostly commonly, the Triple Gem are the three things Buddhists take refuge in, and look toward for guidance. It reflects the true qualities of the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha. Thus, the three purities in Taoism.

Power of Three
Everyone from Plato to Aristotle have referenced the number 3. Freud talked about the id, ego, and super-ego while Sternberg has taught the three components of love revolve around the trio: passion, intimacy, and commitment.

Located in the center of Paris in the Place de la Concorde. The Maritime Fountain, with figures such as triton the spiritual center of fallen cherubim demonic dragon leviathan who controls the nereids  and nymphs, sirens, spirits of the sea.

The Freemasons are known for their secrecy, and designing structures with their symbolism within has been an ongoing theme for hundreds of years! But aside from Freemasonic stuff, why would this shape take place in ancient history for thousands of years? From the Mayans, to China, to Pakistan, and Rome, we have this architectural structure and it don’t seem to narrow it’s field as far as religion goes either!And demonics want it,the answer is it must go to be part of grate demonic satanic structure of counterfiting evrything of true creation so satan trumendesly too much working to seal this hidden for some time and later given little bit more to the new agers so now to make a what is called in the bible strong delusion by counterfiting to make himself look like God.
Could it be the Triptych symbolizes a common idea, a universal wisdom…a secret wisdom? Turns out this design also contains the All-Seeing Eye as well.Yup,the eye that is on the pyramid is demonic third eye pineal gland of lucifer controlling and manipulating and calcifaying pineal glands of humanity and giving to illuminati counterfit short version of the 360 degrees of enlightement knowlage and they are not enlightened at all because they have only part of it and counterfit!
By following a careful set instructions-encoded within the bible and going back to nature and living holy spiritualy and healthy to be wealthy and to rise up to wise up with wisdom and knowlage more to save souls one can open the pineal gland and awaken your third eye the pineal gland the spiritual sence which is divine connection to creator!Some fallen ones try to counterfit that this has and is still happening with alchemists, occultists, philosophers, spiritualists, and it is achieved by an enlightenment, a spiritual illumination,they say but it is counterfit they o letś  open third eye not realising in ways they do they get it all messed up and demonised and fallen ones got their third eye with theirs and having abilities that even humans don´t  have and they think o i am god now or whatever bulljunk like that!

Pythagorean Triples
Pythagoras, who by tradition is a Greek mathematician credited with the Pythagorean theorem. There is evidence that megalithic monuments in Northern Europe reveal such triples were known before the discovery of writing! Triangles being the mainstay here, of course.
The Avebury, and Stonehenge possess triangles which are constructed within them!

Mysterious Artifacts
In Cambridge University, we have the research papers of Sir Isaac Newton the kabbalistic prist of jesuit order of vatican who introduced us to the basis of modern physics
1st Law: Inertia
2nd Law: F=MA
3rd Law: Equal & Opposites

But, what we need to remember about Newton is that he was totally into Alchemy! And very much a mystic too!
Alchemy was the ancient hope of magic and chemists. The original idea was if they could find break down elements and find something precious within it. Bringing two elements together to produce a third. Thusly, giving us the ‘Elixir of Life’. The ‘magic’ of immortality in a bottle.
Written within Newton’s journals are subjects such as philosophy, mathematics, and astrology, and a very cryptic translation in an ancient document which has fascinated alchemists for centuries called, “Emerald Tablet”.

Now, some of you have probably never heard of this, while other may have but this is a very important document to the esoteric society. It pretty much contains their mission, their laws and statement of origin. I came across this item some years ago while studying the Ascended Masters because this is their eminent source of power for the people of earth.

With what you see now info that you read is beginning of your journey to enlightenment. But, if you can discern from this material nammed EMERALD TABLET  its source is not what it projects. It seems benevolent but it’s the exact opposite. Don’t be fooled by the emerald tablet.
Emerald is the color of Lucifer, it is the jewel by which Lucifer is known of in the Heavens.
The Grail was a stone that fell from Heaven called lapsit exillis, and had been the abode of the Neutral Angels who took neither side during Lucifer’s rebellion.These later fell after semyaza and his crew.The stone was  green, but of no one specific material. In an obscure account,Lucifer was the one who had the emerald and set it in a crown. The crown was destroyed when Lucifer fell to Earth from Heaven. Apparently, the stone had survived. It, being the source of Lucifer’s power over Alchemy,that split into two parts. This would actually make sense considering the fascination with alchemy here on earth.His satan side and his lucifer side which is lighter and satan darker and the thing is lucfrage rofacale sataniel is the name of that being but the names you call him you look at certin side of that being! At first, Lucifer pursued the two fragments of the emerald, but gave up. Then, human beings found them and made them into a tablet and another object which eventually became a cup.
The emerald chalice at Genoa was obtained during the Crusades at Caesarea Maritima, and thought to be the Holy Grail. But an accident on the road, while it was being returned from Paris after the fall of Napoleon, revealed that the emerald was green glass. The broken chalice was later found by Nazis during their occupation of Paris, but the chalice were said to have been destroyed during bombings and explosions.
Some believe this is the ‘cup’ from which held the blood of YAHUSHUA,I seriously say this was not.

Moses had made a new set of Ten Commandments for a similar purpose.Because the originals broke. If the Emerald Tablet is Lucifer’s own “Commandments” in satanism and luciferianism, you can bet it suffered a similar fate to Moses’ Tablets.It did!It is likely that this is one excuse why the Church had put so many peoeple who knew this truth because satan hates the truth and he controls the curch and the thing is they accused the holy people that they were witches and wizards and occultists and satanists and sects and cults members and Alchemists  and whatever and were many as they coud to put to death during the Inquisition and accused them of doing “the Devil’s work”.The ones who knew and used the bible and the original one,these are the people who they killed and not the real satanic witches!If they knew the history of the “Philosopher’s Stone”, a.k.a. the Emerald Tablet, it would have, to them, confirmed their worst fears about Alchemy being a “Magic of the Devil”, even though we know Alchemy is just chemistry combined with esoteric philosophy,it is counterfit stuff and it is witchcraft.


-Goat=Servant of Satan
-Concentration Camp
-Barcode = 666
-RFID=Mark of Beast
-Dazed? World Asleep/Hypnotized
-11 blocks by goat = Gateway
-Roman Numeral 2 = DEMON Marks!

-Reptilian Hand=Satan
-S= Serpent, $/money collapse the ring on wedding finger-evil puppet master is married to the global banking system-Lilith the religious leader and the political leader Satan are now together connecting evrything to one worlder system!
-Bleeding upside-down heart=symbol of antichrist
-I’pet goat II=9/11
-Blood = Sacrifices of the Dead in Rituals
-Strings = Puppeteer
-Bush & Obama are puppets and They do their ‘song & dance’!

-the REAL book bush was reading when the Twin Towers were struck, “My Pet Goat”
-Bush has a reptilian membrane over his eye with a black tongue
-Obama’s Cheek has crescent and moon he’s Muslim lab created souless demon wizard magican possessed by apollyon archdemon still!
-Bush dancing on a 5-pointed Star  the spotlight=pentagram Baphomet is running the show
-Checkered Floor = Masonic Portal
-Human heart-contrasting Antichrist has no heart and soul-it is archdemon the demonic spirit the satanic infultrator and dictator!
-Bush head does a 180  the 9 degree turn
-He’s looking at a burning house Mortgage Crisis

-Bankers are the sharks
-Penis with sperm = gay symbolism
-Evolution of mind =counterfit Enlightenment the satanic demonic possession

-Lucifer Rising Sign
-Owl = Illuminati &Freemasons
-Star of David in snowflake is fake tetrahidragon star of merkaba the counterfiting

-12 on clock = government
-12 on clock = doomsday
-Teacher looks back at her handler
-3 hearts = Baphomet controlling her mind, body and soul and spirit
-F=-F is 66, 3 X 22 = 66 -322 Skull & Bones and Baphomet are same sign and symbol
-F 6th in alphabet, 6 in Brail, and F again = 666
-Dragon licking up brains = ritual sacrifices
-Satanic Hand Symbol

-Teacher in purple shirt = Aquarius
-Baphomet control Education
-Hanging man = destruction of mankind
-Bush does a 360 = 9
-morphs into Obama = enlightened moor
-Map has four tacks = Okla, La, Conn, Gulf all false flag events
-Green symbol on blackboard = Saturn- Green is Lucifer and Venus is Lucifer (F)
-Laughing? Sandy Hook? Saturnalia event

-Apple = EVE= Evolve to godhood
-Girl is under mind control
-Rabbit in background = Alice in Wonderland
-13 bodies (kids?) as if they are not on a place, 6+7=13-bloodlines of cian-the parasitic demonic bloodlines the demons
-Girl is satanic slave
-Picture shown twice, 13+13=26 26 dead and that is the number of doubbel death and rebirth and the 13 is the death and rebirth the rebirth!
-Room is dark, out of dark come the light
-Exit = X it, X = resurrection

-Apple signifies woman’s seed
-Worms out of the apple=fallen male angels the incubus mating with human women and fallen female angels succubuss mating with man!
-Red Theme ties apple to stag on wall. Apple + Stag =male child exiting womb
-White pain on floor is “C”=see what we can do
-Obama’s boot has a coin under the tip-he controls all money
-White dress =clothed with the sun (Revelation 12:2)
-Yellow Ring=Moon under her feet
-Barbwire over children=Monarch controlled children
-Black and White signifies good and evil
-Lotus = rebirth

-Apple rolled over ‘black L’ (Lucifer), opens within the ‘C’ (Christ) the esoteric interpretation is they are one
-L is measured a 33 degrees, and C is often represented as light or speed of light
-Girl let apple go to Obama = handling of Sandy Hook (He sweats after this scene)
-A Masonic secret
-Lightning Bolt=Spirit (Jewish Mysticism kaballah, Aleister Crowley)
-Satan (lightning bolt) will use Obama to persecute spiritual warriors


-3 clocks one (class) two (outside class) three (on Big Ben) = false trinity/-religions-religion is relaying on the jinn the jinnie the wizard draconian wish master the fallen celestial lightbeing served as god in religions all of them-satan!
-Writing on the wall=Chaos
-Flag tears in half=no Constitution as America falls
-Batman=storm is coming
-Towers = 9/11

-Man falls from ledge (people jumping from burning buildings)
-Osama Bin Laden=CIA Operative
-Red Crescent=Sharia Law
-Blood Red Moon=Sixth seal? (Rev 6:12) Seal of Terror!
-Flame symbol on His beard?
-Lightning highlighting oil rig, then oil drips in water (Gulf Disaster)
-Statue of Liberty with Star of David (Israel controls USA)
-Statue of Liberty = USA Collapsing
-Baby=bloodline of SATAN!

-All Seeing Eye=third eye pineal gland of Satan
-Anubis has one eye=Illuminati
-Anubis is another form of  Satan
-‘Jesus’yeezus (Ra, Anubis) with third eye/pyramid (Ascended Masters)-fallen celestial lightbeings the archons the jinns
-Jesus is ‘enlightened’,you must know it is not YAHUSHUA is!
-Serpent watching over mankind
-Mankind mind-controlled
-Mankind drugged with Pharmacy=Sorcery-mind controll spell-witcchraft
-Mankind duped by Obamacare!Sorcery!

-at 11:30 resembles a TV-controlled media-tv-telivision-telling lies to your vision tv networks controlled by netuim demonic spirits!
-Forced Inoculation!
-Eyes=Stock-market Crash!
-War with Iran-satanic sacrafices
-Nuclear Explosion False Flag operation satanic ritual and energy summoning!
-Volcanoes exploding Weather Manipulation-pondemonium openings
-Beetle/Scarabs = death and resurrection
-Child laying on a woman dressed in black, is the Isis, Horus idol…who turns into a Sun god after he resurrects,apollyon archdemon the horus with isis the lilith his mother have sex!

-Man with skull & bones symbol on man, also a upside-down cross on chest
-Woman with reds eyes has ribbon on belly he unties, then her robotic eyes go ‘dark’
-Scene symbolizes population control eugenics agenda 21 along with genetic manipulation
-5 tanks represent the 5 AGES of the Illuminati and pentagram and 5 elements of earth,fire,water,air,ether/-energy-/spirit
-1st tank has green light active and others red meaning inactive stages
-Aquarian Utopia for the Ascended Masters and for the NWO=Age of Evil
-white flag symbols mankind has surrendered
-Fire & Water symbolizing the birth of a new race and destruction of mankind

-‘Sleeping Jesus’ is a metaphor for he was, is and will be…this is Sananda, Ascended Master-he is not and shall be that is verse from bible for destroyer that is the ritual
-‘Jesus’ is struck by lightning=Antichrist being given his power in earth-that name is another name of anti messiah the antichrist!
-Cave looks like a throat=false reality shoved down mankind throat
-Also could mean Antichrist out of womb, which has the appearance of a throat
-Dancer is Hindu=New Age religion
-Demon in fire in background hiding in plain sight
-Headless body=people are asleep!Unaware/brain dead-demon possessed-zomby invasion

-Penis-shaped Obelisk -Phallic Worship-gay cult of vatican and washington!freemasonery-freeing themselves from momma!Gays!female abusers and rapers!
-Fish in boat metaphor for Ascended Masters feeding enlightenment to the world-the ascended masters are satanic rebelious fallen celestial lightbeings the archons the jinns the devils in metalic synthetic merkaba the spaceships the spacecraft or how ever you want to call it aircraft!
-Bleeding Vagina and sekret and sperm the spermatosoid DNA connecting with sekret RNA is the sign of a new cycle of life
-Also cold be for the Roman Catholic Church who whores herself out in vagina masrebtution come out of her biblical verse is come out of Lilith and her vagina the cave of Vatican the mystery babylon of revelation 17 in the bible the curch come out of her doctrines of devils and spiritual enslavement vagina cave!
-Clones being controlled by Ascended Masters-the rebelious against their and of evrything Creator YAHUVEH,IMMAYAH,YAHUSHUA,THE ONES WHO ARE UNDER SATAN THE FALLEN CELESTIAL LIGHTBEINGS THE ARCHONS THE JINNS!
-These many ‘robots’ also look reptilian!
-or Wall Street Collapses and Antichrist installs the new banking system with the Mark of the Beast
-Antichrist rises

-Serpent bloodline thrives separate from mankind the 13 illuminati bloodlines of satan the bloodlines of cian the reptilian hybrid bloodlines!
-at 11:06 and 17:25, you see AB CHAO= out of chaos (they left out order)-order out of chaos is demonic satanic infultration agenda to with chaos magic and false flags to create to many chaos energy matrix and out of it to bring out of chaos the order it is gigantic witchcraft global scale satanic ritual!
-17:42, it looks like Zakim bridge (top left) and the Boston Skyline (Massacre-satanic ritual!)
-Patch of light on dancer’s chest-this is the same person who was wearing the tragic drama mask and the Shiva mask. The light represents Lucifer, also translated as ‘light-bearer’ or ‘star of the morning’
-Dancer depicting swimming, Fish and ocean waves represents the Beast coming out of the sea
-Temples are one-one world religion
-Dancer’s mask turns to many animals, this could also represent the many animals the New World Order has killed

-or masks are Dragon, (China), Bear (Russia), and Eagle (USA)
-Dancer turned into ‘bird’. this represents the Fallen Angels
-Dancer performing a Sufi dance (Sema-Satan-Shiva) under a full moon
-He then turns back into a ‘human’. This depicts their ability to shape shift
-Evil Devil face represents Satan over mankind & fallen angels and other races of fallen celestial lightbeings the archons the jinns over the cave as the false ‘Jesus’ exalts himself who is satan who proclaims himself God!
-The Crown of Thorns disappears

-ENLIGHTENMENT,then False Rapture the false ascention the transition the counterfit merkaba activation the counterfit ressurection how ever you want to call this this is called by many names,so satan counterfits that after killing life force from people with dissapointment holographic show of project blue beam and then counterfit enlightement and demonisation and then this event final counterfit rapture the counterfit ascention!
-Church Temple collapses=destruction of human bodies the zomby invasion of mark of the beast souless souls by implant technology trapped into pandora´s box into pondemonium realms of abyss!
-Phallic symbol w/cross at top is reminiscent of cross placed upon obelisk at St. Peter’s basilica brought from Rome of years before.
-Mouth (cave) represents the millions and bilions who fall for Satan’s tricks
-Satan disappears,beeing trapped later by archangel michael to the pondemonium realms of the abyss!
-Rapture the ascention the transition the purification the merkaba activation stellar glorified original state lightbody body state and ressurection the REAL ONE Revelation 20:13

-Scorpion (tail) this is archonswho are actually demonic tormentors described in revelation 9 with the other side symbolizing an eagle with outstretched wing-the fallen ones!
-Comet, Sun are becoming unstable
-Pyramid struck by Comet=Apocalypse

Have you heard of this New Age Aquarius Plan counterfit plan of satan? Let’s paint a pretty picture and see who falls for the lies!

Some believe it’s been in the making most of a century past, but I think more like millennia. The culmination of the meticulous planning needed for this to come into fruition is a masterful plan who’s undertaking was placed here by none other than the Rainbow Masters of the Universe.
Just who are these beings and where do they originate?
GOD created everything. Don’t doubt it for a second, or millisecond because it’s the truth. Why else would Lucifer plan such a master piece if not to take over these creations as his. Devious, yet true. His pride got him into this, and pride will take him down along with all his counterparts.
When GOD created the angels to seraphims the races of celestial lightbeings, some decided they were above GOD’S Laws. This created a divide.
The fallen ones were thrown out of the higher heavens into the lower realms, and this is where they now on earth reside. They have strove for millenniums to develop the scenario in which people currently live. This only culminated in a prophetic fulfillment!
The mounting multitude of data which this encompasses cannot be placed here, suffice it to say this is about the Rainbow aspect of it all.

The New Age is part of the old, it just has a different disguise. So, we have mystics masked as lightworkers the false light the controlled opposition of illuminati themselves which certain people would have you to believe are just the true ones who are against illuminati but are really other side of hiararchy of satan. But, they are one and the same elite but other side of the pyramid. Much like everything,you have to discern the truth from it.
So, let’s take a trip to the realm of the gods,there is only one true the creator of all the life giver and the gods you see in religions are fallen celestial lightbeings the archons the jinns the created beings by true creator who steal glory of creator!
Norse mysticism has all kinds of cool characters but who are they really? They are called many things for example; The Shining Ones. This one is quite interesting in that the angels are said to shine. But, these aren’t just any angels, these are the fallen angels which decided to follow Lucifer.
In this mysticism of the Norse, we have Bifrost or Bilrost, which is a burning rainbow bridge that reaches across dimensions. Some refer to this as Asbru as well.
Scholars propose that this bridge may have originally represented the Milky Way, and this totally makes sense. It is said this Rainbow Bridge consists of three colors, has great strength, and is built with art and skill. It is told that the gods ride their horses acros!

Is this an interstellar wormhole! A stargate, or portal! They cruise in their ships the what today is called the so called UFO’s through it.
Valhalla is a place where this bridge leads to! Well, I think this is the equivalent of the REAL Heaven where GOD resides. Satan loves to duplicate everything of GOD with a twist.

In Norse Mysticism they were going by sorcery to nine underworlds of the pondemonium, there were nine worlds, and these were broken into three levels.
Valhalla is the home of the fallen ones with lucifer. In the first level was Asgard, the home of the Aesir. Anaheim (Home of the Vanir), the home of the Vanir. Alfheim, the home of the Light Elves.

In the middle was Midgard “Middle Earth”, the home of the Humanoid fairies the race of virtues again. Midgard (Home of the Humanoids who visited too much Earth as nature guardians) was connected to
Asgard (Home of the gods the other fallen ones from semyaza) by Bifrost “The Rainbow Bridge”
Jotunheim, the home of the Giants.
Svartalfheim, the home of the Dark Elves the fallen virtues.
Nidavellir, the home of the Dwarfs.
Mulheim (World of Fog) was to the north, inside somewhere under the ground were Helheim home of the dead was. Niflheim was the first of the nine worlds
Muspelheim (Land of Fire) was to the south, it was the home of the fire Giants and Demons and devils.

The esoteric New Agers are riding in a ship that can’t be sailed. But, is this a regular ship? A ship can be construed as one for the water, and one for the sea.This ship is not the one that is that archangel michael rides the michael they talk about is fallen archangel metatron who calls himself thot the atlantian!The egyptian god of esoteric knowlage!

We have a site which can explain it in further detail. Now pay close attention, people!


Known to many is the fact that cultures which existed long ago speak of the same creatures from all over the world. Aboriginal cultures speak of this entity. Known to them as Rainbow Serpent or Rainbow Snake, this creature had the reputation as a creator god but is not that is satan. But, I speak of this as past tense, when this is a common misnomer. The people of today who are in all religions all over the world evry single religion is created by him and all religions still worship this deity this being!
The Serpent was said to come from beneath the ground and created as it merged. It is understood to be of immense proportions and inhabits deep permanent waterholes. This also reminds me of the city under the sea!That city is city of atlantis in the atlantic ocean!
Mining campaigns in these cultures were adopted with these symbols as a notion that mining would disturb the Serpent and cause it to seek revenge as a metaphor for environmental destruction. I find this interesting due to the ‘spiritual’ aspect of underground ‘haunting’ sites…it all connects like a puzzle.
In some cultures it is male, in others female while still yet, it is ambiguous, or hermaphroditic or bisexual these fallen celestial lightbeings. This fits into the whole fallen angelic and of other fallen celestial beings of all other races scenario very well. Surprise, surprise!Many are completly hemaphroditic!
The symbols known to be associated with it are the phallic symbol! Again, no surprise here.
It’s amazing how so many ancient legends are wrapped around a mystery which goes hand in had with the Bible. Twist it a little and there you have it, a whole new picture. Only it’s not! If people can discern this so called supernatural issue.
The symbolic representation which is mimicked in religious texts such as these is the creator who eats its own. This is again the same picture of the Nephilim hybrids. They were and remain to be sacrificial animals which eat their own and everything else in sight. Vampires! But does this remind you of another repeated aspect? The Ouroboros!
GET THIS!In the Northern Territory of Australia, tales of a great mother who arrives from the sea, giving birth. Some in Kimberly regions believe that this Rainbow Serpent deposits spirit-children throughout pools in which women become impregnated when they wade into the water. City of the sea, again! Spirits in the waters.
Again the same legends flow throughout the world. How do people not get this? It’s simple logics.
But did this type of traditional belief stop, no! Even though these stories relate back as far as 6,000 years, this custom remains to continue to worship them, or fear them…sounds like one in the same, does it not?
The Rainbow Serpent Festival! A annual music festival in Australia, and also the Rainbow Serpent Project, a series of films which document the filmmaker’s journey to various sacred sites on the earth. Meant to inspire but to me it just adds to an already confusing ritual.
Does it stop there? OH NOO!
Lastly, this all being suggested leads to the identification of the Rainbow Serpent with various genders and sexualities helps to explain why the rainbow flag has been adopted as a symbol of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities.
The Rainbow Bridge
Crossing the Rainbow Bridge into a higher consciousness….This is the commanding operations of Ashtar of the Galactic Federation.But it is not they want to corupt the fallen ones the image of creator the humans are made in image of creator male and female and the thing is marriage is holy and sacred and the thing is male and female when have sex is ok but gay sex is perverted and sin sex im marriage normal different sex marriage is image of creator because creator is both male and female and no matter what sexual gender humans have they and celestial beings also have male and female sides of brain all of creatures and animals and evrything that is polarity!
Let’s bring is home to the reason for this article!
The fallen ones of the angelic and other celestial astral realms, of the Galactic Federation of Light are the masters of counterfit ascension and lies and manipulation and they are demonic beings and the thing is that they are leading world into mass scale of demonic possession,we who are on the alpha and the omega aliance celestial holy lightbeings the ones who come in name of YAHUSHUA we are the ones who are guiding the star  and lightcodes for true rapture the ascention and light workers on this planet are the imposters possessed by fallen ones to complete the divine plan and plan of phrophecy of beeing called wolves in sheeps clothing the false phophets and christs that were foretold in the bible of unfolding the golden age in consciousness of satan first before YAHUSHUA THE MESSIAH COMES BACK FOR REAL ON ARMAGEDDON.
Do you feel you would be here as the 144,000, out of the billions of human incarnates on this planet, as a visitor to this world, if you have no skills or level of information sharing that is crucial to ascension? No, your own efforts are highly important now to show you that your own inner connection to God and nature and your brothers and sisters and holy lightbeings to more light is helping you to create more in a balanced way for the regeneration of this world into the perfect state it started off as, as with First Contact with fallen ones you see there is strong delusion biblical phrophecy thing of falling away happening they are here as they are in the box you were reading many times now here and the thing is it is matter of time in 2020 they will show themselves up now more and more then more then now and implant people with chips and demonic possesions of highg level happen now and then will more, these final changes will, and are starting to be spread as a natural, and normal part of the destruction of your world as foretold in the bible.
All of your actions are recorded, as your Commander YAHUSHUA sees fit and satan will first play role calling himself Ashtar, we as one team of light are against the false teams of false light fallen light here to inform you that I have ordered the immediate destruction of all of the Akashic Records against the ones who read this blog now to my fellow virtues the light elves of all star nations holy ones of my race and light workers from your galactic crew new agers i will beat the crap out of them they are demonic, to host a panel on your Galactic Council to determine how close some of you are to completion on the list of God´s  judment.


The fallen ones from ashtar command galactic federation of light

These beings have convinced millions of people they are benevolent. They tell them that the Ashtar Command is a completely independent group, aside from the others. And that they do ‘contract’ work for all these types of entities! Ridiculous.
The elite and others would have you to believe that we are all part of one! These devils and demons are your creators and you all live in one happy family,they will say these lies. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.
Why do they hide in the darkness of the night only to come forth and ‘abduct’ people and use them for experimental projects.why secretly having orgies with new agers and why contacting them secretly and having marriges with them and channeling telephaticly in secret only?! What projects? Why have they aligned themselves with the ‘ascension’ project?it is counterfit ascention! They cannot help anyone ascend, this is a joke. Demons and devils cannot ascend, only descend,so they use energy of humans to feel better giing them powers and counterfiting original and using their energy,the vampiric basterds!
They who are more deceptive with stronger light will tell you that come from Sirius, a place to enter this galaxy. Sirius is most sacred and here’s the KICKER! It has the Carrier of God’s Blue Light to all  Mansion Worlds, and this ‘Great Oracle Temple is called the Blue Lodge of Sirius. Where do you suppose the Freemasons get their ‘Lodges’, and the fixation with BLUE! They will also go into detail about the ‘Christ Consciousness’ which is the 33rd degree frequency of Light energy. Another connection to Freemasons and their ‘gods’.this is counterfit of God´s  kingdom!

Cosmic Egg, Ying-Yang, Shiva, Kundalini, All-Seeing Eye, and the greatest blasphemy of them all…the “I AM”,that is name of GOD they use to say they are all creators,” I AM” IS THE NAME OF CREATOR,BUT THEY DEFILE THAT NAME!This is a whole movement of the Ascended Masters to convince mankind that Sananda  Jesus Christ is savior of humanity the satan cumara,the ashar sheran the saint germain that all these names are satan,he is not savior!
Guess who’s in charge of the transformation of your soul to the next density? Saint Germain! He’s called the Hierarch of the New EarthCounterfit new earth! They promise a red carpet walk into destiny, but your only ‘blueprint’ would be an APPOINTMENT WITH HELL if you follow these demons and devils the vampiric basterds and their counterfiting prophecies.
Their last words on this site” AKHENATON; the re-incarnation of THOTH. He is an Ascended Master now, very high in the Spiritual Hierarchy. In fact, the highest in the Earth’s Spiritual Hierarchy! He is the only One to have reached such an exalted position in Earth’s Spiritual Hierarchy through human embodiment, and self-mastery. He is the ‘LOGOS OF EARTH’.

But, who does this look like? We have someone in our midst who looks exactly like this. Wait, his family looks like Akhenaton’s family too. I’ve often wondered how Obama fit into this scenario! Now, I know!!
But how can that be? CLONING! That’s how! It’s been going on as long as the fallen angels have been guiding mankind. Guiding us into a destructive path to hell. You must wake up to the TRUTH!
Do you think these are blood sacrifices given to these ‘gods’, considering the FIRST thing Obama says is that there were more children killed than anyone!
Let’s understand this is not a joke. This has taken thousands of years to plan. Fallen angels and other races of fallen celestial lightbeings come to reign over mankind. They want to be worshiped. They will do anything within GOD’S limits to make this happen. GOD allows this because of FREE WILL. What is your choice? DO you believe the twisted lies, or GOD’S Truth. You decide folks.


Over and out Olein!