Hi i am Oleyna commind in the name of YAHUSHUA in service to Most High Creator FATHER YAHUVEH,MOTHER IMMAYAH,LORD YAHUSHUA to tell you about the informations that are censored and about the language of matrix and of genuine language above the illusion in real knowlage giving!

I want to tell you something,you must be carefull when you write because the universal law of language of stayl of writing satan uses is tricky and you must not use the gessing or something like that way of talking,when you want to get things shorter do not write long shorting process because that gives power to satan!

The names you write of somebody that explains to you and fears if you write the person may get upset they must know authority of God of other person that is giving you you must write what is that and that and worry not to literally offend nobody it is up to God if they get offended who ever they are in life!

And then you have the right to have blessings if you write on gessing way of stupedity and that is esoteric language and language of babylon satanic mystery gessing and the gessing is uncoded name for satan who is saying in new age movments some of them o God is we know what name and stuff we contact lightbeings and stuff and they then use the letter of killing to slander those who have the thing is that gessing name is till satan publicly on all media steps and then uses to gie himself speaking of like the mistery is over i am god and you will worship me you see i feed the poor and stuff and only those who will receive help and technology from fallen celestial lightbeings are the ones who received the mark of the beast and the ones who write in right language only on internet and on telephones will have safe without attacks of mistery of name of fake god who is not god who wanna be is that is satan as it is written in the bible in second of thesselonians about the strong delusion,some who write too much truth are censored that is why censoring of data happens,if the new age movment is really against illuminati as they claim to be they would not then have not at least once censored data!The new age movment speaks about broked matrix in many stuff they decode about freedom and they support that as excuse for lies and removean d censor the truth they are false light of illuminati´s own organisation they are controlled opposition the disinformation agency of the new world order vatican´s gate keeping and they are right wing and right hand in occultism the false light opposition false one the wolves in sheep´s chlothing!

Over and out Oleyna!