Hi i am holy virtue Olein comming in the name of YAHUSHUA to inform you about the 

Detection artist agenda of controlled opposition: Unmasking Disinformation Agents the wolves in sheep´s chothing!

hold fast that which is good.
But by their fruit you will know them.

The striking thing for me when observing the alternative media exponents for year 2012 was, how many of them suddenly have changed direction and tone in many key areas. Haven’t you noticed, too?

Since last time someone tried and when they did try to debunk Jesuit masonic agents like Zecharia Sitchin and the Vigilant Citizen, after taking all sorts of weird “reactions” from their followers,also there is quite a few design patterns of disinformation all around that I would like to share with you people, who are  genuine and don’t follow any other agenda than your heart’s spiritual discerment from  God comes if you are right and connected spiritualy to the Creator without religion and back in nature and healthy physicly and spiritualy.There are still many of you out there, fallowing the agents who are silly to begin with satanic agenda!

 The various types of disinformation campaigns, namely based on genuine true agendas of the beast,but here they are:

  • The Draconian Agenda
  • New Age  false Solutions
  • devils and fake messiah will save us
  • Taking Back America(not gonna happen)-nesara mark of the beast!
  • Jesuits and the Black Pope Control Everything-which is not false but yet i revealed before they are controlled by Arcana Arcanorum who control illuminati who control them who control controlled oppositions!

There is a propaganda campaign geared at each and every personality type. Some of the propaganda lines encourage people to develop tunnel vision when looking at the global agenda, focusing on one group, when in fact the system is gigantic in nature, encompassing all institutions of power across the globe. Others neutralize people by pushing them off into religious or semi-religious lunacy the form of hardcore spiritual enslavement while others with these controlled opposition agencies push them to psudo spirituality or carnal spirituality. Both methods are equally effective.

1. Sudden Shift in created System

They may “fight” some aspects of the New World Order for years, talk of the wickedness of Freemasonry and the Illuminati, uncover all lies of 9/11,yet tell not the whole truth behind railing some lies again,and may talk of love and light and God even – and all of a sudden they publicly submit to known Occultists and Satanists like Alice Bailey, Helena Blavatsky and even Aleister Crowley.Right, the same Blavatsky who wrote down world views like this:

Stand in awe of him, and sin not, speak his name with trembling … It is Satan who is the god of our planet and the only god … – The Secret Doctrine, Vol II, page 234

In this case it is but natural — even from the dead letter standpoint — to view Satan, the Serpent of Genesis, as the real creator and benefactor, the Father of Spiritual mankind … – The Secret Doctrine, Vol II, page 243



When you see this kind of blasphemy you may realise that you are doomed from all sides!


What did you miss in-between? It’s like Sonja from the Truther Girls who claims to be on good side but constantly makes fun of real truth.Or Zen Gardner, brilliant writer and most of the time spot on with the hot topics, but having become a typical Ascension/Awakening and thus New Age proponent of propaganda of the beast and defender of master channeler David Icke, the leader of the Consciousness Dogs who know really nothing about the Consciousness.Of course there are those who just got sucked in by directing their attention too long towards the dark side, one main goal of occult propaganda in the first place. But many just appear to have collected searching people for the last couple of years and now enroll the masonic agenda of the New Age in 2012. Talking of synchronicity…?!

It’s always simple dialectics: “Fight” a New World Order, and get a New Age Order in return. Same dark agenda, different name.

2. Disinformants Cooperate Among Themselves

As soon as you have identified a source with a high probability of following a hidden agenda, watch out who passes whom around:

  • Alex Jones – David Icke – Jesse Ventura – 
  • David Wilcock – Benjamin Fulford – Drake –
  • Galactic Federation of Light – Nesara – Alaje – Ecumental new age movment of Vatican

Not everybody who shows up with these cons must be an agent, but the more regular they reappear, the more probable they work for the same hidden hand.

3. Domination of ritualistic directioning

They have area 51 and nasa organisations for the big talk of all they do al sorts of satanic rituals there to make these work on all sides they want to control,the controlled opposition they want to spread agenda they make more rich and famous and at that moment they are using the agenda 21 to blind many to even their fake opposition and fight to summon energy of zomby calcified sheeple goyim who are dooing crap and nothing and even fighting against the truthers the drones they are!

When analyzing the Patriot Movement, one must also consider that these people are making an incredible amount of money. Of course, all of the people involved in the “leadership” of any of these movements are making money (which I personally find very hard to reconcile, given the monumental importance of all of this), but the Patriots make it in a very specific, exploitative way: they sell fear.

4. The One Main Evil Group Scam

Based on the fact that Secret Societies have created evry opposition side and control them all from all sides any powerful movement since at least the ancient Egyptians ancient Khemet time, it is always a lie when the agents tell us the controlling group behind the New World Order and the current control system is ONLY “the Zionists” or even “the Jews” like Brother Nathanael Kapner who is fallen angel discuised, ONLY “the Jesuits” or “the Vatican” like WeAreONEbigFamily, or ONLY “the Globalists” like Alex Jones. Or even less precise: “The Bilderbergers“.

The thing is they fail to realise that these organisations are under illuminati who are under illuminati bloodlines who are under true bloodlines of  the annunaki who are orion niburian draconian 4D astral grand grey draco masters of galactic federations of ashtar command and broterhood of the light lodge the vatican faction and brootherhood of the dark lodge illuminati Rex Duex who are beeing controlled by Arcana Arcanorum who are on top controlled by orion 1 elite controlled!

But you are calling them in lack of good names also in a lack of good names: “the Elites” including wealthy people who are not initiated high enough, “the Illuminati” only describing one specific aspect of these worshipers of Lucifer.

5. Absurd Output

Then there are the bloggers and video creators who flood your inbox on a daily basis, like dutchsince or the Socio-Economics History Blog, and others. Some may be addicted to the little fame their online presence gives them, others clearly lack an explanation for how on earth they can afford a 100% online presence.Information Overload takes you back to square one where you have been before waking up to some degree.

6. Luciferian esoteric gnostic doctrine

They are in hate of a loving, eternal and infinite Creator behind the scenes is SO frustrating for the occult who rather try to attract you and your ego with their “Secrets” and their methods of making you your very own “God”. Watch out while they increasingly open state their hatred against evrything moral and spiritual and true.

7. Masked Usage of Occult Symbolism

It’s an easy prediction: The more you learn about the Symbolism of the ancient Mystery Religions, the more you uncover some of them at your favorite truther hero’s site and products.

8. Censorship

Be critical, be thoughtful, and comment where it’s appropriate, then check for reactions or the lack of it. Some just don’t like anything that would work against their hidden agenda and are even also contradict themselves!


I agree that those are not definite criteria and some may appear based of a specific agenda. Spiritual warfare so to speak must come into place because confusion to get removed!


The Cycle Of Lunacy Can Be Stopped by filtering your toughts from tought induces by demonic spirits!

The first diagram is based on the simple premise established by allowing sunlight to pass through a magnifying glass onto a combustible material. As the heat is concentrated onto a small space, the concentration will ignite the material. Now take this same concept onto a global stage, with aglobal agenda that needs to be set ablaze by the globalist sun god worshippers.

The magnifying glass in the diagram represents the minds of humanity. The human brain has the same physical properties as a magnifying glass, or prism, and will react in exactly the same way. Once thoughts concerning a particular topic, (thoughts are energy and light), and are directed at the subconcious brain, that topic becomes part of reality to the consciousness of humanity. The suggested and desired reaction and reality of the manipulators is realized.Brain is transmiting receiving computer of toughts of your spirit and can be open to attack of demonic spirits also,so filter your toughts and decalcify pineal gland!

“2 Corinthians 10:3-5 

For though we walk in the flesh, we are not waging war according to the flesh. For the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh but have divine power to destroy strongholds. We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey YAHUSHUA.”

This concentration of thought light energy creates a hotspot wherever the manipulators wish for humanity to see the reality in what is being suggested. In the case of global economy, the they suggested they would, and so they do. They also suggest that the whole is going to crack up,and it is slowly but surley,are suggested by those who are trying to expose the agenda of the luciferian illuminati elite. In other words, the blind elite have hypnotized the blind searching people, who in turn, are now hypnotizing the common blind portion of humanity to stay focused on the one side scam while they manipulate other.

This topic has to be addressed with a new suggestion, not subliminally, but very concsiously, to assist humanity in waking from the trance.

This manipulation can be applied to everything that happens in the world. (

Thoughts Are Words

Words Are Sounds

Sounds Vibrate

Vibration Is Energy

Energy Glows

Glowing Is Light

Light Is Therefore Thought

Leaving The Rabbit Hole Through Cynicism

This same principle can also be applied to returning us to your original awareness state. Instead of focusing on this 3 dimensional space as being who can change, become cynical about everything you see and hear, because everything is a lie. This attitude will reconnect you with your awareness. You virtually eliminate the veil of deceit and lies. Cynicism doesn’t have to be equated with depression or despair, or even anger and resentment. Cynicism is to shun stupidity and grab onto awareness.You simply don’t need to be influenced by a fallen celestial astral being of light who is parasitic manipulative vampiric in nature. This influence, is nothing more than sun god worship masked in million forms.


The Deceiver Called “Ashtar” will be Arrested!



The fraudulent fallen celestial lightbeing the archon in the race of cherubim, “Ashtar,”-Satan/Lucifer has been put on a way to manifest one world goverement and will be in the end arrested and will await trial in the Alpha and the Omega Court for crimes against world with his toold of deceit, lies, murder, and sexual defilement of humans.

Semyaz and company of other fallen celestial beings knew where a portal would open and this being’s ship would emerge,so they also some time in history at 2 times worshiped him  down here by the Antarctica orders of that land of other first fallen ones, to rendezvous with members of the Bafath and Gizeh Intelligence.

“Ashtar” is  a reptoid-humanoid Archon shape-shifter Lucifrage Rofacale Sataniel the one of the most powerful and first God´s creations who has been deceiving beings here on this planet the past 7000 years as a protector, a good guy,but false he is many fell for it — his greatest crimes include setting himself up as a God Messiah and having beings kill one another in his honor. This was something he and his companions were planning for earth.

He is one of the first 12 original fallen cherubs and archangels and angels and seraphs of first fallen celestial lightbeings,a right-hand Archon of Lucifer is

Beelzebub, an Archon of high knowledge, is said to be his advocate/defense lawyer.He is also in the race of cherubim!

He has appeared to people as a divine being, he has intercepted channelers in new age movments, he has raped children and dined on their living and dead flesh, he has controlled politicians such as Ronald Reagan and James Madison,and all dictators in history he has given false information to those who follow him to spread the Gizeh/Draco lies,presenting himself as a blonde tree-hugging hippie  but really has pressed the superior-Aryan dogma the Nazis fell for also.

He is one of the main designers of the saucer is an old-model Gizeh/Vril ship, first manufactured on earth by the Nazis and 4th Reich, a design nearly 4000 years old from when the Bafath broke off from the light and set out to control the human genetic descendants of Lyran-Plejaran fallen ones on earth and other planets those hybrids; the Zionist Cabal-Santanic pentagram on his chest; the hair curl that is one-half of the Nazi swastika.

He knows that he will sit in a cell in abyss, as well as his followers.

I hesitate to say that those who believed they were getting messages from “Ashtar” will be freed from the fraud,not all but some but any other Archon or reptoid or Bafath also

But he has no testicles.

And he laughed at my attempt and spat at me. “Weak aberration of Creation!”  he yelled.

He despises even all fallen and holy celestial beings,he is pure hatred!

During questioning when Archangel Michael told me when he questioned me how i did good works here, the deceiver “Lord Ashtar” gave up one of his co-horts, another mask of satan known as “Sananda Immanuel” by luring that mask more fallowers would come.

The Bafath are also known as the Gizeh Intelligence or Gizeh Society, their main base under Egypt. They are a negative faction descended from ancient Lyra order of fallen virtues these hybrids control that organisation, the ones who started the great wars that caused many to flee to vatican to escape the carnage that was leading to genocide.

The Bafath use mind control to fool people, and use people to spread false information and false hope. One tactic is to make actual contact with picked people, take them up in spaceships, and lie to them about a galactic brotherhood, such as Ashtar Command. This “Ashtar” is really a member of Gizeh whose intent is rule over humanity, and is aligned with the Draco agenda. The Gizeh also work directly with Cabal black ops military and have given advanced technology to the US and UK and Russia, such as cloning tech. It is no mistake that Sadam Hussein’s evil political faction was called the Ba’ath Party and controlled from Egypt. The Grand Werewolf Vladimir Putin is also controlled by the Gizeh Intelligence.

The Bafath also maintain telepathic contact with some people and feed them lies top spread: folks such as Greg Giles, John Kettler and Stew Webb are Gizeh-puppets to spread disinfo. They have also mind-controlled people to believe they were black ops super soliders to spread lies about agendas and secret government projects simply to flood the arena of information with so many lies with with truth that it is hard to discern what is right or wrong. One of these deceived people is James Rink.