Hi evryone i am Olein the Holy Virtue comming in the name of YAHUSHUA the messiah in service of creator God FATHER YAHUVEH,MOTHER IMMAYAH,LORD YAHUSHUA to inform you about the true rullers of this earth!

No you are deceived by them,it started from the beginning of time,The True13 Papal Illuminist Gray Master Luciferian Bloodlines – Arcana Arcanorum is the order of Atlantis!

Learn the real bloodlines that rule the world behind the gray shadows.
The Arcana Arcanorum is elite Rite that goes back to Atlantis.
Brotherhood of the Snake (Cult of the Serpent”, “Dragon Society”)
Otherwise known as Black Nobility.

 “The Brotherhood of the Snake”

Brotherhood of the Snake as the source of all ancient mystery societies and the secret source of, above all, the Eleusinian Mysteries. The cults of Ra, Osiris, Orpheus, Isis, Dionysus, etc. partially corrupted emanations of this great Original Mystery. Also the original Bavarian Illuminati as conceived and founded by Weishaupt was little more than a front for The Brotherhood of the Snake,which is another expansion of illuminati illuminati what you know is 6890 years old organisation and 4th dimensional society also.By extending this line of hardcore blood raw talk of high vibrational energetic ultimate mind blowing truth,we could say that all relevent Secret Societies even in the 21st century are emanations of,and perhaps even fronts for, this original secret society!Ha gocha i got you there you know nothing,you are brainwashed by their controlled opposition of Jesuit ajucter society of white dragon society of white knights of the mystic shrine of Orion 4th dimensional elite of Saturnian brotherhood of Divinorum Psychonauticus the transyuggothian chatedral of pain the Niburian astral Annunaki draconian Necronomicon fallen seraphim D12 Zeta Raticuli II order elite of first fallen sons and daughters the first fallen celestial lightbeings the archons the ones that rule this planet the 1/3 and their hybrid bloodlines and bloodlines of CIAN and Lemurian Children of Mu Lemuria,Hyperborea,Avantasia,Yuvanghotia,Pandora,Narnia,Shambala,Agharta,Atlantis,Avalon,Camelot, and the order of Rampha the fallen archangel of esoteric mystery of the satanielic groove!
13 Real Illuminist Gray Masters shadow bloodlines:
The Public’s Illuminati Bloodline List made available by their own jesuit coajuctor elite of controlled opposition of zionist zionazi askenazi nazi jew khazar order:

Van DuynSo you just be still sheeple goyim listening to the alex jones and david icke and russel brand and these kind of pricks and Geraldo Rivera who is their puppet also who is brother of Alberto Rivera jesuit general!

Who is puppet of
Fulvio Rendhell is the mastermind high level ceremonial black magican and merkaba mysticism magican who is possessed by Caligula fallen cherubim!
Mind Games Of The Illuminati

By now you may have noticed the revolutions that have been going on in different parts of the world particularly in the Middle East. You may also have noticed the US involvement in simultaneous wars throughout that region as well as providing their assistance in toppling down such governments in these countries.
Is the US really fighting evil or is the US the ones perpetrating the evil?
Is it a coincidence that one middle eastern nation after another have been toppled by supposedly dissatisfied citizens that hate their government, or is there a more sinister plot behind it all?
Yup controlled opposition cults of activism are used by satan to gather sheeple goyim who are less zombie and still are and the thing is that they are there to make these people more zomby and promise they gonna win with fight and they use their energy from protest harvest archons need and they then betray then and know who they are and cacrafice them to Molec and such beings to feed off of them! It is all from all sides wickedness!
The Illuminati is preparing new global elite a global network of Luciferian elite leaders call with  operation messiah.
Leo Lyon Zagami the Grand Master of the ORDO ILLUMINATORUM UNIVERSALIS (Order of the Illuminati), and also the Orthodox Knights of Malta and Knights Templar. He is in his new mission called “Operation Messiah,” and the 7 years of tribulation we have already entered fom 2012.
The Brotherhood working through the web of various secret societies and knight orders. His work is still also in Vatican, dealing with Pope Francis and the Black Popes,but he also explains more secrets as he said that Crowley said that many would form their own religious orders that is the level of ipsimus beyond the level of magus,the level that you master all of magical powers and arts and you want to go beyond that!That is complete possession by all forces of darkness and you became satanic saint!
Doctor General Leo Zagami is a Russian Agent with the FSB, 33rd Degree Freemason with the P2 Lodge of Italy and Grand Master of the Illuminati. He says President Obama is a 33rd degree Freemason and that the British Queen is a Satanist,which is true,but the thing is he is in ecumental movment order of his own.He represents the old kind of the order of knighthoods of esoteric orders ike templars,jesuits and the thing is that how the vatican wicked is,he is against nazi ratsinger and all these old order,he is for ecumental ones now of his own.
These Luciferians basically named themselves after Lucifer which means “bearer of light”
They believe that they bear “the light” while the rest of humanity “live in darkness”.
This is why they use an owl as their symbol for their Bohemian Club secret private meetings.
Owls can see in the dark and have a clear 360 degree view of their surroundings due to the owl’s capability to turn its head in such manner as well as being able to see in the dark..  (Can you think of any device that can see in the dark & turn in such a manner?) – You got it!
This is why we have infrared cameras just about everywhere. This also goes hand in hand with another one of their symbols which is the all seeing eye. You may say, oh no, no, no, this is to catch people who blow red lights! – Then why are they posted on areas that have nostreet lights? – You may then say, to combat crime! – Now you opened a whole new can of worms because they make sure most crimes occur in order to bring their desired legislation that would limit the freedom & privacy of the citizens.
The pyramid structure works exactly the same way with anything they want to deliver to you for acceptance.  This is their method for mass mind control. A type of mind game used to manipulate you & control you.
Now that you have a basic understanding of how they work and influence you, we can continue discussing the overthrowing of these nations supposedly by “angry citizens tired of their government”.
You may remember a few years back a movie called “V for Vendetta”. In this movie ordinary citizens fought against their oppressive government regime in order to obtain freedom from oppression.
Today, we see people wearing the V for Vendetta mask, quoting from the movie, & supposedly representing citizen freedom. Now ask yourself, what influenced them to such acts that mirror the movie? – The answer of course is the movie itself.The thing is the mask movments are still cults of activism the illuminati themselves lead and freemasonic MI6 and CIA shill leaders like Alex Jones,Alix Collines,David Icke,  Alan Watt,Tex Mars, Leonard Horowitz.
The major big players of jesuit coajuctors are the shills who promote ecumentism and bash satanism,and feed popularity off their scams off the scams of satanism and satanic ritual abuse!
Also the greg szymanski shill agent is demonic one he is Alex Colliner who nammed himself with that mask he is using greg as saint gregor is another name of satan,there was no such person but satan himself making another mask as many pagan gods and saints,so tehrefore semyaza is another name coded so he works for both sides for semyaza and satan,he is doubble agent he exposes Leo Zagami,yet he is infact hardcore satanist and Leo is not!
There is endless hypocracy in controlled opposition these days more then ever before they are major new age cults of their own!
Tila Tequila truth movment,and many more,these feed of you if you accept evrything and became fans and fallow them as idols,this is worship these fallen celestial beings in them feed of!
Project Camelot is satanic and project avalon demonic orders of white knights of nesara of white red hatt society of the white dragon and theidylwildgroup and NSA and DAARPA and nasa and kgb and interpol and united nations and europian union and mothers of darkness and orion universal groups and aol netwoorks and OTO,these are the 2 organisations working for all of these who satan uses to see how his agents work thre!
Omega Unit of Cabal of brotherhood of saturn and cobra netwoork and Roman askenazi khazar factions and Ishmalian orders of sufis and many other also merkaba mysticism cults!
Duncan O’Finioan and Arcturus Ra: Crowley Agent for the Mantoids are working to bring the ecumental movment down and bring pure esoteric luciferian rule so these factions fight for all forms of ecumental movments of their own that will unite all in the end in different type of way!
The Mongoose is on the job to deal with a draco reptilian shapeshifter that calls itself “Arcturus Ra.” This creature,this fallen archangel has nothing to do with the Arcturians, is not an :ambassador,” and is truly a Crowley agent and liaison between the Dark Cabal and the Mantoid consortium of Antares,he is against arcturians and he deals with some arcturians who work for zeta raticulian elite of luciferian orders that lead ‘Word of Faith’ Kenneth Copeland´s charismatic pentecostal cult.Do not fall for its lies of light, for it is yet another agent of darkness out to deceive with twisted language.
“Hail Mary” that is an act of worship. Praying to Mary makes it idolatry.It is Lilith the fallen female seraphim who receives the worship! God through YAHUSHUA ONLY, not to Mary to ask her to intervene to YAHSUHUA for us. There is NO intermediary besides YAHUSHUA, and none to YAHUSHUA.
… and not only is mary dead but because she is dead, praying to her is necromancy,or communication with the dead, which is strictly forbidden as a sin by our only Father Yahuveh,Mother ImmaYah…as in HalleluYah, so all prayers to dead saints are witchcraft, which will keep you out of the wedding supper of The Lamb…come out of the evil of babylon b4 it is too late!
Pope Francis Sends Video Message to Kenneth Copeland – Lets Unite
This is the sign of ecumental merging,it is all  about ecumentism all is the one world religion/goverement/order,there are many factions of new world order groups,but the thing is the big one is Leo Zagami,he is puppet of high level higher illuminati order he takes commands from Jesuit generals and pontifus maximuses because these are luciferian high prists of kaballistic orders controled by jewish khazar satanic fake jews of revelations controling vatican who controls all sides,so there is lighted luciferic faction of illuminati and darker illuminati versions of america that obama is in,obama is below puppet he must take orders of princ the royalty Zagami,he is in Royal orders and even Satanist queen who he exposes he revealed that they are related!
       But wait a minute, who wrote that movie?
The movie was written by occultist Alan Moore & produce by Hollywood.
Moor is the word you get Mooriel is holy archangel and the original name for Kemites/-Egyptians was moors.So the thing is that occultist is in egyptian freemasonery order of Avantasia and Yuvanghotia and pandora and shambala and agharta civilisations of inner hallow earth underground from north pole entrance making many weather manipulations from there also!
The very same people who meet at Bohemian Groove (AKA Bohemian Club) to do all kinds of occult rituals & all kind of deprave acts, further plotting world events as well as decisions that will affect you & your family.
The movie is a form of mind game which real purpose was to influence you to rise against them when the oppression gets tougher & tougher and their intentions more obvious, thus resulting in an all out blown out civil war, anarchy, & chaos. After all, their motto is “order out of chaos”.
This will give them an excuse to execute martial law & round up the very people they been spying on who does not agree with their regime. This is what the spying business it’s all about. Preparing for battle against the ordinary citizen.
Overseas we have been seeing a rash of civil wars instigated by CIA operatives in order to bring change in that country by removing the non friendly New World Order government, and replacing them with a friendly one who would be on board for a one world governmental system.
The US plans to be the leaders of such new order, but the Russians are catching on & will make alliances with other nations to destroy America and thus become the new leaders of the New World Order. America has become the mystery Babylon of Revelation 18 which God promised to destroy,the new Atlantis controlled by Lilith now as well as founded by Satan and now reunited with both esoteric orders of spiritual Lemuria and Atlantis and Hyperborea.
So what’s the solution you may ask?
YAHUSHUA is the solution.  Turn from your wicked ways which are ways delivered to you via the pyramid system that was explained to you. This is why we do what we do and say the things we say, because we been influenced & programmed to act & behave a certain way via television, movies, music, & radio.Television tv,is telling lies to your vision that is short for tv!
Others may say, OK we already have YAHUSHUA what do we do now?
Remember, the solution does not lie on fighting a carnal battle For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
We need to fight in the spirit realm, because this is where these elite gets their instructions from. By fighting in the spirit realm, you would cause a whole lot of damage to the New World Order.
They know this and this is why they are legislating against spiritual warriors & forbidding prayer in schools & other public places. No prayer in school is equal open season for the enemy.Demons there to make sexual orgies and sex magic,anarchy chaos,killing,homosexuality,immorality,hate of brothers and sisters and all sorts of crazy stuff,witchcrafts,it was all foretold!
Anyone noticed any rash of school shootings since they prohibited prayers in schools?
Continue to be silent & not to do spiritual warfare, & soon no prayer anywhere including your own home. Remember, they are spying on you and they have the means to know what you say & do.If you repent not they will arrest you because satan is in for some more blood!
Do it now before its too late!
The forces of darkness tremble when a believer walks in his or hers authority in YAHUSHUA´s  name! In fact you become a terrorist to the kingdom of darkness & that’s why they plan to label as such spiritual warriors.
If you are a spiritual warirors & don’t know how to do but want and know you will train others in combating the enemy in the spirit realm,know this by only way,batteling for them also,yes just be patient.


Both this Black Pope and the White Pope aren’t of Papal Bloodline, the White Pope is a represtative for the Ptolemaic Papal Bloodlines , The Black pope controls them all
White pope / Black pope = Peace maker / Warmongerer (Military general of the world)
The Papal Bloodlines (Council of 10) Central Bank
The Papal Bloodlines or Council of 10 are Controlled by The Jesuit Generals since 1814
ROYAL BLOODLINES RULE THE WORLD,the bloodlines of CIAN,bloodlines of nephilim,bloodlines of seraphis bay fallen seraphim,they are founders of mystery schools and the old civilisations i told you about and they have all these create little ones what you have publicly revealed is just a fraction of it,it is puppets down the pyramid what i nammed ones are the big ones they are biggest rullers and on the top they are the ones who are one on one with satan!
Over and out Olein,BYE!