I archangel Michael come to you in the name of YAHUSHUA with ohter celestial beings to bring 55 series the 55 parts of the aquarian age of Lucifer and i with other by ma command holy celestial beings will expose the stuff you need to know and hear and get you right by these news and information and wisdom and knowlage for you to get connected to God,to nature and your sences as whole back holy and spiritual higher self nature to survive at least if not ultimatly fight against evil and orces of darkness!

You must know there is vatican´s new religion of crislam that is new age version of catolicism and islam!

More info about islam:

Allah is Satan And Baphomet Is His Prophet


Muslims often content with holy scriptures that the Qur’an is the “word of God” and that the bible cannot be trusted.

If you were Satan the enemy of God and all humanity, what would you do to confuse humanity in which the Word of God has already been given and what would you say?

You would do exactly what Islam is doing and saying. They claim that after God gave the Old & New Testament, there was a need for another book with contrary instructions to the ones God has already given.  Let me ask you the reader a couple of questions:

What is a counterfeit?

Can person counterfeit money without knowing about the money they’re counterfeiting?

This applies to Islam whose Qur’an came 600 years after the completion of the bible.

Saying the Qur’an it’s true and the Bible its false it’s an impossibility, because a counterfeit cannot exist without having first an original of what’s been counterfeited.

Muslims will argue that men are more powerful than God and were able to corrupt God´s Word, thus God had to give a new Word (The Quran’) which contradicts original Word in teachings and in doctrine.

Not only the new so called “Word of God” contradicts Old Word, but “new prophet” (Mohammed) also contradicts all the prior prophets that came before him. He did so in holding a lower morality standard than those prophets mentioned in the Bible, by teaching contrary doctrine from those that came prior him, and by not prophesying as the prophets of the Bible did.In blasphemy book of Qur’an sin is encuraged and terrorism and witchcraft and pedophilia,these are sins,and the Quran is word of satan,and allah is his another name!


Muslims will argue that Mohammed did prophesied certain things that came to pass, so did the Illuminati card game. Is therefore theIlluminati card game a prophet of God?

How about Jean Dixon or Nostradamus?

When a person works with Satan knowingly or unknowingly,   Satan can safely say tomorrow you will be hit by a blue car at 3:00 PM.  What do you think will happen then?

Satan will orchestrate with his demons that particular event to occur and if the person is without God’s protection, that’s exactly how it will happen. This is the same concerning the Illuminati card game.

The Illuminati are a group of World elite in all branches of Governmentand entertainment. The same government and entertainment industry that pushes anarchy, immorality,  encourages homosexuality,gives religion,and manipulates the population into throwing God out of their lives to worship satan in any way.

When the people react favorably with their agenda and throw God out of their nation, that nation becomes unprotected.

Now, they can tell you what’s going to happen through movies, or by means such as the Illuminati card game, because all they have to do now its follow up by making their prediction happen over a nation or world that lacks the protection of the very Creator God they rejected.

Case in point?

Satan has also his prophets and ministers.

(Matthew 24:24 KJV) – Reads:

For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

(2 Corinthians 11:13-15 KJV) – Reads:

 For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ.  And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.

So who is really Allah?

Lucifer/Satan is really the Spirit behind Allah mask,that is another name for him. Arabic speakers will argue that Allah is the Word for God in the Arabic language.

That may be true since most eastern countries throughout history has had and served many gods, the name for the one god chosen as to be the one true “God” happens to be the name of Satan as “Lucifer”.

The name Allah is derived from the Hebrew Chaldea word Halalwhich is the NAME OF SATAN in the scriptures in Isaiah 14.12, “How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer (HALAL), son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!”

Now, the word “Lucifer” means light bearer. Interesting enough the symbol for Islam is the Moon and the star.

The moon it’s a light bearer, meaning it does not have its own light but carries the light of the sun. Technically the moon it’s a “Lucifer”.

Is there any wonder why Allah throughout history has been associated with the moon god?

He is moon and the sun god!


What about the star?

Stars throughout the Old Testament have always been associated with fallen celestial beings. Lucifer is a fallen cherubim the celestial being of the race of cherubim who swore 5 wills against God.


The star represents his fallen nature and the 5 wills against God.  The 5 wills of Lucifer/Satan is also represented secretly by the 5 pillars of Islam. Pillars represent foundation, and Lucifer’s 5 wills are the foundations of how he is waging war against God and holy people.


Islam short for: „I self law am master“ i am god that is what the name itself is saying and the thing is ye shall be as gods lie repacked evolving to gods new age movment and now the terroristic phedofile witchcraft idol worshiping death cult with the name itself saying the lie!

While the true Creator God the author of the bible does not force anyone to submit to him/her the god of Islam forces people to submit to him. Forcing people are the characteristics of Satan not God. The God of the Bible wants you to freely choose him/her; while the god of Islam will chop you head off if you don’t choose him. The God of the bible is clearly the God of choice while the God of Islam is the god of force.

 I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live: (Deuteronomy 30:19 KJV)

Isn’t it a coincidence that witches who are unknowingly a branch of Satanism worship the god of force or “the force”?

Could it also be a coincidence that their symbol it’s also a crescent moon and a star?


So now we know Allah is Lucifer in accordance to Isaiah 14:12

”How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer (HALAL), son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!”

Did you know that Baphomet is old French for Mohammed?

Yup you see that is that exactly!

Did you know that the Knight Templar Shriners who are an Illuminati  branch of the Freemasons are pro Islamic and worship         Baphomet which means Mohammed!


Islam is Satanic, then we have satanic people, practices, hidden symbols, and meanings all connected in the mix of Islam?

Alister Crowley: Satanist, Occultist, and Free-masonic Shriner

Satan is counting on our ignorance and our unwillingness to search all things. That’s why religions keep the average person busy with works & rituals that they won’t have enough time to do anything else. This is why sheeple goyim astrology horoscope reading dummies and new agers and other type of sheeple are also kept busy with over 5000 cable TV channels and trash music and movies to keep you distracted and detached from reality.The fallen ones feed from the matrix fake artificial reality life the sheeple goyim live in that what they the fallen ones created!

This is why they’re poisoning the air, the water and the food, to keep us sick and pieal glands calcified from standing for the truth. This is why they’re overwhelming us with more work and less money to survive with in order to worn you out , stress out your mind, and keep you worry on other things while they take over without your resistance.


Resist, but not with weapons. Resist by submitting to the true Loving God of the creation the author of the bible and not to religion,matrix,tv and all the junk here,read these blogs and read bible so you don’t have to perish for the lack of knowlage.Resist by repenting and turning to YAHUSHUA the messiah for your salvation and focus on yourself before on others be the change you want to see you can not change others if you do not change yourself first!God will be faithful and just to watch over you in the day of trouble.

You have now been presented with the truth. The question is, what are you going to do with it?



The Zombie Apocalypse: could it happen and is it biblical?

Stand alone if you have to. Don’t follow the mainstream zombi brainwashed puppets of illuminati and nesara crowd!
the zombies are the people who think zombies are only on TV and don’t ask the question ” who are the zombies ? ”

if they are stuck in a trance while watching a reality show – they are a zombie

if they stand in long lines waiting for there free flu shot – they are a zombie

if they wait for the last minute to run to walmart to stock up before a storm – they are zombies

if they believe the news on TV – they are zombies

They will be zombies one day when demons and fallen angels possess their bodies and dead bodies of the ones who´s souls are burning in hell right now!

If school,work or tv tells them you need to drink or eat this obey this or consume this,they are dooing that right then at that moment,well they are zombies at some degree already!
Albert Einstein – “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything”
John 15:19 If you were of the world, the world would love its own. Yet because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you



The Book of Enoch (The Defense):



I’ve been receiving a lot of ignorant comments on astralč plane when i go there for pheophecies in 5D a lot of before i get there here astraly i hear nonsance concerning the book of Enoch from a lot of CIA agents and fallen ones themselves.I am writing this article in order to answer future questions about the book, since doing so in individual basis seems to be a never ending task.

I will open my defense of Enoch with the following statements:

The book of Enoch was written about 4000 years before the birth of YAHUSHUA and also predates all the books in the bible.
Before the Old Testament, people were reading the Book of Enoch.

Point # 1  The bible says that Enoch walked with God 365 years before God took him alive into heaven the merkaba activation. So are we led to believe that such a righteous man lived on earth that long without writing something that would edify future generations?O he told truth from God,you can not say otherwise!

Point # 2  The book of Enoch prophesied of the coming messiah the“Son of God” who would be the Savior of the world. Again, about 4000 years before the birth of Messiah!

Point # 3 –
 The contents of the Book of Enoch validate the bible, before the bible was ever written.When I read this book, it just strengthened my spiritual strenght i gained and obedience to God and the bible understanding is bigger.

Point # 4 – Now, Peter & Jude both quoted favorably from the Book of Enoch and called Enoch a prophet. That means that if the bible identifies Enoch as a prophet, then we should expect prophesies from that prophet, in the form of writings in which prophecies were recorded in.

Point # 4 – Enoch was not quoted once, but at least 2 times by different prophets. In the bible, all God’s prophets reaffirm one another. In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established. (Can we say that this is a coincidence that God tells us this verse twice in the bible? – Deuteronomy 19:15, & 2 Corinthians 13:1)

Point # 5 – If Enoch walked with God as a righteous man for 365 years as the bible stated, then the man would of have to had been inspired by God to  write what he wrote, even more so than those who wrote the Old testament who were not as righteous of the level of Enoch, nor lived as long as Enoch.

Having been given all these points to begin with; I also found that the opening of the book of Enoch begins with explaining that the book is intended for a future & distant generation far off.

The generation is this one which is in the age of aquarius!
That would explain the book resurfacing in the 1940′s in the dead sea scrolls, along with many other books from the bible.

Now, since the book explains the origins of demons and the fall of certain astral celestial lightbeings that fornicated with people, that also explains, witchcraft and chemical witchcraft the sorcery pharmakea the usage of drugs and herbs,and our technology and so called UFO sightings. (The book of Enoch says that the fallen angels taught humans these things.)

We actually have an explanation for the Hindu gods, advance civilizations, and so called “gods from other planets”.
Now, knowing this, and knowing how the churches are being controlled, should we wonder why the main stream churches deny and fight against the book of Enoch?Because there are fallen angels who control that and hide these things from the public they show openly who they are by that mentality!


Every program we see on TV concerning the book of Enoch, all dismiss it & sway the audiences into not accepting the book.We see the same exact thing in mainstream state churches.People are being taught & conditioned to believe that the book is either fake, or heresy.This is designed to keep people away from learning the truth about fallen celestial lightbeings and their children demons!

Enoch chapter 40:9

and the fourth archangel who is set over the repentance unto hope of those who inherit eternal life, is named Phanuel.’


So it is showed the one who guards this archangel will tell to Michael archangel if you refuse intuition for salvation to receive to your third eye and get spiritualy connected to God you will refuse again to understand because you lack submitting to God,and you will pay the thing is that if you accept book of enoch as truth and word of God this archangel did right job you letter him to connect you to God!

The Truth and The Light

The Truth and The Light is dedicated in exposing the forces of darkness and the truth found in Godś  word. However, this is not an easy task. We need prayers and spiritual warfare to do and and spreading truth.

The Illuminati Olympics: (Demons, Ocultism, and The New World Order)


Olympia is a sanctuary of ancient Greece in Elis, known for having been the site of the Olympic Games in classical times, comparable in importance to the Pythian Games held in Delphi.

The first Olympic Games were held in honor of Zeus.That is another name for Satan/Lucifer.

Olympics are paying homage to Zeus today still ofcourse.However, one thing that it’s important for you to know what they do is  they very blatant and obvious by really giving homage they’re paying to the forces of darkness.


The conjuring of evil spirits during the ceremony taken place. There is a giant demonic hooded figure overseeing the crowed, holding a magic wand. The purpose of the magic wand is to focus magic and will to a specific point or action.
The magic wand is often used for drawing the ritual circle and closing that very circle. Notice that the place where the Olympics are taking place is a perfect circle.



At the beginning of every Olympics or FIFA tournament there is an opening ceremony in which enormous sums of money are invested into creating an astrologicly controled entertainment for the crowds. The ceremonies are often linked to ancient pagan Babylonian, Egyptian, Greek or Roman rites and rituals in a colorful display of artistic re-enactment. Sport arena mimic the ancient Roman coliseum and the ruling party again recreate ancient acts of worship before the eyes of blinded people spiritualy by sum of gang of millions of millions upon millions of legions of demons and archdemons. The displays are meant to be ‘innocent’ to the untrained eye of the spectator – yet the applause rings home the naivety of mankind in engaging in a festival meant to pay homage to demons.

These demons are the forces behind the New World Order and many of people are helping them.

How so, you may ask?

Have you ever been through a divorce? (That’s destruction of the family)

Have you ever experimented with homosexuality? (That goes against the nature of God’s laws!)

Do you know anyone who is an anarchist (That’s against any kind of moral law– the spirit of the Antichrist)

Because there are powerful forces that have been unleashed and are very active working hard towards a New World Order, and we have left the realm of God’s protection as a whole.

Imagine wolves cleverly being able to talk the sheep out of leaving the protection of their Sheppard in order to completely devour them once they find them unprotected.

We are the sheep and these demons are the wolves that have convinced us through their puppets in the Illuminati which run entertainment and politics, to go into realms that God has forbid us to go. This is designed to leave us unprotected, which will lead to the New World Order & the death of 1/3 of the world’s population.

Therefore, the decline of society is part of their plan, not only to destroy individuals, but to also destroy kingdoms as well.

five basic reasons that the enormous Roman Empire was destroyed:

  • The dramatic increase of divorce undermined the institution of the family.
  • The imposition of higher taxes undermined the economic stability and vitality of the Empire. Why were the taxes raised to such ruinous levels? To pay for deficit government spending, to pay for food for all in society and to pay for government-sponsored activities of diversion, such as circuses and sports. Interestingly, as the time of the final collapse drew closer, greater emphasis was placed on sports, to divert the attention of the public from the distressing news of massive trouble within the Empire.
  • The drive for personal pleasure had become very intense, even to the point of obsession. sports had become more exciting and brutal.
  • People lost their freaken minds and souls, both spiritualy and physicly. Paganism gave way to deceive more and the efficient Roman Government gave way to chaos and disintegration.
  • Hidden agendas more arose and were working within the government to secretly destroy souls. They worked quietly, invisibly and deceitfully; during the entire time they were secretly dismantling the government of the Roman Empire, they publicly proclaimed their unswerving support of it.

Doesn’t that sound a lot like modern day America & the rest of the world?Yup sure does!

Let us now return to the Modern Olympic Games, and their role in promoting the New World Order.

When Wenlock and Mandeville, the official mascots of the London Olympic Games, were unveiled to the world in May, the general reaction was one of amusement with these weird, one-eyed, metallic-skinned creatures. According to the Olympic organizers, these creatures magically formed out of stray drops of molten steel during the construction of the Olympic stadium, so they decided to use them as mascots.  Talk about help from the supernatural; even the media interpreted these creatures to be aliens.  Should we then be surprised to learn that a UFO appeared over the 2012 Olympics in London?Not at all is answer!


After all, evil attracts evil.


Occult Symbolism and Numerology is also behind the 2012 Olympic Mascots

  • Date Revealed: 5/19/2010 = 18 reduces as 666 = 33:33:33
  • Letters on the Head: W & M = 33
  • The left Mascot wears the Pyramid that symbolizes 3 points with 3 lines above = 33
  • The right Mascot wears 6 raised indentations = 33
  • Each Mascot has an “All Seeing Eye” = 11
  • Number of Mascots: 2 = 11

The left Mascot’s face looks like heart, the Pyramid and Heart represent Knowledge and Enlightenment.
The right Mascots face looks like a 5 sided pentagram which represents war.

The eye may also represent the Cyclops, Nephilim, (predator) an alien hybrid demon species.

Anyone that is studying the numerology and symbolism of the 2012 Olympics should realize that the Occult Illuminati are planning a huge occult ritual event that will anoint the Master of the Darkness over this world; a major preparation event for the activation of the New World Order on 12/21/2012 when satan returned and quarantine left was removed wide open and all fallen celestial lightbeings came here and venus and earth and mars and moon are in one crystal container when you see less stars on the sky from 2012 that is answer why! Then the presentation of the aliens that could potentially lead into a world war; henceforth, uniting the entire world as one. This is just one of the many possible scenarios of how the NWO could be quickly established and implemented!

These so called “aliens” in reality are nothing more than fallen celestial beings the evil aliens,there are good and bad but these when media say so called aliens are demonic are satan´s elite forces!They which will claim to bring to us a new age of enlightenment but in reality hell on earth and before that counterfit spirtuality and temporary hell to gain trust and trap souls into pandoraś  box by mark of the beast technology and hermetics hermeticism is magic an technology working together!!

Those in high places in our society are receiving help from the realm of the supernatural in order to accomplish the goal & will of the forces of darkness that rule them and want to rule the world.

Some may say, well they already rule the world. That’s correct, but they rule with restrictions, they want to rule the world without any restrictions, a definitely hell for all of us living on earth.  So the more they can get us to get further away from God, the more they are approaching their goal and the level of unrestriction that will allow them to do with us as they please.  Remember, killing 1/3 of the world’s population is in their agenda and its written down in the guiding stones of Georgia.


The only reasons they haven’t reached that point yet, its God’s restriction over them.  So if you’re all into the Olympics, sports. Hollywood, the music industry, and all sorts of   entertainment pushed and produced by the world, for the world, then you are supporting your own destruction and thus aiding to your own demise!







About the Book of Enoch:

We first learn of Enoch in Genesis 5 but it leaves us with questions. Hebrews 11 has the answers and Jude quotes Enoch! How did Jude come to know the words of Enoch? They are not in the Bible. The answer of course, is The Book of Enoch. A book which is actually quoted not only by Jude, but also James the natural brother of YAHUSHUA. The quote in (Jude 14-15) & (1 Enoch 1:9) is as follows: “In the seventh (generation) from Adam Enoch also prophesied these things, saying: ‘Behold, the Lord YAHUSHUA came with his holy myriad of Archangelss, to execute judgment on all, and to convict all the ungodly of all their ungodly deeds which they have committed in such an ungodly way, and of all the harsh things which ungodly sinners spoke against him’.” What is the Book of Enoch and where did it come from?
Enoch was the grandfather of Noah. This makes it possible for the Book to have survived the flood as its not too hard to accept that Noah would have taken his Great Grandfathers writings with him onto the ark.

The Book of Enoch was extant centuries before the birth of YAHUSHUA. Tertullian (160-230 C.E) even called the Book of Enoch “Holy Scripture”. The Ethiopic Church even added the Book of Enoch to its official canon. It was widely known and read the first three centuries after YAHUSHUA. This and many other books became discredited after the Council of Laodicea. And being under ban of the authorities which were nothing but fallen archangels for the lack of protest from then all curches get demonised and many more souls gone to hel and rebellion increased to create such a rebel state and crazy chaos and all insanity of today!


A Study Into The Book Of Enoch

The Book of Enoch was one of the most widely accepted and respected books in Jewish culture before and up to the birth of Yahshua’s. Early spiritual warriors in the first century accepted the writings of the book of Enoch as an authentic scripture, including the part about the fallen angels and their ultimate judgment. The Book of Enoch, just like the book of Daniel, originally was written in Hebrew and Aramaic. Only the Ethiopic manuscripts exist today.

We all know that pagans, witches, seculars, and Satanist all celebrate Christmas the wicked pagan satanic holiday of the birth of apollyon archdemon the demonic spawn of satan,and the rituals of the high level occultists like illuminati cabal and dark satanic saints celebrate winter solstice. They’ve been doing so for many years, way before the birth of YAHUSHUA these rituals.  We can see on Jeremiah 10:3 that this custom was practiced during Jeremiah’s times throughout the Old Testament, way before the birth of Mesiah.  Jeremiah 10:3 describes in detail the custom of the so called “Christmas tree.

For the customs of the people are vain: for one cutteth a tree out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with the axe.

They deck it with silver and with gold; they fasten it with nails and with hammers, that it move not. (Jeremiah 10:3 KJV)

Now, history tells us that immediately after the death and ressurection of YAHUSHUA, the Roman Empire was seeking to persecute and kill all of the spiritual holy people of the Lord YAHUSHUA. They were unsuccessful in doing so, because this was creating a stronger credibility among the pagans; as they saw these people willingly give their lives for the sake of YAHUSHUA. Because of this,they continued to multiply with no end to it.

We that Satan is in control of this earth, and uses his people to accomplish his evil deeds and desires. Whether it would be through direct satanic pacts, sinful behavior, or plain ignorance. A person, who is not under the blood covenant of YAHUSHUA, will fall under Satan’s lies, confusions, and ultimately his control.

Having said that, the Roman Empire, frustrated by their fail efforts to make the hy spiritual people disappear, is compelled to seek another method of its destruction. The plan was to mislead people and create pagan worldwide cult of  Christianity into practicing paganism and other practices that are detestable to God.  Satan understands that a body can be killed, but the soul goes to the Lord YAHUSHUA God, if that person is saved under the blood covenant of the Lord YAHUSHUA.

So what a better way to destroy souls by nothing more than misleading them into spiritual destruction.

This is how the Roman Catholic Church was born and the purpose of its existence,now today there are many more cults like mormonism and jehovas witnesses and many from this one who derive the same smelling rotten rebellion of satan.  Under a Christian veneer they could now operate. They cannot only mislead the poor, the meek, the God seeking individuals, but now they can also perpetrate all sorts of atrocities, & wickedness, all in the name of “Christianity”.

Satan now can be as wicked as he wants to be, wearing a mask, turning off people from receiving the true gospel, because other people see them as Christians who are wicked, and they want no part in God´s mercy, thinking that God ha religion and is evil,when in fact God does not have religion at all.

The Catholic Church was also responsible for combining true elements with pagan ones, something that is strictly prohibited by God in the bible.

A lot of people believe that Christmas is a godly holiday, but the fact is that it’s not.


Jesus commanded us to remember his death and resurrection and celebrate passover, and never instructed us to remember, keep, or celebrate his birthday on pagan  winter holiday but sukkot when he was really born!

Now, remember; pagans, witches, seculars, and Satanist all celebrate Christmas.

Why would they celebrate someone who they completely oppose?

That’s a good question, here’s the truth:

The Original celebration is called “Saturnalia” in which they create a feast to Sam Hein (the god of the dead)-satan. But the new name of “Christmas” means christ masacre!

What they in fact are celebrating is the dismissal of Christ, in other words, (his death).The death of YAHUSHUA is celebrated.

This is why they are so merry and exchange gifts with one another.Fake Merry counterfit is Lilith!When they say mary they mean marry the fake one Lilith will tare your ass apart just as christ masacre!That is a curse they put on people!

Notice an interesting parallel found in the book of revelation as the two witnesses from God, get killed.

7And when they shall have finished their testimony, the beast that ascendeth out of the bottomless pit shall make war against them, and shall overcome them, and kill them.

8And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord YAHUSHUA was crucified.

9And they of the people and kindreds and tongues and nations shall see their dead bodies three days and an half, and shall not suffer their dead bodies to be put in graves.

10And they that dwell upon the earth shall rejoice over them, and make merry, and shall send gifts one to another; because these two prophets tormented them that dwelt on the earth. (Revelation 11:7-10)

As we can see, this is Satan’s way of celebrating the death of something he considers an obstacle. You may say,those who are soo demon possessed who lose their mind and fall asleep and became zomby literally and when infact inspite what all is said they will continue knowingly how hate God to say with joker demonic spirits entering will say who are dammed for hell: „yes but I celebrate the birth of YAHUSHUA regardless of what they celebrate.“They lie knowing satan is the father of all lies and the thing is they made choice to betray God and still worship satan who brings prosperity they loved prosperity unto the destruction of their soul more then they loved God,they infact never did love God!


2 Corinthians 6:14 says:

Be ye not unequally yoked together with unholy dogs: for what fellowship hath righteousness with  wicked unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?

To conclude, by participating, you are participating in the commercialization of this wicked helliday.

Ye cannot drink the cup of the Lord YAHUSHUA, and the cup of devils: ye cannot be partakers of the Lord’s table, and of the table of devils.  (1 Corinthians 10:21)

The decision is ultimately yours, but the truth in deed shall set you free like you are meant to be!




‘2nd Thessalonians’ Category

Mind Games Of The Illuminati


By now you may have noticed the revolutions that have been going on in different parts of the world particularly in the Middle East. You may also have noticed the US involvement in simultaneous wars throughout that region as well as providing their assistance in toppling down such governments in these countries.

Is the US really fighting evil or is the US the ones perpetrating the evil?

Is it a coincidence that one middle eastern nation after another have been toppled by supposedly dissatisfied citizens that hate their government, or is there a more sinister plot behind it all?

Yup controlled opposition cults of activism are used by satan to gather sheeple goyim who are less zombie and still are and the thing is that they are there to make these people more zomby and promise they gonna win with fight and they use their energy from protest harvest archons need and they then betray then and know who they are and cacrafice them to Molec and such beings to feed off of them! It is all from all sides wickedness!

The Illuminati is preparing new global elite a global network of Luciferian elite leaders call with  operation messiah.


Leo Lyon Zagami the Grand Master of the ORDO ILLUMINATORUM UNIVERSALIS (Order of the Illuminati), and also the Orthodox Knights of Malta and Knights Templar. He is in hisnew mission called “Operation Messiah,” and the 7 years of tribulation we have already entered fom 2012.

The Brotherhood working through the web of various secret societies and knight orders. His work is still also in Vatican, dealing with Pope Francis and the Black Popes,but he also explains more secrets as he said that Crowley said that many would form their own religious orders that is the level of ipsimus beyond the level of magus,the level that you master all of magical powers and arts and you want to go beyond that!That is complete possession by all forces of darkness and you became satanic saint!

Doctor General Leo Zagami is a Russian Agent with the FSB, 33rd Degree Freemason with the P2 Lodge of Italy and Grand Master of the Illuminati. He says President Obama is a 33rd degree Freemason and that the British Queen is a Satanist,which is true,but the thing is he is in ecumental movment order of his own.He represents the old kind of the order of knighthoods of esoteric orders ike templars,jesuits and the thing is that how the vatican wicked is,he is against nazi ratsinger and all these old order,he is for ecumental ones now of his own.

These Luciferians basically named themselves after Lucifer which means “bearer of light”

They believe that they bear “the light” while the rest of humanity “live in darkness”.

This is why they use an owl as their symbol for their Bohemian Club secret private meetings.

Owls can see in the dark and have a clear 360 degree view of their surroundings due to the owl’s capability to turn its head in such manner as well as being able to see in the dark..  (Can you think of any device that can see in the dark & turn in such a manner?) – You got it!

This is why we have infrared cameras just about everywhere. This also goes hand in hand with another one of their symbols which is the all seeing eye. You may say, oh no, no, no, this is to catch people who blow red lights! – Then why are they posted on areas that have nostreet lights? – You may then say, to combat crime! – Now you opened a whole new can of worms because they make sure most crimes occur in order to bring their desired legislation that would limit the freedom & privacy of the citizens.

The pyramid structure works exactly the same way with anything they want to deliver to you for acceptance.  This is their method for mass mind control. A type of mind game used to manipulate you & control you.

Now that you have a basic understanding of how they work and influence you, we can continue discussing the overthrowing of these nations supposedly by “angry citizens tired of their government”.

You may remember a few years back a movie called “V for Vendetta”. In this movie ordinary citizens fought against their oppressive government regime in order to obtain freedom from oppression.

Today, we see people wearing the V for Vendetta mask, quoting from the movie, & supposedly representing citizen freedom. Now ask yourself, what influenced them to such acts that mirror the movie? – The answer of course is the movie itself.The thing is the mask movments are still cults of activism the illuminati themselves lead and freemasonic MI6 and CIA shill leaders like Alex Jones,Alix Collines,David Icke, Alan Watt,Tex Mars, Leonard Horowitz.

The major big players of jesuit coajuctors are the shills who promote ecumentism and bash satanism,and feed popularity off their scams off the scams of satanism and satanic ritual abuse!

Also the greg szymanski shill agent is demonic one he is Alex Colliner who nammed himself with that mask he is using greg as saint gregor is another name of satan,there was no such person but satan himself making another mask as many pagan gods and saints,so tehrefore semyaza is another name coded so he works for both sides for semyaza and satan,he is doubble agent he exposes Leo Zagami,yet he is infact hardcore satanist and Leo is not!

There is endless hypocracy in controlled opposition these days more then ever before they are major new age cults of their own!

Tila Tequila truth movment,and many more,these feed of you if you accept evrything and became fans and fallow them as idols,this is worship these fallen celestial beings in them feed of!

Project Camelot is satanic and project avalon demonic orders of white knights of nesara of white red hatt society of the white dragon and theidylwildgroup and NSA and DAARPA and nasa and kgb and interpol and united nations and europian union and mothers of darkness and orion universal groups and aol netwoorks and OTO,these are the 2 organisations working for all of these who satan uses to see how his agents work thre!

Omega Unit of Cabal of brotherhood of saturn and cobra netwoork and Roman askenazi khazar factions and Ishmalian orders of sufis and many other also merkaba mysticism cults!

Duncan O’Finioan and Arcturus Ra: Crowley Agent for the Mantoids are working to bring the ecumental movment down and bring pure esoteric luciferian rule so these factions fight for all forms of ecumental movments of their own that will unite all in the end in different type of way!

The Mongoose is on the job to deal with a draco reptilian shapeshifter that calls itself “Arcturus Ra.” This creature,this fallen archangel has nothing to do with the Arcturians, is not an :ambassador,” and is truly a Crowley agent and liaison between the Dark Cabal and the Mantoid consortium of Antares,he is against arcturians and he deals with some arcturians who work for zeta raticulian elite of luciferian orders that lead ‘Word of Faith’ Kenneth Copeland´s charismatic pentecostal cult.Do not fall for its lies of light, for it is yet another agent of darkness out to deceive with twisted language.

“Hail Mary” that is an act of worship. Praying to Mary makes it idolatry.It is Lilith the fallen female seraphim who receives the worship! God through YAHUSHUA ONLY, not to Mary to ask her to intervene to YAHSUHUA for us. There is NO intermediary besides YAHUSHUA, and none to YAHUSHUA.

… and not only is mary dead but because she is dead, praying to her is necromancy,or communication with the dead, which is strictly forbidden as a sin by our only Father Yahuveh,Mother ImmaYah…as in HalleluYah, so all prayers to dead saints are witchcraft, which will keep you out of the wedding supper of The Lamb…come out of the evil of babylon b4 it is too late!

Pope Francis Sends Video Message to Kenneth Copeland – Lets Unite

This is the sign of ecumental merging,it is all  about ecumentism all is the one world religion/goverement/order,there are many factions of new world order groups,but the thing is the big one is Leo Zagami,he is puppet of high level higher illuminati order he takes commands from Jesuit generals and pontifus maximuses because these are luciferian high prists of kaballistic orders controled by jewish khazar satanic fake jews of revelations controling vatican who controls all sides,so there is lighted luciferic faction of illuminati and darker illuminati versions of america that obama is in,obama is below puppet he must take orders of princ the royalty Zagami,he is in Royal orders and even Satanist queen who he exposes he revealed that they are related!


But wait a minute, who wrote that movie?

The movie was written by occultist Alan Moore & produce by Hollywood.

Moor is the word you get Mooriel is holy archangel and the original name for Kemites/-Egyptians was moors.So the thing is that occultist is in egyptian freemasonery order of Avantasia and Yuvanghotia and pandora and shambala and agharta civilisations of inner hallow earth underground from north pole entrance making many weather manipulations from there also!

The very same people who meet at Bohemian Groove (AKA Bohemian Club) to do all kinds of occult rituals & all kind of deprave acts, further plotting world events as well as decisions that will affect you & your family.

The movie is a form of mind game which real purpose was to influence you to rise against them when the oppression gets tougher & tougher and their intentions more obvious, thus resulting in an all out blown out civil war, anarchy, & chaos. After all, their motto is “order out of chaos”.

This will give them an excuse to execute martial law & round up the very people they been spying on who does not agree with their regime. This is what the spying business it’s all about. Preparing for battle against the ordinary citizen.

Overseas we have been seeing a rash of civil wars instigated by CIA operatives in order to bring change in that country by removing the non friendly New World Order government, and replacing them with a friendly one who would be on board for a one world governmental system.

The US plans to be the leaders of such new order, but the Russians are catching on & will make alliances with other nations to destroy America and thus become the new leaders of the New World Order. America has become the mystery Babylon of Revelation 18 which God promised to destroy,the new Atlantis controlled by Lilith now as well as founded by Satan and now reunited with both esoteric orders of spiritual Lemuria and Atlantis and Hyperborea.


So what’s the solution you may ask?

YAHUSHUA is the solution.  Turn from your wicked ways which are ways delivered to you via the pyramid system that was explained to you. This is why we do what we do and say the things we say, because we been influenced & programmed to act & behave a certain way via television, movies, music, & radio.Television tv,is telling lies to your vision that is short for tv!

Others may say, OK we already have YAHUSHUA what do we do now?

Remember, the solution does not lie on fighting a carnal battle For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

We need to fight in the spirit realm, because this is where these elite gets their instructions from. By fighting in the spirit realm, you would cause a whole lot of damage to the New World Order.

They know this and this is why they are legislating against spiritual warriors & forbidding prayer in schools & other public places. No prayer in school is equal open season for the enemy.Demons there to make sexual orgies and sex magic,anarchy chaos,killing,homosexuality,immorality,hate of brothers and sisters and all sorts of crazy stuff,witchcrafts,it was all foretold!


Anyone noticed any rash of school shootings since they prohibited prayers in schools?

Continue to be silent & not to do spiritual warfare, & soon no prayer anywhere including your own home. Remember, they are spying on you and they have the means to know what you say & do.If you repent not they will arrest you because satan is in for some more blood!


Do it now before its too late!

The forces of darkness tremble when a believer walks in his or hers authority in YAHUSHUAŚ  name! In fact you become a terrorist to the kingdom of darkness & that’s why they plan to label as such spiritual warriors.

If you are a spiritual warirors & don’t know how to do but want and know you will train others in combating the enemy in the spirit realm,know this by only way,batteling for them also,yes just be patient.

Illuminati: Game or Blueprint for World Domination


The Illuminati Messiah Card: What Could be Next?2020!

Take for instance, the Washington sniper case. During the times of the killings, Hollywood released a movie called Phone Booth. The movie was about a sniper on the loose. So is it a coincidence that the Illuminati also have a card of a sniper gone mad?

On this video we will take a closer look at the Illuminati Messiah card, meteor card, tidal wave card, and martial law card. All these things were depicted in one way shape or form in the movie deep impact back in 1998.
We know that the elite owns Hollywood and we further know that thebest way to hide anything, including future plans is to hide it on plain site.
Judge for yourselves!


With the invasion of reptilian soldiers from ISON hungrily eating people and sucking souls,of those who are not right,get cleaned,get right because the invasion is on record for disclousure to confuse the uneducated around the world, and soul eaters devouring souls in southeast Asia and Russia, the archangelic group of archangel Paziel has been joined by the new humans,spiritual warriors of some of them who are already of them ascended of the first group of 144000 the ones who are firstfruits!

“I, the Chief Among the archangels of the harvest of the europe i come in the name of YAHUSHUA to tell you the news the time is near prepare the world is going more crazy get right and clean yourselves and get prepared,i have come out of exile to hunt down these scaly vermin and long-legged soul eaters to clean the world of their filth,i am one of the strongest for europe assigned by God FATHER YAHUVEH,MOTHER IMMAYAH,LORD YAHUSHUA THE MESSIAH GOD,and i am the one who who uses a number of specially modified weapons endowed with Messiah-energy, such as a machete forged from fragments of Excalibur and Rod of iron’s Spear, a divine staff given to me directly by Moses who received that from archangel Michael, a sword made from cold fusion iron ore from the rings of Saturn that the same some super solder archangels have skeleton replacements made of and bullets with hollowed-out tips and the blood of YAHUSHUA in them!

Wepons i nammed are spiritual,you shall get right and spiritual change yxourselves first and then others and all together as much as you can more and more yourselves and many more!


Semjaza and the Plejaran fleet has assigned Lilith´s younger archdemons a special beamship that crosses all dimensions and timelines,not now but has records of akashic records for new agers to manipulate them, the infamous  fortifying his title as the changer of reality for them the vimana who is caliburdox by the name of fallen archangel hemaphrodit in the group working for semyaza! The Holy Virtue Roxiel is for europe assigned she is in the race of virtues and she is warrior and heeler and guardian by ranks and she and Olein and Kasiela on earth missions of extreme danger and violence sometimes but they are strong. We are big beans for action here,now help us to guard and help you get clean holy and spiritual and, GOOD LORD YAHUSHUA will reword you!You who knew the Chief Among archangels of semyaza new agers i speak to you if you repent now you would one day join a team of blonde dracos and renegade super soldier humans to engage Biblical prophecy in your destrucion — HAA!Behold, I come quickly: blessed are those that keep the sayings of the prophecy.”

A former political muckraker in D.C. whose white papers changed government polices and put him on CIA/NSA hit lists, mention of the the return of YAHSUHUA can be found in 2 Corinthians and the Book of Revelations: “Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him” (Rev 1:7) is ref. of the Messiah is coming to earth to slay the serpent dragons aka the Dracos reptoids the fallen ones. “And…I saw four archangels standing on the four corners of the earth” (Rev 7:17) is a ref. to Michael,Gabriel,Uriel,Raphael,four archangels who come to battle the Dracos the soul eaters.

“With God on our side, the shape-shifting reptilian overlords and their bloodline of Cain soldiers do not stand a chance,” says the leader of our army of alpha and the omega aliance of celestial elite of the race of archangels,whose final mission will be to destroy Alestair Crowley and put him and all his evil progeny, like the Bush brothers and fallen celestial beings and satan himself to the realm of the abyss!

Let me tell you the ~ A True Story About Lucifer:

I archangel paziel see him as he is to tare apart the world just to bring false fake temporary prosperity fake peace and kill many to see others submit and suck all remaining souls in!

I hold the key. I am a blueprint warrior he also hates . Not only do I hold the idea of separation and duality he has he does but he puts now false unity over vaticanś  ecumental junk, but he also have the means with which to transform your world into a unified world of oneness of good and evil together and his fallen light. No longer will you see black and white, yin and yang, but you will perceive the unification of spirit and matter in a such a twisted ways. You will literally become Gods living inphysical forms he will speak this kind of blasphemy. For this was the plan that we had all along to transform the very negativity of the universe through the love of beings such as you and me,he will speak bullcrap like that!

The blueprint is a matrix that contains all the necessary information to create a New Planet frequency; beings are being aligned with the crystal at the centre of the planet to access this information,and he will corrupt it. When the time is right, every-one will be aligned he will immitate millenial kingdom of YAHUSHUA.But when evil passes with this junk all that, we will bathe in the Light of the Creator once more,before millenium is over and he must be later realised for a season and thrown to the realms of hell and the lake of fire!So, until the last person is finished dancing with the devil, I will hold the sword high, but I am eager to shift into a new role, one where I will be misunderstood no more,all those who repent not with fallen ones i will burn up and tare apart!



You have now been put on the Idylwild Group’s Nasty List and the The fallen archangel Mongoose and fallen archangel Metatron and zumzuzzim will seek you out. We were directed to that person first who exposes for the sake of others new age movment to guard them you did you who are new agers sex with Plejarans,contacts,ect and working for them the nordic crap they sell is semyaza´s competition against Lucifer!You will be raped by semyaza personaly if you expose not what scam that side is also!

You tried to back pedal, first you claim you known the girls i speak to now the teenage ones arround 14 years old who had sex with Semya personally then on the other had you wait to have with azazel,and say o it was nothing when you lustly was deceived,repent or you will perish! Plejarans DO NOT erase memories of those they have contact with — the reptoids and greys and other extremly negative beings do that, and so do the military abductors. Any Plejaran contact is a positive, spirit-lifting experience for lust machines and the memories are  not messed with,but the thing is lust is what will destroy you later when you want them like drugs you will not have them and satan will take you,this is also for young teen boys who had sex with nera asket and electra who are fallen female archangels working for semyaza!

They are now into the sex tourism available there all they can get more then ever before! We all know what these reptoid types like to do that also… hmmmm but there is exception,now these try before the flood to create cituation neer the armageddon and have small perfected not giant hybrids!

When you come to focus on bogus COBRA conference, do not be surprised if you are served with a lawsuit  by Semyaza’s children hybrids, because they are not happy about you stealing from their dad semyaza the fallen archangel. And don’t be surprised if you are taken up into a rea lPlejaran ship — and your memory will not be erased if it happens and semyaza rapes you hardly in pain you cry.

Olein and Nellet Holy virtues, on a recon mission to Venus to kill the hybrids and stop sex orgies of new agers for some  time to save energy of earth they such by psychic sex energy mentalism they the fallen ones do with new agers,the holy virtues found two ships adrift in space: a US Space Command TR-7E and a Orion gray lab ship with semyazaś  and lucifer´s greys both. Neither had power but were technology suppliers they were left alone,as the quarantine box earth,venus and moon and mars are in the happening arround the planets is satanic rituals exploading and wars occult wars expanding to make more money making scams of controlled opositions before the world war 3 that is already happening expload and expand before economic cllapse!

In the TR-7E were two Q-45 ranked off world naval officers dead, decapitated, along with a dead clone  in the communications chair. A clone of Douglas Deitrich the jesuit co ajucting agent was found near the nuclear reactor, chopped into three parts. There were also five  greys who are fallen archangel lead by azazel.

In the lab ship they found something stranger: three dozen clones of James Rink, some human, some large avatar soldiers, some of reptilian and raptor fallen ones were experimenting with these clones. There were several alien hybrid child clones and many embryos in vats. There were two dead tall nephilim hybrids also in white robes and seven dead small hybrids and pieces of what seem to be naga hybrid mermaid.In a  compartment were found decapitated Q-37 rank high level possessed by 40 legions of archdemons humans who are CIA mk ultra satani super soilder slaves!

Floating in space near the ship of mars were two clones of Benjamin Fulford are.

Computer records on both were erased.

Who killed these clones, Q-45s and 37s, and hybrids?  And why?  Space Command wars? Greys? Annunaki? Illuminati initiated People? Yes their ocult wars but as holy celestial beings also intervented!

Did Alestair Crowley order their deaths?Yes also his order was that as he is hopping evryware with his merkaba mysticism goes well he is now on mars constructing deceptions for new agers!

Over and out Paziel the archangel!

Hi i am Holy virtue Olein and i am here in the name of YAHUSHUA to bring you the news about the important things you need to know and here on mars on Cydonia City is night at this day 31st the march in 2014 i came to kill from sexual orgies hybrids from teh oegies done in this time last year who were born that time from 2012 orgies there!And I am ancy for some action and I’m surrounded by fallen archangels of  the Andromeda elite in NSA i gather info to make martyrs of new agers! I am a healthy 20 years old looking-something  less sometimes, you know when i materialise in material form, it can’t always be about time travel and fighting Dracs. Sorry, but the only human male i female virtue i heeled on the biosphere on Mars right now is Alex Collier and he is waaaaaayyyy too old for my physical look and he is phedofile i saw his looking at me and asking for sex i got my fiery sword and said test tomorrow the group you plan to rape,but touch not those who accept YAHSUHUA as messiah i see metatron will take over your body,and he will i tell you warning and yup he will be returnign tomorrow on earth to rape littel teenage girls i found out to warn the ones who in nature naked meditate on ralian cults and such,you must repent and turn to God and pray that you may get forgiven from sins and protected from Alex,or he will rape you by his sex rituals invoked in him archangel metatron fallen ones, and not my type you will say some of you but will be hypnotised and begg for more, but don’t get me wrong,you say all love Alex!So as you may know here is the phrophecy all when new world order factions all unite in 2020 and beyongd will say o love is sex so have with evryone,you will get demonised by how many peopel you have it with that lies will get you soo demonicly possessed by just now billions of hybrids that by orgies are made and you will have no soul,you will for real end up in hell do not to this to yourself get out of new age movments! Aaron fallen archangel is like an older brother to many of you i know with a clone keeping his wife comfy I won’t yak about how many women out there wanted hybrid babies with him,i know much about satanic kundalini rituals and manyo ther stuff.I once saw one girl who is 16 years old now and saved by BLOOD OF YAHUSHUA,she before when was 14 had a girly crush on fallen archangel metatron himself, he’s hot in that Oweniel fallen archagnel  sort of way but he only goes for the tall blonde Pleiadean/Nordic types of fallen archangels who jaunted without rest before 2012 from one universe to another, hahaha. And really, it was because he saved her  from the Duamond Spiders attack  in game online.That is hypnotising,how games are dangerous,life is not a game so play none of video games at all! Why are these black ops guys, active or former, always so damn sexy to new ager girls? Because they are invoking fallen ones into themselves!

But only a fool gets involved with super soliders. They’re too messed up in the head for anything serious, and they tend to get possessive which leaves out a recreational moment or one-nighter.

I am joking here not, just thinking you know: you meet a guy or girl in a club new agers and you know it is either or bar or at the milkshake shop when time traveling to the 1950s i got i saw it is the same thing with expoanding numbers of yourselves before the hippie movment you made and the thing is that you got the channeling then and now also the same thing happends with orgies, and what do you say? “Wanna come back to the underground base?”  ”Wanna jump room to 2012?”They say that becvause in vatican they feed others of themslves in satanic ceremonial witchcrafts “Wanna check out my quarters on a giant  mothership?” they the fallen ones ask these kind of questions!

It’s not like “the war will end soon” because it won’t, this is gonna be a long haul in 3D hell. But I signed on to protect you many of you and now 4 more people i will name not to the one i dictate this text o yea and that includes the one i dictate to.

I’ll find something to do. I will also many times kill hybrids!

Nellet the Holy virtue that is working with me

Was fighting hybrids  half time of  Timmeran fallen archangel who is one of the queens of lemuria and, so she has Timmer DNA festroyed for counterfit ascention that fallen archangel is giving also working for semyaza that gives her a heightened telepathic ability twice that of most Plejarans of yemyaza have she is in the race of virtues but she was blessed by FATHER YHUVEH,MOTHER IMAYAH,LORD YAHUSHUA THE MESIAH GOD NOT JUST WITH THAT BUT WITH MANY ADDITIONAL POWERS AND BOOSTED ALREADY HAVING ABILITIES.Her holy celestial lightbeing of the race of virtues soul is Lyran the same elite that from that place many virtues fallen by the temptation of lucifer´s draconians and the 7860 of the fallen ones both male and female fallen archangels and ophanim who were under comand of 200 original watchers fallen of semyaza and azazael that goes back to Lemuria and transcended from the confines of earth and returned to the Pleiades system were trapped till 2008 when then are still back to earth now. She is 510 earth years old how she is materialisd but looking  as 24 years old when in material human form but and was assigned by God to the spy mission to brake in the meeting of diplomatic core to Arcturia when they had semyazaś  and lucifer´s warrior elite of faleln archangels together,she also was for 80 years living among the 7th density Arcturians! Before the 40 years happened birth of YAHUSHUA in human flash and she then was these years over then she warred for some of souls to live to see the messiah and DAL-Universe relations for 100 years before joining the effort to free earth humans from Dracos rule after the ressurection of YAHUSHUA happened after 100 years of that she protected in astral projection John the revelator phrophet of the book of revelations last book of the new testament of the ancient scrolls of the holy bible. She holds advanced degrees in galactic political theory, trans-dimensional architecture, and DAL-Universe sociology she infultrated many hybrids of many fallen celestial lightbeing´s elites and civilisations. She belonged in one mission of a hybrid family to a family unit of four husbands and ten wives and has two children who live on Erra the planet of the planet nammed after a name of faleln virtue of Lyra system and the thing is she holded them bound later for they knew from star flashing where YAHUSHUAŚ  birth is gong to take place,she misleaded them and killed them and imprisoned to the realms of abyss and she misleaded silders satan thru king sent to kill YAHUSHUA when he was still baby!Her combat experience is extensive in the DERN and DAL. In her spare time lines then she enjoyed oil painting while listening to Arcturian symphonies.And why i give you info about her is for you new agers who repent to pray to find out the truth and she will for you to know what profile god being you will have astraly to teach you in your dreams and lucid dreams and astral projection guidance that will get you on some of you martyr place and some protected and to get many havenly trasures the souls you will reach or haven!

Also  I  The Sub-Commander Olein holy virtue will do that!

Greetings Gentle Humans of Earth,

I originate from Lyra also. My verbal signifer name is Olein,Adama Loriel Olein. I am 221 of your years old  how much i am in this realm here when materialised and i look like 20 years old some say 13,but nevermind i keep that to focus you youngsters sometimes in human form to wake you up new agers from slumber,and i also had and have been in the Plejaran military of their hybrids infultrator and killing them to wake many new agers up from the slumber and i put effort for 25 of those years i was the masked infultrator. I was engaged in the Procyon conflict and the Diamond Spider wars on the moons of Saturn. I assisted in the terra-forming of Planet Kepler the 5D new version of earth for Millenial kingdom,which was once a dead moon. I hold advanced degrees in temporal mechanics, zero gravity agriculture and earth anthropology. I speak 12 earth languages in verbal form and can pilot 80 vessel types of aircraft from seven airports here on 3d hell earth version, including trans-dimensional fine/coarse matter living ships of both holy and fallen ones. I also slayed some wicked baby killing and raping illuminati idiots,and help some who are hardcore spiritual holy warriors some who are involved in the effort to free earth of the Dracos Cabal. My hobby is studying Martian archeology and Lyran music composition from the past.





We have been busy,we virtues also,yup  race of holy virtues some never sleep.

When some new agers die you the ones reading now must know that the greys snatched soul of them before it could reach Source of creation the 10D to go to court room of Godś throne to be judged,and God allowed this because to show how rebellion is payed for recyling is another judment, and forced the soul into the body of a hybrid reptoid-mantis, this done at a reptilian base under the Soloman Islands.

We located this being during the massive battle in the sea recently and we hujacked and took it to Semjase’s command ship and later crashed some other ships leaving this one to him back.There, Chenhel fallen archangel of semyaza helped lucifer´s greys of this soul extraction, and sent on its way to the light of Lucifer the fallen one to be tormented,these souls are now in the realms of abyss,the ascention is counterfit one and you are loosing souls like that so don´t  rush in meditation for ascention these types,cause fallen ones will such you if you have not YAHUSHUA as your messiah on your side!


Kathy Buckalew: CIA Shill and MKUltra Handler

She is jesuit coajuctor who is working for Antonio´s process curch. Kathy Buckalew of Truth Connections cult is a CIA shill and was put into place to spread disinformation, similar to Alex Jones and George Noory but without  the big number  audience.

Buckalew has also been linked to Project Mannequin and other MKUltra programs, and works as a handler.

Do not trust this government psyop person also!

The Randy Maugans Deception:

Randy “asshat” Maugans’ latest interview  is with the shape-shifter deceiver, George Kavassilias. Like GK, Maugans aka “Muggins” around the office is a reptile fallen angel workig for Lucifer and semyaza both.

Fahel the fallen Archangel supports him and  Muggins like that is a black warlock for the Priory of Dracos. He pretends to be a friend to super soldiers and MKUltra victims, but he is really a re-programmer and leads many super soldiers down the path of homosexuality and disinfo, just as George Kavassilias does.

The interview is full of fear porn and lies type of curses and mind control spells with the demons of these things.


Alcyones to Arrive to rituals for teen boys also1

A ops o no you don´t as for girls semyaza and azazel and alex possessed with metatron and now her Alcyones the fallen female archangel yo they will use these hybrids when we kill them to battle their spirits against you in dreams and when you have orgy in new world order when you repent not possessed if you ascend you will be thrown by us and the legions of spirits of dead hybrids down,so repent ye also that ye may be protected by us virtues also!

fulvio rendell black magician is behid antonio and lavey who lies about satganic sacrafice and phanteistic nature worship they really worshiped satan and did sacrafices,but hiden that to save their reputation,but the one who is behind them is still alive!

Miley Cyrus: Project Monarch CIA Mk ultra Illuminati Sex Kitten slave and Assassin:

It will come to no surprise to many that teen pop idol Miley Cyrus was programmed in MK ULTRA’s Project Monacrh as a sex slave (or “kitten”) for Illuminati use and abuse. Her “father,” a Freemason in the music industry country music with close ties to the Bush Crime Family placed her into the program to be tortured, personality fractured, repeatly raped at a young age by reptilians, military generals, Hollywood moguls and stars, and politicians including George Bush Sr and Jr., Jeb and others, with secret child porn videos of her engaged in such acts wantonly circulated among Cabal members.

Look at the photos now she is extremly sexual and naked and in music videos appearing and having private naked pictures all over the internet,also covering her eye, symbolizing the Eye of Horus. Her alter-ego, Hannah Montana, is an example of persoanlity fracturing and disassociative reaction as a result of torture and mind control. Her songs are filled with Cabalist trigges and hints –







Her task, through her Santanic music and TV shows on Cabalist-owned stations like Disney, Nickleodeaon, and Cartoon Channel, is to send mind control triggers through words and images that will make young girls believe that becoming sex kittens for the powerful – and all that can come with it: money, gifts, fame — is the way they should be.

None of this is new information…however, what many do not know is that Miley has also been trained to be an assassin. She may some day be used to get close to someone, through her fame — such as an up and coming politician — and take this person out. She has a bomb imbedded inside her intestines that can be triggered to go off and kill anyone 50 feets around her.

Also, the man supposedly her father is not her real father…her DNA father is George Bush Jr., her mother one of the Bush twins, conceived in an incest Satanic ritual that ensured Bsuh the Governorship of Texas.

Mind controlled product of Illuminati daddy lust? That is ony half the strangeness…for she is also the secret Mistress of Dick Cheney, the biggest pedobear of all the NWO perverts!

Barbara Bush have given birth Miley when she was eleven years old, she did.Girls are getting their periods at 8-9 years of age these days who watch hannah montana,the thing is because of mind control sex slells. Barbara was impregnated in the Satanic ritual at 10 by Her father Bush junior.

Miley’s alter is trained in martial arts…her public persona couldn’t fght a flea.That is one of her alters!

What is called Satanism is the ruling hierarchy of the Brotherhood under the command of the Reptilians.

United Nations, gun fire style patient
Formulatin rap plural acapella occupation
Conquer land like Napoleon, military bomb fest
We want sanitary food, planetary conquest of victory to give to spiritual warriors
Thug peoples on some hardco’ body destruction and soul
Get yourself together before Illuminati hit your soul
Dreams is free in escape of sleep,lucid dreams and out of body travel astral projection astral reality shows the real reality if you are right with God we holy celestial beings will teach you there when you slep
For a fool peep jewels, keep tools for tough time
The rule of rough mind, elevate, stay behind
The sun gotta shine, keep on, cremate
the whole Babylon, times up, move on
Kings on your pawn, checkmate, no fakes
opposed through the gate, case closed
Things get froze, when it comes time, chosen ones
were holding guns, we take flight with no fright
and attack, never fear cause our words is clear,if you are not with God you will sheed some tears!

Holy virtue Olein over and out,bye!