Blue Bloods!

The fallen celestial beings-the archons-the astral parasited the evil fallen astral beings!


They are the Illuminati Bloodlines (also known as the Secret Government, the New World Order, the N.W.O., the Blue Bloods, the Royal Families of Earth, etc).They are a large secret social society network that controls planet Earth and have existed for about 6,000 years. Our LOGO/Symbol is on the United States dollar bill ($1), it is a pyramid with an eye that has Reptilian-like wrinkled skin around it.


They were genetically recreated in Sumer or Sumeria; which then became Babylon later, by the Lemurian surviving Draconian Reptilians who lives secluded in the inner Earth;the ones who are the original celestial beings who fallen with Lucifer,the place in earth which is hollow is Agharta and Shambala,by mixing their own Reptilian genetics with the Lyraen/human Caucasian genetics who colonized Sumerian from the planet Mars the hybrids of bloodline of Cian.They are hybrids of human and Reptilian genetics,those of them have the direct 50/50 split between both genetics;have the ability to shape shift between either our human or Reptilian form. This is because Reptilian and Mammalian genetics are not compatible with each other, so when we mix them together the being takes on the physical characteristics of whichever genetics are predominant in its physical body. There are also other factors like the Mind-pattern/Soul-personality,these walking corpses are possessed by evil astral beings.
This hybridization project took several generations for the Draco to perfect, they consulted the help of the Sirians who are located in the star system of Sirius A.As they are all here from 2012 and crystal box quarantine is arround earth with gate with Archangel Michael on gate that means that he is the one who is keeping fallen ones staying on earth,but these all have different factions and all of them are working together to bring their agendas and will be in the end after this occult war ends on war against YAHUSHUA and celestial order of the alpha and the omega aliance lead by Archangel Michael and his armies of archangels and saints.

The fallen ones quickly learn that in order to hold our human form they needed to consume human blood, organs, and/or tissue, preferably that of blonde-haired and blue-eyed people the most but the thing is that some of them are killing their hybrids to be born in human form like marlyn manson and criss angel,celldweller,ect,the thing is that they do that since those genetics are the original Lyraen/human genetics which go way back to the star system of Lyrae the ones who drink blood who want to keep the hybrids of theirs.They also became known as Blue Bloods because they have a copper-based blood. When copper-based blood oxidizes, it has a blue-ish/green color, that’s where the term Blue Blood comes from and is still used to describe us royalty and the elite society.They are the vampires on planet Earth, including the Romanian ruler; Vlad III Dracul (Vlad The Impaler) himself, who was apart of their Reptilian/human hybrid bloodlines who these fallen celestial beings possess these demonic hybrid bloodlines who are children of CIAN from Lemuria and hyperborea.

The vampires sat that a vampire can shape shift into a bat, this is how some of  hybrids and full blood Draco have wings bigger then other celestial beings.The Sirians eventually helped the alpha dracos yet again by creating a hybrid animal in Satanic ritual ceremony. The Sirians chose the wild boar and mixed its genetics with human genetics to create a domesticated pig, which is why pigs are used in the medical field because it is the most compatible with humans,pigs and bats are creation of Lucifer,since the pig is a human/wild boar hybrid.

The Ancient Hebrews would not eat pork for this reason,as God warned that is because it is demonic and satanic and cannibalistic to eat a demon a hybrid and get sick and possessed and controled by it;they knew it was a human/wild boar hybrid and is considered a form of cannibalism to eat,which is true.The secret is long kept hidden from you slaves, because you idiots don’t question anything. You believe what you are told and whatever fake version of history the fallen ones present to you sheeple goyim.
They were originally created to serve the Reptilians and rule the Earth’s surface population for them in secrecy as your kings and queens of royalty. However,they now have our own agenda to conquer and spread our tyranny across the world, using America and Israel´s Zionist cabal luciferian order as the home-base of a tyrannical Luciferian empire.They call the agenda the “New World Order,” you may have heard of it. You can purchase our shirts in our Satanic Macy’s Store.They are ready for you to know about them because they are tired of hiding,they want all of you slaves on the same page and there is nothing you can do about it if you are not right with yourself,God,nature,others your brothers and sisters.They ritualisticly by Mossad kicked off the New World Order on work by Orion power oppening by dooing rituals that opened stargates of orion alpha 570 666 universal 0913666 merkaba of Lucifer and Samael and Dagon who assumed formes of planes to tare buildings apart where more demonic beings and spirits were summoned to be placed and the demonic faces seen on buildings are the major big sign that the more of the quarantine was beeinfg liften then and more and more of the evil beings were returning ot earth and that the matrix they created fake story on mainstream media like terrorist attack is the biggest junk for the souless and brainless who are dammed for hell with point of no return zombies and the thing is that the alternative controlled opposition media of illuminati that is was technological freak job and it was neither terrorists nor wackjob nor job nor attack,that was sign of attack on human race,but how much lies and summoning tghe matrix energy and harvesting satan creates the more these beings get their power from and the 911 movments and all the movments in general but this movment feeds the vampire archon evil astral fallen celestial beings and gives them power for false ascention for created astral 4D reality they have in atmosphere here for the world who are many who survive are new agers with that false DNA counterfit merkabah mark of the beast and the ones downloaded souls to chip by transhumanist type of the mark of the beast the box mysticism and reverse psychology and they have been boxing and trapping many souls to the box since then more then ever before  by just that event that happened on  September 11, 2001, when they demolished the twin towers in New York by controlled demolition and sacrificed thousands of you to harness the energy to use for their goals.They summoned Horison fallen archangel to hit the Pentagon building, which is literally lighting that Satanic Pentagram on fire, and they also shot down Flight-93 in Pennsylvania fake story they created that was seraphis bay fallen seraphim who immitated shot plane there and the one now that was in Malasia to make people look outside of themselves to loose their minds o look that this and that there and stuff like that o illuminati do this and that they lie they manipulate they give fake false information little bit true mixed with lies and counterfited and with compromise with their controlled opposition now that is major work,they know that sun is activated more to be hotter and they spray chemtrails to calcify pineal glands as they know that works not soo much and prayers and spiritual warfare and higher chackra spiritual warriors who have activated who change weather they use then to counterfit spiritual power and to make the demonic beings possess healthy pineal glands the third eye of people to control from controlled opposition so they create matrix more there for them as they have more and more of these demonic happenings they run both sides the archons know what they do and make people think that while always they make them do almost extrely close as on what they should but not completly and they use to make them go from bad to worst to beeing deceived and to deceive.Donald Rumsfeld even slipped his tongue and said we did this in a few speeches, that moron. It doesn’t matter though because you slaves will believe whatever official information we present to you. We also did 9/11 to start a war with a fake non-existent enemy of terrorists and World War III that you slaves would support. As soon as the fear of terrorists dies out amongst you slaves, we will stage another attack, but this time it will be much bigger; a Staged project blue beam  Invasion,fake messiah and much more.

As that one revealed himself that video beeing blocked from his dragon form speaking that he done some serious tasks to summon of very few who saw out of fear the energy they did use to make dumbasses souless zombies more zombies and to feed as much as they can,they use to create many new world order new age movments and they feed of that energy of movments and they use movments who are activists and even alex jones and david icke movments are not enough they use many controlled opposition movments who say this and or that they warn before they attack but they as know you have free will and many will be deceived and many will run from the wolves black sheep but the thing is that they will make many religious and political and racist and supplies wars to su8mmon energy for more half truths movments and from them one day as YAHUVEH,IMMAYAH,YAHUSHUA ALLOW SATAN TO MAKE THEIR STAGED INVASION AFTER THE FAKE RESCUE THE ASCENTION AGENDAS AND ALL THAT WILL BE PLAYED COMPLETLY AND MARK OF THE BEAST AFTET THAT CAN BE PUT TO WORK AND CRASH OF ECONOMY AND MANY OTHER HORRIFIC STUFF AND THEN IS THE ULTIMATE TESTING THAT GOD PUT UPON HUMANITY!


This time you worthless slaves will really be in fear from this fake false flag staged event threat and they will trick you also into coming together under a global government, global military police force, global currency credit system, a micro-chipped population,transhumanism and counterfit merkabah activation new agers who are possessed by them also not knowing and 0martial law by putting the planet on complete lockdown to protect and defend from this fake event.They will create chaos to restore order and make you think this is the End-Time top it all of with a staged second coming of the FAKE PHONEY COUNTERFIT SAVIOR figure Emmanuel,, and he will proclaim the New World Order as his New UNHOLY empire and we will merge all of our mind-control and programming religions into a global “New World Religion.” They got their rituals for that during the Montauk Project, which ran from 1970-1983. During Montauk,they got apollyon again rebirthed from Lilith where she was implanted with a programmed fetus designed for a specific function. Emmanuel was taken from his mother at the age of 9 and trained for 20 years at the Giza Pyramid in Ancient Atlantean and Egyptian principles and Magick.They will make staged the crucifixion and send him to India where  places him under Reptilian controlThey will also have new merged  Reptilian hybrid Illuminati bloodline with Emmanuel’s and the Lilith´s  lineage a few generations down the road before armageddon.Religion is one of the tools the archons the jinns the fallen celestial beings the demonics used for mind-control and program all of you slaves, the truth is not even close to religion,religion evry single one of them have at least 3% of the truth but all rest is counterfit and lies.They will have turned the counterfiting miracle of YAHSUHUA´S RESSURECTION OF KILLED APOLLYON ARCHDEMON OF CHAOS THE SON OF SATAN THE FALLEN CHERUB AND LILITH FALLEN SERAPH Emmanuel/ into a Satanic zombie,he will reanimate himself  and order you slaves to worship him.In fact,they did this many times throughout history since Babylon,to counterfit miracles,they will do it again,they did it in egypt and they did it before YAHSUHUA was on the cross crusified and ressurected. Each religion is just another version of the previous one, all the fallen ones did was change the names of the deities-themselves the religion means relaying on the jinn the jinn is jinne the one spirit who grants wishes and brings prosperity,the thing is that the demonic spirits are the ones who take 3 wishes and steal soul,the thing is that they use to receive the energy of rush and the number 3 is as they do all that is deununcing of HOLY TRINITY AND THE BLASPHEMY AND SELLING SOUL TO THEM,these high level satanic spirits are the ones who are invoked for selling of soul after these are done there can be more wishes,but the thing is that they are using these souls now they possessed people and after that they have gigantic control and they use to give control over others and that is how they steal souls now from the one they got that is also what goes in so called secret societies and the thing is they are called secret not because they are themselves but the knowlage and stuff they hide that is why and turned the Satanic rituals into holidays is what the fallen ones did they are in war against God the creator and the humanity.

For example, Christmas is actually a ritual from Babylon known as the Winter Solstice. The three-horned Reptilian astral god/deity/entity that sheeple goyim majority who will go to hell fore eternity worship. This entity exists in lower levels of the Astral Plane and people sacrifice many of you slaves to this Astral Reptilian being known as santa claus the prince of darkness you call „devil“ who is Luciofrage Rofacale Sataniel.The desire they make on humanity is they make them sertin elite of them  would also like to meet more of those Sirians from Sirius A, the most technological advanced civilization in the galaxy; so they can trade technology and sexualy mate with them,so they use hybrids to kill other humans off.

Now this time period is correctly projected to be the timeline of the Fallen Angels, and cast from Heaven.
Vlad’s bloodline can be traced and is shown on the chart. Not only does this prove the bloodline but also who the Anti-Christ will be. So many areas point to this bloodline as ONE!
Outside alien influences may be how it’s phrased but the only influence is Satanic. These what they themselves thru media promote in some forms they put publicly now and in movies they warn masses they are all both good and bad celestial beings not humans,therefore they are to be called aliens,right,yea right,and the thing is that yes they are but there are the ones promoted in the matrix the media who are these these ‘aliens’ are demonic, nothing more, nothing less. Even President Reagan who was possessed the being who run president puppet have from satan command to reveal plans as God ordered to satan to do that,now he warned that  he was behind the mindset of a alien invasion is his remarks of his speech made;
“… when you stop to think that we’re all God’s children, wherever we may live in the world, I couldn’t help but say to him, just think how easy his task and mine might be in these meetings that we held if suddenly there was a threat to this world from some other species from another planet outside in the universe. We’d forget all the little local differences that we have between our countries and we would find out once and for all that we really are all human beings here on this earth together”
White House transcript of “Remarks of the President to Fallston High School Students and Faculty” December 4, 1985
So, this whole matter of an alien invasion was given basis long ago and is enforced as this is published. What’s confusing is that yes, there will be a “BlueBeam” enactment. Yes, there will be a unison of world governments to bring forth this scenario. Yes, they will convince millions that they are frendly aliens after that,but the truth they are not the frendly ones they come not in the  name of YAHSUHUA. Yes, they will bring the New World Order because it is the demonic forces that initiated this whole agenda. Yes, it will be brought forth with such a massive force of technology that it will be accepted as what it seems. Yes, Satan is the leader and will use his influences and power to inhabit a human body first before he materialises to rule as one major ruller openly.
This whole mess of the counterfeiting of Yahshua’s bloodline is yet to be seen, but there is info all over the internet that point to the message of a bloodline from YAHUSHUA but this is by far proof. The fact that many want to confuse the masses deals with the Satanic agenda.
The whole 7 stage format of the Elite goes as such:
1. The Illuminati with freemasonery
2. The Bilderberg’s and commitete of 300
3. Council of the Foreign Relations and Zionists
4. Trilateral Commission and Skull and Bones Society
5. United Nations-Nesara and Europian Union
6. The Club of Rome and Vatican with its ecumental movment and area 51
7. The New Age Movement and theosophical society with unity curch universalists

This brings to mind that everything of GOD is counterfeited! GOD loves the number seven and the elite use it and trash the number as they do everything else they ouch.
The information given of the origin of these sects who confess to be from certain areas of space, to me just lends to the fact that Satan has dominion over space and air and uses it to the best of his benefit. To confuse someone and convince them of our Creator is being accomplished by the seven entities above but number seven is in full force but the others are firmly behind it.
The Satanic agenda is firmly instituted in this scenario because the entity they describe as the leader is Satan. His agenda hasn’t changed, nor his tactics.**



Get your house (SOUL) in order because….TIME IS RUNNING OUT.