those selling ascention stories or expanded type of phrophecy of bible stories and all that end time apocalyptic stuf they reveal nothing at all they reveal not,they are demonic basterds who God will judge merchendaisers of sheeple goyim deceiving with propaganda liars spawns of satan sold out souls to sell you about nephilim stargates and all that fallen angels and new world order and how to ascend and crystals and all that there is partial truths with them all but they are too full of shit mystical demonic draconian basterds profiting from your naive nature wake the hell up and burn these books and learn first the knowlage of self and clean yourself from matrix and get right with God and be spiritual and holy and dettach,deprogram and rise up and wise up,return to nature and get sleaned up and wake the hell up it is still the time for that before it is too late come on hurry up!