ITS the Snake in the Forehead…But its no Snake….ITS SATAN!
THE THING even has Horns…
That is the Serpent dragon!!!!!!
THAT is the Beast!!!!!!
Those are currently in many heads and all to ill effect… the symbol is attack by draconian fallen celestial beings on human´s third eye 6th chackra/sence so that people will be blinded spiritualy,calcification!
Devil Worshipers LOVE THAT THING, because it makes them Rich and Famous…They receive instructions from these evil spirits!
This is the Snake on the Crown of all the Egyptians,
IT lives in human heads and controls THEM…
IT is literally the fallen celestial beings and satan´s rule over egyptians
That is the Satanic Serpent Brain Parasite kundalini serpant,that is child demonic spirit from dragon fallen beings.
That is in their Heads controlling THEM…
That is a Draco Reptile Brain Creature, and THEY LIVE
in OBAMA ‘s Head also!!…….
That Draco Reptilian Thing relates to the Gray Collective from Serpo in a tag team fashion… Serpents/Demonic spirits!
Apparently both those ancient and wretched races are in decline.
Both those races saw humanity and the unique human genome as their Salvation…
Apparently in exchange for souls of satanists/luciferians giving humans tech was received.
Many humans wanted to help them dominate and exterminate humanity. Halpern, Bushscherff, Cheney, Hitler, Stalin, All Bank Families…
The Templars ‘s Ritual: “Kissing The Anus”… THAT was the Ritual, where IT, would jump out from one Satanic Ass, into another’s Demonic Mouth…
Look at the Phaoroe Crowns!!!!!!
Look at all Those Snakes Worming out of the Foreheads!!!!!!
THAT is The Serpent Satan Reptile Snake in the Head in all of THEM… 
So they did mummification to come back into the right bodies…
We presume it can parasite itself into any animal…. All across the universe.
The DRACO GAMMA radiation burst event of 2020 will be their invasion…they are here from 2012,but hiding,in humans-satanists,in air in water,underground.
The Knights Templars were the very paragons of the manly, knightly homosexual basterds: they were also, many of THEM, Homosexuals. 
Their Initiation Ceremony included not only Religious and Feudal Rituals but Homosexual Rituals, as well. 
The Order of the Knights Templars was, in fact, a Homosexual Warrior Elite.
THEY were founders of the homosexual male gay worldwide constantinian babylonian sun worship cult known as Christianity, worshiping a cat and goat the idols the fallen celestial beings-half human and half animal beasts, and “THAT at their initiation they were required to kiss the Templar receiving them on the Anus (or Backbone, KISSING THE ANUS RITUAL), on the Penis, and on the Mouth, and THAT THEY were then told that they might have Carnal Copulation with one another and were to submit to it passively if required by another GAY Templar to receive more demons.”
THEY were founded in Jerusalem in 1118,the kaballistic cult they expaned to the jesuit order translating and removing names of God and making satanic pagan sun worship cult christianity woman hating gnostic cult.
Came under the influence of anti GOD AND ANTI WOMEN GAY NEO KABALISTIC heresies and of surviving jewish askenazi zionazi zionist gnostic Cults, and that this was part of their sexual outlook.
The Essential Homosexuality of the Knights Templars,is like this: “did not reside in the Private or Personal Homosexual Activity of any specific members of the order. . . . 
The Homosexuality of The Order was part and parcel of its resistance to God´s authority and war against nature and God and women and masked pagan devil worship.”
 PREYING MANTIS humanoid type of being is another race of fallen celestial beings that control some of draconians…

They are usually on the ships with the grey and reptilian humanoids,but are in charge or command of greys. 

When we give idl worship devotional energy when we pray to idols and statues and dead saints and evrything that is not holy trinity that is not God when we sin like that is it being devoured by a insectoid mantis type of fallen celestial being humanoid!
The ancient being known as N Hamaddi, Egypt speak of a type of parasitic entity that can control a person’s thoughts who are in egyptian necromantic necronomicon high level seremonial esoteric transdemonic chaos freemasonery magic. 
 The fallen spirits can feed off her energy in person´s  light matrix. 
These are the mind parasites, called Archons…They attack and manipulate tv wathing,meat eating,sin living lifestay,sodium flouride water drinking calcified third eye pineal gland 6th chackra/sence people,witchcraft practicing,rock music listening,drunkards,smokers,abusers,homosexuals-gays and lesbians,anarchists,curch goers because our body is tample of God and building is money stealing so kids can die in africa,money stealing,drug addict and any kind of people like this!
The Little Grey Archons or Archon Aliens and Mind Parasites they are called.
From the Biblical Serpent who tempted Adam and Eve in the gar-DEN of E-DEN,these devils from beginning were exposed.
Shakespeare said it best as he always does:
“Eye of newt, and toe of frog,
Wool of bat, and tongue of dog,
Adder’s fork, and blind-worm’s sting,
Lizard’s leg, and howlet’s wing,–
For a charm of powerful trouble,
Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.”
Seeing what I wrote to you BROTHERS and SISTERS, IT is Horrific… 
Its like Nutso Psychobabble…

ACCEPT YAHUSHUA as your messiah repent and live holy and get cleaned up and cut off from matrix!