Mostly of lyran fallen virtue heritage, the “Federation” adheres to a strict satanic policy.

For thousands of years these “MU-SUVIANS” of the ancient Mojave region have been colonizing public school systems from their massive base below the Panamint Mts. of Death Valley using hyperspace propulsion systems of the best 4D technology tehy came here. The Death Valley – Panamint base is currently one of the largest and oldest Federation bases on [or within] the Earth, and consists of vast natural and artificial caverns and chambers – some of them miles in diameter – which possess differing environmental,atmospheric and gravitational conditions to accommodate the various Federation dignitaries who are always visiting the base of nasa as always area 51.

REPTILIANS (Alpha Draconis)

In direct commanders to the United Federation is the Draconian Race. This is the Race that can be found operating in the Dulce New Mexico Area.

In Allegience with this race is: American Intelligence agencies ie. Navy’s “COM-12”. Bavarian Intelligence agencies such as the CIA-NSA “AQUARIUS”,area51,nasa sect cult,scientology sect cult,nesara,illuminati. This group maintains a pact with and is even largely under the control of the Reptilian Gray Empire antichrist hive mind Collective. MJ-12 seems to be vacillating between the two extremes, and may in fact be a battleground betweend serpents . Serpents described below:


Tall tall Reptilioids control various smaller reptilian “gray”naga species

A insidius iguana-like dark-skinned sorcerer-priest class that is often seen wearing hooded robes standing about 5 ft. tall;

A shorter 4-5 ft. tall race of reptilian-amphibians that have been described as appearing like “frog faced lizards” that are fallen watchers/archangels and ophanim.

Nordic Slaves to Serpents: Often a Nordic is seen in the company of several of these “Reptilians” .

Silver Fleet Alliance (Nephilim (Giants) ) Vs. Reptilian (Dracos)

neo-Mayan residents of Mt. Shasta,part of the Aghatan Sliver Fleet Alliance that is leader of nephilim giants on nibiru planet that also as all other fallen celestial races came to earth with Lucifer in 2012 0n 21 december. HThe crystal holographic recordings revealing an ancient race of whom are again in alliance with a race of human hybrid giants made by annunaki aryan fallen watchers-ophanim and archangels under of command of semyaza not for Lucifer this is another fallen celestial race that live within the bowels of earth on a large island in the middle of the sea under the Gobi desert. * This particular area has been also linked the way of down underground cities of ‘Shambhala’.