Douglas Hamp, Gonz Shimura, Rob Skiba, and Brian Godawa are jesuit gate keepers,they reveal a lot but they hide more then they reveal,they use juristiction curse and religious hideout and religion is not of God,so they are not also revealing true names of God and living in obedience more,not revealing true sabbath and stuff dispensationalism they are and limited,they put and point their schools like this and that and they are promoting jesuit schools,they are not what they seem to be and they have channel face like the sun and the sun god is lucifer also they are not so bright!

this is their channel and this one is also satanic one:

this ine is sellout total sellout and baptist freemasonic agent!

He is goveremental agent spy!

that one i exposed before who is spawn of satan who is lilith´s agent of freemasonery warevolf in transformation and lacentrophy and merkabah mysticism.

that one and this one:this is street kaballist who is street choping of heads spiritualy dooing he is not teaching true names of God and true sabbatha dn holy life to win souls to fallow him just with false names to fallow satan really,for his purposes he does that he is goverement agent!


these apologetics expose pretty much good stuff but they hide a lot of information and put radical limitations and promote public blasphimers and cults that promote nehemiah cult center that i exposed many times! is street cat also as many of these are and these are to gain fallowers for themselves who to manipulate and not to bring to God,these are high level goverement agents,the true street cats are arrested,this one is not! this site

is also illuminati controlled opposition they reveal some stuff and they are nothing but stooge shil site!

These are omegan layer of illuminati´ s nesara part of the elite!