Ron Haskell

that is profile of that basterd,do not get deceived by this lukewarm basterd!

Ron Haskell

1:55 AM

+kizvegmx bitter mouth, bitter stomach, bitter waters!  One-third of the waters turn bitter.  People are the waters!  You are very clear on your appeal!  Sorry it does not equate to Love!   


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no water is land water that is not for drinking bible yes have parables and have also literal meaning like scorpion gigantic beings from revelation 9 who are fallen celestial vbeings,pray to know and understand bible you know it not,you know God not,youdeserve this,read original bible,homosexuality is sin,it is first wrong moraly,second,not normal,third not healthy,and not natural,WE ARE MADE IN IMAGE OF GOD-PARENTS AND CHILDREN,HOLY TRINITY WE REPRESENT WITH FAMILY…..Holy Trinity:Abba YAHUVEH(FATHER),YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH(SON-CHRIST-MESSIAH),RUACH ha KODESH/IMMAYAH(HOLY SPIRIT-MOTHER)!

You are cursed,and i return all your curses and spells of lukewarm mentality in the name of YAHUSHUA BY THE BLOOD OF YAHUSHUA,I REBUKE YOU AND YOUR CURSES IN THE NAME OF YAHUSHUA AND DESTROY THEM in YAHUSHUA´S HOLY AND MIGHTY NAME AND PLACE AND robes of righteousness BY THE POWER AND SPIRIT AND THE ANNOINTING OF GOD YAHUVEH,IMMAYAH,YAHUSHUA!When you speak about love you speak about lust which is not love and lust is selfish and love is not,love is self sacrafice!”Revelation 3:16So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.”
“Matthew 25:41 “Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels.” You know what this man teaches some extremyl good stuff and is against paganism and against many crazy stuff of satan he exposed and reveals,but the thing is what false is hell is forever torment and not evrybody gets saved only 3% and 97% go to hell,the thing is that all beings both celestial beings:all races:Angels




Virtues-also called and known as fairies





and us humans and animals.
The thing is you can escape hell by not beeing lukewarm and getting right with YAHUSHUA the messiah,but you just on false interpretations get caught because he said this or that i am for him i pray for him also but there are some mistakes he made,sex is not bad he is right we are made that way for reproduction but sex before marriage is sin there are 3 unforgivable sins and there is first suicide,second is selling soul to satan and third is blasphemy,and the thing is that hell is forever and saturday is sabbath he is right about that and that some of angels mixed with humanity,remember tales of incubus and succubuss,that is just that,anyways you have much to learn and the false interpretations got you into lukewarmness instead to pray to find out what is true what and who speaks what you listen and fallow like a sheep you are moron,wake the hell up,and pray for yourself and yours and his salvation as i do for myself and others,this is serious,God is against sin,God did not allowed angels who bitten people to such blood to receive sexuzal functions and did mix with humans and animals and building atlantis and lemuria God sent flood killed hybrid races and destroyed ancient technological highly advanced civilisations and send them to realms of abyss,what do you think if you stay lukewarm that you gonna get saved?!answer is:HELL NO!! O YEA THERE IS SCARY ASS HELL YOU KNOW THAT REALM IS TORMENT ITSELF,YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED NOT TO TELL BEFORE THE THRONE OF GOD THAT NOT TO LIE!ANYWAYS HELL IS FOREVER,SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE IS SIN,AND THE THING IS THERE ARE 3 DEADLY SINS,AND GOD JUDGES AND GOD IS BALANCE!GOD IS LOVE BUT GOD CURSED FIG TREE AND HATED EASU,O YEA NOW YOU SEE!READ BIBLE AND PRAY AND PRAY AND PRAY AND WAKE THE HELL UP BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE,YOU HAVE LACK OF PRAYERS AND STUDYNG TO SHOW YOURSELF APPROVED YOU CAN TALK THIS AND THAT BUT YOU ARE LUKEWARM AND THE THING IS THAT GOD HATES THAT,GOD LOVES THE SINNER BUT HATES THE SIN,BUT DON´T GO FURTHER TO BECAME REPOBRATE THEN GOD WILL HATE THE!ANYWAYS WAKE UP AND SMELL THE GOD DAMN COFFE,BE ON FIRE,THAT IS WHAT GOD WANTS,COME ON THIS IS SERIUOUS,GOD DOES NOT HAVE RELIGION,YOU HAVE SPIRIT OF RELIGION YOU SEE PERVETED PICTURES AND YOU ADORE THEM,YOU RECEIVE THEM FROM SATAN AND NOT FROM GOD YOU STRIP ME OFF NAKED WITH DESIRE,YOU ARE DISCRASE TO HUMAN RACE LUKEWARM ONES THAT GOD HATES THE MOST YOU ARE WORSE I CAN GO ON AND ON WHY BUT NO USE TILL YOU BUILD STRONG  WILL AND CHARACTER,GOD HATES FAGS OF LUKEWARM RELIGIOUS PHONEYS,GET OUT OF HER,OUT OF BABYON THE MYSTERY GET OUT OF WE B OF LIES OF LILITH!

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Look that to understand!
Here are explanations this person is occultist:
“Revelation3:16So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.”
“Matthew 25:41 “Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels.”
If he reads these blogs and change he is good,if not he did one of unforgivable sins of soicide,blasphemy or sold soul to satan!Suicide!?
Well person can be reanimated by demonic spirit when soul is in hell,but the thing is that then he is already there and that that is some demonic spirit agent of satan to do satanic infiltration!
Anyways the thing is witchcraft is sin:

All Witchcraft Is Satanic!
Witchcraft is Evil… Witchcraft is of the Devil

… the sin of witchcraft…” —1st Samuel 15:23

 “Ye that love the LORD, hate evil…” —Psalm 97:10

Occult is witchcraft!

Let´s see the words of the one who wrote he is not in religion,but he is he is liar jus like his spiritual father the devil the father of all lies the demonic fallen one…

Here are his words:

Ron Haskell


 commented on a video on YouTube.

Shared publicly  –  Dec 29, 2013

I am much different, coming from no religion and discovering Spirit through the wiccan/occult New Age workshops.  From the energy work to prayer, mysticism abound.  I knew of ghosts in the past but now I only know of the Holy Ghost!  I met the Serpent in a Lucid state and I broke the paralysis.  I even met an Angel who took my seed and placed a symbol on my forehead.  I am convinced it was Gabriel and the inkhorn is what he used. 

I rid my life of all occult material and symbols and I even burned the bible including a life-long occult library.  I battled demons in the abyss in my mind who spoke as clear as you do, and I fell to the pit of it and gnashed out to GOD, against GOD. 

I met a man who claimed he was GOD and to whom answered a Prayer!   

Now I live in Peace!  I do! 🙂  My mind is empty and quiet.   It is simply amazing to be freed of such things and to not be indoctrinated.  I live the book if I must!  I experienced Noah and Ham!  I know Moses more than I care to admit!  The Living Word is through us, as a Fractal expression!  I am certain Lot has nothing on me!  I do find it is the heart of Esau that cries out to me and I see Jacob as underhanded in his efforts to obtain the Heavenly inheritance by way of a woman! Seems themed that way to me even now!

I was told I am of the House of Manasseh, which accounts for my forgetfulness I suppose!  One day I will forget my Pain!  Yeah, and remembering the Daisies!”

First of all God is not a man,this is blasphemy,he is guilty of that prays not for discerment and tests not in human form materialised fallen angel that is,this person is possessed by fallen angel,he did suicide and the blasphemy like that then and he did not just that but sold his soul by some ritual and by unholy prayer,that is demonic souless body writing,the fallen angel who stolen the soul of that person,do not get deceived!