His mission(OF EDDIE) from God the administrator of that page was to reveal to people the truth he toleraded deception demonicly possessed sheeple full of demons that is beeing in agreemant with demons,God does not have religion he gave himself that and put a curse on himself and did tolerance he even without praying for spiritual discerment promoted interia empire.

Anyways Inertia Empire page on facebook is satanic controlled opposition held by insectilians lead by Belial,these are illuminati agents deception artists,be aware of them!Don´t  accept their lies!

The thing is that is too much compromise for that person to because of likes wants reject me from administrators and to dissobe God because selling knowlage is sin of blasphemy and selling soul to satan,he got possessed,he tolerated too much God allowed him to get hurt and sick and hsi little daughter because he is in rebellion he listened to God to add me as administrator,but he then later obeyed satan and sold out to have more likes for money likes and likers of page were important more then these people are awakened and he tolerates their lies,that is someone who have no life,he is illuminati puppet eazily,if you are not right with God on this completly who you are not and who to tolerate in knowlage about illuminati how much you claim that you are not for illuminati,you are infact for them,it is spiritualy,let no demons deceive you in this mattero fo this important thing!