I’ve noticed people on here that add up a bunch of key numbers, dates, and bible verses, and then somehow relate them to 666. I appreciate your sincerity, but please stop doing this.That is against bible.  It isn’t even biblical. The Beast of Revelation wasalso first example  Nero Caesar.  If you take the numerical value of Nero Caesar’s name, in Hebrew (Nron Qsr), it adds up to 666. N=50, R=200, O=6, N=50, Q=100, S=60, R=200 = 666.  Also, the name “antichrist” doesn’t even APPEAR in the book of Revelation.  It only appears in John’s first epistle, where he states that anyone who denies YAHUSHUA THE MESSIAH is the son of God and part of Godhead trnity the God incarnate in flash,who denny all that is an antichrist, and in the bible is said there were already MANY antichrist’s among them at the time!  America is satan´s   seat and on God´s judment.The majority of prophecies of the old testament were about the appearance and work of the Lord YAHUSHUA, and God’s punishment on the wicked, unbelieving Israelites.  The majority of prophecies in the New Testament were written for the peoples living in the first century.  The prophecies in Revelation related to the destruction of apostate heretical blasphemous satanic doctrines and tyrannical Rome, the two great enemies of many holy peoples.The only prophecies that we have to look forward to now are about all the nations coming unto Mount Zion to worship and learn of God. Now that is a prophecy of hope and progress that applies to us and that we can strive towards.
Anyways however the thing is that demonicly possessed date setters are setting people for fake counterfit glorified bodies by fallen celestial beings under occult power in new world order of illuminati and nesara and fake project blue beam holographic immitation show before the genuine will be for the ones who does not know anything to get railed into system to get indoctrination brainwash to later ascend to counterfit low vibrational satan´s copycat 4D version of earth in this 3D upper atmosphere that counterfit “glorified ressurection/rapture/ascebtion/transition bodies” how ever you wanna call it body is going to be COUNTERFIT DNA MARK OF THE BEAST BODY!
There is one of many date setters and this is demonic satanic basterd openly setting people and not repenting of that error with archdemon in it and having fallen angel i see that with spiritual discerment and does blasphemy also,i will give examples from some conversation of one person who did converse/communicated with one date seting satanic kaballah merkabah mysticism basterd Renee Moses,that channel is demonised full of unbiblical junk and with counterfit names of TRINITY and all kinds of junk and missused biblical verses stay away from this date setting to counterfit and to project blue beam new world order antichrist agent demonicly possessed idiot!
This site is made by will of satan by that basterd i exposed:
that site is junk of satan!
Do not get deceived and driven in hell by this moron!