Hellstromism is 

What is Contact Mind Reading!

That is form of spiritual discerment of many forms to mostly read minds about people what place they think about or what number usualy to solve many big things you may have the ability only when you have spirtiual discerment the best thing is that biggest whole of feeling covered and next one as in otherś mind as deception you see the one that is covered if looking in eyes that has light at that moment when you go with hands and speak silently in your toughts but forming form of lips forcing to see thru deception and you got whisper of what it is,that is putting other´s mind into alpha state.

States of mind:

Different States of the Mind:

The human mind is a wonderful and amazing piece of intricate machinery. With particular regard to hypnosis, the different states of mind we experience, are quite important to understand how and why hypnotherapy works.

There are two main parts of the human mind:

The Conscious Mind
This is the analytical and critical part of our brain that governs our awareness or consciousness at any point in time. It is the final processing point for our decisions, actions or reactions in daily life which we are aware that we are making.

The Subconscious Mind
This is the ‘deeper’ part of the mind that is responsible for processing thousands of things at any one time and for storing everything we have experienced in our lives in differing degrees of importance. It sort of runs on ‘Auto Pilot’ without us even realizing it is doing so much. In this respect it is much like the hard drive of a computer that stores information that is accessed by the other parts of the computer/mind.

(Many other recognized institutions and researchers also refer to the ‘unconscious mind‘ which is usually concerned with regulating the automated processes of the physical body. For the purposes of this article and also the school of belief that Mind Motivations and The Australian Academy of Hypnosis subscribes to, the subconscious mind encompasses the ‘unconscious’ mind also.)

The mind operates at 4 predominant Brainwave States or Frequencies

These different states are classified according to the speed of the predominant brainwave signals from one neurological point to another at any one point in time. This speed and frequency is measured in ‘Hertz’ and the figures are obtained using an Electrocardiogram (EEG) machine.

For the purposes of this article from a hypnosis perspective we are not covering the ‘Gamma’ ranges which exist beyond 40Hz…

1. Beta: This is where our mind usually operates in daily life. In such a state we have full conscious awareness and attention of everything around us and usually only one side of brain is operating. Beta is usually typified by brainwave cycles of 15 to 40 Hz (cycles per second) Higher cycles of Beta Frequency usually equate to stress, anxiety and ‘over thinking’ as the conscious mind becomes misguided or reacts negatively to a given situation. High brainwave beta frequency also equates to hypertension, increased heart rate, increased blood flow, cortisone production and glucose consumption. Generally speaking, you do not want to experience the high beta state too often if you are concerned about your health. (Some techniques are included below to ensure this does not happen)

2. Alpha: A mild daydream or light relaxation state. Operating in Alpha can be exemplified to when you are driving a car and just cruising around or when you get captivated into a good book and sort of lose track what is happeningaround you. Meditation is usually aimed at achieving Alpha and the brain operates in cycles between 9Hz & 14Hz. Alpha is typified by partial conscious awareness and partial subconscious predominance at the same time. It is useful to absorb information when in Alpha and is considered to be highly desirable for more effective studying. Alpha promotes more of the left side of the brain to be used for processing.

3. ThetaDeep relaxation where the conscious mind is, for the most part, ‘switched off’, and the subconscious mind is left to flourish. This is usually typified by sleep, dreaming, very deep relaxation and is where most hypnotists aim at taking their clients down to. Theta shows brainwave cycles operating at 5hz to 8hz. Theta is where ideas, visualizations and suggestion are more likely to enter the subconscious mind and consciously we become less aware of what is going on around us.

4. DeltaExtremely deep relaxation/sleep with complete subconscious operation. Delta is experienced in the deepest of sleeps and is interesting because it is proven that the physical body begins to recuperate and recover at a heightened level. You can be in waking delta if you are in an advanced state of meditation. This state is associated with ‘kundalini’ experiences. Delta is typified by slow brainwaves at 1Hz – 4Hz. It is interesting to note that a very skilled hypnotist who can take the client into Delta, is able to perform such phenomena as using hypnosis as a replacement for anesthesia during various medical surgery and this has been documented on numerous occasions medically and scientifically.

Transitioning Between the Different States

Although the human mind naturally switches between the different states of mind according to the current environment, situation, people or happenings of the individual, it is possible to artificially stimulate the brain into the different levels. As an extreme example when we are involved in a serious accident or injury, people sometimes enter into coma state. This is the brain’s way of performing an emergency response to automatically enter into the deepest realms of delta for heightened physical recovery, trauma protection and mental recovery. This is a very good example of the brain’s natural response to a situation where it lowers brainwave activity for instinctual protection means.

On the other hand, we can artificially induce a change in mental state for both positive and at times, not beneficial purposes. Stage hypnotists often invoke a sudden shift in brainwave frequency through a rapid hypnotic induction in the person to enter theta for entertainment purposes. Although many people find this funny and it does illustrate the power of hypnosis, there is no real positive purpose in doing this other then to have a laugh. There are many examples of irresponsible use of these techniques for Mass Manipulation, and these are simply a tragic use of something that can be so powerful for positive change.

State of Mind:

Also Called

  • Awareness
  • Realization
  • Self Discovery
  • Self Understanding


Users are able to enter a special State of Mind, where they understand who they are and what their true purpose is. They are able to gain new abilities, as well as increase their current abilities. Users are also able to achieve outstanding feats that others are rarely capable of. User’s intelligence increases, they gain enhanced awareness, increased speed, strength, reflexes, gain great mental focus, etc.

Power/Ability to: enter a state of complete understanding

These are powers of mind:

Applications dooing it to others with others and to one your own self just:

  • Aura Manipulation
  • Chi Manipulation
  • Conjuration
  • Cosmic Awareness
  • Divided Mind
  • Dream Manipulation
  • Emotion Manipulation
  • Empathy
  • Evocation
  • Hive Mind
  • Hypercompetence
  • Illusion Manipulation
  • Indomitable Courage
  • Indomitable Will
  • Instant Learning
  • Intuitive Aptitude
  • Invocation
  • Memory Absorption
  • Memory Manipulation
  • Mental Manipulation
  • Master Strategist
  • Mind Control
  • Mind Exchange
  • Neurocognitive Deficit
  • Pain Inducement
  • Precognition
  • Psionic Inundation
  • Psionic Shield
  • Psychic Communication
  • Psychic Constructs
  • Psychic Energy Manipulation
  • Psychic Navigation
  • Psychic Shadow
  • Psychometry
  • Pushing
  • Telekinesis
  • Telepathy
  • Tranquil State
  • Vertigo Inducement
  • Ability Learning
  • Combat Empowerment
  • Empathic Weaponry
  • Energy State
  • Enhanced Awareness
  • Enhanced Condition
  • Enlightenment
  • Higher Consciousness
  • Inner Power
  • Martial Arts Intuition
  • Ninjutsu
  • Power Infusion
  • Power Manifestation
  • Self Transcendence
  • Soul-Bound Weapon
  • Strong Soul
  • True Form
  • Weapon Infusion
  • Weapon Manifestation


  • Users may become unaware because of their actions and get into alpha state of mind which is open to demons,you must be spirituay strong and right with God.
  • Users may have a hard time understanding everything at first.
  • Can still be angered by demons of anger first if noth others or beeing possessed by fallen angels giving strenght to these and giving more powers then these,at least thousand more powers.

Mind Power: The Fast, The Slow, And The Still.

No words can describe it.

No example can point to it.

Slowing down is the first step towards meeting your true self.

It is imperative to realize that the process of slowing the mind down is not about becoming lazy or not productive. It is quite the opposite, actually.

Picture yourself being picked up by a raging tornado, where you are spun incredibly fast on the very edge of it, amongst all the debris, unbearable noise, and in the darkness. You might have heard about the eye of the storm phenomena, which is the space inside the storm, where there is absolute calm, as the storm itself spins around itscenter point.

Well, the speed of wind of the storm can be related to the speed of your fast mind, and your goal is to move into the eye of the storm where everything slows right down. You can then observe the storm from the inside out. Although you are still part of the storm, you are not directly involved with its activity.

Please note, the goal is not to try to escape the storm by being thrown out of it, but to face it and conquer it. Conquering the storm is conquering the mind and not being picked up by the storm of life and thrown all over the place anymore.

The true balance

This centering yourself principal, through spiritual warfare and will of patience practicing and prayer and analizing of mind and filtering it,

will give you a glimpse into the calmness of your being. While being in the eye of the storm you are present in the moment, and there is a lot going on at any given moment.

Practicing patience and observation via meditation while being still does not get any slower than that. So, how do you do it? Sit down comfortably in a quiet place, and try to concentrate on your breath only, breathing in and out. If you can absolutely shift your mind from its storm activities to the process of breathing, you’ll find yourself in the ‘eye of the storm’.

With practice it will become easier and easier. Accomplishing this goal will allow you to pay more attention to small details in life. As we all know, the big picture consist of small details, and being able to see those details is very powerful. There are infinite possibilities/opportunities hidden right in front of you at every moment of your life. All there is to do is to be able so ‘see’ it.

We are the creatures of habits.

We all are to some extent, enslaved to our habits. In many cases, getting rid of a certain habit can be nearly impossible for some. Nevertheless, there are some ‘good’ habits that, once attained, can ‘override’ a whole set of ‘bad’ ones. Acquiring a habit of practicing patience, and even slightly achieving the results I’ve described above is certainly the one good habit to have.

Going beyond the meditation sessions

This powerful realization of centering yourself in the eye of the storm can be with you everywhere, and it should be, regardless. This is the essence and the beauty of this practice of being able to possess and utilize this knowledge discretely at anytime.
This practice can’t be applied and experienced in any time frame, be it a lifespan or a minute. It can only be practiced one moment at a time.

Try to experience and feel anything yesterday or tomorrow. You can’t. You are and always experience now, this very moment. Same with this practice, it is only as powerful as one moment in time. So, let it be with you, let it be you, everywhere you are. When you are having a conversation with someone, be there, having a meal, be there, looking into someone’s eyes, be there. Let the joy be enjoyable.

What about all the ‘not so enjoyable’ aspects of life?

Being in the center of the storm is just that – being. Be-ing is the key. It is internal and no one else can see or know that, except you. So, you get to choose what you invite into your world to experience, and what not to participate in. The ‘no participation’ part is all mental, psychological and therefore – invisible. You are physically there, but you ‘choose’ not to get involved because you can.

Don’t respond to stimulus

Mastering this process of slowing down, will allow you to widen the span of re-acting to the outside world, as opposed to responding to stimulus by your five senses. When you are centered and able to choose, you are not responding in the unconscious manner. Instead, you are always there, being aware of who you are and what you want. Your re-actions then, to the outside world, are always conscious. If you are aware of anything negative that can hurt you, would you participate?

The outcome of this practice eventually will find its way into every aspect of your life and when it does, it will pleasantly overwhelm you in the way you have never imagined before.

The key to a balanced life is simplicity, and that simplicity can only be found one moment at a time.

Powers of the Mind

Stress knows no time

The power of the mind is unfathomable. Its ability to affect the brain and body are beyond the scope of scientific knowledge. Which is why science continues to explore and discover more and more of thepower of mind.

There are important immediate and cumulative practical benefits to regular scedules of music trances of your mind beeing able to create music,then you are on high spiritual level!

Accessing Spiritual Wisdom:

the most common, is access to inner, and outer, wisdom far beyond our wakeful awareness. When our brainwaves are high, in other words, excited or stressed, we are accessing more of the “physical” or “left-brain.” When we are relaxed in body and mind, our brainwaves lower and we are beyond the physical, at least in mind. It is the mind where reality must take place before becoming physical. Without mind, there is nothing with which to create our reality. In practicing of beeing aware controlling the mind to go into the “relaxation response,” where we access a higher mind. We go beyond the physical and into a higher vibration. We do this often, actually. When you have a profound moment or are creative beyond what you have learned, your brainwaves are slowed and you are changing from a different “energy”.

The Power Of Mind Over Body:

Every action of the mind produces a certain effect in the body. When the mental action is weak or superficial, the physical effect may be too slight to be noticed, but when this action is both deep and strong, the results will be so clearly in evidence that any one can detect them. These effects, however, are not simply functional, nor is it the nervous system alone that is acted upon. The power of the mind can and does affect everything in the body, frequently producing chemical changes that we have believed were possible only through the use of most powerful drugs. But the action of mind in the body always follows exact law; therefore when one knows the exact physical effect produced by each mental state, physical conditions can be largely determined by the intelligent use of the mind.

A few illustrations of this law will prove both interesting and profitable. That selfishness should contract the cells of the physical body does not only seem plausible, but has been demonstrated to be scientifically true. The selfish attitude is contractive. It has a tendency to draw one’s self within one’s self, and also to live for this isolated self alone. When the cells are contracted, what may be called a dried-up condition invariably follows, which in turn produces weakness, old age and decay.

The contraction of the cells frequently produces disease, because the contracted or dried-up cells are useless, and all useless cells become waste matter. The contraction of the cells also interferes with the healthful normal actions of the system, which, if not always producing disease, will always produce weakness; and a weakened system cannot long remain in perfect health.

The effect of selfishness upon the cells of the brain is similar. The selfish mind is always a cramped mind, and such a mind cannot attain greatness, because greatness demands mental expansion. The development of the brain and the mind through the methods of subjective concentration -methods of exceptional importance cannot be promoted with any degree of satisfaction so long as selfishness is marked and strong.Brain development requires the constant expansion of the cells, while selfishness invariably produces contraction of the cells.

It will not be necessary to draw upon one’s imagination to realize that a sour mind produces a sour stomach, because this fact has been demonstrated so frequently and so conclusively. It is true that certain kinds of food may not always agree with us, but as a rule the fault does not lie with the food. Sometimes the food is at fault, but in the majority of cases the fault is in the state of mind.

Those who do not believe that the mind can affect the stomach or interfere with digestion, will be required to explain why sudden and shocking news will destroy the appetite completely also why a vivid description of the most luscious eatables will make anybody hungry, even within an hour after a hearty meal. Why the mouth should water when we think of good things may seem somewhat mysterious, but it proves conclusively that the actions of the mind can increase or retard the flow of the various juices of the system.

Those who have been observing have discovered that a person with chronic sourness of mind, and who maintains habitually a surly disposition, is very frequently troubled with sour stomach. His food does not digest, because the gastric juices are not only retarded in their flow by this disordered mental state, but these juices are chemically changed in many instances by these same states of mind. That the opposite state, cheerfulness, should help digestion, is therefore evident.

A sluggish mind produces a torpid liver, while a dull, heavy mentality produces costiveness, the reason being that the various nerve centers become almost inactive when the mind is dull, heavy or sluggish; and since these nerve centers control the different organs and functional activities of the body, a corresponding sluggishness will take place in many parts of the system. To stir up all the dormant cells, therefore, both in the brain and in the nerve centers, would aid remarkably in promoting good digestion.

Nervousness has the same effect upon the digestive process, because nervous attitudes waste energy, thereby depriving the natural functions of ‘their necessary supply. Anger produces uric acid in the blood, and uric acid produces rheumatism. All rheumatism, however, does not come from anger, but anger does indirectly produce rheumatism; therefore it is wisdom to train oneself to gain absolute control over one’s temper. Intense fits of anger will cause confusion and consternation among all the vital energies. These energies will accordingly go on the rampage, and will tear up millions of the weaker cells in the body.

All of these destroyed cells will be drawn into the circulation as waste matter, and will clog the smaller blood vessels, thereby causing pains and inflammation. Anger also overheats the blood, excites the action of the heart, and nearly always causes the circulation to be too strong in some parts and too weak in other parts. This, however, is not all the damage that may be wrought by anger. Anger actually burns up vital energy, and that is the reason why one feels weak after having indulged thoroughly in this expensive luxury of the smaller man.

The stubborn attitude of mind produces unconscious resistance to the natural forces, thereby preventing those forces from proceeding with their normal functions. The action of everything in the human system is more or less retarded when the mind becomes stubborn. It is therefore evident that a stubborn mind cannot become a great mind; neither can the best physical and personal development be promoted while such a mental state is permitted.

The attitude of pride has a tendency to produce artificial conditions in the system, and these in turn may produce artificial growths. A person who is full of pride does not try to improve his appearance by improving himself, but by adding something artificial to himself. Frequently this desire to add the artificial becomes so deep and strong that it takes root in one’s subconscious activity. Nature herself will accordingly imitate these subconscious activities, which nature is doing all the time, and will try to add artificial growths to the physical form. In many instances she will succeed.

We do not mean, however, that all abnormal growths in the system come from pride. There are various causes for these things, and a very common cause is the clogging of waste matter coming originally from such causes as over-eating, lack of vitality, poor circulation, anger, or other disturbed states of mind. The mental attitude of pride will produce a tendency to add something artificial to the human form, and then this tendency becomes very strong it will do what it has all the time threatened to do. We should say farewell, therefore, to pride and vanity of every description, and proceed to improve ourselves by bringing forth the greater perfection of life from within.

The attitude of hatred implies the act of separation, and this action will express itself more or less in every part of the system when that feeling of hatred is strong. The system will thereby be divided against itself. Equilibrium will be disturbed. Nerves that should work together will be driven apart, and no two functions will be able to work in that perfect concord that is necessary to health, wholeness and harmony. To secure the greatest results, all things in mind and body must work together, but hatred tends to drive them apart, and therefore may cause both disease and failure. Indignation, whatever its motive, may produce the same results. For this reason indignation can never be righteous.

The attitude of worry tends to dry up, harden and ossify the cells, both of the body and of the brain. It is, therefore, one of the chief causes of old age and those conditions of lessened ability and vitality that come with old age. Worry acts directly upon the nervous system, depressing the nerves and thereby producing not only pain in the nerves, but also every imaginable form of nervousness. In fact, there is no cause that produces so many nervous disorders as worry. Such mental states as gloom, despair, despondency, discouragement and anxiety produce the same results.

They are all different forms of worry, however, sometimes mixed with selfishness. Their tendency is to depress not only the mind, but the physical tissues. This depression causes the tissues to dry up, harden and ossify, and here we have one of the principal causes for that stiffness in the human framework that we mistake for old age. When we eliminate worry, we shall eliminate one of the principal causes of disease and weakness, and we shall find it an easy matter to prolong life many many years, and stay young and vigorous as long as we live.

Envy and jealousy proceed from the desire for things that do not belong to us; that is, things that have no place in our world. It is therefore not strange that the envious person should be very susceptible to germs, epidemics, contagious diseases and the like. Jealousy repulses what we want, but attracts what we do not want. A jealous mind is repulsive, and thereby causes good things to depart from us; but it also has a weakening effect upon the body, and it is the weakened body that is the most susceptible to the ills that may exist in our environment.

The attitude of grief wastes the tissues, both in the body and in the brain, though especially in the brain. The thought of grief is loss, and as like causes like, the thought of grief will naturally produce loss wherever it may act; that is, it will cause the tissues to waste away, and will cause the system to lose much of its life and energy. Those who have grieved much have felt this loss among the elements of their own system, and when we look at those who grieve we discover the wasting process at work in every fiber. Nothing is gained, but much is lost through grief. To “dry those tears” is therefore the height of wisdom; and we all can learn how.

To enter the attitude of fear is to become negative, and to place the mind in a state of incapacity; that is, a state where you are much less than you can be. The person that fears does not hold his own, but opens his entire system to the enemy that may be at hand. To fear an adverse condition is to give that condition permission to take full possession of the system. The same results would take place if that adverse condition were purely imaginary. That which we fear we impress upon the mind, and what is impressed upon the mind will be created in the mentality, to be in turn expressed in the personality.

This is the reason why the things we fear come upon us; we create them in ourselves. Fear is always negative in its action, and a certain form of fear when very intense will entirely remove the resisting power of the physical system, thereby rendering the system extremely susceptible to any adverse condition that may exist in the body or in one’s environment. In fact, in the attitude of fear we absolutely give in to everything that in any way may tend to gain a foothold in mind or body. To live in fear, therefore, is to place yourself in an utterly helpless condition. Among all the undesirable states of mind, fear has the greatest power, the reason being that it is so deeply felt, and what we feel deeply we impress deeply upon the subconscious. Fear can be entirely removed, however, by directing the subconscious to have faith -perfect faith -in all things and at all times.

To remove the effects of adverse mental states, the opposite states should be impressed upon the subconscious in every case. This practice will in a short time also remove the tendency to wrong thinking, and will increase the power of right mental states. The first function of right mental states is to re-establish normal conditions in the system. The second function is to chemically change the system so as to gradually produce more perfect actions among all the organs, functions and faculties; in other words, to steadily develop and refine every part of the mind and body so as to produce a higher order of personal and mental action.

The personality can be refined through the exercise of right mental action in the body, and as this is being done the joy of physical existence will increase correspondingly. The tendency to disease, weakness and physical inharmony will decrease, while the personality will become a more and more perfect instrument through which the limitless possibilities of the great within may be expressed.

Contact Mind Reading (also known as Muscle ReadingHellstromism, and Cumberlandism) is a method of reading a person’s thoughts by receiving impulses transmitted through muscle movements. Performed well, it is the closest thing to genuine mind reading that can be reliably demonstrated.

The method is not difficult to learn, but does require some practice. You should try out the following experiments with several different people to learn some of the different sensations to feel out for. Also some people are much better transmitters than others and, from experience, you will learn how to judge whether or not a person will be a good subject.

Contact Mind Reading works because a person’s intentions will, quite subconsciously, determine their physical movements. This ideomotor response is the same one that is responsible for the movements of the pendulum or divining rod in dowsing. By becoming aware of another person’s ideomotor responses, it is possible to discover their thoughts and intentions.

How to read ideomotor responses

The basic method used in these experiments is to detect the slight unconscious movements in a person’s hand that will indicate their conscious intentions.

It is important that you hold the person’s hand in the correct way. You should lightly take hold of the person’s left wrist (from above) with your right hand, gently supporting their fingers and thumb with your left hand. In this way, you will be able to easily detect the subtle movements in the hand that will indicate their intentions.

Quite unknown to them, and undetectable by anyone else, the person will subtly “lead” you by moving their hand in a particular direction. You can detect this simply by paying attention to the slight hand movements which will be towards the intended direction.. You will also notice a slight pull of resistance if you attempt to move in the wrong direction.

You will soon learn how to follow these movements. Generally, Contact Mind Reading involves nothing more than following thedirection of least resistance in the person’s hand movements. It is really as simple as that.

You will find it much more impressive (and actually easier to do) if you are blindfolded during the procedure. Also you should specifically tell the person NOT to lead you (they will not be able to stop their unconscious movements).

Experiment 1: Find the object

In this experiment, ask someone to hide a small object (such as a coin, or pin, or postage stamp) somewhere in the room, or in a small garden. State that the object should not be hidden above the level of your shoulders or below the level of your knees.The object should be hidden while you are safely out of sight. If working with a group of people, ask someone to accompany you at this point so that everyone can be sure that you did not peep.

When this has been done, you should return and ask for a volunteer whose mind you will attempt to read. Make sure that the person you choose knows where the object is, and do NOT choose someone you suspect will try to make things difficult for you.

Stand in the middle of the space and ask to be blindfolded. Then take hold of the person’s wrist, as described above. Ask this person (and everyone else) to concentrate intently on the DIRECTION in which the object is hidden.

Now pay attention to, and follow, the movements of the person’s hand. This will allow you to slowly walk the person towards the direction indicated. Make sure that you walk them, not vice versa. Every now and again, remind the person to concentrate intently on the direction of the object and NOT to lead you.

Whenever you feel a slight pull of resistance, you will know that you are moving in the wrong direction. When this happens, feel for a movement in another direction since this will indicate which way you should now move. By following these impulses and pulls, you will slowly be led close to the hidden object.

When you feel a clear resistance to any movement, you will know that you are quite close to the object. At this point, ask the person to concentrate as hard as they can on the object itself, and to repeat silently to themselves “go right”, or “go left”, or “go up”, or “go down”, whichever is appropriate.

In this way, by following the person’s hand movments, you will be clearly guided to the object itself.

Experiment 2: Find the person

This is good with a large group of people. While you are out of the room, ask the group to choose one person to be “It”. You then use the same procedure as Experiment 1 to discover the chosen person (make sure it is not the person who is leading you).

Experiment 3: Find the card

This is good if you are working with one person. Spread several playing cards (at least ten) face up on the table and ask the person to think intently of one of the cards. With a willing participant, you should easily be able to find the correct card.

If you do not have any cards handy, you can do the same experiment with several coins of different denominations and/or other small objects.

Tips for successful performance

  • Generally it is best to choose someone who believes that the experiment will work.
  • Don’t try this when you have been drinking alcohol, and don’t choose a person who has been drinking..
  • If the person you are working with is not a good subject, choose someone else if you can.
  • Make sure that your instructions are clear, and repeat them as often as necessary.
  • If someone asks you how you are able to do this, do not be afraid to call it “Contact Mind Reading”. However, do not call it “Muscle Reading”.