They blown themselves with my true info on their new age illuminati ecumental junk of Vatican just like that they gonna get all illuminati the dark cabal order annihilated and nesara annihilated all by Satan/Lucifer himself and all these puppets when get annihilated they gonna wonder in hell why they ever worked in the first place for them here is the blog i got as warning to them and i got new vision to search google and i saw demons i saw vision of demons o yea crying after i found of link and fallen angels laughing to annihilated iluminati occultists and  annihilated nesara occultists along with other omegans like Doctor Scot Johnson and Pastor Mike Hoggart and Pastorgeorgec of Nehemiah center cult unity gathering universalist new world luciferian order curch and luciferian ashtar command new age movment cults and sects and ecumental united nations Chris White and others with Mario viligant my ass supporting yoga in other sites in one speaking against and supporting nephtali1981 the freemason who is putting spells on his videos and demonic incantations and akashic records demonic curiosity blocks and mind control spells and shadow dumpering fields and emotionalism and all the junk with half truthsmixed with lies and in some places complete BLASPHEMY AGAINST HOLY SPIRIT AND other stuff,anyways the point is why i made my blog that i made with name 

Message for illuminati!

is because GOD YAHUVEH,IMMAYAH,YAHUSHUA wants them to know their judment is comming not to say that they were not warned God even warns repobrates but dates are not given,it will come unexpectedly when God orders archangel Michael to order holy archangels force fallen ones just like that to give truth on their own illuminati site to expose their own evil like that:

here is warning for them both sides illuminati and nesara:

anyways my point is they start drift and as holy angels forced fallen ones to show and post that truth posts revealing themselves they will then be judged by fallen ones by order of holy ones and demonics go into abyss they are going down!

They create duality and sing there is no reality in duality,basterds,this is one of their agents who made this song it is not bad but their puppet mastery showed!

Here is song: