I received a revelation from the Lord YAHUSHUA recently that I  am supposed to share with the “older” generation of the Illuminati.

As you older generationals are already aware of, the generation that comes after the one before is ALWAYS more corrupt than the one before. That means that for all of you “old kats” that are currently calling the shots at the top, you’re younger generations are MUCH more careless about the way they go about things than you are the nesara folks and controlled oppositions of Mitt Romney and Ron Paul and Alex Jones and David Icke,you the desendants of CIAN the reptilian line are connected to all control,but when Lucifer wipe you all out his own offspring:Adam and Eve were possessed by satan/lucifer and lilith when they had sex first time when cian was concived and he has 85% reptilian dna as you,so you elites that control mare human elites and the ones who control nesara and other controlled oppositions will wipe you out along with alpha draconian elite and pleadian and andromedan and arcturian and sirius a and b and ispecialy sirius c will wipe out you and all these younger ones and wanna be´s also. A problem which you have no doubt already come to understand. Probably even before mystery school religions had.

What does this mean for you “older” generationals? It means that the younger generation of nesara is busy waiting for you to pass on, before they literally take your organization in an entirely different direction that you elders would have ever wanted it to go in. It also means that these younger folks who are a part of your organization could care less about what happens to you, and may even be busy plotting to overthrow you,they talk about it more then they are by your scriptes allowed to tell to new agers they plan that for real.

You see the “non members” the ordinary new agers of vatican´ s ecumental movment deal with this exact same problem on a daily basis,they are also thretened by fallen angelic elites because holy angels are allowing them by Godś  command to allow them as part of judment.Trying to control yor younger generations of nesara who are not only much more corrupt than you are, but they seemingly care about almost nothing, except for the very basics of Human survival and not the ascention. It’s almost like they have no ambition whatsoever, except for the most basic of Human Nature, to eat, to drink, to be accepted, to be “strong”, to be “connected”, etc. With very little drive or direction coming after those desires,it is because they are possessed by naga hybrids dead ones the spirits of demons of first alpha dracos who mixed with children of cian and children of seth and sarah also and not cain and laura both with humans and both with reptilian humans creating reptilians,so these dead spirits look to live on physical bodies more. It’s almost like they really deep down could care less whether they live or die,because they are agressive zombies like you but even more!

So what does this mean for your organization? What does this mean for you higher ups and older folks that are currently in charge of the Illuminati? It means that these younger generations of nesara are playing games with Creator God, all the while knowing that you are going to be wiped out in the process, and they aren’t even TRYING to stop that from happening,because they are in the time of armageddon going to get wiped out also.This means that these younger folks, don’t even KNOW what they are doing.

You elders know exactly what happens when you go head on against the Lord YAHUSHUA without care. Swift destruction follows soon afterwards. It’s just common sense, and you and nesara omegans know that there is no other outcome than that. They aren’t even trying to prolong the goals and ambitions of your organization, they literally are just sitting back and waiting to inherit something that they could truly care less about, and are definitely going to run straight into the ground like you when YAHUSHUA strikes them and Lucifrage Rofacale Sataniel and Lilith and Apollyon themselves directly.

Now here comes the part where you and nesara omegans see eye to eye. I’m speaking to you older generations now.Whether you like this or not, there is only one way to save yourselves from the younger lineage under you that is just waiting to receive the power from you older folks that they definitely don’t even deserve to receive. Only ONE way that you can stop them from all out eliminating you older folks eventually nothing.

Ahhhhh, I bet you’re thinking I’ve got you now, hey? I bet you’re thinking, yeah right, like we are ever going to do that. But you see, you don’t actually have a choice in the matter, because there is no way to stop them,because God allows this to happen to judge you,sah mate in your face illuminati naga cian lemurian bloodlines!