He is part of the cult of Alex Jones,of lie name of lies and not truth lies that 911 was inside job when was not done something inside or outside but spiritualy that was tared down,ZIONAZI ASKENAZI ZIONIST MOVMENT OF THEIRS THAT TOLD ALEX JONES WHAT TO TELL BEFORE THEY DID THAT IS HOW JONES KNEW TO MAKE HERO OF HIM,HE IS POSSESSED BY DRACONIAN FALLEN ANGEL,AND HIS IS COVERING UP HIS JESUIT COAJUCTOR BACKGROUND AS 

Dan Bidondi


They are the ones to orchestrate the way of false schooling of Bill Schnoebelen ways to get killed when he got out of illuminati and mormon curch and jesuit knights templar freemasonic and all these gnostic chatolic and masonic and druidic orders and the orders of these basterd Khazars,transyuggothian high level ceremonial esoteric trasdemonic chaosdeath storm magic,ect.

Anyways they did more these things but 911 was of mossad Khazar askenazi zionazi zionist freemasonic jesuit illuminati ritual that summoned satan and his fallen ones to take shapes of planes to hit,this is why these another lies movments were made to make people under curse of groups and to be under curse and spiritualy blind.

This one who orcestrated several magic and physical attempts also by beeing commanded by satan this scum Dan Bidondi was commanded by satan directly to ridicule thru others like Mark Dice who gives info from Dan Bidondi who gives commands from vatican who receive from Lucifer /Satan.

He is not for God and not serving God,but devil


So do not get deceived another controlled opposition agent the demonic baserd,they teach gnostic homosexual doctrunes,and they are demonic in any way conservatives and demoniacs they are hiding most of truth they are little better then mainstream zomby media,but these are stealth mode zomby media because they use protesters to slay them on altars of streets spiritualy while they prosest to sacrafice them to satan when these sheeple protest they are sacraficed spiritualy by witchcraft of aekenazi illuminati zionist bilderbergs and they are used to get many souls to satan thru the masked new age movment as they can,they are not really gaainst new world order,and even their guest Charlie Sheen who is same elite of their satanic brotherhood and elite of vatican assasins and Jesuit Coajuctors the false phrophets the disinformation agents!

These give away little truths to mor eazy put bubby traps of lies and confusion and fear and chaos by protesting and money stealing scams and info is free,but more high level info they charge thru books their “gests” who are their fellow knights templar Jesuit friends from another faction and the same elite!There is much more ties to illuminati this Dan Bidondi has then Rmmney and Ron Paul!