Around the World: The Insanity of Islam

First like this facebook page before i expose tons of stuff wrong about islam!

I do not own it but this page,but i support any anti islamic stuff and movment or whatever just to show you what evil is!

“Islamophobia” or racism when they say to those exposing the islamic scam are terrorists of the highest order avoid them and pray for their death!

Deviant and Child Abuser, and he founder of the satanic cult of islam was Mohammad he was phedofilic terrorist,the thing is that these demonic deviants are possessed by demons extremly and they are on God´s judment pray that children of this world are safe and sound and away from these basterds and pray that these die off in suiffering not to bring pain to this world pray for distruction of islam!

Because Islam is FASCISM. Period. AND….I Can’t Take It Anymore to see and hear innocent get hurt!

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageShe was beeing killed for going just on beauty contest

ImageImagePhedofiles join islam to have excuse for rape!Image

ImageImageImageThis is  lie and insane!

ImageImageImageImageImageImageand world suffers!

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageabusedImageDeath cult is terrorising people,wake up!ImageImagedemonicly possessed phadofilic monsters are destroying children!ImageImageOne of the biggest soul capturing pandora´s boxesImageabuse and more abuse

ImageImageImagemind control!

PhedofiliaImageImageImageImageImageImageImageALLAH IS SATAN!




ImageBABY ABUSEImageImageImageImageRAPEImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImagerapeImageImagedevils in these beast people

Imagesatan worshipImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImagewake the hell up and exit that cult of death it  is both heretical,terroristic abusive and demonic and witchcraft and phadofilic and evil in all ways,satan´s playground!ImageImageImageImageThis is needed!ImagePedopfilia!ImageImageImageImageImageImageThis should happen and this happens to rapists who rape women and little girls they need back to do that to these demonci ones!ImageImageImagekilled for attending beauty contest-primitivism!

ImageImageImageImagewhere is the satanś  phrophet now at

Imagethey gangrape and kill little girls wake the hell up no excuse for evil and their defending agenda propaganda!Imagethey amuse and rape their wives!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImagecowards do ths

Imagecowards do this

Imagethis is diabolical Imageyup phadofiliaImagethey buse both preteen and teen girls

Imagephedofile cultImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageThis is what God thinks of Islam!

Imageno this is wrong and he hates her!

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImagesave your children of islam insanity demonismImageImageImage