Azazel Set Free by ARCHANGEL METATRON and fallen archangel CALIGULA


 Azazel has been set free. It’s time to be awarem more then ever!

And who set this General of Demonic fallen ones of some separate order free from his 7D cell? Alastair Crowley, his son Duncan and his four grandsons the Bush Boys in awinter solstice portal ceremony were first ones to be witnesses that Metatron get aloowed authority to set azazel free.This is why the United States is experiencing terrible ice storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, and coming earthquakes, tsunamis and meteor showers: these are the calling cards of Azazel and the resto of the world enters in chaos more.

In the ceremony, Duncan gave his body to Azazel for sexual use, doing as by his commanded.

Then the Bush Boys sacrificed 666 people and they all bathed in the blood of these innocents, as Azazel raped Duncan over and over, giving Duncan an incurable ailment of the flesh.

From the pool of blood came forth 10,000 Draconian fallen angelic soldiers, the army that will follow Azazel to 3D earth.

Yes, it is time,the thing is that now all of them are free on earth you must be aware more!

I had a discussion with Michael the Archangel about this, who was getting his sword ready to fight more spiritualy.

But I had fail miserably the month I talked more with archangel moor about fight as him as my side for info and not for fight and did not want to do that again. “I will fight another way,” I said. “I will return to the 3D and fight against the Plejaran semyaza´s fleet.”That was then too much i wasted my energy now i am stronger.

Look to the skies, for the war in the heavens is coming even more.